The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 20, 1950
Page 7
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MONDAY, MARCH 20, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Ship Workers Quit to Oppose Leopold Veterans Adminirtr<>tion T ° Close PAGE SEVEN BRUSSELS, Belgium, Match 20.* (;!>)—Dock and shipyard workers at, Belgium's largest port, Antwerp, quit work today to back up the Socialist Jieht against King Leopold's proposed return to Belgium. '•t'ln Brussels, Premier Gaston Eyskens began negotiations seeking a solution to the political crisis'pre- cipitated when his coalition cabinet Jrt Social Christian and Liberals re- •kjned Saturday. New Coalition Possible Political observers believed the premier sought (a form another co- alttlon of his own Social Christians and the previously-allied Liberals Eyskens seeks a new coalition which will call a Joint, session of parliament to vote Leopold's return from exile. But Leopold's chief opponents former Premier Paul-Henri Spaak's Socialists, announced yesterday they would call waves of strikes until Leopold abdicates In favor of his son, 19-year-old Prince Baudouin Socialists criticize Leopold's surrender to the Germans in World War II Strike to Last 21 Hours Like f.trikes In the industrial south and cast of Belgium last Friday, today's work stoppage In Antwerp was to last 24 hours. The Antwerp strike Involved 7,000 dock workers and about 4,000 shipyard worke i-s. The strike wave, spreading Into Brussels,- today closed four large plants and ,-everal small plants in the capital. In Vervicrs, east Belgium, streetcar workers struck. Armeil Clashes Reported Armed clasnes between partisans and opponents of the exiled king were reported from Lcuden and Erps-Que. State police forces stop ped the fights and no casualties were reported. The Liberals brought on the cab- i^feiet's fall when they rcfuscd'to join WhB Social Christians In sponsoring a parliamentary session to invite Leopold back to his throne. The king a week ago won 57.68 per cent of the vote in a country-wide referendum, held to advise parliament of the popular feeling with regard to Leopold's proposed return. Impatience Is Fatal To Stalled Driver SHERMAN, N. Y., March 20. (IF) —Elmer Griswold's patience when his light truck became stuck In a snowbank apparently led to Ills death Saturday. > The body of Grlswold, about G2, of nearby Summeredale, In western New York, was found in the stalled truck along a snow-clogged road by Wilbur Gabriel, Chautauqua County . Bnowplow operator. Gabriel reported that he had offered several hours earlier to pull Grisold out, but that Grisold had replied he would wait In the truck until Gabriel plowed along the road and returned. The ignition of the truck was on _but the engine had stopped run- nlng. Coroner Samuel T-. Bowers is- ex- Education Program in July, 1951 "BRIDAL" PATH—The marriage of Holly Johnson and Evan Coward at St. Lawrence church, Upminster. Essex, England, got oil to a fast pace. Coward is seen leading his bride mounted on her favorite horse, "Iron Duke," after the wedding. The couple met at a riding school, where both are pupils. Hollywood Continued from Page 8 hears about this." There were even cries for "Bugs Bunny," although I am not aware or Bugs' fire-fighting abilities. I polished ofr the dessert In two gulps, wiped my chin and made a hasty but unbowed retreat to the lobby Just as Shelley winters^ Lord love her, took over the screen. Owner Is Perturbed Cedar, the owner, was there waiting for me but he was no longer beaming. For a minute I thought he had lost his popcorn franchise. Cedar was brave enough to let me realize my burning amir/ion in his theater, but 'lie had not counted on some of his customers not getting the joke. He told me about the refunds to eight customers, assured me he had the.v'bi'strlastinff." popcorn in town and even invited ms bick •WITHOUT DINNER." He was very emphatic about the latter point and I don't blame him. IT have to admit things got raters tense there during the squab course ISut I dirt it unit I'm happy. I upset a. theater by eating dinner at my center section, two of the ailse seat. Now popcorn munchers know how they upset me. I*m sorry I couldn't wait to see the movie. • * • Press agents are the only onei throwing (lie bull in Hollywood a (he moment. Cominjr up arc fou null-fighting pictures—"The Bravi Bulls," "Montcz, the Matador, 1 "Torero" and "Toreador." Bob Taylor and Barbara Stan wyck have leased an apartment in Rome next door to the villa occu pied by I. Bergman while sin awaited the stork. Bob will b working in "Quo Vadis" and Bar bara will vacation there for month this summer. (ids Hide in Toy Store for Movies PITTSBURGH, March 20. (j The two kids just wanted' to n cowboy movies but — sued a certificate of accidental deatl by carbon monoxide asphyxiation. PLANS SAFARI — Mrs. Belle Lcighty, 73-year-old mother o( Mrs. Osn Johnson, famed explorer, checks her stioolin' irons ? l her home in Chanule, Kas., J" Preparation for a game-hunting trip to South Africa next summer. M rs . Lcighty will meet ner daughter in Africa In June, »nti spend several months ploring Uio jungles. BILL GODWIN SPORTING GOODS Now in Stock: Baseball Uniforms LIVE BAIT All Types of Athletic Equipment "the Only Exclusive Sporting Goods Store In Mississippi County" Phone G7G2 421 W. Main be They had no costumes. So Donald Perry, 10, and his ine-year-old sister, Caroline, hid l a department store "toyland." 