The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 13, 1931
Page 2
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BL\"thKVlLLB. 'fAHX.r OOHRTBR Society Calendar • i: ._'_ Monday The ,,-WomaiVs' vuiuicil of the ?iibiL. Ghi-i3uun cnuivn is mccclmti ^iiii''4ir{>. t,. M. ii?i'iy at :;:au O'clock, , _ .;,.;__ 'ucijjs of the Woman's MLssLUa- ary. society 'oi the rutst Mvnijuuc l'cir U:U 1UUVU Wlln: 1, Ailia. ij "Marlui; 1;, MIS. L.-. Vf..i\amey, ,>, .Mrs*. Wyaii- Homey; i, ut tu- u'rf lor u luncneon \\ila Jm"s. A u. SvaVu ciiLiiiiu;ui ui in,: iiiTangi:- ik-nis.) 'i »>; "Woman's Auxiliary; ol ' tno ist rrt^iuyuTMii ciiuiui U'-mfcvi- jnr utMr.c cmneii ;iv d o'clock nu" WollluMS UlU-ilUJKtiy SUCjL'lJ ol ins.-: mini- oircci, MiiiuAiuir rcii .is. uiucihiti. at (he ciiiucn. •'"" "' '-• _ 'ilia, Muplc u.i u ic cemetery us nillim Wll hICi:t W1U1 •. Mrs, : iuny 'inuin.tton ai-J o'clock. 1 ' . • iieluci.iumii 'L-na.itcr Wai"- have its imai meeting- ui -me < 'year at uie liuu'i noiML, 10 w loujivcu \iiui uic president's luncheon; ' irs.| KOas bim-ns ana mis. K. D. n-rgUSUU : bl'l! cnlClTiimlll..; tile iuiKiay i(uok 'crau. • - ' Mrs.J Ix-on annul Is. having the iiiiauiy kn-tittecc • duo. ! ' .-jrs.lrianuy r.iorni is cutcrUiln- in.; uit new 'iu.:suay tinugc ciuu. Carroi liiiLtuuore is entertaining me ; Maiiuse . brioae ciuo. t ,'iuuniuay Mrs.; M. O. usrey is hostess lo the Niia-wecu junute cluu. iiu * Thui'suay \viui jjis. tyeruvj CHID is meeting is. Gee. Miss 'Hilda Holland ,\Veds Howard JJaldwell,- Miss; Hilda Holland, daughter of Juoye J aim lurs. Vivian uarnei' iniid, mid Mrs. liowanl. ijiicltua, iuwei/, > oly-Uoi'i' springs,--- were luai ncu., iojuiy_ at, the. iiouic. of. uie 01 iw.''s=_gitrtliUi?-¥.4™!' : :. iti i': ; Piiulv y. none, Cifcioi- of me lirsi nuiiiuu- 01 oiujviii-y sa'ti'h'.'fiCut, in princess lines, ^Us iiana tuckfu wuii a ital nice yitc'e ni;a. iicruiu (Silcci.-^ine ileevts r'A^ftu • eiiiyrui'dercu ;ea Vn"d-''ti -' r siidrV 'train tuuchCttVjme noor. Her intcd cap L-I impbftcu net was caugnt wiin u cuds- bi orange- uiossoms..across tnu iro'ui. Wiute KnanafW^es aim valley lilies, caugnt viiui ctm- iu:i s^jpumcis, loiiiieii her, uou- :t.' iler iatuer Bave.oef-in_mir.- ':r. gent Kirby, of Littt Rock, served ".lit. (Jatawell as best man. Far ^maid , of honor tne bride chose J»r sister/Miss'Viv.lah.Hoi- land, uatj for matroii'of' honor her stepmo_ftier. Both wore green organdie (frocks, fashioned, in u colv the Sports SATURDAY, ,1U\ T R 13, 1031 FIKST MKKTHOHIST CliUHCH Main anil Seventh Streets 1'. <). Horle, Worship ami Sermon, 11 A. M and 8 P. M. ".The Fourth Dimension", discovered by ihc Apostle Paul, !>ub- ccl of the morning strnipn- IJ unable to be present, lune in on KLCN. VThc Great Promises ol the Bible", subject ut evening service. Sunday school, 9M A. M. Juniur, Hy and Senior Leagues at 7 p. M. Mrs. C'ochran has charge or :thc young iwople's dcjiartmcnl of the chinch. Best InU-rcsli shown .asl Sundity, that Leaguers Jiave knpwn. Day of Prayer and Fasting, Wednesday 17th, The church will be optn all day, come In ami pray at | any time. Social services, 10 A.,M. to 11 A. M. Young people's *ryice. All the young people of Illc chni'cli lire nrytd aim expected to attend. 12 noon to 1 p. M. men's service, let every ninn ami boy In the church attend thi ~ WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LKSSON The RcsuiTCClion and the Ascension The Interiwtloiial Uniform Sunday Stliuol U-ssou for June 14. Tlis K*siirrci-t)on and Hie Ascension. :25-M, Vj, SI. BV WM. E. GILHOV, I). 