Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 6, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 6, 1895
Page 2
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A SURE CURE. Dr. Greene's Nervura, the Best Spring Medicine. Hon. Nathaniel Pond Says It Helped Him More Than all Other Medicines He Ever Took. DOWN TO DEATH. Frightful Plunge of a'Passenger Train in Four People Killed Outrfght—Freight Train Wreck in Illinois Results in Death of" Four Tramp*. MR. XATHAN IL POSD. One of Napoleon'* generals, whom he had coiuiuauderl to capture a certain fortrt'Kf, wunr, back word that it was un iinpo.si-ibllitv, Instantly the great warrior returned hi* answer: "Tell him the order cotiies from a man who conquers impossibilities!" The assuult wan made and the fortress won. How many people who are sick or out of order, who are ruu down in health and strength, and who, from repeated failures to bo cured, are discouraRed and hopeless, have come to believe a cure an impossibility 1 If such people had a single particle of thn courage of the great Napoleon they would know that a onro is possible—that it is only neces sary to take The rijfht remedy to make the euro an assured fact. To take, iu fact. Dr. Greene's Nervura tolood and oerve remedy. Hon. Nathaniel H. Pond, of "Warwick, Mass., fays in regard to liiui- »«!f and the remarkable curative offset of this greut medi«iue: "I have been ufllioted with liver disease caused by mnlariiU poison- fag while in the army. For about; 30 y«ar« I have suffered untold agonies trad have taken a great amount of medicines. My disoase h«s become ahronio, and I do not expect evor to be entirely cured. I have tnkeu Dr. •reeno's Nervura for somo time, and ] can truly say that while I am Bsingit I aiu quite comfortable, and uouie davs am able to work a good deal, at others not a.s much. But Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy has helped me more than any other, or all the rest of the medicines 1 have taken. I cannot speak too high praise of Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy, and I have used six toen bottles," Do not be a nerveless, hesitating-, ambttionless weakling, despairing of a cure from your weakness and disease, but be strong of miud and indomitable of courage—courage to make yourself strong and -vigorous again bv using the great health restorer, Dr. Greene's Nervura blo<jd and nerve remedy. Remember that a resolute determination and the use of this remedy will make you well. It should be used at this season by all means, for it is the best of all spring medicines. It is not a patent medicine, but the prescription of the most successful living specialist in curing nervous and chronic diseases, Dr. Greene, of 3.; West 1-lth street. New York Cicy. He has the largest practice in the world, and this grand medical discovery is the result of his vast experience. Tho trreat, reputation of Dr. Greene is a guarantee ZAITKSVILLE, 0., April 5.—At ville, n miles west of Summerfield, on the JJellaire, Zanesville & Cincinnati railway, an awful wreck took place Friday morning 1 . A coach on the west-bound passenger train jumped the track, just before reaching a trestle, which spans a small stream. The structure is built on a curve, and the coach, after running along 1 the ties until almost across it. dragged the engine from the rails, and the trestle went down. (•"ulchfnl In the Face of Death. The engineer and fireman both remained at their posts. The former was instantly killed and tho latter probably fatally injured. The engineer was Eli fjiicas, of this city. A wifu and several children survive him. Tim iiruuian, Jesse Jones, is unmarried. Mrs. Young 1 and her little daughter, of Summerfield, and n resident of lieallsville named Hirry Krou-n were also instantly killed. < Several others wero slightly injured. Nathan Young-, husband of the woman who was killed, had his foot badly minslicd. [ The injured are: Joseph Dennoon, of Barnesville, O.; Frank Hallard, of Smnraero'cld, 0., and Jesse Jones, tho fireman. Dennoon and Hallard had their arms crushed and heads injured. . Fireman Jones is "badly mangled. It is believed all three will die. The trestle had been thoroughly examined by experts a few days ago and was reported to be in a very safe condition. The engine was very slightly injured, but, the coach was completely demolished. Trains will be running as usual by Monday. FOCB TK.