Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 21, 1897 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 21, 1897
Page 21
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y < TUESDAY; DEC. 21, 1397 Holiday Handkerchiefs la. as usual, the most beautiful shown in the city. It H only necessary for us to announce our annual holiday "hdkt" sale, as you know from experience our's is the place to buy. INSURANCE Of all kinds Written by GEO. GONSER. at LIDHE«E Physician. Office in House, Cor. Thirteenth and North streets, Professional calls answered promrtly. E. H. GRACE, D. D. S. DENTAL PARLORS, 816 Market Street. New Aluminlte Rubber Places. DR. C. D. EVEKSOLE'S DEBTAL PALLORS Over Porter's New Drug Store, Corner of Fourth and Market Streets. Logansport Messenger Service. H.A MOORS has put upon the streets a parcel delivery wngon and reB P e , otru ' 1 Cits the publlb patronage Parcels and ! uuuiiu ynnwuwfrw A—.-- r h _ *myaire promptly delivered to any part of tne 9tty. Leave orders at Eel River Livery Barn, •M Phone No 88 New No 91 Insurance and Loans. All kinds of Insur- •Boe and Bonds written In first class companies. Money to loan 6 per cent. S. M. Closson.319 Pearl St. New Undertakers. . • N 308 Market street, Hoppe Bulldlug. Daniel Killian & Co. Calls promptly attended to, day or night. Mr. Kllllan was 1'or many years foreman for Charles L. Woll. Telephone old SSI. new 317 HENRY WEBER, The Merchant Tailor, does first class work. Stylish and well fitting clothes made. Cleaning and repairing neatly done. See him. 324 PEARL STREET. Dr- EX- ©• Hunt, -DENTIST- All tie latest; discoveries In medicine and •DDllsncea to njlleve pain in extraction or fill- We of teeth. Modern methods, modern prices, AJJ work guaranteed- O«ce over John Grays On Fourth Htreet. • U Telephone No. 328. McConnell & McConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. An encampment of the I. O. 0. F. •will be instituted today at Royal Center. The work will be performed by Logansport encampment. GITYNRWS Christmas trees at Qaigley's. Children's leggiiags at Malben's. Fine leather goods — Ben Martin See our City of Bridges spoons Haulc's. Electric lights colored, any color, by John J Hildebrrndt. Our candy bazaar has the goods, also the prices?— Foiey's. Come and see the hand painted chinas, II aod upwards at- Taylor's. The New Otto makes a deep cut befoie everybody has purchased. See Ad . For Xmas presents buy shoes, aad the bankrupt store is the place.— Walden. The Cantata of Bethlehem tonight at the First Presbyterian church or forty voices . Ladies and children should not (mies seeing cne trained cockatoos at Backman's glass blowers. M. Schneeberger fell last evening on the ice covered sidewalk and sprained his right leg so badly that he Is unable to walk. Lieutenant S. M. Landry, of the government life saving bureau ab Detroit, Mich , , is in the city to spend a month's "acation with his mother. Besides the Malcolm Love and Bush & Gerts, J. C. Bridge has other reliable pianos in stock that he is offering at special bargains for the holidays. Thp. first "smoker" of the Potto- wattomie club will be given on Tuesday evening, December 28th, Instead of the 29th. as stated In yesterday's edition of the Pharos. The board of managers of the Home for the Friendless will meet at 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon at the home, previous to the W. C. T. U meeting at the sams place at 2:30 o'clock. Major McFadin is confined to his room with a severe cold, contracted last Friday night while returning from Tipton lodge without an overcoat. He expects to oe out again In a few days, The grand bargains in ladies', gent', boy's and girl's handkerchiefs caused quite an excitement in the department. No wonder, such bargains were never seen in this line as at the Trade Palace. , Please remember t'uat we are just as anxious to sell you furnishings and hats in years to coaie as we are now. Therefore our best efforts to please must be used in your behalf— Dewater, the hatter and furnisher. Mr. Morgan, of the firm of Cummings & Morgan, the furniture dealers had his face burned yesterday by an explosion of natural gas. The burner had become clogged and as Mi. Morgan opened the door to ascertain the trouble, he met with the above accident. Geiger Bros., the cigar manufacturers, are moving into their handsome new stand on Market street, west of Third. Their packing room and retail store are on the ground floor. The rooms, are large, light and airy, and the furniture and fixtures are of the latest design. ""Yfisterday afternoon while C. M. Cordell and' were seated inhis buggy in front of J. B. Shaver's blacksmith shop, on Sixth street, 'the horse became frightened and turning suddenly upset the vehicle. Luckily Mr. and Mrs. Cordell escaped injury. Mr. Cordell held onto the lines and the horse did not get away from him. UNCLE SAM'S BOAT Fired Upon by Turks From a Fort at Smjrn*. The American Admiral Demanded Punishment of trinity Parties and an Apology From the links. SpeciaJi to the Pharos. Constantinople, Dec. 21.