1>. Edllur of The CoiiKretaiionalibl Tlie text of our lesson is from the beautiful story or Hie walK lo Eniimms, and the whole story, of course, must read to yet vice. From, 3 P. is ser- to -1 p. M. sci-vicu, at 7:30 P. M. a great service with all the niem- b*rs of the church- An old fashioned, love least and experience meeting, followed with ihe Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. Choir rehearsal Immediately following this service. t t ' J-V ,'CA" 1A-W" NKA SITV!;: >V:l»rr i if ywi nre rtoiw up hron'i'. wllli the adenuatc ninomit of vhlle (o your, mnfit, you're hound IP be In slyle" this minute. The vogue for this color combination is one of the summer's outstanding developments. You can hnve the "white outllt with brown accessories,''or/for more practical usage you can have nil kinds of brown costumes, with while touches. ^Probably tlig most valuable tnlng y'b'ii could' 1 h'sve In your 'daytime little- knit suits, In some exclusive cut' cr other that you don't see duplicated everywhere. • Fur Sports or Motoring If It is a picnic you have in mind, with some one with whom you want to make just, the right impression, this lypu of outfit Is most suitable.' It has Ms own nonchalance. H Is vastly becoming. One such costume, a sports suit that would be equally good on the golf links, or for a loiiu motor or airplane trip, Is ol brown knitted wool, sheer and soil, and not too .wardrobe-.would be one ot tltc soli warm^wsde with llarlng sleeves to .ipuch darker,. Its belted Jacket and a gored'flare to Its skirt. There Is a « p !i\c knitted blouse with fine purling to make a round yoke, and a flaring iieplum and little bows of brown, and white add just the right decorative note. . There Is a turban of self-material braided to make a facing for it. And some of the new oxfords in white and brown arc Just the thing to' wear wlfli It. For hosiery, the riew open lace mesh in lisle or silk ore excellent. And tor the brown and white outfits, the stockings 'are FIRST CilltlSTIAN CHUKCIl E. K. LatLmer, .Mlnl^ttr Church school, 0:45* a. m. Morning worship and commun- on, 11 a. m. Christian Endeavor societies 7 p. m. Evening church, 8 o'clock. ^Mostly;Personal UMrs. 'Cf."/0;-:(.iauskc has returned i'rom aii,'i.npiils.wntii;. si« attendeil u' nouse paicy g'iVt.-n by nir^. &. u. uauscy, also attended by Mes- cuuuirs licit Wall, £mny Mciscr, J. either hearts" or spades. North ^in- '' Secretary i\imrirah .l!ridt<; AThe supre'riie-.thrill In cpntract bridge Is the bidding anil Waking of a grand slam. Using the writer's system of contract bidding, the .Uy'itoartt.miii ivrrf/ nouse, unoij Grand slain.jvas-easlly arrived at in i-ir'aBuuid;\ 'iney spt'iu one""lilght the/followihi' hand. ..... .. onial Pour,iluridesmaids .. formed uciore going • to ,*icmpnis wiiere tnoy aiso viiiteu Mrs. jonn li'.- Tftnsli. Mrs. uauscy accoin- Mrs. uanskc hoLiic lor u snort stay bctore BOlUB to Para- j tjouta. ,Mrs.' Max B. Iteid and Mrs. W. C. iiigginson havu soue to Corinth, MISS., lor a week's visit. Jfle i£ Whuourn, of Paniyould, spent,, ycstcraay with *ii~. umt -Mrs. liiioy. He is Mrs. Kiruy's alsic f*r other, members of. the wcddinjQ party/ -The? 'Vere Miss" Moon, JtT pink. Miss Prances Holland, sifcicr of the bride, hi blue, Mrs. Sam Mariatt'- Ui lavcndar and Miss fifary Cummings in yellow. Their .frocks were also replicas | of colonial days. J Miss^athryn Grear, pianUt, nnrt I Miss Gladys Barhani, violinist, played »•-•" Ah,.. .Sweet Mystery .01 Life" jhite 'the' 'guests' assembled, Lohengrin's wedding march, l\er- | aiding ithc bridal party, and "To a | Wild Rose" as the. marriage vows j were ^exchanged. Mendelsohn's wedding!; march was used for the | recessional. ". . The Jfeiers .were Misses Maurlne I Branson^ Marian Coolcy aiid Mary | Grace Hill. Mr. fcaitSwell and Ms ' bride left immediately after the ceremony for Hot Springs where" they arc to | make their home. The Ijride attended the Xlnivcrs- 1 Hy of 'Arkansas where she became a mcnrfjef of'tlo Phi Mil sorrorily. I She W&s: selected as'one .oT'the : beauty Vnominccs for the univcrs- I ity's an'riiial '.'contest. She was a membct,"0f the Yarbro. school -fac- | ulty .tliis-ycar. Slw wfis a member of the Yar| tro sch^)J faculty this year. The aridc groom, who 'is, the son of Mr. ijrl Mrs. S. S: Cald'wcll of Dicrks.