'olice found them under a counter. The kids said they planned to xwrow some bowboy suite and go o Hollywood. Explained Caroline: "We were oing to be in .four movies with toy Rogers and Gene Autrey and tocky Lane. Then were coming lome and pay the store." " : By Rowland Kvaiu Jr. (For Clarke Beach WASHINGTON — The Veterans Administration (VA) has warned veterans that the gate to education and training under the OI Bill will he locked July 25, 1951. All Inside the program by that date can stay there until their entitlement runs out or until their "course" ends or until July 25. 1956, whichever comes first. Most others will stay outside. One reason for this move undoubtedly was the howl brought on last fall when the VA put out a pre-datcd regulation, known as l-A. although Its bad timing was not the only reason. (The strongest objection to Is what that it compelled all veterans wanting to change a course was "essential" to employment.) The VA Is taking no chances on the possibility of any veteran's misinterpreting the significance of the July 25. 1951, deadline. In a long report sent to Congress Jan. 25 the VA took six closely-typewritten pages to present its interpretation of the cut-off date; It recognises that the GI Bill could be interpreter several ways with regard to that date. The language In the law goes UiL 1 ! way: ". . . That such course shal he Initiated not later than foui years after either the dale of (a veteran's) discharge or after the termination of the present war whichever is later." The "tormina lion of the war" for this purpose 1- July 25, 1947, so there Is no prob lem there. Pour years later Is July 25, 1951. (Almost all veterans v.-cn discharged before July 25. 1947.) But what, the VA wondered, dii Congress mean by "initiate course"? It decided it meant tha a veteran would have to be In o working on an education or trainin course by that date (unless he is i a "normal" vacation period, or I sick, etc.) Getting' a certificate o eligibility with the Intention of en tering a course would not do: Suppose a veteran is taking a col Icge course today. He gets his de gree next June and goes to worl He works for a little more than year and then decides he needs course In accounting. So in Augus lf>51, he goes to the VA and asks fo a supplemental certificate of cllg bijity to enter an accounting cotlrs He thinks that since he "Initial ed" a course of study (his colic course) long before the July ? 1951, deadline he certainly has con piled with the law anrt can rcen ter training after that date. But h can't. The new regulation forbi rogress and it's not his own fault, The course to which lie wants to langc fits his aptitudes and prcv- ius education. 3. The new course ould be a "normal progression" nd would allow him to achieve his ducalional or training objective. Swallows Return on' Time To Mission of Capistrano SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif.. March 20. l/i')—The swallows came back to mi.'.sloii San Juan Capls- Irano traditionally on limn yestoi-- clay. St. Joseph's Day. Legend says they depart on St. John's Day, Oct. 23, lor their winter migration. 'he Fruit of His Crime CHICAGO (AP)—A gunman who eld up Joe Kocibenskl's market lade off with $100 In cash and two ig red apples. Hearing Device Has No Receiver Button In Ear Chicago, III. — Deafened people arc ailing a hew hearing device that ivcs them clear hearing without iiaking them , wear n receiver Hilton in the ear. They now enjoy ongs, sermons, friendly companion- hip and business success with no clf-consclons feeling lhat people re looking at any button hanging Hi their ear. With Ihc new almost nvlsiblc Pliantomold and Bcllone •ou may free yourself not only from deafness, but from even the appear- ncc of deafness. The makers of ieltone, Depl. 40,, H50 W. I9lh St., Chicago 8, 1)1., arc so proud of their chfevement they \v.ill gladly send •ou their free brochure (In plah vrapper) and explain how you can est tills amazing device in the privacy of your own home without risk- ug a penny. Write Bcltoiic today. RADIO REPAIR AM Work Guaranteed by Bonding Company Piano Tuning Expertly Done With The Electronic Strohoconn Everything in Music BROOKS MUSIC !07 E. Main STORE Tel. 811 GOT A SMALL KITCHEN? GET COOLERATOR'S NEW It's the ideal electric rang* for email kitchen*. Only 20 inchsa wide, Coolerator'« new Spae*Saver Range give* you thm fast, 7-Heat Surface UniU . King-Size Oven big enough for the Urgent turkey . . . Infrm Red B roiler wit h unokelex pu adjustable for low or high- speed broiling ... and a Kara of other convenience* at thi* amazingly low price. Sea it at our store today 1 Captive Boa Constrictor ives Birth to 30 Young TAMPA, Fla., March 20. CAP) — An eight-foot boa constrictor gave birth to 30 wriggling snakes at a pet shop last night to the amazement of monkeys inside and spectators outside the store. The mother had Just arrived the day before from South America for delivery to a snake collector. The proprietor, James M. Coker, said it was the first time he had heard of a boa constrictor having young in captivity. Tiie store was closed at the time, but