The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 24, 1950
Page 11
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FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 1950 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BLYTHEVTLLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MJS.C, I KNOW/ V GIMMB tXJ HAD VOUR J ALrTTLB HEART SET OM \ TIMS RETIRING AT \ ONTHAT IT> I A PAV UtCE.-CO TO ST*/ \ ER.TWO CWAWHU-E-WEU. THAT'S TH 1 MESS WTTH W SETBACKS.' HE DIP THE ' /THST NONE 5AMH THING XCTTHEMARe «f SKTV-FIVE, AW WOW/THEY ear ANOTHER } OF SEVEMTV MATT/ AMD I MEEP VOU. OLD eOMTNUTY Our Boording House with Moj.Hoople TO EAT M AV AND OATS.'/ _ _ ***** ^-^jf^^SM^ &\ Ree*iL»4fi z India Sets Aluminum Goal NEW DELHI, India (AP) — The target committee for the, aluminum industry has set 3,550 tons as the production goal for this year. Committee members observed, however, that the industry is hampered by Inadequate supplies ol electric power, petroleum coke and gasoline for trucks transporting bauxite. //v A-J : COHDITIOH How'i your watch running r= lfi«M daytT 1t'» noTl Will,. || have our «xp*rt repairman . ^ pur h hi' A-l condition, = Prompt, •fTietent r*a»nabT« EE twice. = DBEIFIS MntDrnFni . :iui\\i;M \i\i\ IIOMS II HIHPHH. HTTHmtll AM I By Rupert Hughes Copyright 1950 by Rupert Htffcet ttif. by NEA SERVICE. INC. T1IR STORY! Afm Aulca F*l- •icr fo'nnd hrr fathrr wttk hi* »kul] rruNhed by a Ink telephone. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores t For Improoed KIDNEY FUNCTION llfct a majority of ea*w investi- C°fd in several hospifaii and clinicj, subnormal Kidney (unction woi improved. Bladder poin and discomfort reduced after the use of Mountain Valley Water. 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But Stivers went to him and said: "In the first place you've got no legal right to inspect these papers; and in the second place, I can use this desk. I've got to write some labels for these prints, and I mighl as well write a lot of them at once." Kelso hoisted himself reluctantly out of the chair and sat on a marble bench a little aloof; but he watched Stivers with a fascinatec and baleful eye, Afler the ScientiBc Investigation Division man had photographed a goodly number of prints and recorded them, or simply liftec them with tapes, he glanced up the stairway and said: ."He's probably got a bathroom up there and his shaving mirro and soap and other things ough to give some perfect specimens I think I'll go up and lift a-few.' Taking with him his camera, a spool of tape, his phials of dust ing powder and brushes. Stivers limbed the steps and disappeared rom Kelso's sight—as Kelso did his. jTfHEN Stivers came back down the steps, Kelso was at the ipposile end of the great studio minutely examining Paul Maody's complex model for khe National Uectric Building. Slivers could not see him at first >ut at the sound of his steps Kelso came out from behind the model, tried to crush his beaming smile into a look of compassion. **Too bad this guy Moody won't never finish that job." "Too bad!" snid Slivers and sal at the desk to finish his work :Ie was just making his last records in his notebook and packing kit for departure, when he ic.ird a footstep. He looked up and snw a man whom he assumed to be Paul Moody. The man who entered looked like a sculptor. He lookec like sculpture. His head and features seemed modeled with keen knowledge of bony structures am as if with pride in them. His long hours in the hot sun beating on tennis courts had tanned him til he had almost the look of bronze His features were set in a stern and fixed expression of anger and wonder at the intrusion, but his eyes were alive and gleaming. ; His shoulders were square, his torso solid and powerful, and the hand that held the cigar he had just taken from,his surprised Ups was a potent hand, a hand that Stivers had been coming to know very well from its fingerprints. But to make sure of the man's identity Stivers said: "Who are you?" "Who are you?" came the echo in a belligerent voice. /'This happens to be my studio." "You Moody?" said Kelso. "Yes." "I'm plenslameecha. I thought uM took a powder on us." "A powder on you?" This with ome bewilderment. "That's what I said. But here *ou are. You've saved us n lot of hoe leather, and everything will )c just dandy if you'll come along quiet." "Come along where?" "To the slalion'house." "Why?" ' "As if you didn't know! It's all up, brother. We've found old man Wendell Palmer right where you eft him laying after you croaked lim." "Croaked him? .Wendell Palmer is—is—dead?" "Dead." "My God! How did it happen?* 1 "That's what they all say. But don't ask. Tell me. Better yet, you can tell the desk how you done it in self-defense after the old man made a heinous attack on you." • • • ^TUNNED as if he had been smitten on the head, Paul's heart dictated his first cry; "Poor Azalea! Poor Azalea?" That's what we all think. She's a nice kid. You'd ought to thought of her before you put her old man away." : , Paul turned from the gloating Kelso, to Stivers. "You tell me what's happened. Is it true that her father—Mr. Palmer—has been—has been—" Stivers nodded, and hated his" own share in the business. **Mr. Palmer's skull was crushed with the base of a telephone. The Medical Examiner found him DOA." "DOA?" "Dead on arrival. I'm the fingerprint man for SID. I've been taking these prints at the house, and now here—on orders. If your prints weren't on that telephone, you've nothing to worry about. If they were, you've g«t plenty to worry about; for I've got the prints.** "But I never touched the telephone." "Then you've nothing to worry about Fingerprints don't lie." (To Be Continued) rides with you are perfectly thrilling, Godfrey— I didn't dream one could get so much healthful exerciM titting down!" FRECKLES AND HIS FKIKNDS BY MEKKILL B LOSS Kg Could U Be? STOP GWPtNO ABOUT THE- AMD I THINKS HE 1 LISTEN Tb / Knows MOWE? * /rrfSSBk, I DO/ A Timely "Call" EVEN THOU6H MR. SUGGEST THAT CHRISTOPHER SKI DWD AWN'S H | IL , M COULDN'T HAVE KIDNAP6D HIM, «R. FLINT. 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