The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on March 21, 1964 · Page 32
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 32

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 21, 1964
Page 32
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tin iiin mml XL C-8 THE DAILY SUN TV - DIAl - KNXTCh. KNBC Ch. KCHU Ch. 2 KTLA Ch. 7 4 KABC Ch. 7 18 (Ch. 6 en The Sun-Tl.grm logs ere compiltd from information provided by the tlvision station!. Lait minute changes by the sUtion art not the responsibility ef Tha Sun Talaqram. . I CI Indicatai that program is in color. 5:55 11 Movie 6:00 8 Sunrise Semester 6:30 8 Reading Improvement 7:00 8 Adult Education 7:20 2 Give Us This Day 7:25 2 News 7:30 2 Sunrise Semester 4 Ivanhoe 5 Design for Learning 7:45 11 The Christophers 8:00 2-8 Captain Kangaroo 4 Marketing on the Move 5 Hopalong Cassidy 9 Gardening Hints 11 Mister Wishbone 8:30 4 Ruff and Reddy (C) 5 Hopalong Cassidy 7 Cartoon Capers 9 Movie Spanish 8:45 13 Sacred Heart 9:00 2-8 Alvin 4 Hector Heathcote (C) 7 Movie-"Blonde Bait" (1956), Jim Davis. Joan Rice. 11 Movie-"Call of the Wild" H935). Clark Gable. Loretta Young, Jack Oakie. 13 Panorama Latino 9:30 2-8 Tennessee Tuxedo 4 Fireball XLS-Children 5 Movie "Bandit Queen" (1950), Barbara Britton, Wil-lard Parker, Philip Reed. 10:00 2-8 Quick Draw McGraw 4 Dennis the Menace 9 Movie (C) - "The Half- Rreed" (1952), Robert Young, Janis Carter. 10:30 2-8 Mighty Mouse 4 Fury 7 Jetsons 1 1 :00 2-8 Rin Tin Tin 4 Sergeant Preston 5 Movie "The Fighting Wildcats" (1957), Keefe Brasselle. 7 Casper 13 Variedades 1 1 :30 2-8 Roy Rogers 4 "Bullwinkle" (C) 7 Beany and Cecil 9 Abbott and Costello 1 1 :55 Je 18 Meditations 12:00 2-8 Sky King 4 Exploring (C) 7 Bugs Bunny 9 Movie (O "Damn Yankees" (1958), Tab Hunter, Gwen Ver-don. 13 Robin Hood. jtr 18 Kaleidoscope 18 12:30 2-8 Do You Know? 5 Baseball Buff 7 American Bandstand 11 Doral Open Golf 13 Fore Golfers 18 Channel 18 Horror Show 12:45 5 Baseball Warmup (C) 1:00 2-8 News 4 Basketball 5 Baseball (C) 13 Bowling 1:30 2 Tell It Again 7 Tombstone Territory 8 Movie "Women's Prison" (1955), Ida Lupino. 11 Movie "Test Pilot" (1938), Clark Gable, Myrna Loy, Spencer Tracy. 13 Movie - "Massacre at. Sand Creek" (1956), John Derek, Everett Sloane. 1:45 9 News QAH..MATA WC 016 DINNER Lilf r-Z 5 ummm . a A. LsW -?i . m - x if i 'i, t -x - 1. ah . kh knh-MEE-lah lhniGRAHN-deh! oos-TFW-rfph unhni BWEH-Mh PAHR-h mt. PAHR-h!m ocs-TEHD' Sat.. March 21. 1964 O - LOGUE KFMB Ch. t KTTV Ch. 11 KHJ Ch. 9 KCOP Ch. 13 Cable) KVCR-TV Ch. 24 1 :55 9 Golf Tips 2:00 "Bomba at Panther Island (1950). 2 As Others See Us 7 Bat Masterson 18 Cartoon Capers 2:10 9 Movie (C) - "Carson City" (1952), Randolph Scott, Lucille Norman. 2:30 2 Repertoire Workshop 7 Challenge Golf (C) 3:00 2-8 CBS Golf Classic 4 Teacher '64 13 Movie "The Devil and Miss Jones" (1941), Jean Arthur, Robert Cummings. 18 Jungle Theater 3:30 4 Profile 5 Californians 7 Pro Bowlers Tour. 9 Movie (C) "The Crimson Pirate" (1952), Burt Lancaster, Eva Bartok. 4:00 2 Life of Riley 5 Tv Bowling Tournament 8 Tv 8 Dance Time 11 Comedy Hour 18 Roy Rogers 4:15 4 Meet Your Council (C) 4:30 2 Scholarquiz 4 American Quiz 13 Movie "Christmas Eve" (1947), George Raft, George Brent, Randolph Scott. 5:00 2 Movie "I was a Male War Bride" (1949), Cary Grant, Ann Sheridan. 4 Agriculture U.S.A. (C) 5 Movie "The Invisible Ray" (1935), Boris Karloff, Bela Lu-gosi, Beulah Bondi. 7 Wide World of Sports 9 Movie (C)-"Phantom of Rue Morgue" (1954), Karl Maiden, Patricia Medina. 11 Cinnamon Cinder 18 Tele-Sports Highlights. 