Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 21, 1897 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 21, 1897
Page 24
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OAJLYPHAROS TUESDAY, DEC. 21.1867, OITY NRWS. Holly—Rotbermel. Fine candies at Qutgley's. See Hauk before Christmas. Professional cake walk tonight. Christmas slippers at Maiben's. Needing a watch? See Ben Martin, Read the New Otto special holiday ad. Best soft new gum drops 5c pound —Traut. Mechanic toys and magic lanterns at Graves'. 500 boys' steel pocket, knives 5c each—Traut. Don't be misled in buying shoes. Go to Walden's. The boys' sleighs will arrive tomorrow—Traut. Plenty of fresh country eggs at Vincent Kardes.' The horseshoers of the city are enjoying a harvest. Notice our fancy display in show window—Keystone. Sadie Pittman, of West Market street, is quite sick. Miss May me Stanley h*s'returned from a visit at Peru. Rev. M. S. Marble, of Kokomo, •pent Sunday la the city, Oome and see my line of onyx top tables—Taylor, the jeweler. See Pomp spaw eix rounds with Jack Kennedy Thursday evening. Our candy Is fresh made daily, at prices that will surprise you, Foiey's. Fresh country butter 12J Ib. at Vincent Kardes's 315 Third street. We make a specialty of fine bon bons In handsome boxes at Quigley's. "This Country of Ours," by ex- President Harrison, at Mias Bevan's. Air rifles, skates and boy's pocket knives tor Christmas at Crismond's. Holiday slippers from Hazen B. Goodrich only at the New Otto. 50 cents up. Miss Laura Carter, of Adamsboro, has returned from Minnesota to spend the holidays. Losjansport Wall Paper Co. has the best line of dolls in the city and a full assortment. The best piano In the market for the money is the Bush & Gerts, sold only by J. C. Bridge. Nothing nicer for a.Christmas present than a nice atomizer, filled with good perfume, at Porter's. Backman's glass blowers are still drawing large crowds. Beautiful presents are given to visitors. Mr. 0. M. Jones, the attorney, who has been the gueatof Bert Getty, has returned to his home at Danville. Mrs. Michael Burns, of Kace street, fell last evening and dislocated her right wrht. Dr. Bradfleld was called. Get a bottle of Golden Wedding rye for Christmas dinner, 11 years old, 118 par cent proof, at McHaie's. We are selling more goods than we have for three years. Come before the best things are all gone at Hauk's. Gus Rock, formerly of the Southside, has purchased the Dwyer saloon at the corner of Third and Broadway. Mrs. Fred McDermott, of 126 Wheatland street, hat returned from an extended visit with friends in Alabama. See reproduction of Corbett-Fltz- glmmons fight oetween Prof. Jack Tlerney and Kid Henneasy, Thursday evening. Save your Christmas order and tend It to us If you want the best goods In the market. We handle no trashy *tufl—Keystone. Handsome colored lithographs are being hung up to advertise the poultry show to be held in this city, Jan- uarp 19th to 25th. Jack Kennedy, the Panhandle engineer, wants it understood that he IB not the man who will spar Pomp Bailey at the rink. A chance on our 145 sewing machine with every dollar purchase. Drawing positively takes place at 9:30 Christmas eve—Traut. Otto Tyner, who has been ill of tonsllitls and quinsy, at his home in Clinton township, for the past six weeks, was in the city today. The happiest man by far In Logansport today is W. A, Osmer. A nine-pound boy arrived at his home this morning. Mother and child are doing nicely. Miss Nick and her party of professional cake walkers who will appear in the entertainment at the rink tonight arrived in the city at 1:20 this afternoon and are quartered at the Columbia hotel. Get your dolls, baskets.glove boxes, handkerchief boxes, collars and cuffs; •etc., silver knives and forks, spoons of «H kinds at less prices than steel warranted. Dont delay and get left at this sale.—Trade Palace. Expresilons of wonder and surprise, exclamations of joy »nd delight ire heard on all sides; the news travels; each visitor tells a friend of the beautiful neckwear, gloves, shirts and umbrellas we have.