The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 23, 1950
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, MARCH », I960 BLITHE V1LLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE .ELEVEN Barbecue Sauce Suggests Variety Leftovers Serve Well i If Given New Tatte By Icebox Sauce* A bowl of barbecue sauce in the refrigerator la on* answer to meali (.that are quick, appetizing and dif- (fevent. Most meats take to a Ungj ' barbecue sauce Uke ducks take to water. Spareriba are a (ood example; pork chops, another. But try tome unusual combination!. Dress up frankfurthera or canned luncheon meat with a tasty barbecue sauce. Serve the sauce over broiled hamburgers, or fish. Tfy baking round steak In barbecue'aauce. Just pour the uuce over the browned iteak and bake In a moderate oYen until tender. , ' 'A nice thing about the barbecue sauce In the recipe below is that It can be made ahead of time. It will keep for a week in the refrigerator. To protect the flavor ol the eauce, flare it In a porcelain enameled refrigerator pan. Save dishwashing by reheating in the storage pan just before serving. Quick Barbecue Sane* 2 tablespoons butter or , . margarine 1 large onion, chopped \'i cup celery, chopped V* cup cider vinegar \ ! 2 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon dry mustard ',£ teaspoon pepper i - 2 tablespoons brown sugar 1 cup catsup 2 tablespoon* Worcerterahirt sauce ! ; • • '•' Melt butter in porcelain enam eleci saucepan. Add onion and celery Cook about two minutes. Add re i mainlng Ingredient!. Mix well and ^simmer about 20 minutes, stirring ' •frequently. Cool and store In enam "• tied refrigerator pan. Fighters Moved To Northwest WASHINGTON, March 23. (If) -— The Air Force ordered additional fighter units to the Pacific Rorth west yesterday to guard the air approaches to Hanford, Wash.. AtomI works' and other vital defense plants. It announced that headquarters ol the 81st, ttghter-intercepter ,wlng and two ot Its fighter squadrons i are being moved :from Kirtland i Base, Albuquerque, • N. M., to the < Moses Lake; Wash., base. This wing is equipped with North i American "Sabre" jet fighters. A- bput 1200 persons will be Included ; in the transfer.. In addition, 'the air -force -als- closed that squadrons of the 325th all-leather lighter wing already "stationed In the Pacific Northwest vvill be equipped late this summer .with Lockheed P-M radar-equipped Miel fighters. • • '. . . . ', / *^ These squadrons now have North •American F-82 "Twin ' Mustang" planes with piston engines. Oysters Combine With Canned Corn For Budget Meal A can of corn, especially when it's one the pleatl ul !i»t, Is a good budget buy, But combine It with oysters and mushrooms and you've got a handsome main meat- lets'dlsh to serve. CaMtrole of Ce« tut Oyitcn (I atniBfi) . . One NO. 2 can crean. style corn, 1% cups fine cracker crumbs, 2 tablespoons butter, I pint small oysters, 3-ounce can chopped broiled mushrooms, 'A cup finely diced pepper, 1 teaspoon aaU, tt teaspoon pepper, paprika. Place half of corn in bottom of greased 1',4-quart casserole. Crush enough soda crackers with rollini pin to make 191 cups crumbs; It will take about 28. Sprinkle com with 1 cup crumbs and dot with 1 tablespoon butter. Add : oyste: a layer. Including oyster liquor Then add contents of can o ushrooros In a layer. Sprinkle 1th green pepper, salt and pepper dd remaining corn and top witl emalning crumbs. Dot with ablespoon butter: and sprlnkl 1th paprika. Bake In moderate ven (350 degrees PO until thor ughlj hot »nd lightly browned bout 30 to 40 minutes. Serv mmedlately. Here's another meatless dls with unusual and winning flavo t uses some of those .plentlfu ggs, too. . ", •": : Finnan Haddie Mmhroom Loaf (Using Ees«) (t to 6 serving*) One and one-hall pounds linna haddle. Steamed 2 eggs, '.4 c" milk, 113 cup fine dry bread crumbs -ounce can chopped