The South Bend Tribune from South Bend, Indiana on November 9, 1966 · 62
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The South Bend Tribune from South Bend, Indiana · 62

South Bend, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 9, 1966
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62 The South Uni Tribune, Klopfenstein Wins By Narrow Margin Continued from Page 13 filled the air four yean weren't a part of the campaign for pro secutor this time. Democrat Stephen M. Egy V.rt dr.ffd Ponilhllpan r.NVM TTUutt by about 3,500 rotes for countv -.audiLor Eeyhazl-liaa filled a vacancy for the Democratic auditor nomination which occurred when Llbero A. Baldonl resigned as a nominee to accept appointment as acting Mishawa- ka postmaster. . -. Korpal Is Re-ekctcd Democrat Eoman F. Korpal won re-election as county asses- " mum d4rt.se4nv Y?miK14n Hflmn J, Andreae Sr.- by about 2,600 votes: Andreae ran for the asses sor's post Instead of seeking to retain - the Portage Twp.; trustee's post, which he has held through appointment Democrat - James G. Louis was elected - Tuesday as sucessor to Andreae - as Portage. Two.. trustee. Louis defeated Republican Harold A. Undstrorn. ' , ,. ' Three Democratic county Judges,'. running unopposed and with endorsement of Republican leaders, were re-elected to new terms with vote totals higher than those obtained by most of the Democrats who . were opposed. Re-elected were Circuit Judge Joseph W. Nyikos, for a six-year : term, and Superior Court Judges F. Kenneth Demp- sey and E. Spencer Walton, both winning flew four-year terms. --All three 1 Democratic candl- dates for County Council at-large acdut wcic wuiucia. iwj oi.e in cumbents Glenn Bauer and Mrs. . Bertha Badollet and newcomer Edward Bloch. Bauer, County Council, president, was the top vote getter, winner by almost 4,-000 votes over the closest Republican challenger. " ' Sokol Defeats James , .-Other winning Republicans In addition to Klopfenstein were Elmer Sokol, the big GOP vote getter, who defeated Democrat Edward F. James by 8,000 votes for sheriff; Incumbent County Councilman Charles F. Bowers, who defeated Democrat John Derksen by 2,200 votes for the 4t, District , Council seat, and ed Democrat Wilbur F. Sanders by 000 votes for the 3rd District :an$ Hail'Eltrier Continued from Page 5 J a sign hung over his office in the Courthouse. - ' :-'Congratulations, Daddy Al" his 12-year-old daughter, Mari an, had written. - v Z Completes Day : Under the sigh,- Kromkowskl completed a day that began at 5 a.m. He is the ex-officio secretary of the county election board and stayed with the board until about when the returns irom an m precincu.were De livered to the Courthouse. The Kromkowskl family spent a couple, of hours waiting for their father to head for the real ."celebration" at the Falcons "club. Miss Trudy A. ,Slaby was the young lady who lost to Kromkowskl In her first bid at public office. ; "You can ten OvenvTir be back." said, the GOP nominee who has won praise from her - party ' leaders - for the spirited campaign she waged. At rallies and clubs every-. where, television sets tuned to nationwide election coverage crew interested audiences. - - HOME BADLY ' e er iWr r"n iir- U4MAKmE.U BI MORNING FIRE U..- a.ra. today to the home of Wil- liam Bradrox, 2117 S. Lafayette KepUDllC Blvd. Firemen estimated daratin A, Blachly and King Telle, age at $3,003 to the building, a one-story frame structure, and! at about $1,000 to contents. The building Is owned by Ed ward J. Krizman of 17455 Wil shire Dr. Krizman is secretary- treasurer, of the Krizman Manu facturing Co. at 2110 S. Lafay ette Blvd. - , , ; ' Fire Inspectors said the fire ' started J an overheated fur- n a c e, eventually . destroying more than one third of the interi or of the home. Mrs: Bradrox and a friend were in the house at the time of the ffre, but both es caped unharmed. . The structure and. contents were all Insured, according to fire Inspectors. PAfROLCAR JOINS IN CRASH BRENTFORD, England (UPI) Police using television scanners sent a patrol car to a nearby highway after watching 15 cars crash in a chain reaction collision. j The patrol car became car 16. Wtdntkhy, Novmbr 9, 196ft County Council eat1.; : ' Democrats who won elec tion to the County Council to combine with the three DemoH era tic at-large winners to retain a 5-2 majority, for their party: were- incumbent 1st DlstrictPor- Bfi -Twp.) CouncflmaiL Joseph, L Gawryslakwbo