Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 26, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 26, 1896
Page 8
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WONDERFUL Remnant Clearing Sale-" Now in Full Blast • Do Not Fail to Attend THE GOLDEN RULE NOT SUSTAINED Interest in the Populist Convention Subsides, WHEN ,BRYAN WINS The Roby Race Track Incident— Turpie's Loyalty. A Stolen Means a great deal to tlie one tliat U a 3oscr. AVhy ruu anr risk when you can Dave your wheel Insured against theft at a very nominal Hsu re and set its value wlicu stolen? insure at once and ba on tbo safe side. PnnctDred 1 ires Repaired • From this date on for 25 cents at the Burgman Cycle Co KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers &Embalmers. 610 BROADWAY. Greatest Discovert or me 19th Century. Dr. Tc»ga«'» Medicated Air Jfor the Cure ol Catarrh, Antliuitt , and oil pulmonary Disease!, It has no equiil tor Bide aud Nervous Headache, 1,000.000 people die annually from the above named diseases. Wtoj sutler anil die, whan Medicated Air Is guaranteed to ejre jou. Vtdteated Almncl Drug Co., „ Richmond, Ina,, U. a. A. It ti the best remedy on earth for La En#p«. " will give Immediate relief pit will fcffeet a cure where all other Maatdles fall. ^', •old by B. F. Keeullng. >• The'Rev. H. A. Pei-civai will preach a sermon thiw mornJing in the interest of the Humane society. , . C. C. roUc, professional piano inner is in tho city with headquarters at J. C. Badge's in Hank's jewelry store. . . Mr. E. B. Mutlleu of DCS Moinus. la.,' wffl sinff ".Iiist us I A,m" by Banks,- at the Broadway Piwbytorla-n church tlii* morning. Lest.—A borrowed .parasol beiweuu Hit- AV.idow Tippet's on Michigan rOul and 'to,wu. Finder please leave :tt this office and receive reward. Hall's Hair Renewer renders the liair liwroas aiw.1 silken, fives it an even color, and enables women to put it up Lu a jri-eat variety oJ! styles. A new and modem Methodist church wiill be erected a* Fletcher's lake I.n the place of the old structure which has been «sold, and is to bo removed. James Kelley ami Dave Baruett were •ili-sch-.u-ged in tho nrayov'a court, both hav,inp been arros-t.exl on- a cha-rpe of •drunkenness, im<\ each proiulslus & .leave the city. The laiwn fete w.itlch was postponed. Tuesday evurulnff will be priven nest Tuesday evening at the home of Mr. Giffe, by the OpWi.'ui Endeavor society of tin- First I'resibytcrlan chureli for tiic beiient c/i' the Home for the Prlend- iless. How are your kid-Hoys'? My husband was aflllctcil w'lith Kidncj' diseases for tlnrry yea.rs. a,ud ivscd all kinds of kld- tior Tiimedles. He cot n box b't Dr. Ilobh's SjarapLS Kddnny PiU.*, and they lieilpcd him as notliiuff else has done. Almirlt Croy,\145 East Mound street Columbus., Oliio. For .sale. In Logansport-by Ben Fislior, ami F. Coulson, A BLADE IflBEDDED. In Mis Skull-Stabbing- Afrray Results Seriously. I'M ward* Mi.lt.-lie! 1 ., a c^fper i'iiiployi.'d at Kiii-an & Co's packing house at lii- diauaiwtfe, and wiu.se pa'reiiil.5 re.-ildo in tliis city, was se.vr.-ely if no: fatally stabbed lu a lipl't with one HVnr.v iw Krhlay night at Indianapolis, iu.'.iell ami Hick* were warm ,1s. but nuarivJed over jji report whirh Milelioll is .-s-i-id I" have .started •i-yncvriiiin-!.' fhe character of Mrs. H.ick's Hicks assaulted Mit'choll with a Knife and the Iud'i'aua.poli-1 .Tonruirl nf yesterday lias IliLs in say of life injuries: ••-•U .the pol'tco station. Dr. Courtney aa~.