The South Bend Tribune from South Bend, Indiana on May 2, 1922 · 2
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The South Bend Tribune from South Bend, Indiana · 2

South Bend, Indiana
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Tuesday, May 2, 1922
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2 THE SOUTH BSND TRIBUNE, TUESDAY EVENING, MAY 2, 1922. rather mljfht b no danger m placinpj ' the government approval and safil! en the finished 5 rod acts- Arrange ! menta wlih the KtudOhaWer eorDora- ,. tlon wem then mad for filming the '.South Bind plant. a representative vof th automotive Industry. In Ut!nj iu nuoni for takiar thi ite? ScUry Hoover , pointed out that tha inaccuracy and fake ef- feet o previous Industrial films hava served to drive ttveri out of .all countries, where they nve come ; into competition wUh' tho alms pro- (flhne of this natur ajlwayVocar the . endorsement "Made tY Hi Majes-J- tyi Government.',- wi,th other coun - trie taking aim liar step to guaran- tee the merit of the" films.' It wai necessary. Secretary Hoover added. ;to give governmental endorsement tu United States Aim If they yre to be I taken seriously. . . la all cases, the tndiptrlal con- cerns decided Upon hve riven the hjeartiest co-ope ration In connect Ion J with th endeavor. The StudebaJter corporation la doing everything pos- Bible to have the film complete in every; respect ?! The company's en - atneers have been busy for several 'ways, showing- the government rep '"resehtatlves over the plant, learning the ecact processes and best methods I of jrocedure. When ' the actual fllmlnr was begun early this morn- Inj, UTider the most powerful Ughtnlg' systsm ever brought to South Itend, ' it was with a definite understand- ;nr as - so trie order of filming:. Use Airplane. i ..un!ra of scenes win be filmed . toih Instde and outside. An airplane : will to brought from Chicago to film Cha 3trtors.; The first scenes wjre taken this mornlnjr In the big 'Joi-xs shop .and will show the comitate processes. 1 . , . X&. all times a government check . rvlll ... .111..- . J ..... 1 ' win w hui in vine wv quunuuns, jwhen It Is said that a certain nura- ber of .men are employed In one sec--tion of the plane. It. will be after ac--curte government count and record J! Commenting -on; the government taction. Mr, Leopold said. "It is hop. Jd that our Industries will use every means at their command to give the 'a-nvernment, every co-operation in this great" undertaking, and by so' J doing America wiliaake her place in world trade and' will place before the 'eyes of the world the resources at the command of this great country. 'Many peoples of the , world can neither read nor write but they All 'have eyes and it has been fully dem- onst rated that motion picture films ;:rry the message and purpose from our highest educational Institutions . o the wilds of Africa." , . l It will be the purpose to have the Jstudcbaker fim so Complete that one .sntlrrly unacquainted jwith the auto-jmotlve industry can. "get some adequate Impression of the work necea-'aary to the production of all auto- ,Tbe film is believed destined to-Ifurnlsh South "Bend its rreatest ad-vestislng to date, r MUMGARTEN HAD I LOOT IN CELLAR ELKHART POLICE UNABLE TO IDENTIFY OWNERS. Diseovir Jwlry and Other Articles While Searching Heme of f Sieter in Elkhart. J , r EToi rts on the part qf the Elkhart, 2nd., police to Identify the plunder found In the homo of Willlia 1L JJaumxarten, who waa . shot Sunday - mis-ht In his flight from the home of Edgtr Stoli, 4:j North Main street, efier liaVlnj attempted to burslarlia whe place, bars thus far been un- ovaiiiai.' -.I - 1 ' Cha loot pas found si ths horns ot cunsara'a clster, Urs. Lculss ptii2yta. y mambsrs of the Snkhart jyoito forco. t , Tha ttta wr,a caarcInC from toj Co bottom, and. Beret. Ls Xlumiccll cn4 Z53tecUv?c B3 KpUlmr.a and CThariaa enta had aimost despaired af 3a5la3 aaytttfnj; Yhea sjaichlas Chs furatcj room la th baseraent of Ch lioace, hocer3rA - thsy found a uabir of email linen lies filled trUh Jetwlry end odf.s and ads sp , araaily tcSiaa from tha homes of othar ysoli. a aCliloa they also dlccorersC thct ia Various banks he ae5 dspoeito tolDa; aacrty ,Cs.00O. , iXiase; cttjhis; oeclfss, chtlas, rutora cnC ot artlclao trars dla-?oT?nk: 57 "J3' : 3lthcr2 olici Ja th?lr secret 2 th rr9aal.ssc : . SSrs. tluayaa, wiii oliosi Bcusis&r&a hed ba Ilvtnjf la tHk&trt. c?eo zwoiUrt la tier Isci&r&Uons baiora ths lua" er etc Sound that th' 0toii rosi-enc waa she first Baumgartsa hed .;t?fnpted to burjlarlsa. - ' " OA Wrch 13, 1102 Baumartta '-"was seat to the Jc(?trsonville, ,Ind, reforanatorf