The South Bend Tribune from South Bend, Indiana on October 7, 1968 · 24
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The South Bend Tribune from South Bend, Indiana · 24

South Bend, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, October 7, 1968
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v ir V ( W , erV s , 4 Mishawaka Office 1 23 Lincoln Way West Telephone-259-541 1 Covering i.: ecnon Mishawaka, Osceola; V ' r and Penn Township 7 4 t 24 SOUTH BEND, INDIANA, MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 7, 1968 HTV l ! -c . r 'I - 1 V t'-i V v v v v i. . .- n r nt -. - It - -i- f ! t' ! t f t y t GUESTS OF HONOR cation ceremonies Sunday of the Virgil I. Grissom - Middle School at Elm and Kern Rds., members of the family of the Hoosier astronaut and dignitaries from his hometown of Mitchell were given a special tour of the fa-' cilities by Dale E. Pettifor, principal. Inspect- DRIVERS HURT: r III ACCIDENTS Motorist Ticketed, Damage Set At $2,000 Two motorists were treated in St. Josephs Hospital over the .weekend for .injuries suffered in two -accidents-investigated by police. One motorist was arrested and damages to the cars involved were set at about $2,000. Released from the hospital about 7:30 p.m. Saturday following treatment for facial lacerations was Kennard L. Strahan, 32, of J10 Middleboro Avei, who police said was the driver of a car which went out of control in the westbound lane of E. 4th St., near Brook St, and crashed into a parked car owned by Robert Farrell Jr., 1015E. 3rd St, Strahan told investigating offi- "cers'Iie-wasforced'tO the right by an eastbound vehicle. Both - I960' model vehicles, were de-Z scribed as total losses. Injured 1nUTsecond -weekend mishap and also treated at the - hospital was Paul De Vliegher, 72, oL.57.515 Basswood Rd., Osceola, who suffered a head cut in ,r a two-car collision about 3 p.m. Sunday in the 2800d)lock of Lincoln Way E. Police said De Vliegher was going east on Lincoln Way, yvhen his car swerved over the center line rand -collided with' a west- Dr. Baughman, a polished orator "with a bank of anecdotal material, addressed an audience of 913 CoUepeSt..about-800 persons whoerowded into the cafetorium.- The-educator and author -of two volumes of anecdotes and bound car driven by Charles R. Hahn. 28. of .South Bend. Property losses were listed at $800 to eachvehicle. Police said -De Vliegher was ticketed on a charge of driving to the left of the center line - DEAN IS DEAN1 3S.ES PETERSBURG, L?la, , (UPI) Florida Presbyterian - College now has a Dean Dean on - its staff. She is Sarah Katherine :Dean, who is dean of women at I the college JOE SIMERI says HEY, OYSTER LOVERS! Just Arrived OUR FIRST Air Shipment of Fresh PACIFIC OYSTERS Oysters As Biq As Hamburger Buns $1.69perpint , 5.99per Vi GALLON Is V I 5 , Try Our CHOICE KEATS-CUSTOM CUT . See Us For Low Beverage Prices KORMAIfl HEIGHTS SUPER 307 E. Me Klnley , Mishawaka Ind. Phono 259-3077 ' Quality Product JOE' SIMERI Prop. . Following dedl-lng one of theconference rooms in the school P-H-M:Oorp. Lauded - T-- By JOHN D. MILLER Trlbuno Staff Writer Something always blooms in a well-planned garden," said Dr. M DaleJBaughmanSundayln reference to the planning and foresight invested by the Penn Harris-Madison . School Corp. in the Virgil I. Grissom Middle School. Dr. Baughman, professor of education at Indiana State University, was guestspeaker at the dedication of the newest P-H-M school. Special guests at the dedication included members of the family of Virgil I. (Gus) Grissom, Indiana-born astronaut front Mitchell, in whose memory the school is named. ! Grissom, along with fellow a tronauts, Roger Chaffee and Ed ward White, perished in Jam ary, 1967, when a flash fire raced through their Apollo mooncraft during a simulated flight.- Astronauts Kin Attend ('Dennis" Grissom,- 64-year-old father of the late Air Force Colonel; a brother, Norman, and his daughertIBeth,!' were. On hand fronrrthe-Immediate family. Grissoms mother remained in Mitchell, while his widow and children,- who now reside in Texas were unable to make the trip. Mitchell Mayor Jerry Hancock and Chamber- of Commerce, President Don Caudell also represented the southern Indiana city at the ceremonies: quotes for teachers praised the P-H-M administrators.-'Tt pays to gamble boldy lo. achieve this kind of quality, Dr. Baughman declared, apparently referring to the; $6 milUon debt whichjhe corporation incurred to finance the two middle Schools JA community- content with what it has done win never be known lor ' whatit can do, he addeL done library are, seated left to right, Norman Gris-somrbrother of the late spaceman Normans daughter, Beth and Grissoms father, Denn. - - efed the dedicat address. He 1. Standing are Don CaudeU, president of the ed penn.Harris.Madison School officials for ' MitcheU Chamber of Commerce; Jerry Han- - desi a modern schooI to meet tte gduca-cock, Mitchell mayor, and Pettifor. - - Citing the many innovations incorporated into the 140,000-square-foot, two-level structure, Dr, Baughman said Grissom School 4s functionalrflexible and estheticaUy pleasing. 