The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1952 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 24, 1952
Page 17
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THTJRSDAT, JULY 84, 1991 OUR IOARDING HOUSI — witfc M.j,r Ho*,l« ARE v&u ffe/My/ TO DOCK A BUZZARD OF PLATES <? MISSUS SEES THI6 * ^teeo GARAGE, SHE MfW y x , HEAvJB -7l\ > TH& DISCUS ' ,TV4I&SS MARTHA IS OP (?ATHBUl4« OF OLD KENKUCK ' You COULD MftRCK A TKOEOUGH8R6D PA'SE SEVENTEEN KILL JOHNSON GRASS with Sodium Chlurate, &d^ r pure! Fine treated for dry applicalinn. *12.5« per 109 Ibi. A. H. WEBB CULVERT TII.E CO. Hiw»T SI. State t.lne—Phane 1414 CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Slits tip to 16 In. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sizes up to 84 In. A. H. WEBB Artnmatlc Flnod Gatm Concrete * Septic Tanks Scwtr Tile B«t Prices w f neliicr Highway 61 at Slate Une Phone 714 FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ 'Sell- That Staff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land . "About the only person on th« beach aii day that I'd to see start drowning!" Political Announcements Subject In Preferential Election July 29, 1952 For County Judge CiENE BRADLEY PHILLIP J DEER I. D. SHEDD For Circuit Clerk GERAJJ3INE Tor Slate Senator 8KN LBE BEARDEN HENRY K. HC-YT WILLIAM H. i BILL) WYATr For State neprescnlatir* KENNETH S SULCER For Post No. I In the days before the white man came. Kentucky wns known by the Indian.; as "The Dark and Bloody Ground" because of the anrs between the Iroruiols and Cherokees lor its possession. By Larry Sternig Ctr,,iytA 1952 fcr NtA Stoke, hie. to Kim to. He went I^OH three days Johnny had *• tried to be a man. Kor lliree days he'd tried to bear the grief of his father's death wifh the calm, quiet courage expected of John McLaren Hamilton in. At 20, lite for him had meant yoing to college, going to parties, and going a bit too fast, occasion- illy, in his convertible. He wasn't prepared for tragedy. Late afternoon o{ the third day be had just returned from the funeral. He -rat in his room, alone, thinking back over as many of the to years as h« could remember. For i moment the effort to be inanly WM Vx> much, and he broke down and cried. It didn't last long; tears wouldn't help ease the aching loneliness in him. His dad hud been his entire family. His mother h«d died when bf was a baby. He had no brothers or sisters, no on« close enough to 9* window and •tared out ovw the neighboring homes. It w»s spring and faintly chill outside. Out on th« farm, Kystrom would be exercising the colts, Jarvis would b« at the spring plowing. On UK farm he and his dud had b«n th« closest Then dad had spent most of hi* time, among the horses to which he'd devoted his life. The Hamilton ctable was one of th« finest In America. Johnny went doimjtalrs «nd told the servants he wouldn't be home for dinner. A few minutes Jatcr he wns out of the city, the convertible moving swiftly along the gravel road. A bit too swiftly as usual. He hit the curve a short distance from the farm entrance at a /spanking 62 miles an hour. And just around the turn, a coupe was parked directly in the road. Another car •was coming from the other direction. Johnny slammed the brakes the *ame time he twisted the wheel toward the ditch. TT was a rough, if inspired bit of handling, but the convertible took it like a thoroughbred. The car come to halt inches from the stone (once that bordered the /aim along this edge. Johnny glanced at his hands, •Rhich were shaking. Then he looked up into a pair of the bluest angriest eyos he'd ever seen. They belonged lo a girl. A girl with jet black hair crowning mobile, intelligent face. "Did you by any chance assunu this road was a race track?" sh« \vanted to know. along a winding road 70 miles an hour and you have the nerve to—" "Not 70," Johnny interrupted. -is ne reauy proud; Me aiway "Only 82 miles per hour. Not too talks to me about it as though I'm fast tar a PAT Ihis ri^sa * ,,, n rt:~,r, ™.