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The South Bend Tribune from South Bend, Indiana • Page 22
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The South Bend Tribune from South Bend, Indiana • Page 22

South Bend, Indiana
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"Oaj a T77 pi .22 lend It ibujia. April 21. 1958. Legal Notices, NADABacksLegislation Business Bricfr Now York Thomson McKinnon (D-Okla) and Sen. Strom Thur -i-4n4 ll.tlil "ooi'o f'Ui Wlimil WMt jsyiX fin "3 i "-S'Nry.

fnnn. i i mm, Until tvndoy Man4t ttw. tow tswpsiataiss lapMSid Abbott Lab." Admiral Cora. Air Reduction II. Allegheny Corp, Alleihtnv Ladtaa Mj Allied Chemical Dy AUW SU M.

Allis-CAalmeis Aluminum Ltd. Alnminam C. America American Airmen American kOKh American Cm American Cyanamid Amcricaa ft Foreign Power Amtricaa Gaa Elac American Motor. Amtricaa Radiator Americas Smelting Amcricaa- Steel Amcricaa Tobacco Amcricaa Anaconda --Capper Armco Steel Armour Armstrong Cork Atchison, fop. Santa Fa Atlantic Rehmnj Avca Babcoek Wilcog Baltimore A- Ohio Bell Aircraft 'Bendix Aviatioil Bethlehem Steel Boeing JUiptolW Tj; Borden Bon-Warn Bridgeport Brae Budd Co.

Bllard Buriingtoa tod. Bvrroufha Corp. 'Canada 'Pry Canadian Pacific Capital Airline Carborundam Carrier Caterpillar Tractor Celaneaa CheMpeake Ohio Chicago, Milwaukee, St. P. Chicago North Weatern Chrysler Finaaeial Citiea Service 11.

11.1 11. II 11 M. it: 34.1 II 11. II Ml II II. IS.

Ill 41 41 41 Clarit Equipment a. Ill rninfihii Broadcasting OaS Commercial Credit Commonwealth Edieoa Consolidated Ediaon Conaolidated Nat Gaa Co, Container Corp Continental Can Continental Inauranee ContinenUl Motor. Continental Oil Com Product! Crane Co Curtis Publishing Curtiss-Wright II 44.1 111 4e 111 41 HI 411 U.4 Ml 1J U.4 11.1 114 ST.1 Deere Cm. Drewrya Ltd. Douglas Aircraft fi.i rluM W.l 111 Dam Am Namflura Eastern Air Unaa JJ.4 wEa.tman Kodak Eaton Manutarni-wwi'l Elaetrae Alito-Lrte IS AA A .4 ll.i 45 1 44.1 11 41.1 It 11.1 41 1 U.4 14.7 44 "411 CLOUDY WITH SCATTERED SHOWERS The weather is to be partly cloudy and mild with scattered showers and thunderstorms this afternoon and tonight in the South Bend-Mishawaka area according to U.

S. Weather Bureau predictions. Showers and thunderstorms are expected tonight in the east Gulf region, the Tennessee and lower Ohio Valleys, the mid-Mississippi Valley, much of the central Plains, the Carolinas and Delaware. It will continue clear and warm in the southwest but elsewhere there will be variable cloudiness with lower temperatures forecast from the Pacific northwest eastward to the Da- iwitira that Superior Lau- dry Company South ed, And emt ing under the inaiana uarei iu Art with its principal place or butiiiea at South Bend. Indiana, il about -m dissolved under and pursuant to a resolution of its director! and shareholder, in accordance-with See tion ii in the Indiana 'General Corpora- tion Act a.

"amended: r---------- By order of the Board, of Directors. SUPERIOR LAUNDRY COMPANY OF SOUTH BEND. INCORPORATED. By Bruce Hammerschmidt, Secretary NOTICE of Administration r- State-f Indiana, St Joseph County, ss: in the SL Joseph Superior Court No, 1, ta the metier or the estate of Dorothy Eld- redge, Deceased. Estate NO.

15333. Notice la hereby given that Charles L. Eldredgo- uas the 7tb day of April. leal, appointed Eieculor of the estate of Dorothy L. Eldrcdee.

deceased. All per son having clainu-agaiiut whether or not now due, must file tire same in said Court wilhin aix months from the date of the first publication of this notice of" said claim will be lot. ever haried. Daled al South Bend. Indi.

euViknr day of AoroY JSM-r-Casimir i 1. Paiakowski, Clerk of the above cap tioned Court. Jones, Obenchain, Johnson It Fpr4 Attorney for estate. 3t 14 J1-2S "NOTICE of "hearing "on" Final "AttountT' Stale of St. Joseph County, ss: In the St.

Joseph Superior Court No. in the matter of the Estate of John Gangl. Deceased. Estate No. 15011).

