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Kansas City, Missouri
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Wednesday, February 2, 1972
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» 30 THE KANSAS CITY TIMES w.d.t.d.y, February 2, 1972 ★ ★ Draftee at White House Pro Football Trades Continued From Page 25 it;"is to lose, but I’d just as soon keep winning,” he said. Kinney was the Chiefs’ only pick in the first three rounds of the draft. Their No. 2 pick w$nt to New England in settlement of the Mo Moorman waiver case and their No. 3 had been allotted to Houston filOng with Robert Holmes in the October, 1971, trade for Willie Frazier, veteran tight end. In the fourth round, the Chiefs selected a rangy wide receiver and another ‘‘winner” in Andy Hamilton of Louisiana State. Hamilton, a 6-3, 190-pounder who runs the 40 in :04.7, had "" big games on national TV late \ last season against Notre Dame and Iowa State. In the Notre Dame game, Hamilton exhibited a classic move to break free for a touchdown. As the instant replay revealed, Hamilton’s fake sent the Irish defensive back (Clarence Ellis, No. 1 draft choice of Atlanta) toward one direction of the end zone while Hamilton pivoted clear to the other to receive the pass for a touchdown. Hamilton broke Billy Cannon’s L.S.U. career touchdown record with 24. Hamilton caught 94 passes for 1,834 yards in his L.S.U. career. His senior totals were 45 receptions for 854 yards. The Chiefs considered the long-striding Louisianan too good a prospect to pass up. Last year, they drafted a receiver early and wound up with a star in Elmo Wright. Another draft choice in the fourth round—Kansas City’s regular turn after the use of Cleveland’s pick in the Frank Pitts trade brought in Hamilton—was spent for what was termed ‘‘past considerations” to the New Orleans Saints for Charlie Williams. The Chiefs picked up Williams as a free agent last fall and kept the rookie wide receiver on their taxi squad. They signed him to a 1972 contract and the Saints were obviously paid off with a draft choice to relinquish their future hold on the Prairie View product. The Chiefs moved to bolster their defensive line in the fifth and sixth rounds. They chose Milt Davis, a 6-3, 230-pound defensive end from Texas-Arlington in the fifth round and John Kahler, a 6-3^, 250- pound end from Long Beach State in the sixth round. The Chiefs wound up the first day of the draft like they started it, by taking a Big Eight playqr. They chose Dean Carlson, a 6-3, 217-pound quarterback from Iowa State in the seventh round. Carlson completed 123- of-254 passes for 1,637 yards and 11 touchdowns. Big Eight Players Chosen in N.F.L. Draft First round—Jerry Tagge, Nebraska quarterback, by Green Bay; Herb Orvis, Colorado defensive end, by Detroit; Jeff Kinney, Nebraska running back, by Kansas City; Larry Jacobson, Nebraska defensive tackle, by New York Giants. Second round — Jack Mildren, Oklahoma quarterback (as a defensive back), by Baltimore. Third round—none. Fourth round — Lorenzo Brinkley, Missouri defensive back, by Pittsburgh; Clifford Branch, Colorado wide receiver, by Oakland. Fifth round—Bill Butler, Kansas State running back, by New Orleans; Carl Johnson, Nebraska tackle, by New Orleans; Bob Childs, Kansas guard, by Detroit. Sixth round—none. Seventh round — Steve Conley, Kansas running back, by Cincinnati; Joe Colquitt, Kansas State linebackor, by Pittsburgh; John Tarver, Colorado running back, by New England; Dean Carlson, Iowa State quarterback, by Kansas City. By Tha Associated Press NEW YORK GIANTS—Traded Fred Dryer, defensive end, to New Enqlend