The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on September 22, 1964 · Page 18
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 18

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1964
Page 18
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lock' larftllsecopes Wotlh $1, l Clock-Like Timing In Lenwood Holdup LENWOOD A bandit, his head concealed in a To Buy $1,000 Machine Hospital Auxiliary Takes On a Big Job paper sack, robbed a beer warehouse manager of $1,872; at gunpoint here yesterday afternoon and disappearedj in what appeared to be a closely-timed, weu-piannea robbery. Despite the clock-like execu telling him to stand there with his hands up. Champagne wait tion of the crime, the gunman ed as he heard the man run BARSTOW The latest project to be undertaken by the members of the Barstow Community Hospital Auxiliary is the purchase of an anesthetic machine for the obstetrical wing of the local hospital, according to Mrs. Jacque Shaw, presi- Mrs. Eleanor .Myers was named to head a committee to investigate the possibility of the unit sponsoring a nursing scholarship for a Barstow area resident. Provisional members accepted as permanent ones included Joan Meirs, Paul Kuhn Ted R. Fredericks, Dean Hammans, Gene Miller, Colin Charles-worth, Clarence S. Crooks, II. 0. Eriksen,' Jack Macy, Koch, Dean DeVoe, Blendon 0 Beardsley, Lou Miller, Tom Marshall, James Knox, Guy A. Sawyer, John Patton, William ir' .Jonn.ra"on: left over $800 behind, however. The victim was Donald F. Champagne, manager of the from the warehouse. When Champagne ran outside there was no sign of the band Gate City Distributing Co.'s Len it, and men who were working nearby said they recalled hear wood warehouse. A&ft-w fill b'l p ' Hi iiiiimii.T ' if TrW-i car "smoke out" toward Tw v, J . ing a Champagne told Sheriff's de-l Barstow ,..v. ,1 u.v. F viines. r ranees l. uuuenaer, t,. iuurpney, Josepn MCMullin. w- paratus will cost the group ap-jGarv A. Wilson. Victor McCar- Conrad Mahlum. William Di- puties he was sitting at his desk at 1:45 p.m. counting beer delivery receiDts into cloth Champagne said the gunmen proximately $1,000. thy, Howard MacDonald, and'vine, Ross Carson, Dale Craine. missed over $800 that he had The decision to purchase the James O. Randall. ; Robert R. Reeves and Burton bags for deposit at the bankj j ad sacked and piaced in equipment was made at a recent! Others present for the ses- meeting of the auxiliary held sion were Mmes. W. T. (Tom) at the home of Mrs. Shaw, I Brown, Gerald Alton. N. K. mien ite was sidiueu uy uicia desk drawer hooded robber who brandished! Kntina that 'fhp nanpr sapk i 1. . 1 ..u i: i- -o 1 1 . . . . . - ' ' a gun ai mm anu ioiq nmi w,made jt difficult to estimate the; where Al Koch, hospital admin-IMillett, James O. Tennant, Vir-empty the contents of the bag man-s heightn champagne said'istrator, was a guest. 'ginia Vaughn, Morgan Ray, on me uh. jhe thought the bandit was no Brusquely telling Champagne1 mre tnan 5"feet. 10;inches tall. and Michael Byiis holding junior organizations trophy. On rocket float are Howard Byus holding Sweepstakes trophy and Terry Drive, assistant scoutmaster. SWEEPSTAKES WINNERS Boy Scout Troop 800 took high honors Saturday in the Desert Empire Fair parade in Ridfrecrest. Pictured in wagon from left are Kirk Armstrong, that hP was not interested in He aaaea me Danan was noi. checks or coins, the bandit scoop-1 husky." and wore a white T-l ed the bills from the desk and snin ana wnue jeans, stuffed them onto a trouser pock-j Working with Lt. Ted liar et. vey, Sheritts Barstow substa Leak. The next general meeting of the group is scheduled for Oct. 12 at the Southwest