The Daily News from Lebanon, Pennsylvania on November 24, 1876 · 4
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The Daily News from Lebanon, Pennsylvania · 4

Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 24, 1876
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Lebanon Daily News. REE1EARD t SHARP, PUBLISHERS AND PROPRIETORS. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1876. RaUlroad TJnie Table. i,.M Trains DM Lebanon t thf following AmM s WMTWABD. Way Paaaenger J-W Htrrfjbura Accommodation 8.19 A) Mail war Kmc. Mail 7.27 rw Cincinnati Epres ' M ,...'. EASTWARD. WM..,.. 6.15 AM Mail , .07 am HarTishurg AocomiuodatloH. . , . 10.60 a m Mail 8.2r Hartibarg Aoownmodation ...... t.Bl r m Way Pasener. 9.01 F i BCHDAV TRAIKS. Krt-fl.l5 A. M., 8.20 A. M.. 2.47 P. U. Weit,-6.67 A. at., 8.50 A. M., 11.40 P. M. Xcfanaa TremmU Brant h. Passenger Train leave Lebanon at 7.10 a. m.i 12.25 r. m.. 7.30 r.u. North. B-2C P. m. The 6.67 train for UarrUburg does not ran on Monday morning. LOCAL NEWS. Teacher' Insll(nt. AFTERNOON 8ESJION. Session opened with song by the Institute." Surloalna 'rieatli the Old Apple Tree." A paper was rend by Mr. J. W. liar-beson on the "Choice of Avocation aud Perseferance to carry it out, " In which he discuMed the Importance of o early choice of a profession and penlsteut effort in pursuing It. Advantage of early training instanced in different pursuits. All the great works, ancient and modern, the result of lasting effort, from the pyramid to the telegraph. Instances iu nature, tlis ocean filling up and Niagara wearing away. Oar own greatness as a nation from the same cause. Prof. Woodruff spoke on the subject of History, with methods of teaching and illustrations. Song by the little folks, " CVntennial Bell." Solo by Miss Llllie Lantz. Rev. Rondtlialer delivered an address especially to the directors of the county, showing in vivid colors how they ma) aid the superintendent in bis visitations, in carrying out his suggestions, and by laboring to bring about more system and uniformity through the county. He would advise to Invite laborers from abroad. lie believed the mingling of different elements would be beneficial. A little of the Yankee and the Ilooaian element not amiss. He urged a more thorough organization of the teachers and conference meetings of directors. Pf. DeLong, of Lebanon Valley College, made a few general re marks, addressed chiefly to the teachers He appreciated the greater difficulty of teaching ungraded schools. Gave some pleasant retninisceuces of the earlier experience. Too much government. Barred out by 24 scholars.. Toole 12 hickories to carry out the laws. Govern kindly. - Punish kindly. Charm of Novelty. Do your work, and children's children will rise up and call tbee blessed. Hymn by the Institute " Safe within the Vale." Deputy State Superlnten dent Houck being called upon made a few pleasant remarks, and thought he could recite The Boy stood on the Burning Deck," ha remembered It because when a boy his class always read that, piece when strangers were presentv Moral Be honest, don't have special preparation for visitors. After a few general remarks he called on Prof. Raub to finish the speech. Prof. Raub responded in a neat apology and insisted that Mr. Houck should finish his speech. Prof. Beard resumed, beginning at " Whence all but bim bad fled," following np the pleasantries of the preceding speakers for a few minutes. He made a few practical suggestions on the auperintendency. Remarking, in conclusion, that his rambling remarks were like the Chinaman's ice cream, " no cookee enough." Prof. Dor wart being called for rendered the " Drunkard's Story. " C. R. Lanlt, Esq., of Lebanon, deliv . arad the closing address of the day. He admitted the truth cf the strictures of a previous speaker, he as one acknowledged