Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 6, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 6, 1895
Page 3
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r^!«¥H$!l>8?^^ ..•:•. ..IP- You Wear •Of course you do! 'Too cool to RO barefooted yet. Do you know that we have a complete line of a ,, Men's and Ladies' Hisses and Childrens At Unheard of Prices. It's folly to pay regular prices for •your footwear, when you can coine •-to ua and (jet it at about half price. P 1 <»' NOTE THE Hisses'fine white Confirmation slippers. 48c Children's 7">c Kid spring heel shoes. $1.23 Ladies'$2.50 Kid slices. Ladies' $1.00 Kid Oxford DoC Men's $2.00 Congress or Lace 8hoey 75c Boy's $1.50 Veal Calf Lace shot'H. OUFt Your Money's Worth or Your Money Back! BOSTON Sample Shoe COMPANY. 322 FOURTH ST. DAILY JOURNAL. cSATIJBDAY MOUSING, (JAPRIL C Fresh Qah at Roibermel'e. Tbe World Building, Loan anad la- •yostment company, local offije, room ;S, Spry bulldinp. Energetic agents wanted. .John B. Smith, tbe attorney, will •BOOB remove hia office to the quarters that will be vacated by Judge D. H. •Chase. Four 3 pound cans tomatoes for 25 •cents; two 3 pound cans California green g»«en for 25 cen»a—M. McCaffrey A Co. Cloak Department Special Today— All wool ololh cape *1.48; a fast black umbrella, natural twisted stick, only •50 cents—Trade Palace. Note lhe»e prices: 15 cukes family •cap for 25 cents; 1 keg 5 gallon* ayrup. for 90 oenti; 1 kit family whjte fl»h for 38 cents; 3 pounds fancy Call- lornla prunes for 25 cents; fancy breKkfatt bacon for 9} cent* a pound; •sugar cured hams for 10 oentt; sugar •cured shoulders for 7 cents; 2 cans California apricots for 25 cents; fancy •oranges per dozen, 10 cents; 15 pound pall of fresh jelly for 88 oont*—M. McCaffrey & Co. Rev. Geo. W. Prislean Pastor M. E. Church, Xenia, O., Recommends Veno'8 Medicines to Sick People—Mt»nj of His Congregation Cured—Cripples JLoy Down Their Canes and Walk.—The Weak, Nervous, and Dyspeptic Rejoice and Slug Praises lor Veno. '• Th* Rw. Ptlslwin wrtt*a Docembor 28th, ISM, I taico pletmum »n<l Delleve It my duty to add my tMtlmoDy W tlmt ot other ministers concerning Teno's medicines I Know Sirs. Elizabeth icirk Mr. Samual P&HDS and Mr. Nut. Wllanw. Tnw'are members of ;ue A. M. E. Churcn. Xenia, of which I »» pastor During the stay of Dr. Vena In XfiJi-i. they were t«vit<xl by him for rheumatism ot many y r »ri' «tandln<r, and after the, first W«ntment by Vf»»'n K.c.-trli- Fmid, they threw away their canes and crutches, and a» now on the way to recovery. TK\0'!» CUB.VTITE SYRUP <50c abottle), made rrom'tr.e famous Llamlrindcxl Ulnrral Water, Is U'itesccuteln the world for nervousness, liver, kidney, blooi and stomach trt, i>le«»li\univu. and wnen wKlTBICKLClOtSOo a bottle) will euro the worst und nwsS desperate form" of rheumatism sciatica, louibauo, pnrabits, itlfl SolnU. neuralgia and all aches and »alos. TKSO'S tJOSQ TOXIC (oOo a bottle), » quick and permanent cur* lor throat and lune troubles asthma, broiK-MUs, hoarseness, and congbs and colds. So'd tor Johnston. Keesllng and Ben fisher, i and fuannteed t«; cure or money re- DromttU i uncled. PAIN BANISHED SLEEP, A RHEUMATIC TELLS A WONDER. FUL STORY. Lew ThM Half a Bottle of Munyon'" Be«tor«d HU» to CROOKS WILL STAND TRIAL. He ClTe»Bondor*300 for 111' Appearance Today to AJ»»WM Smith'* Health. James Buckley, 215 Washington street, Newark, N J.. lays: "I have been suffering with rheumatism for a number of yews. The p»tn« were exceedingly severe and I could not »leep nights, The remedies I obtained did me little or no good, nor did the doc. ton whom I consulted. This had gone on, each recurring attack being more painful and prolonged than the previous one. I could not get relief until I commenced taking Munyon's Rheumatism Cure, Less than one- half a bottle drove all the rheumatism out of my system and I am as well and strong as I ever was in my life. I consider the remedy a wonderful one and take pleasure in recommending it." Munyon's Rheumatism Cure is guar anteed to cure rheumatism ID any part of the body. Acuie or muscular rheumatism cured in from one to five days It never falls to cure sharp, shooting; palng In the arms, legs, sides, back or breast, or soreness la any part ol the body in from one to three hours. It is guaranteed to promptly cure lameness, Btlft and swollen joiaU, stiff back, and all pains In the hips and loins. Chronic rhautnatiam. sciatica, lumbago or pain in the back are speedily cured. Munyon'8 Homccopatlo Home Remedy Company, of Philadelphia, put up ipecacs for nearly every disease, which are sold by all druggists, mostly for 25 cents a bottle. Those who are in doubt as to the nature of their disease should address Professor