Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 21, 1897 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 21, 1897
Page 23
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Route, California Limited. A»»»genients have been perfected for a li»e of Semi-weekly Pullman Yestibuled, »onble Drawing Room, and Sleeping Cm between St. Louis and Lo sAngeles, fel., running through without change. •ftese cars will leave St. Louis every Wednesday and Saturday night at 9 :00 p. m., arriving at Los Angles, Saturdays and Tuesdays at 5:50 p. m. A Buffet Smoking Car and Dinning Car are attached to this train at Kansas City, run- iring through to Pacific Coast without change. Only three days from Logansport to Los Angeles, via this line. For reservations etc., call on or address THR First National Bank Lotraneport, CAPITAL $250,000 JL J. MTJRDOCK, PWWIDEHT, W. W. ROSS, CASHIEE, J. F. BROOKMEYER, ASST. CAJSHIXB. DIRECTORS: A.J. Mnrdoct W. H. Bringhurgr, Dennli Uhl, B. 8. Bice, B. F, Yantte, I M. Jarwdod. W.T.Wilson. Banking In all ltd Departments prompt!; and carefully done. Safety to Customers and stockholder nosjfbt for. Strong Reserve Fund Maintained. C.S.MEwell,Agt. W ABASH RE, Lotransporl. Ind. Do Ion Love It so, leoure one of the latest and prettiest *ro^8Mips of ti e day, by mailing Ten Cents (•liver or stamps) to cover mailing and poet- me, to the undersigned for a copy uf the BIG FOUR TWO-STEP (Mark envelope "Two Step.) •We arc giving this music, which' is regular »rty-oent sbR -t music, at this exceedingly low rate, for the purpose of advertising, and test- tag the value ol the different papers as aflver- tttlBg mediums. B. 0. McCormiok, Passenger Iiafflc Manager, "Big Four Koute." Cmcia- Mti, O. Mention this paper when you write. EXCURSION Rates Via Pennsylvania Lines for Christmas and New Year. Following the annual custom, Ticket Agents of the PcnDeyivanla Lines will sell excursion tickets Dec, 24th, 25th and 3Ut, 1897, and Jan, 1st 1898, for toe Christmas and New Year Holidays. Tickets will not be sold to adu'ts for less than 25 cents, nor 10 children for less tnan 15 cents. Return limit of excusion will include Jan. 4th, 1838. For rates time Of trains and further information, please apply to nearest Ticket Agent of the Pennf ylvania Lines. ASK THEM, If You want Information About Home-Seekers' Excursion. Ticket Agents of the Pennsylvania Un«s will furnish information regarding Home- geekeri' Excursions to various points In the Northwest, West, Southwest and South. It will pay to Investigate if you contemplate a trip. Apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent, or address W. W. .Richardson DlBtriot Pasaer.ger Atent IndianapoliB.lnd For the Christmas and New Year Holidays, the Wabash R. R. Co. will sell tickets for the round trip at greatly reduced rates. Tickets will be good going on date of sale only, good returning up to, and including January 4th, 1898. Tickets can be purchased December 24th, 25th, and 31st. 1897, and Januavy 1st, 1898. For further particulars, call on or address, C. (>. NEWELL, Agt. Wabash R. R. Co. Station. nM-tOftAr-—.TTO CHICAGO DIVISION DAILY. LMTC for CW08Sro*8:OB & m;*(!:0l) a m;*l:25 p m *2*00i> in* *4'30 p m. fcrrtTe from Chicago -12:30 a ro;»12:80 pm;»l:00 p m; "1:40 p m; *8:1& P m. BRADFORD AND COLTJMBO8. U*ieforBraaford*l:10a m;t7:40nm; *1:45 Attire from Bradford »2:45a»: tlO:20 am; *l:20'pm;-t4:16p m. WFNEH DIT181ON. , Le»reforElTner-r8:15am;''9:Oe»m- tS:05pm 6pm Sundayonly. . .. Arrive from Ktrner "7:35 am; t!2;50p m;l2:46 p m; 8:30 a m Sunday only, RICHMOND ASD CINCINNATI. La*T6 for Richmond