The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 13, 1931
Page 5
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JUNE 13, 1931 BLYTHEVILLE, (AUK.)' COURIER' NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents k word for first Inseriiori and one cent » word (or eneh subsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken for less Ulan 60c. Count thi> words &rjj send tl!C jash. 1'hunc 306 i-uit KKNX l-'OR HENT— Furnished b room flal, luia Webl Walnut. uu-Tf Aimliiii'iu lor rail. i. P-K17 tOOM AND BOAKD— H0111C COOkCd meals, clean airy rooms. Mrs. T. (. WiUsou, 112 East Cherry St. 'hone G02. 10p-kl8 Oil HKNT-5 room, unfurnished uiiarimcm. MOUITII. West' Main Alto!;! lie;it. flume 417 or -W. I2C-K1U WANTED )• lULTKi 1 WANTL1J—-\larfcel ptl- | Its. any (luauuty. Marilyn iiai- U iry, 21U a. Fmnlli Si. UO-Th" k WANTED — Family \vuslimgs or ^ general housework. Airs. Dora VJU.-11, 2207 16th St. IT WANTED — Hay lo tale. C. G. Btnitli, I'hone S2( or 1502-F2. U-iiC-TF TT^ri;'^- -,JT^ J ^^-«- '" F^ n •-•'*• ' must be financially "able to opeune own truck, servicing retail grocers..To person; eiiialitying, tnis proiwsition olfers great o|)|X>rlunily for a good steady business. Write Box Ili4, New Orleans, La. Ambitious, reliable man at once. Permanent position. Hapid advancement. Steady, persistent effort necessary. Honesty essential. Write fully. Han every town, distribute circulars, full-spare time.-for National Advertisers. Unt:sua! earning possibilities. Experience unnecessary. No selling. Write Speck, G40G No. Rockwell,, Chicago. Closing Stock Prices A. T. & T 1CD Anacoiittu Copper 21 3-8 Auburn 1G7 1-1 i Caterpillar Tractor 24 Chrysler 177-8 ; Cities Service 11 1-2 Ife'ocu Co!a 124 Continental Baking .... Generii! Electric 39 1-4 General Motors 34 1-4 Montgomery Ward 19 1-4 New York Centra! 00 Packard 1 1-i Radio' 15 3-4 . Simmons 12 7-S : Standard of N. J 35 1-4 Texas Corp 20 .U. S. Steel '.. SO 7-8 New York Cotton NEW YORK, June 13 Cotton cloed barely teady. Open High Low 800 BOJ 849 901 022 . 034 Jul Ocl Dec . Jun jMar UT2 901 021) 934 S54 974 (UP) - Cloro 855 893 917 !K8 047 Spots quiet at 3G5, off 5. New Orleans Cotton CUP) NEW ORLEANS, June 13 —Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Cle-K! 870 870 852 850 9CO 900 888 892 922 D22 910 914 0331, 02«b 953b • 9401) 9(3 073 %7 907 Spots steady and unchanged at S43. ! Jlil • i Ocl ; Dec i Jan • Mar May **' f "^"~ J- *• •tnnif »M.-,,,f ^^^ M-*T ^Jt,'««*J^^r;j».*.- V.» mnrf ty RUTH DEWEY QPOVES ? v ^ J^J^^ISaa^ in-Kiix 111:111-: TODAY lillllVI, IIOHI)i:X tu,,ri. n rndlo rnrrrr »lll u r i|, Jior furun her bM|i:1v*M li^r fur TOM.MY WM.. SII.V. nU,> |, riiRiiKril llt | u . r 1,5,11. •I»LT, iiir.vK uvi-:ur/i-r. Vnunx I'llTNTIS-S (iAYI.ailll IMIJ. nin'llt lloii lo llrrjl iinlll Irciio >ni»i> he l> rich nml Irl,, l u ,v| n hl m . stm mien ever/ ^vlli- r«> furcr u hpti-ay |ir.i[i»k:i! a* ,lic h:i, iiroiuUril lo murr) 'I'lMiiti]}. 'I'«tiniiiy Inxr^ hTj* puKllInn nnd Irvuc l» ^l;nl or ibu rhnin-o lu hrrnk llir-lr rn^iiKcnifHt for I'rrn- 1I>» tin. JLIX iiruiiKird. In d c «.ialr ^ ..... »i> tlrltik)* hfnvlljr nnd Jw!n-« r»ll i^niL^nluiih. l-V:irIHK nt-rjl'n linger in IJIT di'L'fll, Irrnc *\l[i* un:if .1111! mnrrlm fri-iilli». Tkra «hp Ivtophniirji l]ic llt\>* hnnir. lu-r>l dpvphtii^ Iliront Iroulilp nnd Hit drtflor nd^Ihrs rcfcl. Stift c-^lolicji cull «hllc M-<-kln;: 'I'.ininu to ln-^ htm in h-nvc f,E s lioixlr^- 1:111^ KUHU. llrr tlironl l)rcuiiii\H ivnrM.' nnil fthr lrarM-« lUnt iicr Kln^hlK drtjfc lire uvvr. \Vlicn Tommy n-nll/VM uTkc bnji lundr IhlK Kn^rlnre -to Mn%c him he