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The South Bend Tribune from South Bend, Indiana • Page 6
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The South Bend Tribune from South Bend, Indiana • Page 6

South Bend, Indiana
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snows VICTORY' Theater Guide. Halter-Neck Dress. I AT1MO outh Pago Pago, 1 BEST MARCH; AI I PATTERN 4724. One. serves as the dtut of 0 rin Tucker and Bsnnie 3aker.

Tha popular band leader at! his stress will probably ples all the it fans "of radio and orchestra fields, but the weak story material makes tha film itself just another musical comedy. While the produo tioa is handsome andljthe cast ia capable, the lack of story Tesults ia the effort being merely a series of gag situations slapstick used for laughs betweea musical numbers. 1 8:47. Third Finger Left Hand, 1, 3:11, 9:41. i Have fun in the sun-ia una aldy: As soon as you caa cot keep anything from a woman you lave her George Jeia Nathan: The trouble with every' table is that there's always one chair too many The Bridgeport Times-Star: Because maa is listed ia.

"Who's Who doesat necessarily mean he knows, what's what Karen Hollia: People were drawn to Sherwood Anderson as to aa open fire The Cincinnati Italians will have to do without ice cream, cake or fresh pastry. They can have their Mussolini, but they can't eat him, too Rob- 'Borrowing 'Friends9! Gan Be Eliminated by Method WVife Them, Asking Return of Money and Articles; if Angry, Better for Lender in Long Run: COLFAX -The Lady Eve, 3:11, 5:22, 7:33, 9:48. GRANADA TalUi Dark and delightful Pattern 4734 ia and blithe and carefree, and i with all the simple-to-sew details, typical of any Aane Adams style, i The cocky little bolero is cut high Conrad A dven Story Featured at Palace. Handsome, 2:25, 4:57. 7:29.

10. 3:52, 6:24, Wild, 1:20, Flyta 8:25. i LVDLVNA Diaaeond Fron' iert -Quuien: We are vaia evenj ia nCTOKT. at th Hi4M tftur Uirouta ioaiy our saugntiness. wten the preacher describes sinners we always think he means us Aaen: All Dear Misa Dlr Can you tell me a tactful and; diplomatic way of collecting borrowed articles, especially I have a lot qf friends who are continually borrowing small; sums; of ihoney.that in the aggregate count op to a good sum, tut who never? think of returning any of It.

Also, ray books and thina and silver ind bric-a-brae are scattered around among my acquaintances, who Shave asked meto let them use it for a party or something, but who 'never send it horafc. Hn4rut Bs-t aai Cf.xy iea girls act the same when they want and curved to shc-w off your slim waist. Make it in matching fabric oF; la vibrant, exciting, contrast, perhaps with the revers of thai drees fabric The gay frock itself i has Wide pointed waistband and darts down the center bodice seam i to hold softness. The straps are In i halter (style, with additional back straps (to keep the garment com- fortably in place, No sid pocket is needed, for a or zip-1 pejr closing goes down telow the Mr. 3at Ctarle ErwicM Mr.

ScHottrt)rf. Syt Rumn a kiss. The difference consists! in 1 last ttmxs iobay tEXNT? MOEO.tS GEORSI TOBIAS imr Oliver Cntt4 "RIYER'S END" FT.CS BRT ISA KXKAXBa "Adventure, In Diamondi" lMt Ckaptw '-JTMOfc G-JOEX" i STARTS inL RHTTHM OX THEi! RnTER SOITH Or F400 MOO" their actions when they want another one Olin Miller: The How anr I to. tell them I would like to have my things without offending them JANE. 1 R5er4o.

Jront ca Te-4 Mm. Pwlro Iionl Reyct price of peace at any price al 1 i If I tf iu A I I V' I I i 1 'I I i '4 ways has been, is and always will tier, 1:20, 4:30, 7:22 10:20. Kie, 3:09. 6, 9. OLIVER Virginia Qry, 1:25, 4, 6:40.