Notice is hereby given that the undersigned personal representative of the above cap--tioned estate has presented and lilrd: I.I A final account in final settlement of said estate and petition to settle and allow account. Icl Petition for authority to distribute estate. And that the same shall be heard in the court room of said Court on the 1st day of May, DM, at which time all persons interested In said estate are required to appear in said Court and show cause, if any there be, why said account should not be approved. And the heirs of said decedent and all other, interested are also required to appear and make proof of their heirship or claim to any part of estate. William A.

Gehgle, Personal Representative. Casimir J. Pajakowski, Clerk of the above captioned court. Diamond and Miller, By Robert L. Miller, Attorney for Estate.

Jt 14-21 "NOTICE of Hearing on Final Account. Stale of Indiana, SI. Joseph County. In the St. Joseph Superior Court No.

2, in the matter of the estate of Sue A. Bullock, deceased. Estate No. 15006. Notice is hereby given that the undersignrd personal representative of Ihe above captioned estate, has presented and filed: le A final- account- in- liaal.

acttlement of said estate and petition to settle and allow account. Ibl Petition to determine heirs. Icl Petition for -authority to distribute estate. And that the same shall be heard in the court room of said Court on the Sth day of May, 195, at which lime all persona interested in aaid estate are required to appear in said Court and show cause, if. any there be, why said account should not be approved.

And the heirs of said decedent and all other, interested are also required In appear and make proof of their heirship or claim to any part of said estate. Donald H. Bullock. Personal Representative. Casimir J.

Pajakowski. Clerk of the above captioned Court. Mclnerny 4 Hueguenard, Attorney for Estate. 7I-M71 'NOTICE of Hearing, on Final Account: State of Indiana. St.

Joseph County In the St. Joseph Probate Court, In the matter of th. estate of Roy H. Leslie, deceased. Estate N'oi MMI.

Notice is hereby a-lven that" the-7 undersigned, pert sonal representative of the above captioned estate, has presented and filed: la I A final account in final aettlemcnt of said estate and petition to nettle end allow account. Ibl Petition to determine heirs. Petition Inr authority to dis tribute estate; and that Ihe same shall ha heard in the court room of said Court on Ihe 2Sih day of April, 1151, at which time all person, interested in said estate are required to appear In said Court and show cause. If any there be, why aaid account should not be approved. And the heirs of said decedent and all others Interested are also required to appear and make proof of their heirship or claim to any part or said estate.

American Trust Com. pany of South Brnd. Personal Representative: Casimir J. Paiakowski, Clerk of the abovo -captioned Court; John S. Co nes, Judee; Kuehl and Jackson, Attorney for Estate.

-Jt 11 LEGAL" NOTICE. Notice is hrretiv givrn that the South Bend City Planning Commission will hold public hearing on I May 193 at p. m. ICSTJ In the Council Citv Hall on Ihe following: 1. Petition or Matthew L.

A Catherine D. Metsler to tone Irom Resid.n-Hal Uee District tn Residential Uaa District and Height and Area District the following described real s- tatr: to-wit: Lot Numbered Fifteen 151 Oak Park First Addition to the City nf South Bend, St. Joseph County. Indiana, and being more commonly described 1111 Eaat Dubail Avenue. 1.

Petition of Place and Company to tone Commercial Use and Height and Area District Ihe fntlnwing land being generally located at the Southwest Intersection of Miami and Ireland Roads: Beginning at the NE corner of the SEV, of Sec. IS, TJ7N, thrm-a south along the east line of aaid Sec. 21. a distance of SM45 feet: thenre writ I. Ill feet; thence north $54 45 fret to lha east and west cenlerline of said Sec 14 ILenterliae of Ireland Road thence eaer along ihe censerhne af Ire.

land Road a diaianre of l.lti feet to lha place of beginning Robert L. Huff, Secretary It Ene Fed. Dept. Storet, Inc. Fidelity -Phem M.4 limm Tire 11.1 mond iD-SC).

O'Brien and Neherton said some method is needed for enabling a buyer to find -put exactly what the car he wants to buy will At the outset, Monroney said buyers today can find out every thing about a car except its. cost. Remedying" im portant, he said, because "no in-j dustry has a greater Dearing on American prosperity and the cur rent recession than the automo bile, JndlisljyS Fails To Get Price. Monroney read into -the. record an exchange of letters between Clarence R.

Carpentier, a manufacturer's agent from St. Louis, in which Carpentier, tried un successfully to obtain list prices on a Chevrolet sedan from Chevrolet's general offices in Detroit. Carpentier received two letters from J. E. Somers of Chevrolet customer relations department, neither of which contained the information he asked.

Somers wrote that "Chevrolet desires that each prospective owner receive individual atten tion" and suggested that he con tact local Chevrolet dealers for the information. Because of their policy, Somers wrote, "prices vary line with the pricing poll: cies of individual dealerships." Greatest Guessing Game. Monroney cited the letters to show that "automobile marketing has deteriorated into the world's greatest guessing game." O'Brien denounced what he cal led the "double pushup" in automobile pricing and "ballyhoo type advertising which he said mis leads the public. gr He said a "vast majority of! reputable dealers would welcome some return to sanity in car pricing and straight dealiqg with customers. O'Brien appeared for the National Association of Bet ter Business Bureaus i PLAY AT KIWANIS CLUB.