-VnU'S KILLED. •••i •< M •••• • •• r>. ••« That Tired Feeling ~~ "• "'- — • • • . . ^B^^ la & dingmraa symptom. It menu alack of. vitality in the blood—a.de- crease of the red corpuscles upon which the strength and. richneM of the blood depends. It comes- especially in-the Spring because the.-»ystem has been subject .to-unusual demands during the cold weather. The wasted fijor must be re-supplied. That. tired feeling' must be overcome, or else the approaching- hot weather will have most serious effects. The best Spring Medicine Is Hood's Sarsaparilla, because it cures That Tired Feeling by purifying, enriching and vitalizing- the blood, gir- ing- it power to carry health to every organ of the body. It '-'mikes the •weak strong," not by stimulating, but by actually giving strength, by building up the wasted energies, restoring 1 Hood's Has Merit Ont Bottle Convinced— Farther Use Cured Hip •!•••••, tclatlc Rheumatism, T*i*tTir*d Feeling. "Tread- tfcftt on* bottle of Hood's Sarsaparilla would-obwrince me of its. merits, and I have found this true. "Some two years ago two ulcers appeared on my hip, which, after being sore a long time, broke and discharged. I also wag attacked-with sciatic rheumatism, my leg being-.drawn *o that I could, hardly get around the house. I hardly knew what a good night's rest was. The liip trouble caused me great trouble and annoyance, and eczema « I have been taking Hood'i Suwt p»ri)la for ibc month*. Before I begut taking it I had that tired feeling when I got up in the morning, alao a terrible headache and my blood was very impure. Since I have been taldif Hood's Sarsaparilla all that tired feeling is- gone, also the headache, a»d my blood is pure again.'' WILLUM GAKDXEB, 10 Tower St., Fall Rirer, Mass. Makes the Weak Strong. " I had a tired and drowsy feeling; and my nerres were in a bad condition aud appetite was poor, so I concluded I would take Hood's Sarsaparilla. After I had taken the second sottle I began to feel much better and I recommend Hood's to all." ELMER J. WooLLEr, Jaruesburg, New Jersey- that his medicine will cure, and the fact that lie cun be consumed by anyone, nt uny time, free o£ charge, personally or by letter, ' gives tibso- luto assurance of the beueOcial action of this wonderful medicine. CURRENT EVENTS. The 13-yoar-old wife of Eiley Thomas was murdered at Sissonvillc, W. Vu. Her jealous husband is suspected. J. J. JlcOetlicn, oi Ashland, Wis., has secured for S323,000 tho 100,000,000 te«t of timber on tho JKed ClilH rcscrva- teon. The Tennessee house of representatives has passed a bill limiting tho ante on telephones to three dollars per mouth. The Choctaw supremo court has •fljrmcd tho sentence of Johnson •hvcobs to bo shot at Pushruataha ou March 13. The smallpox epidemic at Hot Springs, A.rk., is subsiding, and train, net-vice ou the Hot Springs railway has Been resumed. The California state board of trade is arranging tosoiul several carloads of seed barley, oaus and wheat to destitute farmers of .Nebraska. .Martin Kapsch, just elected to\vu 1 tarns-tec in liloverville, a suburb of Uea- •wir. aeeideiitnlly ^hot Und killed liim- Belf while cleaning a revolver. ^\". E. Kcynnlds. a professor ia the military eolk^v at Milloclgavillo, Gil., sU.