The South Bend Tribune from South Bend, Indiana on December 3, 1966 · 1
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The South Bend Tribune from South Bend, Indiana · 1

South Bend, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 3, 1966
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FIRE DESTROYS RESTJIOME Patients Unharmed In Blaze at Decatur .TI Tribune's SpkM Swvlc DECATUR, Mich. - Eleven patients of the Riley Rest Home, four miles west of Decatur on M 40, were evicted into subfreezlng temperatures in their night clothes this morning by a raging fire which destroyed their home. The fire broke out about 7 a.m. In the attic of the two-story con verted farmhouse, then whipped through the frame structure be fore firemen could arrive. The blaze was discovered by a nurse, who awoke the owner, A, Z. Riley of Rt 2, Decatur. Grabs Fire Extinguisher Riley grabbed a fire extin gulsher and tried unsuccessfully to quell the flames. Unable to do that. he. his wife and the nurse awoke the patients and led them outside. 1 Riley said there was no time to save any possessions except the chest In which narcotics and other medicines were kept. After failing to extinguish the fire. Riley tried to telephone the fire department, but found his telephone out of order. He ran to the home of a neighbor, Harry Brandt, and called from there. When firemen from Decatur arrived, the patients were sitting in autos owned by passers-oy and flames had' lust broken through the roof of the old struc ture. . Fire Spreads Rapidly Within minutes, according to Fire Chief Myron Southworth the fire had spread through the rest of the building. Decatur firemen, despite the t aid of Volunteer firemen from Keeler, were hampered by 10-de eree temperatures and were unable to save the 14-room build- ine. Loss as a result of the fire is expected to exceed $20,000. The patients were transferred for the time being to the farm 7" residence 'of the Edward Sitter family at Rt. 2, Paw Paw, anoth er property owned by Riley. TERM GIVEN ELKHARTAN thf tribune' Soeclol Servlct ELKHART - Husted Lee Powers; 29, of 527 East St was sentenced in Elkhart Super- ior Court Friday afternoon to one to lOyears at the-Indiana -Reformatory-at Pendleton on - charge of theft. Judge Frank J. Treckelo also assessed Powers $126 in fines and court costs. Powers had earlier entered -guilty plea to the charges which were filed against him in con nection with a series of thefts from local motels early in No vember. -. SixWillTestify In Elkhartan's Murder Trial J) 'ml Wry . ' mm , ii I: ' V Th. South B.nd Tribun., Siturd.y, Dc.mb.r 3, l?66 3' Save-the-Dunes Unit Savors Victory Lauds Sen, glas Robert Mann, Edmunds, Na- Interior who was A VICTORY BANQUET - Save-the-Dunes Council Dorothy Buell, Ogden Dunes, president; members appear in a festive mood Friday night in Gary as Michigan City, 2nd vice-president; Allen P. thev fete themselves at a banquet on their sucessful cam- tional Park Service, Department of the Inl paip to save some portion of untamed dunes on the Lake . principal speaker,1 and Ray J. Madden, Democratic respre-Michigan shoreline for nature lovers. Left to right are Mrs. -sentaUve to Congress, from the 1st District. - Auoclottd Prtu Wlrtpnoto WORKERS VOTEbuinley Free on Bond SKID ON ICE AGAINST UNION N L R B Supervises Worker Ballot At Rochester In Rome City Killing Th Trlburw'i Special Service ALBION Raymond Quinley, 20, KendalMle, charged in the chooting of 125 E. Sargent St., death of a 15-year-old Rome City girl last month, was released from the Noble County jail on $1,500 bond Friday afternoon Noble Circuit. Court Judge "The Tribune' Special Service ROCHESTER Employees of the Indiana Metal Products Co., located three miles north of this city on U.S.-31, voted 21 to 10 in favor of decertifying Local 6876, United Steel Workers of Ameri ca, as its bargaining agent. Theplant has been strike bound since Aug. 4. It is a unit of Textron, Inc. The election was held in the Rochester City Hall under the supervision of the National La bor Relations Board. Official outcome of the election will not be determined until the NLRB rules on the validity of 28 chal lenged votes, A hearing for this purpose will be scheduled. .The company, challenged 24 votes and the union 4. None of the 28 votes are included in the 21-10 resultTThere were 59 votes cast. Ineligible to Vote . The company's vote chal- lenges were made on the basis that the voters have wnained "ubstantiallyequivalent' em ployment elsewhere and on a permanent basis and thus were considered by the company to be ineligible to vote. The union challenged one vote on the same basis and three oth ers as being