«. >,,i *_«i rr_ __•_- , the left rear tire of her car, which •\vas flat. "Only a girl would be thought- iless enough to leave a car on tlv to change a lire," he said. sh« «cho»i, M MrecUr «M« W «i« hou*t were the stable! This WM Johnnj'i ittberiiance. the blue of her eyes was almost black come racing fast for a car this rize." She started to say something, but changed her mind. She turned back toward the coupe. Johnny watched her. "You have th« Jack upside down. Turn it around." He stepped from the car. "Let me help you." "NeVBr mind." Sh« kept her back toward him. She was trying to forc« the jack underneath the car, Johnny said utently, "7t doesn'l go under lh« axJ«. It's i bumper jack." 'A bumper jack?" She stared at him wonderingly. "If you'll pull your car ofT the ?"?: * h _ e ™..!» T on>t *" • danger traffic, works." I'll show you how It . She did as he suggested. Johnny worked silently until he opened the luggage compartment to the spare. The spare tire was soft. get Johnny shook his head. "It won't cto any good to pul this tire on. Didn't you ever have it checked?" She shook her head. 'Oh. well, ' . it doesn't matter. This l» my , man with the truck farm?" Johnny uncle's farm, right here, and he can send a and—" "Your uncle's interrupted. "That's right." "Is your uncle's name Jarvis?" "Nystrom," she said. "Mr Jarvis just works the land; my uncle - .--._- 0 & ... rtiscs horses, racing horses." She ?.!..ul". ny l s . a , n P? rcnl a se. a Sirl looked at the convertible, up at Johnny's smiling face, and the light dawned in her ey«. "Golly," she said, "you're—you must b "John Hamilton," he said. There was a silence. She gulped, Johnny looked from her eyes to and then they were both laughing the lack in her hand, and then to Johnny wouldn't have believed a half hour ago that he'd find laughter. this day "You must think I'm pretty awful," she said, finally. "Trying to fool you about the farm—" "Hot tea iwlut" Jobuar You sing, show, or uncle is very 'You're Carol O'Shca. lave your own radio will have. Your proud of you." "Is he really proud? He always though I'm wasting my talents." Her voicf changed. "Of course, I could have made a career in serious music. 1 had quile a number of really attractive oflers in that Held, and— "I think you'll outgrow it, Johnny said. And they were laughing again Johnny offered lo take her ti th« farm in his car and she climbed in. They were just turning into the drivev/ny, between the flanking elms, when she asked "And how's your father, Johnny? "He died—three days ago." Silence. Johnny turned. He. face was white, in shock, ami there was moisture in the blue. blue eyes. Impulsively, her hand touched his on the wheel. She remained silent, but her slight touch was the most comforting gesture he had known these past few days. Below the sprawling house here. Ihe fields stretched dawn to the brook on one side; this was the horse pasture. Directly east ot the house, but some distance back were the stables. Behind them, the half mile track. This was Johnny's Inheritance 1VYSTROM was coming up fron- the stables as they stood there He was a tall, thin and bony mar. with