defeated Re publican Anthony S. Novinch by over 1,000 votes, and Paul Klein, who defeated Republican Richard 'Coppens by about 300 votes for the 2nd District (Penq Twp.) Council post Another race of county slgnlfl cance, even though it involved voting only In Portage Twp., was the re-election of Portage Twp Assessor Ideal BaldonL Baldonl's Margin 2.MI 1 Baldonl, the county Democra Ic chairman, defeated Republl can Robert J.. Smith. Baldonl'; winning margin, according to figures obtained from the pre cincts 'by Democratic officials was aooui z.wu votes. - t m. m ANA - - . ' There had been some specula tion by Republicans that Baldonl would be defeated because of possible ' vote , splitting against him by Democrats displeased with slating or other Democratic organisation decisions. ' ' St Joseph County , results on two proposed amendments to the Indiana Constitution ' one to provide constitutional backing for elimination of the property tax on household goods and the other to make it a little easier to amend the Constitution were' not Immediately available. , But County Clerk Kromkowskl said a spot check of precinct re sults showed a majority of "yes" votes on both propositions. - The vote on the two proposed amendments appeared to have been larger In the county than It has been on similar referendums In the past St Joseph County gave a plu rality of about 8,000 votes to John E. Mitchell, Flat Rock, Democratic ; nominee In the statewide race for Indiana secre tary of state. But the winner In that race in the statewide totals was Republican Edgar D. Whit comb. Seymour. "s The Democratic state organi zation had counted on far more than a 3,000 vote margin for Mit chell from St Joseph County.- LANDGREBE TO SENATES Tri-County Vote J: - Goes t o GOP Tht Trtbunt'i Special Strvlct RENSSELAER - Republican candidates scored high In the multi-county tally n state sena- torial and rep-r e s e ntative races in the Jasper Porter-" Newton Counties and Jasper-Porter- Pulaski counties voting districts Tues- day. In the Jasper-Porter- Newton county senatorial race, Repub lican Earl F. j LANDGREBE Landgrebe of Valparaiso earned the right to represent the tri-county area in the Indiana Sen ate by defeating his Democrat opponent Richard Glen Perd- field of Chesterton by a margin of more than 8,000 votes Ii Jasper County the vote was 4,495 In favor of Landgrebe and 2,337 for Percifield. In Porter it was Landgrebe, 14,797 and Per cifield, 9,103. And in tyewton it was - Z.778 to 1,860 in favor of Idlgrebe;rThTotaI Ms 22,070 tO V.--L- P- More Republicans Tf-- Two more Republicans, Quen- both of Valparaiso, were chosen to represent Jasper, Porter and Pulaski counties in the Indiana State House of Representatives. They " downed Democrats Wil liam W. Anderson and Edward G. Domke both of Valparaiso for the house seats.' ' . . The vote for the trl-county dis trlct was Blachly, 21,560,' Telle, 21,791: Anderson, 14,243 and Domke, 13,525. V vV Of those votes, Jasper county contributed 4.351 .for Blachly. 4,433 for TeUe; 2,440 for Ander son and 2,346 for Domke Porter contributed 14,314 for Blachly; 14,303 for Telle, 9,516, for Anderson, and 1,038 for Domke. :' " V Pulaski County vote was 2,895 for Blachly, 2,955 for TeHe, 2,- ami . .' a . . a am i6( ror Anaerson ana z,m lor Domke.,,' . . ; RAW ENDS DROUGHT; SYDNEY Australia (J) - Rain for the past two days appears to have ended the drought that has parched much of eastern Aus tralia, especially in New South Wales State. These are the Victors in JOHN BRADEMAS . U, I. Rtprmnladv -JOE BARBER . . Stal Riprtuntatlv - STEPHEN M. EGYHAZI ' County Auditor' -' Demos econd Look In L lk ha r t b mm mm -.-m ' , - By WILLIAM W. COOKE JR. -JTrlbuno Ikhort "iuiwiv, ELKHART- - Normally Re publican Elkhart County'is back to normal this day after the elec tion with the Republicans count ing their blessings and the Dem ocrats having ; an agonizing reappraisal of their licking at the polls Tuesday. In addition to the nation trend toward the rebounding Republi cans in an off-year election fol- .owing the Democrat landslide of two years ago, Elkhart Democrats see a couple of other fac tors m the Tuesday election They believe they were hurt when Elkhart was taken out of the 3rd District and placed in the 4th District. They missed the as sistance which Rep John Brade- mas provided when he carried Elkhart, County in the election twojearsago. . Schrock Unhappy Democrat County ; Chairman Maynard " Schrock noted the clear weather during the morn ing and early afternoon when the majorityof the Republicans go to toe polls here "and the rain during the late afternoon when the Democrats would go tothej polls after getting off from work isihe - RepubHcans-turnedHMit in large humbers and the Demo- crats didn't," Schrock said." Looking back over elections in recent years, some- Democrats noted that just about the time the Elkhart County Democrat vote was gaining some parity with the Republicans the redis- tncting came about and put the county Into the so-called 'Re publican safe 4th District." . "We will have to start rebuilding again," said one dejected nominee, v :'; ":v: Key Post He pointed out that the county clerk's post is a key spot to start rebuilding. He noted that with Democrat Woody Caton, one of the party's most potent vote getters, in. the clerk's job. the Democrats will have a majority1 on tne county election board. Elkhart : County Chairman George Bubb was very happy about the Republican turnout Tuesday. He said that Mrs.' Wil liam (Dixie) -Haas, the GOP nominee for county clerk, ran a fine race despite the fact she lost by a small margin to the coun ty's most popular Democrat. About 58 per cent of Elkhart County's 52,721 voters cast ballots. More than 20,000 potential voters stayed home. 1 C I i i: - t ; ' ' I I U 14 - JOSEPH W. NYIKOS ' Jutfot Circuit Ceort CHARLES A. BARKLEY d y -vSf ,..-iS- ELMER SOKOL County Snorirl . GLENN BAUER Councllman-at-Largo . Halleck Notes Demo Spending RENSSELAER, Ind. (UPI) Rep. Charles Halleck, R-Ind., commented as he accn-rately predicted his re-elec-cfoB to a nth consecutive term In the 2nd Congressional District Tuesday, "Why; If I had all the money the Democrats spent trying to beat me, I could have retired." BRADEMAS mmm D e' m p Incumbent iHoldiSjf1 . Counties Continued from Page 53 were not issues in the 3rd Dis trict, Brademas said. . And he said inflation did not develop into a harmful Issue be cause of the 'prosperity and im proved employment picture in the district. '. : :' Continuation of : the federal progfams of the .Kennedy New Frontier and ther Johnson Great! Society was an Issue, the con gressman paid. . ; " These . federal programs are (popular, he said. "I almost need a full time man on my staff to help the Republl can mayors n the district n ob- Uining'federal grants In these programs," Brademas added. not even smiling as he said it "I am always glad to respond." he said,'- : ' ' N; :- -' - ' Iff -WILLIAM E, VOOR, JR. 'A BURNETT C. BAUER x.-"::' Stuff Rtprtttntottvf ROMAN F. KORPAL ; County Autiwr ; EDWARD BLOCH Councllrmm-ot-Lorg PdammpwuwMbWo Tho Trlbuno'i Special Service WINAMAC -Pulaski County Republicans swept all county of fices but one - Tuesday, turning two Democratic . incumbents out of office. ; - Defeated in their ' bids for re-election were Sheriff Wayne Koepkey and County Council man-at- large . Ralph Cotner-Tho loneT Demo cratic winner was Daniel S. Tank- O. TANKERSLEY erstey'.'wlRr was -unopposed for county prosecutor. ,, : Milo Lewis, as employee of the Bendix Corp., South Bend, defeated Koepkey 3,041 to 2,340, according to, complete but still unofficial returns. - - Republicans thus will take control of the sheriffs office next Jan. 1 for the first time in 12 years. X Lone Democrat WinsInJaspe Tht Trlbuno'i Special Service RENSSELAER - Billy Manns of Rensselaer was the lone Democrat victor on the Jasper Coun ty ticket Tuesday as "a heavy Re publican vote slammed the doors to an other county offices with a resounding two-to-one-vote bang. Manns N edged his Republican opponent Warren R. Gratner also of Rensselaer by a margin of 35 votes to take the seat of a 2nd District representative on the Jasper County Council in the midst of the overall Republican victory. The vote was 657 to 621 The 3rd District council seat went . to Republican Cecil J. Zacber of Rensselaer, with 1,646 St Joseph County r l-l y ,T. KENNETH DEMPSEY Judgt tupwlar Court BICHARD C. BODINE . .1! . Itott RtprtMntatlvt KEITH A. KLOPFENSTEIN ' Commlnlontr. Wottorn PAUL J. KLEIN Councilman 2nd : Republicans carried all of the state .offices In Pulaski County, with a majority of about 700 votes for each office. v Richard L Zellers was unop posed In his bid for a second terms as county clerk, and led the Republican, ticket with 3,332! votes, v , - Republican Theodore Howe also was unopposed for county auditor. Other top county offices went4oArchie Clark, assessor; Henry .R. Eshelman, coroner; Carl Machow, third District commissioner; Howard Craig-mile, first District councilman; Lo--McKinley,"second District councilman; Elmer J. Tetzloff, third District councilman; Al bert Gudeman, fourth District councilman, and . : Edward V. Bushman, John A. Dilts and George Kroft, councilmen-at- large.