An original one-act play written by Miss Rosemary Cassmey er of St. Mary's College will be present at noon Thursday during the meeting of the South Bend Kiwanis Club in the LaSalle Hotel. The play will be staged by a group of St. Mary students un der the direction of Miss Diana Wilkenson. Legal Notices.

Oa May i. IIM at 7M the under. signed will sell at publt- sale for cash. one. 1457 Chevrolet serisl No VBJ7FJJ70M at the A1C Garage, leu Louise Sooth Bend, Indiana.

The vehicle is stored and may he Inspected at said address. ASSOCIATES IN. VESTMENT COMPANY. It II Public Sale of 1457 Bukk Dr. H.T.

April M. IIM at A.M. .1 Lao's Mobil Service Station. DM Per- South Bend, Indiana, where car may be inspected nrier to sale.

We re serve the right to bid. General Motors Acceptance South Bend, Ind. Ac. count No. 424M I.

It Public Sole of 1157 Bvick 4 Door April M. IIM at Il ea A.M. at Lea's Mobil Sere. Station, IMS Portage, South Bend. Indiana chere cer may be specied arior to Hie.

We reserve the right to bid. Cenerel Motor. Acceptance South 'Bead. Ind. Account No.

4U T-l. II LEGAL NOTICE. The undersigned will aeU at public aucJ lion for ca.h III 1159 Lincoln 1 dr aprl, motor No. STWAI4317411, at II 44 a Saturday. April 24.

IIM. at afflre of Ownere Discount 14M Misha waka South Bend, Ind. The undersigned reserve, the to nut. OWNERS DISCOUNT CORPORATION. It.

Public Pontile Coov. Cpe. April 14. IIM at m. at Leo's Moan servic St.tioa, 1151 South Bead, Indiana, where rar may be inspected prior ta bale.

We reatrve the right to bid. General Motora Accept ce South Bend, Ind. Account No. 44471 DM. II Notice i.

hereby given that aa Ihe ia nay at May, km at nine acioca s.m pursuant ta law, the undersigned will aell at public auction to the highest bidder for csk the following m.rchandise Hated on ooaitmnal Hale, contract Na. 751 TA 4M: Norge Refrigerator: Dehjie Waaber. Said merchandiee. heretofore mentioned, waa retaken by reason of default an said contract. 'Bhe undersigned reMrve.

th right to bid. Said sale will be held ar 4M South Michigan Street Household Furniture, Inr. It tl-M-M Notira ta hereby given, that oa the Mb day at JU4 at a'enct A.M.. nurauaat la low, the undersigned will sell at pontic auction in the highest bidder for cash Ihe following mercnaa dlsa Hated aa additional Sale. Onlract No.

I74M: I pe. Uvtagroom Suite: 1 tattte lamp. I step ana. I.nit. cone.

table. Sent merrn.ndlaa, neeetniaia tioned. wa. retaken by reason of default on aaid contract. The underaigned re- ervee- tt utM -bad.

nwad ante will he held at: 444 South Mtcmg.a Street aid. uiaaura. Jacu-J! 71 11 71 NOTici or iNTTrNTioiu- to Dnsm.yr.t- Aaekl 14, -1151. South Bend, Indiana. To The rreditors af Superior Lauadry Caanpaay ot South Bead.

Incorporated. FUntkote Foster Wheeler Fru.haul Trailer fim Am IrvmL Cm Inc. General Dynamic JJ rnl Electric fjunl Panda Oenaral Motora r.rneral Tire HI r.MntM M.I Goodrich Goodrear 714 Granite City Steel Greet Nortbem fty. Greyhodnd Grumman Aircraft H.l Gulf Oil HI Heller 21 Homeataka Electro Ill Household Finance U.I lUitoi Central Il lndianapoli rt.L 114 Industrial sfayon 17.1 WASHINGTON (UP) The na- tima biggest organizatioo Af tornobile dealers today endorsed price labels on new cars; Spokesmen for the National Automobile Dealers Assn. described the "proposal as "a major- atepl in the public interest and one de signed to "dear; up some confusion in the retail automo- bite The idea also wsi.

endorsed by the American Automobile Assn and National Association of Thomas F. Abbott a Fort Worth, Tex: -PontiacrRambJer dealer speaking for NADA, told a Senate Commerce Subcommit tee that "there's too much mis information about pricing in the automobile industry today. Must Have Confidence. "The customer must have confidence in the price of the auto mobile he buys, he said, A realistic nationally advertised uniform delivered price has long been an objective of NADA. Ross- D.