Munyon, 1505 Arch street, Philadelphia, giving full symptoms ol their disease: Professor Munyon will carefully diagnose the case and give you the benefit of his advice absolute ly free of all charge. The Remedies will be sent to any address on receipt of retail price. Conductor K»ru Uad to ray. Lafayette Courier: A pretty good atory Is told on Conductor Kern of the Wabaah road, well known In this city. Yesterday on the run from Peru to Logansport, he went through the train announcing the fact that dinner was ready, in the dining car. Ho stepped up to a young man who had ft ticket from St. Louie to Toledo and asked him if he would not take dinner. The young man said he would and went back to the dining oar. He ate a capital meal aad whea the waiter asked him for a dollar looked astonished and said that he had been Invited by the conductor to eat. He refused to pay for tbe meal, holding out that he had eaten only by Invitation, and the con duotor eventually had to pay for the young man's dinner. It wai a bold and clover trick and the laugh is OD Kern. In It Fitet Did you ever stop and think how our lives are affected by some seemingly trifling circumstance? It is amusing to think what might have occurred bat for some more or less trifling circumstance. If the nose of Cleopatra had been shorter the whole face of the earth would have been different. It Is said that a glass ol wine too much changed the course of French history; many persons who have carelessly picked up a scrap of HteratHre on Dr. vVheeler's Nerve VI- talizer have been cured of what they considered an incurable disease by Us use. C. S. Chambers, Atlanta, 111., was & sufferer from nervous prostra tlon. A friend, who had knowledge of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vltalizer. gave him a email sample. Its use stirred up new hope in his mind; he used two full sized bottles and was cured — fate directed this wonderful medicine to hie notice. Tour fate may be urging your attention to the same remedy, If you are troubled with nervous prostration, spasms, flts, sleep le»snes», mental depression, exhausted vitality, despondency and general debility. For sale by Bun Fisher, the Druggist. .^ ........ A Kemartc»ble Cora TOLEDO, 0., Julj-l, 1891 The Bayer M«d. Co., Toledo, «hlo: Geutlemen: — I have, been afflicted with a troublesome cough lor over three weeks, and used every coufh remedy known without obtaining relief. I bought a bottle of your Dr. Bayer's German Cough Syrup, and three doses were sufficient to cure me entirely. I declare it the bast cough and cold remedy In the world. Tours, ALFKED M. WALDKOON. Engineer of the Manual Training School. For sale at John M. Johnston's drug store. For the latest styles and best ihoei for men and ladlei, we beat them all. Come and see — McCaffrey & Co. Yesterday John Smith and Ed Black with a warrant, traveled to the late home of Aah Crook, in Adama township, and served the paper on him He gave the required bond. |300. and said he was anxious to hare the matter settled in court. He claims that Lewis' W. Smith has no legal right under their alleged agreement, to occupy their partnership cottage until June. The neighborhood In which the cottage li located, is all wrought up over the affair. The officers state that they saw no signs of a shot gun about the premises. Crook was left in possession of the castle. HORSE KILLED IN A RUNAWAY. KxcltlDK Incident of YenterdaY on Spi*ar Street. A runaway occurred at 11 a. m., yes tarday on Spear street. Three teams joined in the wild race, and at 15th street a team owned by Willard Kizer of Wab'ash county, ran against a. tree and one of the horses was killed. The other teams were owned by Eli Bow- mun and Wm. Malott, also of Wabash county Tbe runaway bepan at tbe corner of .Twelfth and Spear. One oi tbe teams .was not caught until It bad passed far bejood the 17th street bridge. It BUy Du »S M»el» for * ou Mr. Fred Miller, of Irving, 111.. writes that he had a severe kidney trouble for many years, with severe pains in his back and also that his bladder was affected. He tried many so-called Kidney cures but without any good result. About a year ago he began use of Electric Bitters and found relief at once. Electric Bitters IB especially adapted to cure of all kid ney and liver troubles and often gives almost Instant relief. One trial wil prove our statement. Price only 50o for large bottle. At B. F. Keesllng's drug store, ___ Dentil of Jacob See. After an illness of nine weeks, Jacob See, aged 72 years, died yesterday a the home No. 1402 Toledo street The deceased was the father of Wil Horn and Frank See. He was an Odd Fellow, and that order will have charge of the funeral services, which will be held at 9 a. m. . Sunday from