tl2:55 »m: f5:30 a m; *1:C5 pm;-t2:20pm. Air-rive from Richmond *S:SOam; ni:00am »l:60pm:'tlO:50pin. MDIANAPOUS AND lOUISVTLTJ. LC*T» for LouiBTille U :45 a in; *1:10 p m. Arrive from Loulrrtlle -"2:40 a m: *1:56 p m. J. A. McCUIiLO0GH, Agent, LotraoBport, Ind. Holiday Excursions Ula Yandalia Line. •rr\OR the Holidays the Vgndalia Line will sell •^ Excursion Tickets unreduced rates irom all stations, to local points on its own line, and also to points on conneciinR 'lines. For full particulars call on nearest Vandalia Lino Ticket Agent, or address E. A. FORD, Gen'l Passenger Agt, St. Louis, Mo. Home Excursion.. . FOR November and December'97 - -THR -- U3QAN8POKT M0. BAIT BOUKD Z Eastern Express dally J:S> a m « Mall »nd Express dally »:«* » >» 4 Atlantic Express dally 4:18 D m N Fort Wayne A ceo Ex Sunday.... 6:,S p m 74 Local Freight Ex Sunday 4:18 p m TTEST BOUND. 2 Western Express dally 10:21 p m 1 Fast Mail Daily-..-. S:1S p m 7 Mail and Express daily 2:40 p m 5 Paclflo Express dally il:w a m 11 Decatur Aeoo Ex-Sundtiv i:8oaru 75 Ix)0»l Freight El-Sunday 7:3o a m KTL B3T«B DIT1HOH. WSSTKBl, 8«IW»MB Loajjrapoas AKD OHIU. WIST 1OUKD. •o.«... arrive* - f:» ». B- So.17— arrive* 8:80 p. n BAST BOUKD •0. » I*»ve«. _.. J:06 », a HO.M Le»v«« S:« p. n A CHRISTMAS LULLABY, Bylow, my babe, bylow. Here on thy mother's breast. And. cnddled warm br her loving arm. Droop down thy head to rest- Poor, weary head, so filled with doubt Of life unil what it's all abontl Bylow, my babe, bylow, Carl up in flower wise Thy rosy feet and white limbs sweet, My bad ot paradise— Dear, tender limbs, too frail to share The burden e'tn which babes most bearl Bylow, my Tjabe, by low, Let tired eyelids kiss. And from thy sight shut this world's lighl And thy world's light from this— Love radiant eyes, twin stars thst shiae Through darkling doubt with trust divine! Bylow, ray babe, bylow. So shone the star of love Long years ago, with guiding slow, The newborn Christ above And found on answering heavenly ray Within the manger where ho lay! Bylow, my babe, bylow. The star still rains its fire, And the Master mild in the heart of a child Bids echoing flame aspire. And sphere and soul in concord sing, "The King is born, and love is king!" MARIOS MILLS MILLER. UXCLE WILL'S GIFT. A TRUE STOP.T RELATED BY HIS NEPHEW. On Christmas day Uncle William re- ^ived a cord inscribed as follows: William Bunting, Esq., debtor to his nephews Alexander and Fred and to his nieces Koran and Dorothea, for money expended in Ms behalf *0 16 Uncle William paid the money at once, but he wrote to say that he should like to know how itiiappened that he owed us 16 cents It was Alexander who had sent the bill in—for a boy of 12 he really is most that this was usual and committees always had refreshments. We were left with 64 cents to spend on the pouch. However, •we found that we could get very good pouches for 50 cents eacb. I wanted to got a black one and Alexander wanted brown. So we decided not to buy either yet, but to take the votes of tbe whole committee on it. We spent the odd 14 cents on a white Java mouse. We felt sure Uncle William would like it. The man in the store said that people often came in offering as much as 25 cents each for mice of that particular kind. When we got back—the mouse traveled in Alexander's pocket—we at once held another committee meeting. Dorothea said fiat if Alexander a^d I had refreshments the rust of the co:nni.iu-o ought to have them also. So we had chocolate*—10 cents' worth. We agreed to purchase the black pouch. Fred suggested that there was just a possibility that