5:30 4 Paging Parents 8 Bill Dana 11 The Texan 18 Play Golf with Bill Creavy 6:00 4-8 News (C on 4) 9 Abbot and Costello 13 Rocky and His Friends (C) k 18 Wrestling from Southern California (San Bernardino Wrestling, Arena.) 6:30 4 News Conference (C) 5 Jimmie Rodgers 7 Nation at War 8 M Squad 9 Basketball 13 Bourbon Street Beat 6:45 2 News 7:00 2 Sea Hunt 4 Survey '64 (C) 5 Jack Barry 7 Have Gun-Will Travel 8 Fractured Flickers 11 NCAA Basketball Finals Tr 18 Danny Landeros (Cullen TV and Appli ances, Chapel of Hearts, Dan's TV, Mr. Aguayo Salon of Beauty.) 7:30 2-8 Jackie Gleasoo 4 Lieutenant 7 Hootenanny 13 Deadline 8:00 5 Leave It To Beaver 13 Movie (C) - "Rock Island Trail" (1950), Forrest Tucker, Adele Mara, Adrian Booth. ic 18 "The Bowery Boys" GRANDE' iUSKDtlS SOAJ I Ml FORME . fOf? YOU? OF COURSE ! IM turn" n I I UIIL. ow w I I flV 11, rnrn r . UUKiC ..rUK, IUU I HP LH1I.C. il DOA Spanish Pronunciation koh-MEE-dahl REH-mah. BOO- iroh, REH-mah I MARMADUKE "Where can we hide Mommyduke? His Mommie wants to give him Jlll!lllllllllll!llllllll!lllll!l!lllll!llllll!l!llllllllllllllllllllll!llllllll!im TV Highlights A.M. 7:45 (11) Father James G. Keller, of The Christophers, talks about attributes for 8:00 (2 & 8) Guest of "Captain Kangaroo" is juggler Irving Harmon. A chimpanzee P.M. 12:00 (4) "Exploring," in color, Its Effect on Chinese Culture." 12:30 (11) Doral Open Golf, from Miami. 1:00 (4) National Invitational Basketball Tournament, from Madison Square Garden. (5) Angels vs. San Francisco, from Palm Springs, in color. 2:30 (2) Music, poetry and dances of Puerto Rico on "Repertoire Workshop." (7) "Challenge Golf:" Jacobs and Rudolph vs. Talmer and Player from Indian 3:00 (2 & 8) "CBS Golf Classic:" Bayer and Boros vs. Marr and Pott, from La Quinta. (18) "Jungle Theater" screens "Bomba on Panther Is land" (1950) 5:00 (4) "Agriculture U.S.A." opportunities for young 6:00 (18) Dick Lane is emcee ern California Wrestling." There will be top champions as interviewees, plus Mauldin and Councilman Jesse Arias Jr. 6:30 (9) First game of the Western Division Playoffs in bas ketball. 7:00 (5) Jack Barry's visitors: ter, Bob Barker, Pat Collins and Juanita Hall. (11) NCAA Basketball Finals, from Kansas City, Mo. (18) Danny Landeros and the National Orange 7:30 (7) Jack Linkletter and with guests including Addis and Crofut, Johnny Cash and Joan Tolliver. 9:30 (7) Nat (King) Cole is emcee on "Hollywood Palace" for such stars as Diahann Carroll, Paul Winthell, Ken Murray and Allen and Rossi. (11) The Miss Teen U.S.A. Pageant reaches the Introduction of candidates for the title. Guests include Sebastian Cabot, with Bob Eubanks as host. (18) Jay Michael and "Saturday Night Bandstand" are heard live from the National Orange Show Mexican Hacienda. 10:30 (18) "Lamplighter Playhouse" screens "The Purple Gang" (1960), starring Barry Elaine Edwards. Jlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 8:30 2-8 Drama 4 Joey Bishop (C) 5 Movie "A Bill of Divorcement" (1932), John Barry-more, Katharine Hepburn. 7 Lawrence Welk 8:45- Movie "As Young as You Feel" (1951), L.A. tv debut, Monty Woolley, Thelma Rit-ter. 9:00 4 Movie "Man on Fire" (1957), Bing Crosby, Inger Stevens. 18 The Detectives 9:30 2-8 Phil Silvers 7 Hollywood Palace 11 Miss Teen U.S.A. Pageant. k 18 Saturday Night Bandstand Dance. 10:00 2-8 Gunsmoke 5 Dan Smool 11 News 13 Caravan 10:15 5 Manion Forum 10:30 5 Movie "The Outcast" (1954), John Derek, Joan Evans. 7 Movie (C) - "To Hell and Back" (1955), L.A. tv debut, Audie Murphy. 11 Film Feature. 