1 And although I have no em pirical data to prove it, eager boys and girls learn better in an enriched environment, After all, he concluded, the whole idea of the middle school concept is to give's square deal to students at an awkward age. Other guests at the dedication were Mishawaka Mayor Margaret H. Prickett; former P-H-M Supt. Dr. George J. Huys, now superintendent of the Vigo County (Ind.) , School Corp.; Charles W. Cole, president j)f the archi- tecturaLfirniwhichdesigned-the school; -Eugene Talandis,- president of the general contracting firm which built it; Charles Soens, electrical contractor, and James Kidd, mechanical con-tractor. ' . Jay E. Beehler, P-H-M board president," introduced past and present board members who participated in the planning of Grissom SchooL Present' trus- EaglePointAccessPledged ) . By THOMAS JEWELL t Trlbon. StaH Wrlt.r ' The public "will continue to have access to Eagle Point over Vistula Rd., the St. Joseph Coun-ty Commissioners-pledgedTo-day. ; ' - Thecontroversy-overwhether to keep the Penn Twp. road from Barnes St.-open or closed to the St. Joseph River was brought to the commissioners today. - -No formal-petition requesting the- dosing of the strip dedicated as a road has been presented to the commissioners yet. -'- -z' But a Tietition with 221 signatures and requesting that the FREE SILVERWARE OFFER i F Your first 5 piece place setting Is 1 FREE when you open a savings account of $25.00 or more ... or add that amount to your present account. Additional place settings may be purchased for - $2.50 each. Choice ' of Elegant Lady or Tradewinds patterns. Matching accessory units may also be purchased at special low prices. , TRIO OF-EDUCATORS - Baughman, center, professor of at Grissom -. tees are Thomas L Nate, vice- president; Ernest A. Joy, secretary; Ralph L. AUen and Otis Davidhizar. Former--trustees Introduced were Clayton G. Beehler, Royce C. Frederick, Howard Hensler, Clarence R. Kelley, Elaine G. Magrane, Thomas L. Murray, Don M. Newman, Thomas Rym-ers, Earl DSchalliol, and S. M. Shobert. Praises Leaderslilp Dale - E. Pettifor,- principal, presided at the dedication and introduced Robert E. Wentz, superintendent of schools. Wentz in turn, introduced Dr. Huys and-praised him for the in- spired leadership he gave To The district. Dr. Huysshouldbecom- mended for -recognizing the needs of tomorrow, Wentz said, and he spent numerous hours in the planning of this school." ' It was during Dr. Huys term as superintendent that the Gris-somschool and its twin, the Paul H. - Schmucker'school were planned and construction started. Dr. Huys resigned in January toTakehisnnewzpostiand ,r road remain open was presented today. ' -- " Closing is Unlikely It doesnt appear that a petition to close the road would have much of a chance now, anyway. I can never forsee the possi-bility of closing it," County Com-missioner Marcel C. VanDe-Walje, D-Eastern, said flatlyZZ 5 Get Ready for Winter! BOAT TRAILER ..WHEELS RE-PACKED $2.50 DOMINY X. DoKUER 1144 L Jofftnoe S42I VMM mow ' 2-Iocatlons Mishawaka, Indiana ' ' y Seventh & West Streets LIncoW Way East & Church Streets Member of Fedarat Deposit Insurance Corporation Dr. M.Dale : education at itioflalneedszoLthe community.During an in--formal coffee hour which followed the pro--"gramrDrrBaughman chatted with P-H-M Supt. Robert E. Wentz, left, and Wentz' predecessor; Dr. George J. Huys, now superintend ' ent of the Vigo County (Ind.) School Corp. ' Phctos by Tribune Stuff Photographer School Dedication v the Schmucker school was corn- pleted late last Springy Dr. Huys, In his brief remarks, said he thought the selection of the school names was ideaL To the .students . of Grissom, Dr, Huys s advised, the ideals for which , Coloniel Grissom' lived and the things for which he stood can serve as ' goals for your lives. Norman Grissom, on behalf of his family presented Pettifor a copy of the book Seven Minus One: the Story of Gus Grissom, and asked that the school add it to its library. Students Take Part Two members of the first-year student body also took part in the dedication program.-Tad Warner.ledtheaudienceJn the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and MeloniejCatalino presented a brief history of Col. Grissoms career. Ref. Walter House, pastor of the Coalbush United Methodist Church, gave the invocation, and Revr Robert Oleson, pastor of the Zion and St. John United Churches of Christ, offered the benedlctioi ' His colleagues had spoken earlier. i Continued on Page 27 I!1'" THOUSANDS WILL MOVE MILLIONS TO VALLEY BANK AND DECEIVE A BIG , No minimum balance requlrod VE INVITE YOU TO HOVE WITH THE OTHERS - , The freshman band, the freshman chorus and the seventh and eighth grade chorus provided musical selections. Personswhq took a touroi the building, 'led by members of the student council, saw several unique ideas which are put into practice in Grissom School. A common area for students to relax and chat" with their classmates - or