a shock of near-while hair with eyes that seemed to have faded to paslel blue. Carol greeted him and said 'I've a flat lire. Uncle Ed." Then as an apparent efterthought, sh, added, "Again." He was smiling. "And the spare s soft—again?" She nodded. Nystrom grippeo Johnny's hand, tried to say something, and then shut his lip? firmly. The plump, amiable Mrs. Ny- slrom appeared in the doorway and Carol ran lo meet her. Ed Nystrom's gaze followed her He was still smiling when he jpretly turned back lo Johnny "She's the limit, that girl." he said. "Bu 1 she has a wonderful voice.* CTo B* C«nUnu.dl We'll Il-r. then • ne* IooV--*nd • longer lease, oft life' (ARK.) COTJRTEK OUT OUR WAY FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS QMS WITH THAT ? US KIDS ALL KNOW HIM WELL--THAT:S WHAT we CALL HIM AM' THAT'S WHUT HE CALLS jTH' MILK JUST TH'SAME, LET WE HAVE tT/ ILL' WRITE MV OWN ORDERS TO THE MILKMAN WITHOUT THE "HI, BALC3V AMO THE 'OWE QUART OF SUMMER GARGA-6V MM c*u.iw<& HEAD QUARTERS AND SAV SOT TWer BAM< tY // I VWOULDH'T ASK HIM TO WRITS A COULOM'T HWE PUUJNED , IT &STTEE. MVSELF, KID .' 'SPECIALLY YOUK,TeU_IN<3, COPS YOU HAD THE BMJK. OOUCH I AND MOW YOU'M M)SSfM& WHY MOfHERS_GET GRAY Benefit by Reading and Using Courier News Classified Ads A SPACE ^HIP^APPROACH- IME £OLVEP 5P4CE FIKIH& OH l&! DOWN TOOK AWAY FROM TAIMEZPES.MK . SATISFACTORY? ,- WH6«E THAT CAME ttrOtt. NOW PU& WILL TAKE CAKE OP SOU EWTBZTAIN VOL) TVIS A\AM YOUK SPDKE TO YOU CHIEP WITH TEAKS/ HUE Akjo BREATHE; I TUSB& AMP McKEE.lOOKWG UEEY WE KNOW HE LEFT HIS CASHEWS HERE, BUT PUNNO VMWCH BUIt-DlW HE WENT K)l AU 1 Vfi CWJ'T FlklD A JOSEPH De W3LLE 115TEP- JOB THE / THEN ! / HIS NAME IS \ 1KKED NELL KHoyww ponce OKIES! W. CASINO'S PENTHOUSE-i/UNKIND THINGS *E LOfT me W6R.K00HTZ' THIS 15 A DARK. D*W IM THE WS TORVOFART! TOU w THE PAST! YOU'VE BEEH A JEWEL you HAVE no 1 HECK no INTERE6T IN , EXCEPT FOR THE QUEEN ) V/HA.T6HE OF SMEBA? I MIGHT KNOW A! DO VDU KNCW OP ANY SUCH/ MO. PHR5ON, ,-f NOTHING S15 WE HEARD HER Our A CLJ6TV BAW1. .JU5T AS WE CAME OVF.K 1 Television- Tonite, Tomorrow WMCT, Memphis THORSDAV NIGHT, JULY 6:00 Groucho Marx 0:30 Gene Autry 7:00 Gangbusters 7:30 Democratic Session 10:00 Break the Bank 10:30 News 10:35 Film Featurett* 12:00 Nes-s 12:05 Sien off FRIDAY. .rUf.V 35, 1953 6:45 Test Pattern • 7:00 Today 1:25 Nc'*s 7:30 Today 7:55 News 8:00 Prologue to Pnturt 8:30 Breakfast Partr 9:00 Mrs. U. S. A. 3:30 Strike'It Rich 10:00 Storyland 10:15 Love of Life 10:30 Search for Tomorrow 10:45 Morning Meditation 11:00 Film Peaturette 11:15 Garry Moore 11:45 Guiding Light 12:00 News 12:15 farm News 12:30 Homcmakers Program 1:00 Bl? Payoff 1:30 Johnny Dngnn 2:00 Manhattan Matlnet S:00 Hawkins Palls 3:15 Cabby Hayes 3:30 Howdy Doody 4:00 News 4:05 Berl Olsvranger 4:30 Space Cadets 4:45 Kartoons 5:00 Meet the Stars i:15 News 5:25 Wenthei-man 5:30 Those Two 5:45 Mews'Cnravan, 0:00 Curtain Call 6:30 We the People 7:00 DoonvnV to Danger 1:30 My Nephew 8:00 Sportsreel 8:30 Bill Dny 8:45 Judge Cherry 9:00 Albert Gore 9:30 Playhouse of Slar! 10:00 Lightii Out 10:30 News 10:40 Ask Me Another 11:10 Industry on Parade 11:30 News 11:40 Sign Off How Fast Do You Drive? It rn.iy he that yon don't rtallj knnvr—your upeednmrtrr can be defective. And THAT'S K rr- ousl Let us check it tomorrow. W« five I-Day Service on Spctd- omeler Repair for all makes of cars and trurks. Then you'll K.VOVV how f»jt you drive! T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. RENEW-RESTYLE SMOC SHOP M a i - • —

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