on a charge of grand larceay, for from, one to Is years. . This charye grew out of his entrance Into the- homa of J. IX Ariaman at Klkhart. iXt various times after his return from the reformatory ho nad bee a arrested by .the Elkhart police on charges of Intoxication and ,waa " always cj rried on their records as a uriv t waa ;v aisa av vs. a f J Anoteer sister of the dead man. who lives In South Be rid. stated to the Elkhart authorities that he be ,'lle-es mental derangement was res ponslbls tor naumgarten's actKitlea the said tost during childhood he sustained two fails, both of which rasulted In '.njuries to his , head, Theoe she! believes jleft some allfht aveaul Incapacity. i 3aumjrten held a high reputation Cor industry at the plant of . the 3issccisr Sand Instrument company Ol Slhtrt, whirs he' was e-n ployed. - rjaq buried tn Elkhart, i his aft- vriooa at 3: IS o'clock. ; "Cchoo !3hIeeefoetni Dies t .TZIZLGQ, l-CWorof orm 'ixx' izducs sleep caused the death S53Sc7 -2 kltao Bthel WIIco. Caiu- ZYi t?epitn, sccordint to ;Xht cor ?-x??c iv.T7r tJlitch yetterday invest! Oc-sC Caatttse. Ths woman Is said ? Ji?r Dwthar to have frequently fcsC trh?n troubled by In- DXooeitted Wraa- ; i -JtZTlVr.QTZ'r.. Ilsy 2 The house 'Zs-Cty tiohtsc :5? lc 3$, the rn-tmac? ryycr OS th Itnmlyraiion OntenCnj ;hi fina yzt-. cnt Immi rcASoZ Uululo:; lo 53. 1C5. Ji pszatc ".j-fTlaj cr;?u oa the re- c TELEGRAPH BRIEFS. ' WASHINGTON It has beeh learned at the state department that the administration has determined to re vlre certain treaties I witn Ausi.j ' Hunjrary regardlnc extrsdltton d-the protection of copyrights, wnj existed prior to the war. WASHINGTON Reports are c I rent In Washington that Andre w I Mellon, secretary of iht treasur i going to reRisrn. The i report that-Charles . Dawes, of liic ' new director of the -budget 'W'iI! ceed to the treasury rosf. J ! - WASH ING TON Hcreti I Navy fXnhy y tlirlnv a:: ! j sepate to add 128,000,000 to trie nui appropriation bill as It was iasj by the house. More money l ne1 for aviation and Pacific coast baft' he ald. j WASHINGTON Nejmitiat iow be tivwn the nw allied dht comrnllot and the Itrftish' government Slooktnr to the funding of rtt Jlritajn's $j.' OOQ,000,)00 debt tp this country mas be beg-tin this tfk. WASHINGTON Agreement for extension of the th;per,cent lm-mljfratlon restriction j law for two yeat from July i, 1822. as reach'id yesterday by Hiiiate and Viouse conferees, j .; i WASHINGTON Heemtary Hushes tells delegation of Women's n-Freedom that Kusfilans : must prove themselves capable 3f i maintaining international relations nition. ' before recg- WOMEN hEET URGES PEACE TAKE COURAGEOUS STAND NATIONAL AFFAIRS.! ON Denounced Versailles j Tresty America's '.tag us of I And Nations Trend. BY CONSTANTS DREXTU WASHINGTON. May The women's International Leajrue of Peace and Freedom of which Miss Jane Addadms is president; has replaced the League of Women! Voters las! the most active group of ; women 1 In Washington at the .moment, flo Identify this Kroup, it is perhaps. Well to explain that it Is the same organization which held its first international congress at The Hague Just seven years ago, In April, 1S5. Governments Intervened with any further meetings until May, 1919, when they met In Zurich, SwttserlandJ Last summer they met in, Vienna.; Miss Jane Addams has presided at each of the congresses. ; Probably this group of womeii is the most courageous - of i any in the way of delving Into International 'relations. In May,' 1919, they denounced the peace treaty which baa then been handed to the Germane In Versailles but not yet signed and they found -fault with many of th'a provisions of the league of nations. However, f t ' is not the international league that has been meeting: In convention hers the past thrs days.; It Is only the American branch, though three foreign women have' come ove? specially for the meeting. Thiey iare to tour the country under the auspices ci me. league. , i One of them, Miss Gertrude Baer, of Munich, Germany, j caused eon-weetins; yes- sternation at the mass! terday by her tnappearance, because of detention at. Ellis Island, on suspicion of belonging to I the communist pary of Germany, : Furthermore shs comld not , kf f p her appointment with the president to-day (made by the state 'department at request, of the German embassy It is said) nor could she j go sf Ith .hs d lecation of women to Sec retary Hughes. But wtird received at headquarters of the Women's Inter national league f this afternoon said she had been released! from! Ellis Island and now was In New York where she would speak to-morrow. TESTS HYPNOTIC POWER. i Citocess