^ftk., 'Is a graduate of the slate university where-, he -was se| tecled «f?ors'"ot the 20 most outstanding^ students in his senior I year. He-is a member of the Lam| bda CM ; Alprk fraternity. Out oj'towrv guests who attend- I cd thciweddtng were: D .R. Holland, MrJ. and Mrs, G. M. Rogers a=i ssoi Nelson, of Newbern Tenn., "Mis-s . Eunice Arnaiid ol Monelt&'/Mo., Mr. Joe Walker of Nowporj., snd-' Mr.-' Kent piouier. Mr. and Mrs. R. H.'Ecnuott Ir.ivu gone to Mcinplils lor the weekend. MIS. 13. A. Lyncn, wno iL-ccnuy uiTWcnc, a major oiicration at tnc lucmpms Meinodlst nospitul, is improving daily. Mis. Kimiscy Duncan had as her euvsis ycslernay Mr. anil Mrs. «-iiilcr bicwan, ol Mcmpms. Mrs. 1*0-9. I-8-2 - lfQ-J-5. !• 4-3 o Vs-» T 49-8 ; \VA-K-2 NORTH SOUTH 4J-10- • 6-5-3' V 10-9-6 +10-7 ActvriUw* Fla*W rtr' : Childrei v «l €onfrt«racy The Bfiott Fletcher chapter o I tha United Daughters of the Con- sponsor Uic Children of Confederacy group this year, as I usual. Mrs. t charge iS I jneiicc -SR September. O. Barnes will be in the activities to com- biewart and Mrs. Liuncun were .iniioort friends. Dr. and Mis. 1'aul L. 'Upton and ycslcroay in Alem)his. - • "• H. Morris King returned to his lotuc in Pace, Viss,, loclay alter pending ten days with his par- •nts, Mr. and Mrs. Kobcrt E. Lee tins. '• . Miss Lady Ruth Roric is visiting n Helena -lor a week after having iltcndcd the Epworth League conference at Searcy last week. The Itcv. Marsh -M. Callaway, vho Is spending a week at Camp Petit Jean, near Morrillou, Ark., will arrive home tonight lo \>crform .lie wedding ceremony of Miss Vivian Dlllahiinty and Mr. Adam Jlur- m'on Taylor. He will return there iomorrow where he Is a member of the faculty for the annual conference ot young people In Presbyterian churches of Arkansas. Mr. and Mrs. Hoy A. Dean and daughter, June Elaine, of Monroe, La., .who arc guests of Mr. Mis. Samuel p. Jforris. went to Scnatob'.a, Miss., today for the week-end. They will return Monday. .NIrs. Ollic Marlcr U a patient al the Memphis Baptist hospital. Mrs. M. Sllvcrslcin, of St. Louis, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Roscnthal. She is Mis. Roscn- Ihal's mother. Misses Doris Crowder and Magdalene McKinnon, of Annojrel, went to. Little Rock today for several days stay. C. E. Atkiiison, E. C. Paltoh and son,. Henry Clay, tpent ycstcrday in Memphis. W. S. Langdon and Walker H. Baker have returned from points of Texas where thoy visited for a week. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Klrby will leave tomorrow for El Ppso, Texas, ';' V8-7 4K-Q-9-2 • • V fi C 't 2?l-4' The nidilinc II must be remembered that tin writer bids four-card suits befoiv his five-card suits, therefore South, .the- de.iler, o.>ciicd the bidding with one diamond. West As North knows that bis lartncr will not o|wn without two stud one-half quick tricks, he can cosily read that South must, hold the king and queen of diamonds ind the ace of clubs. The ques- . ^ vites. -a slain by lilddlng.