—Dewenter, the batter and furnisher. PROBABLY DNTROE Are the Stories About Banker Johnson. Ex- Ohio StateJJonrnal and Ljlle Emmett Deny That He Was Outside the Prisou. Noi likely That Johnson Will be Transferred to Leaven worth. The stories about the alleged privileges enjoyed at the Columbus, Ohio, penitentiary by Ex-Banker John F. Johnson, continue to be discussed In the papers. IE speaking of the investigation being made by government detectives,the Columbus, Ohio, State Journal of last Friday, says: OHIO STATE JOURNAL . "Among the things complained of is the report that Johnson In company with A. C. Ady had been permitted to attend one of the theaters Another was that he had been, allowed to accompany a friend to the Union station. Still another was tnat he had been allowed to go to one of the hotels for the purpose of having a deposition taken in a case in which he was Interested. "These were the grave complaints, but In addition to them It was also charged that he was permitted to take his meals apart from other and ordinary prisoners; that he is given the full privileges of the front office of the prison, and Is frequently seen outside the prison walking along the street in front of the institution: and that he is permitted to dress like an ordinary citizen so that persons visiting the institution would not recognize him as a prisoner. "Investigation of the first three grave complaints falls to reveal any truth whatever In them. He could not have attended either of the theaters with Mr. Ady without the latter being recognized. No such incident of his accompanying a friend to the depot can be verified, and in reference to the taking of depositions, It is well known that they were taken in the front office ot the prison. "In regard to the other charges, It is not at all concealed that he Is given liberties similar to those accorded E. L. Harper, Lewis Red wine and other distinguished United States prisoners. He Is treated as a trusty, Is _ employed in the office of Clerk Koehne In the outer office, and has the freedom of the front office, and may occasionally be seen outside the walls of the prison in the court yard fronting: on Spring street. He takes his meals with a few other prisoners in the basement under the warden's office, instead of in the big dining room, with the general body of prisoners. He Is now attired in a grey suit of clothes, known as the first grade uniform, and to the stranger might not be recognized as a prisoner. "Just what the secret service men learned while here, of course, is not kbown. but It is not probable that any recommendation for transfer to Leavenworth, Kansas, will be made." LOGANSPOKT STORY EXPLODED. It is believed in Logans port that the story a.bout Johnson being allowed to leave the prison had Its origin In a sensational newspaper article published In the Daily Reporter of this city. Early In October, Lylie Emmett, the monument dealer, visited Johnson at the Columbus prison. Upon his return home, the Reporter quoted him as having said that when he was about to leave the prison, Johnson asked him to wait, and putting on his hat, wa^ed with him, Emmett, to the depot. This story was republished in different papers In the state, and not being contradicted, was accepted as true and may have been the cause of Judge Baker ordering an investigation of the case. That the story is wholly untrue, is shown by the following card from Mr. Emmett: Logansport, Ind., Dec, 20, 1897. To whom It may- concern:—The statement made by the Logansport Reporter on or about Oct. 2d, as to John F. Johnson leaving the premises of the Ohio penitentiary and walkln several squares with me, in. th city of Columbus, bad no fouadafcio whatever. Respectfully, L. EsniETT. Mr. Emmett'3 sta'temenCtaken 1; connection with wbat tne Ohio Stat Journal claims above, seems to ef fectually explode the sensationa stories that Johnson has been allowei to leave tbe prison. Even if he ma have had such privileges, it iscertaii that the notoriety given the case wil make a repetition Impossible In th future. FATHER, SON, GRANDSON. Three Generations of One Famil Practicing Law. The admission to membership o the Uasa county bar of Nathan O Ross, jr., makes three generations o the same