Almost Fstsl for Room Mate f Amstsur. By Aaaoelated Pre. DURHAM, N. IU May J .After tak- ing s correspondent course tn hypno-' tlsm Ralph IK Seaman, jTorkvlle. Mc a freshmtn at New Hampshire uni versity, tried his powers on his room mate and fellow townsmen, W,, Brant kiobeon before an admiring student audience. ' The spell worked,! The victim fell and 'the amtiteur was sat isfied that he had acquired ths knack. hut when he tried to bring his room mate back to consciousness. Seaman discovered that ail passes, snapping of fingers, shaking;, .pinching and shouting were of no avail. A druggist was summoned nnd brought stimulants; a physician was called; and gave medicine: two members of the faculty were sent for. ;o investigate the caseJ ; i ' i In the nd Hobson was brought out of , the coma by a combination of antidotes, for hypnosis and fainlng Prof. Charles E. Summers, head of the college department; of apology, declared it a mild casej of hypnotism and Seaman said he wajs through try ing: to demonstrate, i ; s i EXPLOSION KILLS THREE. V A Wreck ra 1 1 owe Blast f j Locomotive pn Pennsytvarfia ! Rdsd. 1 . MTERSDALE, Pa, Aliy 2. Three trainmen were kllii , if and fas freiRht on the Balttrnoie Jk Ohio rail road waa wrecked at FIrhp. ' seven miles east of here early t Jay when ths loccraotiTs Mew oh; 5 The locomotive one M the most powerful on the Ban iar? A Ohio system,' was hauling ja j f vt ftrelght from CurnberUnd. Md to PHtsburrh, Without warnlnjr the boilt r let go and all members ot thi cr on that portion of the train were Killed. Ten cars '. Immediately followed the Sen gins were thrown fron ths track' ana catcntng fire, were destroyed . ' ' 1 : i. ! . i ; Pass Dunn pilL . i Br AMOclated are. ' ' 1 I WASHINGTON. May S.-tty a vote of 23 to 31 the jhquse iionday passed the Dunn bill authorizing an appropriation of S.tK 0,000 for road building for the year 'eidnnin nett July 1 and fT5,H0,0i to the year thereaXter, : i .j : RELATIVES OF GIRL HER FIA . - i t t 'r , jy f wi f I .vy I Upper photo shows fsmily of murdsred airl, Miss Gertrude Hsnns, left ' to right, f st her,' W. T. Hsnns,, Mrs. Hsnns, Gertrude, Mist Grsce Hen-i ns, Mrs. Msreel Hsrding from whose home Grace oissppesrad) below, ; Church which Miss Hsnns attend d in the parsonsgs of which ths body wss found) Joh C. Wymin, her sweetheart, and another picture of Miss Hsnns. Authorities of Hoopeston, ill., nrc j Oertrude lUnnn nnd John C. Wyman, haltled by a. mystery which followed j a it": 3. widower and elder In the a romsnce. besfun In . the Vlnlted i church. The girl's body has Just been Presbyterian church between Miss ' fund on a leduro In the basement of SAYS MOSF" WAS RIGHT. Bible Conference Speaker Shows! Biblical Accuracy. As proof of his declaration that the sacred scr" are scientifically uc- curate, B. Riley, D. D.. of Mlnneapd ubmltted a num ber of it rfuments in an eddresa dt.i.c. -today evening at the First Christian church. The meet ing marked the second dny of a nible conf.i-'nce now in eession. Cle ' -minded sclentlslB, Mr. Bailey declaicd, are able to harmonize the teachings of the Bible with their laws and discoveries. He emphasized the fact that Darwin's theory of evolution Is a. hypothesis or series of supposi tions snd not an established science. Mr. Riley took Moses' description of creation is gU tn Genesis and presented much -gument to prove that the historian and leader did not Sruess at the order In which he gav the events of creation. "Moses ha-l but one chance In 1.- 507.67. 387,90j to tfuesa correctly and yet in the whole arrangement he never missed," he said. "Go dig up Bob Iofersolt ajid glvt the poor fellow a chance to apologize for having spok en of the 'mistakes of Moses'." The conference is in session at 3 o'clock each afternoon and at 8 o'clock In the evening. This afternon Mr. Itiley spoke on, "Christian Science Versus Healing. This ; evening hU subject will be "When Will the End of This Age Comer MANY ATTEND MEETING. Plsiji to Cst Charter foe New Order of Odd Fellows. " About 75 Odd Feiows attended the meeting of the degree of O. O. II. & P. at the temple last night and held an enthusiastic meeting.; here were rcprcsenutives rrom boutn Bena lodges. Ohio and OnUirlo, Canada present. , A number of petltiom a ere read and approved. It was decided to take the name Aries Sanctotlunt as the heme of the lodge hero. A charter has been applied for an plans are to institute u Sinctorlur here Saturday, June 10. The Chicago Sanctorium will confer decree and the committee In ciiaige plans to have one of the bljeen. and best meetings in tho history of "dd F1- lowship In South Bend. i.Vt that time tihs charter wlU