- four ' trump. ; bourh then shows his tive- cara suit by bidding five clubs. The bidaing of five clubs by South practically assures Norti that Souuv:orlghiaUy" held. four- dla"- moniLv wnicn 'must 'Have been headed by ut least .king,- queen in order to bu biddable, and live. clubs. ' Un-. doubtedly the duo suit Is -lieaued b> ucc, king in order to establish Elio two and one-half quick tricks for an original bid. North can easily see 13 tricks, and immediately bids seven no trump. The I'lay. There is not mucn to the plaj ol the hand. East has the opening lead of spades— his fourth best spade. When West covers withithe (I'ucen, the declarer wins with tr.e ncc and then starts his chib suit by leading the queen and following with the jack and then overtaking the four spot in the dmmnj with, the ace. On Hie fifth club, the declarer discards his losing deuce of hearts. The king and queen o diamonds in the dummy are good and this leaves Hie nee and Jack of diamonds, the ace and king " ol hearts anil ths king ol spniles good in the declarer's h^ml. As neither side were vulnerable when this hand was played, the de- FIRST 1'RESBVTEKIAN CHURCH Marsh ai, Callaway, Minister Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. Ray Worlhington, superintendent. Visitors In the city are especially invited. Homing worship 11 a. in. Sermoi by pastor. Special .music. Christian Jb'ndcavor socfely, 7 p.m. There will be no evening worship. C.'V'iiwas glad 'when 1 . they said :Lct us go Into the house of the Lord. 1 "•!.-/; CII URCH OF GOD :V", 110 ;Cberry St. "i'.r-v W. A. Foster, Pastor There will be church services cv- ery-..second and;, fourth " Saturday night mid Sunday morning and evening. The morning services aie at 11 o'cloc^ : and Ihe evening at 7;45-o'clock.' : Prayer meeting, 7:45 p.m. Sunday school, 9:30 a.m. Hirian Rylce, supt. clarer scored 1000 for a slim bid and made 2-15 for tricks and his lion is whether he holds the king I side became vulnerable. propcr setting for the portion sp- ciahy lie.slgnatcd as the lesson. The story is, one that has very special significance In many respects aiXirt from its spccihc teaching. U has an Important bearing upon the question In many minds. Did Jesus really rise troin the dead? Or have wj in our icc- ords of the Hesurrection, as some apparently believed even at an ear- in the history 01 Hie emjvn "cunningly devised inblcs"? Here LS the story of two dis;i;ilc.s making the. long journey ii maus, dejected and manifestly sad at heart as they talk auout nu Crucilixlon of the man wnum they had followed, and whom thuy trusted as the one who was lu redeem Israel. Walking auu in this dejected way they are pined by a stranger who introuuces himself to them by remarking upon heir sadness and asking Ms occa- ton. They marveled that lie has lot heard of the tragic thing* mat 'iave been gomg on in Jerusalem ,1'roptKcy Fulfilled Whereupon he begins to open up to them their own Scriptures ind to show them that it was iit- ling that the Messiah should suffer, and that, all ttiat happened was in the fulfilment of what their prophets had said. .Marvelir.a his exposition, they came to '.lie end of the journey and invited tin stranger to come In and cat will: them. As he look the bread anil water and blessed it their eyes were opened and they knew him as tl:di- Hisen Lord. It Is a strange and remarkable slory, about which we might ask many questions ami concerning which there are many implications. Why did the disciples nut Know iliis stranger? How did Uiey come to recognize'.him'^so' fully" before he left them? In what way did his appearance differ from ihe earthly mCFUM I.UTHKTi.VN II. J. Klcindicnst, Sunday school and Bible D:l. r > a. m. class Divine worship, lo a . m . Sermon topic: "Why Dn We Believe?" Ail are cordially invited to services field at the St. Stephen Episcopal church. Mmiday LAKE .STREET .ilETHOUIST CHURCH W. JT. I.cHny, Pastor Sunday school, 0:45 a. m. - Church, 10:50 a. in. Pastor's message: 'The Two Fundamentals Certainty and Right." Everett McDowell and seven violin pupils wil present special music. Epworth League, 0.45 p. m. Evening church. 