The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 20, 1950
Page 11
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MONDAY/MARCH 20, 1950. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BLYTHEVILLK .(ARK.) COURIER NEWS Our Boarding House with Ma]. Hopple Vou DOMTT tax i- NO WIKfelER OP A CHARM1M6 CWtO COfjTESt em*e«, CUOM .'—BUT SMUT OP/ A BIG- Jf IDEA IS JIST \ CklU' ACROST * MY BRftIN AM* 1 E6AD, JAKE»Trte L1UES OP THE FHELD, TOIL rJOR SPttJ, ARE A6 BWSY AS A Ote-MftU BAJOD COMPARED •£> >fcXJ.' PtAMTED AS A TMSCARDEO STATUE, eixJElHe HOUSE ABANOOHMEUrr.' y SCARE, (TOFF/ DREIFUS Copyright 1950 by Ruptrt Hughe. Dist. by NEA SERVICE, INC. PUT YOUR WATCH . 7/Y A-1 CONDITION Hew*! y*«r watch running tti*i* dey.T It'i no I! W,!l, hav* our txp«rt repairman put It In A-l condition. Prompt, •fficwnt rvnenabU USy CSfBIT DHEIFUS Mt°l Ureifat. ,. Wear Iliannitds IT PAYS YOU To Keep Tom- Shoe> In GOOD REPAIR H-fll_T€RS IQURLITY SHOC SHOI "TJ W. M fl I N S.T. THE .STORYI WeBdell I'BlBier, VfBUBy I'M A»- Bvle* r«»ld*B(. luU |m»« B«B r*- vraltd t« B«Uc«. 'TB« h*4r WBB ' discovered IB kt> ll»r»rr. WBrrr I'nlAier • ppBreBtly BBd W«B • truck OB 1b« BCBB by IB« B«*e «f B ar*k 1rlcphoB«. TBC fc«4r WBB f«B< by AtBlrB. BBBKhtB* *t lk« BinrdereB BUB. «B» BB« fcera drives 1v her komie frBBi B BwiBB- nine pool » 7 * frieBB, NadlM .-Kennfll. AtalrB ttm-jm tmB* ««r fianre. • yoBa* *«Blp1vr BBMC^ .I'Bul Mondy, ... K<> .e !• FalB»er '°r B khowdowB *Ter PBlMCrti vccolBK . eomMliMloB for Mo«4r OB B KlafB* KrOBp pr«poM«4l lOT B new liuildlDe;. Palmer Bad told Azalea that Mnody wan »a fortune hunler" and be vrnnld do every(hints IM bin power to prrveat Moody frum marryl»K Azalea. JameM SllverM, tBe police laveHll- Kntor. haji Juitt tlUirorerrd linr;er- prinlM on tae h3Ke of lar (ele- Dhone whlck wa. vied BB B BiBr- der weapoa. the eight little portraits * y ol the fingerprints on the tel_ phone stood out in clear cut perfection, Detective James Stivers went to the late Wendell Palmer's desk and carried with him many little slips of paper with adhesive gum on the underside. He wrote on them, for the record, code numbers, also the address of the Palmer home, also Stivers' initials, the date, then the object. When . he ,took a photograph he would stretch a written label in front of the camera so tha the label would be photographec with the prints; for he realizes that one day he might have to go to court and convince a jury tha there could be no possibility of mistake,or a substitution. He did not notice that when he left the desk littered with hi. carefully written labels, his helper Pete Kelso took his place in the chair, fingered the labels with stealthy interest, and pocketed a few. When Stivers made a photo- rpph ot a print, he would push is camera close and Rash the lit- le inside bulbs. When he wanted o lift a print, he took from his kit spool of transparent-tape, and ore oil a section long enough to cover it. He pressed one end down tight to the edge of the print , Very cautiously he pressed the tape over the print and rubbed ii with a dull knife blade till he was ure that no tiny air bubble remained. When all precautions were taken, he lifted the tape away and o, the prints had vanished from he object and taken up a perma.- nent home on the lifting tape. Then he fastened the tape itself on an oblonj; of photographic negitive: on which he pasted the appropriate label. It was with such caution that he lifted the two jroups of four finger tips each :hat he found on the base of the :elephone. tie did not photograph :hem first because he planned t take the whole telephone with ilim. On the two groups he pastel labels marked "telephone base, with the address, the date, am his own initials. And he place< these in a little envelope an snapped a rubber band about i then placed the envelope in one o the pockets in his kit case. i • • • CTIVERS turned now with 0 throaty purr of satisfaction an triumph, and said to Kelso: "Isn't this