the residence. The Rev. J. C. Kauft man will officiate. Interment wil take place at the Hoover cemetery. We take pleasure in recommending Chamberlain's Cough Remedy because it is pralaed by all who try it," says J. W. Cox & Soa, drug<rlatB, Marshfield, Oregon. No one afflicted with a throat or lung trouble can use this remedy without praising It. It always gives prompt relief. It Is especially valuable for colds as it relieves the lungs, makes breathing easier and aids expectoration. A cold wil.' never re- suit in pneumonia when this remedy is taken and reasonable care exorcised. For sale by B. F. Kaesllng, Druggist. The Bn»lne»« University. A fine lithographed engraving of the Logansport Business University and the attractive grounds, has been received by Frof. G. W. Michaels. The drawing was done by Wils Berry, who will have charge of the art department at the college when it is opened, How'« Thl«! We offer One Hundred Dollar* Reward for any case of Catarrh tbat cannot be cured by Ball's Catarrh Cure. •. F. J. CHENEY * CO., Props,, Toledo, 0. "We, the undersigned, have known K. J. Cheney tor the last 15 rears, and believe him perfectly honorable In all business transactions a»d financially nble to carry «nt any obligation made by their Mr». ... •WKST & TRUAX, Wholoiale Druggists, Toledo, 0 W ALBINO, I.HNAK A •ABviu, Wholesale Dr«z •jlit. Tol»do,0. Hall's Catarrh : Cmre Is taken Internally, acting directly np«n the blood and. mucous gurtices ot tk«i.y»tM». Prloe Tie p«r bottl*.. Scidby all T>atlmomalifre». P«lnl*n Orxaalzlna;. Jacob Tazelaar, general organizer of the painters and decorators of Amer. lea, came In yesterday from Grand Rapids. He will try to organize the painters of Loganiport, and a meeting has been called for tonight. Chamberlain'* Sy'a and Skin Ointment Is unequalled for Eczema, Tetter, Salt- Elieum. Scald Head, Sore Nipples, ChappM Hands, Itching Piles, -Burns, Frost Bittft Chronic Sore Eyes*nd Granulated Ey» Lids. Tor sale by. druggists at 25 cents per box... TO HOB3lToWJre»S. For putting a horse in a fine -healthy con* dition try Dr. CadyV Condition Powder* They tone up the system, aid digestion, curt loss of appetite, relieve constipation, correct tidney disorders and destroy worms, giving «ew life to an old ; or over-worked horse. 2e fcnis pet package. For gale by druggist*. Have you seen--our new arrival of ladles' fancy spring Oxfords? No dealer can show prettier ones — Cyclone. M. McCaffrey & Co. Mrs. M. F. Arnold, of Indianapolis, took five bottles of Lemon Laxative and is permanently cured of Headache, Backache and Constipation. She advises ladies to try a fifty cent bottle. PHYSICIANS NOW ORDER IT. Paine's Celery Compound me One Spring Remedy TMt Makes People Well. Physicians Prescribe it, Use it, and Advise People to Take it in Preference to Anything Else in April and May, Because it Purifies- the Blood, Feeds the Brain, arid Strengthens the serves. Paine'a celery compound is not a patent medicine. No class of professional men are more conservative, more careful in giving advice, or more painstaking in finding out the real facts of a case than phyalolans. Their . recommendation in matters with which they are conversant ia trustworthy. Whec physicians of known repute not only ^prescribe and use but alao bring home Paine's celery compound for their own families, there c»n be no doubt ot its high standing in the eyes of medical men in general. This is what busy, successful practitioners are doing these spring days all over the country. Paine's celery compound Is prepared, as they all well know, from the formula of the foremost phrsician of this century, Prof. Edward E. Phelps, M. D., LL., D.. of Dartmouth medical school. Among medical men there Is an absolute certainty as to just what Patne's celery compound is capable of doing. The careful record of the vast number of cases where it has made people well has been published in the medical journals of the country. Paine's celery compound stands today as the one thoroughly authenticated remedy for weakness and debility due to malnutrition of the nervous system and Impure blood. The hard working, earnest class of professional men have never been slow in accepting Paine'e celery compound. They declare that it gives the tired body every possible chance to get back to a healthy condition. It cures 'nervous weakness, heart palpitation, general lack of strength, ard all forms of weaknew; rests and restores the jaded, fatigued brain and nerves, because it provides tor the abnormal waste of these parts by an unusually prompt supply of appropriate : nerve food. It purlflsi the blood as nothing else can do. If every man and woman, plagued with frequent; headaches, and every bufiicesa man made anxious by pain at