\Dt and killed Tat Shoti, whom lie mistook for a Dttrtrlar. Shea was drunk. William Xolan, confidential bookkeeper of the 1'ark Avenue hotel, at 2Jc\v York, has disappeared, as also has between $30,000 and SOO.OoO of the hotel's cash. The Cleveland World has been sold to Kobert P. Porter, formerly superintendent of the census, for S^'0,000. The paper will be personally conducted by Jlr. Porter ;>.ud his wife. Mrs. Mary E. E. Starr has sued tho Elgin City Railway company for 310,000 damages for a broken hip, caused by the sudden starting of a car ou the de fendant company's tracks. Suits for damages ag-grcguting- S145,- 000 ag-ainst the Kenyon-Conaeil .Com* jncrcial company, Butte, Mont., liavo • been commenced, the result of tho dynamite explosion January 13. B. J. McGuire, formerly a fireman employed by tlio Union Pacific railroad, has sued the receivers for SCO,000 damages for injuries which crippled him for life, lie charges gross carelessness in allowing a defective locomotive to be used. NEEDED. Jury In MORE INVESTIGATION Now York's Kxtraordliiury Griuut IHnllliH.HCd UC X^!l*t. NEW YORK, April ">:—The extraordinary R-rand jury, which has had a I flag-ship San Francisco, now at Palermo, longer existence tiiau any similar body , Sicily, to sail immediately for Smyrna, Awful Kcdtilt of nn Accident on the Cbl- c.Rf;o fa Alton Road. ALTOX, 111., April 5.—A fearful wreck occurred Friday morning at Wood river bridge, 'on the Chicag'O & Alton cut- oil, about half a mile north of Alton. A long, heavy freight train was coming- dowu the grade when the middle of the train bulged out. and fifteen cars were piled On top O-f each other. Four men were killed outright and two i'atally injured. Xone of them were known, but were supposed to be tramps who were stealing 1 a ride. The injured men were brought to the hospital in this city. ' An inquest over the remains of the dead is now being- held at East Alton. CutiKtt of Wrock. The wreck was caused by the train being too heavily loaded behind, and when the brakes were put on the front cars the weight behind was thrown On to a Hat car in the middle of the train, crushing- it to atoms and wrecking the other cars. Jit is now believed that the wreck was caused by a broken truck which allowed a doxen cars to pile in a heap. It is estimated thai over seventy-five tramps were stealing a ride on the train. Of these fifteen were badly injured and four killed. The lircinan, Jesse Jones, was pinioned beueal/h the overturned eng'ine and was badly cut and scalded when found. Be cannot live. Nathan Young 1 was rescued from the coach, but he cannot live. Ko examination was made of his injuries, as lie is in. a precarious condition. The four killed in the wreck were killed outright. The engine and cars are a total wreck and also the trestle. The trestle over which the train overturned was about 40 fee thigh, To "Trevuiit Killing of Christiana. "WASHINGTON, April 5.—Urgent orders have been cabled to Admiral Kirkland to assemble the ships of his command on the coast of the Holy Land to prevent a threatened massacre of Christians. WASHINGTON, . April 5.—Late Thursday night Secretary Herbert cabled orders to Admiral Kirkland, of the the appetite and assisting the stomach and digestive organs in their important functions. The importance of attending to this matter of health JIOTF cannot be overestimated. Hood's Sarsaparilla mil make a vast improvement in your feelings. It will thoroughly renovate your system and fit you for the dutiei and pleasure* of the spring and summer. The Wonderful Cures of scrofula, salt rheum, eczema and other disease* which have been accomplished by Hood's Sargapmrill* h»r« given it the leading 1 place in the field Cf medicine. When you take Hood'i SarsapuUla to purify yonr blood you. are not experimenting. The facts all prove absolutely that in Hood's Sar- gaparilla you have a medicine tried •and true. It ha* cured thousand* of others and it will do you good. Do not be induced to buy any