The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1950
Page 13
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,*u*iLAT, W I, » 1HBT1LLB <AKK.y urBoording House with Maj. Hoopfe OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams IM -rue AIR -^, f SIDES TWe CAULIFLOWER HAD LAST MIGHT.' MA.30R IS W6ARIMG ,TH« ABSENT LOOK.- STATESMAN USUALLY GETTING MAV owwae COMING OOWU WITH |> ATTACK OF THE- OOT OP HIS SHELL CHIRP1NG ABOUT A MEW 5TEAM- HEATSD INNER olitical jnnouncements The Courier News Is authorized to ,nounce the following candidates the general election, November For Alderman First Ward Harry Tnylor Znri Ward J. L. (Jodie) Nrtbers Alderman [4th Ward) Charles Lipford J. Wilson Henry \l) SELL JSED&NEW 'URNITURE PHONE 2112 •ffcCAMZTOKILL FARM LOANS I Cates Wiggs Co. ! REALTORS Phone 27SI Blj th evil io what did YOU do with your Yo» e»n yet »n extra pair of shoe* (or winter at home just by leUtnK jour shoe service nun "do over" your vacation sho«. Gel an Extra' Pair Thronph Shwi Repair. H-flLTCRS quTY SHOC SHOP ! I W. M HIM ST. Concrete Culvert Tile Siirs up ID 36 In. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sizes np to 84 In. Automatic Flood Ontrs Concrete Seplic Tanks Metal Seplic Tanks Sewer Tile B«lt Prices We Deliver A. H WEBB Highway 61 at State l.inr Phone 714 HAIRY VETCH Balboa Rye, Barley and Seed Wheat. For Fall Planting Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 We«l Main B!}thevi!le Phone 6S56 xxvm "AjV boys found her," Sheriff Purdy hastened to explain, "at the old Lick Williams place over the ridge. Locked up, the house is 'sposcd to be. Windows boarded. Williams': gone to Miami to spend the winter with his daughter, like he does every year, so when Johnny saw smoke this mornin' . . ." His voice trailed oil, caught again: "But sh« says she ain't seen Peter." "No?" Leeana held her breath at (he suspicion edging Mart's voice. Then he said, "She lied before. Why not now?" Sondra gave him a tantalizing smile. "Why should 1 lie to you, Mart?" She lingered over his name, caressing it with her lips. Leeana saw the red start up from Mart's collar, saw his lean jaw go square and uncompromising. "1 was afraid—simply terrified! —ol Peter. Mart, you must believe me!" She flung a disdainful look at Sheriff Purtly. "He talks as it I —as if 1 had killed poor Miss Maggie, when I only—" "Only what?" Purdy'i voice was like ice. Sondra bit her pretty lip. "You :'don r t know what k means bo be ! afraid to tell the truth! You can't ;know! Peter told me he—he'd kill me if 1 told. And he will! Where ,is Peter?" "If I knew that, Sondra," Martin .Preston said softly, "I'd know who ! killed Miss Maggie— and Miss j Aggie." "Agalhiil Is si.c—oh, no!" The harshness that had been in jLceana's heart began to melt. Son- ;dra swayed and would hive fallen ; i/ Mart had not sprung forward. Jasper Thorne and Mrs. Car- j stairs took her away a few min- lules later and the sherill sent a t man to stand guard at her door, ! Purdy was not, he informed them, . taking another chance. He couldn'l afford to lose another witn' against Peter. "Are you sure it's Peter?" Leeana haled herself for asking. "Well . . . reasonably," he said finally. "Why not?" "Why?" Leeana countered. 'Peter might have been telling the Irifth — same as Sondra might " jyflRTH flickered up in the sheriff's eyes and his tired lips stirred into a grin. "You're jealous," he accused. "You saw her in Mart's arms, which, by the way, seemed to fit right nice. Eh, Mart?", 'Quiet, you," Mart laid good- naturedly, but the thoughtful look did not leave him. "Lee—listen. 1 want you to tell m« everything. From the first." "But I have. So many times." "Again. Start with before Miw Maggie was killed—early that day —and take your time. I want to know every breath you took, every move made by everybody in this house." To Purdy he said. "Sit down, Clem. This wilt lake a long time. But it's good—I think." The sheriff pulled a straight- backed chair up to the table, tamped tobacco into his pipe and announced he wal ready. "For anything—only don't marry him, girl," he warned Leeana. "He liked holding that blonde." Leeana grinned at him in spite of herself, but a moment later she was wondering ij she would ever smile again. Apprehension cut a deep swath