Warren Times Mirror from Warren, Pennsylvania on May 19, 1941 · Page 10
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Warren Times Mirror from Warren, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Warren, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, May 19, 1941
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

TEN fr I M E S - M I R R O R , MONDAY, JÍ A Y 19 , 1041 WARREN, P a . OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY.........................................By Williams L n - >1AF l^Af LT n «DTtMtl C’-apt'’r 29 *11 thia ibout Violetta? All, my little secret. On informa- Oiiarrel received. Reconsider it, will ^HAT arc vou a,^king me to .you Lewis" . Nonsense. If we ■ Md.-rr a KPd. ‘ ' ' rsrd der, i;;.c ^ ' get dû'.’" ? was a roivr - p tached a:'.d - j:: “If you d ’a k too nr^uch bo;' e- to. Or Dc” a'-' wouîd- " •'Td^a. M -' thingS £>-0'-;:;- bo^. or. 1i‘;" nee fl' - intcrîioi' tin her 'ob. r '- ■ ‘T s-.npa r of *lv‘U . ■ •■VVr - ' harid> : cor ;ro «<T or*'’ sion 5’-years ' too “S’i " I- . tha: "r - ■ « trou ve : a man like Goldstone, who's as red as a rose, we can CT- O' ■* VO:,- t'a‘ T r Chf'i'kb'r T.^e c? looked at ‘ Lipi sf*t : ; ITCO'or She -ad cou.d eve enous’ ’ ■ snaoprd ‘•A': • e out w'tr a five :er penp^í» • “S'i* •A'-' sor” wi:' '*a-e under g r* throup: • aboij^ ‘ p : "T d:^n t ha^ripf.” ‘•No. ■Ppr.' key men.be *‘Per’*aps “Or r wocld-’t rh barkir?-' V - : you- --ff «TT- -■ wha- a ' He sa Cl- ■ pirr. ’ C- *quarrp. ’ z S -,e ren" ' " St- ’-^■- fi- ;a In / sprii \r, S’c C‘:erK “Prc’ •ic- sw'- pt.' T’ R- ^ : He : ■ silencf' and mniv - g0i:-2 :■ Wit.i ■ ... ; to evo • ' to ■“X >. I ri. ‘•We; ^ piilies y, ’ strr, 2 ' to: ■ V T'. ' ■ 5 ' ' , * ^ h-r aftr an-. R;:‘ * I.p i nrrr t’^.o Dar.p for2'.t'-!- rir • amu' 'T-. as u.nfa'. coi'',Tr- n‘ : tab'-. Q,. •: -nn rr-,-"" .A¡ his -P-'";'^ re.^’ ^ '■''r-.i'rp -'a “a’:d c ?> t , take the risk of wrecking the f that s foundation, . I’l’ go to the mat Lawyer ^he board, personally, if vou -rother ^ ^ No. Her usefulness is not lost. . , Oh. vou can sell them anythir.g. Vou were mistaken— rr* act, .ustice must be main- ta:'cd ru ‘'list vour dramatic S’ iden tor.eue. . . Definitely, '•ep’accd ¡- over vour head like a ira'ned leopard. . . His voice, which had been easy and flippant. ;'ar.:iened. “No. I am not srivlnj? \ -u any •'no-’e reasons. Just « p.avbo>'s ^ backed by con- ‘ro’ of t:'p s'r-.ews of war, old -:eed. . Do I? Thanks, Grand- fat “er wasn’t a bad old wolf, at least ne always meant what he said. I'm iust irke him there. . . Put it through in forty-eiffht .‘-.otir?' De evar, . Call an p<r^rgencv boat’d meetinj?, then. Good-bye.” He clicked back the receiver w i'v g to ‘f>ke and stood up. H:s face and whole •- V s.ay. of ff ’e bearinji had tha* look of brilliant wak^nirg to enjoyment and ex- c rciv''''.t sne remembered seeinj? ! vicp before. Wnen she had risked :*.er iife ro save Robin. And when ■'.e had. for amusement, risked hii, in t‘.:at ’;er’-ib’.e Hawaiian lurf. For f:-e moment he was the Mar’in Dare si e had thought him wr-«n s;:e Hr ♦ «aw him. ■•'.re said. "O'- Martin, I can’t ‘e ’ ’ ou , 0 V st' ateful—” “!*’« the 0 *^ '’r way about. I told you rd kr*o ’, n Violetta sinct I was a kirl. C valonj?.” ' e^ n* downstairf. *0 ¡ecís •• n-.U‘- ' \rs *0 atP d He TT- f '■ er*: a "a ' - r . “I - cou’d Í r D,- ^ : a '-W f <■:.