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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California • Page 11

The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California • Page 11

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:

Wednesday, Feb. 28, 1 962 THE DAILY SUN-A-1 Sea Lion 'Arrested' Heading for Ocean 8 Doctors' Oif ices Entered by Burglars Eight doctors' offices were bur Intentionally's recent victory in for trainer Johnny Nerud. He wo VOTERS LEAGUE SHOWERED WITH HONORS OVER WATER S.B. YOUTH KNIFED IN WILD ATTACK ON REDLANDS ROAD tho Palm Beach Handicap at Hi- with Delegated In 1948 and wit CHESTER, England (API-Po alt ah was the fourth in that race Switch On in 1956 and 1957. glarized but apparently "nothing was taken, San, police lice "arrested" a California sea lion which' broke out of the local reported Monday. Panes of glass STOP BAD BREATH -COLGATE Three men wen held for ques It's raining plaudits, and even and louvered windows were re chased through heavy traffic. His shirt was cut to ribbons by his It has been widely circulated among and commended by civic moved and in one case a hole tioning In the knifing of a 19-year- money, for nationwide work of the WHILE YOU FIGHT TOOTH DECAY ALL DAY knife-swinging assailant. old San Bernardino' youth Mon zoo shortly after arriving from1 the United States. He was spotted by a motorist about three miles out of the town, heading toward the sea. Two police officers hurried to the scene and maneuvered the sea lion into a roadside telephone booth until zoo staffmen arrived. day after a highway incident that wound up in a wild, four-mile rhase with occupants of one vehicle throwing rocks and debris After dodging knives for a while, the four youths' got back in their car and fled. They said the three in the pickup truck load and water leaders. During the past four years, studies have been made of virtually all the major river basins of the United Stales by league units. League members also have met with the Senate Committee on Water Resources and with state and was cut in the glass to gain entry, police said. The victims were identified as Drs. Donald L. Hansen and E. Blaine Sorensen of 1781 Waterman Drs. R. B. Robertson, Leon A. Beardsley and Paul A. Exelby of 3907 Valencia and Drs. A. R. and L. C. George and at tne omer venicie, ed the truck bed with rocks and debris, and chased the car four 'Charles Albert Shuler, 19, of miles to Tippecanoe and Central. 7695 Merito was treated at League of Women Voters on conservation and development of water resources. Mrs. Harold R. Chandler, president of the San Bernardino league, reported that the U.S. league has won a $500 American Motors Conservation Award, plus an engraved bronze and walnut plaque for a significant contribution to the conservation of America's renewable natural resources. As part of the program, the San Bernardino league prepared a report on valley water, problems. local authorities to express their recommendations on water supply One of their assailants rode in the truck bed and the other on a Zane of 1471 Waterman Ave. ECONOMY, Community Hospital for cuts on the shoulder, right elbow and left hand that he said was inflicted by a curved flooring knife. His companions, Perry Lee running board, hurling rocks and BRUSHING WITH COLGATE HELPS PROTECT YOU ALL DAY LONG Willie Mays of ths San Fran SIZE and pollution control. Jim Bunning of the Detroit Ti debris at the car, the four said. cisco Giants is baseball's highest TRUCK TRACED salaried player for the second The truck was identified through NOW AVAILABLE AT YOUR FAVORITE GROCER gers has fanned 177 or more batters a season in his five full years in the American League. straight year. He will get $90,000 for 1962. I Thomas, 7695 Merito Ave.IS and Bill Roan, 24537 4th both of San Bernardino, and Robert a license number and three men were later picked up by Detective Claude Cockrell, 26796 Crest Road Jay D. Hughes. Highland, said they were attacked at Highway -99 and Alabama Booked in the County Jail for questioning were Booker T. Washington, 47, his son, John T. Wash mm Street on the outskirts of Red- mi ington, 26, both of 772 N. lands about 5 p.m. Monday. PUSHED IN WINDOWS and Cleophus Martin, 43, of 1577 They said theic three assailants, Vine all of San Bernardino. Detective William Paterson of the occupants of a pickup truck pushed in the windows of the hard amy homicide division is investigating. top in which the four were riding, and one of the assailants shoved in a pocket knife and start ed swinging it. IN THE SHADOWS The four said they then got out of their car, but were chased by the other three, all of whom had ww" knives. (Continued From A 4) witnesses sam snuier was gold Chapel with Rev. Horace S. Cushing -of Fontana Community LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT 'rsr: Church officiating. Burial will be in Green Acres Memorial Ceme INVITATION FOR BIDS: Sealed bids, in triplicate wiU be received until 2:00 P.M., P.S.T. March 6, 1962 in the office of the Senior Field En-i gineer, Housing