The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 13, 1931
Page 4
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BLYTHEVIL!,E, (ARK.) COURIER NKWS SATURDAY, JUNE 13, 1931 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TUB COURIER NEWS CO, fUBLlBUEHS o; a: BABCOCK. Editor E. W, HA1KES,- Advertlsun Manager Cole NaUoQkl AdvertUlag Representatives: The Thoniu P. CUrk Co. Inc., New York, mUOelphU, AUxnU, Dull**, Sail AulonJo, San Friuicisco, CU'cago; St. Louis. ' Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as MCOM class matter at me • l>oet office at Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act of Congress October 8, 1M7. Served by the United Press KATES By carrier In ttic city ot BlytlicvUlc, 15c per ' JC.50 put year In advance, year, . By mall within a radius of 60 mllej, $3.00 PCI ar, 11.50 for six months, 85c for three months; . by mall In postal wncj two to six, Inclusive, W.60 per year, in zones tevcn and eight, >10.00 per year, payable In advance. Not Infallible With those who deplore what they term the modern luck of respect for tlio institutions and the personalities of government we would Uko i-suc. Americans have not yet come ;is l';\r as is desirable from the undent subject-lo-king attitude in their puint of view-toward certain ol'. our higher judicial and executive officers. Cioveni- ment and Die otl'icers of government, oVen. unto justices of the supreme court and presidents of these United States, should receive the respect the.ii' actions merit und no more. Certainly sight should not be lost of the fact that judges and officers ale not dcmi-gods, but liuniiin beings, subject to the same influences that govern the 'thoughts and actions of men who wear no black/robes'or high' silk hats. '(Addressing 'the graduating class of . tho'Northwestern University school of law at''Evanston, ,111., ,the other day, . James "M. Beck, former solicitor general, of the United States, 'urged his fearers ,. to. ,av(jlid "the subserviency -with which' lawyers Kuve for genera- tjons approached, its .'(the supreme court's) portals and reviewed its decisions • as though they were incapable of error." Tho common sense of the matter is that with, all its learning and all ils . wisdom the supreme: cbuvt has • no more of inherent infallibility than a rural magistrate. friendliness which those who know him feel toward Judge Driver. After all the only really important consideration is that the man we send lo Washington be the one who can best serve the district and the stale. In character, ability and experience, with particular emphasis upon his intimate acquaintance with our all-important river control and drainage problems, Mr. Driver has the qualifications which this dhtrict needs at the national capital. Reparations and War Debts If the Hritislt foreign office is really preparing to do whiil il win to litlj) Germany gain a I'cilueliuii in I-L'IWITI- lions piiyjnonls, the clmnccs fov Ku- rope's recovery from its ccwioiiiic ;uul social sicklies* nro niuasiiriilily hultur than they were before. livery discussion of the imhi.slriii! (lupix'ttsion in Knropc {,'uls back, sooner or later, to Gormim reparations. There is abundaiil evidence tu imlinili; Uuil a sciithitf down in (tie reparations payments must be tliu livsl step on the road back to health. The British KUV- erninenl, apparently, in ready to ree- oynixe that fjiel publicly. This, of, will involve rcopflii- ing of the whole <|iicstion of the war debts; mut it might pay tile United States to re-c.xaniinc its attitude on the .subject very closely. W. ]. Dricer ; Announcement at Fort Smith by Waiter Uaney of McCrory that lie would probably bo a candidate for the congressional seat now held by Judyo W.'. J. Driver of Osceola prompts us lo • remark that in our opinion the number of men in public life who have met the resnoiiiibilitics of. public service as-consistently as has Judge Driver is small, and that as long as he is able and willing to serve the First Arkansas District can do no better than to keep him where he is. This is said without disparagement of Mr. Rauey or of any others who may desire the honor of representing this district at.Washington. Nor is it merely or chiefly an expression of the The Revel Goes Merrily On Nothing: will end II; nollilng will stop it, but "n tea, parly of the lloston kind." as the but- nrilay Evening Post has wisely siiuiicstcd" =You and your nuUjhbur