other. Insist upon Hood'* and only appeared on my hands. Naturally I began to run down, was weak and low spirited. The physician told me my hip would have to be operated upon ' "My brother and myself have hao! scrofula or salt rbcum ever since we were born. We took Hood's Snr;apa- riila and commenced to get better. before 1 would get any better. At last I decided to take one bottle of When we had taken one bottle and a Hood's Sarsaparilla. In three weeks my rheumatism entirely disappeared and I found tint I Was on the Gain. This was rery encouraging, and I found that I could sleep well, »t night. My health stcadilyimproved. and,of course I continued taking Hood's Sarsaparilla. My hip has been restored t» good condition, th« sorts have stoppcd.discharg- ing and healed up. I am able for the first time in three yeart to do ntjr own housework, and caa walk two wile* without troable. I have no symptoms of rheumatism; that tired feeliiir hM entirely left me. . My neif hbort »»y I took better than for .maay. years. J do earnestly recommend Hood's S«r- *apwilla to all sufferm, especially thow afflicted with impure blood." A..S. Bowur, Cliae, Arkansas. , half each, we were cured. My mother used to be troubled with headache and- pains, but took Hood'* Pills and vra*. cured." James Scanlon, 54 Roxford St., Norwich, New York. Hood's and Only Hood's. "I took Hood's Sawanarilla for a tired, worn out feeling, (Mid »J»» proved the best medicine that I hare ever takem; I^ h«d f. broak5n« «•* w» my lace wHeh I th««ht ira* eryilp- . I commenced nsmg HoodV S»r- MpariH* and have not had a«T «t that trouble rince." Hu. H. B. KEADLK, Kckaway, TTeitVirginia. '. ! Hood'i Saneperilk is sold by all drugfisU. $1; »ix for $8. Prepared by C. I. Hood * Co., Lowell, Hood's Sarsapari The Blood Purifier and True Nerve Tonic. TruHt Deed for S08.llOO.OOO. BAKKTtSFiELJ}, Cal., April 5.—A trust deed was recorded iu the county recorder's office Thursday by the Southern Pacific company, transferring all its property, including- rolling- stock in this and other couuties, to the Central Trust company of Xcw York, the consideration, being- SM,UOO,OUU. RJurtlui'tji"* Node .Saved. CJIAULIOSTOX, AV. V;i., April 5.—Gov M'cCorckle Friday commuted the deat sentence of Daniel S!i:uvn. who \v;i convicted of the murder of his brotl er-in-law in l-Jampshiru county. :i yea :ig-o. to life imprisonment in the slat penitentiary. The murder \vus a uios ed one. with the exception of the {jrand jury which ini'estig'utcd the Tweed cases, Asiti, Minor, and to have both the vessel;; of .his squadron visit Alexandretta was formally discharged by Judge In- nn d Aclatui to confer with the United g'rahain Friday. In their lust address to the court they say: "TliD muss of evidence before us satisfies us that thero Is good reason for further invcs- tlK.ittor.s in variou; departments of tbo ctty KovtTnuiout, inoludin(.r tiot ouly those to ^'hich we have devoted our attention, but others Into which, by reason of laolc of time, we have ! been unuUlo to inquire, and wo ask that the | regular era ml jury bo hereafter directed to in- sr.luuo Investigations into allegations of ortl- ciai misconduct utul corruption in nil the city departments until the entire subject shall have been thoroughly inquired Into and the truth, or falsity of such nr.ciiations deteriniueil. Tho pru:itl jury coitsidoveti charges n^alu.st Superintrtude:it Uynit's of beius implicated with Dr. Xeivion \Vhitehead In prouurlii? abortions. Tho charires were dismissed.' From .Many Admiring l-rlends. UCr. April ;">.—The Hamburger Xaehricten says that between March 81 and April 2 Prince Bismarck received s,3'.)0 teU-frrarns, iO,000 letters and 1JO,- 000 postal cards. , Claims Seir-UfltcuSK. jKFKHESONVl'Ll.E, Ind., April 5.