Gas Auditorium, Barstow. Six Injured, 3 Cars Ruined In Rollovers BARSTOW Three cars were destroyed and half dozen people injured in three separate single car rollovers on desert highways over the weekend. Two of the accidents were He then grabbed Cham-jtion commander, investigating pagne s siiirt, ripping on most;tne roDDery, are aepuues uon of the buttons, and shoved ; Holzhauser, Michael Winker Desert Empire Fair Boy Scout Floats Win Parade Sweepstakes Champagne against the wall, land Norman Brubaker NEWS OF THlli&ND EMPIRE TOP STORIES FROM APPOINTS IN THE NATIONS LARGEST COUNTY RIDGECREST Thousands as Grand Marshal, sent young girl's Karen Joyce McDonald. lined the strrets of RidgecrestTony Bill, an up-and-coming 1 First place winners in other on Saturday to view the 14th j star who has appeared in three 'categories were: decorated ve- annual Desert hmpire fair fa-,ot fords pictures to represent hides, Mrs. Irma Wells; an .'TT.lili . k I i . ' IT, - jblamed on drivers falling jasleep, while the third was laid ito a blowout at high speed. rade. jhim. jtique vehicles, Frank Roach;; : -.'5 i K,. I .:'!. Glenn Ford, not being ableto; Rita Lane, new queen of the j White Kennels, be present to lead the paracie fair reigned over the proceed-; Novelty; non - equestrian, Cal CCC B-2 Tues.. Sept. 22, 1964 The blowout, which occurred on U.S. 395 about 13 miles north of State Route 58 (old U.S. 4fi(ii Sundav morning, resulted in ings ana rode in the thamoer ifornia State Employes Asso-! of Commerce float. jciation from Victorville were A trophy was awarded to the 'first. Grand Marshal, Tony Bill. Sweepstakes was Boy Scout There were five Division Mar- Troop 800. shals Trophies given: j Marching bands, first place Division 1, Leslie P. Norman;j winners were: U.S. Army, Ft. Division 2. Mr. and Mrs. Jack! Irwin; high school band, Tro-: Butlin: Division 3, William 'na; elementary band, Murray Hemisphere Report Needles Lions Set Marathon Pancake Even! serious injuries to two T. J. Scott. 24. of El Monte, and Cre-ola C. Montague, 21. of Rose-jmead. i California Highway Patrol officer R. Nelson reported that ithe car went into a series ol rolls with marks in the sand I showing that the car was airborne fur distances of 40 and 45 feet. (Bill) Stack; Division 4, Harold Junior High School. and Thelma Essenberg; Divi-i Marching units receiving first U.N.C.L.E AGENTS May Heatherly and Kohert Vaughn appear Tuesdays in the new series, "The Man from I.N.C.L.E," beginning at 8:30 p.m. today on the NBC Television Network and Channel i. fell to the rule of a Communist; regime. j By ENRIQUE LLACA (Copley News Service) MIAMI, Fla. - President . NEEDLES The Needles sion 5, Everett Long. place were: U.S. Navy, China Lions Club, with vacations end-! Three special appearance tro- Lake: Drill Team, Edwards "If that was a victory fori ins. reaistered an almost per-;phies given were: !Air Force Base. Johnson's speech-writers feel! Bakersfield Motorcvcle Drill; Majorette winners were Tro- that Cnmmnnkt r.nha k not Communism then the state of Yucca Valley feet attendance at the Wednesday luncheon meeting held at Lynn's Broiler. Team under Police Lt. Daley; na High School; Junior major- anc wont be ..a major threat";that regime is no victory now. "J- KU.u.v.,,.-, iio me uniiea oiates. "ttha was mpant tn hp a: was School; Majorette 'The meeting was devoted U.S. Naval Air Facility march-mentary The President, though, seems ' hnw winrinw fnr mmmni in mainlv to comDletins plans for ins units, singles, Linda Alt, Trona a! Two Granada Hills youths B. T. McGraih, 19, and James Manion. 