The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 9, 1952
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS . TUESDAY/ DEC. 9, 1952 . Biggest USAF Depot in Europe, Started 18 Months Ago, Can't Overhaul a Plane By WADE JONES NEA Stiff Correspondent OHATEAUROUX, France—(NEA) —The morale of 4000 American airmen at ( Ch»teaurou>c, "biggest TJ. 3, Air Force depot in continental Europe.',' Is as low as the seas of mud they wade through, . The dep9t, begun a year and a. half ago In » French aircraft factory, still can't overhaul » plane. The big hitch Is that an 8500-foot runway, started 13 monlhs ago to handle fast-landing jets, still Is Incomplete. So jets can't even land here. Long lines of supplies are piled outdoors, although money to build additional warehouses .was available seven -months ago. The new Structures are still in the. "planning" stage, except for a few "per- fabs" going lip. , , Hundreds 'Of highly-trained airplane mechanics, with no planes to work on, are tinkering, with Jeeps and trucks lo occupy their time. * -. • » The low morale certainly is due In part io Ihe lack of a Job to do. "Things wouldn't be quite so tough If we culd just see we were accomplishing something," says a mud- covered warehouse man. But the problem is also panly due to a sinking lack of entertainment and recreation, on top of poor living conditions. At least 1000 men 'are going Into their second Winter living s n 'a tent clly. .There Is n temporary movie which seats 350, a Email PX a liny beer Joint of: the situation here could be'that somewhere ilong lite line there's been poor timing The most critical certainly, would be the growled charge of *. dirty, bearded median- ts ' Somebody oughta' get hung for this mess" • » * MaJ I B Krofh, base public In formation o'firer, says the runway hasnt been completed because o! bad weather and a rash of bad rock that went Into the concrete It Benzvi Elected Israel's President JERUSALEM (/P) — Itzhnk Ben- Z\i, 68 leader of th'e Labor parly was elected Israel's second president yesterday • He will be sworn In Wednesday us the successor to this infant states first executive, Dr Chnlm . Webmann, who died No\ 8 Ben-Zvl, who served as the principal spokesman for Palestine Jew- rj before the British »dminl cl 'a tors for nearly 30 jears before inde pendcnce was won, got 62 votes on the third ballot. In, the 120 seat Knessett (Parliament) to win thf , S°rt JETS STAND READY — long line of U. S. Jets stand's on Ihe ready line at a base near Helms, France. But they can't land at biggest USAF de- pot In continental Europe for overhaul because the long runway they needs, started 13 months ago at Chaleauroux, still Isn't ready. Sawyer Wonts Conference with Sinclair Weeks NEW YORK m — Secretary of Commerce Charles Sawyer said yesterday he would ask his successor- designate, Sinclair Weefcs of Massachusetts, to meet him In Washington for a conference. Sawyer and a group of 17 government officials and businessmen returned on the liner Constitution irom a trip to "find oot what the facts are economically in Western Europe." .Sawyer said he made the trip to "get' Information to prepare us for the situation that will face us when defense spending levels off." ought to he finished In 30 days," right." 'questioned... he nticis - , ' ' ' ' In addition to serving as a main- He gnnla that money has been The only mess hall here Is In a lonance and overhaul base for U S available for'seven months for more giant warehouse (which could be planes, Chaloauronx Is to'bo a <IID- warchoiiscs. new barracks, two new nmA to store supp)le5 now pii e d out ply base for both (J. S and other mess halls a nw theater, a large , n the ^-rather) snd the a i rme n.NATO aircraft, chapel, and an enlarged i'X. But he riiim fho mc<» linn* «r, »* inn<r „ , ,. ,. says "blue prints and planning to ns a nuartcT of R mile • , Ut Wh v. Cth " ma)or nlMn ^™"« those things'lake time" A spokes- ns . a W" rtcr <>' a mn - e - .• -and overhaul could now be carried man for Ocn Uurls Norstad com- Chateaiiroux, 150 miles south of out. even If Ihe runway were commander of U, a. Air Forces in Eu- Parls ' , ls «cl>ially composed of Uvo pletcd. seems qiieslionaWe. It would rope, says, "We are satisfied with bases nearly four miles apart' — be able lo handle its full load until Chateauroiix." . Dc-ols, for heavy maintenance and next Summer, top officials admit. A .stnir-scrgcnnt' engineer, who "verlinul, and La Marllncrie for A certain amount of the difficulty served with Ihe Marines In World supply. The mess hall Is at the lat- here must- be attributable to the War II and holds an important Job tor and. the men from Deols ride elaborale and unwieldy regulations hero, says: ,' back and forth"In trucks and busses under which French contractors did "I guess thoy had their troubles, n " "ilghly huttle whose efficient the work on the airstrip, with U.S. with that alrslrls>. But what about 1 this? rt took 'cm nine monlhs to' la> a stretch of railway track Into "The latrines here aro tl)c ; worst I e\er seen I'llic In tent city rhc tents leak I d like lo go lo church some but the chnpcl onlj holds 220 people—and we got over 4000 men here ' Ihere alnt anythlns lo do here on the base and a man with a family at home cant afford to go Into town but about once a month I ntn I hollerong too much 'cause I'm due to go home in a couple a months But thU Is some place, all Cosrello Again Denied Review WASHINGTON My-The supreme Court jesterday refused for the second time to Brant gambler Prank Costello R review.of his contempt of. Congress conviction, Costcllo Is serving a 18-month sentence In Atlanta penitentiary for walking out of - n- New - York .City hearing by the Senate Crime Inves- tlgallng Committee. The Supreme Court last November 10 rejected Costello's ple» for a review of his c»ee. ' mployment of manpower might be engineers as overseers. 