teachers . in a pleasantenvironment An instructional materials center which, in addition to books and other reference materials, includes individual study areas, and conference rooms. zzAguidance' ;enterwith four individual offices and a conference room to accommodate both individual and smail-group coun- seling. Fully-equipped science, foreign language, industrial arts, home economics, art and special education laboratories and A mammoth physical education plant designed to accommodate as many as five classes simultaneously. Gymnastics and wrestling are provided for in-the balcony' areaszBoth the boys and girls shower rooms are equipped with individual lockers and t e m p e r ature - controlled Following the dedication program and during the building tour, coffee, punch and cookies were served to the guests. Beiger-12 S t. A rea to Benefit By DALE Trlbuno Staff Writ!' Mishawakas Municipal Utilities will install the citys sixth electrical substation on the southeast side of the community, if permission is granted by the Common Council, It was reported to the Board of Public Works and Safety today: Vincent - E. Schirf, general manager of the utilities, said at the boards weekly meeting in city'TiaD today that the transformer, major item in the instal-lation, has been delivered and is ready to be installed as soon as the land for the new facility is purchased. The transformer, which will cost about $45,000, was ordered two years ago, said Schirf. - R Wyatt Mick, city attorney, said that under the new opinion given by, the states attorney general, the matter must be passedonbythe council before payment can be;madefor the transformer. He said this is true even though the item was ordered so long ago. Beneficts Other Sectors -Schirf said that preliminary plans call for the transformer and substation to be set up in the area around Beiger and 12th Sts, He said that while It will primarily serve the Reverewood section and industry in that neighbor-hood, the installatioriiwlll have direct and indirect benefits for other sectors. , The general manager noted that-he-has-been-concerned about the growing load which is demanded from three of the citys five substations. The new installation should alleviate some of that strain, he indicated, The substations which will be directly affected will be those on Virgil, "Logan and Church Sts.: Schirf said that the installation is almost mandatory before next summer. He said the load on thft citys lines grew tremendously this year, as the increasing popularity of air condition-ing exacted Its tolL'7 ' - Equipment Hard-Pressed ZWith theanticipated,increase 4m 4k a mimknw a! iioami C)Vit4 in the number of users, Schirf said that Jf the per-customer tor tal is the same, the citys equipment would be hard-pressed to keep up with the demand. Mick said that Schirf should also use the new form ordinance demanded by the attorney general in all other purchases, even when they are absolute necessi-ties.- Still in the area of the Utilities RRESCRIBJIONS COSTMNOtMORBB Bring Ui Your Presorlption Or ASK YOUR DOCTOR TO PHONE U: FREE PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY. r cm I'kZ (Mil THIS FORM FOR IIIFORMATIOII , If you have any questions about our savings plans, please fill out this form and mail to us. We will gladly provide you with the Information. Your Basil Address.. ...... City......: Phono COTTER will sponsor open house at the school beginning at 7:30 p.m. JTnesday.Abriefiuslness meetingjconducted by,Mrsfc Alfred Verbeke, president, will precede the open house at which time action will be taken on the annual budget. .. . Following the business ses-sion, parents may; vislt the teachers"- andview iomeof the work their children have been doing. The PTA chapter also will provide refreshments at a social hour in the cafeteria. 7 ...TT ... .7. 7- Department, the board added a new position to the salary scale to be presented to the Common Council.-The new post will be ior promotional sales manager, at a recommended salary of $500 a month. - ( '-Mick said that the positioirwas included In the departments salary schedule some time ago, but has never been filled, In other business today, $he board accepted the low bids of the Reed Construction Co., Mish-awaka.'for the construction of a new sanitary-sewer r lineron Ridge Rd.' and'Terry Lane and for installing nqw pavement in the same area. Reed submitted bids of $32,-756.30 for the paving and, $32, 412.05T - T ,i ' ' Basically the workls to be done under the Indiana Barfett Law, but- the city has agreed tu n i a .a share half the cost of the pavipg, under a program Initiated four years ago, and continued since then. .Under that program, Jhe residents pay for half the paving costs and the city assumes the balance in addition to the dost of surfacing intersections. SNOOPYI FORERESIDENT j Promises "Encouragement of free enterprise! HEADQUARTERS THE cardfair! . 106 Lincoln Way West i " Downtown Mishawaka IL J f . I A 0 0 0 0 m Ben - 4 0 -l r 4, m iOii e a a e e 4t y

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