The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 27, 1950
Page 3
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MONDAY, MARCH 27, 1950 BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER MtWl War or Mankind Must Go,' General AAacArthur Says Note: Herbert G. 4. Kkin, new* editor of the Alhambra, Calif.,' Post-Advocate, returned recently from a lhr« weeks »lr lour ef the Far East. The following Is his story of his •flusive interview with Gen MacArlrior In Tokyo.) By Herbert G. Klein ALHAMBRA, Calif., March 27. (/Pi— The tall man sat easily In an overstuffed chair and puffed at his pipe as he talked In scholarly fashion about |M?ace. Resembling a Professor Resembling a college professor in his late fifties, the philosopher traced the development of man culturally, physically and In the ability to get along with others He was speaking of the possibilty of world survival and universal peace, The man, who was relaxed In his chair and speaking quietly, was the 10-year-old ruler of Japan, hero the Philippines and the leader o: the American invasion and occupa lion of this land. H was Gen. Douglas MncArlhur a professional soldier and liigcnlou . strategist, who was taking time out (or a few minutes from his job of planning the defense or the Asiitic sphere and the administration over 80,000,000 Japanese. Orient Is "Explosive" While he talks of peace, thc'gc'n- eral does not minimize the situsi tion In the Orient,. "It's explosive." is- his comment Jet fighters, long range bomber and [our divisions of sharply train ed troops coupled with an.aler navy force give evidence that .Gen MncArthur is prepared for war i l^fcpar East If it becomes, neces safV. but the civilian conditions 1 Japan give proof of the.America leader's belief in peac n . Science Has Progressed "Arts and sciences Iiavc pro grossed more rapidly than charactc building." he said. "If we had ach FAOT THREB Irish Minister Lashes O'Dwyer BELFAST, Northern Ireland, March 27. (/P)—Northern ' Ireland's prime minister, Sir Basil Brooke, says Neiv York's Mayor William O'Dwyer can Boycott Brooke's visit to the United States (or all he cnres. "I am iiot asking anyone to listen to me if he doesn't want to," Sir Basil satd of his scheduled lure visit, to the United Slates. e spolci to a meeting nt Ennlskil- n. , Irish-born o'Dwyer, angered at rookc's ban on a St. Patrick's ay parade In North Ireland, satd :cently that Sir Basil would be one offici' I who will not t>e wol- omed at city hall, and If he Is, 'II be because I'm dead," T h e prime minister said O'- >wyer's remarks were "really a ;il!ctsm of my American hosts." e satd his visit was- at the In- intion of New Yorks Ulster Society hd Irish and Scotsmen -in phlla- clphia. SOMETHING PHONEY—The unidentified man above found, fixed to the phone in his Frankfurt, Germany, oflice, a handbill signed "Dor Wolnwolf," an underground group. The handbills, turning- up throughout Western Germany, call on Germans to resist the Allies, and war^n nil occupying nati6ns that Ihe -Wehrwoll's fight ' '"for German freedom goes on. . Elephant Smashes Five-Year-Old Boy PQSWJASOTA, Pla., March 27.+ Wl— A little boy feeding peanuts to levcd the heights In character that circus elephants was killed yester- have in other fields, all would ay when one of them suddenly ,'hipped her trunk around him, lashed him to the ground and stcp- «d on his head. By the time attendants could nakc big Dolly move her foot, five- 'ear-old Roger Schooley was dead. He had been snatched from the know that war is no solution. 'With present weaponr,, there no longer is any advantage to winning a war. Everyone loses with ttw victor only losing a little less than the vanquished. Even in this past war, we found that the destruction requires us to carry new burdens now." Puffing again on his pipe, Gen. MacArthur delved into history: :"From.the time, of David and Go. Hath.'war was a gladiatorial contest. Even when I joined the army. i;Oplt'.45 and a rifle 'were primary veaporis. Today it Is hot a' contest netifeen^ men, but machines and super s .boiiribs. .