Uncle William would not care about the mouse. Alexander said that he would telegraph about it. and did- Thi= »»» tfio telegram: UXCT.K Wtt.MAM—Do you like white Jar* mouse? Taine. Eats anything. _ __ In about an hour the answer camu buck: Most certainly not. This caused us SOTIP consternation. It •was thought bettor to go ro town ;igaiu on the morrow and see if the man in the store would take back the mouse. In the meantime Fred's pocket w;is unpicked and the entire fund bunded over to Alexander in order that he might reimburse himself. Alexander said that he would keep accounts, and if there was anything over he TOUld get some very- cheap present—per- laps a card. The pouch was, of course, now impossible. He and I went together as before. Whule we were having refreshments at the sta- ion he did his accounts. 'They don't come out very well, "he said rather dolefully, "but perhaps we hail be taking the mouse back just when ome one is wanting to give & quarter for real Java one." He felt in his coat pocket as he spoke, and then he looked moredolefXil still. The mouse had escaped during the journey. The accounts were th us: Expenses of first visit to town JO 36 Vhite Java mouse ''* Chocolates Ji Telegram • • - Jipenses of second visit , <*| WONDERFUL MEDICINE FREE! ..._. ..mmmtf mm A lUi ill"! JiT* BmMA have authorized reduced rates to many points in the West, South and Southwest. Tickets will be sold November, 2nd and 16th, December 7th and 21st. For particulars, call on or address C, G. Newell, Apt Logansport, Ind. VANDALIA LINE. Time T»blo, in effect Dec 5,189:. Tr*l» L*e*Te Locausport, iMtUanm. FOR THE NORTH So. 6 — -•••^ a - m No.«.—~ — S:o ° P- m FOR THE SOOTH. No. a - V^*- m No, S * :1 * P- m - fot complete Time Card, giving all trains and rations, and for full information tu to rttec, through can, etc., addreai j, 0. RxairoRTH, agent, Lognnport, or • t.. FORD, Gener»l Passenger Agent. *t. Lou*j. SCo. Lx. R. & W. Time Table, Peru, Ind. Boll* mint between Pearl* and Sundusky tnd maiixuapoU* and Michigan. Direct oon- Motioni to *nd from all potntfl in tbe United ItttM KDd Can»d»- BOtTIH BOTJXH DIPABT No XI Indian* pollJ Erp daily 7:101 m (daily except Sunday) No SB Indpl'a Brp ox 3un^- 3:25 p m »:U p at No » P«M«n«er exeept Sun No 151 Rochester local arrive *5 p m except Btinday, MORTH BOUND. The -world adtnlrce tins perfect ain.nl 1 ra SPEST THE ODD FOTJT.TEES CEXTS OS A WHITE JAVA MOUSE. businesslike—and we deputed him to an- <5wer Uncle "William's letter. He did so. Ho replied that the 16 cents was the sum spent in excess of the sum subscribed by Alexander, Fred, Xorah and Dorothea for the purpose of giving Uncle William a Christmas present. Then Uncle "William wanted to know how, if this «-;is rho case, it happened he never got the Christmas present from us. Alexander said that he did not feel inclined to go into any further details. He sent Uncle William back the bill properly receipted and a little note to say that the correspondence 011 thid subject must now terminate. Perhaps the thing does seem a little strange, but the explanation is perfectly simple, anil I jrivc it. 1 am Koran, and Alexander and I are twins. The other two axe quite young. It was I who lirst had the notion that we ought to give Undo William a Christmas present, "\\hen any of us has a notion, she or he calls a meeting of the others. That was what I did. I said that Uncle William was always giving us presents nnd yet we never gave him anything. It was true that he hat said nothing about it, but I was sure that he must, have felt it. Christmas was nov, near, and it would