The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1950 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 23, 1950
Page 12
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Budget Menus Need Good Food American Meals Can b« Followed By Good Coffee , -To most Americans a good cup of coffee is the Jirsl requirement of a good meai. So Jet's review the know-how of coffee-making before we get on to our budget men- 'Us. • Here s the way experts of the Pan-American Coffee Bureau recommend: , 1. Keep your coffee-maker sparkling clean and scald it before us!**. 3. For each serving, allow one standard coffee measure (or its equivalent, two level measuring Ublespoonfuls) of fresh coffee to each three-quarters of a measuring cup of freshly drawn water. • <. Be sure your coffee is the proper grind for your coffee-maker. 5. Your coffee-maker will give best results at full capacity. For small amounts, use a small coffee- maker if possible, 6. After you have found the best timing for your method of coffce- making, stick to It consistently. 1. Never boil coffee. S..Serve coffee immediately after brewing—and serve it piping hot. With your coffee, try some of these low-cost menus geared to nutrition, markets and good eating: 1. Fruit cup, beef and kidney pie with vegetables, radish and cucumber salad, Russian dressing enriched bread, butter or fortified margarine, lemon sponge, coffee milk. , 2.-Meat loaf, rice and bacon, tttewed tomatoes with celery, radishes arid Kreen pepper strips, enriched bread, butter or fortified margarine, orange applesauce, coffee, milk. . 3. Vegetable soup, broiled fillets »f fish, browned potatoes, enrich- ed'bread, butter or fortified margarine, jellied cherry tarls, coffee, hiilk. ., i .4. Baked chicken, baked potatoes, «teamed r red cabbage, hearts of lettuce salad, bread, butter or fortified margarine coffee, cake, cof- lee. milk. Here "are two nourishing low-cost luncheon menus: 1. Grilled liyerwurst. sliced tomatoes, bread arid lettuce sandwiches, tinned apricots, tea, milk. 2.' Deviled egg salad, hot muffins, butter or fortified margarine, sliced •ranges, tea, milk. . • • Stuffed Eggs Party Snack For Millions fgts m plentiful cow and prices have sone down. So let's enjoy *tufied eggs at our forthcoming •aster parties because they are »bout the most popular of all the ktillioiu ol inaclu to serve with .'That's James Beard's suggestion. •e's one of the best known experts •n line eating in America and the »uthor of the new' and beautifully Illustrated "The Fireside Coni: •oc*." Cooperating with this col- tann, he recommends the lollowlnr from his. book: Pnnjient EKICS ,8ix hard-cooked eggs, 2 table- sjjoons. mayonnaise, ',6 teaspoon or more of salt, 1 'teaspoon chopied <;imn, 1 teaspoon dry mustard, I tablespoon chopped parsley. -Mash egg yolks well with it fork. Add mayonnaise, salt, onion and mustard, and blend thoroughly to a smooth paste. Fill egg halves and decorate with parsley. Chill well. Ham- flavored Eggs 'Six hard -cooked eggs, il cup BLVrHBVrLLB (ARK.) COURIER NKWS Says STRETCH MILLER £***** ALL-GRAINI NO SUGAR ADDED1 Griesedieck Carbonated Beverages Accent Lenten Type Fish Dinners THURSDAY, MARCH », CUATC ENTHUSIASM—Chilled cariMuiei beverans U» fi>fa «i aner datl n* Lent. Try using tart, lemon-lime-type carbonated beverage when baking fish. Use it in the stuffing and for basting and you'll win many more enthusiasts for your spring meals. Incldenlally, a lot of good eaters like to serve chilled sparkling soft drinks with fish. Adds a touch of glamor to the meatless meal. Baked Fish With Savory Stuffing (Serves 6) Two and one-half to 3 pounds fish, dressed, whole, 1 small bottle lemon-lime carbonated beverage, 1 1-3 cups bread crumbs. 2 tablespoons chopped onion, 1-2 cup chopped celery, 2 tablespoons chopped parsley, 1 cgg.v beaten, 1-2 teaspoon salt, 1-8 teaspoon paprika. 