be closed. All appll c.nts accepted before then win entered a charter memlH'f . be fllAn election was held, !st nlirht Shd the followinR omccrs elected-Chairman. W. A. Meeks; vice-chair-rqan. William Haller. and st-cretary-treasurer, II . W. Barnuld. : (A: number ot "pouth Hontf members will go to Buchanan, Mich., to-hjght and are expected to bring bad; a number of applications with them They plan to visit lodges la the sur-toundinit cities during the next three wieeks, and expect to have a membership fSt least 200 by June 11. GET MORE INFORMATION. Hmrry Sairs Discharged by Stars and Stripes for-Irregularities. t More information regarding Harry Sear, -who will be tried In the city c(jurt next Thursday on! a charge of obtaining money undef false pre tenses preferred, by AVllllam W. IIauo, hotel clerk, has been received from the Stars and Srtpa, a veteran pjibjtcation, Washington, D. C. Sears represented himself. It is al- teged. as an autnortxea sagent oi tne publication, and by tMS racaha suc - ctcded tn passla a check made o i ta that paper which had been endorsed by hira. , Thei Stars ana Katrines, however. says th.t although Hjeara waa formerly an 'aaent for it. his rights had lecn revoked because of Irregularities and failure to account for funds collected by htm I In the telegram In the'-hands of the detective department U is said that Hear has collected money under the name of ; the Stars and Stripes from the Sibley Machine company cf this tjtjHand from the Godfrey Conveyor ciora pa ny and theC. G. Gonn. Limited, ciuntpany of Elkhart, and f rem the tjreat Western manufacturing company of Laporte. Ttie telefrrara states that the money collected from these places was never forwarded to the: publication. '; j " j "The check passed to Haun amounted to;jjj. J i N MYSTERY MURDER FACE 'ICE IN PBOBE INTO QUICK ACTION OFTERRY CAPTAIN STOPS DISASTER SWINGS BOAT AHEAD AT CRITICAL MOMENY. SAVES TWENTY -LIVES Danger Threatent as Snubbing Post Snaps in .High Gale People Leave Pullman in Night ' Clothing. By Associated Preaav ST. IGN ACE. Mlch. May i. Quick action on. the part of Capt Fred Ryerse, of the car ferry Chief Wawa-lam, averted a marine disaster that probably would have cost a sc.ore of lives during the recent lake storm, according to shipping men here. Late at night during the heavy storm, and w hile the South Shore train was being run upon the ferry here for transfer south acanss the straits, the bow line snubbing post npped due to pressure of the rale- The rear Pullman car, containing 20 i sleeping persons, waa partly on tho ferry and partly on the dook when ths boat was blown from ths wharf, tearing the car from the dook and dragging the rear trucks toward the water, where It was In Imminent danger of dropping into the harbor. Seeing a plunge Into the Ice water was In prospect for occupants of the Pullman. Capt. Byerso ordered full speed a head to all three engines of the ship. For a moment the car remained suspended over an open space of water and was held from dropping only by the front and rear wheels of the car. that stuck to the boat and dock, respectively. Then tho power of the propellc-s gained slowly against the storm and the gap between dock and ferry narrowed and closed. The action required several minutes and occupants of the Pullman, sensing their danger, tumbled from their berths and rushed upon the dock or ferry clad in night clothing. Several hours were required to brtng the ferry back Into position and pull the railroad car upon It. OVERCOME BY GAS. City Clerk and Relatives Made lit by Illuminating Fume. Miss Gladys M. M?n"roe. city clerk, her mother Mrs. Margaret E. Monroe and her aunt. Mrs. Guy. Ross, were all made so ill by, the- effects of gas thiis morning that the services of a physician had to hs secured to re-susclate them. Mrs. Monroe and Mrs. Boss were both rendered unconscious by the gas fuftes. Miss Monroe, although made very ill. managed to retaiif her senses jtumelontlv tn e,.ll for it r.hi . n tVhile Mrs. Monroe Was enaraped in I a telephone conversation a kettle ji water that had, been placed over a ras Jet on a ranye boiled over, ex-tirurulshlng the blase. Thla permitted the gas to escspe Into the hoUse. The occupants of the house ware unaware that anything was i wronc. and when they began to feel jth effects ef the rai became alarm- All three have ntarty recovered. AVAUNT! GRASS SKIRTS. Strn Justice Vendor Will RuU With ' Heavy Hand. HONOLULU. T. H, May S Fair dajnsels violating the ordinance ' ag"Sinst curtailed, beach dress recent- j iy (adopted wtll face a stern judre if i they are baled Into court how. a. D. Larnach. substituting for Police Juiljre