tbe base of the brain ard neuralgia twinges, would take Palno 1 s celery compound, tiis world would be lightened of a vast deal of misery that ouubt never to be borno. / The most advanced medical thought of the latter quarter of tbe 19th century has prepared Paine's celery compound to meet and overcome these troubles that are due to ill-fed, ill- regulated nerves, and poor, thin blood. N. N. Leaneard, M. I)., of Charlestown, Maes . whose portrait appears above, one of the ablest physician* in the Boston district, a man of character acd Influence says: ••After using Paine'e celery compound for four or five years In my general practice, I can cheerfully recommend it. For catarrh of head or stomach, for initance, it acts like a charm. For women In. many cases it is a blessing. For chronic rheuma* tism it does give relief. Torpid liver, general debility, constipation, pains in stomach and loss of appetite It relieves, and Is the best of remedies In. general nervous prostration. I recommend It to many of my patients, believing as I do, in Its real merits. I believe it a public blessing to invalids, and ag yet. not fully appreciated." J. C. Flynn, M. D., a well known Michigan physician, is but one of bun. dreds who prescribe Paine's celery compound because It cures. Writing from Warren In that State he says: "I use tbe Paine's celery compound freely In my practice as a nerve remedy, blood purifier and general tonic In all debilitated conditions of the system. I find It a fine thing for patients recovering from the grip, especially old people." Dr. J. H. Hanaford, of Beading, Mass., whose writings la the House{hold Health and Home, and other I journals of national circulation, have endeared him to thouaandt, says: "I Frank Sbepardson. an. engineer on the Southern Pacific Ry., who resides »t Los Angeles, Cal., was troubled with rheumatism for a long time. He was treated by several physician, also vis itedtbeHot Springs, but received no permanent relief until he used Cham berlaln's Pain Balm. He says It Is the' be»t'medlolne In the world for rneuma- lUm. For sale by B. F. Keeillng, & Wonderful Remedy. LIIPSIC, 0. Aug. 22, ISM. Bayer Heroine Co., Toledo, Ohio: Gentlemen—I have used your Dr. Bayer's Penetrating OIL and cannot praise it too highly. My wife had a severe pain , In her foot since her last confinement, and It would not yield to any remedy. She suffered unbearable agony, and had to,quit all housework whenever the weather changed. I bought your oil, and with one applica- • have usad Putne's celery compouod/. j personally with much benefit. I pw- scribe it with excellent results." : ' J. H. Thomas, M. D., 320 Liberty street. Pitlsbure; Penn., Bays: "For ' several months I had been suffering' * from rheumatism. I bad taken all the usual remedies with DO real benefit. I took one bottle of Paine's ceU ery compound and found myself much improved. Tbe second bottle la nearly gone and I consider myself cured." W. W. Hibbird, M. D., of Poultnoy. Vk., writes: "Iwae run down from ; repeated attacks of the grip, and my , : stomach, bowels and kidneys were out ' • of order. I had no strength, energy • or ambition to' think or act, and WM ' ' excessively nervous and Irritable. After taking the first bottle of Paine'i celery sompound 1 felt better. Tb« ; third bottle restored me to my usual ; health and strength, and I feel 10 / years younger than before." Dr. William Brown of Fredonla, Kan: ••It has wonderfully improred • my general health." W. Allen Hubbard, M. D., Boitom, i Maes., writes: "I have prescribed • the remedy in a numbor'of cases when : the blood was impoverished and th» nerve* weakened. The results bar*- .' been so satisfactory that I do not he*l- , tate to endorse Paine'i celery con- ^ I pound." ^ ' Similar testimonials .literally by • hundred* might ba quoted. Th» : high iclentific attainments of A Ll?»- ! zey. A. M., M. D., Of Nardley. Penn.. ; have made his statements authority • on matter* pertaining to health. H* • give* bis personal experience, how n» waa cured of sleeplessness J. W. Ferguson, M. D.,of Thayer, Kan..telli J how It ha* cured him of dyspepsia etc. ' etc. The sum total of tbe testimonial* ( of such men as these, as well as of th» ' more celebrated physlclam whose let. j ters hare been prevloasly published' ' in these columns. Is thai Paine'i _J celery compound makes people well. '. relieved her of all pain. Allow me to thank you for your wonderful remedy. W. W. HAHNETT, Livery and hacks, Leipslc. O. For sale at John M. Johnston's drugstore, 25e and 50c per bottle. Seth 11. Velsey can loan you money on city property at « per cent. Call and a** him at 204 Fourth »treet. MoKeen'nteam Laundry—good work.

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