rclnnu*. Ki'lo .ittolhrr Jub rind *farl» uUhl vi>ur<»'« Co finish <iill<*Kc. llrryl Is hnliiiy unlll Irnlp uu^r- rrls ^^l|t| l' r cu[i>s nnd viMiirH ln'tiii; to j;ri it divurv-f. llcrjl'j* tf-trtt n« >ili(>, r^nllri's Hint Jri-iic l« Irjln^ lu ^vIll liark 'ri'iiiiu;', i,,vr. jius. i:vi:inn-r (|ui-Mloi!M Irene nlyutlt d.illy Irl- tcrt \Uilrli n hc l« rccvlvln^ tnim oollsb Ideas nml Iniaglno they're' going to feel tho F.IIIIO for Iho rest ( Ihelr lives, and .ill that, bul It locsn't amount to anything." "It eould amoiiiil lo tionictMng to l girl whoso husband Is Retting n <U- vorco from her," Mrs. Everett said ominously. "The hoy lives lu O.ik- bile, doesn't,he?" Ireno lifted hov eyebrows. "The ostnmrk?" she eald with nn InlScc- tlou that brougut a flush to her mother'^ face. "What If I dlil look nt It?" she allcnged. "Many n mother would liavc oiiencd these letters and read them!" "Yes?" comes lo that I'll leave." Mrs. Kvcretl waa aboul to retort In kind when Lor husband's volco arose from below, calling for his lircakfnsl. Tho iiilcrrurillon prevented what might liavo been a ^ou• i;o o.v WITH j-iii: CIlATTKll XL s'runv pi'cJ furiously had becu do- llglitrul. The next day wlicii tlioy started for Oakilulo It rained. Drlv. IUK was (linicult nnd Oiij'lord was lircoccupicd puzzling over Iho hest way to tell his father ot his hasty marrlnge. Irene, tlroil and cross, showed her Irritation, nnd their day was spoiled. bnek over tho shorl -*- period o[ her marriage Irene blamed Haylord for every dtflloully. Ho Ii:u1n't rared whether alio cu Joyed herself In his old honio or I not. AH ho could think ot was the Irciio returned. "If |t| sl «P factory, nnd hunting. Ho left icr whole days and nights :it n line and camo back with nothing nit a conrlo of wild ducks to show or bis (hue. What men could sco n silling for hours lu n heat hid deu hi a bunch of seaweeds, Irono serious (piarrel bcl'.veen toother aud ilauglitcr. • » • » HKN she was gono Irene seized W7I1EN ' v Hie 1 the letter and toro it isilo bits without reading il. Why couldu'l Derry havo some 'sense! She'd RS. EVEUETT was looking nsktd him time and again not to M ! Icr to Irene. -The girl took it and ! a ccnt she'd uot answer ono of his letters again, liut then, tlra lo!d serious as she hanilc-il tlio lel-j wrilo to her <Ia >'- For half l>ut it on the stand by her bed without a second ylancc, waillna to be alone- to read it. Her mother assumed a firm pose nnd said heavily. "You won't like it. but I've made up my mind to ask who writes tboso letters to Irene was surprised, and showed It. "What?" she said, silting up in l>ed and looking as though else couldn't tinilc believe what Ehe had heard. Imagine her mother coming nt her like that! "It's a ninn. and I know It Is." her mother went on. with the bluut- IICES ot the timid suddenly tccom- ing assertive. "You may think you're able to take care ot yourself. but I'm your mother, and I want to know what's eolna on." herself, "the youtiy idiot would hotfoot it from Oakdalo ami spoil everything." "Everything," w.-n Tommy. Jns ! Ehe other evening before lie't started for school, Tominy'd said that Illrts "onsht to bo shot." 0 course she hadn't meant to eucour ago Uerry hut Oakdalo hadn't hcei very entertaining. There v.ere a lot. ot girls who wcro jealous couldn't understand. "Irene, 1 ' her mother called up to icr, "I've mado 'somu mulh'us You'd belter hurry dowu 11 you want them hoi." Ireno iml n dainty foot on tin soft rug hy her bed and fat will ono knee swung across tbo ciJier. Phe was still engrossed in tho hardships of her It's with Gaylord. Of courses her