—William Taylor confessed that he stabbed Lawyer J. K. Txicker, but says it was done in self-defense. fle "~as to be tried lor murder at the next term of court. EACH cow should be kept in her regular stall, led regularly and milked regularly. T HE STRONG POINT about the cures by Hood's Sarsaparilla is that they are pe»-^.cint. Tb.^y start from the solid foundation—P ret States coBsuls aud resident American citizens. ryOUNGMOTfTO i .... We Offer You n Remedy Which j ; Insures Safety to Life of Mother and Ch ild. j ["MOTHER'S Ro f FRIEND" andRist LlLu'iiriiin Spofford's Kftport. WASHINGTON". April 5.—The report o Librarian Spoffiord, of the congression al library, for 1S!)4, shows that during- the year tW,7G^ copyrights were CD tered, against 58,930 for 1S03, and thai •iO.JOS copyright publications of al kiuds wore received. Of the publica tions received about 14,000 were books 15,000 musical compositions, 10,000 peri odSeals and 0,000 photographs, while the remainder were made up of dra matie compositions, engravings, chro- mos, prints, designs, maps and charts. A li.ink Victimiziul. EICIIMOSD, Va., Aprils.—It has come out that on thc.Tth ofiMarch.astrans g-ot 54-10 from the Planters' national bank on a check purporting- to have been drawn by E. T. Cruinp & Co., leaf tobacco dealers of this city:" The forgery was very cleverly executed. The man had obtained possession of a check form of the tobacco firm named. i, Horror t After tislnp ono bottle of "MornET FlUEXD" 1 suffered but llttlo pain, and t-. not cxporinnco tbat weakness afterward, •kiiininl In such cttsos.-lllijs. AXSIE GAGE,; ft Baxter SprliiRS, littn. Setvt by Mail or Express, on receipt of prico, II per bottle. Boot 10 Mothers mailea i'rct 1 . Sold by all Dracfflst*. E BADiTELD KECTJLATOB CO., Atlanta, GJL ! n I Easiiy, Quickly, Permanently Restored. TVcobneio, Nervonmera* Debility, and all tho train of evils from early errors or later excesses, the results of overwork, sickness, worry, ere. i^ll strength, devel- everj" ontan and portion. of the body. Sirople.nat- -oral methods. Immedl- .......... ato improTement .seen. Failure impossible. ^,000 references. Book, explanation and proofs mailed (scaled) tree. ERIE MEDICAL CO., Buffalo, N.Y. KIlloO by ills >"ur»c. COLDWATEB, Miss., April n.—A few- miles south of Coldwater JMary lieuse and Thomas Jones lived. Jones had been sick itnd Mary \v;is his nurse. lie •wanted a cup of coffee, but the woman remonstrated, tolling-him that ittvould be injurious. He persisted, and X'ary struck him over the head with a'skillet, killing him. Her Clnthliisr </auffhi Fire. JACKSONVILLE. 111.. Aprii 5.— Mrs. Ed Jlasou was fntally burned Thursday. She was raking- and burning leaves in her dooryard when her clothing caught i're and every shred was burned iron her Person. to 1-orin a yevi* Purtj-. Minn., April 5.—The State Democratic association is at work on a ffreat political scheme. It is the formation of a free trade party which shall embrace the whole country. The association has sent out - circulars inviting- a conference of all believers in free trade to be held in Chicago during the first week in October. Official Count »cemuuy. MILWAUKEE, April 5.—Ih-esent indications are that it will require the official count to determine whether Judpe Winslow or Judge Clementson is elected justice of the supreme court. Jfo one now claims more than. 3,000 for Winslow and the estimates rang* from that figure down to 1,000. Shrubbery Afodna rno rtonsr. Shrubbery, unless properly arranged, is not attractive, either on the lawn or elsewhere, but when the trees and shrubbery arc placed where they will add their attractions to the best advantage they add hundreds of dollars to the value of a place. Those who own their homes should endeavor to make every squarn foot a beauty spot. There is no space that will not permit of the prowinp of some kind of ilower. An evergreen hedpc is not only a contrast with other plants prowm**- near, but it gives a preen appearance to a yurd on lawa even in winter. A PrcciouB Jewel. nig-.bcc—What kind of a cook have you? Mack—First class. My wife says she is the nicest g-irl she ever worked for.