for the Patriots' first and sixth round choices In the current draft and the Patriots' second-round choice in the 1973 draft. Used the first-round choice to draft Eldridge Small, defensive back from Texas A&l, then traded the sixth-round pick to Atlanta for guard Dick Enderle. NEW ENGLAND-Traded Its first end sixth round choices In the current draft and Its second-round choice In the 1973 draft to the New York Giants for defensive end Fred Dryer. OAKLAND—Traded Its second and third round picks In the current draft to New Orleans for the Saints' second-round pick, which It used to draft Kelvin Kro- tackle, Northwestern, choice to Atlanta for eornerback Rudy Redman beil. and running back Sonny Camp ver, defensive Iowa. ATLANTA—Traded eornerback Rudy Redman and running back Sonny Campbell to Detroit for a second-round draft S ick, which the Falcons used to select teve Okoniewskl, an offensive tackle from Montana. Traded defensiv* tackle Greg Lens and defensive end Randy Marshall to Buffalo for a fifth-round choice, which the Falcons used to select Billy Taylor, a running back from Michigan. Traded guard Dick Enderle to the New York Giants for a sixth-round pick, which the Falcons used to select Mike Perfetti, a defensive back from Minnesota. Traded defensive tackle John Mailory to New Orleans for a sixth-round choice, which the Falcons used to draft Fred Riley, a wide receiver from Idaho. DETROIT—Traded second round draft BUFFALO—-Traded a fifth-round draft choice to Atlanta for defensive tackle Greq Lens and defensive end Randy Mar shall. DAL LAS-Traded Margene Adkins, wide receiver, to New Orleans for a second-round draft pick, which New Orleans had previously acquired from Oakland The Cowboys then used that second-round pick to draft John Bebinecz, linebacker, from Vlllanove. NEW , ORLEANS—Traded Us second- round pick in the-current draft to Oakland for tha Raidars' No. 2 olck and the No. 3 pick which the Raiders had previously acquired from Baltimore. Then traded Oakland's second-round pick to Dallas for Margene Adkins, wide receiver, and used the third-round pick to draft Tom Myars, defansive beck, from Syracuse. , NEW ORLEANS—Acquired defensive tackle John Mallory from Atlanta for a t ................... *' -' • ixth-round choice, which had previously Jean obtained from the Falcons. Acquired Kansas City's fourth-round drefl choice In return for past considerations involving wide receiver Charlie Williams, who went to the Chiefs early in the 1971 wtv««i fva me v iiviJ xintiy in me »7/1 season, then used the Chiefs' fourth-round selection to draft Mike Coleman, a de tensive end from Knoxville Colleqe. KANSAS CITY—Traded Its fourth-round draft choice to New Orleans In return for past considerations Involving wide receiver Charlie Williams, who went from New Orleans to Kansas City early in the 1971 season. Phone Sunday Want Ad* In before) 11 a.m. Saturday. 221-5500—Adv. The Pro Draft Atlanta Falcons .Clarence Ellis, defensive back, Notre D*me; Pat Sullivan, quarterback, Auburn; Steve Okoniewski, offensive tackle, Montana; Roosevelt Manning, defensive taGMe, Northeastern Oklahoma State; Les Goodman, running back, Yankton, S.D.; Andrew Howard, defensive tackle, Grambling; Billy Tavlor, running back, Michigan; Ralph Cindrich, linebacker, Pittsburgh; Mike Perfetti, defensive back, Minnesota; Fred Riley, wide receiver, Idaho;, Lance Moon, running back, Wis- cen^jn. Baltimore Coifs Tom Drougas, offensive tackle, Oregon; Jaek-Mildren, defensive back, Oklahoma; Glenn Doughty, wide receiver, Michigan; Lvdell Mitchell, running back, Penn State*' Eric Allen, wide receiver, Michigan. State; Don