The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 13, 1931
Page 7
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.- 13, 1931_ J5LYTHEVILLB. ;(ARK.y COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents » word lot flisl Intertlun and one cent » »'ord (or ench (UbvjQUfnt Uwtioa. No cdverlisement taken lor less thuu Me. Count tl:o words and tend tiie dusu. rhone 306 PAGE.FIVE 11KNT l-'OK KENT—Furnished 3 roum Hat, low West Wuluul. SJC-'ll" for rent. P-K17 ?LfKNlSHEK Apartment ilia Dotikiui. IOOM AND 15OAUD—Home cooked meiils, clean airy rooms. Mrs. T. i. Watson, 11-' East Cherry St. 'ho'.iL' ii02. lOp-klb OR KENT—5 room, unfurnished hpanmi'iit. Modem. West. Main j. Aicu!a liL-.'it. Phone '117 -W. I2C-K1U WANTED P IULTUV WAM'l EO-.Mlir-U'l. 1)11| V:S, eny (juumuy. Murnyn Hat- cl !r>', 211) a. Fum'lli Bi. sm-'i'K III'.CIX IJKIIH TODAY . jir, :, rm !tn tilll lulu lu-p Corbel In r tfi Jinv tur TDMMV \VII_ ^bo Is cn^nKf-il ro lier Ii:ilf. IHDXK KVKHK1V. Viinnz ' . flun to Jlrrjl unlll Irene? Irarnk lie 1* rich nnd (rim io ivln Llni, siic i]fcc» i-rrrjr \\lu- ID lt,ri'r :i h|]PL-il)- Iirct|i4'),pl as »>ie hn« iiroNitsrJ lu u-.nrrj Tiiiiniky. Touiiu)' JiiKt-x his voxillun cinil Irrnr it AlaU of MIL- i'!i:irin? Tu liernll Ikrlr i-n-:i^, ii.rnc tar I'ron- 1U» ha. Jn.l [,r,,|>,,, ri l. In Jc.iiulr 'lommy ,!rh,k. l, f:1> lly rui.l J.ihn rill i'uiii|i::iiEi)im. l-\- :l rltif; lli-rjl'« IttlKrr ul IHT iltu'l'll. Iri'nL- sljp» m\a> nncl m:irrlr» I'ri-JilUs. 'i'U.'ii hfic IrlriiluuLi-k Ilip iu-\\* lintlip. ilr\rl«i|is Ilirtnit iruLibln mill Ihc ihu-tor ntlvlsCK reht. ,Shf oolish Ideas nnd linn^Ino they're going to feel tlio fame for (ho rest if tlictr lives, aiul all that, liut It loesn't amount to anything." "It could aii'.ouiit to Eomctlihig to a girl whoso uuslinutl Is KCUlug n ill- vorco from lier," Mrs. Kvcrolt snid ominously. "Tlio hoy lives In Oakdale, doesn't.lie?' 1 Jveno lifted lier eyebrows. "T]io pOEtmark?" she said witli nn tnllcc- :loii that brought a (lush to lier 10 '1'iMLiniy In l lirr -;iv li calUrx 14],? lias mnile Ittl* drc- -to nit? him be re/nrni*. i'.oolhfr Ji,h nnJ Mlnrlw nlgUt - V.'ANTED — Family washings or > general housework, Mrs. Doru J'jzcll, 2201 18th St. TF WANTED — Hay to bale. C. G. Smith, Phone S'>/ or 151K-F2. (i-oC-TF Parfy^inusfc be financially ~al)!e to opi-uu- own truck, servicing retail grocers. - To person-qualifying, this imposition olTcrs great opportunity for a good steady business. Write Box 164, New Orleans, La. Ambitious, reliable man at. once. Permanent position. Rapid advancement. Steady, persistent effort necessary. Honesty essential. Write lully. Man every town, distribute circulars, lull-span; time,-lor National Advertisers. Unusmil earning possibilities. Experience unnecessary. No selling. Write Speck, CWO No. Rockwell,, Chicago. Closing Stock Prices A. T. & T Anacoiicici Copper Auburn Caterpillar Tractor Chrysler '; Cities Service Ifc'oca Cola \i Continental Bilking • General Electric : General Motors Montgomery Ward Now York Central Packard ! Hadio i Simmons i i. Standard of N. J Texas Corp 1GD 21 3-8 1C! 1-4 24 17 1-B 111-2 124 --- 39 !-•! 34 1-4 19 1-4 90 71-8 15 3-- 1 12 7-t 35 1-4 20 U. S. Steel ........ . ...... 90 7-8 s.rt i :i iHi orrt*. lti-r>r« i-iist' n» *h<\ ro^ll/.rK tbnt rr>ln B II) \ilri lini'k tun., .mis. i:vi:ur.ri- In-iLC nljiiut ilally h-[~ h she U rt'i;rtilii^ fruni M RS -. - 1 -'- 1 sen* llglitrul. The next day when tho? started for Oakilalo il rained. Driving was difficult nml (Saylord was preoccupied jnizzllni; over tho best way to tell his father ot his hasty Irene, tlrou 4 and. cross, showed hcr irritation, anil their day iviis spoiled. 