The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on November 20, 1960 · Page 63
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 63

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 20, 1960
Page 63
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History in Iio .linking Witnesses ' Tell About Skidoo Slayer Lynching (This is the 47th article of the ninth historical series. The scene remains in the Death Valley region where two old timers teamed to tell of the famous April IPOS lynching at Skidoo. These articles appear Sundays in The Sun-Telegram.) By I- Bl KR Bi;iJ)i:x Fifty-two years ago last April a saloon keeper in the Death Valley mining camp of Skidoo shot and killed one of the camp's leading citizens, a storekeeper named James Arnold who was manager of the camp's leading "department" store named the Skidoo Trading Co. The assailant, Joseph Simpson was co-owner of the Gold Seal down past Owens Lake, over the Saloon. His partner was Fred Argus Range at Darwin, down a Oakes. Simpson, habitual drinker most sketchy sort of a road by of his own wares, was lynched way of Modock, across the Pana-during the following night by a mint Valley and up to Skidoo via crowd of some 60 citizens. Wildrose Canyon. Sheriff and cor-. Before slaying Arnold. Simpson onrr reached Skidoo to find both fid held up the cashier of the Arno,d and Simpson dead. The Southern California Bank obtain- toner's jury returned a "muring J:'0 from the cashier. Ralph domi hV drunken Joe Simpson" ft Dobhs. at the point of a gun. in ,he Arnold inquest. In the Following the holdup citirns had si"Pson inquest the verdict was f onrrd Simpson, taken his revolv- "riicd b-v strangulation, hanged by ir and given it to Oakes for safe ""known parties." Cook recalls keeping. Oakes had hidden the ,hat ,he Hrr was not hesitant pun in a stove where, unobserved, in "Pressing his approval of the had located it and set 1-VIK"mn3- 10u nave saved Inyo lounty thousands of dollars, he is said to have stated. Simpson's chances of livinj SAN BERNARDINO SUN-TELEGRAM D-7 ins rmi vouiu ik-mh, . struct and test operate the boil '"v. water tpe reactor. proton pe -f' ,1 ron kilowatt reactor. Simpson had located it gt gunning for Arnold. PARTICIPANT THI.S TW.K On the night of Nov. 1(1, I960,1 seated around a Death Valley F.n-cvnpment campfire at Stovepipe Wells two Death Valley old timers, now in their eighties, recalled a sharply a though it had hap- un til the sheriff reached SKirioo grew darker by the hour after the shooting of Arnold. The man already had a bad record. He had been put under peace bond some pened last week "the story of " s M,0Tf ShnS UPt hotel in Independence. Peaceable enough when sober Simpson, unfortunately, was generally drunk and habitually mean when intoxicated. Because of his penchant for liquor he was universally called "Hootch" Simpson. DKATH BRINGS MLKNCE Constable Sellers' tent had Simpson's lynching and one, after remarking he guessed the statin of limitations had long since passed, told of his personal part in the vigilante action in which he had been a leader. These old timers, George Cook, ?",' of Lone Pine, and Bill Keys 81, of Joshua Tree, were both mining at Skidoo in the spring of clowd cf 60 mfn around it and I'VS. Kaeh of them spent moreJ-vnch talk was prevalent from the! than 10 years in the Death Valley i;,art- Whpn ns of Arnold's1 region early in the current cen- doath "rived Cook recalls that tary, Cook arriving at Skidoo IU(Te was a sllfMrn nus" followed from Bullfrog soon after the boom hy whispers. Then most of the camp had been founded high in crowd Mt- that niht- b Dip P.