The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 24, 1950
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 1950 Th« Nation Today: Labor Relations Board— Congress Will Settle CaseofDenham,NLRB HOUSING By James Marlow WASHINGTON, March 24. (If)— Congress will settle the case of iobert N. Denham, general counsel »t the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). His case is causing a lot of heat In Congress. Labor unions and employers are watching the outcome. This is how the story goes. Under the old Wagner labor act, passed In 1935, the NLRB was pretty much full boss. It could call up an employer on charges of unfair labor practices whenever It saw fit. W liner Act Repla<«d But In 1941 Congress replaced the Wagner ret with the Taft-Hartley •ct and at the same time made some changes In the power of the NLRB. It did, that by creating the Job of general counsel, which has been filled by Denham since T-H passed. Now suppose a ttrlion or a boss complains that the (Ither has committed an unfair labor practice Under T-H it's Denham. not the NLRB, which decides whether the comDlalnt is worthwhile. If he thinks not. that's the end of It. The NLRB can't consider it over his head. If he thinks the complaint has merit, then he can let the board hear It and give a decision. This gives him quite a lot of power, independent power. There are four men on the NLRB Chairman Paul M. Herzo-;. James Reynolds, John M. Huston, Abe Murdock. T-H Is now almost three iars old and for much' of thai Denham has been feuding with x board members. Quarrel Wide Open The quarrel broke' wide open las Jan. 13 in New York when Denham made a speech attacking the boari members and their actions as pro labor. It seemed certain then tha something was going to bust some where. ••'.-•• And It busted March 13 when President Truman suggested tc Congress a plan for abolishing Den ham's job. But more of that In a moment. Mr. Truman and his Democrat ne pledged to wiping out T-H They've foiled so far to do thai Organized labor wants It done. Am both the CIO and AFL have callec for Denham's ouster, charging tha In carrying out T-H he's prejudicec In favor of employers. Businessmen, who don't want T-I repealed, have backed Denham. An< o'\ly this week the U.S. Chamber o Commerce protested to Congress against taking away the powers 1: Denham's job. Senator Taft, Ohio Republican and one of the authors of T-H, Is fighting the President's plan ^hiock out Denham's job. *T Called Political Move HB has called it a political mov to amend T-H after this Congress In spite of Mr. Truman's prompt ings, has failed to make any change In it. Under the President's plan th NLRB would have a counsel bu he'd be under control of the board This plan of Mr. Truman's affectin Denham is one of 21 the Presiden offered Congress March 13. All 21 plans are called "reorgani lation plans," and follow, more o less, recommendations made by ommission — headed by former resident Hoover — for Improving ne government set-up. ' These recommendations were lade a couple of years ago. Only bout 20 per cent of them have )ecn put Into effect so far. This •ould be raised to 50 per cent If he 21 plans offered a week ago get y Coneress all right. "Plan Doesn't Follow (Senator Taft says the plan In- olvlnrj the change in Denham's ob doesn't really follow the recommendations of the Hoover Commls- ion.) This is the point: Congress doesn't lave to vote for the plans for them to go into effect. On the contrary. Every one of hem will go into effect unless a najority of either the House or Senate votes against them within 10 days after the plans were Introduced, which WHS March 13. So if the foes of any change In Denham's job want to block the 'resident's plan on that, they'll have to muster up a majority "no 1 p ote in House or Senate. They may lot be able to do that. Meanwhile the fight Is going on. Russian Experts Worry Chinese TAIPEI, Formosa, March 24. (AP) —This Chinese Nationalist capita stirred uneasily today over report^ that Russian experts are streaminj to the aid of Red China. Chinese Communists are maKs on the maniland opposite Formosa and Hainan