-MHl JlJteliell's hijuriiv. lie found one gash to •iJie.lrft ''.heck abou,t_ two iii-i-he-s ion--', but'not very deep. Thef» were also several stabs in I'-hc right arm a.:ul one ,Ln the bade nwir tne shoulder blade. Theso were of little cousu- que.n<-o. It was to the wound in 11 M; head Chat he gave hi* .i-ueu-tloii. Tht kui.ro blade was still there. Several paii-s of pHe-rs aud nippers were secured aud the strwigflli of three men wa.s brought to bear upon it, but the steel blade could not be moved. Mitchell was then sen* to the city hospital. Ho te tweaty-iiine years old and has one child, who is living with lite parents in TvOgausport. The knWe blade was removed at the clh- hospital after about two hours and a half of work. Dr. Morgan performed the operation. An anaesthetic was ad- uKuis-tered to Mdtchell and the blade was chiseled out of the ricull. It was found that an Inch and a quarter of the Made had entered the head at an angle. just barely passing flu-ouR-h the skull and' it is rhougM, not quite rcacWng the brain. At 12:30 o'clock -this mom- iug the operation was flntohed, and it is said Mitchell will recover." Democracy Defies Supreme Court —Senators to be Nominated Against the Ruling. Special correspondence, Logansport- OF ALL THE PANTS DOWN SALES that Harry Prank |;has ever originated [and carried out, this one will surpass and will positively be our Farewell Pants Down Sale. To give you an idea how extremely low we will sell them we quote a few of the many lots Our $6 and 6. 50 Worsteds now ...... $3.25 Our $6 and 6.50 Fine Cassimeres 3.25 Our $5 and 5.50 Doeskin ............... . 2.75 Our $4 and 4.50 Fancy Cheviots Our $3 and 3. 50 Fancy Cassimeres Our$l and 1.25 Cotton Worsteds"! Our$l Cotton Worsteds .................. 2.25 1.75 75 68 COMPLETELY VINDICATED. Frank Holtzman is Liberty. Given His Frank Uol'txmsm of this city, brought .hero from ruhiski counity for' couflne- in-eiit In the Gas* county jail, until lie could be tried oui the charge of criminal a^atilt upon, a child at Wiauunac, has viuidl'cated liimsoM couipletoly, and w;w yostmla-y set free. The accused brought Jiaboas corpus prococd'tags .some tiuiu :i.-o and -his case was settled yesterday. •Mr. Holtxman's.vimlicatioi Is a source of deep-gratilicatio-n. to him and his friends. THE RELAY BICYCLE RACE. 1'ern Ohroniclc:- AValter B. Lewis, T. II Sa-mp'le and Hal Viucy, of Logansport, were in tl«e city yesterday arraug- i-iiff w!ili J. L. Hetxuer the relay race wJitc'h is to be sivciu aiext Tuesday. The start will be made'from Frankfort at 5 o'dock Mthe iworanfi, and the Kokomo riders are scheduled to "arrive at the Wnbash bridge at the fair prowuds, tute t-ily. at 9 o'clock, w1ic.ro they will be relieved by Marlon Spurgeo-n and Ralph MITJcr, who Imve been selected to ride from this city to Logamsport. They will go via.' Louksburg. Mr. ITetzuer will be at tlie bridge wlica- the riders an-ive and start off the home boys. It is expected a- last record will established. The race will be' for two hundred miles. AND THEY, TOO, ARE DIVIDED County Populists Mold a Convention and Nominate Candidates. Thi'-l'opiill.s;*: lielil a county conveu- floii yesterday for Hie nomination of a coii-iny ticket.' At the very outset the iviiresoutaliviw of the party found the ,s-inu' rouble c.-'>:!:'ruiit.ing them as that which caused the lung-wimk'il session ,.,|- the N,-iil.ii.