}*,.Either War or Mankind "We will have to find that either war rri.itst go or mankind will go. !'I tii&k that the common people : rdjjUze this. The Japanese know war dSSSn't pay. Even the Russian masses probably oppose war. AU we need are the mechanics U) pcace^ "I don't think the problems of today nre any bigger t -an those of 20 or 50 years ago. They seem more real because all ar brought before us at once in our evening newspaper. Many Incidents which would have incited' war years ago, now are being ignored or merely protested. "Peace Is very possible. It is essential." These were the views of the man who has been a general longer than nny other United States officer. It was a professional soldier speaking out for peace. lide of his horror stricken parents, 'rof. and Mrs. Elmer Schooley of Lns Vegas, N. Mcx. The: Schooleys hnd^tFikcn Roger and his brother David, '6, to the tcd quarters of the Ringling Bros., Baninm and Bailey Circus !or a last look at the animals be:ore the big top moved on to New- York for Its 1950 opening April 5. The two youngsters were tosslnj; peanuts to the chained elephants when one.of the gentlest, 27-year old Dolly,, made the fatal dart with ler trunk: 1 *; ; , ' ' , J. D. Brown, a circus watchman, as attracted by screams. Dolly made no attempt to harm him as lie made her move her ponderous hoof from the child's body. Arthur Conccllo, general manager of the circus, said he was told the boy ducked- under the r;uard rope lo pick up some peanuts he had dropped. Apparently the elephant became excited "like a dog when someone takes a bone away from it," he speculated. Legionnaires to See Alaskan Wildlife Film A film depicting wild life in Alaska will be shown members of the Dud Cason Post of the American Legion at a meeting at, 8 p.m. tomorrow. on hunting and fishing will be a part of the Post's regular •fceting, and other sportsmen nre ranted to be guests of the Legionnaires for the showing. K you can nla a((oitl with wide, onc-piccc windshields and wrap-around rear windows (Sui'EK and ROAD.-HASTKR Scries), Eisenhower to Talk At AP Annual Luncheon NEW YORK, March 27. (AP) — eneral Dwight D. •Eisenhower president of Columbia Univcrsllj and former supreme commander o allied forces in Europe, will be thi speaker at the annual luncheon o the Associated Press on Monday April 24, at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. General .Eisenhower's acceptanc of "the invitation to address thos gathered for the annual Associate Pies meeting was announced yes teiday by Robert McLean, presider of the Associated Press and pub lisher. of the Evening : Bulletin Philadelphia. Sharp Leaps into Boat MELBOURNE (AP) .— When 18 l!2 foot .shark leaped into the small,fishing dinghy, two men a woman fought it for 10 minute before killing It. Fred Gny finall killed the shark by hitting it on tl head with the tiller. Neither Oa Douglas Miller nor Miss Edna Mn tin were seriously injured by th jaws. Said Miss Martin: "I'll neve shark's threshiaig tail and sllappin go fishing again." Plot Halted, Bolivia Claims LA PAZ. Bolivia, March 27. (AP> —The Bolivian government says it as sniiushocJ n Ru.sslnn-leri rcvnlu- lenary plot. The plotters, snid a government ommuniquc yesterday, were (lirecL- d by a hieh-i'anking Russian army ifficer .sent here by the cominfortn along with two French Communist ipcnts. L:i Pa?, Chief of PoHce Jonato Mlllnn said the nntlpmvlcie revolt ind been planned to start ' day. Officials said they- arrested .25 DRi-.ssns, including a number of students, in a, raid on a meeting of The Partisans of Peace." The meeting, they added, was complot- ng plans for the' outbreak and also ivas organizing a "Bolivian Communist committee, 1 ' The Russian and French Communist lenders, said Mill an, now are in hiding in Ln Pnz. Their instructions, he continued, were circulated by Alejandro Ot'jmUo. described as the Co'mmimtal Party's top man in BoHvin, Bolivia has not outlawed the communists 3.