his sins of omission, thought it possible that a word might be said in the same direction to parents. Voters to blame who elect anti-school men for directors. Hoped that the suggestion just made would be carried out, and proposed that a conference meeting of dirattort should be beld immediately after adjournment of Institute. Hymn by the Institute" Fair as UtaMom. " There were 195 teachers enrolled up Yrttt evening. Adjourned. THURSDAY EVBTKIKO. Opened with song by the l.ttle folks. Gathering Shells by lb Sea Sboie." gojo by Miss Tacie II err ; piano ac-companiement by Miss Lillie LanU. rat bv Miss Lizzie Brotherllne aubject-"Aimsof Life, "in which it was argued that the bent of childhood is the best guide for selecting a profession; these childish Inclinations ahould be t-ncouraifed ; If the right profession ba choaen.and followed with energy, success is assured. Violin Solo by Mr. 'Res Baker. " Trauoiercl ;" piano accoinpuietDent by Mr, W. L. Ki being encored, they returned and played a stiiring waltz. Prof. Dor wart rendered " The Maniac." Piano Duett by W. L. Raber and E.F. Burnside,"Lea Dame de titville." Rev. J. D. llerr, of New Yoik, the lecturer of the evening, being introduced, announced his subject "Expression and Repression." Knowledge only from expression. We know thatGod is gomlbeoauso expressed through his works. Expression without words by the dog's caudal extremity. Visits in imagination a cottage. What exprea. sionV A teacher's characUr expressed in hm school room. If a man is converted, his horse, and dog will know it. It Is one's duty to he beautiful. In the lower world beauty and use seldom united. Iu human life beauty and strength fchould combine. Woman '4 voice- potent forguod or evil. Sometimes keyed an octavo too high ; should be )h and low. A iioiny, raspy voice tuned to the hum of a threshing machine will produce noipy surroundings ; homes judged by the children; home love and home intelligence will save our country from its present danger of anarchy. Words of love and cheer needed at home; we sometimes forget to exprea our affection after marriage. Beautiful illustration of a lovely night starlit but chill Give kind words to the little ones. Epitaph-" Died for want of kind wordV' Some men like (lies seeking for sores, "Hard words" a more severe school than hard knocks." If Hayes or Tllden were has as bad as represent ed both unfit for president. We some times find merit only after death. The offering of Mary to the living Christ preferable to that of Nicodemus to the dead. Our deeds live after us. Better to be recorded in human hearts than in royal aichlves. Jacob's vision fulfilled in Christ. Place your foot on that lad der and riae to immortality. Song by Quartette" Hail, Smlliiig Mom." ritlbAY MOUNINU. Opened with hymn by the Institute: I would not live alway." Election of Committee on Permanent Certificates, The President appointed Messrs. . M. Zartman anj W. J. Kline, tellers. . Votes being collected, regular exercises resumed. Prof. Beard resumed on "Recitations." School labor divided one half study, one half recitation. I. Preparation. 1. By the teacher in matter and methods. 2. By the pupil by study and review. II. Order. 1. The pupil recites. 2. The class criticise. 3. The teacher instructs. III. Knds. 1. Expression by the pupil. 2. Criticism by pupils. 3, Instruction by lectures. IV. Methods. 1. Lectures. 2. Memorizing, 3. Catechetical. 4. Con versational. 5. Topical. V. Review. 1. Oral, daily. 