Netherton, legislative counsel, for the AAA, told the subcommittee there is a "definite need for more complete disclosure of information about the elements of cost involved in the purchase of automobiles, and a particular need for presenting this information in a form which makes it readily available to both buyer and seller, on an equal basis, as thev neeotiate with each other." Netherton," testifying before a Senate Commerce Subcommitee, said "efforts to achieve this objective are clearly in the. public interest." AAA Official Testifies. The AAA official and John L. O'Brien, president of the Akron, Ohio. Better Business Bureau, were the first witnesses as the subcommittee opened hearings on a bill to require the price labeling.

The measure is sponsored by Chairman A. S. Mike Monroney FIRMS BEGIN RAINWATER COAL SERVICE CHICAGO un-A combined rail and water freight service for the shipment of Illinois and Indiana coal to Great Lakes ports was in augurated Sunday by a steamship company and a railroad. Officials of the two the Chicago Eastern Illinois and the Gartland Steamship Co. said the service is the first ever negotiated by.

a railroad and lake carrier. Gartland President David Mathews said the rail-water, rate will save about 45 cents a ton on coal shipments to lake ports. The railroad brings the coal from Illinois and Indiana mines to Chi cago where it is transferred to steamers for delivery ta the ports. The first consignment of 7,500 tons was loaded into a Gartland steamer Sunday and departed for Sheboygan, Wis. CHOIR PLANS SMORGASBORD Mrs.

Dorothy Ralston is gener al chairman of a smorgasbord dinner to be held Friday in Grace Methodist Church. Spon sored by the church's choir, the dinner will be served hourly from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. Other chairmen are Lathan Baker, tickets; Max Hickok. pub licity, and Mrs. Jennie C.

Nel son, decorations. JAILSUSPECT IN MOLESTING Edward 64,. of 132 W. Marion Mishawaka-, is held in the county jail today in lieu of $1,000 bond on an assault and battery charge in connection with the molestation of a 12-year-oia girl. April, 11.,,, Allen was granted time to con- raignment today jn St.

Joseph Superior Court 2, I OLD ANCHOR. RYE. N.H. (UP) On the Ocean milei off 17- year-old skin diver Joan Pans discovered a 750-pTund anchor be lieved to be more than a century old. WE ARE PAYING WHEAT par unit 2.05 OATS .70 CORN SOYBEANS .2.17 WILSON COAL I GRAIN CO Paw 4l Uktvtlla.

14 C3iarles William Brubaker, of EvflWMuiierly of South Bend and Leesburg, is one of two new partners of Perkins Will, a hi ectufr-al and engineering firm with offices in Chicago and- i i Plains, N. Y. Son Df Mr. and Mrs. a 1 aker, of Leesburg Bjtifc baker joined Perkins Will in 1350 as a struction Brubaker.

intendent. Since then he has been designer and project architect for several schools and colleees. He will make his headnunrtere in Chicago. Harry Rosenberg, of th Michiana Wholesale 1428 W. Sixth St.

Mishawaka, will attend the 7th Annual Convention of the Toiletry Merchandisers Assn, Miami Fla. Aoril 29 May 3. Rosenberg is one of 120 active member of the oreaniza tion. The developments and problems of the health and beauty aias industry will be discussed at the convention. A.

N. Hepler South Bend representative of the Lincoln National Life Insurance ranked first in total sales for the first quarter of the year and fifth i tottl sales for March in competition with the company's more than 2.500 sales representatives throughout the country. Jack Hickey, 557 Manchester has been named assistant sales manager of Place Homes. in a move to expand new merchandising operations of the firm. Robert B.

president, announced Saturday. Hickey previously was a Place I I representative, directing building operations in the Calu met area. Place also announced the -appointments of William Leach, Indianapolis, As district sales manager and of John Dyer, Chagrin Falls, 0., as Ohio district sales manager. Dr. Harold E.

Ellithorn, 2101 Bader head of the electrical engineering department at the University of Notre Dame, has been named chairman of the procedures committee of the Na tional El i ci Confer ence scheduled for Oct. 13-15 in Chicago. Earl H. Frei, South Bend agen cy manager for the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York is among leading sales managers of the company who will attend a business conference- Monday in Chicago with MONY i top-rank' ing officials. r.

Ron Henrekin, executive vice-president of the Committee of 100 of South Bend and Misha waka, has returned from Atlanta, Ga where he attended the 33rd annual conference of. the Ameri can Industrial Development Coun It was indicated at the meet ing, according to Henrekin, that an upturn in new factory build ing Is practically certain within a relatively short period of time although short-term prospects do not look so favorable. The 1958 construction outlook was Chirac terized as "not booming but big," l- nej IB Id. Bernard C. Bernhardt, 901 Woodside professional service representative jn CIBA Pharma ceutical Products' central sales division, has returned from a re fresher, JnNewl York April 14 to 18.

The confer ence) was concerned drugs and medical techniques SHIP TO SAIL SEAWAYINS9 rr A-gov. ernment official said today large -nwg4HarW 800-mtllion-St- Lawrence Seaway next E. Reece Harrill. assistant ad ministrator of the U. S.