Croft, defensive tackle, Tefcas-El Paso; Bruce Laird, defensive back, American International; John Sykes» running back, Morgan State. Buffalo Bills Walt Patulski, defensive end, Notre Dame; Reggie McKenzie, guard, Michigan; Fred Swendsen, defensive end, Notre Dame,- Randy Jackson, runninq back, Wichita State; Leon Garror, defensive back, Alcorn A&M; Robert Penchion, guard, Alcorn A&M; Ralph Stepaniak, defensive back, Notre Dame. Chicago Bears Lionel Antoine, offensive tackle, South- -«rn illinois; Craiq Clemons, defensive back^lowa; Johnnv Musso. running back, Alabama; Bob Parsons, tight end, Penn ■State; Bob Pifferini, linebacker, UCLA; Jim Fassel, quarterback, Long Beach State,*'James Osborne, defensive tackle, Southern U. t-" Cincinnati Bengals i Sherman White, defensive end, California; Tommy Casanova, defensive back, Louisiana State; Jim LeClair, linebacker, NOrttr'Dakota; Bernard Jackson, defensive back, Washington State; Tom De- Leone, center, Ohio State; Steve Conley, runninq back, Kansas. Cleveland Browns Tom Darden, defensive back, Michigan; Cffffo/d Brooks, defensive back, Tennessee State; Lester Sims, defensive end, Alabama State; George Hunt, kicker, Tennessee; Greg Kucera, running back, North Colorado; Leonard Forey, guard, Texas A&M; John Wesley, tackle, Maryland State. Dallas Cowboys Bill Thomas, running back, Boston College; Robert Newhouse, running back, Houston; John Babinecz, linebacker, VII- -lanoya; Charlie McKee, wide receiver, Arrroha; Mike Keller, linebacker, Mich- tgart; Marv Bateman, kicker, Utah; Tim Kearney, linebacker. Northern Michigan; Robert West, wide receiver, San Diego State; Charles Zapiec, linebacker, Penn State; Charles Bolden, defensive back, Iowa. - 1 Denver Broncos Riley Odoms, tight end, Houston; Bill Phillips, linebacker, Arkansas State; Tom Graham, linebacker, Oregon; Jim Kreig, vyid^recetver, Washington. Detroit Lions Hertr Orvis. defensive end, Colorado; Keff Zanders, defensive end, Howard Paynes Charles Potts, defensive back, Purdue,- Charles Stoudamire, wide receiver, Portland State. «^11, Green Bay Packers WftTie Buchanon, eornerback, San Dieqo SfateJ^Jerry Tagge, quarterback, Nebraska; Chester Marcol, kicker, Hillsdale; Eric Patton, linebacker, Notre Dame; Nathaniel Ross, defensive back. Bethune- CocKman; Dave Pureifori, linebacker, Eastern Michigan; Robert Hudson, running back. Northeastern Oklahoma; Bill Bwshong, defensive tackle, Kentucky. - - Houston Oilers ..pfftg Sampson, defensive end, Stanford; Uwis Jolley, runninq back. North Caro­ tins; Solomon Freelon, guard, Grambl- mpy Joe Bullard, defensive back, Tulane; Elmer Allen, linebacker, Mississippi; Eri»| Hutchinson, defensive back, North- wps\erp. Kansas City Chiefs Jeff Kinney, running back, Nebraska; Anqy 'Hamilton, wide receiver, Louisiana State; Milt Davis, defensive end, Texas- Arlington; John Kahler, defensive end, LOfif^jBeach State; Dean Carlson, quarterback; Iowa State. Los Angeles Rams ¿22* running back, Texas; Larry McCutcheon, runmna back, Colora- 9P State; John Saunders, defensive back, Toledo; Eddie Phillips, defensive back. Bob Childs, quard, Kansas; Bob ChpAliansen, tiaht end. UCLA; Edward Hebert, defensive tackle, Texas Southern. Miami Dolphins Mrke Kadish, defensive tackle, Notre Dame; Gary Kosins, runninq back, Dayton; '¿Larry Bali, defensive end, Louisville; Al Benton, tackle, Ohio University; Charles Gabb, defensive back, Memohis State; Ray Nettles, Linebacker, Ten- B>H Adams, guard, Holy Cross; Calytr* Harrell, running back, Arkansas Minnesota Vikings - Jeff Siemon, linebacker, Stanford; Ed Manna ro, running back, Cornell; Bart