> p- ; .cip> or ? ewAMi MueTMAve ■BALLED YOU, MAJOR; wn >4 TMAT Tip- tmere '6 mo “K ing " TWESBEMTf?IES.' LlSTEM -1*- eis BEETLE, BAMAMA 600P,CAnJ0E CAPTA1S!;0ATS euXTlLER, 6AV WiMDOW, OLD GUS AKlO CUO gust did X I 9EH OLD mear vou aright? eus is so To WY,6URELV.'OLD ^ IT Alhi'T GUS 15 OUR "KiN&"MOi?SEj^ ENOUGH.''' ROBE THE "PULL -^TWAT TURTLE NAMe,VOU<SEEjWOULO\ COULDM'T BE augustu S j E naperor J even run INiTHE GOLDEN DAVSOP^f OOVJN AT VIRGIL AND HORACE: HAR-RUMpH.'i ^ HOW VERY 06VI0U<5/ WHAT WAS THE IDEA IM HAVINie those KIDS CARRY HOME THE GROCERIES ^OR VOU? WC<C-W' / ..'-^ a -pad- S besi.;v‘ 'ipr. - ;'- ‘^d r^^ared an- thav ^■s O’- * art I- Ur­ 's S': ’■ Ì-P.V'. a* C' P‘ \ á 1 à ' / COWt. f »41 ■¥ WtA «gWVlCE, INC. T M REC.'u. S. PAT. OFF." __ )0 TH“>-' *5 BANKROLL GOt'G OM 01-0 fiUS'S MOSE- OH, THAT WAS JUST till I eOT PAST SISTER’S HOUSE WHY, SHE’S R ight OVER TH’ mi mute SHE SEE’S ME WITH GROCERIES.' X DON’T WANT TO GO BACK eOPR. 1941 BY NEA SERVICE. INa T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF. oa : S e *o ' e- Hp i>r\ ■ pr cn?' froT. tl'^e cloak- vVHV MOTHERS GET GRAV " " É‘á ■ 5 - OU; r, ,, , for -er. 'p-!* p"-c: I eip-~ ■ f * ’V- ;-.p e'-i'i- -, ;-¡ardpr '.apDed in - M^r+;r f.i.vod ‘n be viilpd - VVlfP-' I a '"TU’ a. r>cvn - 7 , C'. Q' rool" ara dropped pr .innHbai? into a deep pot-TPt of h:% own. He started the car again, in thp sa-vp direr*ior. “Have we tirr.e to go farther?” she a'ked. “Lots. Yoir-e nothv-;? to do wi‘r. the afternoon. ';ave vou? Let’s make a day of it. I'll buy ■ ou a ticket dov.-n from anywhere -ou like.” Dream Drlre 'THER' waj no good reason * again?* 1‘, It was colder this far up'tate. but spring waa ir the br gi^t sharp air. She’d never get a 0 :ance *o do *hig any more. She drove on birr, in a dream. Tre’.' ‘alkrd a 1' '^ie or v.'ere 5'lent, a'r.oti^ aiy t ;in? or nothing. They :td a^vav- .oe: p^iiv wi^o each ot . 0 -. !♦ .ad ciisnged. “T\'e made good *ime,” Martin said, and turned the car into a ^¡uro -e drh’e between rough-barked ■ ■ - £?a’f'po>ts. Vp hot ween green ■*T, v^e la\\v'.i, where ^now nat'jrie.s stf]] ’ lir.gered. If d.'rk. bu* she Gone up- could see a wide porch, and lights ’inside a stretcli of living-room windows. :■ nf t.i-'-f' “Why. th's isn't an inn—” more “Don't '«’OU know the lodge? Of - ‘‘T .i. i cour.^e. thoug’:, it looks different. . 1 ' .-'>yrd snowed in when we left it.” ■ He bent ard turned his latchkey. ” sn- TP ard drew her mto the long, firelit pv'e-par.rled room she remem- bpred. Shr heard Ike's voice, ■’ sin - <a;i::r:g In NT^-y ir the kitchen, g-*' to it S'.o *:topped, ’'p” r'.e.^ on the big :i a: f-inri: over V'(: f::'ov’ace. Seven Z- >:e ’"-rt-y. :'i’.r»r-? I “1 ‘eiephor.ed M'.”y *o have ¿onip ,^tufF co'^ke^i " :'p is'd. “Come .nd BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Well, Yes! By EDGAR MARTIN I VOO\<‘b ^OK ov .Vo ' e^\Jb \ .a; a‘ •ad Q, FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Wouldn’t You Know It ^ ^ REG- U. s. PAT, OFF. By MERRILL BLOSSER WAV^ YOU FINISHED PRINTING DUCATS VET> MR. DUNLEYP MERE ThEV ape—and , A migmty nice J 0 B;T 00 / ’•Í PO I. : f . ' ■-•rr -, 1 . . , rcc vvi. ,S-iP ' C up tn id akiior* '■ .;it.cr ■ - ' ] r-- ' ■ "C- --er] ’1 ad- : • rr , ' '!.?an' JI^ -'hp ■'cause cf to ra: e Eii^' 0"^" •■I *rai‘\” “Don'* * ;n'^-tai'k w rd f proi'<^' a .