9:50. A PALACE -You'rej th One, 4:05, 6:55, 13. Victory, 2:45, 5:40, 8:45. i RIER PARK i1 A'dventure la Diamonds, 3 :11, 6 9 :05. Rivera End, 4:21, 7:24, 10:21.

A STATE One Niahtl ia the Tropics, 10, 1:01, 14:02, 10:04. Give Icgs; 11:52, 2:33, 5:54, 8:55. A I STRANIV-City for Conquest, 10:10, 12:11, 3:25, 6:38, 9:53. Ragtime Cowboy Joe, 10 :54, 2:08, 5:22, 8:35. Want cnetr Answer I don't see why you should waste any be slavery The Miami Herald A cat watching a mouse seems the ultimate in alert attention till you TOC'RE THE OXt- A.

Paramount pieur en um toi waist in back; YouU really need i I this gay outfit get started oa it right ajway! I wlUi Orrln Tuckr, Sonnt Bauer and la- it OTTS 10 A. H. jsee a small town watching a wid- D'Ansunzio: A woman's Iso'ul ia like a goldfish1 bowL The STRAND wtrd Ivtrett Horton. br Ralph BY vmODOA WOEDES. 'A goldfish swimming around are her leva thoughts.

ENTJS TONTGHT JOHX'T MACK BBflWX 1LGTDIE COWBsOr JOE" diplomacy on your ideadbeat friends, for peopls who" borrow and never return -are not forgetfulj They are racketeers, 'They save their" own face by calling their petty thieving borrowingbut they never really mean to return the article they asH you to lend them, i Bo why don't you Just write a little; note asking dear Sally to send back your spoons, 5r dear; Jane to return the $5 you lent her, and make no apologies for dunning them. If it makes them angry, so much the better. The fewer such friends you have the better off! you will be. Joseph thrilling tale of Pattern 4734 is available ia; misses" sizes 12, 14, 16, 13 aad 20. Slxe li, dressy takes three yards 35! Sincjh fabric and bolero, 1 yards! (: i i genq 15 cents (15c) in coins1 for this Anne Adams romantic adventure in Java, "Vic Some things seen" in Gotham: The Lady of the Evening who pa tory," has been screened by Paramount with Fredric March and trols the Broadway sector ia a 1 fcrrr for coxUEsr -am BTDt" high-priced yellow car The a I a i Bettyj Field in the leads.

The story, which was first filmed in 1919; Write plainly 'size, name, address prettiest building.on Broadway Oakie: "There should; be a special academy award for Comedians. If and style number. i shortly after the Polish-bora sea- DIX, the Automat The mansions Order' the brilliant Anne Adams i maa who became a master or Eng- along 53d and 54th streets that 1941 pattern Book today, and get; are now being rented as rooming lish prose had completed it, deals with an assortment of strange your wardrobe ready for the turn! houses and offices The pa characters, turbulent adventures of if ashion season! There a real; drees-making fun and satisfaction! SUNDAY; i "The 3 Mesqlilteers" 1i4PrairIe ALSO PETER LORES "The Face the Mask" Dear Miss Dix We are a young couple 'who have been marrisd five but we have no children and would like to adopt -one. We would like to get a little girl about two years old, not particular about looks. tiow cui we go about getting one? SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO EE CALLED MAMA.

triotic red, white 1 and blue neon signs "We leara from history and the heroic fizht of two peo a picture is good. enough, its stars caa coast through and still get cheers. But the guy who does the comedy relief has; to stand on his own feet is usually overlooked." One maa's opinion: That Naz-Imova, by needing only, one take for each of her difficult- scenes' in ple forced to kill to prevent three that we doa't leans from history!" for you in this collection of un- usiialljf simple-tb-sew styles for' every age and, purpose. Youll find, tailored modes garden-fresh ine uavenpon ineaier, zar from Broadway on East 27th sinister figures from invading meir island retreat and destroying their love. I street, well enough to see a show March ia cast aa a cynical for nothing Sign oa'the rear Answer In every state there are child finding societies.