be a good opportunity for us. This was agreed. Alexander and i each contributed 30 cents—10 cents more than Fred or Dorothea. Thus the total sum was $1, for which a very good present might have been bought — something which would have shown uncle every time h« looked at it that his nephews and niece, thought about him a good deal and tried to please him, even at some personal sac riflce to themselves. We did not decide what the present was to be at once, be cause Alexander said that would have been grossly irregular We were to have com mitt-ee meetings every day about it am discuss it thoroughly. Fred was appoint ed treasurer of the fund. He put it all in waistcoat pocket and got me to sew the pocket up for him in ease of accidents. At the next meeting Dorothea suggesf- ed that, we should buy chocolates (French) in a box. It was objected thaC Uncle William never ate chocolates. "No,'' said Dorothea, "he doesn't, but he sometimes gives them away. Then next time he wanted to give anybody any he wouldn't have to buy them/' Fred thought that it would be dishonorable to give chocolates, and we agreed with him. We then decided to buy a tobacco pouch, which certainly would have been a suitable present. There are very few shops in our village, so PROMPTLY SENT TO EVERY MAH WHO HUP* A CENERAL BRACING UP. It Brings Perfect Manhood to All. The Creat»«t Discovery of the Famou* PHYSICIANS' INSTITUTE, of Chicago, III. GRATUITOUSLY, GLADLY SENT to all men who «••* It and who will write for It. A large percentage of the men of today are sadly in ne*d ot the right hind of medical treatment for weakness peculiar to men. Many caw* are due to early sices, others to excesses, while many ot the cases are due to overwork worn-ana general nervous debility. It matters not. however, whit the cause may have been, the fact stlU remains that they all requir. proper medical attention IMMEDIATELY. Write us at once, giving a description of your case, and we will prepare you a course of treatment specially adapted to your condition, and Mfltf FREE in plain sealed package. We can give full strength, development ^tinrTand organ of me body, stop all drains and losses, and restore you tilure is impossluic with our metnod. We have thousands ot testimonials from all over the world. READ WHAT THESE PATIENTS SAY : wain 1 iMiaat, meager BLASCHARD. Wisn., March B, ISM DUAB Sine.—I haTB nearly finished ny coarse ot treat-most, and find iny. eelt a different man. I cannoe find words enough to praisa and ewress tho d«,p gratitude 1 feel tomrds yon. 1'oar trootment w simply won Jarful. Ij^R"- IJSly cored, and thank you a hnndnxl times aud wJl help you all I glibly an. Mas God bless you and your work. iourstrnly, C.Ji.i'. Fhyncia *»' lHSt<t«lt, Chicago: LOTEX, Li., June IS. 1895. Mv DEAB FElESTJS.-PleoM accept raj-thank* for the kindness you haw done me. Losses have entirely stopped and rigor has rebutted. I »ni«« «•»: I am better than I hare been for ISyeara. I do not fee! like.the same.man..All my friends when they miet me, say. " What have you been doing? J««™r«* u man come out liio you." Etor your friend, SI. P.O. •£.««' /wrtifuic.- HAVANA, K- b., Jan. 3,1S9&. GESra.zJDts.-I wish to express mj heartfelt thanks for the remit of my LroBiment- Durinu the lost two »aeks thus I took your treatment tlie imp«r» ment was remarkable. I hove hnd no emissions or other aymptons since taking your modiciiis. My friends are nil surprised at the improvement m my caneral kppearance. Hoping that you may vm prosper, 1 remajo. i oor. sincerely. Hundreds of similar letters are now on file in our business office, and all are bona nd« expressions of permanently cured n?