family now practicing law In the Cass Circuit court. First 1 Judge N. O. Ross, admitted to th> bar fifty-nine years ago and who 1 probably the oldest active attorne; in continuous practice in the United States. Next comes bis son, Georgi E. Ross, who joined! the bar twenty one years ago and has practiced hen continuously since that time excep the four years he spent as judge ot th Indiana appellate court. Third in rank comes the grandson, Nathan 0. Ross jr.. a second year student at Colum bia law school, New York, and graduate of the Logansport high school. The young lawyer of the family is well educated, well read studious, and of excellent habits anc disposition. With these splendid equipments,and coming from a family of illustrious and successful practl tloners, he has a prospective future that seems bright Itdeed. A coincidence connected with tbe young attorneys admission to the bar by Judge D. H. Chase is the fact that tbe same judge admitted his father to the practice and f urcher that Judge Chase's father admitted the young man's grandfather to the bar in 1838. WELL SO. 2, Located on the Barnett of the Citj. Farm North At a meeting of the directors of the Logansport gas and Oil company last night at the council chamber,tbe location of a second well was decided upon by the company. The second shaft will be put down on the Barnett farm, north of the city, where the indications seem more favorable. Two members of the board of directors, namely Dr, Jordan and Peter Wallratb, will pick upon the new location. Tipton Lodge Officers. At a meeting of Tipton lodge, F. and A. M , Saturday night, the following officers were elected and Installed: W. M.—Isaac Shideler. S. W.—M. E. Jenness. J. W,—John C. Beatty. Treasurer—Victor E Seller. Secretary—Eli Greensfelder. S. D.—Hugh flillhouse. J. D.—Willis C. Swanev. S. S.—E. G. Martin. • J..S.—BenBarnett. Tyler—David Clymer. The Great Christmas Showing. Beautiful Jackets and Furs. Dress Goods Novelties. ! Choice Linens far Holiday Trade j Underwear & Hosiery Xraas Hdkfs and Kid Gloves. Pictures, Chairs, Dolls, etc. for At The Golden Rule. More wonderful than ever are the Offering of this store for the Great crowds that fill its aisles m search of Holiday collections for both friends and relatives.The two powerful influences combine: Marvelous Assortment! Economical Prices I For Holiday Dress Goods Buying. The most we can say lor this Extraordinary Offering is that it comprises the Eicliest Novelties possible for mercantile skill to bring before a public at such triffling prices. The black goods alone jure sufficient to attract enormous crowds,' but for the benetit ot all, the Fancy Novelties are included on sale today. Black Goods. 75r; Values 40 in at 44c fl.OO Values 42 in at CSc J.25 Values 44 in at : 78c Street Novelties. 'GOc Values 3S in at 2Sc 85c Values 40 in at 47c $1.00 Values 42 in at 55c Imported Dress Patterns. f 10.00 Patterns f 6.5» 12.50 Patterns 8.5« 20.00 Patterns n.5f We Have Several Christmas Silk Bargains, Some Very Pretty Waist Silks Skirt Silks. Dress Silks at Very Special Prices Economical Cloak Prices for Holiday Trading. Values tbat need but be Compared to set the mind at ease Specials for This Week: half 'All our Blouse Jackets at very near price. Any Jacket in the house at Less than cost to Manufacture., We have a handsome line of Collarettes and Capes •we would like for you to see, )ur Christmas Jewelry Department is full of Bargains, such as Sterling Silver Novelties, Rings, etc. Handkerchiefs In all kinds and all prices, from Ic and up. Silk initial Handkhrchicfs for only 30c. Dolls, Dolls, We are known to have the cheapest line of Dolls in the city- Picture and Novelty. Department is stocked, full of very pretty things for presents at veryreasom- prices. THE R.UIAR. ==Holiday Goods= KECKWEAE, MUFFLERS, SUSPENDERS, HATS, SHIRTS. "VVe are headquarters for the finest lines of COLLARS. GLOVES, CUFFS. CAPS, ' UNDERWEAR, HANDKERCHIEFS, SLEEVE BUTTONS, COLLAR BUTTONS, PULSE WARMERS, HOSIERY, Etc. Something That Will Please. A box of choice confections or a dainty basket_gf tropical fruit makes jTmost appropriate Christmas present. L. Sollmano, the old