-mnmints Kpv had Wn in piearran-ement. some 60 men Death Vallev since coming up ''""Sregated at the temporary from Manvrl in 1902, had located Jal1' Ccok and one otllor m;m cnt and sold his Desert Hound Mine lnsldc and ha,llrd Simpson out in the Black Mts to a Roston 1,1 KU,UQS " w lnat lne WJ l nere w as no vigilantes worked A noose was put around I vnrl to anH uac in CUHnn fnm. ""l rtnrartlv n vmttA in enmo nrnc- ha iris foctinrr in 4 Via fn M-"-" lit ij iv-uu't ji i iic v.ui' , - poets tonwood Mts. MINI R fiO YEARS '. Meeting each otlier for the first time in nearly a half century and wth an audirtice of several hundred listening to the stories they spoke into the microphones the and over Simpson s neck crossarm of a telephone pole. I There he died. In the morning the body was cut down and bur-iied. Constable Sellers went around jCamp and asked if anyone knew w ho the vigilantes were. Of course nn nn& Primitlod ha Hirf Tlio nnmn pair, Interviewed by this writer, Hi,nr Iwolintwl thp nf, , h , repot ts :,.(! 'r)ar.rJ0A uith ronrral an- proval." The little weekly news paper concluded its detailed ac- if aTnAtc'a ; ' !i ........ i? .. V ' rf:;" ! -fT'Xfrt. H V fell J cv.. -r f - t- - till W4:.-'.J ' -'w' - - : - x yM' h:;T :f;6 West Berlin Mayor jSS M?-JZj.riffft J Willy Brandt yr.terday ,5 ' SI ft- i8 KM 4w---- i r '-T- . - PraisMrt rresident -elect jonn fc-, " if f; - y 'iV'WvV--?'' -4 - Kennedy for his stand on Berlin -i !-' Jk ' Mt-V-' -V dent of the Vni.ed States. Kenne. JJSHS'tf I " H'' I1 IMWW tWO . -a"d I my also add that of A irS-.". . ix ' , rXtVr 'TWftW'i. ,rjt Paime-have been defended in fc ' ' ' I rW . J fej, " -- . ihrlped to exclude the possibility . -l - ;Cr ;::rttw u w vit.::-i : ' ,of any doubt du. future E ' i 1 1 :: j ! AEC to Negotiate On Nuclear Power Plant in LA. Area RKF.KF-LKY il'PIi The Atom ic Kncrgy Commission announced it will negotiate with the A'lis-' Chalmers Manufacturing Co. frr con-truction of a Kiiowau nuclear power plant in the Los Angeles-Pasadena area. Allis Onlmers submitted a bid, one of many, of SlO.W.rO. The firm would design, con- for the AKC said. A spokesman stid the nuclear power plant would serve as a pro-tots pe for one producing 300,000 kilowatts of power, aimed at reducing power coMs. When completed, in the 'plant will be operated for the ACE by Turbo generator r acuities for a minimum period of fie years. Allis Chalmers will train personnel for the testing station. The site, in Haskell Canyon, would be pro:ded by Los Angelej and Pasadena, the spokesman said. Managing Editors Name 10 Directors WILLIAMSBURG. Va. IAP)-Ted Durein of the Monterey. Calif. Peninsula Herald is among 10 new directors named here by the Associated Press Managing Editors' Association. They succeed men whose three-year terms expired. The other new directors are F.mniett Pedmon, Chicago Sun-Times; Kvcifst P. Derthick, Cleveland Plain Dealer; I. William Hill, Washington Star; Edward T. Stone, Seattle Post -Intelligencer; Mason Walsh, Dallas Times-Herald; Richard L. Young Jr., Charlotte News; Charles P.owe, Fredericksburg, Va., Free Lance-Star; W. William Churchill. Nashville Tenncssean, and Bob Eddy, St. Paul Dispatch. told many details of affair that escaped the carried in the "Skidoo News" April 25. IOCS. of look was interviewed ursi. flii-;count of the murdPr and er telling how he had spent nearly ln witn tne moraiiation: .tdis i.i u.c iiiiumi; ui.ip; Loca' gunmen are already in kyn Tonopah south to Death al- a chastened frame of mind. Would ' " lllt: K'"i" he Dadmen, as they bowl HiOng !pno County, he spoke of gravi- the road on their triumphal entry Citing to Skidoo from Bullfrog by 0 skidoo will note the number, rhp old trail that descended Day- the stoutness, the great convrn-light Pass and crossed the north jrnre 0-L the telephone poles, and tut of Death Valley by way of reflect thereon. It is a matter o! Vif sand dunes and the famous deep regret, but it was the will Jmer hole known as Stovepipe of the citizens." Vflls. At Skidoo Cook was en- mi) OVKR C.IKL Kgcd in mining and was, inci- It is possible Cook and Keys - -'AO, Bonanza Air Lines Becomes First All-Jet Line in U.S. THEY WERE THREE George Cook, upper left.f and Bill Keys, lower left, witnessed the hanging of Joe Simpson at Skidoo in April 1908. They told about the event at an evening campfire during the Death Valley Encampment. To the right are two recent photographs of ISkidoo as it appears today. The Keys photo is of added interest as he is pointing to his name carved in 190.) on the side of an old borax wagon abandoned near Mcsqtiite Spring. 