The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1952 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 24, 1952
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN JFOR Children Can Display Cookie-Making Talent By CECILY BROW.STO.VK Associated J'ress Fond Fittlor CUP way iJjp youjjs.stprs in yoiii family rail show their culinary ta- f Jrni is to iwakp ihese spfcial cookies, f Hav-p Knmo parknpos of cookie n<ix on hand and !<* your -fniatl fry zoi to work. R^ipos for rollrri cookie.^' are rieht on the box — ,-iJi you hru'c ' tri cin i.=; to crt out ymir fnncy ronkU*] r:iirfrs. JXTAUW (his i>a<-kncrd but- j rrr-^po rookio mix is blmrlprt by I mariiinr. flip tlaiich is so jiJnstK-j thai, younpsicr.i ran hfinrtlp It ^ur- ' ffAifuHy; it dors not s?:rk, amf it; rr-rolls easily. I For yn'ir nun coil? ! ihudnn (o rnoVip li^x msikp up HiP5r drlicirius Holy Pitiics or Choroln'R 4 S'ut Squares II»J,« I'olirs Irrjredipntv. One H-o:in( r pnrk flee ronkip mix, 2 (.i)jJ*Y.j>nf»ns w,i- tfr, onp 6-oitncp pitfkntrp inlinut ! fupi .'ru-i-.^uTN rlmrojnfp ptfcc,*. l ? rnj> \ialnu1 mnnt^, .1 lahlc.=.poons Mothdd: Empty c'on larpp niJXJTS? (jou(; .s uah'i nnd arid c.-hru-olalft. c:hr>ji nuts HUP anfi nfJH. Kiit-.irl «-<>U hand- 1 ;. ']*a5<f> n rnunrl''d (rf\:^) thp dough njirf rn)J bctu'r-rfi of hand'; to form in'o small PIscP on unfiron.^M bnklnp mix into [ i/ of : about 1 Inch apart, Bafee in moderate (375 F.) oven 12 lo IS minutes, iindl lignUj' browned, iconktoi will snroa<l and ftnlteti sliirhrly in bak- tnp.) AJlnw rnokiej; to cool AlignUy on hakinE ,sheel. In small bowl mix xtiBflr and cinnamon, When rookies nre slichtly cool roll each one In and plner on rake racks lo cool completely. Makes 60 rnoktrs. Kf01 e (he.--e r-risp cookies Iti Ifphtly envrrerl contalnrr. <:|iocnla(e N'ul Siiuarr tnereriienU.: 1 e^g. ] tablespoon water, »J (oaspoon vnnllla. onp 14- onnre pack:iye eonkie mix. one fi- | otmrp packnee r^hotjf - cup isemi- | sweet fhnrota'e pirres, S cup wal- • Methrjri: Put pyn. \va1rr, nmt 1:1- \ nllla in mixijig bowl; brat just 1111- i fil > r olk and while of ppg Rrn mm- i hitiecf, Add rnokfc mix and 2,'3 run rliocolnte; v:Hh wocxien spoon siir until hlenrind. Turn inln nn^rej^rd f>-!nch so, n ire pnn: spiend with =t>a- ttite to cover hoiroin of pjui. With •haip knife riioo murnnins 'v cup rhorolrMe so that no piece Is huver than a small pea; chop walnuts in <-;mi<' fncrhton and mix wiih cho- rolate; spi-Jnkle over l^Ker, B^kn in inmlrrntf* *.m P.i oven 20 mfn- nte^. Oonl; enl intn 2,^ .scumres; store in fr<:ht]y rovererl ronlninnr. Horseradish, Plum Jam Mix Combination Makes Good Sauce for Meat Here'f a variation nn the fver popular all-American hamburger-spark It with plum horseradish. Plum H(irser;iriish Sauce i On# cup homemade pfnm jam 2 tablespoons horseradish. Stir jam until softened. Add horseradish anrl blnnri. fien-p on hamburgers Nl/xlini? hot rrom the - oprn (ho ! ^ Nme; Inrie^e Imi^erariwh if "hotter" sunn- is rJrMreri. | And this IB (he recipe for homp- E manV plum Jam, the sprr.irl that is I nlwnys perfect, with meat. ! Plum .Inni Mlioui (I medium cdissrs) j Six cup-; prepared friiii,, a :-n,)s Miiflr, I box powiftTrd fruit iiprtin. To prepare the fruit, pit irlo noi fjfrJi aboil* 4 pounds fully rJp<- plums. Chop fine. Add >i cup wafer; Nrm ;i (o a boil and simmer, rnverfrl. 