The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 2, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1950
Page 7
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER I, 198fl Truman Taktt Morning Walk as Usual — Shots of Assassins Fail To Scare the President BLTTJttVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEW! By Th« Associated WASHINGTON—President Tru man took his usual early morning walk today through streets which 17 hours earlier echoed with the blasts of would-be assassins' guns. Apparently unperturbed by yesterday's attack on the temporary fresidenllal residence, Mr. Truman Ifcpjwd briskly down the canopied "Blfir House walk at exactly 7 a.m. Six secret servicemen (ell in a- f omid him as he reached the sidewalk on Pennsylvania Avenue, pass- ins over the spot where police bullets had dropped one gunman yesterday. ^ Mr. Truman waved and smiled lo newsmen and photographers and stepped briskly along the street to the east end of ,the White House grounds. There he turned and headed toward the Washington Monument, about a half mile distant. Mr. Truman swung a cane an.d occasionally spoke to secret service mm and photographers and H men. But neither he nor any one else during the 30 minute walk mentioned yesterday's attempted assassination. The walk to the monument and back covered more than a mile of traffic-filled streets and parkways. It ended at the west entrance of the White House. The sidewalk in front of the Blair House had been rojwd off since yesterday's g u n battle i n which one ot the attackers was killed and the other vnnrnded. Uniformed policemen stood at Intervals along the rope. U. S. Official Population Is 750,697,367 .WASHINGTON, Nor. J. (f,-t ai. otriclal figures inHav nut 1950 United St.i. From Oscar Callazo — 'I'd Like to Wash My Hands' WASHINGTON—Oscar Collazo was reported today to be "in fine shape" and apparently In no dan- Bfr from tiie wounds he suffered 1" a fanatical attempt he and a companion made yesterday on President Truman's life. An emergency hospital doctor, who asked not to be identified by name, said that guards assigned to watch the would-be assassin had asked him to check cm their prisoner and that Collazo reported he felt "all risht." The bullet which pierced Col- lar's chest is now embedded near the skin in his back and tile doctor said It probably is causing some irritation. Reports who were permitted to look into his room early this morning said he was lying quietly, apparently umvoiTied. He routed slightly as a nurse came in to check his pulse. She asked whether he wanted breakfast. "I'd like to wash my hands," he said, hloding them up and rubbing them. Mrs. Collaxo — 'Why Should I Be Sorry?' NEW YORK—Mrs'. Rosa Collazo. Bronx housewife whose husband tried io kill President Truman yes- .terday. was held In $50,000 bail today on a charge ot conspiracy in ' the assassination attempt. « 'he plump. 42-year-old Puerto an-born woman was arraigned ire u. S. Commissioner Edward W. McDonald after questioning by Secret Service agents. Lacking the bail money, she was placed in n cell. Her husband. 37-year-old Osuar Collazo, ivhom she described as a Puerto Rlcan revolutionist with a bijrning zeal to gain the island's independence, was wounded in the gun battle outside the President's home. Mrs. Collazo was accused of conspiring with her husband, to injure Margaret — 'Naturally I Was Upset' the President of the United States, Mrs Collazo's arraignment came after 13 persons were detained here for questioning by secret service men. U. 5. Attorney Irving H. Saypol said Mrs. Collazo will be held pending "further inquiry or grand jury action." He added that further'ac- tion against the woman would be postponed, until next Thursday to give her time to obtain counsel. When Mrs. Collazo was confronted by government men at her Bronx tenement home (173 Brook Avenuel after the shooting fray she defended her husband's act and said: "Why should I be sorry? We are both members of the Nationalist Party." . This cenm. laJly, tnktn every to years, reflected , shift in the popu- »Uon that will cauM Mven £^ s in '.h". V" 1 nine - l ° |OE * «"»" '" ' , «5-memb*r House of Representatives scheduled to be elected two yea,, from mw _ Mai population figure, an?H at " le White' H°V was ted as of April 1. it show- n ' l<!l ' e " se Of 19 ' 028 ' 08 « "'ice 4 ,° census-lhe greatest gain cai ' > ' PORTLAND, Me—Margaret Truman concealed her concern over an attempt on her father's life In her song recital here last night. Admittedly "upset," the