7:45 o'clock Sermon subject: "Is God a Friendly God In This World?" where they will spend several months because of Mi. Kirby's ill health. Mis. Ethel Clark, of Memphis. Is the guest of her oistcr, Mrs. li. C. Pailon, mid family. Mrs. Tom P. Jones anil Mrs. Lewis Phillip's arc In Lltllc Rock for several days visit. Mr. ami Mrs. E. C. Patton spent Thursday in Memphis.' She Personified Maid of Orleans Huffman News She .fin be. assisted by Mrs. K. ' . j R. Bogia', historian, and officers *f; the U. D. C. * * * other Miss Boone, o! Memphis | and Mr^fJohn W. Uzzcllc, of Pc- cm ' • mar Pecan Point where they will icsiilc at the Uzzcllc plantation. The bride has been for several year night superintendent of nurses at the Baptist hospital. Mr. Ui- zclle, the son of Mr and Mrs. John Uf2iUe,of .Memphis and Pecan "t,'t. manages Vine plantation . of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Drown ot Memphis and M.-j.. A. P. Bowlrts of Tyler,- Mo., wcvo guests of Mrs. B. II. Tfr'illiamsxi Monday. M!*fes| tjtirt T.I.;> Sybil Bracken of BlytricvP'r were quests of M[ss Minnie V. Klssi.-;! Moi'day. W. P. Oxfo (1 left Monday for B.iiccton, Tc:ni. v. nen> he •«'.: jr.:n Mr. and Mrs. J..W..Robinson v.Hh whom h« makes Ills home. Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Richardson and children of Denver, Colo.. Mr. Richard Richardson of Nashville. Tcmv, Messrs. W.' S. and Woolslc Miller and Mrs. Roy Shawl of \Va- verly, Tcnn., visited .relatives here this week. . Mrs. L. p. Moore and daughters motored to points In Missouri Sunday for a visit with friends. Mrs. R. II. Greene and sons visited relatives, at Cooler, Mo.. Wednesday. Mesdames Smith, Brackin and L. P.. Moore "and MUscs Lora Mae and xiiic Copeland motored to B'.y- thcvillo Wednesday evening. Miss Joyce Yvonne Sayre, \v:-.o has been ill, is Improving. tel in'. Chicago. They will remain which he and his father arc, own' i»l. t (U3 before. gotag : to ' ' '' SAUGUS. Mass., tUP)—Roland L. Mansfield 'resigned as police chief when the selectmen announced that. In, addition to.' Ills'duties as chief he would have to drive the police ambulance. ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHUttCII South Lilly Strctt Sunday school. 9:45 a. m. N. W Ticmthain, superintendent. There were 158 present last Sunday for n Koal of 200. Morning worship. 11 o'clock. Christ Ambassadors, 2:30 p. in. Evening praire and sermon, £ o'clock. The Rev. and Mrs. Stanley I McPherson will broadcast ove KLCN Tuesday morning from 11:30 lo 11:45 o'clock. They arc conducting the evangelistic niccthiR. The public is cordially invited. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Corner Walnut ami Eighth Sts. Alfred S. Harwell, Vaster Sunday school at 0:45 n. m U. W. Mulltns, snpt. Sermon by the pastor at 11 a. m. and 8 p.m. Morning subject: "Faith, the Answer lo the Winning Life." Evening subject: "The Man Who •vlkht Have Been." n.Y.P.u.'s meet at 6:45 p.m. Mi.-s Luna Wilhehn. director. Prayer service and baptismal service Wednesday at 8 p. in. Ut everyone who Is behind with the!:- church pledge bring It in Sun- dav. We must pay our interest on bonds July 1st. Text: Luke 24:23-40, 50, 51 Then he snid unto them, O fools, and slow of heart to bilieve all that the prophets have spoken. Onaht not Christ to have suffered these things, and to enter into his giory? And LeginniiiB at Moses and all Jhc prophets, 1:2 exp-J'jr.ded unto them in all the scriptures th'j ihinys to::cci"ninj himself. And they drew niv;h unto the village, \ they v.enL: and he made as though he would have gui:e further. But, they constrained him, saying, Abi'Jo v.'ith us: ior it is toward evening, and the day is far si,viu. And he woni in lu lurry with tiiem. And it came to pass, as he sat at meat with them, hi- IUU-L bread, and blessed it, and brake, a'.id gave to them- And their