5 min'Jlrt^ Measure 6 cup:- fniif info n iui'je sa'uf-fiini. To make the jam. men sure siiiiiir , anrl set a-irle. Arid powdered fruit ' pcc'-in ro fruit in .srttjrnpan nnd mix WfJI PJfirp over hJch hffit and s'.ir ! u ti I i J rn Ixi i no con i c-s In a Uoi 1, At. om-e stiie In supsjr. firing i.o a full rollinu hint nnd Imit hard 1 minute, sritrine consf antly. Remove from limit. .Skim off : foam T *i1h metal sporm, Then siir j iind skim liy IUMH f«ir 5 inimiios (o j Meat Casserole (s Ideal for Hot July Days Carry thin dinner-In-a-dlsh lo your poroh for serving. It's a Beef nnd Vegetable Casserole. or you mlRhl call It a "layer" casserole 'to,- lhats Just how It |, p Ut logo,),, er. Home r.ronomisl. Reba 'Staeus MiRUPBls thai lor a plcnlc-lypp. nup- per you eompl«t* your menu with fresh fruit saladn. hot, muffla'!, Ice cream sundaes and Iced tea. Hwf Variable Cassfrold t tirnind Kround beef 2 tablespoons lard or rtrip- pfnijfi. melted ''i cup chopped onion I crcen pepper, sliced 1 ^ teasjinons salt '•i 'ea.spoon pepper 1 No. I run whole kernel corn, drained 4 tomatoes, sllrvd '•S f-iifi fluttered bread crumb* Brmcn onion and crcen pepper in lard or drippings for 3 minutes Add meat and brown slo-i'lv Season. Remove from heat. Plate >i or I he rorn In the bottom of « 3. 'innrl ca.wrole. Add half of I h e mml inixlure and then n layer of sliced tomalnes. Repeal layers "nrlnltlp with butlpred crnmljs Bakr In a slow oven iMn dpftrce.- P.) for 4D minutes. 0 servings. Corn Chowder Mokes Unique And Tasty Summer Luncheon rnol slitihMy, t/i prevent fto;ii,ui;: j trult. Ltirlle ignlrHv intn cto.Wi rover juni nl once vmh '-.-inch hoi paraffin Here's Festive Rib Roast uufi] done, nn not. oiwr the pan Follow this time schedule in rook- liiK href to the desired degree of Knif }wi 22 to 2/> uiin. per Jh. Medium done 2fi lo ^0 min ppr Ih Well-done 3'.< tn 35 m in. JIPI )b. A iriraf Ihermomelor u-il! in«;ui-e h^ef's Ijejnp rooked just. lhr> wnr you likn it. insert thcrmninefci j thrniidh the outside fnt into (h- rentor of ihe lean meat. When i( j n'lxi.sters !40 desjree.i F,. the benf i' rnre; nirdinrn—ifio degrees F.; well- done—170 degrees F. Tills unusiml rnrn c no wrier nmkes n main lunrlienn for Ihe .summer luncheon. If you hnve leftover cooker! corn on the rob, rut off Infc kernels to use in place of the panned corn in this rerine. You u'JJl need about, l l i cupsful. Ilnsy Corn riinwylrr (Virld; 4 geiirrnus scirvinKs) finely dicerl onion, 'i eup finnl.v di,-- pcl preen pepper, 3-otince can chopped broiler! mushrooms. No. '1 can cream stylo corn or 1'-I- <:III>R cookni corn, 1 rup tomnto .sauce, B-ounce can, 1 cup milk. '•> teiispnon snlt, '-j Icn^poon siicar. l * teaspoon pepper. Melt bultcr In 5niicepnn over moderate heat,. Add nnlon and pvenn pepper. Conk (intfl (enrifi. ahout. >> n\inutfs. stirring orfasionallv. And Lard Shortening Best for Baking Powder Biscuits It Is said Ihnt the n'.iy to n man's hcnrl Js DiroiiKh lli.^ slom.ich. 