>iia'l convention at St. Louis. There wen 1 - "luidille-of-the-roader.s" :iud Bi-yanite.s and Thv furmcr faction was by far Hie stronger in number,-;, while the 1'actlon wluHi tfanted to go over into thu Democratic camp had the si rougesi 1'Uiijw. The-morning session was spent in spueclmiaking. the "middlL-ot'-the-road" factluu urging i.he nomination, of a dtralglu-out I'upuliist ticket, while the nthvrs favm-cd waiting. Wlieu thu.after- noisn session was convened, Isaiah Noel was selected chalnna.ii and Edgar Packard, editor of the Advance, was choseir s,Ti'etai-y. The County Central committee was'ffiveu the task of choosing delegates to the Sfate convention. ' The cha-ir-ma,!! announced thu! the first thins in order was the nomination, of-a Prosecuting Attorney. The .convention, evidently forgot that there/is a Representative to the Legislature- f.. elect. In nominating Nelson McLaughlin for th-e office of Prosecutor. Mr. L. S. Michaels said: "It Is a wcll-koo.wn fact that we have no lawyers in the Populist party;' they never cbm«.-to us. There are two places they never go: to the Populist party, and to Heaven." Loud cheers and laughter rewarded the speaker, aud before tiw confusion had subsided, Mr. McLaughliai found him- self'the nominee for Prosecutor. The rollowto;,' ticket, was nominated,' after .almost evei-y inaii of the sixty present had been named and had dec-lined: For Prosecuting Attorney - Nelson McLaiU'gh'li'n. For Clerk—Edward Flory. ' For Treasurer-Charles Berkshire.' For Sheriff—Ephrnim Noel. For Coroncr-^Dr. Baker. For Surveyor—Will Junes. For County "Assessor—L. S. Michaels. For Commissioner, Filnst District— D. It. Hile. For Commissioner,' Third Dlstrict- YVllliam Smith. The speech of tho convention was made by .Tacob'.T, Puterbaugb, a "middle-of-the-road" man, who spoke declining the nomination' for County Asesssor. His speech, was "not abusive of the old parties, nor yet was it. devoted to fulsome pradise of the Populist party, but the speaker rose, tp'l he' point of eloquence In his appeal to Ills fellow Topu- Hs-ts to "keep to'the Middle of the road." -He was frcqiieutly'Interrupted by : np- BUMED AT KOCHESTBU. Bochaster Republican: An a-ccouut of the fatal -accMcut which occurred to Daniel Pratt is clipped from-the Logansport .ToutttKil and published in another column. Mr. Pratt Is n soii-ta-law of •Win. Becra.ft. of this pUiee, His parents reside .<o.mewhere .near Green Oonk. The l»ody was brotifflit home on the 5:40 train -last nislvt. The funeral was «ra- reside sonicwJi-tre' near Green Oak. lodKC. I.' 0. O. F., today. ; IL was a very porrowful occurrence, f or his' friends-I and relatives. 4 way Xil; »> * 13 '•'•^•l** 1 -" v pin use, in which not.only the Populists joined, but In which the few Democrats and Republicans present -had a hand. Mr. PuterbMigh:,' as'an-'cstctopornneous speaker, can give some of the so-called :tump oratois long''odds aud then .beat them. v ' ' , The comvoiitl<>n_ before adjourning, tcwlered a un-Tulraous vote of thanks 'to Sheritt Adams for Us klnduess in. allowing the use of the-court" room. in. which to hold 'thte conven-tion.: Mr. Adams responded by. saying that the PopuliiSts -were welcome at all times to use the court room' during the campaign. "JULY C'LOSixG-7 Justin shirt waist, 2Cc"; ?1.08 and ?2.25 •mly OSc; wlilte silk parasols, 80c; fast Uack-uinbrcllas;-39c; choice of all light wrappers, 98c, ; and all summer goods , , closed rejrardlms of cost-Trade Palace. FOR RENT. ; A desirable residence rind.a good barn on 'High street between Fourtenth and .Fifteenth. ..Tonifea. Goes, SK ,.;, . , ,- 1: Apply at 202G Broad- with 'references.- ~ .*•..['. . . • -' • liwli'iiiKi'poli«, lailiaua, .luly -•).. '!)'