■'yn'i-ir in,!? Pjri tv of tinip to settle ■ [nwr r.r-d and have ^onjp- tiv..g t'-' * ' Yriu rem on; ber it stop. I rr.’iî* get a foolish. Here’s the f ‘ou woi‘;'t rakp my ^y T’vo s'ppper-px- r.o I went V and e’e^'en an nnur II a lÍTí ^ t ; u* H O'i t a: t;:r grave.” h- ':r tk) cu^':. Comp ’’’I n:on'ont’s ar- tip:kai;y, hox. Hr- i" beside to talk 'iir iO.-- '! i).j:idc Actio’ )K 'f Jf.- TiOU !’a:’o kj’’ cc V £■’ P! Bu* and y '. n'ot¡:;--r. do. :c n :g: Î now for i^si Delevan. Lew of having to han-'i ’n a " ur. vyi. ^ OU : aari^.' , An-- -r : nuv'':)*/cr v’nvvg - ofpp”. Hv a nun'.bor -'.r- “HeJl'^. L p ^ Oi^ Vi -f w--;v :aa pd ■’ takes Ivr cf vtatior wago’v ild as T^ e seem, ‘he Grandfather u.-.ed to own a rail■ wa”. so h'' .iu:'- stuck ir a curve and a stat''‘>'v'’ Again, W'.^ nv*“ She wr;.'. *vv:p*' s ’- p had warmed ker-'i if, up *o thp room y'le kad ocouivrd bo;'or>. I* had a fire, tiiere v. err fresh towel« and a frc.-kly set-out dressing table, as always, she supposed. She pame down, to f^d Martin, neatly bru.«:hed and ralher quiet, waiting for her by a little table drawn n-sar tkp heart’':. Ike's .Mary, uprigji.t and pleas- ^ ^ cv;! and wiry, came in a; d greeted _ kv_em as .-she set dishes on the V ''able. Ike's Man,’ by thi.« time ■ V a .• an:! v.-.r.uld be pa.st being surpri.^ed at '* --k- jnvl.kng Martin might do, of jcit an -r- .'■•■lurse. k , ■ i’^;a‘iona:. Martin, across from her. did not -\]a:t;n Dane ~eem vcw hui''gry. He was talk- in? n:ore stead’b-'than usual. If i* vv,ri’"‘ fat[ier had I'ot been Martin, she would .-o-.-iUn'iing have .-ikd ne was nervous. The anv job tc odd alivene.':? had not left him. a matcn Finaky ’-¡e cailed ^!a^y im.patient- vant Lewisjly to ciear and push back the v,ad the luck table. He put Eileen on a cuih- his own ioned couch alongside the fire and right or stood by her and said, "And ■■'i.t. Martin now. . , ,” ; The end of sentence was o' - be a drowned by a ‘’mndering knock ■ ’ k ■■■ con- on k-:'' out-kdr nr-or. Before Mary would couid corne baor: from the kitcisen ^ to open i* > as flung open. . .-■iy. by Le-.vis De.pvar Husked and near- ;'r neard, uy hyst'^rxai -vith anger, burst ''(''.’r.g fine, in on t’-.en'. a couple To be roniinued I WOyLDN''r , BE interested / T mere ' s a CIRCUS COWNG mere ON THAT DAVA CIRCUS? OM,MV , gosm / COMfWnON! Bur, MADAM, DANCING MUCH NAOR.E FUN THAN A , ORCÜS/ D on V be S)LU y—AT A CfRCUS YOÜ TAKF VOUR- FUN serriNG DOWH/ ATA DANCE VOU NAVE TO STAND UP AND KEEP h.'\t IÇ 0 PR. 1941 b^Jê^ërvîcê; T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF.| WASH TUBBS Smelling a Rat q"”H£ D;i.CÛVERy 16 ^HOVJW THE CHIEF —- MICROPHONE.'! By ROY CRANt W VRRL.NkS KXCLLSIN E SIG% STUDIO ./- #1. ALLt^X’^stfMjX’s tone 1998 P*eima. Ave., W- '=: arly ad copy means GOOD COMPOSITION AND A RED RYDER ^E>lt “TD rv^VERlCK FûR6üPPü£6 0 V “THE PUCHE.SS, , Red and Little 6 eameR RE-TURn) lb painìTe-O VALLE.Y VvJltH A ^^V5T£RlOU5 CHINE. <oE 3 'JSiNESS fAANi "^RasìC 16 CO Not Very Diplomatic By FRED HARMAN lOOD COMPOSITION AND A T" --------------------------------------- Z ---------- Z ---------CHANCE FOR BEST POSITION I Many Used Cars Are Listed on the Classified Pag 3 Every Day

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