2. Writ ten, periodical. Songs by the Institute, led by Prof Woodruff," Chide Mildly the Erring," and " Fair as the Morning." Superintendent Bodenhorn opened the question," Shall tho Committee on Permanent Certificates examine can didates.1' A motion was made to that effect. Mr. Roger asked for the opinion of the Profs, from abroad. The question was discussed in the afttrtualive by Prof. Woodruff and Mr. A. M. Heilraan ; and in the negative by Messrs. Iroboden, Forney and Burnside. The motion was lost. President announced the following Committee on Permanent Certificates for the ensuing year : Miss Libbie Bucher, Lebanon. J. II. Imboden, North Annville. E. O. Gilbert, East Hanover. L. M. Leiwig, Cornwall. W, J. Burnside, Lebanon. Prof. Woodruff resumed his talk on kf renunciation. Ad vises in spelling to pronounce the separate syllables ; favors phonetic spelling ; practiced a few words; if a person can spell familiar words, be is a good speller ; should have "l"on his certificate; the speaker failed once on the word " psychopany chism ;" was thankful to go down on such a big word. Song by (some members of) the Insti-ute, led by Prof. Woodruff: "Perri merri Domina." (The Prof, did most of the singing.) Rev. Rondthaler spoke on the mau- uer or conducting institutes. He favored drills ; would divide ti e Institute into classes, during i .v.t of the day; would have mouibly district institutes on Friday afternoon ; speks of the benefit from the Normal Class he'd in Lebanon last summer; thought that work of the same kind might be done at the County Institute. -Adjourned. The state law makes it , the duty of roadsupervis tra toerpct sigu boards at the Intersection of all roads in their respective towuships. The penalty for uegU'Ct 13 ten dollars and costs. ftbrridau Mpllstera. Mr. P. Andnrson,an employee of W. M. Kaufman & Co., received .a stroke of apoplexy, disabling his left side. Two personages, whose purses undoubtedly became exhausted, arrived at this place on Tuvsday evening iu the 5:19 p. in. train and pretended that their pockets were picked.and that they were penniless,desirIugtogo to Reading. As is generally the case, females are much admired by the opposite sex, and in a twinkle of the eye a sufficient amount was procured to pay their passage to Reading, after which "Big John" and friends eutertairred them pleasantly, and endeavored to perBuada themtoremasn here over night; but of no avail, by cause of them being afttouiuhed in the way our young men deported themselves In their presence. Mr, S. Saltzar, horse dealer of this place, will ship a car load of horses to the Eastern markets to-morrow, the school board of Millcreek towu-sliip, will convene at the public house of J. L. Shuliz to-morrow. Your correspondent has In his possesion a rocoipt for the enormous amount of ten cents, which was given to the lover of a certain young lady, for rucilicino given to said lady by our enterprising coal dealer. What will this come to '( The said amount having been paid by said lover. U. B. Stewart, of Millbach, surveyed 0 tract of Janq forC. Steinmetz, during yesterday. Said tract haying been purchased by J. Wallace, Esq. S. S. Long, Esq., has also purchased another tract east of said tract from the same Party. " Skkk." - Kuuawajr. At noon to-day while (he funeral of Mr. John Yost was on its return from the cemetery, the team of John Bright-bill, containing Mrs. Yost arid daughter, John Yost aud Misa Beard, became fractious and when near the corner of Nii'thand Willow streets, ran rapidly down Willow, the driver being unable to hold the horses until reaching the feuce of Mr. Joseph Chler, near the creek. No person was injured, but it was a providential escape, as at one vims it looked seriously. . The Savings Rank, at Kutztown, Berks county, suspended on Monday, and the directors have resolved to have a receiver appointed and close up its nffiiiis. It Is asserted that the assets will t e suttlcient to pay every dollar of its liabilities. fiiMMdeipblM Money Mrkeu Clomnq Pkicrs Of D Haven & Town, .Dtl, Stock, Government ami Gold Braken-tu t-HHith Third Street, Philadelphia, Pa., November 23,1876: (J 11 it. 1 titate nixed, ;i81..... .117118 