18 Lamplighter Play house "The Purple Cans" (1960), Barry Sullivan, Robert Blake, Elaine Edwards. (San Bernardino Blue Print 'mM COMIDA! MM!? . THE BIS FISH I YOU ARE THE DINNER .1 wrr. rh ... ph - KEHN - voh BAHR-knh dh VEH-jkoh. uan. inn FWtH-doh tehn-EHR pah- By Anderson & Leeming a bath!" good leadership. and a peacock also visit "The Wisdom of Confucious and wells (in color), S. A. Halgren tells of people in agriculture for the live interviews on "South San Bernardino Mayor Donald G. Lionel Hampton, Elsa Lanches- company are heard live from Show Mexican Hacienda. "Hootenany" are at Dartmouth, Sullivan, Robert Blake and Co., Sage's Markets, Air- Kool Awnings.) 10:35 9 Movie (C)-"Moulin Rouge" (1952), Jose Ferrer, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Colette Marchand. 11:00 11 Movie "Crisis" (1950), Cary Grant, Jose Ferrer. 11:15 2 Movie "Malava" (1949), L.A. tv debut, Spencer Tracy, James Stewart. 1 1 :30 Movie "Framed" (1947). Glenn Ford. 8 Sundown 12:00 5 Movie "The Invisible Man Returns" (1910), Vincent Price. 13 Movie "The Lucky Stiff" (1949), Dorothy Lamour. -fa 18 Meditations 12:40 7 Movie "Murder in the Music Hall" (1946). 12:35 9 Movie "Bad Men of Mis souri" (1941). 1:00 11 Movie "Reunion in France" (1942). 1:15 2 Movie "One in a Million" (1937), Sonja Henie. 1:45 13 Cameo Theater 2:00 9 Movie "Stranger on Horseback" (1955), Joel McCrea. - MPlQUtHOBARCO T?OR$UPleSTO,CHCO. ' PAkA V tl ROW BURRO ROW'QIOOK, ' UlOb MO diu u mumc i.,. mjri- PAH-rah tf ph-KEHN- yoh BAHR-knh deb VEH-lah . . . wmi, .xaiiiwaaii muKmnii n mmm &mtV hi.HjiiV miiwwA) Vein nil DICK LANE . . . visiting emcee Dick Lane to Be Guest of Channel 1 8 Dick Lane, who has spent more hours before a television camera than any other person in history, will be guest emcee on KCHU-TV Channel 18's "Southern California Wrestling" at 6 p.m. today. He has been "borrowed" fom KTLA Channel 5, where he has emceed wrestling for 22 years. Lane will interview top wrestlers tonight, as well as San Bernardino Mayor Donald G. Mauldin and Councilman Jesse Arias Jr., both wrestling fans. In show business since he was 8, Lane has performed in Chatauqua, musicals, legitimate theater, vaudeville, 255 motion pictures (including 28 "Boston Blackie" films), radio and television. For nine years he managed wrestlers in between films. Lane is seen daily on Channel 5, but he still manages to make motion pictures and appear on stage. Motorist Catches Big White Bunny, 'Somebody's Pel' That big white rabbit sitting in the middle oi Arrowhead Avenue near 21st Street couldn't be the Easter Bunny not with Easter Sunday more than a week away. Paul L. Henley, of 25444 Las Flores, spied the rabbit yester day as he drove by. He got out of his car to investigate. The rabbit fled. Henley followed, and caught it several blocks later. "It's quite tame," he said "Last night it was excited and nervous after all that traffic but when I picked it up it was real quiet." Henley likes to hunt and has bagged many rabbits in the field. "I've skinned lots of them," he said, "but I won't skin this one. He's too nice a bunny, and too big for a fryer." "He's somebody's pet. If they want him back, just have them contact me. The rabbit weighs about eight pounds, Henley said. Arizona Bible Institute in Programs Sunday Programs by the Arizona Bi ble Institute will be presented at the 5:30 p.m. youth felkw ship and evening service at ' Palm Sunday at Community Bible Church, 324 40th St., ac cording to the Rev. Robert M. Pietch, pastor. The institute will be represented by the Rev. Merv, Fishback and at the youth hour will fea ture a girls' trio, accordionist