The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on September 18, 1964 · Page 19
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 19

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1964
Page 19
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Space Age Notebook Feirsoiminiei 4 A A Test "pan n .4 Flight miurcemcan control center. (moved from its underground si The extra space makes it a 0 and fired at Vandenberg AFB ballroom compared to the for system testing and training broom - closet launch control 0 SAC missile crews. center of the Minuteman I. i I The missiles fired will be sy-ln addition, the Minuteman stpmatirallv rpnlarpri hv Min. ' ::MSWPSSi& ilillllllllff t p.m. Sept. 29. When completed, the computer complex will provide office and laboratory space for about 2G5 senior scientists and technicians. Data Control Corp. is furnishing the computers. Major Robert W. Ward has been assigned to the Office of Deputy The Inspector General at Norton AFB as an inspector II launch control center and worth AFB. S.D., wherp he was program management nlli- cer for the ICBM site act ivy tion task force of the Titan I and Minuteman under BSD ai Norton AFB. Aerojet - General Corp has become increasingly active in more diversified areas in recent years and has named O. Wayne Carrico to the newly created position of corporate director of commercial uteman II missiles. equipment building are both de Ballistic Systems Division, (BSD) headed by Brig. Gen. Harry J. Sands Jr. at Norton AFB, looked further ahead than Wing 6 in designing the Min QUENTIN FOLEY The Minuteman II intercontinental ballistic missile iICBM.t is now being readied for its first test flight at Cape Kennedy, Fla., and if all goes well it will be launched next week. Brig. Gen. John L. McCoy, head of the Minuteman ICBM program for Ballistic Systems Division (BSD) at Norton Air Force Base, is leaving Sunday with his technicians and experts to monitor the launch by a Boeing Aircraft Co. test crew. The result of evolution, the Minuteman II has more muscle than its predecessor, the Minuteman I, and will soon be in production assembly at Ogden, Utah. Minuteman II has greater range, payload and accuracy, more flexible targeting, and increased chance of surviving an attack than the Minuteman I. uteman II. signed to better withstand a nuclear attack. The first of the new missiles will be deployed in the sixth Minuteman wing at Grand Forks AFB, N.D., where 150 launch silos and 15 launch control centers are now under construction. The Air Force has already in the contract management branch. He comes from Ells- The new Minuteman is compatible with the Minuteman I now in use by SAC in Wings 1 through 5 (800 missiles). announced plans to replace Min uteman I missiles with the more powerful Minuteman II. GENERAL PROPANE SERYICE 10379 RIVERSIDE AYE. BLOOMINGTON Ph. 877-2642 Just South of Freeway (Hwy. 99) Headquarters for All Your LP. Gas Needs HUNTERS SPECIAL PortabU, fldmtlsi lrnz-o-matic flamtltit proper htir. for tr.iti, duck blindi, ttc, Special S1M5 Minuteman I wings are operational at Malmstrom AFB, Mont.; Ellsworth AFB, S.D.; Minot AFB, N.D.; Whiteman AFB, Mo.; and Warren AFB, Wyo. A $2.5 to $3 million multi-storied computer facility is planned at Lawrence Radiation Labora- Only relatively simple of existing silos, transport ers and other equipment will be required to make the changeover, according to Boeing en- emeers. -FONTANA- I Sun-Telegram photo) Viking household article, she took it to Dr. Gerald A. Smith, director of San Bernardino County Museum. He identified it as an Indian spindle whorl, up to 1,000 years old. DESERT FIND Mrs. William M. Wing of San Bernardino displays stone with hole through middle she found in Nevada desert. When she saw stone was like one identified I Officially designated LGM - ! tory, Livermore, by the Atomic ;:0F, the new