011 that brought a flush to lieri'TilllNKI.N'G b iolhor'3 face. A period of I "What If 1 illil look at It?" she I blamed Cayloril "Many a mother would liave opened these letters aud read them!" "Yes?" Irene returned, "If It comes to tluit I'll leave." Mrs. Kverell was about to retort In html when her lun-baml's voice arose from hctow, calling for his breakfast. The Interruption prevented what mteht have been a serious iiuiiiTCl bct'.veen mother and daughter. W IliwN she was sono Irene seized the letter and tore il into bits anil having (o wall for him to set. .., l becomlns a toclajj •••''•' W W!< . They C0 uitl n™ with ' her family, nnd she'd,. h»v,g "H ,lier;, own money for clothes. This would cei-talnlj- bo hcderthinmnr.ryiB! Deny Meadc ! oiiUaf t Hi Oa witliotit rcatliui; it. Derry liavo sonic ' Wliy sense! Slic'd asked him lime and a^ain not lo write to hcr every day. a cent she'd not answer one ot his letters again. But then, sh-j told MJW CD O.V WITH TIIR STOKY CIJAl'TEK XL KVKRETT v;aa looking rlous as sho handed the let- Eer to Ifeue. The girl look It ajnl put it on the etaud hy lier bed without a second glance, waiting to i herself, "the young Idiot would hot- be alone to read it. '~~' *' ' ^->-->-,- --• •• Her n;other assumed a firm nose and said heavily. "You won't like It. but I've made up my mind to ask who writes those letters lo you. 1 Irene was surprised, and slinwerl foot it Ironi Oakdalo ami spoil everything." "Everything." wan Tommy, the other evening beforo Jusl hc'( started for school, Tonuny'd Bali that Illrts "ou;;ht to bo shot." 0] course sl:c hadn't meant to encour back over tlio short her marriage. Ireuo ;l for every dlflkulty. liiulu't careii whether Bho enjoyed herself in his old hojuo 01 iot. AH ho cfuld think ol was the on|i factory, ami hniulni;. Ho Iclt ler whole days and iilshts at a line and came back with nothing >ut a couplo of wild ducks to show for his time. What men could seo n sitting for hours In n heat hidden In a imnch oE seaweeds, Irene couldn't underhand. "Irene,'' her mother called up lo her, "I've made 'somo nuill'm". You'll better hurry dosvu It you want Ihem hot." IICKO pul a dainty foot on Ihe soil rug hy hcr bed and sat wltli ouo knee swung across tho other. 7hc w?a still engrossed in thc hardships ot her life with Gaylord. Ot course her flirtation with Derry had been a mistake, but It wouldn't havo amounted to anything it Gaylord hadn't found out about It. Ireuo hadn't forgotten what lie said to her, his faeo white anil furious. Stio continued to smart over his refusal to forgive her after sho had "humbled" hcr- 1C lo ask him to ilo it. It. "Wliat?" she said, sitting up In A B° Derry but OaMale hadn't beei bed and looking as though she v ">' entertaining. There were a couldn't quite believe what she hail lot - ot B''''s who wero Jealous he-, •' -.