The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1950
Page 8
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RIGHT Chicks Enjoy Rest As Paps Drill Hard Blytheville's "Chiekasaws, who face two straight weeks o€ idleness due to schedule dificiilties, took a.well-deserved day off from their usual practice grind yesterday but they wert slated to return to practice action this afternoon. Coach Rus» Mosley gave his char-* gee a vacation yesterday as a reward for their nine straight victories and In view of the fact that 'the Chicks do not play again until they meet Forrest City In a first- round state playofl game here Nov. 34. ' Blythevllle was picked as the site lor the . Chicks-Forrest City playoff game at a meeting of officials of the two teams in West Memphis Saturday night. Announcement that the game will be played at Haley Field was made yesterday by W. B. Nicholson, superintendent of schools. Hut Coach Earl Slabler's junior Papooses didn't have it so easy vc.s- Sports Roundup HUGH FUI.LKRTON J*. NEW YORK. Nov. 1. (/l>j— Big troi^Juaca ujuu i< IIMIVT 11, «J I n.-^v vi.1- ••'itit'linS **'kpll tcrday.The Paps were hard at work ! 27 Voints Y came Inst »_„.*....<..„ r™ + I,,,!.. I... i-., -* «- *•' H^ ltjl3 a BHIJIC m.M, . George Mikan, the most prolific scorer In- pro basketball history, claims he'd like to try playing forward instead of In the pivot spot . . . "Those forwards get a chance to shoot a lot/' George Miknn onlv avernaed BLYTHRVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS "° m preparing for their Invasion of Osceola. The Paps will meet the Junior Eeminoles at Osccoln's Hale Field ",„., Thursday night. |' als Coach Stabler sent h|s -squad . through a rugged session yesterday ' which was capped off by a light scrimmage. And more of the same was promised for tcday as the junior chieftain attempted to work out a few kinks brought out in the Jonesboro game last week. The Paps will taper off their week's drills with a light dress rehearsal workout tomorrow afternoon. The Chicks are scheduled for light drill today with things to get a little tougher tomorrow and Thursday. Then, if everything goes according to plan, they probably will get Friday off. The Tribe will take advantage of this week's open date to get a needed rest but Coach Mosley has hopes of booking a game for next week. He has contacted several learns, among them Mimford, Teim., In an effort to fill the Nov. IT date but so far he has failed. The Chicks' open date this week will give Coach Mosley and his staff an opportunity to do a little personal scouting. Forrest City is scheduled to play ;,[, Hot Springs Friday and Mosley plans to have a scout «t the game. He also hopes to have scout* at some of the other games Involving Donble-A playoff teams. With an open date this week Coach Mosley also hopes to have his team in a little better physical shape for ih« playoffs. Injuries to key players have plagued the Chicks during the pa at two weeks and a week's rest Hill-give these injuries a chance to heal so that the team n-ill be in top shape for the Forrest City game. i Must angs Top Kickeroos in Y Soccer Play CapUJn Sommy Lum's Mustangs defeated th« Kickeroos of Captain Max Owens —3-2— In "Y" Junior high soccer at Little Park yesterday afternoon. -, What he want? ... At least George Is going .strong while such as Ed Sadowski. Dutch SchacT \lt7.y Levnnc, Mnc ouen ajnl Clirr have been dropped wit'h- e past week or so ... Any' lation.s (or Oustavus Adolphus as the No. 1 college footl team? The Gustics have won nine straight games . . It's (load, Not Goal Hobby Oii.ul. Okl.ihni,];, ij. rlelil end for the. pasl three seasons, went inlo Hie coaching business Iliis yr.-ir anil ilevclonccl an all- winning trnni (won six, tied one at last report) at CJhickiish.-i, Okl.l., llifli School . . . That earned him a visit from in Oklahoma Cily sports writer who asked: "Hew do you like coaching?" . . . Before Hubby could answer, .Mrs. Goad gol In the first —ami last—word: "It's nice, It you like llring- da/iKeroiisly." Onc-Minule Sjuirls Page Big Ten baskctbllll schedules this season shows . 