The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 13, 1931
Page 3
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, 'SATI'KiJAY, .Il'X'l? Hi, I'm Old Resident of Cily 'Ccniiintrd from Page Oiu the Mraiyibtfoi'UT.vct, cli'av manner 1 Miliiirly iiavo proved ti.:-:-e can Ix^ an international .':>'!';li. uiKleiv.andaUe to nil. ij'3der; lielii-vo that Americans ,'iih-ised la ti'.e best voices using l-.nitl:!>:i. vc-nr nftor year, will cventn.iUy alte:- their habits and i'laduiilli spoak better and belter KiiulWi.' even as tte prince has done. (•'ulurr Is Hrighl In 1!)21 RyM:i:el Shipman, coni- l!Knt!iiK iiiion the fomuli::s of the Na;ici!iil As-^fK-ia'.ion for American f.]:cct.h, .-a-d: 'Very t.-w of t!s pny nny attention to jiiisncitilion and di-tlon. Tlje ^rcat mass of American people- do 110: knou* the me;:niiiK of it, r.ud even tiio cullivaied American K ;;ni!iy 01 siovi^nly ^pr.'.'ch. Thus '.vliat shc-nld be the soul's music becomes a jumtole and mumble of dirccrd;!iu. uni~.tcljigiblc, jnrrine sound." He raid tiiaf some time before radio rc;'.ched nearly every family in the cfrjulry. Now. though the pajisitr^ n[ ]-e^:onal accents may he i:"-src'.to;l because of the .".enlimcnt ii.sscciatet!; them, they may be v:ell lost if a heller, clearer sirolieu English rises from their ashes. AJ?! ( -) Farms Taken by Foreclosure Will Be Operated Under Cooperative Plan I'll Ciiimiii of {ho 'ire Three New National Forftsts in Michigan MAHQUETTE. MLcll. (Ul'»—O: 1 - Riintznliou of tlirce new national ffirest.s in Ire uijp^r peninsula oi Michigan, comprising iippro.xinialc- \\ 250 ncicp each, h being rr.pUlly c;y]iL]j]ctc;l by 200 men, nc?jrrlin£j to K \V. Tinker. rc^iot>-"( U. S. forester in piqht state*. Higlv.vny phiis ai'e r^cetvmij the most atif-niioit, li? said, so (hiU tile ivGiKls will be easily accessible in c.ije of lire. Nearly 100 miles Is a rccem photograph of D. H. "Doc" SciiibOTO, of the comparatively Email number of Illyihevillc residents who <f\*W-j us rer,l ol:l limers. Mr. Scarboro came to MisMwippi cotimy f.'cm Miniin. Tenii.. w ycars n ,, Oi 31ld !las livfll m „.„ tolim ,. ov , r since, lie icrvul on the draft l;card during the \\!i!-, :i!nl M-as a commissioner for the constructicn of the prrse.u Blythevillc courtnosiEO. He is a fofnier county clerk and county tax :is- scEsor, ft ml rumor lir.s ii that he may anain present himself as a candidate fcr public o!fice at tiic Drmucr.-ulc primaries nc:« year. of telephone linos have been in- | in Havana. Cuba, a man who re- st "" cd - jceived a bullet In his head more ft is planned to plant 2.000 ncresliiijji 13 years ago sneezed recently in the forests this fall wltii Nor-land Ihe bullet' rtTOpj>ed~ourcT~his •ray pine seedlings. : nosc. : OKLAHOMA CITY. IDI'I — Okhl hom.i inveslmeiil coaiuamcs ho!'! ini; scores of oas'.ein OkUiii'jrn; fiinns .MiiTomlcrcil ihrounh foreclosure dining the acute a';riciiltur- al depression have started a p:o- priim of relmblllt:ttlo:i along cooi>- i'i alive farming incihutls. Tn informal biivijirss nK'eih:[;s officials of various investment ami im.rCHNpe. companies have ou'.llii'.'d ninns a:icl engaged cxpi'il iiiijtr- v'soi'.s. Thw method \vas doscrllJod to the United Press by Lcsi'-r U. Gum. Oklahoma Cily Inve.slmtu; | company crucial. i Farm Suru'rvlsurs ''Each I'ann Is ofang eloscly su- j»:-ilfloc!. Buildings nrc behiK placet! in comfortable livinij condition. Thousands of uctcs are bein^' ter- ir.c;ii aii<l coiisidrriibiri fertilizer ur- in-j applied 10 Ihe depleted soil," Gi::i: said. "The first objective is to uHrac: desirable tenants. These tenant:; would be placed under a supervises 1 who will act as the URcm of thr [corporate investor in farmlnc thn jlniuls for the creates! profit, ppml- ini; di.s|X).sillon of the lands when real estate priivs become normal and the depression Is over." Onm siicl that tenants would lr. puid a certain percentage of revenue so that inllialivc would b; rhallengcd. He distinguished beta-pen hlsjjrn- liosed plan and that of corporation fanning. Cnrjionttirm Farming "Corporation farming, nrgnnlzrd land o)>ernted for contimml opcra- ition mid profit, shnld not be con- Isidered In the same light as farm- LOCI Ml 'Cnndnnrd from nat;e nnn) which the mill dmws Its raw material. While :i considerable niiiiiiint of new cmilpmi'iil hus Ijee'n InstallM Ihe udop'.iun of the induslrlnl plywood |uii);nini does not involve any esiKcinl IncrfiiM' In the Ciipanny of thi' mill. It will mean a subVanlKI lurri-use In the phinl's nnnuul iny- roll. liowc-i-fr, In tbat It Is expect 1 .