missile is a 60-1 When each Minuteman I Energy Commission. The San footer, which makes it longer j missile reaches the end of itsj Francisco office of the AEC will I than the Minuteman 1 missiles! operational life, it will be re- open bids on the building at 2 designated LGM-30A and LGM-' :;iOB. j,-- x i,rlSiIt!MEWS OF THE INLAND EMPIRE Polka King FRANKIE YANKOYIC With Joe Tomozm's Bond at the ITALIAN AMERICAN CLUB 9435 Olive FONTANA YAlley 3-2002 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 9 to 1 A.M. Donation $1.65 Person larger second-stage engine. VARfwAmp rnnil II I MIllTf Itl THE ftllf IMlP I IVCfrnMlllTV Odd Looking Rock Proves To Be Indian Spindle Whorl With more fuel and hiphori u'alulcarwwfturvlwlall i r. c rw i ivn j lm wvni i thrust, this stage will boost Minuteman II past the 6,300-mile range of the Minuteman I. .am. B- 3 Friday, Sept. 18, 1964 A new guidance and control design provides an increase in the missile's accuracy, as well as target selection capability. The woman picked up the; in Bloomington. led to its identification as a round rock with the hole Dr. Smith identified the stone l Viking household article." through its middle, thought thatlas an Indian spindle whorl, part! .. . . , , it was an odd looking rock, and, 'of a spinning device. It. might u.0f stone found by Mrs. because she collects such rocks. be up to 1,000 years old, hejUll,g' Dr Smith said: took it home to San Bernar-; said. " j "it might be 50 or it might ! The extra capability of the no Minuteman II's computer is umu wiiii nci. ur bmm t00k lssue wimibe 1 000 vears old There's A couple of months later.'those who jumped to the conclu-lwav '(lf tn'uino ' Mrc wilier,, m u'mrr f loo' , , . way or Knowing. Eagle Mountain Facility Kaiser and Mine Unions Ink Pact I used to perform monitoring and ......uii. .... ...b v,i ""-;sion mat me SlOne lOUna in! . , . nrnl fimrtinns fnrmerlv han Macar-hncoHc Avo cm, a n.if,....,....J... , ,r:,: ! The stnnp is a niece of volcan-' c0"'r0' tunciions lormeny nan PICTURE FRAMING Non-Glare Glass Mosaic Visit Our Art Golfer PICTURES FOR SALE WE HONOR B OF A CREDIT CARDS LARAMEE PAINTS and ART SUPPLIES Dally f-S:30 P.M. T S-74e0 k.u.uj " Aewiounuiana is a viKing am- . . - - ,r, . , ijipj k trrnimri pmiinmpnt story and a photograph in The fact. rather than one made by a Wl ,h a holf ,in the mid-;dIec? ,y gr, r Q P "rJ Sun-Telegram. The storv told of the Indians die- Mrs- VVlng' w,11,e vacatIon" stra,e8lc Air Command (SAC); a small stone wheel found in ,., ,A ,: . lnn , ing with her husband, found the missile crews will welcome the Newfoundland, which was , Uld. , 1 ' U( why stone on the shore of Walker: extra roominess of the under-! hailed as a clue to n Viking set- T, TZ .u b Lake in western Nevada. i ground Minuteman ll launcn ,, . , difterent from the many, many: - Hemcnt in North America. ... . ... . m TON 1 182 I. Iom Lin, Kialto Sheppinq Ctnrar, Riolto jnhjic wiiui is mdue uy uui iia- Dr. Smith said. A three-year contract covering was included, as well as an em-more than 600 production and Payment security plan under i i -f t.-o; iwhich employes may contribute maintenance employes at Kai- w ccnts n ser Steel's Eagle Mountain mine tiejr pensjons. was signed yesterday by repre-: Improved insurance coverage sentatives of the company and : and benefits are included, com- of the Building and Contruction pany and council representa- Trades Council of San Bernar-jtives reported. Unions partici- dino and Riverside counties. I patina in the three months of ho d. mo p veiy mucn mkc of c m h v T I ? didri-l show much in the wav of Put what was ,h,s .k.nE (lc,aj, .piprp mj h, bp r)arac(. .tone on the sh.ue n a - nr j jtj Nevada lakc lo find nut, Mrs lELMAN'S COLTON- The joint announcement indi U inp tnok the stone to Dr. Gerald A Smith, director of the ; San Bernardino County Museum; Firemen Battle cated a 