The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1950
Page 9
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miuAY, WOTEMBRR 1, India Hints Tibet iroup to China lay Be Halted Reds Accused ' Of Speeding Drift Towards General War KiTTHEyri,l,K, .(ASK.) COURIER NEW DELHI, India,,Nov..3, Wj— ndia hinted today that a Tibetan ^ption may not proceed to Pei- <Rflfter all to : n*gott'ate with Red China unless the Communist invasion of the priest-ruled country Is slopped. The 'government 1 released the «xU of a three-note exchange with h 6 Chinese Communist i government at pelplng, India accused the Jliinefe Reds of greatly Increasing he. "drift towards general war" iy their, attempt to Impose a de clsion by military force.- India's latest note,-dated Oct.-31. charged the Chinese Communists »'ith resorting to force against a "peaceful people" without provoca Uon or justification and declared "In view of these development 1 ; •he Kovernment of India is no onger in'a position to advise the Tibetan delegation to proceed to Pelping unless the Chinese government thinks It fit to order Lroopa to halt their advance into Tibet and thus give B chance for Peaceful negotiations." The seven-man delegation, h'eati- xi by Finance Minister Tsepon Shakabpa, li now at the border cltj of Kallmpong, It had planned to leave for peiplng. this coming weekend. India previously had advise the delegation to go to the Chinese Communist capital In the hope of concluding peaceful negotiations. On the eve of the departure of the delegation on the first leg of Its journey from New Delhi, how- ev fl\ [he Chinese Communists an- l(U<:ed Oct. 25 that Chinese military operations had been . ordered to ."liberate" the 3.000,000 people who Inhabit the wild mountain passes often called the "roof of the world." '.•• Kotary Club Is Shown Film on Party Line Phone A movie entitled" "Party Line explaining the phases of the partj line telephone system, was the feature attraction at the weekly lunch- MOUNTA1NEKK ADMITS Ol. DSI.AYIN'G—Taylor Lee 7fi, (Minis to ruins of home where Chattanooga, Term., attorney Jam*] Scott was slain in 1926. Sheriff Rex Richcy Heft) said Dempsey admitted Saturday he shot 3colt after his wife contacted the attorney for a di- vorc,e and later burned the home Because "it preyed on my mind." Richey said Dempsey will be charged with murder at Chattanooga, (AP Wire- photo). • War Veteran* Urged To Hotify VA Whin Ccrf/cef faefc to Duty WASHINGTON, Nov. 1. — V«ter»n, Administration today urged war vel«»ni who art r«c«lvln« benefit .payment*- to notify It promptly if they are r«called to active military duty. Veterani vho return to uniform are not permitted to receive btn«- fiti tuch u, G! Bill subsistence or compensation for service-connected rl»abllit!«s. VA said veterans who receive such payment* for any period after they reenter active duty should return them promptly, or'they will remain on VA records as an overpayment and a debit against the recipients. • »AOB ran hold the nickel line even If It meant losing money. Walter Sams, a Virginia-North Carolina Cocn-Cola bottler, denied the national company dictates local prices, • "Before we start talking about raising prices to a dime," he said "we ought to stop giving twice as much lor a nickel." Dead Woman's Kidney Grafted Successfully CHICAGO. Nov. I. Uf>— A dead woman's kidney transplanted Into a once doomed woman's body June 17 Is functioning, the surgeons who performed the unprecedented operation reported today. ' Their tests Indicated, however, that Its activity Is below par. And they added that conclusions "are necessarily withheld until ther« Is more evidence of the permanency of the graft." The operation that may bring medical science fo a new frontier— the successful transplant of whole human organs—was described In the journal of the American Medical Association. The "human guinea pig," Mrs, Howard Tucker, 44, reported today she feels "fine" and is able to cany on her usual household 'activities. Ten weeks alter the operation she was able to take a 300 mile automobile trip to attend a convention. For » week jh. participated freely In banqueU, dancln» »nd other eonvintkm ectivltlei. , ' "I hop* the operation will mean «omethln« to the medical profe»- slon and to other suf/eren elsewhere," «he jald. King Guttov Lies in State STOCKHOLM, Sweden. Nov. 3. (/!