St. Lawrence Seaway Development can" say with 1 tonfi- .4 oence tnat within Jess than a in. the spring of 1959,, the interior of the North American continent will be open to large ocean-going vessels." He said the American and Ca nadian locks will be equipped to handle ships with up to 27-foot draft by next. April. FIRM FAILURES RISE.

NEW YORK (fi March busi ness failures surged 21 per cent above February to reach a post war monthly high of 1,495, Dun It Bradgtreet, Inc. reported today. I 1 "SM. I iv--' a-4 -V a Int l. Bui.

Machinet X'. Intl. Hammer Int'L leant Int'L Paper M.7 lntL TeL aV TcL 11. Johna-Manville U.I Jones Lauihba MJ KUUMCOtt a4444uuutjaiulu M.I KimberhrOark M.I Stock Exchange LihbevwensFord Libby McNeill Libby Liggett Myers Lockheed Aircraft Loew's Lone Star ement Lorillard tP Co. -i Martin (Glenn L.I II W.7 44.5 117 U.4 HI 111 May Stores Mclntyra Porcupine MerviHe Merck, A C.

Merntidwpmaa k- jcoit Minn-Honeywell Minnesota Mining Mf. Montitomery Wara Monsanto Chemical Motor Wheel Motorola Murrav Cora 71.4 rs.4 4 M.4 711 It 5 111 111 171 11.4 National.itBiscuit National Cart Reenter National Dairy Product- National Distillers National Gypsum National Lead National Steel New York Central Norfolk Western Ry No. American Aviation 43.1 13.1 41.7 Ml 411 114 Ml MS Ohio Oil Olia Mathieaoa chem. Oliver Corp. Otis Elevator Owens-Illinois Gl 1.11 14.1 K.I 51 2 17.4 Pacific Gas ft Elec 57.1 Pan American Air Paramount Picturei 144 14,1 711 Parke, Davis Penney J.

C.l Pennsylvania R. R. Pepsi Ola Pfiier lCha.l Philm Phillips Petroleum Philip Morris Pittsburfh Plate Glass Procter Gamble Public Service of Ind Ml 13-7 M.7 44.4 Ill Ill M.I 71 M.I 41.4 Ml Ml Pullman Pure Oil Radio Corp 11.1 Rayonier Resublie Aviation 14.4 Ml Republic Steel 40.1 Re-call Drue IIS Reynolds Metals II Reynolds Tobacco Rockwell Sort, Axle n.i in Saleway Stores St. Reels Paper Schenley Industrie! Scherinf -Orp Seaboard Air Line It. Seaboard Finance Seara.

Roebuck Ml Il 171 Ml 14.1 117 Ill Shell Oil Sheller Manufacturinf 1... Soconv-Mohil Oil Southern Calif. Edison M.4 Ill Ml Ml Ml 41.1 Ml Ml 17.1 11.4 Il Southern Co. Southern Pacific Southern Railway Spencer Chemical Sperry Rand Square Standard Brands Standard Oil Calif -v Standard Oil N. J.

Standard Oil Indiana Sterling Drue Studehaker-Packard 41.1 S4.I 417 M.7 IS Sunray Mid-Cent. Sunshine Biscuits HI M4 IS! Ml 441 III ami Sylvania Electric Texaa Co Texaa Gulf Sulphur Textron- 111 44.1 II 11.1 171 MS 111 441 411 117 Thompson Products Tide Water Aseociated Tram World Airlines Tri-continental Twentieth Century-Fox Union Bar Union Carbide Union Oil of Calif. Union Pacific R. Union Aircraft United Air Liaes United Fruit 574 14.1 47.1 111 74.4 111 M.7 Ml Ml United Gas Corp. U.

S. Gypsum U. S. Rubber U. S.

Smelting U. SL Steel Vanadium Cora Virginian Railway Co. 4 warner Bros West Penn Elec Ce, Western Union Wealing house Air Brake Weatinghouse Electric Ill Ml 17.5 111 Ml U.4 441 Ml 44.1 114 White Motor Wilson 4V Co. Woolworth Wrigley Toungatown Sheet A Tuba T.7J Zenith Radio 74.4 DOW JONES AVERAGK INDUSTRIAL: 1st hour. 441M plus Ind hour, 454.51 plus I II.

RAILS: 1st hour, 111.44 plut Ind hour. HI plus ,71. irrrUTIES: 1st hour. 71.31 phis JJr Ind hour, 71.41 plus .11. SALES; 1st hoar, Ind lour, I.eM.eag.

Mttta.l Tui Skmie las. mi Miic. Stcki Quotations Fmrnithtd by MAIXOI SECURITIES CI. Associates Investment TM M.4 Central Indiana Gas 4 4 Copeland Refrigeration 1 1. 1 111 Dodge Mtg Dodge IX Pfd.