42-cent package of in "DOWNTOWN" COLTON bargaining on behalf of the council were Carpenters Local 1205, Electricians Local 440, Laborers 1184, operating engineers Local 12 and Teamsters Local 467. creased wages and benefits spread over the three years. For the first time, a pension plan y. , -COLTON- Canada Actively Seeks Immigrants, Has Booth at Fair Fire in S.B. Home ! For Two Hours ! It took San Bernardino Fire! Department men an hour and 56 j minutes to put out a house fire at 822 North Road, San Bernar-1 MS "DOWNTOWN" COLTON Canada's population numbers about the same as California's, jdino yesterday. iiiLji- .wiiiiiiiihii ii i uiij.iiiiMwwwiwii i A I mm TQNX only tr look The second country in land size! The fire, reported to the Fire' in the world (first in Russia I, Department at 1:34 a m. by is one of the few actively seek- owner William Hughes, caused ing immigrants. considerable smoke and fire Through Oct. 4. this search damage to the whole house, ac-has been extended to Southern cording to the fire report. California, at the I.os Angeles Tne fire hroke 01,1 in ,,1P liv" Cnuntv Fair in Pomona, where inR room of hf frame nnmp' a booth provides prospective firemen reported. viMlnrs and-or immigrants to ('ailsp of lh' fl,p "Pr,,1-Canada with information about ab,v ngaretles," the firemen the vast land to the north and s"'1' F 'T . 'i.V S4 hngins No. and 8 and truck iis 10 provinces. Fxhihits are in thp Interna- M I HuSh I Puppies 1 " Mill BUtATHIN BRUSHED .o. 2 rolled on the fire. " BLOOMINGTON- Easy going, hard wearing, deans with brisk brushing Your Huh Puppies casuals bounce bar-It liVo-new with i brisk brushing. It's easy. Brush wit the dust, brush in the rich deep nap of natural Brcathm' Brushed Pigskin leather. And that's only half the story! tional Building at the Pomona fairgrounds. They are presented j. Water tint soil rrsistsnt LightwtrtM ctmfmt SteH shattk fir trtrt support Micn-nlial Km-mirking crept selti Casual comfort that lasts all day BLOOMINGTON RENTALS WE RENT EQUIPMENT OF ALL TYPES Trailers lawn Mower Rototlllers Cement Miters e Plaster Minn Cement Finishers e Power Buqqies e Electric Tools e Hand Tools e Paint Sprayers Welders, etc. 10006 Bloomington Ave. Bloomington 877-0289 by the Canadian Government Immigration Service, in cooperation with Ihe government of British Columbia (the Pacific Coast province) and the Canadian Government Travel Bureau. Personnel will answer questions and provide literature. For those unable to visit the booths, information may be obtained from the Canadian Government Immigration Service, 333 Montgomery St., San Francisco 4. OPEN FRIDAY 'TIL 8 P.M. Slip into style. .J "We Give Blue Chip Stamps" it -COLTON- X ENJOY JARMAN'S FRIENDLINESS Of FIT The story here (a rrue story) ' rtat fhis Jrm ffers more casual (food looks and comfort than most wr shoe rnti ran ftrvi. TKe hanfisome "sidehne" tirhfT W hand wti. The fP''" leather ia sipple gram. TK eonstrwrinn ia Kwiume mwcasin, for durability sd -ihi HURRY, HURRY FOR THESE VALUES The prtre is surprisingly modest. The thinf W dv therefore, is come in nght away and try a pam. If t- 4x8 Pre-Finished V-Groovcd BIRCH PANELING 12Mxl2" ARMSTRONG, FAIRFAX and BERKSHIRE Vinyl Faced Acoustical CEILING TILE Colonial or Antique Finish Des-roK rem Lrvn! V3Tt, 7ri TWs jo.W .l t entered bu(UM. Ti j hw. 1 soof, indeed, Md sfcae that way because it's t shape" lldmjr, hand-washabia Trayd Knk of "Orion". Ke5f green, black, mi, beige, W bhie. 10-20; Cf l w V to $195 yl per sheet WHILE THEY LAST . Reg. 32c sq. ft. SALE PRICE HELMAN'S 15" SQUIRES LUMBER CO. "DOWNTOWN" COLTON Colton 825-1882 Green Stamps 370 N. 9th St. Daily 8 A.M. to 5:30 P.M Others From I OPEN FRIDAY 'TIL 8 P.K U "We Give Blue Chip Stamps" 9 OPEN FRIDAY 'TIL 8 P.M. ji "We Give Blue Chip Stomps" j) 'We Give Slue Chip Stomps' -

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