>• The prolo.u.ii-anii.uiii of the Po-pulist er.ui- voiiiiitoij art St. Louis was tlio cause oif a £i>ncrail an.d very n'tkf.ieea.ble kiss of i ! n- rxjre^l: oni the ' part of flic public. Thursday even-in;-', after the defeat or i;he in'Eddlu-of-ltiio-niad inun, public interest eoimp'Iei.i-Iy ceased M.HQ yesterday and today- if. w:is; dillicult to Hud a.ny one who had seen a bnlleUu or knew whether the convenfioa was in se.-siou. '.Hlte Kcnaral i'inpre.<»)"j was Uiat after ilie Democrats hail stolen r.lio Populi.^ l)la;l!'(.i-rn. i.hty would follwv H ii]i by a ;,h"..'ft oi the tsiravwrtlVm. Senator .Toiww. Oliaii-riiMHi of -i.li,c Nsi'lSi'iiial Democratic comiilMiltee had bi'Ou ;iit. St. Louis all week aUMinp'Jm-^ to control llie conveli- •Uito-u in the iMt.o.rc.w.-' of tlve Democrat.!!' pair-ty. and ; r,ho re.suli.-s show huw well Jie fl.:i^ ism-ci;.eded. Tlroi-L 1 w:l.U likely lie a straiglit Populist t'iicker. ,iu. the Held. There will CIM-- ra-iinly be a sitn-.id moiiiey Dcmocralic 'ticket, in- t.-he tic-Ul. T:i-e cn-n.te.st ainonsr ifacliuiis will be l.iitter aud thu iiiLSin'os l-leyiubJiicii'ii success in Xovi.'inbw. • » * Ex-Coint'i-eiSsi.iaii Thomas Hammond of riaauimond headi-d a tlele^atioii of iiK'in'be.re of tihe city council of Ilannji.Mjiid who called upon ,Governor -Matthews late this afternoon to best for jneri-y foa- the Roby ra«iav outfit. Tihcy were accompanied by cx-Sana-far Johannes KopcIJte, of Grown PoiiUt. who has boem a.ssisl.l-n.3 tlhc AI:l;ohney-Geiner:i,l Jin the legal flgh-t apilliiHt tihe Roby people, a.nd held a long conifer-Mice- with the Governor ami Attorivey-GcniM-iil. The Hammond dcl- egatian dw.-l.-wed lilnnt *h<r racing at Roby. Shctliold a™l Fons.vt'hc was not rjiswly so bad a sBtmldittK iastlt.utlon as •l',ad bee«i rep-rcwau:twl ln-re. They said Hhsii.t as a iiianv"!' °f fact tllno ti-ieks at- tracked some of the fact tne tracks at- coimrry. nhe races were roiaarely con- | ductwl anul lilw cT.twds in aittenda.iice worn -oii!l.ii.-t-'l,v oi-dei-ly. Tlicy did not want, 'the r.hii:n« forcwl to rlvc wall be- i:aui*e the daill-y cvowdu* of people in attendance iiiiul the fcwpre force of men uocossiiry to cwwluct the tracks anrt care for the lioi-ses were a source of coit&ideiuhito profit'TO tho business Interests of-HamnioDd. The State author!tl»s did. not give .thorn any 'snitiisfaction UIXMJ. the subject a,nd were careful not to siy what their next step to. tilie m:i-tier will'Tie. Afer tlioy had gone tlie Governor expressed tihe option that the ahiet object of the vteiit was to 'find «tt wtot course, tlis State Intended to pursue. Since the du- ctatoD-of"'the Supreme Court revoking the Lake Cii'rcul't court ami command- ,i,ng it to terms to ^' mi :l: " i,ii.1unctimi_ a.natefc the ya.nious raring associations, uto fuiiMiev proceeiliin'gs have been had, while 1;li« races toive gone on Just tJie (same. As isoaii as the decision. Is certified down to the tower court the Attor- .ney-Geiicra.1 will onake anoither demand for "a peniifiincjit iii.1n-nct.l.oii * * * Wlioa Senator Tui^ie at Chicago played .the 'ma-rty.r to tlie aiusc of Matthews,'' aud like Caiwar refused the crown offered Htm- in t!he votes oC the Souitilieni delegattotn for the presidential aKHUMatitan, IKS acqulired -a great reputation for self-sacrificing loyalty. It developed, however, tlhait the Seiititor Wad a deeper ami more cogent rejisou lihim-inoro loyaltj- to Matthews. Ii> fact 'he is iiiaH-gable to the presidency .from 1 the fact thache Is not a. native born Ain-er.lca,u. Senator Turple is Uje only memta- of Congress who OOCB not give iniflhe Congposstonal directory the place and date of 'his.birth, and none of his closest political Mends- here know his gecrot. They have a vague Impression tliat he wa» born either in Indkuui or Ohio Mifl'.thait'is as far as their Ideas on the subject RO. As -a matter of fact, Mr. Tui-pile was bam to London, Eng- liiiud,--oiiid : --was -nia'ttiraMzed In \Vlilte •county,'this State. H« came- iJiore in the early 'ft'flttos and was married there. Mfflbn Sills, an" old i-esidon,t of W.liITe county, Ircca-Us dlstiiactly having challenged Turpte's vote in 1SGO on the jsnmmd .