do 6-20' '66 110 1HK do do '65, J.AJ.112113 do do '67., ....110 (0)116 do do "OS myi'ajlllX do 10-40' Ui(dtm do Curreucy6's 123(&124 do nve, '81, new 112!ifU2X Pivna. H. 6($ V Phila & KeadlnR K. K.... ..... tim n Lehigh Valley K. R Vi Uthigh Coal and Nav.Com.... 26(g) 27 Un itnt Co'h of New Jersey. . . .136 ($133 PittMb'g, Tittia'e & Buffo R.R. 8(q) 9 Pkiladitpi& KrieB. K 113(0)114 Northern Central R. R 127 tal27 tlHstouvlile fasi. 11. It. UO....I30 mSl Gold , 109? Hl ftlSKftN NOTICES. gjrJusT Received, at SHANK A MOITZ'St, a large asaortnaeut of Black Dress Goods, which are sold very cheap. Jie sure to Mr. Daniel F. Beattt. of Wash iugtou, N, J., in cousUutly in receipt of ui nauenng testimony rrom all parts of the United States and Canada, as to the neauty and excellence or bis pianos and organ. Send for catalogue and list of tnntimoniais. AdUrec Daniel F. Beatty, Washington, WrreQ county, N, J. tiov2-lin Dental Netle. Notice Is hereby given that Dr. J. P. Bowman la the only licences for the use of rubber as a base for artificial dentures in Lebanon, Pa. All persona are hereby cao-tioDud against purchasing Rubber Dental Platos of any parties hot licensed cf this by so doing they render themselves equally liabte to prevention for in-frincoment. A reward will be paid for Information that will lead to the conviction of any parties of unlawful lute of our pa-tuts. JOSIAH BACON, Treasurer Goodyear Dental Vulcanite Co, Boston, J a a. Ijuuel2-tf Flowers, Roses, Primroses, Beconles, Fancy and Flowering Sorta, and a variety of other PLANTS, for sale at the LEBA-A'OX URJtXXBOUSK, SSS N. Eleventh Street, near Lindley Murray School House. octlS-tf Ilolloway's Tills and Ointment. Scarry and Diseases of tke Skin Fever, restless sleep, foal stomach, tainted breath, languor, depression of spirits, always, attendant on t he worst cases of cutaneous eruptions, are speedily ami radically removed by these medicine the ointment cleanses the skin, and the Pills purify the blood, stimulate the liver, and promote digestion. 25 oenti per box or pot. novli-lta Be sare net to bav vour Black Cachezire, Uzhzxr, cr Alpacca DRESS, tsre yen examine ice issenssstocx displayed at Shssfr & Eoltz's t-tf Yon 'want to a Uinberger's Wild Cherry sad Hoarhound itnay for yonr Cou?h. Prepared only at LEM-BEKGEE'4 DBUQ STOEE, opposiu the Market House, Lebanon, Ja, toTS-tf A CA1SD. MR. LEVI M. NEFF desires to infMrtn the citizens of Lebanon and vicinity that he has taken charge of the fUrber Shop. (K-lleuberKor's,) No. 1 South Eighth Street, lehauoH, which he will conduct in a nrMt-class ruami r. He invite ah tiie old cuBtomers of Vh- shop, tJ.-!'lir w ith all other, t: give him a cil . Hn hi tie-cured the Sirvices ( M CM '-EL J. KCSS, a first clstttg Wrffrr l lhi!a!el-phia. lf4--t.l HEAL 11 A IU ! REAL UAIR SWITCHES ...$ 50 1 00 2 00 " " , , 2 50 t. it i 2 75 " " ' 3 W " " " 4 00 Very extr flue, frm 5 00 to $ 10 00, at SUA iN K Jft liOL'i'Z'ri. Attend to Your Head and Hair -Don't Delay Usiog This, Wl' tniprotftl tlir liehlor- ativc i" unlike any other, aud 1ms uo eijnal. The Improved "has new yeetbl tonic properties ; restores grey hair to a g'exsy, natural color; restores faded, dry, hiusb and falling hair ; restores, dresses, gives vigor to the hair ; restores hair to premature bald beads; removes dandrutf, huiuors, scaly eruptions ; remove.; irritation, itching aud scaly dryness. No article r.roduce such wonderful effects. Try it, call for Wood's Improved Hair Restorative and don't be put off with any other urtkle. Sold by all diuggiets in this r'aee aud dealers everywhere. Trade supplied at manufacturers' prices by f A. Cook & Co., Chicago, Sole Agents for the United "Hates and Cauada, and by Johnston, Holloway & Co. Philadelphia. aug2ii8iu A FACT WORTH KKQWIXU. Are you suffering with Consuantion, Coughs, Severe Co!l