1721; Samuel Johnson's dictionary appeared in 1775. 'Sudden Death' of Red Pilot Reported MOSCOW (AP The "sudden ing since Y.rh and had heen death" of one of the Soviet l'n- test pilot 17 ears. Red Star said ion's top test pilots, Col. Alexan- he had pioneered 20 types of The ending of its last DC-3 stop flights between Thoenix and der G. Vaselchenko, was report- planes. Vitally, a friend of the respected are the onlv two remaining Skidoo srrv'ca mis momn estauusn co- - eo i.pip jfMnu-j, imp hhh.-u . limes Arnold He was close about residents of 1308 who witnessed nanza Air Lines as the First All egas and Reno. It also makes nouneement in Red Star, organ of First English dictionary was !tn Simoon the drunken man. the Knchin-. Cook, the 33-vear.'Jct-Povered Airline in America, possible speedy short range sorv- the Red Army, gave no details of compiled by Nathan Bailey in fctd held up the bank and later old miner in that year, kept well announced by the firms ice on the intermediate - stop how or when he died. Vien th oven dnmker .Simnson'the secret of his nart as a leader 'officers. Ontario International Air- flights, and the short non-stops i Vaselchenko, 49. has been fly W waved back with his gun of the vigilantes. of line'f, st?Ps- lke v?n,anot top(,LasvVegaS &A shot the storekeeper in the Keys, in his campfire interview,! Less then hvo years ago ' a stun-Las egas to Thoenix. in k. knort aHHed some Hetail ihnt hav-P nev. nmg new silhouette' in the west-, "Most of the cities Bonanza 'Arnold received immediate er been printed. He brought out,prn sklps- th first slpck- new sen-es now have comparable or1 radical attention from Dr. R. EM motive for Simpson's grudge F-27A Jetprop Silver Dart airliner, superior airline service to that en- iraedonald who earlier had been against Arnold. "Both men were wa mirouuceu vy Duiwiud ah joyea cy ciues many umes men e of the men to disarm Simp-i crazy about the same girl," Keys Lines on its : routes. sie,'' states Edward Converre, 'ih. The plivsician staved at Arn-1 recalled. Keys does not recall the ,f , ih 'president o Bonanza. It s a sir- oDd's side most of the afternoon , gin s name. I r." - V . lw, , V ! flihtin" to save the wounded' Also when Simpson had found m P h- J-powered Silver Dart on Air Lines, for the cities and area, Ss life Arnold however died his hidden gun and weaved his . Bonanza flights marks a new it serves, and for the airline in-j Srlv in t'h evenin" way into the Skidoo Trading Co.'s standard of operational capaoihty pastry generally. What will nap-i 'tuvrmt iiairw itiKiF store ne accostea Arnoia asKing, ' . .,,,.,.. t ,. , -w. "li'uicJ-'Jim. have vou eot anvthinei Throughout the con- retired? They're being sold." 1 '"n ' 'against me." Arnold answered in version to , M0 per cent operation tpebhs but had turned because tlie negative saying, "Nn Toe I w',n ,ne Rolls-Royce-powered jot i .u: : i, .i- nron m ver uan. tionan.a im.s ..dmeone made a noise behind ., h ' ' ' d realized record-breaking traffic :En Simpson grappled wUh n". an enviable record of depend- 'T mT,lnTnoct 'down" t ' Sersat, n me'ab.lity. From passenger to pilot. ;cr having been knocked down. He the F.2TA Sllvrr Dart has become 'thihle and several others. Dr. '.jiirdonald had his rifle out and 'itiuld have killed Simpson hut for fV fact a drunk, Cordon McBain. Truck-Car Crash In Mississippi Takes Five Lives In his ugly but hazy mood Simp-1trmrn'!ous,-v PPlllar-son seemed to fancv himself a Dlie ,0 i,s 3,10 m-P-h-hero, bvstanders recalled. in'-ht timcs have bcrn cut 'ine' DRUNKARD FLKKS !third- The Passenger capacity 4 humnmnc ciHeii-M if v,mer has en;.blod Bon.uiza to handle in- kn. . niaM in 1, anA a creased demand. A pressurized head-on co ,c ih f TR,;n cabin gives the comfort passen the dnTnken' miner who had got'- Kers become accustomed to Brandon. ten hetueen Dr T.