-ihat Ire; was-a-n imnafuraliaed •foreigner and in order tliat the future Senator milght vote, evidence of his naf uralbjabfon- was pi-oduceA. Seoalor'Tutpte has never talked about tlie place of lute'birth, but he'did make ' the statement at CMcago .•ffliat he .was alxty-fonryearsioM. Tliose .who knew Boy's Long Pants 43c Childrens Pants I4c In fact every pair in the house goes at 60c on the Dollar to give every citizen in the country an opportunity to help themselves. HARRYi FRANK 313 Fourth Street.; liliin HII I In; early day* ill White i-cunl.v li-.ru.re hi'in alwu rwi-u-ty years older. * * * To Mic .surprise of .almost everybody tin; Denwcrailie i))a:unge,inei;t in 1'sdi- aiun. has det.oniii.ned i.n the face of the (leclisioii ol' the Supreme court '.o nom- iiui.iv Seneuors hi the twenty-five holdover districts. WJW" the SuprenW ouurt, a couple of mounhs ago, deckled nkit the next legislature should bo elected under tcie apportionment act of 1SS5, "i't: specifically decreed that the liohl-over Senators should retain their sta-ts. Before the decision, Governor M'aitirliews -had suggested mat this very coarse be followed.' The change of. plan: on'MM part of the Democrats Ts- made upon tlw advice of Senator Tur- pi.o, wl¥> said in explanation this morning: "The Senate iis the only judge- of its own .nioinlxsrship and we believe it better to lake all precautions." The Democratic members figure tJiat the Republican)* wtil not follow and they «m declare the nowaixw, elected by dofanlt thus ha Ming some excuse tor trydnis to ensure a majority o.i joint ballot In *he next legislature. They haven't just figured out yet hovthey are 'going to seat their men, but they know .in a genera-l way that tho mili- tairy power in tlie State is in, the hands of 'a Democratic Governor, who Is fond of using It even upon such sl'ght proroaitimis as a picnic party. a,nd they wa-M to be prepared to lake advantage of oil opportunities that may come up. Where the Hold-over Senator.* happen to be Democrats nhe plani is to re-nominate .tihenf and ibis -they have already ao.no iin Green, and Sullivan district. Where Senator Andrew Humphreys has been rei)K>mtav.U'd. But wJiea-o they :u-c RepuWfciin JjoJ-d-ovej-s the intention i# 1,0 nmniiiHWitv Democni.uc ca'iididaTo.s :UK! put Wicm en clic ticket. It is not likely that the Hupublieans in 1 any dteh-ict will ily iox the face of tho specftic diotiun of fihc Supreme court lili.it Uhe tookl-over Senaitoi'S shall not be disturbed by fol-iowinff rtiis plan. 'JDIue iwirty has a,lraidy coimplotcd Its legisilfltSw noni.i.nnJiiWlis, Marion and a fW otho.r'coiw«iifis beams trie only ones \\1hfoso csindhlan-s are not now In Oio Hold. Tltero aav> seven Senatorial and twenty-wplit R6prwMiSa,Kve nonilua- tions veil to be ni;ule. W, S. AY. ul of the injured man to St. .'Joseph's hospital, where the mangled limb w:is ampiiUitod'and the sufferer wade as i'a.