— Brooklyn Life. LORD CHIEF ' JUSTICE HUSSELL, of England, has decided tbat gambling 1 iu the rise and fall of stocks is not (jam- ling. This will case a good many troubled consciences on the street. Cover^d Both Cadcn. Theatrical Manager — I regret, tlemen, that I cannot put your productions on tho stage. First Author — Why not, pray? "Your play, you see, is so swfully Fliegendo Blat- '•And mine?" "Is simply awful!" Ur. . Tins plum needs a rich, moist soil, and is benefited by liberal manuring. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and to personal enjoyment when . used. Tbe many, wno Jive better than others and enjoy life more, witfc iess expenditure, t>7 more promptly idsptiDc; the world's best products to. the need's of physical being, will attest che value to hsalth of the pure; liquid asative principles embraced in tiiP ceraedy, Syrup oi Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in thu forte most acceptable and pleaa- ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly Oeneficial properties of a perfect lax- itive; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers ind permanently curing constipation. '.t has given satisfaction to millions and met irith «the approval of the medical iiofession, because it acts on the Kid- ieys, Liver and Bowels without weak •ning them and it ia perfectly free from 'very objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 50c aud $1 bottles, but it ia man- ifactured by the California Fig Syrup }o. only, whose Tiame is printed on every lackage, also the name, Syvnp of Figs, and being well infornied, yon will DO* xccept any substitute if o&cwJ- The M.roiililiolit <U'H<MiIOi Is soon curried by the ajsau'ts of malaria, but II' lloptrttur's Stomach Bittern Is eni]Ooj<M! tix a bul- wnrk :tRalnst Hie disease, absolute ("arety Is attained. Tlie most virulent forms of disease bred' by n lasniii. mimed nlranil water, soon vielrtto the cre;itlve and combatl'O li Iliwnco of this efficient safeguard, \vllcl) fortini's the system as no- other medicine ui> to d.nie lias ever done. It conn ' eracts a tendency to rheumatism, neuralgia iitid klanty compUtnis ovprcenit-s indicwtfou, ner\'OH«ne.ss consultation mid liver troubles. 1m- provci Hie upixillie mid proinolon dices-ion. Taking forall in all. It Is protjiiblr tbe most useful f.'imllj- renipUy In existence nnri is popnlnr ns- well as ellectlvfi. Ose It Bjstematlcillj, not at. Irregular Intervals. House CIcuIliK The time Is DOW at hand, it's commendable and' necessary — but how about the house within vou? It hae deed of cleansing, to insure health, and the best remedy to use la Ri.no- hart's Pills. They are better than sareaparilla, etc. More potent and permanent in results. Sold by B. F. Ksesling- and Keystone drug 1 store. n»o Baby <m« ifck. w« 0t<« b«r Cutorlk TNn cne was a Child, she cried for Qutocte. /ben «ne occame illss. nbe clun^ to CastcfUk ftxsD *ne o»d. ChiMren, «ne gave thorn CHtDfte, Wcikly ana .Slfklj Children. If you navo a child weak and uef- vous the best remedy to give Is a few- doses of RioebarVe Worm Lozenges. Tbeee lozenges remove all kinds or worms and the worm nest, thereby making a permanent cure. Children like them. They are safe and the mcst reliable worm remedy. Sold by B. F. Keeslicg and Keystone drup store. Children Cry for Pitcher's f^s*oria. Rinehart'a Worm Lozenges are the only kind tbat remove the worm nest with the worms. Sold by B. F. Kee«- liog and Keystone drug store. Children Cryfoi/ Pitcher'g Castorla. If you l»ck energy and are droway, take Rioeb»riV Llrer Pills. One » dose. Sold bj B. F. Keoallc? tnd Keyeione drug «lore. Children Cry for Pitcher'* Cantor 1

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