flirtation with Dc-rry had been a mistake, but It wouldn't havo amounted to anything it Gaylord hadn't found out about It. Ireno hadn't forgotten what he said to her, his faco while and furious. Slio continued to smart over his refusal to forgive her after sho had "humbled" hcr- Eelt to ask lilm to do It. Then -the conditions Gaylord had laid down! Ircno wondered that cause" Their mcVTuBibfo'Ton'm silc llai1 a fc' rccl) lo tllcl ". '»* Bhl • lind only to call to mind tho vision of her husband's countcnanco as Worst of all had been the ma- ho Blared himself to understand why she had ilono BO. Sho would marry Uerry. Onylori 10 co had marrying Tommy now mil having to wait for him lo Kel oinewhoro. Tlioy could livo with • icr family and she'd,.hov,o n|l,,hcr,i own money for clothes.' this would certainly uo beUcr.UUu.'marring' )orry Mcaiio ami bocquiing a social-,, lu bokrlale.' ' ' <- ! ' TlT| ' " •< H,t<", 'i! ,.,.r', T.TOW conhl she ever havo Ihoiinlit of marrying Derry? Ireno was niliatlcnt with herself and lior 1m- IKillcncc put on end to lier revcrio. SUo put on her most becoming morning frock, changed It nllcr luncli to her most fashionable alter- noun dress nnd then, Juat tieforo dinner, donned her loveliest informal evening gown. Tommy arrived nhorlly hcforo six. lie lind linrrlcd tu gel Into elean clothes and como directly lo the Everett home. Heryl, an Intensely mlserablo Sfcelator, wnlclicil the couple drivo away in Tommy's now car. She'd Jnsl reached homo In llino lo cliKnge her knitted dress for a nllk one, trab a hltc ot Olnner, nnd llicn rush back to tho storo to mako andwiclics tor o boya' club. Her heart ivaa heavier than ever. oiiiiny had liauded Ireno into that ar with Hie gestures of n noble- lau a=slsllng bis lady fair inlo lib harlot. Irene praised Iho cnr and Tommy bought It was generous ot her not o comKiro It with tho motors tho 'rentisses owned, lietoro they returned homo from OU1UJOAKDING HOUSE \(^^^j^^^W^ i \ i a STbTMse! -~-V'l kj " 31 ^ "~' t WAS 4 J WeuU,AKWHc I i -. TT ij r; L? c/~ / u T ^ u "TAKiMcJ A "fiJPAi f^A (i \ i'T^G-RE' " ^1'LS^ wu^S'SA .'it- 7 I T> M^HAAJg li ° M MV cLcrrriES '• | , '-/^ SHIPS' "To f(ER i 'vA$-ki i l AiS AGO, 'L'TGO'^AT/^T;^ 'ii-'sS 1 A w«EM-ni'coPs vu-r Me/\ ^.-fijRKisrt'/rf CRA ? ri "r. s i^-; -J-, I WA \^ man bad town. married outside ot the "Well, of all IhingH!" Ireu-- al(c ; llcse , an " ,"' breathed, hrHf-amnsed. liaif-anscrcd. fa '" 1 . 15 ; fncniis . :ad ' V "I'm willing to believe that Cay- lord is all to blame for i - our Iron- willi him," ilrs. Everett con- lil li iiincd. ( 'Lnt I know you're be talked about if you start running around with Tommy Wilson In that car of his and you've 119 right to sic- Irons who must have heard frcm the debutantes that Irene had never attended o finishing school. They tried i>atroiiizingly to induct her into their society for Ciaylord's sake. These and Ihe "stuffy old .riven her into flirtatiou vrith Derry Meado, a nice-looking hoy who could dance i circles around nnyono else the girls in Oakdalo bad to piay with. Derry hadn't much social background lo boast of. lie was, In fact, the only inemlier of his family cent attentions from htm while i < a " icc enough family, too) who'd you're married to Gaylord. To say! evcr sce: > 'be inside, of tbo country nothing of this other man!" I club. Ho was welcomed because tho She pointed a linger lo the letter I Sirls liked him. on the stand, and Ireue laughed, a! Irene dazzled him. She was a bit. nervously. "Oh—Derry!" she sntii casunlly. "Why. lie's only a kid, and I guess you know how kid* are. They get newcomer as