>)—The body of King Qustav V Iny in state today In the chapel of Stockholm Pnlace. it will remain there until the funeral Nov g. Same 150.000 persons silently watched last night as Ihe 94-year-old GUARANTEED - OFFER* rOft KUUF OF Rhownotlc Jf* 1 " •*»«'««« e-mi ] S nsed by Simple Neuralgia thousands hccanso Mutcl* A<H«i It elves such fast relief from thrsc distressing pnlnsl CLInlcnlly tested C-Z221 contains famous, beneficial h«rb "niack Snake-Hoot"; IIV Iodized to actlvnte Snllcylnle notion for bettor, more effective iialn relief. «Prlc« if first bollle liack if not. B nttsfl*d. i«t C-2223 at your drug store today I I '•' !&' monarch'! remain, were tr»n»Jerred to the capital from Drottn ing holm PmUe* J u« t ouUlde Stockholm, where he died Sunday. The Laotian people e* north*™ Indochina fire crude skyrocket* to ward off evil iplrlU. Even in captivity, some ticphute itand guard while oihen ileep. LOOK AND LISTEN .TO THIS! pay mar* far fir« «•>* Automobile UiyrMPi W<IM yum you imur* wMi yaw owi COTTON FARMERS MUTUAL INSURANCE ASS'N. Poficy HoU*r« THEN GO SEI RAYMOND ZACHRY, Agent 200 Isaacs Bldg. Phone 3490 It's Oka Y/ Kids-Pop Still 5 Cents SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 3. (m — It's ok, kiddies. .Your nickel will buy a bottle of pop for a while yet. The American Bottlers of Carbonated Beverages ended their convention without acting on the hotly debated Issue. But they weren't happy about it. , • And Alvin G. Benmnn of Nashville. Tenn., assuming the presidency, predicted the Industry cannot eon meeting of the notary Club yesterday at Hotel Noble. The film was shown bv a representative of the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. Guests at .yesterday's meeting Included John Meyer, of Cape Girardeau, t,fd.; James Maxwell of Stockton,, Calif.; . Bill Donelson. Memphis Rolarian; William Elias. Osceola Rotarian and Murray Smart;, Jr., Junior Rolarian. stick with Its nickel price. He said equipment prices have risen 70 per cent since igs^and payrolls and other operating costs have gone up too. Delegates were told that In-Alexandria. La., soft drinks now cost 10 cents and 'in Philadelphia seven cents. ,^ Bottler Ed Brought™ ol Ashtabula. o.. and other speakers said that Coca-Cola's 5-cent national advertising forced local bottlers to •MH WUK, lOTNHStlU IT HIM* MMIS VM ^^SsiTIREi . jui~. -> It. I". ~l h. food. A<k *t a blood BUIDOWI «.*.*. mf^r-n^T-Nc,,^ • Already you have probably been fhinklng »bo»t buying Christman giffs for your family and friends. . .ami il might be (hal th« money Ig a little hard ;io fnd. Now you would have had the money If you had joined our Christmas Club last year...for (his month we're Bending out many a Christmas Club check lo olhers who joined. Why - not plan now for next year? Begin'selllng aside a small sum. .. 25c, ^ 60c, $1.00, $2.00 (or as much as you like) and deposit il in your Christ- . mas Club account each week. Then next year you'll be one of Ihe lucky ones who tjave plenly of money for Christ mas. NEXT: YEAR-BE READY FOR XMAS JOIN OUR CLUB AND SAVE MONEY! WORLD NEWS 12:45 NOON Listen every day 12:.15 Noon over KI.CN for World New-. l to you as a public service by, (he First National Bank FIRST NATIONAL BANK The Only National Bank in Mississippi County MEMBER: .FEDERAL RESERVE .SYSTEM ' i FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION THE DRYS ANSWER THE WETS "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free" Here Are the Facts Concerning the Wets And Their Evil Product—LIQUOR ». i7 h .!i W r T F . OR( 1 ES a ;« °*™ <d ' ° nd the " are "sorting to every unscrupulous method to deceivt rh* p.opl.. In rtie Blyrhev.lle Couner, Tuesday, October 