startled passers-by told police of the blessed event. Coker was called from church to Uike over. He found the 18-inch youngsters crawling all over his shop and that two excited monkeys had turned over their cage. That's not all. Once a "course" of study or other training ends after the July 25, 1951, deadline, a veteran will have a very hard time getting Into another, even though he can show he was studying or training as the deadline passed by. The regulation says _ clearly: A veteran may change his course (after the deadline) only while in training and only for these "satisfactory reasons": 1. He is not making satisfactory 10x38 4-Ply First Line Tires Fruit jar rings may be fastened to the under side of small rugs to prevent slipping. Concrete Culvert Tile Siicj up to 36 In. Corrugated Metal Culverts Slie» up to M In. Automatic Flood Gale* Concrete Septic Tonks Metal Septic Tanks Server Tile B«: Prices We Dtllret A. H.WEBB ;. fit at Slate UM Phone 714 From where I sit ...fy Joe Marsh History Does Repeat Itself! «|, T ™ 75 "' """wary edition of book.-!™'' " gl> '" g t0 "* " historr round with * special covert nice we began running items from :, " lcs "ndcr -5fl Years Ago," '"its have been asking for the whole story o f Our Town. There will b s sped,,, f eaturcs <„, our Duress flrms <"><! loadingciti- • 3 past and present. Interest™S things that have happened ound these parts ever since the lown w. 1s founded—and how our «itizcr, 3 first got together to establish law anrl order. ' rom whcr « I sit, theie first cili- zens are like our present-day lav- em owners and Hrewers. They, loo, have gotten together in the old tradition. Tavern owners cooperate with the Brewers* Self-Regulation program—so that taverns are clean and pleasant and operated with respect for all. . Incidentally, how would you like your hometown paper to get out a special history from the old files, like I did? Let your own editor hear about it! WVISWM, uNinn STATES IREWWS m IWMM MM* HIM ,80^ m^ — Dial 6821 for Service— Ark-Mo Power Co. While Last Excise ft Sales Tax Included 'ree Delivery in Farmers Tracfor & Truck Co. M;ini!a, Ark. Phone 91 Automatic Tit > Control and Lamp OfrflOMf «• OB Actm»y MOORE'S FURNITURE DAN BUSH, Mgr. 306 E. Main Phon« 2669 828 Remember that number for ELECTRICAL SERVICE Whether jou need contract work, wirlnr or appllane* repair... COY GOOUSON can do the job r«thU BLAN HEATH CO. at our furnace." AMAZING ELECTRICAL CEILING PANELS Throw your old irle.ifi alioul healing out Die window! Today's finest heat radiates from invisible prinela in Ihc ceiling! Warm, healthy ' radiant rays licnlyou and your fa mily on Ihc snmc principle as the sun. USKON gives you what is far ami away the most superb, nuisance- free healing ever perfected. USKON is silent, invisible, nnd takes up no room whatever. It is revolutionizing homo heating in America. It is truly the heat for those who want tho best. . . nmi . . . IT'S THE LOWEST COST EMiCTIlIGAL HEAT IN THIS AHEA. USKON IS HEALTHIER- H gives uniform warmth from head to foot ... kocps floors toasty warm . . . provides natural humidity . . . eliminates drafts - . . nnd assures fresher air- Uskon eliminates harmful Brime and gases. No need to overdress in your home, which means more comfort. No circulation of dust, germs, pollen—Uskon i« healthier heat. USKON IS SAFE AND TROUBLE-FREE-Now you have hent at n flip of« switch with USKON. With USKON you have individual room conIroi...have heat where you want it, when yon want it. It is snfu... so safe it is approved by Underwriters' laboratories, inc. USKON MAKES YOUR HOUSE MORE BEAUTIFUL- Architects nnd interior decorators enjoy the freedom of movement which L*Bkon allows them. It can be installed an a complete heating system in nny houso, new or old, fits into any room dcaign. Once installed the panels * It's in the ceiling!" warm you from above like the sun A PRODUCT OF UNITED STATES RUBBER COMPANY SERVING THROUGH SCIlHCf ore invisible, nnd you can finish right over them! Uakon eliminate! radiators, pipes, furnacen, fuel storage, hnulage of ashen, maintcnanc* servicing, replacement of parts nnd the other nuisances connected with conventional healing systems. You don't even need a cellar with Uikoo! IF YOU'RE BUILDING—Uskon is quickly, easily installed as a complet* heating system. Your local electrical contractor can install Uikon in just a few days. Uskon panels nro similar in appearance «nd •>» t» standard building panels, W thick—installed as part of your oeilinf. USKON IS *LSO IDEAL FOR HARD-TO-HEAT ROOMS—If you hav» rooms in your present house thnt your healing system doe* not ndcqualely heal, install USKON in these rooms. Also excellent for additions to the house. USKON IS BETTINO A WONDERFUL RECEPTION —Week after w«k more and moro home planners aro specifying this amazing true radiant heating system. Uskon is entering its fourth successful winter ia homes from coast to coast. * * * i Uskon con be installed in any homt, office or »tor», n«w or oM; Al no obligation lo you, Graybar Eleclflc Company will give full facfi and cost flguret covering th« intlallation of LUkon In your horn* or place of businesi. For {ull information writ* Graybar Electric Company <, 484 South Front Street Memphis 3, Term. i)

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