through her confidence, withering everything but the tear that Had been with her ever since she had lain on that stiff uncomfortable old hall sofa and heard Peter and Sondra fling murder in her face. All that first terror, linkc j now with the vivid memories of Miss Aggie's death, gnawed viciously at her compo5ur«. With infinite attention '' she told her rtory, hoping hooe that k would be enou*fc_ Thai Dr. Lindquist CHIROPRACTOR Phone ,1170 615 Chickasawba GIRLS! WANT TO EARN $125-$175 MONTH? Become a Beauty Operator Enroll Now in New Class Tnilmn R*asonahle G. I. Approved EagEe Beauty School 124 N. Second Kl.vI Neville, Ark. N U - W A Laundry & Dry Cleaning Call 4474 HEMORRHOIDS (PILES) KEROSENE & FUEL OIL Dial 4091 or 740 Shirley Hipp' rOUR FRIENDLY' .AGNOLIA DEALER *RED 0 SPOT PAINTS—GLASS—WALLPAPER MIRRORS—GLASS FOR FURNITURE Awnings—Venetian Blinds—Auto Gigs* AUSTIN & WICKER Phone 6207 — • 112 S. First _ Blytheville FRECKLES AND HIS FBIENDg BY MERRILL BL088 Wrong Seal* r _ 'I : > *WfTA LI C6! «?A6Btr BOOO AMD y. | °«yr.«f<iSE-AND FORWHAT? ^USb i LOSE W Ma* MUCH HAVE LOST f JUSr BECAUSE THE COACH SAYS MUST LOSE- O POUMOS / MP «Y Ntn SIBVICE. INC- T- M, ntc u. t. t Al, 0*F "I had the clearest dream last night! It was 1952, and butter cost eight dollars a pound!" PRISCI-LA'S POP You've Got to Know How BY AL VERMEER SHE'S NOWHERE TO BE FOUND... AND Out of Cruiser's Line BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE I'P £MO«6 APPRECIATE rr, cp<msei»i. I'LL TO*V3««oyv. foe* ~n-f.\\ HICS cur sv.rrcHEf.'/our NEcessme* NOT WtTHOUr LUK- LET u* EWTBM CAPTAIN EAS BY LESLIE TURNER r _ •££ }^riCT,$ c ,!£ %'. ] T£lK$&Kg \EMj? T ' m^KH^\ ^3%gS^?k K c'&g S2K I•' »"«DS! SUcYsW E&E T 5 f*& Jg? T S^rJf/rA l* 00 **^ BENEFIT OWLS! AS >»U HtUl K PEOPIES...**! 1 SO«AD TO 86 / DRUIING HEGOWGTO h KNOW! «_li ^. V^U£-m fOK JWMI ftp- t " < -' v " NC3 MIMI DEESLIkE TO SUE v „_„ vou roe SPEECHES of '»io? u cwi Si zt PROMISE, BUT sue W»E i MIDI'S tscoe NO CHOICE EEF— ^ HE COlWPSe BUGS BUNNY The Safe Wa THAT YOU UP FOR THB WHCH-« COURSE OF TWBLVl LES90M«i VOU'RE NOT QUITTING ALREAOV, ARE VOU ? NAVA// I'M GONMA FINISH SVERV LESSON... On Second Thought— the sun would shine again at Thorne Hill. Would it belong to Pops now? No, of course not Miss Maggie died before her lawyer, Devens, could come. Peter i had seen to that, lie and Jasper would inherit, share and share' alike, now. Jasper and Sondra would live in luxury. . . . But it had not been Jasper with whom Sondra had gone away. She had gone with Peter, even though he had abandoned her at the old Williams place. Left her,/she had said, until he could go to town for a train and a bu« tickei so they would not be seen leaving Thorne City logcther. And yet Peter had hated Sondra enough to write that letter to Miss Maggie. ... He must have hated h«rl CHE stopped talking, looked " straight at Mart Preston without seeing him. It wasn't—yes, it was po s s i b 1 e, too! Gradually Wart's questioning face cam* into 'ocus. "Okay, Leeana," tt* ordered gently. "Out with it" "They hated each olhor, Mart. Sondra and Peter." "So what?" "So they wouldn't have gone away together. Why should Sondra leave Thorne Hill with a man she hated—when Jasper will have just as much money DOW u Peter?" "Sondra doesn't exactly worship Jasper, or 1 misi my guest," Mart observed dryly. "Maybe not. But Jasper is comfortable. Like an old shoe. Sondra could wip* her feet on him. SI likes that, even if Thorne Mill pretty dull. It gives her a senr. of power—security she wouldn: want to lose. Sondra lived hard before she became'-Mrs. Jasper Thorne. Miss Maggie knew It. She didn't want a—a showgirl in the family. Bad foe Uw prestige, you know." ' "Just what are ycm trying to say?" Mart asked. T^eeana took a deep breath "Sondra killed Maggie »i< Miss Aggi«. And Peter it tei too." (T. I Jaryit, hove-James bring fh* car'around. I with to go to GfNFRAL CONTRACT PUR- CHASf CORPORAT/ON for a fittfo loan." BY V. T. HAMLIN I WAS ONLY TRYING \ YOU'LL JUST HAVE TO TO HELP HIM DREAM I FIND SOME OTHER V UP THE SECRET OF I WAV TO FIN/kNCE "i^TS^wLTHgoyRiEo X youR ?^^ TRIP TREASURE! / V_ TO VCNUS... BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES It's Catching BY EDGAR MARTIN

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