Imvc cut your living 1 expenses Iryhij to make both ends meet- You me doing without Ihs many little ihings you.would like to Imvc. industries are clumping the heads off of employes, but ihe iwlillcliin gow merrily on' his way, on an abandoned, reckless spending spree!,'will not end when Ihe money Is gone. It never docs. New sources of tax revenues will be dragged out, old ones will be revised, and former calculations nnd estimates will have been found to bc'grossly Inadequate. * * * The original •Mnrlinriui Highway program called for the expenditure of approximately $55,000,000. But the powers that bo suddenly discovered that the program could not bo completed wllh this amount. Nearly a hundred million dollars has been _siwnl, and it has b:cn discovered that only half the state mileage is complete. A five-cent gas (ax was at flrsl Ihouahl to be sulflcient. New someone has discovered that another cent Is necessary. And It goes merrily on. * * t In lcn years taxes In Arkansas have. Increased 400 i>er cent, and what, have we to show for it A llircc million dollar insane hospital in the process of construction nnd not paid for — hundreds of schools and no Hinds with'which to pay the teachers, a dozen slate supported colleges that Ihe slate cannot allord. ami half of which arc not needed, and n half- complekd highway mileage that originally culled for Ihe expenditure of $55,000,000. .—riue. ululf Commercial. Scores of nvllsls wcpl. it is reported, when u collection cY palnlir.cp burned in Munich. Had this hapi>cned a .few months later it might have inspired anolhcr pahilini; "September Mourn." SIDE GLANCES By George Clark iifli-r the way you treated Jim, v.hcn he was courliiijj me." worst among mlncrc in under gal-l 'leries. • • • In various foreign nations, (he lav grants compensation for occupational sllicosls. South Africa has recognized the prevalence of the condition among gold miners, Croat Bi'llaln, Australia and Cur.da, and most, recently Germany, liavj provided for conipensaiion for workers In other Industries In which bil- fca Is a hazard. So Impsrlant Is this subject, that an internattlonal conference was called to consider the situation In August, 1930. Very fine particles of dust can be Inhaled just like smoke or vapor. Large particles get into (he breathing tubes und become ciuangled in mucus. They may be swept out by coughing or they may become entangled In the tissues, whereupon degeneration occurs and Inflammation of the bronchial tulwj fulluws. Very line particles ol dust containing silica are taken up by cells in thu spaces of the lungs and set up a reaction leading to death of the cell, fibrous changes and U;e formation of nodules in (he lungs I which represent very small tumors. ,| u WASHINGTON "LETTER 11Y UOIINKV DUTCIlGIt NI-:.\ Sm-ii-e Writer WASHINGTON — Some day we may be finding out whether Charlie Curtis is Jusl loyln-i with Ilev- bcrt llonver or whether it's Hie president who really holds Ihe vice president's political future in the hollow of his hand. Thanks lo the varying versions whispered by persons who are supposed to know the administration's mind, tlie complete silentc of Uharlie himself and Ihe hot- wenth- [nics:'?3 ot the journalists in our nation's capital, the Uunls issue has produced most of such mystery and much of such humor as has been injected inlo the nrc- camij:tign situation. In case the vi:e president, who for istra'.iun would hnvo no use Ch:irllc Curtis in 1932. Tluin Curtis and his friends te- fjriii to have then- innings and it vas bruited about thai Charlie was !.rriously ccnsidcring running for I he Senate next year hislcnd of thi 1 vice presidency. He might, the .-lory war;, consider that to be :micli safcr. lie wanted to stay in politics, after holding political office for nearly DO years, and there riwcarcd to he no question w linl- cver that he could to nominated fcr stnator and defeat McGill. What lie JliRht Do TODAY IS THE-/ THIS CURIOUS WORLD BfGGKST A1H «A1I> On June 13, 1917, the worst German air raid over England was carried onl In the broad daylishl of noon, when a squadron of German airplanes bombed the East End an:! the business sections ot London, killing 97 Arsons and injuring -137. Many of the victims wer2 women and children, 120 ot tlie latter being either killed or injured. The laryc number of casualties was due to th2 fact, that the eating places in the East End were crowded at the hour