1-4 teaspoon nutmeg (optional), crisp parsley, lemon sections. Chill carbonated beverage in refrigerator before uncapping. Oil or ground cold ham, mayonnaise, 1 teaspoon dry mustard, 1 teaspoon salt. IMash yolks of eggs and blend In ham a,id mustard. Add enough mayonnaise to make a smooth paste. Taste for seasoning before adding salt. grease bottom of shallow baking pan; place well-greased brown paper or cheese clith til bottom, CTlie. paper helps to remove fish without breaking when done. Set oven at KO degrees F. To prepare fish foi stuffing: Rinse fish in cold salted water; drain or wipe dry. To prepare stuffing: Combine bread crumbs, onion,* celery, pars- Icy and beaten ccg; season with salt, paprika, nutmeg ami mix lightly. Blend in one-third of the bottled lemon-lime carbonated beverage, recap bottle and return to refrigerator until needed. To stuff: Stuff cavity two-thirds full. Close with toothpicks or skewers and lace with string or heavy thread. ' To bake: Place fish In baking pan. Blake 25 to 30 minutes; then IMjur over remaining beverage. Continue baking another 25 to 30 minutes. To serve: Carefully lift fish from baking pan ami transfer to plank or .serving platter. Remove skewers and lacings. Garnish with parsley and lemon slices. Scalloped Dishes Traced to Early Sea-Shell Cookery The word "scalloped" describes • wide variety of modern casserole- type dishes. Actually, the term originated a long time ago when the shells of sea scallops were used as the containers /or baking various combinations o( meat, (ish or vegetables. When lieat-prool baking dishes became available, they replaced shells. Bui the term "scalloped" remains as a carry-over from that early method of-cookery. • - • Today, there are many types of bnWiij? utensils on the market. Among the most praeliral arc ovenproof iileitslls of porcelain enamel, which are available In a variety of sizes and shapes. Besides the easy-to-clean features which make them favorites in many homes, porcelain enameled utensils have another plus factor. If food Is leftover after a meal. It can be stored rlfht In the porcelain enameled baking pan and then reheated without the bother of transferring the food to another container. I Here Is a recipe for an easy scal- I loped salmon casserole that can be I baked in cither a round or a rectangular enameled baking pan. Scallnpcd Salmon anrf Miishrrxuns 1 (I pound) can salmon 1 (Itt'.'i ounce) can condensed mushroom soup ',i cup top milk 1 tablepsoon minced onion 1 tablespoon chopped parsley Vt e,ij) buttered cracker crumbs Vt cup grated cheese, If desired Dialn salmon and remove skin and bones. Separate into large pieces and place In a greased porcelain enameled baking pan. Mix soup, milk, onion and parsley and pour over salmon. Sprinkle' will) cracker crumbs and grated cheese. Bake In moderate oven f350 degrees P.t for IS to 20 minutes or until topping Is browned. Makes about 5 servings. Few Jobless in Australia CANBERRA — tfl'l — Only 947 people ivcrc registered, as tmem- Red Interest in Asia Said to be on Increase MOSCOW — (1?>— Russians have always been Interested In Asian and South-East Asian nrfairs, But the chief attention of most Russians In the field of International affairs was directed at Europe. Now this has changed. Soviet newspapers have not abandoned their coverage of what goes on In the united States »nd Western Europe: But the prominent places in foreign affairs pages are now devoted to news dispatches from China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Jap*n, India and other Eastern nations. , TRIAL RUN FOK'NEW'SUB OII/TAN'KER—This"is a view ol the starboard side of the USS Guavina, first U. S. submarine to be rebuilt as an undersea oil tanker. The extra bulge at left carries oil which can be supplied U) any type ship, se.