-:! to provide sleudy i-nip!i>j-m( far imitiy men whu liiive e.\|>orli'nced fii'(|ii?nt luyolls <ln? lo (lie ihicln- iiiion In (he demand Icr plywoatl I boxes. Lloyd's Will Insure You in Sweepstakes a fiuorlle for (he I9ar> nice. Till 1 ; hurso was esllmnlcd'to b? woillr ""0,ilW. A (cw days •before the Bevby he contracted on inciirnble L'ase. was ilestvoycxl, nnd llu^ itnili-ruiiiei-ii paid $30,000, Bottle "Bar" in Sand Intoxicates Bathers SEA'ITLK. iUI'1—The tilllll-s of irai iwtlic-is hail Mitdrona beach cifflclals iiij'Klini'd for Rome tinie. The bathers, apparently sober loll- elf 1 al^i on ',,U SdtonwS.''- ' then reeled nway drun'tenly '' -'" •'' There was no evidence of bol-\*. tics, yet several 'of the bathers 'were plainly Intoxicated. ' Finally a large, rotund inaiv^ busked In the smi for an limn>,-, j then sliioforcd away. Officials' stiu " l « l 'llgylni;. They uiieartlicd „ 1)omc bll , le(I m Uie sand wlth : u soda slrow stickln;; through Ihs - ccrk niitl cmeiulnt!' through tlio" sand. STOLEN Tlmrs(l;iy nij./ht fi-om car :il Swinid ;nul Davis Sis. ' . ol »!' jf'lf chilis mid IIJIK. f?K) rcwai-fl for rctinn to ! OWMIT. F. H. ACTON •'Hello, sucker!" Tills time it's Texas Oiiinan heirclf. as slie laiul- i"d in New York in the costume Pans didn't see. the cowgirl garb— hiclmlmg i^arls [ind lorgnette—in which she had planned to rid? (i while down the Rue dc la 1'nls. ins a large mnnl>er of farms by a coriwiate investor who Has acn,ulr- «l tlu'se lands under foreclosure of a iv.orlgnge and Is desirous orilv of j fill-mini; these lands until such time I as they may be disused of to some I Individual farmer.. ': "Corporation running is a bl! : faddish and has more or less of i an antagonistic appeal to the av- . erage Atnefican. No one, however, familiar with the difficulties encountered by investors in disposing 'o' fami lands acquired under fore- itJP) — If ynu are lucky tnui:nli to draw 2 nerby runner In one of the bio sw.-epstakes Lloyd's will Insure nitulus! yotu horse's /dllhi^ dead iliirlno ace. The Derby brings; many Inqiilr- ie.s to the imdcrwiilcrs. <\ !KV ycnis ago a man who chew n favorite in a big swccii consulted n clairvoyant, who told.him she had seen one of tlio favorite drop dead just before reaching the winning post. Lloyd's liet him odds of 200 io that he would not. The sum was for fS.COO, and the premium abrnit 50 per $100. Ii| 1027 the winner of the London Stool: Exchange Insured aoaliKt Call Hoy's not. ooinB to Ihe starting line (o the extent o( $50.000. The premium paid ivns $2.500. The uiulerwrllors were less fortunate over PlcariMii, at one time closure will object to nn investor's farming such lands until nijriciil- Inral conditions improve and a definite market Is established for land." Gum said. NOTICE Tcnipoi'ai'y location oi' R. D. Hughes (!<)., hyo doors w<ist of old locution. We, wijl ajn)i v c(!iat(; ihoso who owe us.. aivomils inakiiifj; |)r<>ni|)l sottlcn R. D. Hughes & Co. oldB y ARD FURNITURE CO. We- were the lucky buyers of the Doclson Bankrupt Stock of Fine Furniture. We bought this stock CHEAP and we are goin£ to sell it CHEAP. Every piece must be sold at some pncem'10 DAYS, SALE NOW GOING ON. First Come, First Served, Nothin* feet Back, Nothing Charged, Nothing Exchanged, Don't Wait and Let Somebody Else Get the Bargains. <1 10 Inch Oscilating Fan $8.95 H Piece Overstuffed Living Room Suite $49.75 Thtse stiiis sold for S!)5. M I'iccc Set of Beautiful Dishes $1.95 vMEWSWKaMRMMHH Doll Swing IQc Bridge Lamps SOc Rhiidp ;ui(1 Slniul Complete r{ Piece Bed Room Suite l!c<l. Vanity Hrcsscr and Chest. Walnut antl Kn- aniclod. $19.75 15 i'niind Solid Cotton Mattress $2.95 S7..10 Table Lamp $1.95 Card Table 75c Nice Ones Chiffrobe iSnlid Oak %9 95 <47«.ri«r^'^ < 5 Kitchen Cabinets Your Choice $17.50 Any Color Stand Tables $1.45 Oak M^MBMMI^HM Iron Beds Anv Color $2.95 'I'he.^i! arc Ni>w Used Oil Stoves $1.00 Kair Shape Used Oil Stove Ovens $1.00 Fair Conriilinn 8 Piece Dining Room Suite $39.75 Walnut Finish Wonder Range fi Kyc Cast Ifansjcs with Thcrmnnieler on Door $14.95 You Can't Afford In .Miss This Used Dresser $2.50 New Dresser $6.95 Trays lOc Kach Suit Cases 25c Porch Swings Earh $2.20 "i Piece Breakfast Room Set $9.95 I'nrtiible Talky Machines $3.95 New __^_-^^__^^^___ IT CAN'T LAST LONG-IT WON'T LAST LONG-COME IN MONDAY, SURE! °IO AWLE Dodson Furniture Stock IN THE OLD LOCATION ACROSS FROM BORUM'S DRUG STORE ON SALE NOW

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