- -'j:.?;'-: , , Top Democratic vote getter was Tankersley with, 2,433 votes. JRep. ' Charles A. . Halleck car-i votes over Rensselaer Democrat Frank Zickmund's, 769. - . Remington ' Republican . Fred fT'f- ..p.- ;.J If,:. :i h'- t i ; " u A ' . . ). '! : y; ) . D. , Goad 'defeated DemocraW486Joss to his Republican Qpun- ranx J. n enwicx of Goodiand 766 to 302 for the 4th District seat on the council . ' Konovsky Unopposed Councilmen-at-Iarge are Jerry A. Bruntonf of Parr, Ulrich H. Henrichs of-DeMotte, and Don aid F. Martin of Rensselaer, all Republicans running unopposed. Republican John Konovsky of DeMotte, also unopposed, won the 1st District council seat to complete the board. The races for county sheriff and 3rd District county commis sioner also wound up with the Democrats on the outside look ' E. SPENCER WALTQN JOHNJ.FRICK Stat Rtprtwntollv JOSEPH L.GAWRYSLAK County Councilman, lot LAWRENCE D. "MILLER Council, 3rd tied the .county with 2,987 votes to 1395 for his Democratic oppHjotot State representative, Queu -- - tin A niatilu t 00t 9iul Vina nent, Ralph G. McFadden. Based on the vote for sheriff , only approximately' 69 percent of the registered voters voted, much lower than election offi cials had expected. - : f ::7 The Republicans hot only de feated Cotper In nis try (pr re election to the council, but took all seven council seats. The Republicans have a 5-2 edge on the present council, Pulaski County-Republicans also favored the GOP candidates for joint state representative for Porter, Jasper and Pulaski coun- oes. two representatives are to be elected from the district List Returns . The complete but unofficial re turns for the county, with the Republican candidates listed first, are:; ' ; Second District representative, Halleck. 2.987 and McFadden. 2.- 395; prosecutor, Tankersley, ing in. Democrat sheriff candi date Robert W. Gourley of Wheatfield suffered a 4,531 to 2, terpart Joseph J. Ferguson of Rensselaer, "Commissioner candidate Democrat John P.' Rafferty, Brook, lost by a . lesser margiri' to Re publican . Harry ; E. . Bahler .ofl Remington. The vote was 3,975 to 2,992.',; ;'-y. . y. Other GOP Victors Other Republican- victors at the county level are Dale S. El lis, Rensselaer, prosecuting at torney; , Robert J. Michal, Rensselaer, clerk of Jasper Cir cuit Court; Richard W.-Arnott, Rensselaer, county., surveyor, and Elizabeth Merritt, Renssela Election It ROBERT E.MAHOWALD Joint !!! Snelo ' - ALOYSIUS J. KROMJ "BERTHA BADOLLET Councllmon-at-Lorot i ' CHARLES F. BOWERS Council, 4th -. , 6emocfa unoj '2.433; Un A. Blachly, 2.895 and King Telle, 2,955, and William W. Anderson Jr., 2,287 and Edward G. Domke, 2,141; clerk, Zellers, Re. publicaif,jinopposed, 3,332; auditor, Howe, Republican,' unopposed, 373; sheriff, Lewis, 3,041- :owskx- and Koepkey, 2,340; coroner, Esh . elman, 2,826, and Robert Ul- bricht" 2,414; county assessor, Clark, 3,116, and Jerome A. Wei- don, 2,165; 3rd District commis. sionerFMalchowr2,871f and Har ry Roth, 2,382 1st District coun-cil,. Craigmile, 474, and Thomas M. Rutledge, , 424; 2nd District council, McKinley, 1,075 and. Nancy-O.-0'Neill,; Ifilli 3rd Di&- trict. council. Tetzloff, 539. -and Edward J. Wurtz, 4854A Dis - - trict council, Gudeman. 768 and Keith " r Ail Westohal. 530: - toid :r councilman-at-large,? withj1hreel to be elected. Bushman.' 2.890. Dilts, 3,127, and George Kroft, 2,. 912 and Ralph H. Cotneri2,353, Richard J. Ewing, 2,210 and Ray ' 'M. Winter, 2,290. rCou n ty er, county ' assessor; all unopposed. i The 6trong Republican trend also prevailed in the county's vote on the state ticket Counts mere wefe:-.vy;A' ; &jfYt ' For' secretary of state VEd gar D. Whitcomb," Republican, 4,362 and John E.'MitcheB,;Dem-001,2,512 .,: flr.ijs For state Auditor . .Johff P. Gallagher," Republican, 4,459 and Mark L.' France, Democrat 2,-372. ; .. ' .f'y; - For treasurer John K. Snyder, Republican, 4,421 and Jack L. New, Democrat, 2,493 For . superintendent of public instruction - .Richard D. Wells, Republican, 4,382 and William E. Wilson, Democrat, 2,434.

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