—When the United States warship Bancroft arrived at Smyrna yesterday she was greeted with blank shot and rifled bullets from the Turkish fort. A boat from the Bancroft was sent shoreward to ask explanation, when it was fired upon and compelled to return. The American admiral lodged a protest with the United States minister, who demanded punishment of the guilty parties and an apology from the Turkish government, which was given. Ex. Secretary Herbert's Oaaghter Dead. Washington, D. C.,Dec 21—Leila, daughter of ex-Secretary Herbert, of the navy, died here today. Prince Hoheniohe's Wife Dead. Berlin, Dec.2l—The wife of Prince Hohenlohe, Imperial chancellor, died this morning of inflammation of the lungs. CHICAGO MARKETS Received Dally by V». W. Mllner, at G. A. B. Building. Chicago, Dec. 21, 1897. Wheat—For Dec. opened. SI. 00*; high, tl.02; low, 99c; closed, $1.00, Wheat—May, opened 93fc; closed, 93}c. Corn—For May, opened, 29|@ic; high, 29fc; low, 29fc; closed, 29{ ffll9.9t. Wgh, Oats—May opened, 22Jc: 22I-c; low, 22fc; closed, 22fc. Pork—Opened, 19.00; high, »9.00; low, S8.87; closed, 18 87. Hogs—Market opened steady and closed steady, at early prices- Ee- celpts of hogs. 43,000; estimated tomorrow, 42,000. Mixed, I3.35@3.55; heavy, I3.37@$3.52i; rough, »3.20@ 3.30; light, I3.35@l3.52i. Receipts of cattle, «5,000: sheep, 11,000. Curb, 93Jc; puts, 92i-fc: calls, 94Jc. ^_ A BIG CONTRACT. The Panhandle Will Transport Fire Million Bushels of Wheat to the Seaboard. It is reported on what seems reliable authority, that the Panhandle has secured the contract for transporting five million bushels of wheat from Chicago to the seaboard. The grain belongs to the Leiter syndicate, which has been buying wheat so extensively at Chicago. It is understood that to secure the business, the Panhandle cut the rate to ]2 cents. Countings thousand bushels for a car load, it will require 5,000 cars to transport the wheat, and counting 50 cars for each train it will require 100' trains to do the work. It is perhaps the biggest contract ever taken, by a railroad. The wheat will be shipped abroad. XMAS HOLIDAY SUPPERS! •PRESENTS- Best Patterns! Best Fabrics! Very Best Styles! ' We never had such a display before and that's saying enough fos the shoe trade, we are headquartears on slippers. You will rob yourself if you purchase elsewhere. We bank bur reputation on our good goods at reasonable prices. Call and see us before you buy. Shoe Sture, 510 Broadway, You " v are safe in buying your Shoes at WILLEY'S SHOE STORE, W. J- Barnett, the undertaker,and wife, went to Chicago today. as the'quality is the BEST and you are sure of getting the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE. Third and Market Sts. RAILROAD BREVITIES. Short Items of Interest Gathered From Man; Sources. Panhandle Engineer Charles Hurd la oft duty on account of the serious illness of his wife. H C. Newcomet, of the Pae- haudle, has gone to his home in Philadelphia to spend the holidays, The Wabash has awarded a contract for fifteen new freight locomotives, five to the Richmond, five to the Pittsburg and five to the Baldwin locomotive works. Claud Lee, a Panhandle switch- mau,.was badly ruptured one day last week and worked two days without knowing the extent of his injury. He is under the care of Dr. J. H, Shultz The injury to Mr. Pat Mahoney's right hand some weeks ago while at work in the Panhandle blacksmith shop, is more serious than was expected. Upon examination yesterday it was found necessary to have splintspuD on the injured part in order to keep the fractured bones in position. Died Among Strangers. Miss Maggie Silence died at 2:30 a. m. today at the home of Mr. Kuhn, on Linden avenue, of pneumonia, aged 15 years. The remains were removed to Killlaii & Co''s undertaking establishment where they will be held until word is received from the father of the deceased, who resides at Pulaski, Tailor and Draper, BETW:SEN ANOTHER , we manage to turn oat the bent fitting, exquisitely finished and distingue suits of cloth,D? to fce seen in Logansport. We take -palB» to select the latest and handsomest faorlca for yoor selection. Just now we are making nobby, s«tta In soft finished . worsteds, cheTlota, tweeds, casslmeres, and English mel- ton, beaver and kersey oyerooatt, lined with silk, at prices that can't be matched. Carl W. Keller. 