'Hnt fi'^yiiiK mlpht he mnciifipri to .itnfp that .von ran win n man's heart, by sirvlne him plenty or hot baklni: powder hisirnlt,':. The way to mnke perfect biscuits Is to use Inrci BK the shorlprii»B. I^arrt gives a le.nrtcrnes.'; nnd lluht- ness to MsruiLi that is unbrninblc; It gives them cxcellpiH flnvor. too. A touch of Ininpinntion works wonders with simple biscuit rftmeh. Here nre H fe^' wnys to trnn.sforTn plain blpculta tnto someHiing quite Sjwrlnl. For tea time, mnke <lrunc« Tra Bisniils: Dip B cube or sugar In orange ]utce and press Into the center ot parti biscuit. Bnke »t 460 desreeR F. 12-15 inintitci. Sprint r.unclipuii Itisrulls: Atld 3 tablespoons chopped chives or 1 tn- blespnon chopped creen pepprr and 1 tahlewon pimlrnlo to tile Inrrt- tlour mixture. Bake as nsiml Blue Cheew Bfsrultt: Acid 'i cup crumbled Rcjqiietort-tvpe or blue cheese to the. lard-flour mixture Bake as usual. Ham, Carrot Rolls Cut carrots Into tone. Diln slrlps and cook, then roll In "bollnd" ham slices. Fasten with woorlnn pirks and thorovislily heal in a moderate oven. Bead Courier News Classifird Arts EASIEST BIN OF AIL TO ERKCT! •Stop in soon, while we sti|l have famous •SIOUX- Steal g rtl i n bins! DISTKini'TOU Biytheville Soybean Corp, I SOD \ .Main—Hlylhcville Humes BS5B & SS57 A Kond «-ay to entertain your . . (summer tucsis handsomely Is \viih rrinninimr Inarcdlrnts. Mix well a ril, roasl of lw( No meat <!i«h alirt ll^nt Ihorouclily. lrt siinrnrr S ' could Iw simpler to prrnai minutes over Inw heat. 'Serve m Iu>l \ this kinc of rnasis. Just put 11 in n soup dishes. i shallow pan. ribs down, anrt slip In- For soiuellilnc hot In wrve nl n : '" a y /.$ demre F. oven where it will summer meal, try this novel brown- cnnh without ivntriiiiiii r>i ed rice. Serve with cold sliced turkey, chicken or ditcklhiK mixed L-rccn salnd. That's a welcome nrnimcrl It Ece Odilrinct IVirld: 4 servlncsl Two tuhlcspoons /nl, ", cup minced celery. I fcnspoon kitchen hnn- '< quct. 1 cup wntrr, '; cup red wind nr Rrape juice. 3-ounce can chop- i peil broiled mushrooms. \ cup ^ erain or converted rice, 1 chicken bouillon cube, ", teaspoon salt. 1 small bay leaf. Mcll fat In 2-qnnrl sau,:e|wn. Add onion and celery ,,nd let cook 5 minutes, stir In kitrhcn bouquet Arid remaining Incrcdirnls, Drliv,- to linll. stir well. Lower heat and cnok, tiphlly covered, until rice is tender and all Hmiirt Is absorbed, about 20 infinites. If necessary, till cover siiphtly to Rllovs- rice (o dry off nfler If is done. Serve Immediately with sliced cold meat. SU«STITtJT£ fOJC MEAT IRST Seven Up or Dr, Pepper 6 Bottle Carton MACARONI -SPAGHETTI PURE E&O NOOPH5 MEALTIME MAGIC! HER U.S. Good Chuck BEEF ROAST c Alenlv Tvesh, nicnlv PORK RIBS .......... lh 3S0 NECK BONES lb 150 ,„ slitks YELLOOLEO 2 1()S 4]0 pork Oh, Gco Pure Aluminum Plotcs, 6 in package ALUMINUM PLATES .... 2 * ' i *ife. Maine \\'liifp 3 raiw 250 PET MILK ......... 3 ror 440 DUZSOAP -lf)0 si/p. (';i»ii>firp ft PORK & BEAKS 3 .290 WOODBURY': .4 ,.260 f' i) i ... •. TISSUE' .......... 2*250 f,, 17pn m s/r STRAWBERRIES ";; 250 ROMftCMOPS PRESERVE " h 590 ,,290 PUfiEx If Poys To Shop at Mays 7 SUPER MARKET 421 South 21st Griesedieck Beer 99 C 6 Can Carton TOMATO JUICE 21 CAKE MIXE axes Woshing Powder PURE LARD 4 LB. ctn 49 Heinz or Gerber's FOOD 21 Red Haven PEACHES - - ib 10c Seedless Grapefruit-2 for 15c Iceberg LETTUCE - 2ior2Sc RADISHES 2 bchsISc HENS - - - - ib 39c Fresh SPARE RIBS - ib 45c H G&S WHITING - -jbjgc SLAB BACON - ib 40c Do You Know? Liberty Cash Sets the Prices and Others Follow !

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