'Minister Burns Copy New Bible AKRON, O. Wi—A clergyman who heads Ihe Furnace Street Mission burned a revised .standard edition of the Bible Sunday after calling It an "anti-Christian book." When Rev. Bill Denton had .difficulty In Igniting the book with blow torch, he turned to his congregation and said: "It's like the devil; It's hard to burn." Rev. Denton. who started the mis' sion 23 years ago, said "This is no time for tampering with the Holy Bible. I am not burning a Holy Bible, but a book that has been high- pressured, throughout the nation." Byrd Preparing Bill to Kill RFC WASHINGTON f/P)" — Sen, Byrd (D-Va) said yesterday he will offer a bill to do away with Ihe Reconstruction Finance Corp. (RFC) early in the session starting Jan. 3. For more than 15 years Byrd has been taking pot shots at the government lending 'agency: In 1936 and 1937 to attempted to curb Its business-loan activities and last year he plugged a bill to kill the RFC outright. . Byrd recalled in an Interview today that the bill lost by only two votes. . A new bill for the next Congress Is being prepared now. NOTICE OF SALE OF BONDS - Notice is hereby given that the City o! Blytheville, Arkansas, wil sell at a public sale to the highest bidder for. cash an Issue of 5125.000 of refunding and Jmprovemeni bonds dated as of August 1, 1952 and 'maturing serially on August 1 of each year HS follows: $3000 in 1053, 1951 "and 1955 2500 in 1936 and 1057 3000 in 1058 and 1959 4000 in-1960, 1961 and 1962 3500 in 1963 and 1964 4000 In 1965, 1966 and 1967 • 4500 in 1968 and 1069 5000 tn 1910, 1911 and 1012 5500 in 1913 and 1974 6000 in 1915 and 1976 6SOO in 1917 and 1978 7000 in 1979 and 1980 The Issuance of these bonds wi' depend upon their being approve the electors of Blytheville it a peclal election to be held Decem- *r 16, 1952. ,'••.'. Bonds In the amount of $25,000 re being Issued for the purpose of efunding a lllce .amount in. 4%% bonds -Issued under • authority of Amendment No. 13 to the Consti- utton of, the' State o( Arkansas, dated August 1, 1927, and maturing in August 1 of each year as follows: • $3000 to 1953, 195* and 1955 1000 in 1956 , -,-.••• 2500 in 1958 . . ' -'•'. ' 500 In ID59 WOO in 1960, 1961 and 1962 .-: These 491% bonds of August 1, L927, are not callable !pr payment prior to maturity .and" it will 'be necessary to secure the consent of :he holders of said bonds'-to exchange their present bonds for refunding bonds-of like Interest rate and like maturity! and the sale'will be conditioned upon (he , buyer's ability to effect this exchange. Bonds in the amount ot $100,000 comprising the remainder" of the above described issue, are being issued under- authority of sale Amendment No. 13 for the purpose of acquiring additional land for the municipal airport, and will bear interest at a rate not £o exceec 3Vi% per annum. The bonas will, be payable from the revenues derived from a tax of 1.3 mills upon all taxable propertj In the City, which will continue until all the bonds and interest are paid. - The total assessed valuation of the taxable property, according to the last assessment of record," 55.5(57,373. ' ' The buyer may have the privilege of naming the trustee and place o payment for the entire Issue an may convert the $100,000 In new bonds to bonds bearing a lower rat f Interest, upon such ,t<rmi that h« city' will receive no leu and pay o more than It would receive *yj jaj^ if the bonds were not. converted. The buyer will be expected to pay he expenses of Ihe issue, Including he printing and trusteeing of the wnds and the fee of Townwnd 4i Townsend, _ Attorneys, upon vhote >plnlon the bonds will be Issued, The rends will be callable for payment irior to .maturity In .inverse nunttr- cal order *t par and accrued Interest, as follows: From surplus revenues derived from the 1.8 mill lax rom surplus funds derived from'the bond sale, "or irom any funds derived from operation of the Blythe- vilie airport, on any interest paying date; from funds from any source' on any Interest paying date on ana after February 1, 1958. 'The bonds will be'sold upon »uc- ( lion bids at 2:00 o'clock' P. M. O n the 23 day of December, 1952, In the office of.the.Mayor In the City Hall of the City of fllytheville. Each, bidder will be required to deposit a certified.check in the sum of »ZSOO drawn on-a ban* that Is a member of the FDIO and payable to the City, to be retained as liquidated damages in the event he is awarded the sale of the bonds but refuses to complete the purchase. The checks of unsuccessful bidders will be returned promptly and no Interest will-be paid on good faith checks. Trie City reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Tor further information address the undersigned. ' ' . Given this 1st oay of December, 1952. CITY 'OF BLYTHEVILU!, ARKANSAS. -'By Dan Blodgett, Mayor, •And W. I. Maltn, City Clerk. 12/-9-16 Read-Courier News Classified AcU THIS IS SKIING?—At Cypress Gardens, Fin., Ihe girls break oul with water skis instead of Raloshes. 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