*y as passible. It i.s impossible to tell how (serious his injuries are. but at aa early hour this niorning he was resting easy and had partially recovered from the shock of the surgical operation, though still very weak from loss of blood. The unfortunate, victim Is a sou of Henry Myers." who lives about .six miles vest of the city on the Sowli side of the Vabash river. He is a nephew of Qulncy A. Myers, and the latter was at iis'bedside at the hospital shortly after i,is removal there. Myers is man-led Mid lives near Lake Cicott, about seven iles ; west of the city. How the accident occurred, who the nan is who was with him at the time, >r where the latter went after the train irruck them are points which are shrouded in mystery. The injured man was nable to talku and the train crew, ifter leaving him at the station, took •licir train on to Chicago. There were conflicting reports .in circulation, some to the effect that there was no one with him at the time the train struck him. ind others hinting at foul play on the 7!»t of Myers's mysterious companion. A MYSTERIOUS ACCIDENT. -Chick" riyers Run Down by a Train Near Kenneth. "Chick" Myers, aged about twenty nine year*, married, n-nd living a shor distance east of Lake Cicott. was struck by. 'through freight Xo. ST last nigh about 11:^0 o'clock whUe driving acres,the Panhandle tracks \:ear Keuucth The buggy was deruolislicd, Myers atx a compamlou, whose name could not b. •learned, were thrown out, and Myers's right leg was crushed below the kucr by the car wheels. But lititle could be learned last uigh as to ho-w the accident occurred. Th« train was stopped as soon as possible and backed up to the spot where tb< bugg>' was struck. Myers was found lying' at the side of the track with hi right leg mangled and nneonsciou* from numerous severe bruises and cuts .about the head. His companion had dis- apeared, and no trace of -him could be found. Myers was picked up nn<J put upon a cot in the caboose, and the trainmen brought him back to the city, leav- iug-hrm at the Fourth street station. ih\ J. B. Sliultz, Paiuhandie physician,'was called and ordered the rernov- A BURGLAR ALARM. The State National bank has been equipped with an electric burglar alarm by E. L. Cross of Lincoln. Nebraska, The device is Ms own invention and seems to be a success. The banks are connected' with police headquarters aud a number of business houses by a network of wires, known as the Gross Bank Protection eystem . During the day all there is to do is to press a button and notify all places connected with ibe house and after- that the opening of a door. safe, drawer or dest will notify, all the places. Mrs. John. Stoll of the Easteud is recovering nicely after haying a delicate operation performed for the removal of an abdominal tumor of long standing. Dr. Hatch is the attending physician. • Morey Walker was the lucky man yesterday at the giving away of Frank Skinner's bicycle. A Baptist Sunday school picnic will be given at Adamsboro next Saturday. WHAT, NEVER! NEVER permit your clothes to become seedy and BOUI-, you are not companionable. NEVER wear high heels; they are unnatural and produce many nervous disorders. NEVER, buy shoes from any one other OJ.IB Pilling; be has the best NEVER try to peep at the engine when It is In motion; it may be your List peep. . NEVER mise PiUIng's special saies; be will save you money.. NEVER use too inuchi perfumery; you may be mistaken for a cologne factory. NEVER pay five and six dollars for ton shoes when Pilling has them for $2.9S: ' ' • NEVER sacrifice health, propriety, and comfort for any sHIy fashion. NEVER fail to remember the foregoing facts and do not be so foolish as to believe that you are tlie .exception; that yon can buy shoes just as cheap somewhere else, /for Pilling has the bett hnd cheapest. 412 Broadway, Logansport, I&laua.

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