something? Some gu was mean enough^to kill an ol man, and' at the same time too enough to leave his autograph o the weapon! Isn't that beautiful? "Beautiful!" Kelso grunted wit the least possible enthusiasm, an moved away. He kept moving ur til he was outside the house. Th cool air seemed to chill the swe on his clammy forehead. He pause* study the growing crowd ot icctators on the walk and the ngle of cars In the street. While he paused, he was jostled y the inrushes of reporters and ameramen as they arrived and 'ere helped through the mob by ic police, who had learned that was wise lo deal gently with the ewsfolk. Inside the house, the living room r as now an inquisition chamber. The two wearied and distraught iris shared the witness stand, Chilean increasing group of news- apermen and newspaperwomen olleyed questions at them or at Selective Fleming. Now and then aere was the vicious flash of a ight bulb when some photographer held his camera high over- bad or crouched on the floor to et a striking shot of Azalea ] almer who was being subjected o every ordeal of torture. The photographers thanked their uck for giving them two pretty !irls of high social position in a lackgronhd of luxury instead of he usual run of homely people in dingy situations. r OS ANGELES is a city where H the best murders get the best itles. It is the city ol "The Black dahlia," "The Tiger Woman," "The Hammer Girl," "The Rattlesnake Murder," "The Orchid Murder.", And the more imaginative of these chroniclers were already racking their brains for a good catchword. While Nadlne Fenncll angered the reporters, Azalea won them by her candor and the lack of all evasion in her answers. - A knowing woman reporter asked: ."How will this afiect your plans to marry Paul Moody?" Azalea answered with almost childish naivete: "You mean you think he will jilt me now?" The newspaperwoman's smile was almost motherly as she said: "He wouldn't, of course. But your father opposed your marriage, didn't he?" "Yes, but—" again that childlike pitifulness: "But father wouldn't mind now—now that I am all alone, would he? Do you think he would?" (To Be Continued) PAGE El.EVKN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MEKRILL BLOSSEB No Babe Ruths? "i can't promise that I'll never fight again, but I can .-promise that I'll fight Jimmy Murphy again!" A wnots .,. TEAM Of= 'l/\ 80UORSMJS AND .. .E AND SET TO WORK/ r4O DOUBT YOU AL1_ The National Geographic Society says China paid tribute to Tibet for about 1,000 years, until the 18th century. 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Some o* the ' citizens gc tloans horn PURCHASE CORPO- A BETTER For Expert Laundry and Dry Cleaning—Call 4474 NU-WA— KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O. Poetz Oil Co. Phone 2089 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY PRISCTLI.A'S'POP BY AL VERMERH WHEN VDUR POP ASKS . I'M WAITIMG FOR .... SUPPERS! BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LAMB WHAT V' MURDER/ N/ BUT WHAT ABOUT HAPPENED? J SOMEBODY KllltD I CHRISTOPHER? DO 'CHARtlERAIMONDlV VOU SUPPOSE AT THE IOP Of THE SKI \ HE, TOO RUN,TIED HIS BODY TO THESE SKIS, AND SENT n ^«S;Sri^%. ya%1\& ^VAX USED ONE Of MY SKIS <r-V PWR. CLMIB &?? 1 WHE IL2 OU . TlfD "PMg.J4.OM MY •**• =s?^S\ .»»«& \v RAuwwiY'; nnov j*3rx_ ^^ ^SfePSl 1MO WT BU BCTVKE. Btc T. M. MC- u *. PAT. Ofr, CAPTAIN EASY BY LESLIE TURNER SOKRV, «A'M,I_r« SUFFERMU'\COWF0UND WEU.,rGOTAX>B\IDIO«l'T! OW THEIE RAMCHl \HOPED MOT TO NIKIl KOWt> YOU Htftt) BOTHEK SCO WITH FROM ACUTE AMNESIA! CAUT I YOU, ICK_ PIACATEP «R£ Otf WOKAU WITHOUT YOU OVEEDOUI'ir /YOU TO TAKEA UT CLAIMIW ANOTHE* /WTEREST, SUM.. I0«ia BLANK IU VOKE / BUT LDUUNO BUGS BUNNY WHAT A QYP: TWO LITTLB PEANUTS PER A CENT/ PbANUTS TO GET *%* BY V. T. HAM).IN ITOJT.'rCANTCO THAT.' ITS A.GMNST TH RULES OF TH' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN ROO ,<SOt<iS WV\M I ft I N>O L Wt 10

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