Buetow, tackie, Minnesota; Anthony Mar- tin;«lmebacker, Louisville: Bill Slater, defensive end, Western Michiqan. New England Patriots Tom Reynolds, wide receiver, San Diego State; Jim White, defensive end, Colorado State; Ron Bofton, defensive bade, Norfolk State; Clark Hoss, fiqht end, Oregon State; John Traver, running back, Colorado. New Orleans Saints Bttyce Smith, quard, Georgia; While Hall., linebacker, Southern California; Bob Kuzief, center, Pittsburqh; Tom Mvers, deferreive back, Syracuse; Mike Crangle defensive end, Tennesse^-Martin; Jo* Se- derspiel, linebacker, Kentucky; Mike Coleman, defensive end, Knoxville Col- Jene; Bill But'er, runn^c hack Kansas State?' Car| Johnsbn, tackle, Nebraska; Bob Davies, defensive back. South Carolina; Wavne Dorion, guard, Arkan*as State; Curt Watson, running back, Tennessee; Ernie Jackson, defensive back, Duke. New York Giants Eldridge Small, defensive back, Texes A&f;' Larry Jacobson, defensive end, Neb ea sJc a ; John Mendenhall, tackle, Grambling; Tom Mozisek, running back, Houston; Tom Gatewood, wide receiver, Notre Dame; Larry Edwards, linebacker, Texas A&f; John Hill center, Lehigh; Mike Zikas, defensive tackle, Notre Dam«.. New York Jets Jerome Barkum, wide receiver, Jackson State; Mike Taylor, linebacker, Michigan; Gary Hammond, wide receiver, - Southern Methodist; Fd Galioher, defen- . sive.end, UCLA; Dickie Harris, defensive back, South Carolina; Joe Jackson, defen-! . live ftnd, New Mexico State. ' Oakland Raiders Mike Siani, wide receiver, Villanova; KefVtrr Korver, defensive tackle, North- ! western, Iowa; John Vella, offensive tackle, Southern California; Mel Lunsford, defensive tackle, Central State, Ohio; Cliff Branch, wide receiver, Colnra- do; Dave Dalby, center, UCLA; Dan Medlln, defensive tackle. North Carolina State; Ray Jamieson, running back, Memphis State; Alonzo Thomas, defensive pack, Southern California; Dennis Pete, defensive back, San Francisco State. Philadelphia Eaqles John Reaves, quarterback, Florida; Dan Yochum, offensive tackle, Syracuse; Tom Luken, guard, Purdue; Bobby Ma■ lori, • defensive back, Tennessee; Ron Poa'i James, running back, New Mexico State,, Vern Winfield, auard, Minnesota; Wfll Foster, linebacker, Eastern Mlch- Pittsburgh steelers b . ..... fensive tackle, Franco Harris, running' back, Penn ifâte;. Gordon Gravelle, off« feriqhpm Young; John McMakln, tiqht end, Clemeon; Lorenzo Brinkley, live back, Missouri; Ed Bradley . beek*r„ Wake Forest; Steve Furness, de tensive end, Rhode Island; Dennis Meyer, defensive back, Arkansas State; Joe Colquitt, defensive end, Kansas Sfate; Rob- |rt^Xelley, devenslva back, Jackson St. Louis Cardinals Bobby Moore, running back-wide receiver, Oregon; Mark Ameson, linebacker, Arizona; Tom Beckman, defensive ^nd, Michigan; Jeff Lyman, linebacker, Brigham Young; Martin Imhof, detepiive tackle, San Diooo State; Conrad Dottier, guard, Wyoming; Don Heater, running back, Moniane Tech Council Tudolph, defensive end, Kentucky State. San Diego Chargers - Pete Lazetich, defensive end, Stanford; Bili iCIard, kicker. Arkansas- J:n qp, tight end, Tennessee Tech; Harry Godden defensive end, Alrron A&M; Bruce Ward, guard, San Diego State. San Francisco 49ers Terry Beasley, wide receiver, Auburn; FaJPb McGill, defensive *>eck Tulsa, jean Barrett, offensive tackle, Tulsa; Alien Dunbar, wide rer.e ver o<dhiwn Un- vefSify; wmdlam Hall, defensive back, Arizona State; Mike Greene, linebacker, Georgi#; Jackie Walker, defensive back, Tennessee; Edgar Hardy, guard, Jackson State. **"' Washington Redskins Non«. \ Supplement your Medicare benefits with the Blue Gross and Blue Shield T e -I n -P an for less than $9.00 a month. Medicare benefits are very good. They are bringing comfort and security to millions of people age 65 and over. But there are some medical expenses that Medicare does not cover—expenses you might have to pay out of your own pocket. To help protect you against some of the expenses not covered by Medicare/ Kansas Gty Blue Cross and Blue Shield offer the Medicare Tie-In-Plan.