J. R. Ughtfoot. let it be known lrgaln counter days in this court ar over" when asked if he would : follow the policy of Judge Light foot, :: ; - -.r li-v.f , - . - J II II Wrt . it 1, ' 1 I I Im i I w$a fines violators 'of the bathing tmlt ordinance 10 cents for each of-tetuM. -i . ' BAFFLING DETAILS K tr pHronnir Wyman was quiMed, admitted belnsr renponxlblr for the Klrl'- delicate cosdltlin nt the time of ber death but denied being responsible for her death. He has been released. LIGHT PRIMARY VOTE EXPECTED WITH DAY FAIR Continued from Pf jrf In a speaking campaign and hss visited every section of Indiana, Of course he has stirred up interest snd i has won the applause of his follow ers, but at the same time his speeches have covered so many angles of endeavor that he necessarily has ,.iroused some resentment among certain classes. In all probability Mr. Heveridpe waa well aware of this result. It sfems that he had taken the attitude 'that he may Rain more than he wilt j lose In touching upon certain sub-I Jects. Looking back on the campaign It ls certain the people of Indiana who love the excitement of red fire and ! big political meetings have been dls-j appointed. There has teen little of the spectacular In the campaign. Political meetings have not been attended largely and for this reason the lobservers In the Ilooster capital ,who have studied the attitude of the public' will be (rreatly surprised if the total vote Roes m u cfi over 50 per cent of the Harding- vote in the campaign of 1920. Based on the Hardinn vote, which was 6SS.000, a total republican vote In this primary of from 300.000 to 350,000 will le regarded as lurire. 1 here are nome, however, who believe the vote will not exceed 275.000. It ls certain that the vote would be extremely small on the senator-ship contest if It were not for the fact that there are determined contests on in many counties for county offices. It also happen that the township trustees arc to be elected this year and lhat g-enerally through out Indiana there are conw-sts for these nominations. Perhaps one of the best methods ; of arriving at a conclusion In aj contest of this kind one for which j there Is no precedent In Indluha history. a women are cnstlnjr their first ballot in a state wide primary ls to obtain the verdicts or opinions of a lar:e number of men wfto have been In politics for years. The verdict of most men Interviewed is that the race is rather close, but that if they were betting they would put their money on New. Get ne.xt Sunday's South Bend Sunday Tribune from your news dealer. A real Sunday newspaper. 'Adv. tf DINNER STORIES. "Do you think I shall live until I'm 90 doctor V , '"How old are you now" "forty." "Do you drinX, tramble, smoke or have you any vices of any kind?" "No. I don't drink. I never ramble. I loathe smoking in fact. I haven't any vices." "Well, good heavens, what do you i wanl lo live another SO years for." j ! Altl" Akin Den. of the Japa- i nese mbassy. was talking: at a Jin- ner about the out-ry airaint the wearing of one-piece bathing suits by glrls. "If a rtrl Is a swimmer," he said, "why shouldn't she wear his one-piece suit? Why burden herself with a skirt and stockings when she wants to swim?" "These beach censors could learn a lesson from the Japanese pr'.ncesa to whom a visiting Kngllsh wortia.r saW: "I saw a Japanese Kirl iathing In a river qulle naked yeaterday. 14 it thoutht m.xlest for women la bathe naked in Japan T " 'It Is not thought immodest." said the princess, "for women to bathe naked In Japan, but It Is thought very Immodest to look at them when ! they are bathing ' I . ! She looked 'at him doubtfully after I the proposal. "The man 1 marry." : she said, '"must be both I brainy."' brave and "Well," he declared 'I think I can ; lay claim tu lxih " "I admit you are brave." she re plied. "1mum ou saved my life when our boat upset the othec day, but that wasn't brainy, was It?" "It certainly was," he retorted. "I upset the boat." FSAFETl T COUNCIL WILL BE ESTABLISHED HERE!. TO CARRY ON WORK OF PRE- j CARRY ON WORK OF PREVENTING ACCIDENTS. GIVES RULES FOR PUBLIC John Gre.f. Local Leader, and W Riimumn, National Expert, Ttll Ptopls How to Ai- tat With Campaign. That .i nafrty and rtre prevention i-ounril wl'l fee established in South Bend to carry on permanently the work beinj; conducted here this week j Is the awrllnn of John Sr :f. presi- j dent of tt' Yellow "h company snd chairman of .the Chamber of Commerce safety committee. Other mem hers of the committee are Hollo racc Jsy White. Frank Warren and ; M. Johnson. W. R. Haamussen. noted safety expert. vh was brought here by this committee, outlined