11 Drewry II Fed M.l 1 Have Corp. I Pet. ltd. Heller to. Com I 11 Heller Co.

IH Pfd. M.4 Herf joaea CUu A. Pfd. ..71 I Home lesuraaee 4 1 41 1 Indiana Gaa and Water II I Ind. Mick, Indiana Steel Products 17 I Ind.

Power Light Com. 11 4 7 Ind. Power Light Pfd. 17 4 M.4 Indianapolis Water Co. Mi 11 1 Kewneer Mfg.

IM II Mastic Asphalt 17 41 Miles Lab Ml Ml Nor. Ind. Pub, Kr.C. 41.1 44 1 Nor. In.

Pub. Ser. 4 Pfd. M.4 Nor. la.

Pb. Ser. 4.4 Pfd. 41 1 44 1 Pub. Ser, Own 41 1 41.4 Pub.

Ser. la. lPft. Pfd. 7 Ringer Mfg Ml M.7 South' Bend tgrhr-rtv Foater Forbes Ml Ml Bank of America M.1 M.4 BANK STOCKS First Bank Trust National Bank N.Y 1 I National Bank ft Treat HI St.

Josenh Bank ft Trust 47 41 INVPSTMr.KT COMPANIES Affiliated' I Ru.inaaa Shares 4 II 4 IS A.MMiahtM Fund A I IM Anwltoagbain Pond 'B. JUu41oughloJt5ck JFund 1 111 rui 14 I II VumA IIM 17 17 Commonwealth lav at 1 17 111 Fund 11 II 47 nramaiad laveatment 7 II 117 ntwiAtMMd a.ra IM 111 Pataa ft (toward Bl. Pd. 1 II t.m. A Howard Stock Fd.

HOt M4I na.u... 14 11 14 III' Pundameatal Investors 14 It 11 .45 aMua liuairafice Funds: Caaiial Growth I 7 Fuirr AdinnWslored I J4J Steel 7.17 laamrMralad Investor "I' Inveaiment Trust or naston I a I' a I ISM II 7 IM ar I I 41 7 II IM 4e Ij J. 717 IM UmaaaVal Flectne General Industry I II Paper 174 I Petroleum Maahattaa Bond Fund 4 41 Mas. Inrestore Treat II lit Mas. Inv.

Tr. Cf. m. NaiMMl Sec; Orowth JM Stork 17 I Purtlaa Fund 177 Selected Amerlraa Shares ..7 71 IM TeMvMMHi.riectronirs Fund MM United Funds of Canada 17 Value Line Sp. SH 1 Welllngtoa Fuad 11.14 1114 Tretiury Fifurei.

WASHINGTON IIN1I Treasury be lance April 14 M.M7JII.4tlJ4; raah receipts Ml 441 711 111.74; Cask eapmN turea Ml 1J7.H4.I44 41; total debt 1771.. niMl.oaiM and tmal debt nader KmlU-lion I174.7I1.414.MI M. Clearing House. Oeermgs I TM 447 TrenaacimtM TALL COUPLE IS WED. LONDON (UP) A Methodist church here had its biggest wedding of the year, The bride, Eileen Bromley, 19, measured six feet one Inch tall.

Bridegroom Clifford Brain, 23, it six feet lou. Kresee IS. II Kroger Til Lehith Vmrtland Cement 114 Lehman Corn. HI Ki.wtil Hack Iickaii Quotation Supplied Uatrt XcCiia Stctdliii C. lft.

Abbott Laberatsriea 17 7 Arm BfH M. Admiral Corp. 11 Allied Uboraaana 41.4 Alua-CBalnera HI American Airline Amarkaa Cyanaasid 411 Amer. Marhtm Pdry; Americaa Tel. TeL 77.

American Tebatca) Anaconda Co, Armco Steel Aahland Oil Ketamf Atlantic ReHung Avne Mfg. Car. Bendix Aviation Jl Bethlehem Steel Canadian Pacllie n.a Chesapeake Ofiw Chrysler Corn. Citiea Service Co, Cleveland-Cliffl Iron Co. Cosambui Gaa CmMwelth Dduoa Conauman Power Curuaa-Wrlgnt Corn.

Doer Ca Dado Ml Cat, 117 441 441 111 111 441 II. til 11.4 11 M7 114 Dew Chemical 14 h. Tt klanmn 1714 tT Auociated Press Wirephoto Maps. Tempcraturef. high ana low temperature readings in other cities for the eriod ending at 7 a.

A'hanv Albuquerque Atlanta Bismarck Boton Ruffaln Chicago Cleveland Denver Dei Moines Detroit Fort Worth Helena Indianapolis Kansas City Los Angeles Louisville Memphis Miami 71 12 41 71 Mpls. St. Paul 17 47 7 New Orleans 77 41 17 New Ynrk 4 SI Okla. City 74 4 Omaha an 47 Philadelphia II 17 7 41 Phoenix 71 47 Pittsburgh 71 I SI Portland Me. 17 45 71 47 Portland Ore.

