The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 27, 1950
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, MARCH 37,1M« Is Being Done to Protect You from A-Bombing? Atom Attack Would Show Weak Civil Defense Yet, U.S. Plonning Is Better Than at Pearl Harbor Clrll defeme b a bif, problem' tm the atomic bomb age. In 'a aerie* of articles this week, Associated Frew Beporier Dearies B. Cornell trie* to size up the problem, what It brine done about U, what '•.•till needs to be done, and some at the precaution! that can be lakn. The first story follows. By Douglas B. Cornell , WASHINGTON, March 27. CAP) — Ah atomic attack tomorrow would caich us with a civil defense program" that just Isn't ready to handle terrific damage, chaos and casualties. , • ' .Yet officials concerned with civil defense say we are far better off than' .'we .were at the time of Pearl Harbor.,They say, lor Instance, that it is pretty wel | known, what doc - tjrs and. medical supplies 'will be available and where they can be found. • •Froepecis Are Good And they say prospects for Improvement In civil defense In the next few months look good. At least a start has been made. But how much time do we have? That's a big question. Nobody in Washington has the answer. While an'' atomic .attack tomorrow Isn't probable,' It Is possible. Let's take •.. a ; look at what . has been done and what stlil needs to be done'. Civil Defense Is a team job, with the gederal government doing most of the quarterbacklng and the state and local governments doing most of the ball carrying. Some, 'congressmen have complained that the federal government has been .too , slow calling the signals. And maybe you've read In the papers about complaints that mayors can't' find but what' their cities are expected to do about civil defense. No Blueprint! Drawn It's 'true there isnt any blueprint of what should be done now and exactly what more should be done In case of war. Eventually there may be one, but it Is at least month* away. So far only a handful of people ta the government are putting in full time on dvil defense. More are working part' time. There is no' special •fund for the program. No ctrll defense legislation has been recommended by the administration or passed by Congress. . Yet gome planning has been done. Government experts have put to- tsther ta bullets and booklets facts and 'advice they think are helpful — for, ..example, showing the way to reduce and treat atomic bomb damage foth to people and buildings. Th'ese publications and several others have been sent to all governors. The 'governors are expected to piw» the information on to the cities in their states or tell them where they can get It. Inf orauUea Assembled More information is being assembled, but the job Is a big one. It . goes beyond getting ready for th«i atomic or hydrogen bomb. Ci- Yil defense, like military defense, can't overlook regular aerial bombs, newrfangled rockets and the possibility of poison gas or germ warfare. ' These are receiving attention in Washington, too. The governmen t isn't ready yet to suggest what should be done in case an enemy attacks with chemicals or germs. There aren't any estimates, either, of the manpower, materials and equipment required for civil defense now or ;ln the event of war. Officials her. Bay It I* largely up to the states to make the estimates, act on them; and foot the bill. No Defense Agency There Is no single big civilian defense agency in Washington like that of World War II. Some people think' there should be. Some think it ought to be in the Defense Department. President Truman has ruled out both Ideas. He favors keeping civil defense In '.civilian hands. He doesn't want to set up now, even in skeleton form, a .nationwide .system with block , wardens, stirrup pumps and helmets. That would be hard to hold together in the absence of an emer- gency. Keeping up morale and interest would be difficult. The government has suggested that cities and states concentrate now on plans and organizations for combatting natural disasters— floods, fires, hurricanes—and use these as a framework on 'which civilian defenses can be erected and expanded late on. By Stale and Cltle» It has suggested that the gover- norh pick someone to take charge of civilian defense planning In their states, arid that mayors do it for cities, Governors and many mayors have compiled. Then It would be up to state and local planners to line up volunteers and equipment for emergency use. At the Washington end, civil defense Is organized this way:' Months ago Mr. Truman gave the Job to the National Security He- sources Board, one of hts own executive offices. Just recently a central clearing house was set up in NSRB. Dr. Paul Larscn, an .atomic expert, took charge March 1. Larsen's office Itself Is handling some civil defense problems, like censorship. Others have been farmed out to government- depfirtmnnts best equipped to handle them. Por example' Air Raid Warnings Air raid warning Is assigned to the Defense . Department, ; disaster relief .to the General Services Administration. ; The'departments have been asked to make all kinds of civil defense studies and turn In the : results to Larsen's office. This office relays the.Information to the governors. The mayoK arc expected to get It from the governors. ,'•-•' So far the flow haj been small. But It Is Increasing. , 'A couple of trouble spots have developed at the city level. . Some communities want somebody to tell them how to get ready for:an atomic attack, yet they say Uicy don't want to be ordered around: and they don't wnnt any Interference with their rights and liberties/ : : " ' : . A Tarjet or Not? Then some cities evidently would like to be told either that they are likely target, so. they'can get ready, or that they are'nt, so they can avoid a lot of trouble and ex- peme. ' '••.'