Home Finance! Agency, Room 931, Bartlett Build-I ing, 215 West 7th Street, Los Angeles 14. California, and thn nuhllp. tery, Bloomington. EULALA E. ESTES Services for Eulala E. Estes will be held 11 a.m. today at Knopsny ly opened for furnishing all labor, equipment and material and performing all work required for the construction of an addition to the existing elementary school at George Air der Mortuary Chapel, Colton. Burial will be in Hermosa Cemetery, WILLIAM HOWARD Services for William W. Howard will be held 2 p.m. today at Em-merson-St. Pierre Valley Mortuary rurce case, viciorvine, California, consisting of two regular classrooms, a library, enlargement of administration unit, furnace room, storage space, covered corridors, on-site improvements and equipment, aU in accordance with the plans and specifications prepared by the Housing Home Finance Agency, Office of the Administrator, Region VI, 989 Market Street, San Francisco 3, Califor-nia. Plans, specifications and bidding Chapel, with Rev. Ralph G. Kleen of St. Paul's Methodist Church of fe Jh ficiating. Burial will be in Monte- cito Memorial Park. uoLuniems may De examined at the following offices: (1) Robert H. JAMES N. HENRY Thomas, Architect. 11850 Wilshire '3 James Neil Henry, 83, of 742 W. 7th San Bernardino, died Sunday in San Bernardino. A na tive of Milford, he had lived in San Bernardino 28 years. Boulevard, Los Angeles. California (2) Senior Field Engineer, Housing Home Finance Agency, Room 931, Bartlett Building, 215 West 7th Street, Los Angeles 14, California 3) Southwest Builder Contractor, 1660 Beverly Boulevard, Log Angeles 26, California. Prospective bidders may obtain bidding documents from either the Architect or the Senior Field Engineer upon deposit of a check made payable to the Housing Home Finance Agency in the amount of He was a lifetime member of the California Institute of Social Welfare and active in the San Bernardino National League of Senior Citizens. u.uo per set, wnicn deposit will Be returned to the depositor if documents are returned in acceotable condition Survivors include the widow, Nellie M. of San Bernardino; a not later than 15 days after contract award. Material suppliers and sub daughter, Mrs. Margaret G. Sa- contractors can purchase sets of plans at S15.00 tier set. RID filTARAN. gael of Southgate; and two grand children. Services will be held 10 a.m. for TEE: Certified check or bid bond in the amount of five (5) percent made payable to the Treasurer of the United States will be required with each bid. BONDS REQUIRED: Performance bond in the amount of one hundred (100) percent and payment bond in the amount of fifty (50) today at Emmerson-St. Pierre Val i. ut. iMMtett St wmm ley Mortuary Chapel, with Elder A.Ai.A. it, ft ft J. C. Michalenko, associate pastor of the Loma Linda Hill Seventh- percent of the contract will be re quired. day Adventist Church officiating. Burial will be in Montecito Me NOTICE OF INTENT TO MORTGAGE Notice is hereby given, oursuant to Section 3440.1 of the Civil Code of morial Park. STEVE KRAMARICH the Mate of California, that the un derSigned. LEE CHAMBERS and A Rosary for Steve Kramarich was recited Tuesday at Ingold Chapel ARLENE CHAMBERS, husband and wife whose address is 1933 Cortez Street, Needles, California and whose-business is that of a Garage and Service Station and which business is known as Lee's Garage Fontana. Mass, will be offered 9 a.m. today in St. Joseph's Cath olic Church, Fontana. Burial will Towing and Lee Shell Service, in. be in Green Acres Memorial tends, as mortgagor, to mortgage to Bank of American National Trust and Savings Association, whose branch address is given herein be Why wait for the av; to make these new brakes a DRAMATIC SIDE-BY-SIDE TEST PROVES THAT RAMBLER'S DOUBLE-SAFETY BRAKES STOP WHEN OTHERS FAIL! Gardens, Bloomington. HARMON BAKER low, as mortgagee, certain personal property of which a general state The body of Harmon Baker was forwarded- Tuesday to Ever green, for burial. Mark B. Shaw Co. is in charge of local arrangements. ROBERT BYRON McCLURE Services for Robert Byron Mc-Clure will be held 3:30 p.m ment of the character thereof is as follows Air Compressor No. 1, PAA by Lvnch No. AR1850; Air Compressor No. 2, De Vilbiss No. 70553; Coats Tireman, No. AS210593; Al-emite Lubrication Low Boy Lube Gun. No. 6320-1; Gilbarco Gasoline Pumps No. 1 serial No. E5694; Gilbarco Gasoline Pumps No. 2 serial 1088970; Tokheim Gasoline Pump serial E3640; Air Operated Hydrolic Hoist No serial, which personal property is located at one half mile west of Needles Citv Limits on Highway 66 Needles, California, and that the consideration for said mortgage will be paid on or after 12th day of March, 1962. at the Needles 901 branch of Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association at 700 Broadway, Nee-j dies, California. Dated at Needles, California, this today at Mark B. Shaw Chapel Burial will be in Montecito Me morial Park. Friends may call at Rambler owner who wasn't satisfied a statement I can't make about any other The