of the raid, schools were still in session and large numbers of persons were on the streets. No dam- use ol a military or naval nature was clone. Only oi:c of HID attacking planes was brought clown. A suppltmenlary official rejx>rt stated in part: ''The air raid over London lasted about 1C minutes. The raiders were engaged by guns of the East London defenses and a large iiumbir ol airplanes of the Royal Fiying Corps and Hoyal N'aval Air Service AKiHE, IMOWN7»i8ES. KAV£A IN AN INDIAN Ally/After „., A. CHEROKEE INOWM INVENTOR OUTIHIS ALPHABEr IN.IS2I, WAS <3o>CK:iy APc/pffi-O WASHING ONLY EiEVfiM CAWC/VTCH AND KILL HATCH5D, REACTS 01 Ml DtHlA SC^ViCC IMC. CHURCH EXCUSES : By Georne W. Karhtm— — And when he came down from the mountain, great multitudes followed him. And IjehcM. there came to him a leper and worshiped him, saying, Lord, if thou will. Ihou canst make me clean. And he stretched forth his hard, and torched him, saying, i will; be than made clean. Mallhcw S:l-3 ATTEND CHURCH SUNDAY Committee. Working on a site in western Macedonia, at the village of Ar- nicnochori. near Fiorina, the ex- This yarn grew into such proportions that the o.uestion of what the vice president would decide to do was given an aspect of huge importance. It was pointed out it In Kansas,' unounces that he |"Jiuf Curtis was a gent of unusual will run fcv his old Jcb in (he [ ijrjlitical sagacity and (hat if Semite, now occupied by Senator' should run for the Senate ho McGill, there's n good chance thin ! would to predicting in effect that one of the principal presidential | the o. O. P. national ticket was campaign arguments will center | due for it licking next year mul nn whi-.hcr Hoover just threw Cur-1 thus be delivering ;\ serious blow to the parly aixl the president. ucre sent up a, soon as the enemy Ilcjmioll , Uscorerert n (lcposil con . was reported oft the coast. Several I lajllillg lwo oc=ulra , !cn , cvcH engagements took place in the air." Beth Lvtaig to the carlv Hac-- Excavators Uneartii Relics of Bronze Age - ATHENS. (UP) — Relics of the Bronze Age have been unearthed by j dcnmn Bronze Age culture, v.-hich is known from previous ex tion by the school in other vogue in the succeeding period in the south and throughout the subsequent history of Greek pottery. tis overboard or saw a hurricane whether coming, grabbed it life preserver und jumped. The The word won I out that the White House wanted it made very plain that' Mr. Curtis could have second place again if he wanted it; that President Hoover would L-o positively delighted to have him as his rnnniuy mate. Il appeared as if the vk-c president had the atinj right out of of Mac,dcni, ha ve o 15 MILLION ACRES LEFT SANTA FE, N. M. (UP)—There If I i stilt is muc'.i public domain led in ^^1 : New Mexico and more than 15,000,- iindcr land laws in New , . ! recording to a survey of the IT. 3. .In the upper level wore found 30 | ;, orfstry SclTicc . O f this amount. 14.3IG.481 acres arc surveyed anii .crcs are uusurvcycd, mak- about 2500-2000 B. C. • ' swimi, nu!:on-;!'.apcd handles. OUT OUR WAY f X'-JE \-V\O M>-/ SuSFiCiOM'b ASooT SOME PEOpuE,TOO. o > TVWl VKOYes \MrtA,T IviE AV_\JJS 17-ioT. siwce TV-V BoU- O'TH'NNOOOS H<V=> BtEM VTUMNIW' AT^GOMO \\IlO A\-\_ "fi-V 6vG "BvtoTS , VIE CLAIMS >T Cicoo, GO wo CooPLA COMlt-=>TS AK;' A T' •=TUO y -/ IM GOOD- BoT, .A Republicans may be depended-upon to yiropaijate the former explanation while the Democrats enthusiastically adopt nnd shout the toiler. lias Them Guessing Anywny .the lalesl story, which i administration emanates no great distance from' his hand, the White House steps, says that I But Charlie remained si!ent nnd all lh: yarns about Curtis trying his silence has stimulated more to decide whether his chances ol | excitement than ever, holding office ;sre better us a sen- The next development cf any sig- ntorlal candidate than as seccntl I nlficance came just before Mcmor- mau on the (ichct with IIcoVi;r!ial Day when one of the first-rlnss arc so -inucli hooey and the real, correspondents dcvolcd lo Mr. fact is that Cmtls can't have the ; I [cover and theoretically privy to vice presidential re:io:ninalion 1-is thoughts iuacrtcd that Hoover wjicthcv hD wants it or not. had sent word to Curtis that ho Now this may be a true s'.ate-; wanted him en (he ticket, thai to ment of affairs or U may lie an i sidetrack him would be to alienate explanation devised on the basis; the Curtis friends and risk losin of ronfUlomial Information ai the! Kansas In 1032 and that Curtis White Hour.