The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1950 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 23, 1950
Page 15
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THURSDAY, MARCH 23, 1950 (ARK.)' CWRTER OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople I PON'T MIWP THST SO MUCH, BUT-you see wt*M (T'6 HIS WEEK. TO WA.9W HE'LL HAV6 THE p|SH PAN OVER-TH^RE, AMP A MOfflNf JOB EVEKV MKSHT,' AW HE'D DEPART WlH' OUT A FORMAL W?6- TAKB. CENSUS ON YOOR ;: COFF LINKS.' WHO ROBBED HlfAf* EIT'6 ONDf A RCXttlriE '" 1?EPORTTOAPAROL6 OFFICER = Copyright 1950 by *«fttf1 HitglMt tfet. by HEA SERVICE, IMC possibly have killed anybody. c*mHtiM»I»it Ibal w Thief Has Double Take DUTTE, Mont. (/PJ—Robot Jones had this c|oul>1e lw<l luck story for police, A portable radio nnrt a shirt were stolen from - his room wliile he slept. He traced the property to the operator of a Ijo house who hnrt purchased It. cently. But, said trie boarding house HAVE DREIFUS PUT YOUR WATCH //V A-1 CONDITION How'* your watch running tnttt dayi? It'i r.o',! Well, finv« eur expert repairman put it in A-1 condition. r*»«mpt, afficUnt rtownebT* tlvc Jn«r* Silver* ••• (••»' ••- KfrprUla oa the lelrpkonp. BN«4 as Ike MMrdrr W««IK»B, ••< k* hnx «*• I nwi tn eoB»|»nay wJlh Pete KrlHo. anulker police rfctrctlvc. lo *i>«rck l*«hl'« Hl«di« f»r farther The caretaker^ was loo ancienl and too feeble to be hnnU roughly even by Kelso, who was afraid Ihc old man might fall apart if shaken vigorously. It was Slivers who finally ended the trouble when he said: "II you're so sure your boss is innocent you ought to be glad to have it proved by scientific methods. I promise you we won't break The big model of * group for he National Electric Building hid a funereal meaning since it would never be finished and it had already led its creator into the toils of justice. Stivers recognized the medallion of Axaleo Palmer by U$ beauty and 1U aUveness. A.pang woke in his heart for her. He had held l\cr hands fn his and had looked into her pitifully pathetic and bewildered eyes. But Kelso was drawn more to the flaurQs of nude'or'half-draped women. In that field, he gloot- Ingly boasted to Stivers, he wn* "connoisseur." As lie pronounced the word It sounded more like 'corner sewer," and Stivers grunted that he was probably right Stivers knew that Kelso had DREIFUS ITENtl t« NEMFHR. UTTHSYItll ADO DTIHUUM /VOW GET SWELL GIFTS With DR. PEPPER Bottle Caps! VII! JQETECTIVES JAMES STiyERS and Pete Kelso. reached Paul Mocdy's studio as fast as the police car could whisk them through crowded streets where all traffic stopped dead or pulled to the curb as the walls at the oncoming siren pierced the air. The studio was part of an old warehouse with one room large enough and high enough ol ceiling to house the big and little sculptures Paul Moody bad turned out or. was working on, or dreaming of Alongside and above were his modestly furnished living quarters The reception room was merely a corner ol the workshop with a big rug, 3 divan, chairs, the necessary small bar, and a few other com- fortf; lor his visitors, clients, or models. ' .As .the invaders from the police department expected, Paul was not at home, and there was some difficulty In finding the arthritic "old caretaker. He made still more difficulty about admitting strangers even though Pels Kelso flashed his badge. The suggestion that Paul Moody was wanted for a murder sent the old man into a fit o{ cackling laughter at the idiocy of the police and Kelso's particular nonsense in . imagining that Mr. Moody could thing, shift a thing, or steal thing." At last Ihe old man admitted horn. Ho showed a disposition to stand guard over the treasures, but he had other tasks and reluctantly left, shaking a tremendous fist at Kelso and cackling: "If you muss anything up, I'll pull your hcnd off and throw it In your face." * .