word gets around. And more and more people are switching to Rambler. In the four months since the 1962 Ramblers were introduced, sales were highest in history for any similar period! the chapel until time of services. HARRY F. ANKEJELL HERE is the most severe test of braking safety ever performed. Supervised by the Metropolitan Public Safety Dade County, Miami, Fla. it demonstrates what happens in case of brake damage. First, paper barriers were set up a few feet beyond stop signs at the supervisors' observation point. Then, mechanics simulated brake damage by cutting one hydraulic line in each of two standard production-line cars a 1962 Rambler and a 1962 com Graveside services for Harry F. Anketell will be held 11 a.m. today 21st day of February, 1962. LEE CHAMBERS (Mortgagor) A. ARLENE CHAMBERS (Mortgagor) at Mt. View Cemetery. CHARLES B. W1LMUTH Services for Charles Byron Wil-muth will be held 2 p.m. today at Mark B. Shaw Chapel. Burial will be in Mt. View Cemetery. Friends may call at the Easy way to compare The X-Ray Books available at your Rambler dealer's (see offer below) When other car's single hydraulic line was cut, all fluid leaked out. Brakes were completely useless. Car crashed through. When one of Rambler's two hydraulic lines was cut, one of the tandem master cylinders still worked. The Rambler stopped. CORNINGiffWARE STARTER SET chapel until time of services. WILBUR J. HILBURN Services for Wilbur J. Hilburn; will be held 11 a.m. today at Mark B. Shaw Chapel. Burial will be in Montecito Memorial Park. will show that, with Rambler, you get quality in every detail, not just where it shows that the 1962 Rambler gives you an estimated value bonus of up to $434 over other comparable cars. Pick up your free X-Ray car-comparison books, first chance you get. And take the Rambler Discovery Drive. Your Rambler dealer is offering a special incentive for you to buy now a special, money-saving opportunity. I CAN HELP YOUR HEARING! petitor's car. Cars were then started up in individual lanes, and the drivers slammed on the brakes on signal from the supervisors. You can see the results for yourself: The Rambler stopped; the competitive car crashed through the barrier. If one is damaged, the other works You see, Rambler's new Double-Safety Brake System has tandem master cylinders, with one hydraulic system for front brakes, and one for rear brakes. They operate in unison. But if one is damaged, the other still works! Without this new safety device, all four brakes in ordinary hydraulic systems will fail if even one line should be damaged and lose fluid. What it's worth to have these new brakes in an emergency cannot be measured in dollars. Yet, they're standard equipment on all 1962 Ramblers no other U.S. car at any price except Cadillac. An obviously better value Some day all cars may have this double measure of stopping safety. But, important as they are, Double-Safety Brakes are only one of more than 100 advancements for increased safety and reduced maintenance that make Rambler an obviously better value in product and price. Highest owner loyalty Because quality is an obsession with Rambler because Rambler doesn't make useless annual style changes but concentrates on basic improvements because American Motors believes in sharing its progress Rambler has the finest record of owner loyalty in the business. As auto expert Tom McCahill of Mechanix Illustrated magazine puts it: "I've never met a FREE CAR X-RAY BOOKS CAN SAVE YOU HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS! Authoritative 32-page Car X-Ray Books with illustrated side-by-side comparisons S4 L. F. DAVIS give facts, figures, specificationsreveal seen and unseen features and quality of all ATTENTION leading makes show you how to get a better, longer-lasting, safer and moreVouble-free car for your money. Hurry! Supply limited! Get your copies today-free at your Rambler dealer's. PENSIONERS! 9" Skillet with Covir. Vk DL Saucipan with Cover and Detachable Handle (Fits loth Pieces) NowSQ.88 bought seoaratily would be $12.43 You save $2.57 Discover how this miraculous freeze cook-serve ware goes Instantly from freezer to range top (and vice versa) without breaking. It serves stores food with flavor Intact and it almost washes itselfl All because it's' made of Space-Age Pyroceram. Ask to see our complete assortment Corning Ware, when you are ready to dd to your collection. OfVff Good from Mrvarf 25 (March ffrfcM go vp fa $12.45 en April 1, li NEVER ANY INTEREST OR CARRYING CHARGES Open Evening! Ton nliT entltlM to frkf. HEARING AID at no (mat to you under the (Old Are AManoe Law! Comei kin for FREE evaluation oij your hearing problem and further? Information. mm Battrle and acceiioriel for most makei of hearing- aidi Come In loonl The name you can truntl LRlLruUUL WORLD STANDARD OF COMPACT CAR EXCELLENCE Seacerir H. FLOYD BROWN. INC. 1011 Street San Bernardino, Calif. E. G. price ran CO. 397 Base Line San Bernardino, Calif. TU 43-2352 453 Street See L. F. Davis far Better Hearing if

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