• This would jInvolve setting up a sort of priority system for civil defense. •"•: But It might also set up a priority system for enemy bombing. Of course an enemy could pick his own-targets, but,-officials say, why label the"ones we think »re his best bet? : ._'•-.So there Is one puzzler: How much should the people be totd In order to ge^ their Interest and cooperation. without stirring up fear and panic and giving a possible enemy valuable Information? (Tomorrow: What's been done and what still needs to be done about civil defense.) WHO'S COOKIN'? - Rep. Helen Gphtigan Douglas (D., Calif.) donned a chef's cap to look through one of the cookbooks printed by the government for free distribution. Kach member of Congress has 3000 o( the books to give to constituents. Pol ire Spur Hunt For Slayer of Girl VANCOUVER, Wash., March 27. WJ-j-The abduction slaying of 18- year-old Jo Ann Dewey spurred police search here .today for two men who carried her off In a black sedan. . The girl's unclad, battered body was found yesterday on a rocky barr In the Wind River, 44 miles east of here In a forested canyon. City Police Chief Harry Diamond said clues • In the most shocking crime here In recent years were scant. - : Clark County Coroner Roy Spady reported an autopsy late last night indicated the girl had been, dead about a' week. He said death was caused by a severe cerebral hemorrhage. He did not elaborate in his preliminary report. The pretty brunette vanished Sunday night of a week ago. She was heard screaming for help and seen being dragged by two men into the car. The body was discovered by three fishermen at » point two miles below a narrow 287 foot high suspension bridge in an area not previously searched. Chief Diamond said his detectives believed the girl was tossed from the high bridge, either dea Man Confesses Strangling of WAF Sergeant SAN RAFAEL, Calif., March 27. >— A hulking air force sergeant hid his race In his b?ely hands and said drinking was responsible for his strangling of an attractive woman sergeant. With tears in his eyes, Sgt. L,yle :i. Buswell, 32, then looked st his hands Sunday and added: "I had no reason to kill her. I lad no motive at all. The only lilng.i can say-Is, It's drinking. !t's just drinking mid not having home. I had been drinking all day and night. That must have been why it happened." Buswell, a native of Vermont, confessed to FBI agents he killed 44-year-o 1 d WAF Sgt. Fairy E. Decker or York, pa., Saturday at nearby Hamilton Air Base. Her almostVnude body was found on a grassy knoll near the women's quarters about'4:30 a.m. Buswell denied raping her. He Insisted he had disarranged her clothing to give the slaying the appearance, of a sex crime. An autopsy report from Letterman general hospital In San Francisco said evidence was "consistent with rape." The report said she had been strangled and had bruises and • lacerations. Buswell was on furlough preparatory to going overseas. He gave a fictitious house number in Los Angeles as his forwarding address but apparently remained close to Hamilton Field. Th* Nation Today: Fannie Ma« Fannie Mae Pitckes Woo to Uncle Sam By James' : Marlow WASHINGTON, March 27. This Is the story of Fannie Mae. Take a man named Jones who wants to build or buy a home. He doesn't have enough money to pay for It In full. So he borrows from bank. v But the bank doesn't want to be left holding- the bag If anything goes wrong. It wants some Insurance, which means assurance -that it won't lose Its depositor's money that It loaned Jones. What can It do? '- ., Can Co to FHA , It can go to the Federal Housing Administration or, if Jones Is a veteran, to the Veterans Administration. In some cases, if Jones Is veteran, the bank can go to FHA and VA. The FHA will insure, am! the VA' guarantee, the money the bank let Jones have—provided his property meets FHA or VA requirements. In .hat way, the bank Is protected on ts loan. (This story won't go Into 'details on how great a percentage of the oan FHA or VA will stand back of or how much Jones has to put up out of his own money.) This Is the reason the government protects a bank on such loans: ro keep business booming, it wants leople to build and buy as much iroperty as possible. People Need Loans It knows most people can't do .hat unless they get bank loans. And t knows banks will be a lot more vllllng to let, people borrow for building if they know the government protects their loans and they n't lose. ' So the government, meaning Congress, gave the FHA and VA Jower to Insure or guarantee these oans for the general good of business and the country and the peo- )le. But now comes another probem: Banks, particularly the small ones, don't have an Inexhaustible supply of money to" hand out In loans to home-buyers. For example: A small bank which put out $100,000 in home loans might not have a l-,t left for things like personal loans or loans to people who want to buy or expand a business. 