- most eligihlo young h lla(l a s rccl1 to I1l «'"- but 8llc I man had married outside of the liaii only lo cal1 lo ml " 11 •'"> vlslon I town • 1° cr husband's countenance ns | Worst of all had been the ma- ta , (1 «!ared himsolr to understand j tro:is who must have heard frcm wliy Bll ° h!Ul Uono E0 the debutantes that Irene had never heard. Imagine hcr mother coming i «"> s <> at her like that! "It's a man. and f know It Is," her mother went on. with tho blunt DOES ot the timid suddenly becoming assertive. "You may Ihink you're able to take care ot yourself, hut I'm your mother, and 1 want to know what's going on." "Well, of all things!" Ireu-j breathed, half-amused, halt-angered. "I'm willing to believe that Gaylord is all to blame ior your trou- Then the conditions Gaylorn had laid down! Ireno \voiidcred that Sho would marry Derry. Gaylord attended a finishing school. They Iried iiatronizingly to induct her into their society for Gaylord'a sake. These and the "stuffy old family friends" had driven her Into a Ilirtalion with Derry Meadc, a nice-looking boy who could dance con- cir ^ c " f ? ll f' j 1 """ 0 clse thc sirls " New York Cotton NEW YORK. June 13 Cotton cloed barely tearty. Open High Low SCO UW 849 . 801 (UP) — . Jnl :0ci. Dec Jau Mar May 931 D5-I 372 901 923 D31 95-1 974 Siiots quiet at 805, 887 010 022 012 DG2 off 5. 855 892 917 U28 947 8S« lile with him," Mrs. Everett con-l- ~ tinucd. "but I kuow you're goiug to j'" ^' he talked about it" you start vnnnin., around with Tommy Wilson in t!iat| Krmmil ccr of his and you've no right to ac-; 'act, the ouly member of his family ccpt attentions from you're married to Gaylo: nothing of this other man! She pointed a finger to the letter! Siris liked him. oa the stand, and Irene laughed, a| Irene dazzled him. She was bit. nervously. i newcomer as well as prclty and hcr "Oil—Derry!" she said casually. I clothes wcro ravishing. •Why, he's only a kid, and I guess I Tlio last clay Irene and Prcnlls: you kuow how kid« nre. They get' spent iu New; York when she lu< llad to pl:l5 " wu "' Uerry hadn't much social back- lo boast of. !lo was. iu him wliilej < a nica enough family, too) who'd ord. To bay' cvcr te en the inside of tto country I club. Tie was welcomed because tho iiad dono her the honor lo tako that 'or eraiilcd. It was tough on Derry, TJOW could she ever litivo tiiounlit •*••*• of marrying Ucrry? Irene, wua impatient with herself and her im- putlciice imt nn cud to hcr reverlo. Slio put on her most becoming morning [reck, changed it after Hindi lo her must fashionable nfler- noon drc..~s nml Ihcn, just licforo dinner, iloimcd her loveliest Informal evening gown. Tommy arrlveil shortly before six. Ilo had hurried lo get Into clean clothes ami como directly to the Kverelt home. IJeryt. nn Intensely mlscraldo spectator, WLilched the couple drlvo away hi Toiimiy'n new caf. Sho'd Just iiachcil homo In tlmo to change her knitted dress for n fillk one, grab ;i bllo ot dinner, and then rush back to llio store lo make sandwiches for a boys' club. Hcr heart was heavier than ever. Tommy had handed Ireno Into that car with tho gestures of a nohlc- ronn assisting his lady fair Into his chariot. Irene praised the car ami Tommy thought It was gcnoroiis ot her not to compare It wilh tho motors tho PreMlissc.i owned. Before they'returned homo from Iho short drive Ireno hail decided dellnitcly that sho would break with Derry Mcacle. Sho felt she had gained considerable ground with Tommy. "When ho said goodniglit to me," sho congratulated herself, "I'm sure, he wanted to kiss me." lint thc break with Larry did not come about as Ireuo hrul anllel- paled. Kext morning sho rofiaincd from destroying Dorry's letter un- OUR BOARDING IIOUS] By Alicrn SAfORDAV IM MiijHT I REMEMBER. Wlir-H L PIDAi^r HAMlS WAS TUM NEARS AGO, COPS PUT ^-rm HAKIM G MV \ SI/WE. P W "tfC House OKlC- SAftlRDAV UisiVf —~1 WAS I TAKIM6 A TtlPAl I^i « '» "fll'TtlB, WlfEM TRAU ?uTs "TH' SfJATfclf OM MV CLtVfhleS AM' SKIPS -To r(ER SISTER ( e^£R si^ce"Tv)E(A f I GO -To A stuce V\£ HAP-TrlAT- SrlOGK'-'T'RQOP PQQR PliT ; .