^a low-cost program that supplements your Medicare benefits. 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MISSOURI Daviess Nodaway DeKalb Pettis Andrew Gentry Platte Atchison Grundy Ray Bates Harrison St. Clair Benton Henry Saline Buchanan Holt Vernon Caldwell Jackson Worth Carroll Johnson Cass Lafayette KANSAS Clay Livingston Johnson Clinton Mercer Wyandotte <*> American Hoipitil Association •'National Association of Blue Shield Plan* ■ ( y-t: > »n * ' < ♦ v Tk y \ ) ® i i 1 y Kansas City Blue Cross and Blue Shield ... come through for you A NEW CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM MACY-SI IN STORE INCOME'TAX PREPARATION BY H & R BLOCK OFFICES IN MACY-S DOWNTOWN, LANDINO. RED BRIDGE AND INDIAN SPRINGS CHARGE IT TO YOUR MACY ACCOUNT! DOWNTOWN PLAZA BROOKSIDE METCALF SOUTH Annual Mink Clearance FUR COMPANY «lau - J.ff.rt.n at 4$tk MICHAELS/STERN EXCLUSIVE AT ‘Tkc^aCacc All 3 Stores Announcements DEATHS AND FUNERALS NOTICES ARMOUR—MR. JOHN RAYMOND, 65, formerly of Kansas City, passed away Jan. 29th. Graveside services 2:30 p.m. Wednesday Mt. Olivet cemetery. D. W. NEWCOMER'S SOWS 561-0024 PASEO AT BRUSH CREEK AUDET-EARL F., SR., 81, 1113 West Waido. services 1:30 Thursday, Speaks Chapel. Burial Mound Grove. Friends may call after 2 p.m. Wednesday Speaks Chapel. In lieu of flowers family suggests contributions to Resthaven Memorial Fund. SPEAKS FUNERAL HOME Lexington at Walnut ______252-9200 BEATY—LESTER EUGENE, age 63, of Route 27, Parkville, Mo. passed a wav January 31st. Funeral services 2 p.m. Wednesday McGillev's Antioch Chapel. Interment Mount Moriah Terrace Park North Cemetery. Friends may call after 2 p.m. Tuesday. Family suggests contributions to Church of God Holiness in lieu of flowers. McGILLEY ANTIOCH CHAPEL 3325 NE VIVION RD.____________453-7700 BERTRAM, MR. LOUIS FRANK JR., age 82 years, of 1518 S. Osage, Independence, Mo., passed away Jan. 31, 1972. Funeral services 1:30 p.m. Thursday at our chapel, Interment Memorial Park Cemetery. In state after 12 noon Wednesday. Family will receive friends from 7-9 p.m. at the chapel. PARK LAWN FUNERAL HOME HILLCREST RD. AT 83RD 523-1233 BOWMAN—MISS ELLA H. of 4020 Warwick- Services in the Freeman Chapel 42nd St. & Broadway Thursday afternoon Feb. 3 at 2 o'clock. Interment Memorial Park Cemetery. Survived by 2 sisters, Gladys Smith and Frances Sweet, 6 nephews, James, John> Rene', Michael, Douglas & Dennis Sweet. Two nieces, Peoov Jane Scaggs, Mary Frances Karrasch. Friends may call at the chapel Wednesday evening 7-9 o'clock. FREEMAN MORTUARY 561-0930 _______________________________ BRIN K—OREN W7, age 75, Parkville, Mo., passed away Jan. 29th, .1972. Funeral 1:30 p.m. Wednesday at the chapel, burial Noland Cemetery. PRANCIS FUNERAL HOME Parkville, Mo. 741 -0251 CALDWELL-MRS. FAY C., of 5120 Brookwood, passed away January 30th. Survived by one daughter, Miss Marjorie S- Caldweil of the home, and one sister, Mrs. Scovt R. DeKins of University City, Mo. Funeral services 1 p.m. Wednesday at Carson's Indep. Chapel. Interment Odessa Cemetery. Family will' receive friends 7-9 p.m. Tuesday. .. c- CARSON & SONS WINNER AT FULLER ___________252-7900 CALEB—DAVID CALEB, of 11154 Walnut, passed away Feb. 1st, 