settled on the Iireast or any disease of the Throat ami Lungs ! If o go to Drueaists, George lltM & Co., or Joiteph L. Leiuberger, Lebauon, aud also W. S. Seal old, Anuville, and get, a bottle of Buscheb's (iKi,M an Syrup. This medi cine has lately been introduced from Germany, and Is selling on its own merits. The people are going wild over its own success, and DruitgiHtH ail over our country are writing us of its wonderful cured among their customers. If you" wish to try its superior virtue get a Sample Jlottle for 10 cents. Large ftiz-t bjttle 75 cents. Three doses will relieve any cane. Try it geptlS- liiu.eow True Merit WW Win'. A few years sinca the proprietors of Dr. Morris,' Syrup of Tar, "Wild Cherry and Horehound was introduced here. It was not puffed, but sold 011 its merits. Our people soon found it to be reliable, and already it b become the most staple and popular pulmonary remedy iu the market. It quickly cures the wornt coughs, coUls, croup, bronchitis, asthma aud Licipient consumption. Nothing acts so nicely in wiiooring cough, and it is so pleasant that children readily take it. Containing no opium or other dangerous drug, it is as saf.i as it. is sure. Larue size bottles, 60 cents ana One Dollar. Sold by .Jos. L. Lemberger and Dr. V. H. Aliwein, (1 riu' (jists. Also Agents for Prof. Parker's Pleasant Worm Byrup, wlilch never f;uls. Pleasant to take, aud requires 110 physic. Price 1!5 cents. novl-lm O k day at home. Agents wanted, ipl Outttt and Ura free. TKUE & CO., Augusta, Maine. mai3-ly JLTx to CJOA per day at home. Sani-mJ DC'J pi worth SI free. Stinbqh & Uo.. Portland, Me. mar2ly IJHlIt ItKJlT.-TWO FINIS BCSI-1 NESsi KOOMS on Cumberland street. Fit further information apply to JEKEMI All BTBAYEIt, sr. apr28-tf SEKII25.1, toO. P. ItOWEl.L & COT, New Xork, for pamphlet of 1,000 pages, containing lists of 3,tXK) newspapers, and estimates showing cost, of advertising iuar2-ly LEBANON FOUNDRY AND COAI. YARD, Sherk, Seidle & Raber, Props, Nokth Erv jJTHSTKwirr, Lkhanov. Pa. yylLLIAM I. KI.OI'P'Sl" - SHAVING and HAIR Df.ESSWG SALOON, Pout Otfwe Building, Xorth. Q'hjst. l-jf Patronage respectfully solicited, nov3 -tf STOKE ltont) FOR Iti:.M' The large STOUK ROOM in Karch's Building,Nortlnv'f t corner Market Square, is offered for Ken 1 from March 1, Apply tc .UVKPil KAKCH, jeM5-tf V.tUcy National rAuk. H WltSK K.4CE. A trottinff race wiU Uke place at AVON 1'AhK, on SATURDAY AFTEBKOON, at 1 o'clock, bftweSu P.rirose Se'tzer's horse " Honest John" and that of William Eirich's horse "Mack." Price of adecis-tion 10 cetitM. nov2J-3t HAV IOK SALE. The Ulianon County Agricnltural and Mechanical Society will sell at the Public Ilnuse of Jacob H. Heilumn, iu Lebanon, aiwut 13 Tons of First Quality HAY, on SATURDAY, KOYE.11BCK 25, between the himrs of 2 and 4 o'clock P. M. Perfons wishing to see the ha? can do so by calling on W. R Light, at Avon. novZltttJ la A AO ttOi! r'KIi, 8ec. BEATTY'So PARLOR RCANS. E3TART.TSftFI IV Anv BpfcclJM PAINTER An I T;r. TKBEB can find eomethiDg to his advan tage by addressing the nianufaetnrer . V IL-f El OC A '1- PXT . I- . I . . - ' lj a uku x . pa ai i 1 , asumgb-n, rew Jenwr. U. a A. yVTASHIX,TO 1IOIKE. TIO Cumberlnuu street, LEBANON, PA. Balifia 4 MM, Prep's. The bar is stocked, irilh the lcst Hiincrs. Oysters in every style at a!i tims. nov-4 3ui PRIVATE StJ.E OK FOR REST. A good NEW DWELLING HOUSE, with lot VM by 2H feet, situated on Main street, in Jonestown, nar Ievl Ueilmau'M at.irf. in i.tiVreil at. 1'RIVATE tiAl.Y. OT tO Itit from April 1, 1T(. For further particu-f larsoaU on tue uu.iermguea, inree runes I row Jouesum i), iie,rOroy' Mill, nwrtf-tr ,'.)iS K LIGHT. 1 li. J..ivi4., AitCIlITECl, And 'General Draughtsman ; AND Roil Estate e J Fates! Apt. Omt'K : No. 7i3 ,Cnmlerla:id Street, (second story, front,) jan!