the' work of a safety and rtre. prevention council at tiie Chamber of Commerce weekly runcheon Monday noon. He urged the establishment of such a council in this cy Mr. Basmussen alo conferrec! with Mr. "irelf tn regards to thi- educational campaljrn among the drivers of the Yellow Cab company which hss "teen conducted by tho company ofilclals for some time. Mr Greif announced that this campaign hss reduced compensation accident Insurance of the company 33 per cent. A pledge of safety Is sinned by each man and there ls competition between the day and night shifts to determine which shift has the fewer accidents. Drive. caught violating the pledge are disciplined severely. A system of merits and demerits connected with a bonus ls also used. Will Finsnce Werk. The Chamber of Commerce announces that the council will conduct a similar safety program In the city at large which will be financed by the commercial orjranliatlon. Organisation of such a council has been under wav for some time. Several meetings have been held and plans made for the purpose of educating the people to upprove such a campaign. It was decided to hold a ssfety drive In con nection with the cleanup campaign which ls on now. This set up the stage for the permanent work which will now be conducted. In order that the puMic may alvt resistance this wek in arrylng on the safety work Mr. Orcif-and Mr Rasmussrn '-prepared t'le,. tollowlm; rules which thfy assurs wil reduce ih number of accidents if they ar observed. ot a book of traffic rUI ; learn them; live up to them. Keep within the epeel limit Never drive to the left vt a st car. . Never pass a standing street car unless there ls a safety none. vr drive on wet ntreet cai tracks. Slow down for "blind' corners. 1 Avoid Street Cars. Street cars have the rt;M of way a.t all times mu ail pjacc. ivr trv to pass another car at the Intcriiectlor. wton. look and listen, at ratlroa3 crossltirs. jsever try to blow children from the street with your horn; use your brake. Never - assume that the pedestrian In rolntr to c-et out of the way. Don't t a lay driver; a triy driver hurts only himself; but a jay driver may Injure others. if .member that "mule' and gas don't mix. Co-operate with the city admin Istration. traffic department. Cham her of Commerce, ant the South Bend safety council in thmr efforts to prevent acctdents. "Some drivers never have accl ent" Maid Mr. Rasmusstn. "because they use common sens-i nnd don't take chunces. Others have them freouently because they disregard tho traffic rules if hey hnve resd them. It is true that 'flivver can stop on a dime but some dnvers forg-et that they sometimes back '"p. Courtesy on the road ls Just na importan as It is In the home or offlct." SEEK MORE NURSES. Civil Service Hespitsl and Indian Land Vscanciee. WASHINGTON. May 2 The United States civil service commli slon states that there ls nerd of nurses In the hospitals of the United States Veterans' ojreau and the public health service and at Indian schoolt and ajren le. Applications w't be re celved fr these, ix-jsitlons until ther notke. fur Applicants are r.ot given a written examination, but are rated upoij the subjects of physical ability. eihtej at 10 pr cent, and training and ex penence. weighted at SO per cent. Ap pltcants must have graduated from i rewttr.lzed srhool tor trained nurses reuuirlnjr a residence of at least two years In hospital giving thorough practical and theoretical training. Kull Information aoncernlns; en trance requirements, salaries, etc r.. srpp'.icatlon blanks, may be oh trtlned ry communlcatlnx th L'Tiited SUtes civil servke commls sion. Washinartor.. D. C . or the secre tary of the civil service fc ard at th post office or customhouse in any city CHURCH NOTES SATURDA Ministerial Association Asked to Ex press Preference. As the result of a unanimous de cision on the part of the South Bend Ministerial association In session Monday at the Y. M C. A.. Th Tribune will continue to publish its weekly announcement of church activities on Saturday afternoon as has been the custom far man years. - The Tribune asked the ministers for an expression of their prefer- CABLE BRIEFS. IH'IlLIN freedom of Ireland from he British communications control hum been announced. The Irlih ro.t office department has completed ar-ranjrexnents with commercial raltie and radio companies to send measur direct to America. Hitherto all have ben compuUortly touted through London. ia.lon. A lower government .