«i. Do not delay writing to us, and remember that «e aro not only a responsible institution in svftry way, but ours is the largest medical institute la America that makes a specialty of SEXUAL AND NERVOUS DISEASES. Inclose 6 cents for poaMO on medicine, which is always plainl,' sealed. PHYSICIANS' INSTITUTE, 1751 Masonic Temple, CHICAGO, ILL during 1898 will present to its readers a faithful pictorial representation of the world's most interesting and important news. THE NEWS THAT BECOMES HISTORY National and Inter- {The WEEKLY will continut to participate Social and Economic in the great political events of our coun try- It will treat of the social and economic questions, and of the development x 0 { the middle west. Its special corre- InduStrial Enterprise spondent in the Klondike region will trace Art and Literature \ the story of the great gold discoveries. Questions LONG SERIALS AND SHORT STORIES CJrJ ScJjurx THE KB) ...... SfS.Jt.CROCKKTT ' \ THK ASSOCIATED HEKJI1TS ' "I FRASK R.STOCKTOK Two long serialswill appear during the year, contributed by authors o! international fame, and wjl be illustrated. 1 Owen Wister {These and a score of equally prominent Howard Pyle 'writers will contribute short stories to the John Kendrick Bangs J\VKKKI.V in iSoS, making the paper espe- Mary E. Wilkins ! dally rich in fiction. Other fcaturesare the DEPARTMENTS AND SPECIAL ARTICLES THIS BUSY WORLD FOREIGN NOTES Ey E. S. HARTiy EV fOVLTXEY HIGELOK LETTERS FROM LONDON AMATEUR SPORT B, ARNOLD WHITE Ay CASPAR W1IITW! A SPORTING PILGRIMAGE AROUND THE WORLD In the interest of the WKRKi.v,Ca-«par Whitney is on his way around the worJd. He will visit Siam in search of bis; game, making his principal hunt from Bangkok. Hewill visit India and then proceed to Europe to prepare articles on the sports of Germany and t ranee. Me. a copy (sendfin- free prospectus}. Subscription $1.00 a year. Pastaft/rtf in the UnittdStates, Canada, a.nd Mexico. Address HAUPEB i BEOTHEKS, Publishers, Xew tort Citj F. R. Stockton $1 1C ""We are 16 cents to the bad," I said, 'and we haven't got any present. The rc- 'reshmcnts have come to so much this time.'' All committees and delegates ol committees have refreshments," said Alexander dietatorially. "It doesn't; matter. I've paid the deficit so far, but Uncle William will have to make it up. It's nil his fault. [f he hadn't been there, we shouldn't have wanted to be generous to him." So we sent Uncle William the bill. i-I» is still rather puzzled about it. Fred and Dorothea think- the thins was mismanaged. I don't. No more does Alexander. CHRISTMAS AND CHESS. Fiction ami Fact Concerning the Origin of the Game. The olilcsf, game known is associated with the season we now designate as holiday week. According to the Brabmans, chess was invented in the second age of the world, about the time of the shortest day of the year, by the wife of Bavan, king of Lauka" then capital of Ceylon, in order to furnish him with amusement by an imagery of war, it being: supposed he was personally unable to participate in its excitements" and dangers while his chief city •was closely besieged by an enemy. Similarly the Chinese annals relate that an inventive mandarin. 