broiled mush rooms, 1 tablespoon grated onlo teaspoon salt, '.4 teaspoon pel per, 2 tablespoons fat, 1 teaspoo Worcestershire. Remove skin and bones from fish 'and flake fish with fork. Slightly beat the eggs and stir in the milk. Add the crumbs, contents of ern of mushrooms, mustard, onion, salt and pepper. Mix together thoroughly. Combine' with flaked fish and shape Into a loaf on a shallow U.S. Superforts Land in Britain . . UARHAM England, March JS («l Th " e ' s <>ult« .» difference. The lat-The first four oJ 70 superfortresses t" version * »o* said to be the oor- .starls anything." The new version Is Iliat the secretary said the U. 6. "should be prepared to lick hell out ot Joe Stalin If he starts anything.' luperfortresses (B-Us) landed In Britain yesterday put an American punch Into Brits jVs air striking power. The superforts, which arrived over Marham two hours ahead of schedule, are a gift to Britain under the United State* 1 $1,000,000,000 military aid program. , Arthur Henderson, secretary of state'for air, accepted the bombers for the British government. He said the transfer demonstrates "coopeiftlon and peace between two democratic governments." He added: "These bombers will never be used for aggressive purposes." BELIEVED DEAD—Cadet Richard ox (above) 31, of Mansfield, Ohio, who disappeared two months ago trom West Point Military academy, is believed to have been slain. "I'm sure we will not find this man alive," Lt. Co). Edwin N. Howell, academy provost marshal, said (AP Wire- photol. greased 'teat-proof platter. Or drop into the 6 greased cups of a 3 inch muffin pan. Blend together the (at and Worcestershire. Lightly brush this mixture over the fish loaf, or 'the Individual loaves. Bake In moderate oven 1300 degrees p.) until firm and lightly browned, about 25 to 35 minutes Serve with creamed potatoes and greet) beans. .' EDSON Continued.from Page 8 i»t If the Commies saw him with he Naal, they would become suspic- oiis. By some fast footwork, and with quick explanation to the Nazi Jvetlc ducked back upstairs out o Sext day a group of G-men nab- Ight of the Commies In the lobby bed the Nail and hts radio .and took Cvetlc off the spot. How Tough Are We, SrcrrUrj>? There's another version gofnp around about what Defense Sccre ary Louis Johnson said at that re cent dinner of University.ol Virginia alumlnj In Washington. The sccre ary was originally quoted as hav ng said that the U. S. wns prcparcf 'to lick hell out of Joe Stallri If h FOR SORE PAINFUL HERE IS SOOTHING PILES RELIEF C«i *rnA*fnjt quick rclfrf from p*rn, fir • nd irritation c*Mcd br SieipU Pit**, 1>ra 4<xUr'« formula (run f««am Thorn to*. A Minor Clintc now ftv»n*bk tor Thornton * Minor R«tUl Otntao'ent t*n<h to jottvn And kKrink «w»llfi»r R*tt>vw «• tress, U«L a tube of Thormto* ft Mi DO FtccUl Ointment or S*ei»3 SuKMitoriee UvTar. FoHow dircctioiu AK tb* !*b*l. For Mt« kt ill good dr reel quote. Attempt to Balloon "Point IV" Budgrl Public Affairs Institute, a private uearch organization backed by the Kllwaj brotherhoods and the World Qovernment Inundation, has hought up a new plan for the Point Pour program to aid underdeveloped ountilcs. P.A.I, thinks Slate De- lartment plans aren't blx enough. So, without government approval, proposes establishment of some 200 "work centers" hi backward ireas, Each work center would be laffed by ten 110,000 a year technicians. They would he aided by 20 native technician assl-stints, total :ost another $100,000. These groups vould be agricultural experts and engineers, who would act nt tench- ;rs, Encli work center would have four shops for automotive, farm machinery, Irrigation pump and electric motor TCI>MT and maintenance. Ench work center would have dormitories for 1000 natives', who would undergo training. Cast setting up one of these work centers is estimated at $1,500,000 plu. $750,000 a year upkeep. Totnl cos of the