eyes were opened, ai:d they knew him;. and he vanished out of their sight. And they said one lo another, L!id not our heart b'.:;'n v.ithin . Master .whom • they had knownv I us, -while he' talked 'with us by the way, and while he Most assuredly there was some ' us the scriptures? Marked difference or they would I Anfl 0 , ey rose up the £smo i lour _ and relumed to have recognized him at once. Hut in the midst of all our questioning we must be deeply Impressed with the simple directness of the story The manner 'of its narration suggests it sauthentic quality, and tile beauty of its spiritual message links it with the highest- truth. <.-We arc not called upon to explain this" remarkable appearance , ol the Hisen Lord to-the disciples j If-we coukl explain that appearance, there would be nothing miraculous or remarkabb about it It is diflicult, however, for one to read this narrative without feeling tile reality of the experience, one realizes that such a story cs this tends to take on additional details as it is handed down by tradition before being recorded. But, the simple directness of the story is strik- im/. We might csaily grasp the fact of the spiritual appearance of Jesus, but it is not so easy to grasp the idea ol his bodily form and of the spiritual presence being capable of receiving food. Disciples' Faith Revived Perhaps it should 1> = said unite frankly, thai all such speculations and materialistic questionings arc apart from the spiritual interest of the record. The important fact Is tnat the disciples experienced a real consciousness of the presence of Jesus which revived "their drooping faith, reijnlckcned thrir religious ex.rcricnce, and i\! lishecl the trust that, they hpcl hrd in Jesus of Nazareth as the Redeemer of Israel, and the Savvior of the World. Jilts t not faith come to us in way? We :ir,.ill JiHisalem. were \;it'ii and found the 11 gathered together, and them tliai them. " - . ; Saying, The Ltrd u risen UK'.ccd, and h:it'n appealed to Simon. - And they, told whai things were douu in tile way, and he.w he was known of them in breaking of bivad. And as they thus s.:akc, Jtsus hhnselt stood in the midii ot them, and saith unto th;,n, Peace be unto you. But they were ternGci pud ^atli'ighLtd, am! supposed that lliry much the not sco the bodily 'form"accom- same P.inying us on the daily- way, but lad teen Ami he L syn'ii. said unto iliem, Why are ye troubled? and thoughts ai'ise in your hearts? Behold my h.iniib and my iect, that it i^ I myself: handle me, and sec; for a spi:'it ha'.li nut iku> and bones, as jc ECC 1 have. And when he had thus spoken, lie shewd them his hands and his feet.' And he led i!>.:m out as f:n' as lo Bethany, an;i he lilted up his hands, and bkiscd them. And it cume to pas:;, while 'lie blessed them, he was parii'd Iioni them, and c.Mricd up i!:to l-.cave: 1 .. Enimaus, we shall uniloubieiily ex- , carried in great sums of money perience Uie reality of Liic \K.-.- ] without losing a dollar :imi nrje cnce of Ihc rsf-.ibtcr and kno-.v wiili 1 Quantities o; food air.u:;:; sl^n'iii^ assurance liiat hu ii no; dc.ul b:ic j luoyie o:ily; 1-^5. living. T!ie depth ami reality 01' W:iat was the power '.ills that experience docs not ilepc:':-.! inan j:ad? It- v/r.s the pov.;r ui upon the outward inanif-ostati^n, | ;\ siiblims faith and a uvmpble nor docs the power oi (he Ma^ur - ccnscciaticn that gave him un- deiicnd upon external pi'031. 'i'hc evidences of lib prii!:;!i=o in t!:u world, and cf his pan"-r, are, ai- tel all, as real as they were in days gone by. The Power of Faith Only the other day 1 be.-:;lL a man with a remarkable c:-:p*j:,- i £ limited caurage. li:e ris^ni;; ui Ins liie was noMhr.g, and cvc-n violent m:n ix-ipeticd hi::i LIS tiicy ivalizeii the cumpijtentii-, ut Ins lite l:^t tiiai i:::'ki';, the M.