2.001) years ago, while on a military expedition—when the sun shone the fewest hours—whose laborious effects undermined the endurance and esprit do corps of his soldiers, devised the game of chess as an exercise which would at the same time not only amuse but inspire them with martial ardor. The oft told story of Palamcdes is but a repetition of the mandarin anecdote, only that he wa* then at the siege of Troy and, presumably, had many "spare moments" during those weary ten years. But ic is hSbeSn^r^ the way From the Missouri ( The Central Passenger Associa ed or to have been accepted enthusiartiffiil- lv and intelligently by a camp of ignorant, barbarous soldiery. Like friendship, it must have been "a plant of slow growth," and in its infancy iTpresented the attacka and stratagems of two or three opposing forces. These tales arc fables—creations of the fancy—while the veritable history of the game may be divided into three epochs: (1) That of the ancient Hindoo game called chaturanga, which is coeval with the most ancient period of Indian chronology and extends to the beginning of the fifteenth century; (2) that lasting but 100 years, ending in the sixteenth century, up to which time the moves and powers of the chessmen remained principally Henry Jaro« River to Buffalo, the Wabash Railroad Operates Trains over its Own Tracks. Having leased the tracks of tn« Gran- Trunk Railway between Detrr.it and Suspension Bridge and those of the Brie B- H, from Suspension Btidge 10 Buffalo, the Wabash R K will run its own trains iTom Kansas City Omaha, DCS Moiue«. St. Louis, Quincy, Hennl bal. Keokuk and CdicsfO to Buffalo, being the only road frcrr Missouri ard Mississippi Hirer points having its own line and trains runnin* nto Buffalo. Tbroug-h carslroro Kaneagfiity, as in the chaturanga, though the men were ranked in two'armies instead of in four and two of the kings were transformed into queens:' (3) the modern epoch in which the moves of the queen and of the bishop have been greatly extended and the privilege and practice of , "castlin"" has been introduced. The game St, Louis and change Chicago to Buffa o witbom "My husband had two cancers taken from hie race, and another was Boming on his Up. He took two bot- n' ties n^ardock Blood Bitters and it provemcnt and extension as skilled ex- disappeared. He is completely wall. i ' ri CO. tion IOOU Mile Interchangeable Rebate Ticket IB for sale at principal Ticket Office* o The Pennsylvania Lines. It is honored me year from date of gale, for Eichange 'J icktte over cithtr ot the loilowtaK named Iiines: Ann Arbor. r. suftorlne the mental tortures OJ a -we» mnntioo*. shattered nerves, and tailln* ual poWer who can bo cured by oar Maeical Treatment p whowTrt tociie ncrc. if we rail to cu no free pn-scrlpttoos-frce core or C.O-D. have *250 000 capital and iroarnBtee to cure every case "ctreat or rcfond every dollar yon pay us- or may be deposited In any bent to be paid n« fifn /cure !sV»e«ed. •vrrlte lor full partlculari. ST*.TE aCKDICAli CO., O »mNoB l-ji PB No »4 • " Kr *:50pm o No 1M Acoom except Sim... 1:46 a in tt,to« rw *S"?- --noir, » 0*0.». L. LDDD POISON A 5PECIALTYSS4S tlaiy BL,OOI> FOISON perrr inently cnredlnlStoSS days. Yon canoe treated at homoforsaioo price nndersomeiraaran- ty. If yoa prefer to come here we iriiicon- tracttopajrailroadfareandhptelblllsjiid it we fail to cure-If yon hive taken mer- ..«___<.„,- i ..^J.^-IJ hUl^UAC*- •*-*• J wu tlJ> v MUVJUUI^*.- cury, iodide potash, and still have aches and p&ixuKjlXucoaSlhitclies in month. Sore Throat* Pimples, Copper Colored Spots, Ulcers on •ny part of toebodj. Hair orSSfebrotra felling outfit t* thlB Secondary BLOOD POISON one* li » (nu E^ecouo&ry x*i*\j\fu ^ \ji^\j^ V3 lfn«r»ntc« to care. We solicit the most obstinate ouea and cnalleue* the world for • rase we coumot core. This dlseme hu alv n baffled the » kill of the mort eminent physician*. 