ineligible "because their duties have been changed." Ronald Garland, South,Bend, is the plant manager. . John Hagen reduced Quinley's bond from $5,000 to $1,500 Friday. Quinley's attorney had re quested the bond reduction so his client could assist him in the pre-trial investigation and so he could work to support his wife and child. - Quinley had been in jail since his arrest Nov. 13 In connection with an armed scuffle at an un supervised gathering of youths at the home of Mrs. Edna Wert of Rt. 1, Rome City. According to authorities who investigated the incident, sever al wild shots from an automatic pistol were fired, one of which wounded Miss Sandra Pierson as she came to the aid of a friend involved in a fight. She was the daughter of James Pierson and Mrs. Max Wells of RomeCity. Youths Try First Aid Police said the incident oc curred about midnight on Nov. 12, but the youngsters tried to The Trlbune'i Special Service' ELKHART - Six law officers are scheduled to fly Sunday afternoon tox Churchill County, Nev.,'.to testify in the murder trialofHarjDldiaejtejr '21, of 136 Park Ave. They are Capt. John Yarc, Lt. James Kruse, Lt. GeraW -Schmuhl,Sgt. Stanley Colglazier and Inspector Phil Stiver of the Elkhart Police Department and Chief Deputy Charles Keck of the Elkhart County Sheriffs Department. . " - Suyette-is-chargeoHn-eoi tion with the shooting deaths of Mrs. Eva Briggs, 60, and her son, Dean, 36, operators of a truck stop near Fallon, Nev. The pair was killed March 12 at the truck stop at U.S, 40 and 95; - Guyette was arrested : early - ia - April ana reTurnsd to Nevada for prosecution. , I The result if it stands, will end unionization of the Indiana Metal Products Co. which builds fas teners and other metal items for the automotive industry. The election resulted from, a oetition filed by some Indiana Metal Co. employees with the NLRB alleging that.Local 6876 no longer renresentedi majority of the workers. - FaD to Agree Ind!ana-Metal-Co.-employees were organized Aug. 20, 1965, by a vote of 47 to 29. The company and the union failed to agree on the terms of the first work contract from that time until the strike started Aug. 4. ', A federal mediator held three meetings with the two sides' without result,- - The company later filed a complaint of unfair labor practices against the union with the NLRB. The complaint resulted in . an agreement by. the union with the company to halt violence and harrassment directed aLworkersjouowihg anjnvesu-gation by the NLRB. - apply first aid to Miss Pierson and did not call State Police un til about 12:30 a.m. Sunday, Miss Pierson died two days later in Fort Wayne's Parkview Hospital of a head wound. Quinley, was arrested by Noble Countysheriff s deputies, and was' taken before Justice of the Peace Frank McCarty, and charged with assault and battery with intenUo commit murder, Bond"warserar$7;500. Quinley later was indicted by theNoble-County grand jury on charges of voluntary and invo luntary manslaughter. Quinley has not yet been ar raigned. Judge Hagen continued Quinley's arraignment until Friday, Dec. 9. Supermarket Thieves Use New Technique HURTS DRIVER Auto Strikes Tree Just West of Goshen The Trlbune'i Special Service GARY Save-the-Dunes Council members got together Friday night for a David versus Goliath victory dinner at which Sen. Paul Douglas of Illinois was given a standing ovation." The group, 190 strong, met In the Marquette Park Pavilion to celebrate the creation of a Na tional Lakeshore Park in a struggle against Industry. Principal speaker was Allen Edmonds, assistant director of the National Park. Service, who Is the right hand man for Stuartfl uucui, acuciaijr vi wo Douclas National Park? The. Council, which carried on what appeared to be at times a losing battle against the en croachment of industry in the fight to preserve the dunes, cheered Sen. Douglas, their sa vior and guiding light, when his name was mentioned It was revealed at the victory party that the park may be named after Douglas, even thnuch he has indicated he doesn't want it. Most of the celebration was spent, however, in mapping future battles, setting down principles and listening to Edmonds. Set Sights on Landfill Before he spoke, Herbert Read, a Council board member, said the prime target of the organization this year will be Beth lehem Steel Corp. and its Lake Michigan landfill project. 