31, under the heading "ONCE OVER LIGHTLY", you see the evident, of how far the Wets w,ll go ,„ furthering the.r evil interests. In next to the last paragraph of the article th« writer reflects upon the character ofthe DRYS in the statements: "This one-quart nonsense must be a big source, of potential joy to Vh. bootlegger*. When I think of all the reports I ve heard of bootleggers in this vicinity offering cash to back the DRYS Joften wonder ,f the one-quart clause might not be a bit of back-scratching." ' This writer, a. is tru. of all th. oth.r WETS, knows that such a statement has no basis in fact and is made only to deceive the public. He knows that th. WETS are making rnillions of dollars off of the tale of intoxicants here in Arkansas, and they are spending thousands of dot- lars to keep «vil business operating. It i, the decent, law-abiding, honorable citizens of Blytheville, and th. of ~ Arkansas, who are having to go down into their pocket* for money to pay for advertising and radio time to refute th. fall* propaganda of the liquor industry. If the WET newspapers would dare to print the truth about the tragic conditions which now exist under Repeal, they know that the people, would rise up in righteous indignation and throw the whole gang out. Th. peopl. who are for liquor are those who drink it, those who manufacture it, those who sell it, those who advertise it or in some ether way, directly or indirectly make money off of it, or who ar. the moral weaklings who favor it because of th. pressure exerted upon them, either in a political, business, or social way. Our highway* and streets throughout America are becoming more dangerous every day because of DRINKING DRIVERS. Liquor is the friend of every other evil and the breeder of every other crime. Its r.v.- nue dollars are stained with th. blood of its victims. "Do not b. deceived, God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man so we th that •shall he also reap." We are reaping in Arkansas the terrible harvest of the years of REPEAL. If you are the friend of littf. chif- dren, if you love the American home, the Church, and our Democratic Way of Life, then you will pray for, work for, and vote for Initiated Act No. 2, which will driv. "legal" liquor out of Arkansas. May God help you as a Christian and as a citizen "to Stand up and be counted" without fear, refilling to be intimidated by the pressure, or threats or lies of th. greatest monst.r of evil in America—THE LIQUOR TRAFFIC. . . . . .«. *» - * * * IN WET SOUTH CAROLINA in th. month of September, 1950, 546 drivers' licenses were withdrawn by th. Courts, and of that number, 532 were drivers of vehicles while und.r th. influence of intoxicants! * * » » . . IN THE CITY OF BLYTHEVSLLE, ARK. Arrests for Public Drunkenness _ , and Drunken Driving December 30, 1946 to'March 31, 1948 (1 year, 3 months) 1,727 April 1, 1948 to June 30, 1949 (one year and three months) 2,236 An INCREASE of 29.4% in arrests for Public Drunkenness and Drunken Driving! -THAT RESULTANT CRIME,MISERY, ACCIDCNT5, DELINQUENCY,T^VE^RTy-RESULTANT FROM T^ETRAFRC IN BEYER AGE ALCOHOL, 15 50 OFTEN BLAMED ONLY ON WE PRINKER- &U5INIS5 MEN'S RE^tARCH FOUHBATlOrl- CHICAGO Prohibition DOES Prohibit! Hear the following broadcasts on KLCN Soturday, November 4: 12:55-1:00 P.M. «r Sunday, November 5: 10:55 A.M.; 2:30-3:00 P.M. (Rally of rhe Mississippi County Drys at the First 7:30 P.M.-KLCN-FM. Monday, November 6: 8:55-9:00 A.M.; 11:25-11:30 A.M.; 4:55-5:00 P.M. Tuesday, November 7: 7:55-8:00 A.M.; 12:55-1 :00 P.M.; 4:55-5:00 P.M. HEAR Clyde C. Coulter, Executive 1 ' Director of the Arkansas United Drys, at the Rally of the Mississippi County Drys, Sunday, November 5, at 2:30 P.M., First Baptist Church, Blytheville. Broadcast on KLCN. MARK YOUR BALLOT THIS WAV NOV. 7 FOR INITIATED ACT NO. 2 . . AGAINST INITIATED ACT NO. 2 Politico! Advertising Paid for by Mississippi County Drys, Russell Duffer, chairman; E. C. Brown, co-chairman.

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