^i.'r aj lie w;u to these men al £aiLn;ms. One couU not sit in the . cncc of Christian hie and achitui- j p:e6ci:ci; ci th:;t man a:-.(l H:,ir incnl. I Ulkud to iiim and he^rd : i-im tali; vvitliout fcclinj ihul I lie him talk. He hnd just comu bairk : r.lniier was ne.'.r. 11 is in; cm- frcm the most terrible scenes o' bjdiment ol Uie spirit ui GaiLsl the remote fauiiuc-strk-kcn d:.- i:i tl:c touU ot iho.,2 in v.'iityn !w If the quest of our hearts "is as I safe „..„ real and sincere as that of these i thorities tricts ot China. HI into areas bandits ,e up lives io:!.iy that is the siirtsV were infested ty j linice ol ;he HcsurrcJlion a:id of whci-c no Ir.ivcSor was j tiiu i.ici that Jcsiio who was cmci- and where 1:01 even the au- i lied on Calvary Ls Ihc eternal ,. -- «* wtvot i muijiiva 01 the Jaw could p^i-j- I Christ, livin-/ forcvc" to guide ami uiscipics who were on the way to I Irate. Yet in this region he' iuid I inspire 115. raven is a. fine place to spend Pevsonincd by B'. young girl cha«c:i for her resemblance to' Joan H clcraity and the Church Is a splendid place to spend the hours from 9:-l5 to 12 and from 8 to 9:15 on Sundays. Tlic public is Invited to worship j with us at all services. HX'OXI) BAPTIST CHUKCIl . .T. I,. Newsom, T*asfor Sunday School, 0:45. Prr.ichhiB 11 a. m. Subject: Faithfulness. II .Y. P. U.'s G:45. social pro- by Hattic Smlddy and her 7:45 p. in. Subject begins to- Union". Arc. the famous wurrior-maid ol ir.nriow and will continue until Lorraine rode -again through t!iej.iiuje'58lh. Services at 7:<5 each streets of Rouen, Franco, scene u: |r\r:u:?. the preaching will be di- hcr martyrdom five cenluricr- ;i:\.i-(rt(rt by E. Z. Newsom of Illmo, Herj you sco Mile:-, Brabant, who. Mo. and'the music will be under, embodied thc'hc'roln'e-salnt'for incline direction of Ray Morgan ofUnd L.'A. Maxwell were Blythcvlll us and hear the Old Time Gospel -Messages both in Song and preach- Midwuy Notes Mr. and Mrs. Sachcl Anchriii of eenng, Mo., and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Mctcalf and Mrs. E. J. Brown of Del! visited .Mr. and Mrs. E M McDonald Sunday. Mrs. Harry Stanford is visiting I'.er mother, Mrs. Lucius, at Luxora tor a few days. Reed Crawlcy and H. L. Thorn were business visitors at Blythcvillc Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Moody motored to lilythevilb Wednesday. Mrs. Gaines and Mrs. Mali.ui of li'jrnettD were Luxora visitors Thursday. Mrs. L. A. Maxwell was the guest ot Mrs. Frank Linil Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hill and Mr. Pipkin were visitors in Blythcville Saturday. Mrs. W. M. Weber of Biirdcttc is visiting relatives in Phjgott, Ark., for a fek days. Hubert Cole and L. 13. Canada? were visitors In Luxora Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. George Diigmi anJ family of Luxora visited Mr. aiul Mrs. Louis While Thursday. Mrs.. Chris Tompkins and ciiil- drcn. of Burdetlc were Blythcvillc u __ _____ _____ __ _ vistlors Wednesday. Mo. and' the music "will be under 1 C".us..McGoughan, Jun-.or Maxwell StKKS HI'SHAND'S INSfKAN-CK SEATFLC. lUPi— The ir.j-'.ir of a man who has been missm: 2tj ycais is being idiighl by ML.^. j Market M. Oils, wife of LieiileiKuil j Frani: I. Otis, who has never s:en since he left New York San in Septeaib'.-i'. ISOJ. nc^ ' Mrs. O:i.-, bihcvts lier iui^h.nid 1.1 io;- ! dc.ii!, ,u:;i ;;oks his 55,00'J niaiiranc^ day of historic pageantry. u c ii ; Come and worship with I N'isitors Saturday. ant .Ills Pay. The Bhjiheville Building & Loan Association IIKVC miivcil their oR'ia-s to the inuiu buihliii!; ol' Ilio l-'ir&t Niilioiiiil !i;tn! > . W 6 M, WILLIAMS Secretary hi Charge

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