work center program for five years would be $14,000.000.000. ^ ] No Belter Way to Eminumlzr Department of Defense ts under heavy pressure lo cnncel Us order of last November, banning participation of Air Force and Nnvy plimes in air shows around Ihe country. Original stop order was Issued to end a racket. Promoters would get service flyers to participate, free o( cost, then collect admissions for randstand seats, stunt flying ts •Isky ,and a number of crackups lad ctuted Injury to pilots. By oon- "Inlng stunt flights to national shows, oi 1 to shows promoting recruiting, casualties havi been cut lo zero. But thU new policy has nany congressmen up In arms. Principal reaaon Is that It's coruld- ered a matter of greit preatige for congressmen to |et Air Force or Navy planes for an act In 'their states. Included In the pressure to get planes are various veiled threat* to put the axe to some Defence Secretary oJhnson'i request* for appropriations. Air show participation has been cut down to save money, but among the congressmen putting pressure on Department of Defeat al -e a number.who are conald- ered leading advocates of economy In government spending. flavor-kist PURE PORK SAUSAGE It S3 JUST RIGHT! Enjoy this flavor-rich qoodnesi for br*akfatt, lunch or lupper. •nt»nu MCKIH* < Qv&iaccd i Safety on the Move/ PEORIA, Ili. —(/P)— Bob Johnson is a heavy-duty specialist in the moving business. For 48 years he has been moving pianos, boilers and other outsize equipment. Yel he never has had an accident or an Injury. HERE'S YOUR FAVORITE SWEET CORN TALL IN HAVOR...TEMPTING IN TASTI PRIDEllLLINOIS at NABERS^ ' fer ; ^« ^-<X fc Favori'r* !• Dixieland f«r 72 years Genuine COUNTRY GENTLEMAN Cream Style White Sweet Corn So ««sy 10 prepirc , -. it's aLre*4y cooked. It's wholoomr »nd nour* uhiog— woadcrfil for corn fntun* corn pudding chowder*. . • Gel Pride of lUinoif—CretB Sol* While Sw«s Coca M jour croccr's today. . , '•>[-" tHI IIUNOU CANNING CO. i*n mf/*m*»t J+*m t/ Arc Fat, Tender, Juicy FULL DRESSED HENS Ib. 31 ^ ( ^ Mrs. Americas Bargain Laundry Bundle ROUGH DRY Entire Bundle Washed & Starched. Flat Work Finished OPTIONAL: Shirts finished only 12 each, extra Nu-Wa Laundry-Cleaners PHONE 4474 Blytheville Laundry-Cleaners PHONE 441 8 Meaty Pork NECK BONES j Lt, 130 Fresh Country EGGS Clean, f}ice Size VX-1 '*v« <>> ; ', ;>4i Doz. In squares Lean Bacon Hr "^iiB». • Lb. 130 SYRUP TOMATOES RICE Bud Waffle : o/. hot lie . Standard Pack. . No, 2 can Fine quality white 3 11>. hag .... Phillips Vcg. Beef .... No. 1 can Pure fresh LARD .. Blue I'lale Mustard No. 2 can 550 FLOUR So-Lite,5Jbs. sugar free..25 Ib bag 90 100 350 60 90 $198 Fresh corn MEAL 25 ,'i 980 V- \y MI^'M* m fjr i^jir-^^ •i%^,«'' < 4 'l^^'^li »i'* r^* 1 *' i'?,<-,_ : ^S *w ,/* **> ': -M **i^ ^* is '£& : ', ,'t "4' %*M^it ^/'v O»* v »»- '^ J ' ^-^ K Freshly Baked For Tasty Meals To give your every meal a hew appeal serve r/ranke's fresh bakery foods...fancy breads, cinnamon rolls, Vakcs—we have*a very nice selection. Your family will enjoy them \a£CQ^ *i <-*s5£T-a n\fm,r;F .-J>"» W« Reserve the Right to Limit Quantities Nabers' Gro. & Mkt. MELVIN HAL SELL, Owner Main 4 Division Fro* Delivery Phone SOI You made Flavor-Kist ^Ffr-jf**®-} laJ-fl'W 4-in-I Saltines America's ^4^^^ ^^ fcrgctt-scllingthiricracker You'll love the new F!avor-Kist Sugar Honey Grahams, too, in their "fresh-to-the-last-cracker" 4-in-l pack If you think you've lasted good Graham Crackers, just wait till you try these new I : lavor-Kist Grahams!' You've never even imagined thar Graham Crackers could taste so delicious. They're sensationally new and better! Thinner, crisper, iwecier, made wilh more honey, a lighter golden color. Ask your grocer for Flavor-Kist 'i-in-l Grahams today. #y THE fhvor-Kist SCHULZE and BURCH BISCUIT Co. Chicago, Des Moines, Kansas City - •• •

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