President's rlp.ughter showed no .sign of it to more than 2.000 Portlanders who received her warmly. „ Afterwards she told a backstage interviewer that her mother had telephoned the news of yesterday's gun-battle outside Blair House in Washington. "Naturally I was upset." she said, "but the whole thing was over by then. "Actually, I was more concerned over the families of the Whit* House guards who were shot." St. Louis Police to 'Redouble Precautions' . LOUIS Extra security meas- nre being planned to safe- uard President Truman during his St. Louis visit this weekend because of the assassination attempt In Washington. The President is scheduled to give a major political speech here Saturday night. "You can rest assured the police department will redouble Its precautions." said Police Chief' Jerr,- miah O'Connell. Prime Minister Attlee Is 'Deeply Shocked' LONDON—Prime Minister Attlee. dent's life. messaged President Truman last "Please accept my coilgratnla- night that he was "deeply shocked" lions on your escape," Attlee's tele- to hear of the attempt on the Prcsi- gram said. DRAFT Continued Irom Page 1 " Crane. Wilson. A. J. Carter. Dell Negro, was transferred to the Mississippi County Board from another board 'and left with this morning's group. Registrants who failed to report to previous calls and traos'ferred to other boards were Robby G. Dildine. and Homer H. Hughes of Blylhcville. Morris Junior Hill, Blythevllle Negro, failed to report to a previous call but left with this morning's as delinquent); this morn- ing were Robett M. Cassidy and Rnfns Crowder, both Ot Blythevllle. Negroes; James P. Shinault, Grand Junction, 1 Mich.; Ray Woolen. Jr., Dyess: Jarierr Cano. Driver; Lerle Carter, Wilson Negro. Romance ot Zoo LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 5. (/P| — Romance should be looking up soon at the Little Rock zoo. The city's board of public affairs yesterday spent $4.400 for mates for presentely-nnmates of the^zoo. Mustard Is related to cabbage, cauliflower and turnip. BEAT FOOD These terrific vahn-s are made were damaged In shipment . . . contents are perfect . . . Ihe food Jo;<n of Arc, N T o. 2 Kidney BEAMS 140 II 07,. can whife Sweel CORN 90 fi ox. can, Itoolh Toronto PASTE 80 TOM: SOUP 100 THESE PRICES possible hrcause Ihe container* like » denied can. However, Ihe Is not harmed. Slop in and wvel .lack Mackerel SALMON u.,170 California SARDINES 140 Cream style, No. 2 Yellow CORN 150 BEAMS"™ ' ly's No. 303 C'berry Heart of Kansas 130 FLOUR •„ JI 50 H & M SALES CO 117 East Main Phone 6859 •cr . House seat losses a'ill be three lor Pennsylvania, two for Missouri. *»ew York and Oklahoma, and one each for Arkansas, Illinois. Ken, Mississippi an d Tennessee. WAR 'Continued from p«ge 1) drink-CKvcd Japanese. Attack at Sunset The Reds launched their attack at sunset against, the First. Calvary Division's lead regiment, A spokesman said the regiment, was spread out m a "pursuit situation " Communist forces smashed at the Americans from tiie north, cast bazookas Browning automatic and west. They were equipped with "lies. Thompson submachlneguns and grease-guru." In two hours the escape road to the south was cut. Th* 5 batl ' le ra 'ed throughout the At daylight and allied rescue team. Including other First. Cavalry Division units, set out on a rescui mission. j H ran into heavy enemy fire at. Yongong. about five miles southwest of Unsan, Tank radios of the surrounded regiment .silent al | morning, CBm e to life In the afternoon and directed allied vrarphme* In strikes at, the enemy. Dut the rescue team could not, break through. Two Extension Courses to Start At BHS Monday Two extension courses given h' Arkansas State College In Jones- Boro will begin Monday night at the -Home Economics Cottage on the Blythevllle High School cam pus. it was announced today bv .John Mayes, county school super These courses are English 393 major American writers, and Phvsi cal Education 213. theory of recreation. Mr. Mayes said Mississippi County teachers who plan lo en- to the"" ' heSe ™" rsM shm ' ld re »°rt Monday. ^ While the courses are given primarily for teachers in Mississippi County and Southeast Missouri other persons who wish college credit in these subjects may enroll 5-Cent Soda Pop Going Way of Five Cent Beer And Buffalo Nickel SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 2. r/T,— The nickel soda pop is goini; to go where the nickel beers tenL many Ion? years ngo-out the window. That was the word yesterday from the 32nd annual convention of the American Bottlers o f Carbonated Beverages. Mike Michaels of Kansas Citv editor of the Mid-Continent Boi- tler, a trade paper, said costs have risen beyond the ability of the bottlers to absorb them further. It is only » matter of time— a very short time—he said until the last of the 5-ccnt drinks will be only a memory. R - .?VT .T '«--<fyry»7 t - w 4-jHHb .