IS 47 71 SS Richmond 17 12 SI It St. Louis Jfl 74 SI S. Lake City 71 S2 San Dietn 41 SMS. Francisco 71 II 51 Seattle 57 44 71 51 Tampa IJ 75 71 ALUMNI CALL MEETING ON SCHOLARSHIPS Scholarship applicants to Indi ana State Teachers College, Jerre Haute, will be special guests at a meeting of the' college alumni in St. Joseph, Elkhart and La- Porte counties at 6:30 p.m.

May 7 in the Elkhart YWCA. .120 W. Lexington Elkhart Miss Anne McAllister, presi dent of the thre-county club, said reservations can be made through Miss Dunlap, 731 W. Lexington Elkhart. Representatives of the college to attend the dinnep meeting are Miss Permelia Anderson, assistant director of place ment; Kenneth Orr, assistant pro fessor of special education; Dr Richard Gemmecke, associate professorof history; Dr.

Wayne Schomer, co-ordmator of public a.nd professional services, and James C. Farmer, director of alumni relations. GM REPORTED -ADOPTING ONE BODY SHELL DETROIT tfl General Motors has well under way a program which will give each of its car divisions a new car every year, Automotive News said today. The program is based on a one- body shell concept for all GM cars, the paper said. GM has made no disclosures of its future model planning.

Automotive News said also GM reportedly has built three dif ferent proposed small cars. Best nlormation, it adds, is that the one. likely, to be produced is a rear-engine model, possibly with a unitized body and swing axles. WOMEN VOTER LEAGUE OPENS ooDn creemw CITY. N.

J. (INS) U. S. foreign policy and national water resources will be subjects of major discussion at the 23rd convention of the League of Women Ateri' -of thej United Slates opening today in Atlantic City. Approximately 1.500 delegates representing some 128,000 mem bers in 1,000 local leagues in the U.

Alaska and Hawaii will attend the five-day conclave of the non-partisan organisation. The delegates will debate and vote on a national program for stuly and action over the 1958-60 period. BARTlioLOMEW IN HOSPITAL E. V. Bartholomew, of 129 E.

Donald proprietor of the Bar tholomew Paint Stores, is reported in good condition In Me morial Hospital where he is re covering from, gall bladder operation performed Friday. PAIL BONDS IF ARRISTID Call Shandhan Co. ODD PIUOWS IIDG. OFFICE PHONE CE 4-2833 RES. PHONE II S43 14 CE kotas and Nebraska.

rr 9 oumatra Rebels Make First Stand SINGAPORE "The Suma tran rebels are reported to be making their first determined military stand in the two-month old Indonesian civil war. One of their leaders, mean' out in the open in recaptured Padang, i ng threats 'of reprisal by President Sukarno forces." Mohamed Natsir, leader of the Moslem Masiumi party, appeared! Sunday and spoke at a mass prayer meeting on the outskirts! of Padang, the central sumatran port city captured by 6,000 Sukarno troops Thursday. The rebel radio reported the occupying forces left him alone. Takt Mountain Road. The bulk of Sukarno's invasion force was pushing up a tortuous mountain roaf toward the rebel capital of Bukittinggi.

Although the outnumbered rebels melted away during last week's assault on Padang. high military source in Jakarta reported the Sukarno troops ran into heavy opposition and had advanced only 18 miles from Padang ift three -days. According to the invasion time table. Bukittinggi should have fallen Sunday, but the central government troops itill had 40 mountainous miles to go then. Help could come a govern' ment column pushing north.

The rebel radio claimed the push on Bukittinggi had been stopped. "The sudden show of Ttbet force and Natsir's appearance- indicat' ed that the despite their imminent military defeat, planned to continue a campaign ior their original demands. Although the rebels have adopt ed anticommumsm as a major rallying cry, their deepest griev ance1 against the central govern ment on Java is its economic drain on Sumatra and the other! Outer Islands. Demand Probe try UJi. SINGAPORE (UP) Indones- a an.

I' ian Kerxi rremier ajairuoam Prawiranegara demanded a Unit ed Nalioni investigation tonight to determine Russia's role in the Sumatra rebellion. Siaffrudin made his charge as loyalist planes bombed the rebel capital of Bukittinggi from the air "It is obvious to me." he said in a broadcast over the. rebel radio, that the pilou who. carried raids on Padang and Central 5u- L. tmatraare-iirjMntJonef pilots wno-are-weii-wainea una expert in this form of air at tack." LIST NEW OFFICERS.

"The" American Society for Quali tv Control today announced its list of. newly elected 1958-59 oW ticers. They are: Charles Makow iky, chairman; Paul I. Boynton, vicehairman; Edward Brollier, secretary, and Wayne VanSky hawk, treasurer. Local Market-.

UVESTOCK. fTaaUa'a auMatloaa kv South Send Community Sale. ta. (irae and teieoui Mishawaaa rnnnu ni. To.

kutrkera. IM 71: ton adwa, III I Today's ouotelHMi. by Merl F. FaB Miami Sd. AT S1M1: AT 7 Mil I Tap bulla, 177 top sows.