Apply to the one nearest you. But don't be in too big a hurry. Wait a little longer on the stork. Give nature-a Dear Dorothy Dix Some three and a half years ago my wife prints j. sportsters evening, wadding and graduation of avtruck: "There's a greea light lingerie accessories.

(-Order a to heavea for chumps who ignore "Blood and Sand, not only saved Twentieth Century-Fox thousands of dollars but made most of our "great artists" cf today, who habitually muff dozens; of takes, look very amateurish. Swede who rescues Miss Field from her sad life ia a girls or-chestra and the unwelcome attentions of Sig Rumann, a hotel man copyj new you'll like our prompt! OLIVE red ones' The girla who model died, leaving me. with six children, leaded with debts and thoroughly II 20c $500 fur coats ia steam-heated mail service: pooK i cents, fat-tern 15 cents; Book and pattern ager. March takes her to ma loneiy upset in spirit Although I was devoted toi my wife, I am getting lonely and feel that my children need the love anl care and influence showrooms all day aad thea brave the street chill ia their $16.50 Last Times Today Yesterday's stars todays Wes island where a casual inenasaip is together, 25 cents of an alert, good and healthy woman of the motherly type. I would ley Barry.

Remember the tousje- turned Into love. But their para Bend your order to The South sment. 243 West 17th street. New cloth "wraps Overheard in the like to marry, a woman who has the money t6 help me make another haired, freckle-faced kid of "Pen- Bead: Tribune, pattern Depart-j York, N. Y.

Waldorf's Empire room: "There dise is suddenly invaded by Sir Cedric Hardwieke and his motley come and get a start in some outdoor business, I have never 'been la she is a rag, a bone and a hank rod," "Rags to and other midtwenties hits? When he grew money-maker myself and I would like a second I wife who had Mie partners, Jerome Cowan and Lion of harem." i means to educate my children and give them: a chance in What el Rovce. Tne tnreesome ia rem Copyright. 1941.1 too old for adolescent roles, Wesley instead of wasting regrets on on murderine March for the for Day's Recipes. do you" think of this? I a WIDOWER. I i s- a--a i stars, mirada' for, its' cool blue bells.

Then to contrast with these blues plant the yellow-flowering sedum acpe and, wherever there's lost stardom, set about learning tune they believe he has concealed Tomorrow NAZI CONSULATE Answer I ami afraid, Mr. Widower, that I don't know any woman the production end of the busi Roast Loin of Pork who is altruistic enough to be willing to spend her 'money on support ness. Today he alternates be OBTAINS SCRIPT on the island. The overcoming oi the 1 triple-threat menace by the young couple prpvides the story's a crack or a crahny, the sem- ing a man ana ms six cniiaren. jj: tween occasional actin? assign (FiTd and one-half (about) pound'.

FOR NEW MOVIE climax. pervivum "hen and chickens- to enchant you with its cheery green All of; the women I know-are hard-boiled enough to think thkt ments and crew jobsj.and currently he is assistant! director on R-K-O's "My Life Caroline." Under John Cromwell's direction 1 By United Pre. I roast; xone teaspoon salt; one-qujarter teaspoon! pepper, Wipje off porl with a damp clothi nd set it, fat side Up tn -m they could have a better time using their incomes for their own rosettes. "HOLLYWOOD, April this i new i picturizatioa ia at all time gripping and exciting. He has diversion and in buying themselves pretty clpthea and traveling "iid But don't let yoiir, garden run Warner is producing a pic so on.