-.eHnnaM anrl on the trunklines. Its radar equip- The highway patrol Simpson when the' phvsieian was ment find higher cruising altitude the dead, a'.l passengers in the trvin t thnAt tho "WW t... also guarantee ma-imum comfort automobile, as Mrs. (javther t. .fwffed and taken to Sellers' tent. acti;s made the miners and safety. Cole, 32. and her two daughters.; ;TJe constable then deputized four mad A!1 ct Simpson deserved he eNtra large windows and Cathy, 3. and Barbara. 1: Mrs. timers to serve in relays as t0 be shot and McBain had, in a hih vinS of the Silver Dart give V. Q. Cole Jr., 34. of Rankin ;pf;ards for the prisoner pending srnse thwarted justice. He was, cvcry Passenger an un-obstructed County: and Minerva Magee of Srrival of the sheriff and coroner ,;nk. w-i ,, U anmh view at all times. Because the Puckett, their maid. . . . . ! T. , , . ... !k(nt getting in the line of fire. 'During the scuffle one of Simp-mm's bullets passed through the shirt of Constable Henry Sellers. !Al'er Simpson had been disarmed 'tile second time he was hand- BRANDON". Miss. (AP Five persons were killed Friday in a isinn of an automobile and a pickup truck west of identified .from Independence. tent. That night when he had so- F-27 has a fast climb-out and re-! Sherrv Jean Cole, 2, a daughter There was no direct connection je'd friends told him Simpson fIuires n0 run-up of engines be- of Mrs. W. Q. Cole; and Luther B. between the mininz camD and w ynn ,naA a fore takeoff, elapsed times on all Shows. 43, and George Holloway, idunty seat. Sellers telephoned; (McRain) was next flights are reduced even more. 74. of Mendenhall were injured .iis call to Independence over the, MrRain fled from ramn hittinel The s;lver Dart ls ideally suited critically. ;S$idoo telephone line which term-(he traii for Bullfrog and Rhyo- for Bonanza's medium range non-j Investigating officers said the : collision occurred w miners Pvhnmed Simnson's driving the pickup hen Shows, tpjek, at- pvited at Rhyolite. Ttirre it was rltP Camp jokesters reported Mc- 'Slaved to Coldfield and on to a P.;iin still nmninc uhen he had litrin ; fewer station near Tonopah reached Stovepipe Wells and body for a second hanging which temptea io pass iao ouw ; lnjmed Divide. From Divide a glancing back to make certain made the newspapers. The re-.clos pflwer company telephone carried pursuit was not too close. Actual- hangings were repeated several wi Vnfo ! the message by telegraph to Ow-ly the miners just wanted McBain times for the benefit of various i MOW WOmen VOic ;ifts Valley. Sellers' message got to do what he did and leave men w ith cameras, both Cook hnd ST. PETERSBURG. Fla. UPI) Ith'rough in a matter of hours, camp. He was just a nuisance. Keys recall. Those miners want- Gov. Lrroy Collins said the rea-Jiftwever. When Simpson was buried Sun- ed to assist the press, particular- son women voters are so interest- fMTK'KIW ARRIVK jday morning it was j' the start iy when a fellow had lugged a ed in the wives of political candi- pt was another three days lie-'of some five or six burials. On camera all the way across Death dates is because "there are few fie the county officials traveling Monday a reporter reached Valley's sand dunes to record an men who have higher standards rj horse drawn rigs had drivenamp with s camera and the oboutstanoUng historical event. ithan their wives." WM. 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