-x. cheaper poatajre and reduced duty on tea -ere three feature of nn,, budget introduced tn the ; r.uuie oi commons yesterday by Sir i Ftobert Horn, chancellor of the ex- . hejuer. It is said this wlU rut the budcet a billion. CEXOA. It i reported in French circles that mu of the Shell and Hoytl D-jtch Oil compiBlfi hsvt con cluded arransementa here with the soviet delemiUon f K1n( them ex- i Ur.slve conresslons In Russia. RECOMMENDATIONS RECEIVE APPROVAL MITH AND L'FORTUNE CO TO:in BUILDING DEPARTMENT. Contract for Fox Pavement Awarded to White Construct! en Other Matters are Dieeueeed. In addition to receiving bids on several contemplated public improve ments, awarding a contract for paving, and ordering resolutions prepared for other Improvements, the board of public works this morning approv- d the recommendations of the city ulldlng commissioner and the city electrician for appointments as as sistants to these officials. Hullding Commissioner George A. Da via recommended the board that Harold V. Smith. 1IJ North Meade street, be appointed aa assistant building commissioner to complete unexpired term of Arthur S. Irwin. recently deceased. The matter has been given considerable attention bv Mr. Davis In an effort to secure the services of a man qualified by train-In to carry on the work. The board approved the recommendation. It also approved the recommendation of City Electrician E. H. Henry that Edwin LaFortune. 1011 East Howard street, be appointed aa hla assistant This position is new. Mr. Henry re cently appearing before the board with a petition that such ofSce be created because of the volume of business that is being brought into his hands. Bids were received fof a trade curb and walk on Brookfield street from Humboldt street to the south line or the C. R Smith addition; for grade, curb and walk on College street from Humboldt street to the south lino of the C. R. Smith addi tion; for a pipe sewer on Oakland itreet from 8L Joseph rtyer to Mlsh awaka itivenue and for a pipe sewer on Miner street irora Eddy street to Arthur street. These bids were re ferred to ths ctty enflneer for tsbu lation and will be considered at the meeting- of the board to-morrow night. The contract for paring East Tqx street from Miami to Leer street wri awarded to the White Construction company, their price being ti.372.15 or approximately 1,$5 per square yard. The fall In prices noted by the board some time ago In receiving and tabulating bids was again noticeable In the bid of the White company, since it falls considerably below the prtc of S3 SS per iquart yard in effect last year. Petitions were received and reao lutlons were ordered prepared for i grade, curb snd walk on East Bow man street from High stneet to Studebaker park; for a grade, curb and walk on Kourth street from Mlshawaka avenue to ths first alley south of Vine street and for pav lng the alley between Riverside drive and Woodward street from Golden street to Vassar avenue. C. M. Wilcox, president of ths outh Shore llnea, and J. K. Gray, an official of the company, appeared be fore the board regarding the pro poaed widening of West LaSalle ave nue between Main and Michigan streets. As the result of their talk the matter was deferred one week In order to give them n opportunity to present their side of the case. These representatives declared themselves h willing to co-operate with the city In Its improvement "plans, but stated that they were not willing to ac cept the city's plans with respect to this Improvement without further consideration. The matter of paving the Intersec tlon of Sunnyaide avenue and Cast Washington boulevard was also de f'rred one week, when property own era an ecteu appeared before me board with suggestions regarding the material to be used in rtaln parts of the pavement It win again come up for consideration In one week. DENIES FEE RUMOR. rtepastto in oeeiste. 3r Aim iiM Pre WASHINGTON. May :. Reports that Harry M. Daugherty, cow at- torney rnTl. bad received a fee of 125.0'H) from Charles W. Morris. New York shipbuilder, for obtaining Mor-rta' release In 1I1J from the Atlantic Federal penitentiary, were repeated in the snate today by Senator Caraway, democrat Arkansas, and denied by friends of the present attorney general. The Arkansas senator said the report was Uad "upon public Information." Senator Watson, republican. Indiana, said he had talked with Mr Daunherty stout th report and It was untrue. Hen tor Moaea, republican. North Carolina, broke into th discussion to say that W. O. McAdoo, former secretary of the treasury, had received "large fees" from Mr. Morris la connection with shipping contracts recently mad basis cf indictments in federal courts here. May Test Act CHICAGO, May 5.0ore than 50'.Oti Cook county taxpaers are delinquent In taxra. County Treasurer Carr a id last night Yesterday was the last taxpayinft- day. "They've gone on strike and probably , plan court tests ot the, 49 per cent tacreas ia taxes." Mr. Carr said. QUIET MONDAY NIGHT BAUM GARTEN'S DEATH APPARENTLY COvVES UNRULY FOLK. POLICE HAVE' FEW CALLS Their Prompt and Efficient Wersi Sunday Evening Credited With Having Satisfying Effeet n Law Vialater. ! Apparently somewhat cowed at j least temporarily by the nanjer in which one of their number was dealt with Sunday night by the police, when William 'Uumsarten waa killed attempting to make his escape after burglarlitac the home of Edgar Stall. 