Ana, Deswes, tfiey don't pine to undertake the 1ob of "brinsMr away with itself; weed and prune ture enutaea "underground," an open roaster. Roast ia a moderately (slow overt about! 325 de- tip a houseful of children and sewing and cooking and patching aid it- in ary speus, water genuy. antinazi film with Ger PLUS' "OAPTAIH CflUTIOH" provided a tempo tnai is an m-i terest holder from the start aadj he never lets the suspense lag. The acting is of the best with March) i Leara more about making rock grees for three and one-half man espionage. The research department needed to know if the gardens and charming lily pools Sprinkle with seasonings But don't you think you are offering- a father uneaual harfs! from our 32-page booklet.

Tens after pork haa cooked an hour. gestapo employed women and Walter Winchell I On Broadway. how to make and plant beautiful Place eight sweet worker called the German con You demand a paraxon of a woman, with a fortune to boot, and; ill she is to get in return is the opportunity toj sacrifice herself to you and your children. You don't even offer her a heart to nibble on. tub pools, also cement and stock peeled, around the pork the last; sulate.

ond types. Gives directions for horari of cooking. Turn potatoes! turning in one of nis nnest performances. Miss Field, a talented young actress, is highly effective. Hardwieke creates a splendid menace, and Cowman, ia his biggest role to date, is surprisingly good as a 1 The other! feature, "You're the What acene do you want the Mighty few women jare anxious enough to marry to jump at your rock gardens, flowers to.

plant for information for?" asked a consul' frequently for even browning. i i'! shade or i "A- ate attache. I Send 10 cents inj coin for your i Appie xtings. i Four large apples; one cup- "Well, I doa't know what scene copy of to Make Rock Gar jiMli.llw-T-"7 lj --'H it's for," the worker replied. Dear Miss Dix i am a girl of 20, considered nice-looking and have a good job.

I am going with a boy of the same age who is not working, nor trying to get work. He insists on mv marrvinr him granulated sugar; one cup boiling: Open at 9 :43 A. M. 15 Cnta 6f.S. GOSSIP ALONG BROADWAY.

New. Yorkererare talking about: Phil Plant's visit to the coast a week ago to "think it dens and Lily to The South just want the information. Why Bend TriDune, Home service, wo now and keeping it a secret until" we are in a nosition to it water one tablespoon lemon: juice; one teaSpoon; one-quarter teaspoon cloves. Sixth avenue, New York, N. over." She is Be sure to write plainly your name, address, and the name of the farmer Core apples.

Do not peel. Cut "If I knew what scene you wanted it for I could look at our copy of the script and tell you," the German Warner Are still trying to figure out how the consulate got booklet. I apples in half men crossway Margie King of the footlights. Heaven knows iwhen that win be because he makes no attempt jto get a job, but swears he will if marry him. He if I doa't marry him in two weeks it will be the end ojf our: engagement, for! if I loved him, I would marry him now.

I think that if he loved me he would go out, and get something to do before asking me to marry him. Do you think I am wrong in wanting to wait until we are in! a Arrange slices ia shallow; pan and cover with rest of lngted-i The triumph of Paul Lukas LAST TIMES jODAT BUD 1i LOU Abbott ui Costello ALLAN JONES Nancy Kelly Robt Cummings I "ONE HlfeHT IN THE TROPICS" PLCS 4: Dnul End Kids Utti Tench Oftyt I "GIVE US WINGS" the script. Gloria Seen iefats boiled together four position to marry? SUE. Bike apples uati well glazed. Stir TOHIGHT at the SILVER STAR TAVERII i 530 N.

Nilea Ave. i Square aad Round Dancing with CAMPBELL aad His ARIZONA COWBOYS Friday Chicken and Chicken Sandwiches. Your Favorite Beer AMERICAN FILMS gnawer no: you are absolutely right.) A marriage, like etejry several times with fork. Serve warm or cold aLsl meat garnish. in "Watch on the Rhine," Lil-liaa Hellman's most exciting hit The vuuer ciiierpnse, cas io De properly tmanced to keep It a going concern.