Islands, the two big Nationalist islands. They have threatened to drive the National isls out of their last strongholds. Nationalist reports tell of an In. flux of Russians rnto mainland areas opposite the islands. Some here fear the Russians can give the Chinese Reds just the quarterbacking they need. Some Nationalist quarters say the best way to checkmate the Reds would be to Invade the mainland before the Communists strike. Others say the Soviet aid will boomerang. They argue that the presence of large numbers of Russians will convince the Chinese people that Red leader Mao Tse-Tung virtually has placed China in Soviet hands. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Continued from Pag* 1 citing of the contract was denied >y Chancellor C. M. Buck or B]y- hvevllle and his decision was ap- >ealcd to the Arkansas Supreme Court. The tribunal's decision Is still Tending, but the contract was signed contingent on this ruling so work could proceed. Jesse Taylor, attorney tor the Authority, said erms of the contract provide that f the court's ruling Is against the Authority, the construction firm will be paid for what work has been done up to that time. Then the BHA will advertise for new bids and ~e-let a contract. If the court rules n favor of the Authority, the present contract will stand and the work continue uninterrupted. Challenge Over-all Contract The Little Rock contractors are allenging the Authority's right to et an over-all contract and assert that an Arkansas statute requires separate bids for electrical, heating and plumbing work on projects costing more than $10,000. Included in the project begun yesterday will be one, two, and ihree-bedroom duplex apartments. The duplexes will be one-story brick buildings. The apartments will be furnished with gas ranges not water heaters and space heaters. The area will be landscaped and drives will be laid out to open on Division and Tenth Streets. Two similar projects are scheduled to be erected by the end of 1951. These include an additional 15 dwelling units for white occupancy and 75 others for Negroes. A survey has been made to determine location of the Negro project but the site has not been specified as yet. A similar survey will be made to select a site for the other white Birth Certificates Made Confidential Information • CHICAGO fAP) — A growing number o[ states are putting the "confidential" label on birth records. The aim Is to protect children who are illegitimate or adopted. The American public Welfare Association saya 14 states now are using that plan and six others are expected to put it into effect this year. • "Once filed, the birth certificate becomes a confidential record," the Association says. "It can be seen or copied only by the individual concerned, his parents, guardians or attorneys or by officials authorized by a specific court order." Good-bye to banging when SLATS-O-WOOO. Awnings go over doors, windows and verandas... because they're sturdily anchored fo form a part of the nous*. Permanent as the fine wood of which they are made, SLATS-O-WOOD vtntilaud awnings bring lasting comfort at low wsl. They let tn the light—but keep out the sun. Coax the breeze—but repel rain. Custom-built to iit the line* of your home, a personal call by our designer ij essential for an accurate estimate •o' cosl. To insure early installation, phone NOW (or i n j 5 f,^ se^e. SlATI-QWy»jy Hurry! Hot Much Time Left to Enter the 1500 SLATS-O-WOOD Contest. All Entries Must Be in by Wednesday, March 29. KEMP WHISENHUNT & CO. 109 East Main project. Survey to Set Rents When the first project Hears completion, a PHA survey will be made to determine a basis for setting rents and eligibility of tenants. Mr Brooks said this survey will include level of rents at that time, average ncomes and size of applicants' fatn- lies. Rents will be used by the Author- ty to repay the federal loan granted tor construction of the units. Terms of the loan are 40 years at thret per cent. When the indebtedness is ' retired, ownership of the units will revert to the city. Three Biytheville firms hold contracts for appliances and heating equipment. Hubbard and Hoke received the contract for the ranges Vlartin and Allen for the water heaters and Weis Butane Co for the space heaters. Stanley F. Nichols Co. of Memphis will do the lawn and planting work. Phone 4469 PAGE K1VE Russia did not adopt the Gregorian calendar under which most of the world operates until 1918 Also Co-Hit BURT LANCASTER in 'ROPE OF SAND" • CARTOON • First Biytheville Showing SUN.