413 North Main street, members of South Bend's so-called -underworld" kept uiyder cover last night and remained out of th way of the law enforcers. With the eiceptlon of a few calls ' from people who thought they heard, prowler about their places, no activity was reported by the j-McsC, Even the Individuals who a. a weal to defy the commandments of Ma,' Volstead and seek relief from ths dull course of events by fllrtiaj vlU, liauld death seemed to hav forest. ten that It waa night Urn r u- the abodes of Radius were ca to them; at least none were it ! f ta der the influence of the rbfUddss . . Juices that It waa aecary to tfctea them to te city Jail for ftttirc lodging and a chance to re gala IS use of their be ruddled wits. Seek Moonshine Detective Sergeant Valentine E?U and Lou la Kiah sad Patrolxaz. George Plater, did. however, teanegs to aur up one little bit of ssdtaisaa when hs cited BUven OraareL 124. South William street to arc or.? at tho police station to-day to err- reader oa a, charge of ualawful oc leers visited Graagowakrs " and assertsd that tasy foaac oao Quart of "white male,' aad 1(0 zt lens of truvsb- No still waa StnzC, on the premises, which were tfacirtC at the time ot th raid. , Ths police are la receipt of c $s3, mualcatioa from f. E. Carer. tlCZ ' South Chicago arenas, Chlcaco, tc the effect that Mr. Carerg CafilllaA nhaeton. four riasaenrer. modal 1S21. was stoien rrom tnai aa areas. j. pr. tL Mr. Carer's letter stated thfii the car bore Illinois llceno Ka ges2- 21 and tho engine was No. J-HtS. Nc such car baa been reported fouaC here. 1 A. C. Tlatea. wbo rare hla adtreae aa 111 Cast Dubait avenue, reportoA that he and his automobile figured, la an tecldent which took placa at tha Intersection ot Lafayette bonilarrard and Colfax avenue at 7:10 o'clock. Ha stated that hs was driving vast oa nearly passed ths intersection of the street when a cat driven soaith oa Lafayette boulevard by R. C Leady, whose address ho did not know, truck his car aad caused conildsr-able damage. Neither tha telephone nor the ctty directories carry tha name of Zeady. Faoss Lsreshy Chsrga, Detective Kenneth Wilcox, of ntat. MlcTi appeared at poUeo beadaaarS era and produced credentials 8 Sowing that be wss authorised to fska Harry Ftirlonc Of Fbrt WsTnS, 2nd to frlnt to face chargea ot grand lar. ceny. Furlong was arrested ta a ct-t gar stora operated oa West Washington avenue, last night by ratrolmaa Trank WendowsW. who recognised him from his picture. Detectlra WU-, cox and. his prisoner left for Tlint early this morning-. ' r SfTJJSrSHIHB ; 3?EIX,ETS : glV DR.. W. 9. TMOM'OM "Business Conditions oa th Up g-rada- Headline. While w did not si'spect gravity, we knew some thing-was holding tt back. Arthur Brisbane says: -Whattnea can hav they doat want" Fact there's mealses, for Instance. Of what use IS a tnlilloa to O ytruBf man who Is also th reciptsat of an inherited physical tllavjuallfl-catlon ". The business ability of th arer-; age physician Is often ridiculed Tay buslneas men. but the doctor's effort t at business methods arc ik mora ridiculous than tho effort of t average business maa when he Is con fronted with medical, surgical or public health matters. . , k(. to hMr tn WarWers tot. i ,.. (h- mocker burst his throat! j j tell yoa though, it's mualo wbea you hear the aoV.g of the cackllna j hen. A bed a th porch ls worth two ia the hall. From coal we gt Headache powder. strike aad Th practice cf prevention zsaa&y physical fortiflcatloa. Th a-olda cod io latter ta tho radlaaco of physical fitness. When the doctor said "trlpUts" ths fa thi r went stork cai. - used to b "back to th farmer." Consiler th mosquito's sClcisasy how she delivers th gooda Clean, cold milk for th batlx: uiv tn utti BBCasra a caanrsv .For prtngtim Is Cy tlmo aad time ls high tlm w were swattiac- No. It Isn't "appadi-d-u." aa swallowing seeds ha not h leg to Co with. it. Tho, Infant mortality'- axiscc bucket fed calves.' a azacne trl:: fed habtea, Is abnormally There's a reaaoav i- : l 1 t i i: 1 f. I

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