1972. STINE & McCLURE 931 7777 c<£pERTMRsvJ°AN CAROLINE, agi 36, of 10733 Cambridge, passed awa< Feb. 1st. Services 1 p.m. Friday, Peaci Lutheran Church, 8240 Blue Ridge, infer ment Greenlawn Cemetery. Family wil receive friends from 7-9 p.m. Thursd#' at Carsons Chapel. CARSON FUNERAL HOME 9100 Blue Ridge Extension 761 -7900 CURTIS—Services for Mr. John S. Curt of 624 W. 58th Terr, will be held or oc I ock Wednesday at the Mount Moria Funeral Home. Interment Mount Moria Cemetery. MOUNT MORIAH FUNERAL HOME HOLMES AT |Q5TH Wl 2-201 OuLGADO—MRS. LUZ, aqe 70, Of 2121 Jarboe, passed awav Jan. 31, 1972. Rosary 8 p.m. Wednesday at the Midtown chapel. Services v a.m. Thursday at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, 907 West 23rd. Interment St. Mary's Cemetery. Friends may call after 2 p.m. Wednesday. McGILLEY MIDTOWN CHAPEL MAIN & LINWOOD PL 3-4200 OIEBOCH—MRS. GOLDIE, 65, of Alexandria, Va., passed away January 30, 1972. Funeral services 11 a.m. Wednesday at the chapel 6830 Troost. Interment Mt. Carmel Cemetery. Kindly omit flowers, family suggests contributions to Beth Sholom Synagogue Building Fund. LOUIS MEMORIAL CHAPEL 6830 TROOST 361-5211 DYCHE—MRS. WINNIE, age 85, of U South 27th, KCK, passed away Jan. 3 1972. Funeral services 1:30 p.m. Thursd< at the Gates Chapel, State Line at 41: interment Floral Hills cemetery. In sla Wednesday after 7 p.m. GATES FUNERAL HOME CO 2-10 GAMESON—LT. COL. JAMES H., JR., age 57, of 25 East 65th Terr., passed away Feb. 1st, 1972. Services 2 P.m. Thursday at the Micftown Chapel. Cremation. In state 7-8:30 P.m. Wednesday. Family requests contributions to Palm Valley Lutheran Church, Round Rock, Texas or Salvation Army. McGILLEY MIDTOWN CHAPEL MAIN & LINWOOD____________PL 3-6200 HPLL—MACK L., SR., age 71 of 87l2 East 116th, passed away Jan. 31, '72. Services 3 p.m. Wednesday in our Chapel, interment Floral Hills Memorial Gardens. Family will receive friends 7-9 p.m. Tuesday in our Chapel. FLORAL HILLS FUNERAL HOME Blue Ridge at Gregory, 353-1218 HOFFMAN—MR. RICHARD L„ of 3$05 Gibbs Rd„ services 1 p.m. Thursday from the chapel, Stronq Ave. at South 37th where friends may call after 4 p.m. Wednesday, Interment Memorial Park Cemetery. Those desiring may contribute to the Shrlner's Crippled Children's Fund. SIMMCNS FUNERAL HOME __________ 831-1882 HOLTZCLAW — Services for Mr. Henry Holtzclaw of Liberty, will be held at the Paslev Chapel Wednesday afternoon at 1 p.m. Interment at the Waverly Cemetery, Waverly, Mo. PASLEY FUNERAL HOME LIBERTY, MO. 781-2345 JASZCZAK-MR. JOE J., aqe 54, of Belleview, passed away Jan. 31st. Ro- sarv Muehlebach Chapel 7 p.m. Wednesday, funeral services Christ the King Church 10 a.m. Thursday, interment Mt. Olivet Cemetery. In state at Muehlebach Chapel from 7-9 p.m. Wednesday. MUEHLEBACH 6301 TROOST 444-2060 .»URKOVICH—MR. MICHAEL A., aqe 77, . 41 Barnett, passed Jan. 31st, 1972, services 10:30 Thursday morninq at itha skradskl Chapel 11 at St. John the Bap- tr* Catholic Church, interment Mt. Cal»' •' uc: iry 8 p.m. Wednesday. In stat# 2 p m. Wednesday. KRADSKI FUNERAL HOMC 14Q NO. 6TH ___________________ sri -r mm JUSTICE—MISS RITA M. of 102 No. 70th i err. Services 1 p.m. Wednesday jp the C apcl on 18th at Wash Blvd. wher# •rnds may call from 2 to 9 p.m. Tuesday Interment Maple Hill. F^LiON-N.CKEL CHAPELS _______r 371-5555 K ' NAN -MRS. FL'ZARETH FRARY, age 77, of Herinqton, Kan., formerly of <f •‘■„l r iiy. Service Wrdnesday 2 p.m. Amos Chapel, burial Pleasant View Cenv THE AMOS FAMILY **' ' ^ Shawnee 611-5566 Tit z c’as' f.’ca'ion continued on next page

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