-.' that Charlie har, di'-' himself would not be "yellow" cidcd to leave the ship. And then ; enough lo ctcsert al Hits critical aaain it may be Just fiiinilicr OS i time. There was a threat that such those instances wherein soino ot ; a desertion might cre.Uc enough "tliwa cloi: tu Hoover" have bci n ! roseiitmcnt to defeat Guslis ever known to talk right through Uu-ir in the senatorial contest. hats. i Now come? thi-s UKcrtion—Iron It does coincide with :hc oriiii-:onc of the most authoritative pos- nal story about Curtis ar.d Ih. 1 sible sources except Hoover him- tickct which came from Hcpublir- i self—that ll-o iidtninislralion won't Ian sources. What stam-a all the- let Curtis BO on the.ticket am spr.-iilation nn:l worry was tlie vvar.ts a younger man. All eyes rv:r:.istc-nt Bcssip about s-uch vice. now linn to Kansas and the jut '.iricnlial powibilitic.s us PO.--I-; sphinx-like Charlie. UK'.stcr Gcncrnl Bro\u\. Senai'ir The only moral of this laic thus MULTOW of New Jersey, Scc:-. i t.i:y. far seems tu I'O au old one for of War Hurlcv' and c;uvmi:: ; correspondents here: The more au- R-c'fvrlt of 5'c.ilo Hico. coui\n! ihorilative one's news sources the with intiiuationb that the ad;:v,u- • lets lik:ly they are to be reliable. Silica Laden Air Exposes Factory Workers to Disease KlHTOU'rt XOTK: Tliii i til I'm I i:f lwo arlidcs nf Dr. M'>r:i I'ishbrin rn silircsis. cr dn-t ,1U cnsc. whkh menaces thf hr.iltii :: wnrkrre in inilu-'.rii-s. THE OF THE MANIKINS Opening- day in the grand salon of one of the fashionable Parisian dressmaking shops. Dazzling lights, gorgeous draperies, glided chairs, flashing jewels. . .. Behind the miniature stage a bevy of beautiful manikins—in velvet, satin, chifion and lace. The curtains part. One by one they emerge, pirouette, descend the steps—and before you sweeps a magnificent array of the latest fashions! Perhaps it has never been your good fortune to witness one of these affairs. But the imaginative mind need not go to such distant places to learn what is new and charming in the world of personal adornment ... or what is useful -and modern for the home ... or tasty and wholesome for the table. \\ tf,J I iix" in;, sioinns r;sn!:i:ix i:jitoi-, .louriul nf the .\:i!-ri; A T sori;ttirn, r.nd i ; U Rci.l. the Health J!-;.wjiv Already several hi '.:(\.:. -.-., our connlry rococnixo ;:H' *..:•. : |the inl:r.Ulion of di:.-; c.>:.:-.::. fillc.i.inay produce ;:-, human body thai arc (i^u-i... hc-alth an;l lo hfo. TV •.:•;•- ai:u ^>?oiilc thou r :i;l i:-....; one who inhaled riK:if rl.:.- making his IUIBS su'o;:t-. ; :; ... rnlosis. There was no .1::,:.-.-• distinguish one kinri u; i... : lanoll'.er. Now 3 great many li.ii.i~:.:..; 'cas;s asso:iatcd with t:.,- • ,;• iof various kinis of diu:^ . ;.-• ; studied and analyzod and s:r.c Ihe situation. Workmen used lo talk about miner's tuberculosis, nriiid-: cr's rot, mason's rot. and ixj'.t-jr's rot. II 1= no\v recognized, as p.iint- cd o::t ty Prc'eosor E. L. Collis. linl till of these diseases represent cx- pfisurc to just one kind ol »l-;st. ; in , ti':rU which contains line turticl^s > - ; of silica. Silica dust is widespread in na. lure and largely associated with :•.... various itKin:i:ries. It. is pvc-\Mit .;:. . In quart/, quartxilc and fiir.t. in -.'. ! sandstone and in the rocXs llnougli . ' which various oics inn. and in '.-.. . and in milislon?5. It is r.> - also used in the manufacture of sll- -..- . ica paints and in some abralsivc ,.:.-- -.soaps nn:l stones. Silica mib! Is also used in Hie manufacture of china i ;.,' and carlhen war.i. Men wcrkins in open quarries] ••'.: -'run less risk from the c'ust t'nanl '.: those who work on slcns under half | :-,-.-,• o'jon sheds. Metal grinievs work- i ig in factories have severe expo?- Let the day's advertisements pass in review! For in word and picture they, like manikins, display before you the latest and best things from the realm of merchandise. Studying the advertisements is not only very interesting, but it enables yon to shop with greater assinv ance of getting exactly what you want — and the greatest value for your money! Rend the advertisements. Tliey are fascinating and useful news! [en'lfic evidence Is bcir.j a;v>:. Ci : ;o;urc, but the hazard is probably

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