1 T.gfs In One Ba»ke< In short, banks don't like to put all their eggs in one basket. So the government—besides Insuring banks' home loans—had to find a way of enabling .banks continually to have a supply of money on hand for home loans. In 1848 Congress told a government agency—the Federal National Mortgage Association, which is called "Fannie Mae" because of Its Initials—to step Into the picture. It does so In this way: When a bank makes a loan on property It doesn't hand out the money without having a hold on the property. It holds a mortgage. Then if Jones, who got the loan, doesn't pay up when he's supposed to. the bank can foreclose the mort- gajze and take over the property. This Is where Fannie Mae steps In. Congress gave it, authority to buy the FHA-insured or VA-guaranteed mortgages from the banks. In this way, the government, or Fannie Mae. pays the bank In cash for the loan It made to Jones and then takes over Jones' mortgage. Thus, the bank has more money to make more loans and keep home- buying and home-building going Butr-- Work for Fannie Mae When Congress arranged all this in 1918 it told Fannie Mae It could EASTER FLOWERS BLYTHEVILLE FLOWER MART Memphis Hlway Phone «OOZ WORK,TIME, FUEL-GET THE MOST FOR YOUR WHEN YOU GET AUTOMATIC OIL HEAT GENERAL MOTORS'-know how-means it's built right. Your factory- triined Dltta-Hcal dealer's % now how" meaol it's tnitaUtd right, So you're doubly sure of dtptndabl* ptrformnKte and Kortomitat ofttratiom with this handsome oil-Bred Delco- Hcat Conditional!-. It automatically cleans, heats, moistens, and circulates the air in your home. Civif Service Reports Fewer Employes March 1 WASHINGTON, March 27. ' (ff 1 )— The Civil Service Commission said today there were 800 fewer civilian jobholders In the federal government March 1 than there were the month before — bringing the total to its lowest point since March 1942. Including persons employed overseas, the agency said, the government had 1,848.000 civilians in its employ at the start of Ihij month. COME IN AND SEI IT NOWI ItiS CITY ELECTRIC COMPANY 119 So. Broadway Blythevilk, Ark. or alive, Into the swift and rocl strewn mountain river. STOP! LOOK! FREE INSPECTION! Do You Know if Termites Are Ruining Your Property? Government Statistics Say Termite Damage WQS Second Only to Fire in the United States. SUPERIOR TERMITE CO. Win Make Inspection and Estimate, If Needed, Without Cost or Obligation * ?, T!,™1 XPERIENCE • LICENSED BY'ARK. STATE PLANT BOARD • WORK INSPECTED BY STATE INSPECTORS H. C. •1ank«nshh> CALL 2350 or 3579 309 E. KENTUCKY L. J. Zeller For prompt personal service on eit her laundry or dry cleaning just call -Ml8. We take pride in the personal care given to the washing of your clolhcs and the spotless dry cleaning of your suits and dresses. Try us. 4418 BLYTHEVILLE LAUNDRY-CLEANERS pend up to i2,500,000.000. And !"an- le Mae went to work, buying up the >ortgnges from the banks.. By the end of February, IMS, It ad taken over from the;bank&, or greed to take over, more than 278,)00 mortgages totaling more than 2,200,000,000. Since Its $2,500,000,000 as nearly run out, Fannie Mae had o stop taking on my new mort- nges. But It will go through with lose It had agreed to take over up i three or four days ago. What now? Congress will have to pprove more money for Fannte tfae to keep.on with Its work. It's tnccted to do that. One thing should be remembered: annlc Mae doesn't just buy up mortgages and keep them In a gbv- •nnient vault. One to Remember It sells them where it can at a mall profit to outfits such as other anks and Insurance companies hlch In turn make mohe;- off the nterest which Jones has to keep n paying on his mortgage, no mater who holds the mortgage. Meanwhile, FHA has had to slow p on the home loans it will Insure or banks because It's been using p the money Congress voted FHA' o tto such insuring. Congress will ave to take ca:e of FHA soon, too. }urch Recognize Chinese Reds THE HAOITI!, RojUnd, March IT. AP)—The Dutch government ree- ognlied the Chinese Communiit overnment today. Dr. J. Vixse Boxse, aecreUrjr of he Dutch embassy at Pelplnr, *ub- mltted a note Informing the central government of the Chinese Communist people's republic Of the Dutch action. The Dutch government also noti- led the Chinese Nationalist am- assador «t The Hague, Dr. J. H. •Clnghu! Chang, o( the recognition action. He was told the Dutch no onger recognized Chiang Kal- ;hek's relme. NaJ de Voogd, Dutch Interim harge de'affalrw at Nankin*, la EVERYTHING! ATE DISAGREED WITH ME UNTIL I femd I MS avffcriBc fnm •rtritkMnJ *»flrl.«rl«i I achiduted to Iwr* for Felplnc a» aoon u pouibl* to head th* Dutch diplautle detaotloa Over.. ' Utah became a state in l«M, the 45th to be admitted to the Union. A peaked leather-wled ahoe e*ju« the Cracowe wa« cotuidered ^K height of fashion durinf the'aCWml Age., it, point „„ K lona-that a chain tied around the knee htu UP the toe. . v "I suffered with stomach trouble alnce 1935. Even if I ate just a, little my stomach would swell and nothing ever give me positive relief. I have' taken only four bottles of HADAUOL, and now I can eat anything I want and get up and KO right to work. So, I can not help but praise HADAC'OI.-" —Mr. E. Hendtrton,Ha m mond, Lu. HADACOL Is one of the greatest sclentlnc"contrlbutlons of the century to victims of nutritional stomach trouble. HADACOL reinforces and nourishes sickly, weak body tissues and gives your system the weapons it needs to fight off such deficiencies HADACOL h*s given amazing results In case after case where all hope of relief had been given up. No matter what you've tried without success — give HADACOI. m chance to help TOO. 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