-ly l.fcltaKON, VX. . . , NEW AM) SUCCESSFUL. PROCESS FOR CLEANSING AND PURIFYING FEATHERS, . thus obviating all possibility of injury . ' Terms: $-'.0 ir BL Satisfaction guaranteed, or 110 charges. Beds taken ami returned the same day, ready for iiumediattt use. Call ami se tha Machine in operation. Ail those wli.i wisli to have BeiiscSeaued are tj leav wnr .1 i,i Iloiliuger's or Boll-man's hotel, airyM WIT HI Silt DSStH.I I (lX -r -IMH -NKRSH1P. The t-Partnership, heretofore (-xUting under t'u firm of I r'.KIFFLKR & 0., ,.f Palmyra, and trad 'tig under that wwrir.wa il-SOLVED on the I -till inst , by miru.v iu,!,rnr, aud henceforth the busiitesii will 1m conducted under the iirm o' CosHKUT .V SH1F-FLKit. lit-" All pt-rs'uin liavinj claims agnii t the tirm or iu iiid !! d to thun, will prr sen s:il claims at oticc. yTbe books are i u the hand 4 of the new firm for collection. uovlfMit I SHIKFLi::'. & CO. BB Q Pa"0 & Parle Organ Effil 110 INSTRUCTOR 1 Containing the elements of 111 oio, With sy and progresnivi cxetciw U perfect tho player iu the art uf iiu-ie, (either Pi;uo or Organ ). to which is ad'.b-d over sixty Will zes, t'olka", Mar.:hefi, Gallops, Operatic Mtlodies, Dauccs, eic, by Dan-nil. F. Beattv, Washington, N ,).,oue of tho best work of its kiiul r-ver iutro-luced, khonld bo in the hands cf every Piano and Org:u player. Scut post paid to any part of the United States o- Canada, for only sevenly-hvo ccnta. A.-drc-s DANiL F. CHATTY, Washiogton, New Jersey, U. S. A. COAL! COAL!! Greatly Reduced in Price, Mb, E. D. KRAIX, on " NORTH th'Sl'TII STREF.Ti has constintiy on hand and -will promjAly deliver the best varieties of COAL iu the market by Wholesale oit Cakixiad. Also I'OTATOKS ontinnally on hand, to which lie invites the attention of the public. COUO WOOD always on band. KfOrders are respectfully solicited. octlii-tf rjllIE HEYSlOAIi HOUSE, (Late EitooKS') DAVID BEHNEY, PropV. The undersigned having taken this well-established house will endeavor to continue its reputation as a first-class eating house and also has largely increased its capacity for the accommodation of strangers and travelers. Traveling an 1 country custom will find first-class accommodations. Large stabling is attached to the hotel.'- :.. . A LIVERY STARLE also ctnnected with the boue, with good horses and pleasaut conveyances, with office at hotel. Reduction for funeral purposes 1! a team to Mt. Lebanon cemetery. novi l-ara DAVID BF.HNY. R OVAI.'I WT1CAYI1I! &, OIN have removed the BEEF STORE MAR KET to their new Store, Corner of Seventh and Cumberland Strsete, where ther will constantly have on hand the choicest BEEF. PORK, LAMS, YEAL, SAUSAGES, PUODiNG, BOLOGNA, DRY BFEF, and in fact everything kept in a first-class Meat Store, where they will sell wholesale and retail. All thair old usT.omerg and as many new on as enme, will be kindly waitwlon. tSTRAYER & SON'S. d(7-tf ERAXOX OYMTEK BAY And Eating Soloes. COTLIEB BOYER would resnectfuliv annonnoe tat,,- iiiium of Lebanon and vicinity t,i:at lie has opened a FIRST-CLASS FATING HOUSF, at 721 nnibcrlmid Strett, (Dr. 8. S. Meilv's bniirlina rln -ill C, v.. , ...c,.,..:, " wiiuuiMMiuioitRs, in every ityle oaiii. 111 season, ami Kjitah of .,-.,- atscripuon usually found iu firsKrlaee cMityiwuiueuis. Oyster bv who!is;! Fami ies Mippiied with the be:-t Oysters, iiurt uuw imi at reasonable rat tx?tlP-tf . T H E hereby an- j "iuum w iue rnnnc uias I have a number of . policies run hale. in the TEMPERANCE MUTUAL BENE- County, Penn'a , which'will be disposed of 1.1. 1 ur.j., x ms is oue or me noest companies in the Stt, being th low; iu rates, rdJ p,n a good, substantial footing. RISICa taken a' SIO pertbousand. Annual Dues 1 05 thousand. I-?" Death AtvrtMattiln from 2 years of age np to 58, 53 cents on a tbou.