•»* " ' Republican Says trooper Abused Him For Calling Gov. McMath a Dictator Tb» Ai»ncljl«1 Frew Arkansas Republican lender charged Thursday he was threatened by a slate tionper for calling Governor MeMnth a dictator. COMICS BLAST "KIM BUCK-TOO" -Above Is an ewerp Horn an Anicriciiir military intelligence leaflet designed to iell (he JXorlh Korean people the truth about tlieir Red bosses Tavcl ot he carlo™ is Korean lied leader Kim I! Sung (lagged "'Kim Urk-ino by General AliicArlJiur). In t);e skctt-li Kim, who (uuk the name of a long-dead Korean hero, that his ncHiile want peace, but, he says, "(he Communist Parly miisl have war in order to keep its power in Korea." ELECTION (Continued trom page 1) House. Mif.s Elizabeth Blythe. county clerk, said" he office had received requests for "quite a tew" absentee ballots thus far. Only two Republican nominees will be listed on the ballot. They are Jefferson \v. Speck of Frenchman's Bayou, who is opposing incumbent Sid McMath for the governorship, and Mrs. Frank McGillicuddy, who is runninp against State Treasurer J. Vance Clayton. These are the only two "contests" on the ballot. Only Tour persons arc seeking formal re-election [or first terms. These are, Sam Robinson and Paul Ward, candidates for the two Supreme Court posts to be filled; \v. Leon Smith of Blytherllle, nominee lor chancellor; and John J. Cowan of Osceola. who will join the Mississippi Comity dclesation in the House of Representatives. Democratic nominees who will be formally re-elected to office Nov 7 Include Sen. J. w. Fnlbright. Rep. E. C. (Took) Gainings, U. Governor Nathan Gordon, Secretary of State C. G. Hall, State Auditor J. Oscar Humphrey, Attorney General Ike Murry, slate Land Commissioner Claude A. Rankin. Associate Justices Ed P. McFaddin and Minor Mlllwee (to be' elected, wiih Mr. Robinscn, to full terms), Circuit Judge Zal B. Harrison of Blytheville. Circuit Judge Charles W. Light of Paragould (two judges to Le named). Prosecuting Attorney H. G. Partlow of Blythevillc. and Stale Sen. J. Lee Beardcn of Lcachville. County Democratic nominees who will be re-elcctci! include Sheriff William Berryman, Coimlv Treasurer Frank Whitworlh, Comity Judge Roland Green, County Clerk Elizabeth Blythe, Circuit clerk Harvey Morris, Tax Assessor Herbert Shippen, Coroner E. M. Holt. Surveyor W. D. Cobb and State Representatives L. H .Autry. E. C. Herman and Jimmlc Edwards. All are from Blylhcviile except Mr. shlppcn, who is from Osceola: Mr. Aulry, from Burette, and Mr. Flecman, from Manila. U.S. Troop Ship Flans Changed To Liner Again WASHINGTON, Nov. 2. Wj—The government has 'reversos! a decision —made whcll the Korean War pic- lure looked dark—to complete the .-uivr liner United Stales as a troop ship. instead, the original plan to construct the 46.00^-ton vessel ns a luxury liner will lie carried out. The ship, largest ever put under construction In this country, is being built at Newport News, Va. The decision to complete the vessel as a commercial passenger liner was announced last night v bs Vice Admiral KdwarrI L, Cochrane. maritime administrator. He said the decision—like the earlier one la convert it to a trnop ship—was made by the joint chiefs of staff. A chemical solution brushed on girdled trees now is used to loosen the b?rk so the trees may be>harvested for pulp at any time. The National Geographic Society says a third of South Africa's write population centers around Johannesburg. Dr. Lindquist CHIROPRACTOR James Hunter Dies At Monticello Home MONTICELLO, Ark,. Nov. 2. f,r —James Ralph Hunter. 