well as pretty and her clothes wero ravishing, Tho last day Ircuo and Prentlss spout iu New York wben sbo h»< j BY SISTlUt JJAIIY NKvV Service M'riler In every hoiisehold, whether Ihi liousewilc is her own cook or not the Sunday dinner is more or les of a problem. Tho timc-honaro. custom of an elaborate dinner ot Sunday which still prevails in man; sections ot the country usnall; means thai Ihc cook is busier 01 the "day of rest" than any olhe day in the week ana 1 the family i apt to over-eat. Meals which can be prepare for the most j»ri on Saturday an finished up when wanted with Hi least atnouiu of lime and encrg are ideal. Thoughtful planning an careful serving will make thcs meals Intereslir.g and substantia ar.d even "special'' in iom; way anotlxr. Tlic tp-'nscs and bavarian crenm and Ice-box cakes are decidedly fcs live n::d can be made on Satur day and tucked away in the leSri: erator until wanted. Sabcl dressing slioukl be man on Saturday and kept on Ice. Don over-lock ll'.e many excellent pro pared sai'i'l dressings on the mar kct llul are n boon to Ihc bus 4>'>.nc-n;.i'<er. French dressing wi l' \.tv-d only a little .shaking or iJ-3 lo re:-Lore its complete cnnil- f ion—ai:d sv.ay -nol need that if it has been kept properly cold. Vegetables can be cooked and re- icaiert in ;' i-ance or nn easily pr>- :iad done her the honor lo tako thai 'or granted. It was lough on Derry iio unflalleriugly admitted, but thi boy had let himself in for It. She would marry Detry, but sue must not see the young roan again unlll her separation fram Gnylon was legal. On this condition alom would tho yoitug husband ngreo ti get his divorce without scandal in volvlng Berry's name. Irene, shrinking from the though ot exposure before Oakdalo Eoclcts consented to go nway and allow Gaylord to divorce her without con test. There -was promised to her reasonable sum of money. Dcrr was required to remain iu Oakdal \vhero Gaylord could keep an ej on him. For tbis last stipulation Ircn 7/ns now thankful. And it wouldii ared nnd quick cooking vegetable an bo chosen. Many families want chicken cr roast, and with a sell-hasting oaster and the modern her.t-rcg- lated oven, this type of meat re- nlrcs little attention from the ook. A well insulated oven doci ot even over-lieal the kitchen. Or ic roast can be served .hot for aturday evening dinner. Roasts re always a means toward econ- my—of time as well as money— or they provide meat for two and flc!i more meals. Heat loaves, baked or jellied, are nother solution to the meat proh- ein. They can be baked o:\ Katur- ay and served hot on that day and liccd cold for Si-.uday. The jellied oat must be made Saturday if it is o 1>e chilled and firm for Sunday. A fricassee is excellent for Sun- fay dinner. • Although the recipe iscs veal as the typical summer neat, beef, lamb or fowl can bo .ubstituted. Fricasscc of Veal Two or tlircc psimds of Iran veal, i tablespoons butter. 3 laKcs lour, 2 cups veal stock, 2 teaspoons sail, '.j teaspoon pepper. Veal steak or meat cut. from the 'ore-qnarlcr can be use:!. Cut in ilcces for serving. Put into a kit- tle, ' cover with boiling water and iimmer slowly until lender. cool In stork. Wlien r?ady to serve remove iro:n stock, sprinkle wi'.i salt and pepper and ro'.l in flour. Melt butier hi fryinj pjn and tjrown meat quickiy on all sides. Remove meat to hot platter and add more butter if necessary to make 3 tablespoons In frying pan. .Stir in Hour and when Wendell and bubbling, slowly add veal stock, stirring constantly. Bring to the boiling point, season with salt and pepper and pcur over meat. Garnish