20 intersectiunal games lor the ten teams ... in 1940, when Buzzlc Bavasi, new Dodger \'eep, was business manaaer at Americus. Ga., he had to play second base for four games because of player shortages. He hit .333 Bernie Bernstein,. New York boxing manager, hands out cards that show he sells custom clothing on the side ... Or is it vice versa? E" Mono, winner of the McLennan and WIdener handicaps two years ago. i s s lnled for a comeback in Florida this winter . Indiana footballers think alumnus Hoagy Carmiclmel came up with me of his sweetest compositions after the Notre Dame game when he wired them: "Jnst great, Loves ya ill." No telegrams after Illinois, and Michigan state. Expert Coaching At the hall-of-fame football game Saturday, Ken Strong gave a place- ilcking exhibition during the Intermission . . . He was a bit rusty mrt his first couple, tried from the :en yard line, were wide . . . Then found the old groove and sent one squarely between the uprights Ken, jr., who was holding the Jimmy Watson in the opening period but there Hie attack bogged down and there was no more scoring until the last half. In the third period, the Kick- eroos made their bid, punching out one goal oh Jim Benson's fine kick from eight yards, out and scoring early in the fourth period on Kenneth Stanley's boot. The Mustangs came right back and with only two minutes remaining, scored on Watson's third goal the ball striking the .goal post nnd bouncing through. The Kickcroos missed several golden scoring opportunities In the first half ns they worked the ball In for good shots and missed, aided by some good defensive play on the IXils AM, Brothers The Virginia Military Institute football masrot !s a small kangaroo. But so far he hasn't shown them how lo jet Hie Jump on the opposition . . . The New York hockey Rovers have come up wilh a. rear jruarrt comiwscd of goalie Julius (Boomrr) Kodztnyalc. "Sieve Brklacich anrt Kay Olcksuik It* an Impenetrable as well as unpronounceable riefrn.v. part of goalie Ilulon Ervin. for the Mustangs. Outstanding In his field play was Kenneth Stanley, smallest man on the KIcJteroo squad, who kept the opposing team off balance with his dribbling and passing. K, ' ** ff . f ,',; .."""V^ WHAT'S ALL THAT STUFF?-Jumbo, a five-year-old Mexican hairless, investigate, the unfamiliar Joliage of FJcAr ° a MalSe f ytm " ger - B ° lh Canincs WCre Sc1ci - tc(i « cS lass at the 23rd International Dog Show held recently In Pan*. AL Dominates AP All-Star Roster National L*agu« G«r» Bur Four Position* On Mythical Squad By .IDE REICHI.ER NEW YORK. Nov. 7. W'J-Seven players from the American and four from the National make tip the 1050 major league all-star learn selected for the Associated Press today by 381 sports writers and sport-scaslers from coast to coast. Half of Ihe 16 big league clubs, four in each circuit, are represented in Ihe AP's fifth annual all-star squad, The world champion New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox arc the only clubs to have more than one representative In addition to shortstop Phil TU/zuto Ihe most popular of the 11 selections the Yanks landed outfielder Joe Dl- Magalo and catcher Yogi Berra The Red Sox provide first baseman Walt Uropo and utility man Billy Goodman, I'lills Shunned Nut a single member of the National League champion Philadelphia Phils made the team In fact I be only first division club to be represented Is Brooklyn, one man from St. Louis, onr. from Pittsburgh and one from Boston compile the National League entry Detroit and Cleveland of the American League also .placed one man each. The all-star team- First ! base - Walter Dropo. Red Sox. Second base — Jackie Robinson Dodgers. Third base—George Kell, Tigers Shorlstop.-Phll Rizzuto Yankees Left field—Ralph KIner, Pirates Right field—Stan Mustal, cardinals. .Center fleld^Joe DiMagglo Yankees. Catcher—Yogi Berra, Yankees nighthandcd pitcher—Bob Lemon Indians. I.efthanded pitcher — Warren Spahn, Braves. Utility—Billy Goodman. Red Sox. No player was selected unanimously. Rizzuto, the American League's most valuable player "was named on Ihe most ballots. 360. to win the shortstop post with ease Kell. who was runner-up to lies- ton's Billy Goodman for the Junior circuit's batting title, received Ihe second highest number of votes, 325 to take third base honors. TUEBOAY, crslauicrn. The Yankees won 'OldPete'Given Military Burial By Cardinals ST. PAUL. Neb.. Nov. 7. r/Pj—The body of Grover Cleveland Alexander lay today In a quiet cemetery in the hills not far away from this central Nerbaska town where he was born. Alexander, whose pitching wizardry a generation ago elevated him lo baseball's Hall of Fame, was buried yesterday with military services conducted by the American Le- .gipn. He had served In the \EF In the first World War. -•"The St. Louis Cardinals, for whom •Old Pete" had