=; have ome other Latin American countries. ' ' ' ' ', Rattlesnake Hunting Is Easy, Reporter Says from Easy Seat ROYAL SNACK BAR—To aid her family's fading fortunes, Lady Lees (pouring), wife of Sir John Lees, third baronet, of E'oole, Kngland, has opened this snack bar outside the lodge gales at her South Lytcbelt Manor home. The customer is Lady Lees' daughter- 1 Ill-law, Mrs. Faith Lees. Financial slrcss also forced the family to move into a cottage on Ihe grounds and rent Ihe manor house as a school. Natural Bridge Is Chance of Lifetime NATURAL BRIDGE, Va. (AD — "Everybody says this Natural Bridge is so wonderful. Well, mebbc so, I ain't, never been nowhere.? • else;" says Joseph Mitchell. He wns born at Natural Bridge July 12, 1871. lie began work at lo as a stable boy, but wns soon apprenticed as .a garclcn- 'cr. He has been at it ever since. "I guess nobody's told me to do anything in ten years. If I didn't rummage around and find sornc- thing to keep busy at, I guess I'd just vegetate," he says. Asked advice on how to keep a job 68 years, Priw'/eges B/rrcIc Mart Practiced in Columbia BERKELEY. Calif. (API—Indian tribes of the north British : Columbia coast now have a black market in privileges says Or. Ronnlrl L. Olson, professor of anthropology at the University of California says. In these tribes, he says,- the highly pri7-erl things of life are ceremonial titles or names. They carry the right lo perform certain dances, to sing certain songs, to erect totem poles and to give feast 1 ;. These titles used to becontrolled by a noble cnsl and were handed down in families. Now, however, the white man's civilization nnd diseases has reduced the tribes to a fraction of their forriier number.?. Some of the old titles'have.been inherited by commoners who used to share in them only as poor relations. Some of thh commoners think more of what the titles-will bring on the market than of the privileges. Therefore they S.S.S. F on "ly Favorite for Over 70 Yean End that RUN DOWN Condition STARTS TO WORK: AT ONCE He/ps Keep- Your Sfomocfi from Gettrng Fussy! Food wnmmunHTon your body mx*ls to win ynnrhcnHh battle. 'Yet overwork, worrtes or illness often hinder the «!omnch's Hizoalive work nnrt rwhicc rtxl-blorxl strength. If yoxi «rc A victim of poor digestion ... if you lack ?.ip ... if you get no Ihrill out of n delicious mr-il . - . then &.S.S. Tonic may b« just what you need! S.S.S. helps Nntnrc work fnsl^r wlicn txtra help is ncecltxf. Nf edical nutnorilies by htoml nnnly,«*ca have proven thai S.S.S. builtb up low bloixl strength in non-organic, simple or nutri- tionnl anemia. . Today stnrl tnkinp pV-iMnMaaling S.S.S. MILLIONS OK HOTTMvS SOUM Hut leancrsbip attracts suhsLilulmn, IM> beware of imit.Ttiona claimed to he (he Mm<* or ju«l ns good. Accent only S.S.S. Tonic—Ihe eslabliahcd and proven leader. Ask for S.S.S. in (ho big red bar. At all drug store*. Family iiM, $2.00; Regular sirxi, $1.25. DOCTORS' TESTS PROVE \f,r tht BLOOD APPETITE ^ STOMACH helps build STURDY HEALTH wit* RICH, RED BLOOD n Innlds up sl.irvcti, wcnk bToml lo renew energy Rn d 1>cp . Medical authorities, by blood analyses on^'r 1 '!? ^"S S «-S- 'J'onic, stole the following conclusions: '. . . Laboratory static* nhnia lhal for mcreasing rtd-Hood-cdt* nnd (or making Ihe cells rich in y^ng mi ,,i rr , S ..s.. s .. ronic ?ro" "* r ™' Cr U " r °" d F»rthcr tMts BhowvH stomach pslric dtscomforl relieved and food better difje-slcd — lliercbv giving steady relief from ACIO INDIGESTION! he said: sight." "Keep out of the boss' -snll the legends and songs which atidate the priilcges much as deeds, copyrights and palenLs alldalc ownership in the white man's society. Pope Seeks Penance For Present-Day Sin VATICAN CITY. March 27. (/r>— Pope , Pius XII exhpiled Catholics of the world yesterday to pray and do penance .for present-day sins, i The world, he declared In a Passion Sunday ndiircss In St. Peter's Basilica, Is "almost universally flooded with moral decadence." "The rising sea ot private ni public sin," he continued, "threatens to submerge souls In mud and subvert all healthy social rules." The Pope was especially critical of "n series of shnmclc^s and crhn- tntil publications that encourage vice and crime," Mint deal In the "deliberate excitement of the passions the loosening of every club thai proceeds from elementary rcnpcc for public morality or public de corum. Eo show with most seductive colors, infractions of the cdhjiiga bond, rebellion to public authority suicide or the suppression of the lives of others." H) William Frart OKEENE. Okla., March 27. Shucks, folks, there's nothing to thLs Ihlng called rattlesnakes, honest. Because I did a fat total ot nothing yesterday when I came here for the once a year rattler roundup. Period. I sat In a car oil the town's main street. I