-an.J dollar risk ; from 30 to 4 ti2 cents r-r thousand ; from 40 to 43, 75 cent per th.;n-s-ind ; from 45 to 50, 35 cents per thousand ; Irtm 50 to 55, S3 cents per thou.nd ; iron 5 to 60, 1.03 cents per thousand. DAVID SHOIT, Solicitor, 832 outh 'iath Street, novCtMrt Lebanon, Pa, JEW UEACJKK.niTU SHOP. Mr. Paul "Waciiter begs leave to inform the citizens of Lebanon and vicinity that he has opened a Blacksmith Shop, corner of Cumberiaiul Street and Spring alley where he is prepared to do all maimer oi smithing, such as COACH BUCKSMITH1H6. REPAIRING, NEW SPRING -WAG0N3 made to order. &c, &o. 1ST Work done at short notice and all Work guarrantod. A share of the puhiio patronage is solicited, niaylx 1m. GA XSTKH'S LEUAXO.Y III MV. FRIES ! The undersigned desires to inform lue X'uhlio that ho has purchased tl 1. wi.Jj-known Lager Beer Breweries of J. SCHMEID and YOST & PRO., where he is prepared to furnish tUV Purest Lager Beer in the Market. " IrSf Uis vaults aro well stocked, r-nd all orders will be promptly deliverec tvery morning. l"Orders can be left at the Brt w,.,-f on Locust btreet, between Beveith and Eighth. iiov24--ly. c. F. H ll.tlAYER' BAKERY, 112 South Eighth Street, - r.-KiiAp,oir, I'n. Fresh Breai, Bolls, Ms; Cakes, alwavs on hand or promptly supplied to order. Delivery teams run dail to 1 very part of the town. erThatwst brands of FLOUR for sale, by the pound or bar rel. Thankful for past favors he respe fully solicits a continuance of the same. -J u25'tf C' F" WIDMAVER. jpiKE! frlKE Lebanon Mutual Insuianci Comnanyf January 1, 1872, Mutual Capital sut'frct to Assessment, $11,797,135.00, JONESTOWN, LEBANON Co., Ta., IV Rifcks taken in town and county POLICIES PKRPETUAI David L Rank, Presidontl Chkistian Lentz, Vies President O. F. Mkilv. Treasurer. Jacob Q. Heixmax, Secretary. Jbuemjah Ueilhaj,-, Gen. Agent, feblti-tf . -. 'c ELIJAH LOHOACBK, " JOHK O. . A ft L jEiiAsroai DOOR, SASH AND STEAM FLAN-IN G MILL, Located on FRONT STREET, near t.-im-berlaDd, East Lebanon. . The underaignei ie?jectfully inform tlifl public in general that they still nv.pu cj ture and kep on hand Doors, Ba-sh, Shutters, Blinds, Floo.'io ', Weather.Boanls, O'Gee Sprinj Mouldings, of all sizes ; Wash Boards, Cornices, Casings, and All ktnds of Buildinq Mate; ,al for houses. "We also construct the latest and most improved Stair Casing and Hand Railing, suitable for large and small build ings. We now invito Fanners, Mechanics and Builders to call and examine our stock, which we will warrant to give entire satis, faction to all who may favor the undersign, ed with their custom. LOXGAORE & GABEL. Planing, Sawing, &c, &c, promptly dona for those who may furnish Lumber. flft-t MRS. DR. FULLER, TBI CELEBRATED - CHINESE PHYSICIAN, now staving at tha LEBANON VALLEY HOUSE, LEBANON, PA. has decided to permanently loc , te in this place. C0"Remember, Mrs. Dr. Fu'.ler is n i-tranger, being what we mieht almost term a Home Physician, and only makes these 4 visits at the call of her regular patients) ion mentis. OFFICE LOU US: From 9 a. m. to 8. p. m. Sunday, from 10 , WON TTUL, Z Dr. Fuller, her husband, bsw deceased,, while in Chins, learned the Chinese art of Medeeintif", which he taught to his wife, who is the only living (person in America who can tell year disease without asking' a question. ' ' FEMALE EISEASES A SPECIALTY She wiU offer to the afflicted her great Remedy, , CONCENTRATED TEA OR WORLD'S HE LIEF! No. 1. Chinese Cure for Rheumatism, 24 hour. No. 2. Chines? Care for Scrofula and ail sores. No. 3. Chinese Core for Neuralgia, thre minutes. No. 4. Chines Remedy for Catarrh, warranted. No. 5 Ciiinese Iienoedy for Epileptic Fits, warranted, or money refunded. No. 6. Chi-fiese Cure for Deafness. Will Cure all Lum Difficulties if Curable. To the afflicted : Coma and yon can be cured. CONSULTATION FREE. ovl4-lm

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