reliable dealer, Is sole-agent for Guenther's fine candles;-also sells the choice goods madeiTby Lowney, Allegettl and others. Nothing can surpass his holiday display of fine Imported nov elty candles, fruits, nuts aud candle fruits. Drop In and look at the dia play, even if you do not buy, Ga§ Preggtfre Decreasing. The natural gag company during the past summer and fall drilled in ten gas wells for Logansport and proportionate number for its plant in other cities. These wells showec a pressure of 210 pounds, whereas few years ago the pressure was 34C pound. This decrease Is a striking evidence of the gradual failure of the supply in the ^Indian natural gas belt. FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS at lowest prices. Men's Boy's and Children's Suits, in every style, variety and color desired at Unheard of Low Prices, Boj's and Children's Overcoats, Ulsters and Reefers will be sold at One-fourth Off for Spot Cash. Reason: We are overstocked. This'is Special. Don't fail to loot these bargains up. We have the largest and finest line of 50c Knee Pants ever offered.Open evening during holidays^ J. D. FERGUSON & JENKS, 322 Market Street, Logaosport, tod. Official facsimJie of Medal Awarded OR. PRICE'S CREM BAKING POWDER Sagle-Coleman. Yesterday morning at 9 o'clock Miss Smiley Coleman and Mr. Joseph Nagle were united In marriage at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Winters Rev. H. C. Kendrlckofficiating. The couple left for Chicago yesterday to spend their wedding trip. Mr. ace Mrs. Coleman will take up their residence on Fifteenth street after their return to this city. The groom is Panhandle brakeman. WORLD'S FAiR.CHJCAGO. 1893 Make Up Your Mind to get perfumes. They are liked by everyone, young and old, sweet hearts and wives. Husbands like it after shaving. Buy an atomizer filled with the perfume. For sale at 0. W. Graves'. They are beauties. Prices the lowest. Attractive art Useful Gift*, fountain pens.cilling cards, cud cues pocket books, box stationery, office knives, etc., Longwell & Cumtnlngs. ADDITIONAL ITEMS. HOLIDAY Fancy candy boxes at Qalgley's. Colored cake walk tonight at rink. Triplicate shaving mlrrors,Taylor. Christmas trees are going fast— Traut. Xmas trees, mistletoe, evergreen j and holly at Foiey's. Grant Tippett, of Noble township, and family, have removed to Marion. Just received full line of Catholic prayer books and other articles of devotion at DickerhoS's bazaar. Underwear, night robes, collars and cuffs, ties, gloves, In gents' furnishing department.Trade Palace. "Story & Clari," Newman Bros- and "Waterloo" organs, In many beautiful styles, at J. C. Bridge's, at lowest prices and easy payments F Shoes and Slippers The handsomest, and best assortment of CHRISTMAS Shoes and Slippers ever shown in city. the GEE-WHIZ! That's .what the man said wJke» his laundry came home yellow, on. and faded. Then he concluded t* try MARSHALL'S LAUNDRY, and his linen was returned ae white as snow and without "beiig torn in the least Call up phoie 110 and have our wagon stop for your work. Patent Leather Ooz Kik, pink, green, red, why wait until the eleventh hour, j lavender. In fact any- when the throngs are greatest, when i the jostling and crowding, sure to bft, will spoil half the pleasure of select- ng the gifts you Intend to give. 3ome early.—Dewenter, the hatter and furnisher. pers. See our Men's Bootee combination, Boot and The Knights of Pythias will give SHOCS JUSt the thing for the second dance of the series at the Pythian armory on tomorrow (Wednesday) evening, Dec. 22d. All members of the order are cordially in- Positively no others will be admitted, except those hold Ing special nvititlon. win ter. Stevenson 4 Minsick. 403 Broadway. Christmas Presents •SPECIAL. Satin Slippers, H.50 to 12.40. Strap Slipper*, 75c to f 1.60. Quilted Slippers, 75c to $1.55. Plain Leather Sllpperi,50c to tl. Children'* Legglns 76c to f L60. Ladle*' Warm Lined Shoe* 76c to tl.50, Xen'i Slippen, SOe to $2. Baby Shoe*, all colon SOe to 111. Children's and HlMet' HOOM 8Up- per* 50c to •!. WALTER HAIBEN, : Broadway, OPP08JT*_BB*-Hrr»

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