sipped soda pop. And I stuffed myself on potato chips and hams-on-rye. It was my eyes, I guess, which got the best workout. There were a lot of people to watch—some ,000 from 23 slates. The occasion: International Association or Rattlesnake Hunters nn'de their Ilth annual foray into ho nearby Gypsum Hills to captun nakes. "I .lust Sal Arimnd"" , But I didn't tag along. I Just sat n my little nest with some other mlnspircd. I challenged neither snakes nor the nasty, howling dust- cloccod winds. The weather was bad, for the nmters, but lots of snakes, while l<r>t particularly liking tylll-cotoicd skies, got a ycnr's lease on the canyons they call home. Snakes like warm weather loaded with sunshine when they leave Ihclr hibernating quarters this linn every year. And, since it wnsn' lhat way yesterday", they stayed a home and rattled their rattlers In the crying smallfi;'. They wcren' bothered by the snakestlck-carrylng hunters. In nil. about D50 of them wen sacked. That's only a bit mon than r, third of the number hunter look Inst year, Whljiper) Like (iliilrr did leave the car a couple o times. Bven then, though, ther wasn't much walking. The '50 mil an hour winds whipped me like glider. I kind of Moated to whcr I wns strvrlcd out for. I flew across the street one an'd watched a fellow named • Ar GIVE CHILDREN how Ayr n AClA -Drficicli occxalrtun lYRUP OF 3LACK- flRAUGHT nl. U l ijwrlpfl ri), kiioivti l,y » 1SR Growji-\ni , 11)4 tocm you prt nir Jones—a profe<*ldn>] m»k* lan from Carlstmd, N. M.—trot • round in a pit of deadly dlimond- acks. 'Hie fellow was wearing the ahoM e was born with. The money h« >ade from doing his,Job, I"gum , r a» the reason,.he-did'It. A pair ol guides' came over to th* ir and wanted to know li I wanted o go hunting. Go Snake Hun lint! I hesitated . >efore answering., 'You mean, of course, luntlng?" ... "Ru.e," they .answered, "Whi* tlscT" ' .... f gave them a curl "no thinks," Closed the door, and locked It. Because I know what they me»n ly snake liiinllnn. i grunted around he c/yp Hills this time last year. And I-caught, a snake, too—If » mn-polsonoiis coach whip. Once. I figured then, WM It. Johnny Walker of Okeene, th« association's head with the title of Chief Rattler, made a three-point anding In the car,later. Walker said yesterday's cuteh— ill alive and squirming—weighed ion pounds. The .longest', inak i reached 6314 inches. ' Simke« Are Rrnnlit He also told me about hnw the Junior Chamber of Commerce here buys the snakes—at M cent* t pound—and then resells them to Jone.s. : . . Jone« sells them ai?aln. Thiyijo to inedical laboratories for their venom lo concoct serums; to root for weekend crowds lo ogle at; »nd lo canneries, which'can the mtat '-• for rnttlcsriake diners. ••...I thanked Walker for the statistical stuff, i told him It allowed me lo rto a more, workmanlike job of silting. He said hewas glad to do it. • ' Then 1 .went hack-to doing nothing. FOR;SALE Concrete culverts, It Inch U 41 Inch, plain »r reenforeed. AIM Concrete Ruildinc Block* cheaper than lumber for bmrni, ehlrkn home*, pump hanfteV tcmat houses, tnol sheds. We «elfvcr. Call BS for free estimate. ' OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 01. WHEN YOU CHOOSE YOUR TELEVISION SET BUY FROM A DEALER WHO CAN SERVICE IT! BlyrheviHe SHes Co. We have a slaff of 'I expert television technicians who arc here to serve you... In bring you (lie maximum enjoyment from your set. We know I hat OK Iclc,- vision will he a wonderful nririilinn fo your home.. .especially since WSICT now. brings you the finest network programs direct from New York. And (o make sure thai your set alway.s works beautifully our servicemen are here (o assist you— to make those minor adjustments lhat will assure dear, sharp pictures. So, when you choose your television sel—come lo Hlyfhcville Sales Co. and look forward to (rouble-free fun. ; Big 123" Picture Tube This GE fable model has a hi?, big 12'/j inch picture tube...and with GK lilack-Uayligbl Television you're assured of gelling the finest pic- lure plus the greatest eye comforl. Has Auto- malic Sound, built-in antenna, genuine mahogany veneered cabinet. Ask for Model 12T3. BLYTHEVILLE SALES 138 East Main FELIX CAKNKY, Mgr. Phone 3616

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