with noir.U of toast- and sprigs of parsley. > Turkish Archives Sold as Waste Paper i I ISTANBUL, (UP) — Archives [dealing \vith hundreds of years of i Turkey's history have been sold i mistakenly as Monday's .Menu BREAKFAST: Ready - lo-scrvc :eieal with sliced bananas and .traivberries, cream, French toast, naple syrup, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON: Casserole of green leans and bacon, rice croquettes, luffed cherry salad, ictd choco- ales. UINMER: Fruit soup, fricassee of - cal, creamed carrots, pepper ring ' ;d. pineapple ice-box cake, milk, collee. | For two yaars an official com- I mission has laboriously been com| piling, classifying and eliminating ' u huge mass of documents and papers dealing with the country's history. Recently tlic Minister for Finance ordered that the most useless c!" this material should • lie sold. Due to some confusion, however, one hundred tons of documents classed as of the lilp.hcst import- slate Courier I;ews Want Aos Pay. SALEM, Ore.. (UP) — Oregon :s this year completed ] ancc were carried off to IJulgaria n successful reason, both indoor by a Jewish buyer. | nnci outdoor. The orangcmcn roll- The government is endeavoring i ed up 112 points against 9n for to recover them. I their opponents. SriOCK-'TRQOP DOOR pa~ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES •>. -i ? ? By Martiij ho short drive Ircno had decided elhmcly that sbo would break with Derry Mcade. Sho felt she had ;alnco considerable ground wilU Tommy. "When lio Eald goodnight lo nc." she. congratulated herself, 'I'm suro ho wanted to kiss me.' But tho break with Derry did not como about as Ircno bad cintlcl- mleil. Next morning sbo refrained from destroying Dcrry's lotler unread and was glad sho bad. For Iho young mau threatened to como to see her, llius breaklug his promiso to Gaylord. He declared bo couldn't stand it any longer without at least a brief visit wilb her. Irene was tomntcd to wrilo him a, long Eisterly letter but caution intervened. Derry come bounding on lllco a rubber ball at tho end ot a. string. Then Tommy would know about him. Tommy wouldn't lorglvo her for. tills latest affair. She had played with flro and novr sho must put out tbo embers, Ircno told herself, ot tbo aamo tlmo making plana to accomullDh fUl3 purnoso. Bo Cn!Utaucd>; illiteracy Decreases Among Arizonans PHOENIX, Arte., (UP)— Illiteracy In Arizona has declined from 15.3 per rent, to 10.1 per cent, in the lust ten state suiicrmlendent of public instruction, lias announced. Arizona's and much better Ihan the figures indicate, Case points out. A majority of those who cannot read or write arc Indian wards whose education is under the direction of the Federal FHF.CK1.KS AND HIS FU1ENDS THE 1'KKSIDENT OF .vlu;> t THlj KAILKOAU! YARD M AST EKV nMiS IS X=^ PRESIDENT KINGSTON By Blossii MOMJSMHO IN THE \WORLO CAM I VANHOE 1HAVE JUST WEARD ABOUT STOPPING- FORTY- ANO, ONOEp THE CIRCUMSTANCES, 1>NANT < /;1I]|)I|J| TO GET" IN TOUCH THE Bov NNHO 'SAVED SO MASJV UVES- ! 1 HAVE IT PEADY TO LEAVE lAJtHE A^=- FROMAYlRtCK HAS SEEN > CALLED INTO THE OFFICE BY -THE RAILROAD PRESIDENT I'ljjl] MR. PR E S\ DB M-rJ Tl'KN'INO THE TAiil.KSI! WASH TljKHS TMWSE KKSEIF sv Tru,'6 ^1 SHUT UP. i\WO 9RO? TiiW GUM". » ' t'SBEtM > ftviRiulIT .Cv.'tP-YTWKO?,^ .ij ' t gi-,i >- - ~ : ~—-'- • 'i£^r7£'~' . :l;^ j-j ^^=.1 "T^^-.T:-? j • Ml . , tr::^ SlJ>s^^^C£, pws AH. JGS KEEP W t^^T^ i>.;!il :•• :^- } i---y2-fsr^^y.ifi -Ml >r RECL U. S. PAT. Off. • "v^ 0 | CCIMI 6?*r*sgnv*:c.i'(C. l AiH 1\ DJ7ZY QtlliCTio.vJ- (T- -j

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