-MON. BLYTHEVILLES ONLY ALL WHITE THEATRE Last Day • 2 Big Hits TMIMF BUNH1 E» THKU MUBDtatl STREET WITH Ml NAME Sal. Only • 2 Big Hits JIMMY WAKLEY In "Cowboy Cavalier" "Miraculous Journey" FOR SALE Concrete cnrrem, 12 Inch (• M Inch, plain or reenforced. Atoo Concrete BiiMini Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chickf • houses, pamp homes, tenant house*, tool sheds. We 4cUrer. Call n for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Ph«ne fSl. PHI BETA POPPA-Channing M. Page. 56, of Rochester, N. Y.. was pleased to learn that he had received a Phi Beta Kappa key for recent work at the University of Rochester. Page finished (lie four-year course In two years. Page doubts that his son at Dartmouth can tie his scho- | lastic record. A light raindrop is 125 times large as a mist particle. Nervous Holdup Man Shows up to Haunt Victim BALTIMORE (AP) — Waitress Ethel Tawney was alone In the nll- nlght restaurant when two bandits barged In and announced a stickup. One, nrmcd and masked, ordered her to lie on the floor, told RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Friday & Saturday "WEST OF THE BRAZOS" with James Kllfcon and Sterling llayden Cartoon & 1st Chapter at serial Salurday Owl Show 'UNKNOWN GUEST" with Vielor Tory and Pamela Ktake Sunday, Monday & Tuesday "CHICAGO DEADLINE" with Alan Laid Warner News i Short her "I am more nervous than you," and helped himself to tlOO from the cash register. Upset. Mrs. Tawney had herself transferred to an uptown branch of the restaurant. Two nights later, she was held up again—this time by Just one of the two bandits she had met earlier. "It's getting routine," Mrs. Tawney said wrily, "WASHED UP 3 MONTHS AGO ...TODAY THEY MADE ME ASSISTANT MANAGER!" Here's freal new* for you if you*ve been lioiliercd by excessive fatigue, constipation, weakness and 'nerves' due to Ihe fact that you do not get enough li-Vilamins in your iliet. Bl'.vd Sperial Formula, « new scientific product, combines the im- porlnnl Il-Vllaniins will, Iran! Also Choliiie, Inosilol and Liver In supplementary quantities. Everybody knows the importance oj Iron in your diet it lielpi the hotly to Imilil RICH, RED Ill.OOll. One capsule of liexcl Special I'or- mula (that's all you lake a day) comainsS limes the minimum daily requirement of Iron. Aha 5 limes tlie minimum daily requirement of Yilumiu B,. Mr. Harold Kaufman, 6 Kver- green Ave., New llrile I'ark, I.. /% says: "Only tl.rco months ago I was dead oji my feet.. .couldn't work...wus]icd up. Then 1 slurlcd taking Dcxcl Special Formula and wham I ! started up again like a ball of fire ... the Loss noticed ..'. ami today ilicy made me assistant manager!" Try Diesel Special Formula your, sclj. Vou gel your money back if you don't feel decidedly Letter in 30 days! WOODS DRUG STORE BLYTHEVILLE Sunday national broadcast* ' of Ihe Mormon tabernacle choir In Salt Lake city are In -heir 21st year. : - : NEW Box Opens W«k Days 7:00 p.m. Matinee Saturday A Sundays 1^1.-Sun. 1 p.m. ConU Stuvinf Manila, Ark. Friday "BELLE STARR" with Randolph Scott, Gene Tlerney and Dana Andrew! Also Short! Saturday "GENTLEMAN OF ABILENE" with Allen "Rocky" Lane Also Short* Saturday Owl Show "ABANDONED" with Dennis (VKeefe am! Marjory Kambeau News & Short Sunday 44 Monday "SOUTH SEA SINNER' and Donna Reed with Mac Donald Carer and ill Carter Also Short* NSATIONAL REE OFFER! NOW VOU UN BUY THIS EXCLUSIVE GE WRINGER WASHER FOR ONLY With Gravity Drain Hose ••-And With Each Purchase You'll Receive Absolutely FreeJ 1 Re|. IS 95 Double Rinse Tub -PLUS- Look at These Features: • Gleaming White Enamel • Inside White Porcelain • GE Activator Washing • 8 Lb. Capacity. Truly a Sensational Value! 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