<^i;^'-Si'*™^, m$ij&- WW''-''"' WffMRR BOOTS AiND HER BUDDIES r By Martiu lie imllaUorlngly admitted, hut the hoy hail let himself In (or it. She would, marry Berry, lut she must not sco tho young man again until her separation (roMi Gaylord was legal. On this condition alono would the young husliand agree to set his divorce without scandal Involving Berry's name. Irene, shrinking from the thought of exposure before O.ikdalo society, consented to KO away ami allow Gaylord to divorce her without contest. There was promised to hcr a rcasonahlo sum ot money. Berry was required to remain iu OaMale where tlaylord could keep an eye oa him. For this last stipulation Ireno was now thankful. And it wouldn't read and was glnd aho had. For tho young man threatened to como to seo hcr, thus breaking his promlso to Gaylord. Ho declared ho couldn't stand It any longer without at least a brief visit with her. Irene was temiitcJ lo write him a long sisterly letter but caution intervened. Derry was sure to come bounding on llko a rubber j ball at tho end ot a airing. Then Tommy would know nbout him. Tommy wouldn't forgive, her for; Oils latest affair. • She had played with firo and now sho must put cut tho embers, Ireno told herself, making planj at tho camo tlmo to accomjillsii tjila '" '.il,-,. ^To Bo CnrJlnncO); Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Jrme 13 ;— Cotton closed steady. Oi>en High Low C (UP) KITCHEN i BY SISTEll JIAIIY MIA Service Wrilcr III every household, whether thc housewife is lier own cook or not the Sunday dinner Is more cr less o( a problem. Thc time-honored custom of an elaborate dinner 01 Sunday which still prevails in inanj sections of the country nsuall. means that the cook is busier 01 the "day of rest" than any other clay in the week mi:l thc family i: apt to over-eat. Meals which can be prepared for the most part on Saturday am Jinishcd up when wanted with the least amount of thus and cncrg> arc ideal. Thoughtful planning am careful serving will make ihcf meals interesting and Eiibstantia and even "special 1 ' in some way o another. The j.;>Dnge.s and bavarian cream and Ice-box cakes arc decidedly fes live and can be made on Satin- day and tucked away in the rclrig crulor until wanted. Saliid dressing should bo man on Saturday and kept mi Ice. Don over-look the many excellent prepared tjlacl dressings on thc market tlut are a boon to the busy i ^iM.iie-nukcr. French ilrv.ulng will i' \j.o.-d ciily a litlle shaking or bcat- 1J..; to rti-'.oi'C its complclc enuil- Hcti—and may not need that if it 1'as been k;p'. properly cold. Vegetables can be cooked and re- leatcd in n sauce or an easily pro- il pared and quick cooking vegetable can be chosen, | Many families want chicken cr n roast, and with a self-bnstinfc roaster and the modern heat-regulated, oven, this type ol meat re- CHH'ICS little attention from the ook. A well insulated oven does ot even over-heat the kitchen. Or ic roast can be served .hoi for aturday evening dinner. Roasts re always a means toward econ- my—of time as well as money— or they provide meat for two and Ifen more meals. Meat loaves, baked or jellied, are nolher solution to the meat prob- em. They can be baked on Satnr- ay and served hot on that day and liced co'd for Sunday. The jellied oaf must be made Saturday if it is o be chilled and lirm for Sunday. A fricassee is excellent for Sun:ay dinner. - Although tlie vocipe IECS veal as Ihe typical summer neat, beef, lamb or lovvl c.