19 suffered injuries earlier Sundav morning when, CUP officer f. J. Craig reports, McGrath dozed and the car drifted off State Route 58 about five miles west of here. Craig said that the car rolled to nave some aouDts aDout saying so, in so many words, in this center of Cuban exiles. the annual Marathon Pancake) In the equestrian race, win Breakfast which will be held atners were: Commercial Floats: Hucek's Travel Service. Floats Senior Opening of New Posl Office Mel by Pleased Residenls show case of failure. "Castro is isolated. Esquestrian featured riders, Organizations: Newcomer's This is a conclusion that can be drawn from one of those eye "The free republics of the the Lions Clubhouse Sept. 26 from 7 to 10 a.m. . Joseph J. Blizzard, president, is general chairman of the Clyde Goehring and Carol King, J Club; Float Junior Organi-Savgus; fancy western adult: zations: Boy Scout Troop 800. singles, Charles Gregory; fancy Official judge for the eques- brow-raising incidents involving hemisphere are unjted By PAT HELM .with the building designed in the four times comin8 to rest in "Castro's appeal to the hem- LUC I1CMUC111 UldL Ulll'll LJC15S unnoticed and unreported. YUCCA VALLEY - A pleased modern, descrt-stvle architec-,"", u'" 0 i isphere is weaker now than atUir crOC.H fh- nnpnina r,f ..... ....,..: An Uxnara C0UPle were inlur breakfast. Jack Hunder was ap-; western adult pair, Gary Sab-jtrian units was Neal J. Russ-pointed food chairman; Ross;in; fancy western 16 and und- ell, Lakewood. Johnson is in charge of tick-jer, single, Marilyn Cornelius;! Local judges were Mrs. Billy j 6iim.u un 0 luic, Mippijuig appi uxiniaiciy '' ed in a rollover Saturday morn- Official confusion over the square feet of workable ing on Interstate 15 a few uuj uiii oiuc iiv- aiu ij jyvy-' uie Iltrw Lfltlc licic ini t ftin or in 1Q-.Q ! i. ...u:U ,.A f. J,UUU ets and William Green will be costume open adult, Steven Gar--Hise, Lyle Hawthorne, Trona;:white Hnuse's estimate of the i-l in iuuj. LUM1II1CI IS V I LI1 IdllUCU II Will . . . . . r i CHP officer 11. aiJdUC V I 11 A Jfl Idl rfl.l f I IX ii'"-o vii 1.. the head chef. jis; costume open 16 and under,; Mary Wallauer and Emery Cuban situation became appar- "Ver-ry nice!" to "Well, E. Kiger, ent Tuesdav. SeDt. 15. when lickets may De obtained now.uiana vvesc. iiarK, iviojave "Our first duty, our first town's reallv come of age." Might and air. Desert planting 1 k 1 . 1 i J m 17.11 rr-l. i-I 1 t . . i " 1 29, fell asleep at the wheel. trom any memoer 01 ne club. Moumeu group auuu. 10 van-, i ne pa aae oegan oy a w.u eiJonnson flew here to address the trust, is to make sure we do The patrons and post office blends the landscaping into an Both Ki-er and his wife were or may be ob ained at the door.i ey Riders, Inc.; working west- to the 14th Desert Empire Fair convention of the Internationa w 1 ri , a! , , 1 a . . v- b hi s uuia ncu r 1-1 .j..,. t..,.. : --:,:i.. iLUllve luon UI. . V. Ilduu"11 not hand Castro a victory. A nersonne a ike are lmoressed attractive exterior. Esnecia v troatoH at R.-irUnw rnmmimitv An appetizing menu has been ern adult, Evelyn Grosshardt; Ifrom the Naval Air Facility,! Association of Machinists. victory he could not win for appreciated is the 21-space park- Hospital. planned, portions will be gen-'working western 16 and under,iVX-5 Squadron with four jets i ihimself by looking backward. Newsmen aboard the plane Quarrelin2 amona ourselves and erous. Proceeds from t h e Tony Anthony Jr.; novelty adult,' making first a salute toward the breakfast will be used to fi- Esther and James Wilson; nov-; north over the parade route, flying the White House press dividing the people and the pur-corps here were given mimeo-iposes of our strong land eltv 16 and under, boy's Dick, and