-iplanc or shore station. Executive Officer Lt. Conidr. James Nlckerson stands on the bridge during post- construction trial run off the const of San p'rancisco. A shakedown cruise is scheduled to take place March 31. (AP Wirepliotot. Concrete Culvert til* SIM* •> U U ta. Corrugated Metal Culverts Siw. »p U *4 tm. ]'• A.Unutk n**4 Gate* Concrete Septic Tank* Metal Septic Tmak* Sewer Tite tat rrieo We A.H.WEBB ••(bin? C1 al 8UI* U Phww 114 Don't Just Salt it- CAREY it! MOTHER EARTH'S BEST SALT FALSE TEETH That Loosen Heed Not Embarrass Many wearers or fals« teeth have sut IP red real embarrassment, because tneir pjaie dropped, slipped or wobbled «t just, the wrong* time. Do not live in irar ol this happening to you. Just sprinHJc a little FASTEETH. the alkaline (non-Rcirt) powder, en your plates HoJds idlse teeth more'firmly. «o th«r iccl tnote comiortahle. Does not sour. Checks "plate odor" (denture breath). Get PABTEETH At i»ny drug store. ployed in Australia as 1050 started. At the same time the government's Department of Labor and National Service held 101.400 unfilled vacancies—06,000 for men and 35,400 for women. Treat your COUGH INSIDE-OUT! The way to Ect rid nf cough is LmJisFodttc the c*.i5«stheticlile. Take Kiwi, old Bcll'i Cmiich S)' nip ; B nd vcr-y quickly the mernhjanc* of yunr throat and luncs [wur out extra sot re lion* which Lent! to flu (ruin iii.rtVc out. No wonder I »»3s roiJtrhs-att>?r*caM3, even i eltc cimirh. Doctor* prrscrihe (he Kn*Jicnt5. Hunr-iiU^ed to contain I! el] "»ll'i Cousrh Sy il<]r«n. (Jet lip today. . tattle at "' t .-, ft. Uffe 4, I COME! SHOP! SAVE! FRYER Sib 49 This Weekend Serve Fried Chicken—ot this low price? c Savory Brand In '/ 4 Ib. Sticks COLORED OLEO ib. 29c Hunt's Fine Halves Heavy Syrup r Red Kobe, Green & While LIMA BEANS No>2 Fine \vhile hominy BUSH'S HOMINY No . , , 50 Swift's deliriously-flavored rORK&BEANS lOe Nalionali.v-iidverliscd PET MILK 3^350 I'ure While 250 CANE SUGAR 10, 890 ' Hunt's rich-lasling MOTHEkl'S BEST 10 ft 890 TOMATO JUICE LOTS & LOTS OF PARKING SPACE L , „, -16 oz. can ? TT"?!£ ^ *• I X f ^i «*M*£&ltl » Jri W^iffrJ! 1 .1&!.^>!^ FREEMAN-HENLEY GRO.&MKT. West Mom—Across From the Mo^ Theater Unbeaiable Combination Spcclrophotomcler Is & two-dollar word given by Kroger Food Foundation scientists to a device that measures the vilamin and mineral content of foods. One of Us uses is to check Kroger baked bread for proper enrichment. The newest in testing: equipment helps these highly rained food scientists -infeguanl the quality of Kroger products. PORK ROAST Cut from tender young Porkers. RIB ROAST K ' 09 """ 59< PORK LIVER U.S. graded good or choice. Fresh Sliced 39 25* FILLET OF SOLE» 49* PORK SAUSAGE* 35* President Pure Pork. PEACHES f! fc c2M9U- FROZEN FOOD^ Avomlale Sliced or Halves I l\VtLll \\J\Jlfj PORK & BEAKS 4 ^ 490 LI^IS 2 \S550 Kr °K er • Bird's Eye Ford Hook Beans TOMATO JUICE 2 {S 430 OKRA 2 VS: 370 Kroger Winter Garden fresh frozen .. CHUMSALMON 3 No ^ H 1.00 ORANGE 2S.470 Ideal for your Lenten Menus n enus CORN MEAL 2 ^ 990 MICE 2 " Florida Gold. Blend Cicnm Style While ......... 3. 15 ......... Avontlalc Plain or Self-Rising Twisted White Fine textured. Loaves 1.59 SPOTLIGHT Kroger Hot Dated Coffee PICKLES lr 250 Mary Lou Giant. Size Dill HOMINY 3 Noc ^ 250 Country Club EGGS orTu,^: 480 U.S. Gov'l. Graded good or choice SAL D'SING , 350 Embassy MAYONNAISE '^330 TAMALES 2 v « 390 Stewart's "Egg-Rich" Derby—13Vi-oz. Jars CHEESE FOOD ^ 670 SOUP 2 *<£ 250 \\ isconsin Windsor Cluh Roval Gem Tomato or Vegetable P'APPLE PRESERVES 2.'S 390 SALMON ^ 290 Kroger Pure Fruit Merrimae KROGER BREAD 2 - BROWN 'N' SERVE ROLLS Kroger Fresh Baked. Plain Poz. -- . 15c 'ss 1/c PostTodsties Fresh Crisp. FREE l ' 7 " Sample I>kg. Post. Toaslies BEANS Fresh green Stringless. Low Priced 2 • 29' CELERY 2S290 CARROTS Ifch ; 50 Top qualify California Pascal Top quality Texas—Vitamin-rich GRAPEFRUIT Ba 100 POTATOES 10 Giant Si7.e Seedless U. S. No. 1 Washed Reds SEED POTATOES u - s - Nn -' S1ale in(Mh - 4 co WfctU TV I H I UCO Cerlified Reds BaR U.D9

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