\n b: ubstilutcd. s # * Fricassee of VrnI Two or three pounds of lean veal, ' tablespoons butter, 3 taklcspaans flour, 2 cups veal stock, 2 teaspoons salt, '.-; teaspoon penpcr. Veal steak or meat cut from the fore-quarter can be us;;!. Cut in HCCCS for serving. Put. into a kettle, ' cover with bcihng water and ihnnici 1 slowly until tender. Ix.' cool in stock. When ready to pern remove Ironi stock, sprinkle will salt and j;opp2r and ro'.l in flc-ur. Melt belter in fryin; pan and t>ro\vn meat quickly on ail sides. Remove meat to hot platter and add more butter if necessary to Furkish Archives Sold as Waste Paper I Illiteracy Decreases Among Arizonans '.ibblins, sloviy add veal stock, stir- ing constantly. Bring to the boil- r.g point, teason with salt and I isjiyer :ii!:l pour over n-.eai. Oar- ISTANBUL, lUP) — Archives PHOENIX, Aria., (UP)-lllilcr- lisli with points of tons', and «p>-i"s dc[l!ln = "'"' hull drcds of years ot acy in Arizona has declined from 'f pirslev. . ' ° j Turkey's history have been sold 115.3 per rent, to 10.1 per cent, tn I mistakenly as waslepaper. thc lust ten years, C. O. Case, Monday's Menu I l''cr two years an official coniBREAKFA3T: Ready - to-servo' "'ission has laborioiLsly been com- :eical with sliced b.inains n n d ! 1 >11 .'" !! ' elassifyiiiB and eliminating itiawberries, cream, French toast, naple syrup, inilk, cofice. LUisCHEON^L CJ?.sserole of green beans and bacon, rk-3 croqui-ttcs, tnifed ciiciry salad, ictd choco- aics. DINNER: Fruit soup, fricassee of •eal, creasiied carrots, pepper ring alaii. pineapple Ice-box cake, milk, collee. '^ of (Iccnments and pa- Courier :;civs Want Aos Pay. te ma [lors dealing with the country's history. Recently the Minister for Finance ordered that thc most useless cf this material should • be sold. Due 10 sonic contusion, however, oiu: hundred tons of documents I nla^ert as of the hiehcst import- j ante were carried off to Bulgaria by a Jewish bnvcr. to recover them. state superintendent of public; Instruction, has announced. Arizona's record is remarkable and much tetter than the figures indicate, Case points out. A ma- I jority of those who cannot read or write are Indian wards whose education is under the direction of the Federal Government. SALEM, Ore.. !UP) — Oregon state iwloists this year completed a successful reason, both hidoor I and outdoor. The Orangemen roll- is endeavoring j ni up 112 points against 93 for [ their opponents. FI»F.('KI,ES AND HIS KUIENDS THK 1'KKSIDKNT OF THK KAH.UOAD! VoOR LUL^ BEftfS VOl), MNiO A REToRAi -MMCH- '%& A/6*i/: '^!/\ j Fl« Ojiucs T^fc 1 - -- ^ ^ Us oiziv?; mi CULLER, WHO.\1 FRECKLE? SA'JtO FROM A WRECK rtAi SEEN J CALLED (WTO THE OFFICE BY -THE RAILROAD PRESIDENT, 1HAVE JUST YVEARD ABOUT 1 UR STOPPING- FORTY-, THREE AND, UNOEP -THE CIRCUMSTANCES, 1VJANT,/ TO COMMEMD voun-riill ACTION -.^\\l XNA"V TO GET IN-fOU THE 'SAVED SO MANY UVES-- AHH. 1 1 HAME IT / " YARD MASTERY THIS ii> PRESIDENT KINGSTON X S PEAKING---MM E WANHOE f^=E READY TO LEAVE IM THE !M-mE CAM I VANHOE BE TfRMNC THE TAHLKSI! ; THE ASK A Dr7ZV Qu ,(M5 IF i M*JiC r-WS£l_F BY TVU,'& V.KOTS IM "THIS OVD CtOTlttS UUE, TJOVOU ;t) EfxSY ftRE SESPtRWc. TC ESCftft, AV^TJ DO it QUICKLY. .

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