A boy who would ask you to marxv him when he haa ha BANNED IN ITALY By Associated Presa. ROME, April 5. GaetanO Pol- I way of supporting you shows that he has tM the right sort of love for you, nor any aense of the at bm. I' An as Glamour Bet to Films BY JDOITE FIDLER. HOLLYWOOD, Calif, April 5.

first thing Chap. "GREEK HORNET" wi Martha Steplv Home Service. boy who asks you to marry him secretly proves" he has no Tegard "ft iuir yuur juou name. ieu mm to maKe sometnmg of himself first, en come DacK ana ask you his wife, DOROTHY DIX enson pi said to boy friend Vic Mature: "I xan't SO'DAY AD 05tAI "GO WEST GALLANT SONS" verelli, undersecretary of popular culture, has announced the complete banning of American films from Italy. I-1 Most American films have been missing: from Italy for a year be Confidential communiques to: Dorothy Lamour: Do you call a P.

T. One of you is going toi have to give in to the other's way 4f living. She will fither have to come to the farm or you go to the MMO' TODAY EXDS MOS. girl consistent if, titer two years efing. vuu nujR a vuuiytuiiiie uu Detween you.

uinervrtse cause of the Unwillingness of nta-j jor producers to meet the demands of the ItaUan monopoly. A few WINCHELL. g0 Qut witfv yo 4you're much prettier than George Jean Nathan taking out an Amellican girl Bubbles Schinasi The staff of a paper who are supposed to. have cciier just. Keep on Deing I DOROTHY DIX.

independents have been Beading A FOOL Of course, teU the boy you do not love him and -go witti the one you do like. Doa't worry about ''breakfne- hi vart4 because producers make too much of her legs, she occasional films which proved pop ular, however. you'll be" surprised how quickly there will (be another girl to take your place. I am afraid you are dramatizing yourself too much' NOJSKWINQ SAT. TILL 8 CX.

TTLL'a 1S 2 GRAND HITS 2 Comedy Kiot "THIRD FIHGER LEFT HAIID" MYRNA LOY MELVYN DOUGLAS hit no. a always we ar the scant ie Sf1 fit, FLYNN'S DOGS SUSSING. DOROTHY tCopyrlsat, 191. 1 costume obtain By Cnited Prtaa. I been informed: "The last pay-, check will be May l'.

i That notorious gal who wears a swastika button at the no wonder the boy friend is a married Nazzy! "Helizapoppin's" amazing profits: (including thej road show) on the1 way; to ANOTHER GRAND FIRST RUN HIT "COMBINATION! able to fancy HOLLYWOOD, April 5 dress parties? Errol Flynn's prize Rhodesiaa lioa hounds, Silver and Daisy, were Birthdays. I I 'i missing Friday. The hounds and To all producers: Study carefully those aewspaper pho CESAI1 ROMERO I TALL DARK AXD IaAMSOME" O. GILMOKE M1LJON BCKL2 1 000,000. But the entire cast has 1 just been forced to take a "cut." their puppies are said to be the "Scuih cf Pago Pago" VICTOR McLAGIXN JON HALL FRANCIS FAR5IER characteristic of Aries" children.

Journalistic and fictional triumphs are often; achieved by these youngsters, if jthey embark upon a literary career, iUpon reaching maturity. ji-, JIf a man and April 6 your natal day, by frequently waiting Until Win Hays and his staff of cen-i only ones in the country. Jim Fleming, friend and etand-in of the ac tos of Gloria Swanson, now ARIES. i lAprJ 6 is your birthday, the tor, came from San Diego, to lead a search. Flyna is making vacationing Gay Blue Cups and Stars.