once played, paid for the funeral. Alexander died here Saturday of a heart ailment. One of those who came here for the services was Alexander's former wife. Almec. She said that $100 a Tionth which Alex had collected after his playing days ended came from- Sam Breadon. late president of the Cards. She said the money was paid through National League ncatlnuarters and Alpx always :hought it was a pension from the league. The only persons who knew the actual source, she said, were herself, Breadon. National League President Ford Frick and Bill Wal- slngham, Cardinal business manager. Walsingham later commented from St. Louis that the pension had been suggested by Breadon "but It come from National League funds." Hoople's Juiciest Upset of Fall Is Notre Dame to Plaster Pitt Fourteen Spanish ships bearing some $65.000,000 in gold and silver sank in a storm off Long Cay Fla In 1715. ' By MAJOR AMOS B. HOOPLE Pusher for wllliii lleslon Egadl I have been saving one of my Juclest upsets all season, and now I am prepared to announce it now. So, hold your hats everybody, here it Is: Notre Dame to beat Pittsburgh by a .score of 26 to 14. Many a year has passed, since the Panther Invaded South Bend as a favorite over the Fighting Irish. Those were the days when the late Dr, Jock Sutherland pro- ducked powerful teams at Pitt. But the cycle h a s turned its course, and now we find Pitt rated a touchdown better than the Leahy Larrupers. One other upset is In the cards. You may be astounded when 1 tell you Virginia Military will defeat Georgia Tech, but that's how It Is going to be, zillions of gentle readers. Colgate over Cornell is my big one for the east. Now, go right ahead with the rest of the program: Pennsylvania 34, Brovn is Columbia ZO. Dartmouth ^ Colgate 20, Cornell H Fordham 13, Georgetown 7 Clemson" 27, Boston Cellege 7 Princeton 21, Harvard 7 Marquetle 20, Holy Cross 8 Tulane 27, Navy 14 Noire Dame 20, Pill 14 Penn Stnle 14, W. Va. 11 No. Carolina 20, Maryland 14 Illinois 21, Iowa 6 Indiana 21, Michigan 14 Purdue 11, Northwestern 7 Ohio Slate 20, Wisconsin 8 Oklahoma 27, Kansas 1R Nebraska 20, Kans. St. S Mich. St. 2(i, Minnesota 13 Colorado in, Missouri 13 Rice 20. Arkansas 12 Texas 27, Raylcir 14 Duke 20, \s'ake Forest ij Florida 21, Otxirgia 20 VMI 20, Georgia Tech 19 Kentucky 28. jilss. St. 6 Vamlerbilt 20, I.STJ 13 SMU 34. Texas A. and j UCI.A II. California 7 Washinglon 2B, Oregon 7 Stanford 21, Wash. St. 7 12 Ouochrta Having Player Troubles^ ARKADBLPHIA..ArV:.. Nov. 1 f,l>) —Ouachila College's thin football squad is Betting thinner. Coach Rab Rodgers announced that Snmmy Sa'nders, veteran end did not report for practice yesterday. Apparently he dropped off the sound. Dcwey Stark, one of the Timers' top defensive backs, will leave" lor the Army before Saturday ni-hfs game with Arkansas A. tf: M " Branch Rickey Takes Over Bucs Ex-Brooklyn Prexy Becomes Pirate*' General Manager/ PITTSBURGH, Nov. T. l/n — Branch Rlclcey', generally regarded as baseball's shrewdest executive has a brand new challenge today— lifting the Pittsburgh Pirates on! of the National League cellar Rickey Is the new vice-president and general manager of the Bucs— a team that hasn't won a pennant since 1927. The 68-year-old man with the bushy eyebrows and fat cigar didn't bat an eye yesterday, when Pirate President John Galbreath told a news conference the rumors about Rickey coming to the Bucs were true. A little' later, when congratulatory remarks were being passed around, Rickey beamed as only Rickey can. . Some of Ihe details filtered out Rickey has a five-year contract at an unannounced salary. There*- a clause permitting him to extend the contract another five years. What will happen to the club's present general manager, portly Hov Hamcy? ' Hamcr May Stay Well, Rickey Isn't prepared to say at tbc moment, but he smiled and added: •I'm not familiar-with, the lilies the club's corporate structure But I see nothing wrong with hav- .ng two or three general managers. "Roy will continue to do much the same Job as he has in Ihe past concentrating, on players. Mv son 'Branch Rickey. Jr.) will have a similar responsibility."' - . Young Rickey has been associated with his father several years and was expected lo sro along after the •Mahatma" resigned last week as president and general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Rickey's coming to Pittsburgh has been in the rumor stage for months Rickey, the man who built, the St. xruls Cardinal farm