and tenor solo by Leonard Fleming, registrar. Rev. Fishback will bring the message and show a Riolo film "India's Sorrow." The evening service will fea ture the same personnel but the film will not be shown, the pastor said. ELECTRONIC KIT HEADQUARTERS Build your own; cede oscillators, crystal sets, 4-band 379 up short wave receivers, hi-fi amplifiers, electrical motors, 20-in-one experimental kits. ! Fvurrthln n DO-IT-VOl'RSELF Home Technician WHOLESALE MART 1068 X. Waterman Open a "til 8 Sunday 10 'til 5 RerilanriH Ktnri, Redlnnrii Blvd. at Texan Rt. Rartow a; a r.. wiiiim Open 10 A.M. -a P. M. annrtsT 10 A.M. 5 T. M. I SIP SPEBSQSA Unit Wins Another Award The San Bernardino-Riverside area chapter of the SPEBSQSA added another to its growing list of awards when it was named the 1963 Banner Award Chapter of the society's Far Western District. The large blue and gold ban-'! ner is awarded each year to the! J chapter showing the highest! combined percentage figure; based on both acquisition of J new members and retention of'! old members. 21" PICTURE 1QB5 TUBE 10 I YEAR WARRANTY FACTORY TV SALES 400 W. BASE LINE, COR. F ST.! Sun Boss Aluminum Patio Covers and Screened Patios After yean of research comes Sun-Boss the finest, most practical, most beautiful patio cover of all! FOR FREE ESTIMATE CALL . . . fay vCTOk? IN REDLANDS IN FONTANA . 381 8th NOTHING PAYMENTS STARTING MAY 11, 1964 Danny Lcmderos Detectives To Moderate Panel Ralph Newton, business teach-pr frnm Chaffev College, will serve as moderator of a panel discussion on education s part THE ALL NEW SPARKLE WITH THIS OPENING COUPON SPARKLE DOUBLE WASH WAX Regular Price $1.50 Good Any Day Except Saturday 276 E. Highland Ave. Near Waterman SEE US AT THE ORANGE SHOW TU 8-0878 PY 2-1441 823-2698 St. SAN BERNARDINO DOWN! Bowery Boys aiM.iiuii ' i.. nPw!iSj: I mmmmmmmmmtmm .w f V. , tUi f SATURDAY EUEHIllG ON BIG CHANNEL 18 7;00 P.M., THE DANNY LANDEROS SHOW A full hnur cf Mexican entertainment live from the Channel IS Studini with special guestt RAUL R. MORIN, author of "Among the Valiant," and linqer EL ADVENTURERO. 8:00 P.M., THE BOWERY BOYS Tha boyi break "into" prison In order to expose prison corruption and prove that crime doesn't pay in JAIL BUSTERS. LEO GORCY and HUNTZ HALL star. 9:00 P.M., THE DETECTIVES Detective Capt. Matt Holbrook, 'played by ROBERT TAYLOR, and his squad "sweat-out" an abduction with an unusual twist In tonight's drama LITTLE GIRL LOST. 9:30 P.M., CHANNEL 18 SATURDAY NIGHT BANDSTAND "JAYBIRD" JAY. MICHAEL presents his Saturday Night Bandstand teenage program direct from Channel I8's studios with a top local combo providing the "sounds." ... ;m( ;;.;. k "if teti i m&m it y JmzM Channel 18 Bandstand V 10:30 P.M. - LAMPLIGHTER PLAYHOUSE THE PURPLE GANG, starring BARRY SULLIVAN, ROBERT ILAKI and ELAINE EDWARDS In the story of teenage hoodlums wha terrorize New York during the bootleg protection rackets era, premieres tonight. ONE OF THE GOOD THINGS ABOUT SAN BERNARDINO! nership" with business, Industry and the state legislature, part of the spring meeting today of the southern section of the Cal ifornia Business Education As sociation at Santa Monica. ULTRA - MODERN CARWASH 1,000 WISE OWL STAMPS for just having our rpr-$nltiv qiv you n $tirrmt on your ptio. ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION limited Tim Offer NEW CAROUSEL ROOM! Avaiiablt with . . . FIBRE GLASS SCREENING LOUVERED GLASS Walnut or Aih Blond Insulated Pandt 2 1 H (g)C 3. KLAHR-oh I yh toy ehj peh Idee-OHS MEE-oh.

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