flying very low in their nance future projects, a spokesman said. Film Series Opens Friday ing lot. ! However, impressed as ov- eryone was, no one could have' been more impressed than Post-: master Hilda Hardesty as she; presided over the new and; thought back to the old. In Oc-! Adams; novelty 16 and under, return salute. grapneu copies 01 me pi epaieu text of Johnson's speech. "Castro is not now and will Fire Takes 65 Tons of Hay NEWBERRY - A fire whip- That is normal practice. It not be allowed to become a ma BARSTOW - Barstow Col-;tober 1945 Mrs. Hardesty start-! lege's World Knowledge Series! ed a tin-v Post office in 01ie cor-! gives reporters facing deadlines ;jo- threat to the securit of ,he every minute a little extra timeUnited Slates or to the solidar. to write their stories. !ity of the free American repub- But before they could sendlics. the mimeographed text their dispatches, the newsmen affjrmecj . i.. r:i. --. npr ( i inp prnrprv store nvvnen. were notified that Johnson would Wd. r. 7iZ. by her uSmi 'W, "ini, doSlro! rf trottincr engineer showing pic-!sllP served 30 box customers, 6o tons of hay valued at $1,300 tures of Tuscany, "Italy's! from a panel of boxes built intOOn a ranch on Minneola Road Golden Province." iner own dining room wall. To- j west of here Sunday night. J., 4i, ... i -rr; . .. "American response has been cool-headed. It has been firm. It has been effective. "Two years ago we faced down not merely the atomic power of the Castro regime but The film series is a comm-"d lue "7 V" . I Four flremen of tlle Barstow not follow the text. A White House spokesman indicated that, on reading the speech written for him by his speech-writers, Johnson disapproved particularly of those sec io .emeu udacs, iait.ire ULstnct manned the civil routes, on rural station and onejdefense pumper to join with city route with 659 patrons. Newberry volunteer firemen in Once the town started to grow purnping 16,000 gallons of wa- unity sen'ice program of the college and admission will be free this year, Dr. Leslie E. Wilbur, college president, has .nnnnnporl i the nuclear might of the Soviet tions that seemed to explain and defend U.S. policy toward Union- And we did & without ii vvasn i. lung ai an uciuie 11 ter. aiiuuunv.u. H J I U :i li Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Cas-itinn8 a silot- tro's dictatorship. "Ten months ago Castro test-The White House staff sought ed "s agai". at Guantanamo. to take the blame for the mix-lf? Jf s tshfed 'send fin up. The speech the newsmen i ?e, Mannes to turn the water Other dates are Robert Co- w I The ranch is owned by Tony hen "Inside East Germany Pcs 0 flce busl"ess voIumf Tirana of Alhambra. "j. C. Oct 23- Gene Wiancko steady continuous volume.Greenlee, ranch operator, told "Greece' and the Mysterious' fnded,; ultimately, in two "redjremen that he spotted one end Balkans," Jan. 22; and Geza dej eutter Jays: July 1, 1963, whenjof a haystack ablaze. Winds Rosner "Chile Today" May 7itne Post offlce moved UP from I quickly spread the fire to two 1 second class to first class: and! other haystacks and all three were given had been released , ,tn. . , . J prematurely, it was said. to - -i WaIsh , graduale of the Un.Ju!y 18.1964 when Bill Shem-were destroyed Greenlee said Guantanamo self-sufficient iversity of Southern California mer; f Be lflower was ap-i hat he did not know how the As the White House spokesmen 1 L ;, ..