-zoaao-s nGBrnxG legioit ALSO CO-HIT! PLUS sor have bannea iau "sweater shots" from films and "stills' ia advertising of movies Betty Ifutton shelves "Hattte" la Junei for Buddy DeSylva4arstfilm fo here. Hasn't the industry a place the last minute to do things ybur piflfurs for you on this date "Dive Bomber" at the naval; air jRock gardens are such a joy-transforming commonplace cor for such glamour? Robert late: from 10 until noon, from proBaBiy; subject yourself to ua station ia Saa Diego and could Montgomery: Okay, you're a not 1 i I great actor. Now, how's about ners your lawn. Those steps s4 hard to beautify? Imagine them bordered with tiny flowers. Paramount Dorothy Math ews has flown back to Chicago' to wed former District Attorney Ash, forgetting psychopathic drama EAST SIBUlEIDS wlta Si LEO GORCEY BOBBY JORDAN TLYTAG TilLD" NELL O'DAY DIVORCED.

and giving us real entertainment? By International Keiri Serrtoa. TOD AT OXLT of that burg It'a a himage for Quotes and comment: Lupe of bell, cup and star shapes, peep-f irig shyiy. over mellow weathered HOLLYWOOD, Calif-. April 5- the- T. Lanes, of Young Rum- Velez: "Men play parts when iwj rocks.

i Before they were married In necessary nervous tension. Sucpess should crown efforts as an architect, engineer, contractor, promoter, financier, theatrical man, manufacturer, inventor, business executive, artist, doctor, lawyer clergyman or educator. Successful People Born on April 6: John Pierpont, poet and clergy-tnart. I (' 2 to 4b. m.

and from to 10 p. The danger' periods are from 8 iS a. m. from 6 to 8 p. m.

and from 10 p. m. midnight. Palmj Sundaymay serve to remind some people that they have sadly neglected their moral obligation to give matters of spir ituanjature some serious Religion, as the bulwark deserves your ac- they're after woman." Usually cam, at Woman's hospital Hen-drik Willem Van Loon has orb 1935 her husband. Theodore Fet-1 You easily build up your rock A Bargain Matinee BASH.

BATHBOIOr, BOBt. COtMETGS ta "ElO" garden by putting down first trouble must not read or write ter, song writer, favored the idea; of Nell O'Day's career as a screen Sat. Sun. 2fks Till P. M.

layeri of -rocks, ithen one of soil; for: a month What's jthe Chi comic relief! Fan magazine: Margaret Sullavan Isn't afraid to have babies." takes after her mother, no doubt A column: "Alice. Faye's sincer ESba cago Opera gonna do next season aftd so oa. RoSks should dip ia the same direction or drainage and 1 surface rocks should be Sick- HXA6LN 'tive 'u-ipport However, it will be wnen Millionaire Cyrus McCor mick withdraws his annual coa tribution? i ity is genuine she never tries to sevea-eightha: buried. i Wiafield Scott Sims, inventor, Merrill E. Gates, educator.

i Thomas W. Gilmer statesman. get ia the public eye." And thereby stays out of the public's hair! I From the Campanula family. "Diamond Frontier' actress. Today, Miss O'Day held a divorce decree, having testified that Fetter began objecting to; her film work right after they Were married and kept it up Until they separated 16 months ago.

JOE TO PITCH FIRST BALL. By United Prei. i1' i -1 HOLLYWOOD, April 5. I Virginia Peine, of; "Lady in the of flowers you Aay choose carpa H. Sears, Unitarian I A.i Big Boy Williams: "Errol Dane," (wnat a show:) ana tier tica ifor its-blue to violet cupsj policy for (you to preach anything that, you, are not; ready to practice.