311 MarketSt Holiday Presents, Pocket Knives, Sleds. Game and Meat Carvers, Children's Knife and Fork Sets, Skates, Nut Picks, MATTIEL. JOHNSON, Hardware Store, 408 Broadway. Pulaskl county. The girl came to Logansport in search of employment. She was a comparative stranger, and when taken sick appeared it the home of Mr. Kahn. Mrs. K. took pity on the unfortunate- child, and not only provided her with a room, but gave her every attention. Red Men. Notice the statement of Jos. Adams, state agent of the Red Men's Insurance. He says that this man Schicdler, of New Albany, Is simply a blow and can do nothing, and his owu brothers know of him. "I bare paid nearly $2,000 claims in Indianapolis aloce since he has been calling for a receiver, and in the same time I have written up 100 applications and the brothers who know him are against him, an* by his own actions he has caused a boom for the insurance, and not only taat. there is no receiver appointed at all. The association is'all 0. K. and will pay all honest claims." SCOTX E. PBICE, Gen. Agt. May Lose His Sand. Henry (Hank) Guinup, left here several weeks ago to take a position as switchman in the Grand Trunk yards at Durand, Mich. Last Sunday while coupling cars the middle finger of his left hand was caught between the bumpers and so badly mashed that it may be found necessary to amputate his hand. In a letter to his sister, Miss Lottie Guinup, Henry states that he will return home the latter part of the week. Mr. Guinup has many warm friends in Logansport, who will regret to learn of his misfortune. The Charily Ball. The German which was contemplated In connection with the charity ball for the young people has been given up. The ladles are anxious far a large attendance of children, however, and will arrange a general programme of dance music for the children. Admission for children under 15 will be 50 cents; tickets sold at the door. Many tickets are being sold and the affair promises great success. Established 1867. Incorporated l»t. The following persona »re employed by Hall's Business College: TKACHLKO FORC«. C. F. Moore, superintendent. B F. Hart, Actual Business and Maihena*- (J08 Warren Hau, Theoretical Bookkeeping and Commercial Law. Andrew Frederick. Penmanship. Clarence MoLaughlln, Snorthand aad Type- writtintr. 0. P. Gibson, Instructor Peru BiM«h* BUSINESS MANAGEMENT. C. F. Moore, General Manager. P. Stossmeisier, Busioess manager. B. M. Ogborn. Collector. Jessie Herrinfr, Stenopiapher. Seven of our Students have taken positions recently. If you want to secure' a position attend H'all's Business College Cor Broadway, and fitb. Bts., Logansport, Ind. Address The Citizen's Baud. The Citizen's band, recently organized, is made up as follows: Robert Cramer, lender and director; Fred Cramer, claronet: Thomas McElhaney, cornet; Hod Liuton, cornet; John Duukle, alto; Albert Ball, alto; Norman Bantz, trombone; Si Flgus, baritone: Elmer Niblack, basso; Peter Jolly, bass; Fred Vance, bs.ss drum, Harry Denbo, gnare drum. The band meets twice each week in Trades Assembly hall for practice. Ben Hur Sotlce. Begular meeting tomorrow night. Nomination of officers and initiation Will convene promptly at 7:30. WILL S. ROSIER, Chief. The Wenther. Generally fair tonight and Wednesday; slightly warmer Wednesday. ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Crandall, of Big Rapids,Mich., are guests of their son, W. P. McClelland, and wife, ol the Westside. They will remain until after the holidays, The argument of the attorney* in the case of H. Wiler & Co. against A. 0. Barnett and wife, to set aside the conveyance of the Barnett hotel property from Barnett to Mr*. Barnett and to collect an account, was begun in the circuit court at 3 o'clock this afternoon. LATE ARRIVALS = = See Them in the Windows of H. Wiler & Company's, 100 Children's Carpet Sweepers, 25,40 and 5O cents,50O Axminster RugsJElegular $4.00 Values atl$2.86 200 of the Choicest Pictures 25c up to $10. New Tabourettes. New Pedestals. Latest Novelties in Mirrors, Easels and Screens. Corner Fourth and Broadway. Open Every Nigtit Until 1O o'clock.

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