--,, pointed assistant postmaster. fire started. :;.j 4u4 4 ,,j S, : "Our no rv whirh ha; hpon m civil engineering, was a nav- iuiicu inai n kuuiu uc iiiv-ui-! t --- ! j ;r.; Kuinnni, 1 th-t .inhnenn himcpif shared bv the other free na-i'ga,or and mlsslon Photograph-; 1 - - Of - f 4 a-, - - i "1 : ' 1 Cv V 1 had deleted the portions dealing, of the hemisphere, was re- " d"g f Uar I and, with Communist Cuba one reaffirmed in July by the Organ-jbjj to plan NATO bases in to conclude that the sentiments lotion of American Slates and jes tori Europe j and North expressed simply do not rep-il vigorously continued America. In addition, he has George AFB Championship Golf Course May Open Nov. 1 resent the President's thinking against acis or provocation ana,-"'. " aggression. I motion picture producer turning out films about many pla Guantanamo and in the Gulf of ,ces' nc din .Scotland' Lond on the matter. What was it that the President objected to? He didn't say and no one here or in Washington seemed to GEORGE AIR FORCE BASEJerected at the entrance to the We're shooting for an open-) nine-hole course, as a date of Nov. 1," says Billj,buti?n to GT& AFB by the local , community. "The Communist regimes in Havana and Hanoi, the Com- Tennyson, base recreation di Part of the walls of the mod know A reading of the stricken per-piunist regimes in Moscow and Kaiser Plans Day of Fun For Employes ernistic circular structure are already up and the building's utility lines are in place. tion of the speech shows it tokening, Know uxiay mai amer rector, of the construction of a nine-hole championship golf course at this western outpost of the Tactical Air Command. Located near the main gate ica is strong, that America is be a restatement of what the The recreation official re ready and that for any act of U.S. government long has been saying about Communist Cuba. vealed that six of the course's in the vicinity of the 831st Tac- nine holes are "within 10 per cent of being playable," and aggression there shall be firm and prompt reply." Cuban exile sources here pointed out that there was no The most emphatic sentence for emnloves and their fam-l?1, . s r :ine omer mree are per affirms that "Castro is not now and will not be allowed to be- ilies of Kaiser Cement and.f ns ' ",e ""jcent playable." The course is Gvpsum Corp. Saturday at jCivil Engineer, Squadron, the going to be -as tough as any Pioneer Park, Lucerne Val- Person"ef i office and,. nine' the area." Estimated lev j some 200 officers and enlisted par s 36. Located on rolling Long-time service employes, men who have worked after;,errain swept by winds, the efforts of the come a major threat to the se-j reference in the text to the ill-curity of the United States or to fated Cuban exile invasion at the solidarity of the free Amer-ithe Bay of Pigs in April 1961. ican republics." jThat effort to overthrow Castro1 will be honored at 5 p.m.i"-1 lluuia "u. -"-jjueorge ro course win oe (Gee Studio photol James W. Hammond, wives of club members, both of whom will appear in the third annual Playboy Fashion Show scheduled Oct. 3 under joint sponsorship of Lions and Exchange Clubs. "quite a challenge." PLAYIiOV SLKVICE It s prompt and pleasant sen ice for J. II. (Joe) Nelson of Fontana when he lights a cigarette. He's president of the Fontana Lions Club and the bunnies are .Mr. William W. Jones, left, and Mrs. with five-year service award: -"'huuh w -eiw erly - awaited recreation faci- P . . .... hif,, failed for lack of L.b. air and This is what the whole delet-naval support the anti-Commu-ed section of the speech said nist Cubans expected but which about Cuba. 'the late President Kennedy said "In 1959, the republic of Cubakas never promised. TSgt. Henry Brown of the civil engineers is supervising Servin? of a picnic luncn "v- will be at 1 and 5:30 p.m. I A $20,000 clubhouse is being construction. 1 1

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