system, and vhe brought pennant winners lo jolh Ihe Cards and Dodgers, was us.old cagey self when he got down to discussing the immediate future "Will Bill Meyer be back to finish the last year of his contract as manager?" he was askid. "I've been giving that a thought he last few days but I haven't made np my mind yet. I'll be able o answer that in a month." Rickey added quickly ' that he hasn't made up his mind about Cadets Reinstated As Tops in Nation By WILL GB1MSLCX NEW YORK, Nov. 7. (AP)—The question of who h the best college football team in the country probably nt has been more widely debated than right now. " * Twelve teams received firtt votes in today's latest AHOC. poll, which saw Army rscapl* ture the No. 1 position from Sojj*. ern Methodist. " fjT' : But the Cadets, who led the rank-j Ings until replaced by the 8outh-» westerner* two weeks ago, didn't i to the top on a fave of overwhela ing national acclaim. They received only 88 of the Roberts, Hall Are Defeated In Mat Feature Roy Welch and John Swenski roughed their way to a victory over Red Roberts and Finis Hall in the tag match feature of the American Legion's wrestling bouts at Memorial Auditorium last night. Swenski nnd Welch won the decision by taking the first and third falls, losing only the second to the veteran toughies. They took the first round In 13 minutes with Swenski defeating Hall In etehl minutes with a double Jack knife and eliminating Roberts fi\-e minutes later with the same: hold. Hall and Roberts, won the second round in 18 minutes with Roberts defeating Sweiiski in in minutes with a surf board and Hall winning over Welch in five minutes with body slams and a pin. The third an ddeciding fall w as won by Swenski and Welch in eight minutes with Swenski defeating Hall in five minutes with a body pin and then defeating Roberts three minutes later in the same manner. In the two one-fall preliminary bouts Welch defeated Roberts in 16 minutes with a crab hold and Hall defeated Swenski with a body pin, in one minute possible player trades. To Dodgers In 1943 Rickey has been In baseball .hrough both world wars. He joined the Cardinals in 1917 and remained until 1913. By that time he had built the major's most far-flung (arm system atid hnd been rewarded with several pennants. Rickey switched to the Dodgers in 19-13. He built np another mammoth farm system and produced a club which won pennant.s. He wrote another chapter in baseball history by hiring Jackie Robinson, the first Negro to play in the majors. first place ?ote« cast by §port« writers and broadcasters. That wu six fewer than lavished on once-' beaten Ohio Slate, which moved up* from fourth to second. ' ' Niue of the ten top feanu—all) but tenth-ranked Illinois — wer«l rated first by from'two to,&i vot-o ers. Three in the lower brackeUf received top mention. . Here's college football's new first ten:- . . . f Army, Ohio State, Oklahon _ Kentucky, Texas, California, South-'!' ern Methodist, Princeton, Miamir (Fla.), Illinois. ' J Oklahoma, which has'a modern record 27 7 game winning streak go-- ing, received 48 first, place vote*' while unbeaten Kentucky got 35. r California was given 14, Texas n/ Miami 8, Princeton 4 and SMU j. '' Clemson. the 13th ranking eleven, polled seven No. 1 votes, unbeaten'.' Wyoming, two and South Carolina) one. . . • , The .standings are figures on th»l basis of ten uoiriti for first, nln« ! for second, etc. ' • • -I The surge of Ohio State „_ the latest balloting. The BucU who have bounded back from an opening game los-s to SMu t«' smother fi en out of They received 2,402 points compared with 2,451 for Army, film more No. 1 rol«« would havi put i them on top • - • . , The .Buckeyes.: r who walloped' Northwestern Saturday, 3J-0, you' ve foes, barely were beat- first place. • . . ' meet Wisconsin next. Army, 2«-13' conqueror of Penn,. has a breather this, week • in jjew i Mexico while, the other raakin* . elevens have it fairly ruggeS. [ That IN JUST 5 MINUTES CAN SAVE YOU THERE'S MORE ROOM INSIDE this l)lg now Dodge- more hratl room,shoulder room, stretch-out leg room— tlian in many cars costing far inora. AMERICA'S LOWiST-PIIICtD AulomaHo Transmission . . . Dodge Gyro- Matic is available on Coronel models at moderate extra cost. MORE IUGGACE SPACE! Dodge advanced design gives you trim lines without wasting space. Moro luggage loom-rasy-to-rcach spare tire. DODGE RUGGED DEPENDAIIU7Y means lower upkecpcosLs. 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