4n. formei Drew County assessor, treasurer and judge, died here yesterday. After retiring as county judge "13 years ago. Hunter entered the florist business. In which he had been engager! since. • Survivors include his widow; a daughter, his mother. Mrs. ,).' F Hunter ot Monticello, a brother and two sisters. The funeral was (a be here today Missco Convicts Gronted Paroles Three 'Mississippi County convicts were among the 69 State Pen al Farm inmates granted paroles yesterday by the Arkansas Parole Board. Paroled were Fred Bin-ton, whr was sentenced to 21 years in 1043 for second degree murder; James I^ec Gee, sentenced to one and onc- lialf years last April on a charge of grand larceny and Charlie Slei-- enson. sentenced to four years on * charge ol forgery and uttering In 1948. Je And the GOP standard bearer, •fferson W. Speck, immediately lumped to the defense of his party member. He said McMath. his Democratic gubernatorial opponent. was forming n gestapo out of the Arkansas state Police, R. K. Reynolds or Russellvllle, neniber of the stale Republican Central Committee, said he was ursed and threatened physical - "" "••«< I "1 VIM ITL1CU I.1JI J'.llLit I harm by Stale Trooper Buouc Bartlett In » disturbance at the Pone County, cam (house last Friday. Reynolds, about 67, sent. H .signed statement to Stale Police Director Herman Linrisey Thursday snylng: While visiting the courthouse In Russcllvillc, he slapped by Ihe sheriff's office where lie talked with a :lepuly sheriff anrt Trooper Bart- lei t, about 32. Reynold* a.sked Ihe Iwn officers lion- they were eoiny to mte on Die wet-dry issue In Ihe Nov. ^ general election. NVllher the deputy sheriff nor Dai-dell would commit himself on that subject. Reynolds then said (hm, n all _ v . one on (lie stale's old aRe pension lisl voted dry and McMnth foiuu he cut Dff out about It Hi-1 list. Birtlett (hen asked if Reynolds llni'Klit McMnlh was a dictator. Hey '.olds said McMnlh was a dlc- tatli til Arkansas Just like Stalin Is ill Russia. ncyimids said that flarllctt then grabbed him, threw him against trie wall and threatened to'slu 8 lilm with a. blackjack if he didn't stop that kind of talk. Heynolfls snld the trooper ordered him to leave the court house and not return. Storage Shco'i Planned WASHli GTON, Nov, 2. M'i—Ar- my Engineers have announced that SMI.OOO will be speiil. In construction of storage sheds at the Midwest Chemical Depot, near Pine Bluff Ark. Work will start before, next June 30. , Lost Boy Found NearYellyille Nov. 1. (if i— three-year-old boy, scratched by underbrush bin otherwise unharmed, wa s found late yesterday after having been lost, six hours in a wooded section south of Yellvllle. The child is Vernon Wivkorsham. Jr., whose disappearance I a d brought nut a volunteer se rch s, an- his home and the place where his father was working some 300 yards n way. nimy of saint SO or V) r.ersoi Will) his pet ilos, Vernon \ tiered away from a path bet; Kidnap Hearing Set in Fordyce f'OROYCE, Ark.. Nov. J, lip,— A mother accused a! kidnaping her o«'n daughter will be given a hearing here next Tuesday. She is Mrs. Colleen Sandell Nenl, Ullle Uoclt, who allegedly took six- year-old Linda Sue Sandell from J first grade schoolroom her* two days ago. Charged as an accessory li Mrs. Meal's slster-ln-lan', Mrs. Dorothy Weir, also of Little Rock. She reportedly was with :vTrs. Neal when the chltrt was lakeji'from the fchool- rcom. Deputy Prosecutor Prank Wayn« announced filing of the charges. The women, arrested in Llltle pock yes- tortliij-, are dee under bonds o* $800. How'i Your SpeedomeW To hi- clircl* it's reudinj rlshl, lei »• ". IVc fii-r our day scrrlct on %|>rrilainrlrr rrpilrs for all earm and trucks. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. I-,'. .Main i'lume 21 J2 Dwarf type fnill trees, as » rule produce just as well as their regular sine counterpart*. Good Entertainment Everyday Open Week I);iys fi-^S Shi.'W Starts 7:00 Saturdays & Sundays. 1 :(l Mniiys a Dimh(e feature Thursday & Friday u. INT. '\no.-iAL RITZ THEATRE -Manila, Ark. M-G-M'i ; HOT-AS -THE HEADUNES HIT I i/nsl Times T<xi;iy 'Eyes of Texas' Roy Holers Also News & Shorfs I.asf Times Today "MIGHTY JOE YOUNG TKRRV MOORK BEX JOHNSON Friday & Saturday "North of the Lone Star" Kill Elliott Air Conditioned 'By Refrigeration NEW "Your Communily Ccnlei MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sal. & Sun. 'l'h. 58 Last Times Today My Blue Heaven Betty Krable Ditn Dailey Friday 'Angel and Bad Men" John Wayne. SHOW STARTS 7:00 P.M. THURSDAY & FRIDAY Big Double Feature EXPLODING WITH ACTION! .,»v,.r.r. .,(»»,. • AXTER • GUMORE • KOUMil PROKEN ARROW J~ i. TlCMNlCOU Cartoon Show Slarls 7:11(1 p.m. Y &>Kll')AY J% DonJile Fciilure Program John I'H.i'iie Sonjit Himie Glenn Miller "Sun Valley Serenade" Wallace Beery in "The Bowery" ™J!.GSSL 1 , OF R BABY SITTER BRINti THE KIDDIES Catch the Big Ones Through the Want Ads Ads placed before 9 a.m. wiil appear tame day. All clasiified advertising payable in advance. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS

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