Ill 71; aula ams. HIM Bleera and heii're, i Ill 17 My eiandard III It M. utility. Ill at IIM (bote. esl.

HI M. tholre raws. INN; standard enwa, III 117 II; reanerg and gutter cows. Ill HUM. Sheep and lambs; taotre lamba, HI a hundred: Md awe sa 1 m.

AD prtcea deaendint an auallty and mndltloa I Ha narking ar rommtaaian rharge. dlddlaa ea restock ea larm preferred. PJaiafdabura Crsia nod Peed, fTodae's auotationa by WnuM Orala Compaay. Idwardahura, Mick. Phone NF.ptung NR IM4I No.

I wheat. MM: natg II rerna: Hm I nre. II yellow mm. II II; No. I barley, 71 eewtsi Ma.

I tnybeana. H.11. eee nad PauMre. ITaa'a awttatioM Metsioa Poul try Market, IIM Weeterd Ave. Ph.

AT 71J44I No. I whMe, 17 reals: Ha. I brawn, 17 rents; medium kite, rents; medium brown, renu: pulleti, cents: pssnses. 14 renta.

Broiler, kite, II Plymouth noras. t. rmsi ii e. Leghnrn bene. II Maeey bent, 14 rent.

Iht, and ever. under I lha eema. Durka, uader IV MM, renti, and up, rente. Turkey Turkey nan rents i mmi 24 rente. fauna gaeae, a cewtl Wr.loansv I 41 Ezj II Jna.aa.fcM.

Tirnt lCmii. i If I -H I I. AirXtmMM HI fast man Kodak aammm Cm H.l r.aai Draamica 171 rb1rlc M. General Motors Ml M.I Gliddea C.

JJ- rAmmr Tirfl A Rubber GreyhMini Carp. Gun OH Cvp. I'll MiwBwal CWaaa i-7 i.i.. u.ll. T'a 1 llltna Casslral B.

B. International HarvesMr JJJ Mia. aV Cheat. 771 lBbj-n7aaa Jooei Laughltn Kaiser Aksminum Sj Chem. $3.99 Sq.

Yd. Pad Included BailiioadSalvage 1 1 eCr CAMUSII VX iMDIAMA II la 1 1. M. DAILY SUROAT 1 1. 1 P.

M. HI Ml MMiMaurff Ward Ml nm York Central TAteM i. 'mix. rid Ml Pawasytvanta giaiiraaa Penal-Cola Wk.llil. JMrMiBM 11.7 114 I Vwhiu.

Crww. Cm. mi Ind. 41.1 Ari Cm U.I I mtm Aavancn HI Reynold Metal Ml Revnolda Tokaco 711 wfc i.a lifiai a. Aa 11 Royal Dutch Petroleum I Schenley Industrie I SrMhM CtlTM gears Roebuck Cm.

I MimmAUiM mMMi ejtraeaanft mi HI Socony Mobil OA M. Uak na Lathe Wsrka 14, Soam-Raad Rundard Oil Co. tf Calif 44. ItuuUrd Oil CM. Of Ind.

a 41. Standard Oil Cm. af K.J. LI Rtudebake-Peckard Sunray MidCoatient Od Rwtfi ft Co. Teaai Ce.

tlnton Cartao V. S. Rubber V. t. Steel WeMMihooae Elec trie a.

WMrptoi Carp. 14 141 Ml 441 44 111 Ml M7 117 NATURAL FOOD GROUP HEARS NICHOLS TALK Thirty persons attended a meet Ing of the Sooth Bend area chap ter of Natural Food Associates JO p.m. Sunday in the South CAN YOU QUALIFY FOR THIS EXCLUSIVE SALES OPPORTUNITY? This could be THE opportunity of a lifetime for the right man. He would join one of America'! best-known, most successful Investment house--distributing a variety of investment programs and money accumulation plans, He would enjoy one of the TOf INCOMES In the community, with absolutely no celling on earnings. QUALIFICATIONS; Age.

25 to 50. Family man. High School education or better, should have supervisory or managerial ability. And he should be Interested In civic and social froups in the area In which he lives. No traveling.

CAN YOU QUALIFY: It you think you can. trlve full details In your letter to INVESTORS DIVERSIFIED SERVICES, INC. FOUNDED I If 4 lift. MISHAWAKA AVr.MR HOCTH IIBND, INDIANA Don't Overlook the Obvious i Plione A'Hanlic 84648 Fcrron R. Davis, Inc.

Investment Advison 1631 Miami St. i Open Thursday Evening 7 1 9 Bend Civic Planning Assn. building. 117 E. Madison St They, heard a Upe-recorded tieedi by Joseph Nichols, M.D..

of Atlanta. Tex. Dr. Nichols talk was delivered at a recent Natural Food Associates convention. Joseph A.

Chabot is president of the local chapter. Read Tribune Oassified Ads. I I.

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