* * ' ' VEN to men whose business it was to visit grcwsome scenes or the haunts of grewsome people, there was something uncanny, occult in the great studio. Though empty of all life bu' their own, it was peopled, almos' forested, by finished and unfinished images of men, women, children, in marble, bronze or oilet clay. And somehow they seemec more alive than living people. A great horse was only half released from the mass of modeling clay- that held his hindquarters in a huge unfinished block. A panther seemed to be straining in ferocious agony to'writhe out ol the imprisonment of incomplclion. Every emotion seemed to be alert here, laughter, sorrow, love, hate, yearning. Among the humans there wore the heads of old, old men and women, and ol children so pretty and so gay that one felt they could not really be good art They were loo human for that. been attached to the vice sqund. and he wondered how much longer its sickening corruptions could be oncealqd from the public, . Stivers had heard the name of >Q particularly zealous "fallen vomnn," Nclda Croft, linked with hat o! Pclc Kelso. She was a great one for compromising rich nen and making them poorer, and there had been ' whispers— or grunts—that Kelso had engineered some of her shake-downs. • • * *HE thought flashed Into Stivers* mind: "Maybe Kelso is sore because Paul Moody bumped off old keeper sadly, just before Joties arrived the radio ftiul shirt had been stolen again — apparently by the man who lifted them from Jones. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best I'ricea Kirby Drug Stores There's a treasure cherf of swell prize: wailing for you just for collecling Dr. Pepper bollle cops! 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Phone 4819 BIytheville Air Bas* "Free Pickup & Delivery" "you've got a late model car, aintcha? Then of course you're a good risk for an auto loan from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION." FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSKg Tht Old Fight B EQUAL SPEEP PUS TVtROWINQAUM PLUS "Just toav* tht plite on th« floor tfll h« «»t« K—w«'r» not going to *po'l him ' ik « w« did the babyl" PRISCIULA'S POP As You Were BY AL VERMEBR I'LL GO DOWM AMD TAKE A LOOK! YOU'RE SUCH A BRAVE HUSBAND! FACING TO PROTECT VOUR UTTLE FAMILY! ' VIC FLINT Accusing Voices BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANS "Wendell Palmer before he and Nolda could shake the old man down." . Then he reminded himself that all tliis was noztc of his business. His business was to collect the fingerprints of Paul Moody, and he could see that there was no end to them. There would He the prints of other people,ytoo:-guests,-models^, the caretakers; but on the first ^^^ unfinished clay statue in front of -TT^ 1 him he felt sure that there must be the sculptor's prints and no other. There were balls of damp clay that Paul had kneaded before stuffing them into their places in the armatures. There were soft spots where one pt\\m had rested while the olher hand was busy with its magic. (To Be Continued) DO VOU HAVE ANY iot A WHO KIDNAPfD m\ STOPW E E ? MRS.SAYBROOK \ uucvt IT WAS.. MONTAGUE MANGt. £ t SOME PEOPLE DON'T THINK SO— LIKE LANCS, THE SKI INSTRUCTOR. OR "flRST NISHT CHARLIE-POOR OtVIL' ON( M°« THIIWi MM. MV- SROOK! WHO tUMf&IIB TIUT CHRISTOPHER SAY MANGLE VWOUID STOP AT ISAM HONCRABtl MAN: MARK MX WOKD6.1HAT MANGLE OKIIY CAPTAIN EASY A Missing Body BY LESLIE TURNER MV HUSBAND WftS FLVfUS WEST WITH »35,OOO IN N CASH FOE. HIS flKlfi, EASY. THE (HEATHER CLOSED I IW AMD THE PLANE CLASHED ON A MOtNTAIWSID^y IT WAS LATE THE WEXT DAV BEFORE SEARCHERS FOUND &UT DUl'S BODY ' WASN'T AMONO THEM EASV_ HOt. The CASfc , WHICH HELD THE AMD IT'S KkJOWW HP I M»i UK'.'«O THE IMSUKANCECMMW COUTfNMMlMO ttmvive ANO arr AKHAV WITH TW Cft*H? OBUIOU& THE- PA HAD PIEP IMSTAfl MILE THRU DESOLATE COUMTKY... JJIKI TELLS OF AW ACCI- DEHT THREE YEARS BEF08E. BUGS BUNNY HOW CAN VOU X BRUSHES (5 PAINT MY WOOM) OC CTIVF, WITH NO ,. J iLN«R...I ...THEN VA ZOOM IT UP AN' POWN THE WAU....UKE THIS.' BY V. T. HAMl.iN OF COUESE THIS 15 I WELL. WE CAN'T ) I SUPPOSE THEY'LL. BE/ ytLL BE US I OKAY IF WE WITH A \ CAN GET TO BY EIXJAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Serious Business

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