93OO,OOO capital behind OUT nncondl- . Absolute proofs sent neaJedoo WHE JE WE WEBE HAVTSG BREAKFAST AT TIE STATICS HE DID HIS ACCOCSTS. AJexrnder and I took the train nest afternoon to a larger town, in order to buy the poach. Alexander -was to pay everything end to be reimbursed out of the fund. The two return tickets were 20 cents, and we had refreshments at the station Which, came to 16 cents. Alexander said ponents have brought to bear upon it their ingenuity and experience. ALBERT P. SOUTHIVICK. A Christmas Reminiscence. One of the most remarkable features oi ' _ jj rs _ y Kirby, Akron, Erie CO., ITTLE IVER PILLS SICK HEADACHE PositiTely cured by these little Pills. Hey also relieve Distress fiom Dyspepsia, Indigestion and Too Hearty Eating. A perfect remedy for Dizziness, Nausea, Drowri- noi, BadTastcJn the Monih, Coated Tongno Pain in tie Side, TORPID UVEJL They Regulate the SoweU. 'Pare^r Vegetable. imall Pin. Small the siege of Pans in 1 $70 was the enormous increase in the appetites of the citizens of that unhappy city. The author of France In the Nineteenth Century," who was a witness of the scenes she describes, wrote: "Thinking-about food stimulated the craving for it. and before the end of the year there were serious apprehensions of fa'mine. Christmas day of that sad year came at last and New Years day. the great and joyful fete in all French families. ^ few confectioners kept their stores open and a few boxes of bonbons were , sold, but presents of potatoes or small packages of i-offee were, by this time more acceptable gifts." Nothing during the holiday season was plentiful in Paris but champagne and Colman's mustard. The rows upon rows of the last named article in the otherwise empty windows of tbe groceries reminded Englishmen and Americans alike of Gromio's cruel ofier to Katharine of the mustard without the beef, since she cocld not have the beef with the mustard. The following is the bill of tare of a dinner given at a French restaurant tipon that Christmas day: "Soup from horse meat. Mince at cat. Shoulder of dog, -with tomato sauce. Jng- ged cat, with mushrooms. Boast donker and potatoes. Bats, peas and celery. Mioa on toast Flam pudding." It seem* most too ridlcutOTi* fat otutl, feat the menu if genuine. Baltimore & Ohio. Baltimors it Ohio Southwestern, Chicago & Eastern Illinois, Chicago &;Wesi Michigan, Cincinnati Jfc MusMngum VaJJey. Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton, Cleveland & Marietta, Cleveland, Canton & Southern, Cleveland. Cincinnati, Chicago * ttt L Cleveland. I/orain & Wheeling, Cleveland Terminal & Valley, Columbus. HocKingValley*Toledo, Columbus, Saadughy & Hocktae. Detroit'i-Cleveland Steam navigation. Detroit Grand Bapids & Western. Dunkirk. ADegheny Valley & Fltuburf. EvansTille & Indianapolia. Bvansvilie &Terre Haute. Findlay. Fort Wayne & WerterD. Flint & Pere Maxquctte, Grand RapHs t Indiana, Indiana, Decatur & Western, Lake Shore & Michigan. Southern*,"SI Louisville * Nashville. Between tauirrOiu* Cincinnati and between St. L said f-mu,<rw Louisville, Evausville i 8t Loufe Louisville, Henderson & St LooU. Michiean Central, New Yoik, Chicago & St Louis. Ohio Centra] Line*. Pennsylvania Lines West of Pittrtrarr, Peoria, Decatur * Kvanevflla, PlttBbnrg & Lake Erie. Pituburj: & Western, Pittaburg. Lisbon & Western. Toledo, St Lonls 4 Kan*»i CitT Vandalia Line, Wabaeb Railroad, Zaneiville & Ohio river. The price ot tbeie tickett «re. Thtoqr each. "Therarenottranrferabto «™ iiutedJniaenOretj and original P°rch«^r. »Wne by the Oomminkner of the OMttnl A. Ford, Gen. PaM; Aft. 1

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