'We plan-to fight. Bethlehem The Tribune'! Special Service ELKHART A new twist in grocery thefts has been reported to Elkhart police by supermar ket operators. The thieves take entire gro cery orders by driving up to car ry-out stations and asking for groceries purchased by otner persons and. driving away with them. The ruse is worked by watch ing for numbers assigned to gro cery orders or wserving names written on orders by store clerks and driving up as the orders are carried out and having check out boys place them in the car. The ownersof the groceries find their orders, which have al ready, been paid for, missing when:i1heyget theiF-carsand drive up to pick them up. Store owners said that they have had to replace several or ders in the pasj few days. Tht Tribune' Special Service GOSHEN -Larry E. Elliott, 39. of 1901 W. Clinton St.. Go shen, was injured at 9:30 p.m Friday when his car skidded off W. Clinton St. just west of Go shen. elliott suffered cuts on the forehead and bruises on the left knee and chest when his car slid on the ice-covered roadway and struck a tree. Elliott was westbound prior to the accident, which caused an estimated $500 damage to the 1961 model car. 3 Cars Collide Two persons suffered whiplash neck injuries in a three-car pile-up at Ind. 15 and County Road 38 a mile south of Goshen shortly before 1 p.m. Friday Vandals Dislodge 50 Car Antennae The Tribune' Special Service - GOSHEN Goshen police today are Investigating the vandalism of an estimated 59 cars In the Goshen area over night. William Madison, of 214 Wilkinson St., Goshen, found between 40 and 51 automobile radio antennae on his front porch early today. I. A. Miller, a W. Pike St auto sales firm, reported about 29 antennae broken off new and used cars on their sales lot. Police also received reports from Individuals who had antennae.- broken . front car tenders. ' Read Tribune Ads Adv. Miss Judy "A.. Ganger, 20, of 1603ft S. Main St., Goshen, was driving north on Ind. 15 and slowed for a left turn at County Road 38. A car driven by Leah L. Schu- der, 67, of Rt. 1, Milford, Who was unable to stop in time, struck the rear of the Ganger car. ' Unable to Stop A third car, driven by Harold E. MaGee, 27, of 2806 S.Lyons St., Indianapolis, also could not bo stopped and "rammed into the rear of the second car. square foot by square foot," said Read. "It is our Number one project this year. They may have the permit but they can't build it (the landfill) all at once." Read told the group that the Council's officers realized in 1959 that the fight to save the dunes CLARK PLANS OPENHOUSE Ttie Tribune"! Special Strvlcr- BUCHANAN - Open house at two new facilities of Clark Equipment Co. in Buchanan will be held from 1 to 4 p.m. today. Open for inspection by the public will be the new Clark Equipment Credit Corp. offices at Front -and Days Sts. and the new" personnel building on N. Portage St. was going to be a fight against Indiana's deep-water narnor. The Council took the stand, he said, of opposing the harbor, hoDine to relocate it in Lake County, or stalemating it. May Encourage Industry Edmonds, in his talk, dropped a surprise when he said that the park service will encourage in dustry into the area reserved for the port "to show that industry wn4ive-side-by-slde-with recreM accident, ation." A -master plan for the park will be completed in February and appraisal of property to be included in the federal preserve will start sometime after that. The national bill, which creat ed the park, will include 11 miles of continous shoreline on Lake Michigan; But purchase of the property probably won't begin next year, and perhaps noi even the year after that, Edmonds said. War Hinders Financing The reason . Is the Viet Nam war, he explained, wnue an ei-fort will be made to seek an appropriation from Congress for some purchases, it may not be Included in the budget because of the war, he said. Congress next summer will ponder the park and money for buying some of the property next summer for the 1968 budget. Until property is acquired, the state will continue to operate its Dunes State Park, which will be the center of the new federal preserve. JURY ALLOWS $27,500 AWARD ALBION A Noble Circuit Court jury has awarded a Mun-cie man $27,500 as a result of a Jan. 29, 1963, accident at Warner Gear Division of Borg-Warncr Corp. in Muncie. The four-day trial ended Thursday night when the jury ruled in favor of the plaintiff ir the suit, Harold Whitehead ol Muncie. Whitehead had asked for a $94,000 judgment against the Newnam Foundry Co. of Ken-dallville as a result of the 1963 He claimed that while he was driving a forklift truck and un loading a Newnam rounary truck at the Warner Gear plant in Muncie, the truck rolled forward, causing him to be pinned between the rear of the truck and the loading dock. TODAY! AND TOMORROW! ANTIQUES SHOW Hotel Elkhart, Elkhart, Ind. 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