Gentle words may be far more eff ective than harsh ones, particularly if they are employed to rectify some of childhood's errors. Be wary of tale bearers, for clergyman and author. 1 Joseph Medill, journalist. l'tn laa T4ay TO! a earganica for its dainty blue ALL LABH8 TODAT OXLTi Flyna is nuts about everything athletic except maybe 1 roping calves." Yeah, he'd rather throw the! bull. Fan maeazine: bert Bayard Swope's boy jare dating, He's the.

young man who only recently thought he was in love ith Vera Zorina' Rbmember HURRY i IT'S HERE THE BISGESTl OF ALL DOUBLE ('There's nothing Gene Tierney 2BMtlfnl J' "Royal Roby Saucer STAXT fOOt SET TOO AT If Com. Sunday "Spring Parade" Joe E. Brown, the cavern mouthed film comedian, will throw the first the fair's tryion and perisphere Two Co lo Rug Simp lyMade iikes more than a leisurely HIT ENTERTAINMENTS I Well, they're; to be melted down ball ia the season opener of the I buca as Andy Devine? Intimate A Pittsburgh for armor plate The Encyclo ta 1 1 1 Baseball association' paedia Britannica will use pix of lady wants to know "what makes Atlanta, Ga, next week, then take Hedy Lamarr, who can't act a lick, so popular?" Ma'am, if you'll a plane for Mexico City to jola other film stars ia the Mexican Georgie Tapps to illustrate its next dance section Equity was the scene of a near-riot when a group started a closed shop movement Taultiply the number of theaters picture Chinchilla comes from the amaJl Who's that; attractive blond WOW SHOWlG 1 -I Ji they are apt to make mountains out of molehills, and disj-upt what wculd ordinarily be a peaceful day. i vdual ideas regarding pro-prifty may differ greatly, so do not bo torhidebound by past ira-dilan, for the modern liberal view- pclit is apt- to have much in its Married and engaged cou-pltssj those who are experiencing the thrills of courtship days, will do well to realize that-Impatience is often the cause of unreasonableness and quarrels, and on this day of an days it will be unwise -to; be-impatient with 'others faults. i If a woman and" April; 6 is your birthday, artistic promptings may lead, you into the proper sphere rodent of the same name, evangelist who adores Maurice, the Monte Carlo Gives by the number of men who can get Into; them, youll understand.

Common query in my mail is whether Deanna Durbia's marriage will hurt her career. I caa't 5a for sure but do this: i i vow twi him prayer books to and he's soodo perplexed Will Oursler, i sure knew 'h fH hereppUit Hi offspring of Fulton Oursler, Lib The "something blue" at Deanria's- it wedding will be her studio; bosses. wno are; frankly A A New Yorker indignantly, demands erty Mags boss, has just pedaled i mystery novel to Simon Schuster -1 Good Heavens How Tempus 1 Tj-pewriter Ribbons Paul Ger- -f- to know what Hollywood's got against Garbo? It would be more With I JSHRY C03LONIA EDWARD I-EKXrT HOBTOX ism of attitfity, do not ignore them. You i must exercise good judgment appropriate to ask Gafbo what she's got Hollywood. After all, she ia the one who refuses to bs friendly.

Minute interview with Jack wheh you discuss your achieve for an overly exalted re PLU31 i a MCI rzri cS thpnl may be as harmful Rug Croclieted La Caadle- wick I or 4 -Strands DANCING At 171 i ar undbrratinjr your ability. You may heve- an excellent opportunity to dciicsEtrata'. your talents ia A eft 3 i 1 irn pi a culinary nature, writ I TRAVEL ON TO 4 3D. E. of NUes oa 31-69 AT THE PALAIS ROYALE ToniGiiT; 4 of String I PATTERN 46 irj'i It'Ging, teaching, sewir.g, ct of ifyr.z a business, office or as a professional eiv You should be thorougi-1-' of makiag the maa you til try and of winning from a mcmfistatkin of love and will be thoroughly itr 1'fyfr.

CASINO DARKOU LAKE niLCS, MICH. EVERY PniOAY and OAriGIIIG I i Every Friday, Saturdayr Sunday Proud you'll be when you place stitches; materials needed; color ji i-vp'w n- Wr hemes. i' Per Pern 1 EXTRAl Tha MARCH cf TIME fT I rrteist 1 A "Ubcr Dsfsr, 1941" i The Jfmt MtzJ rrfcia 1 8:00 12:00 'ARTY no: i- corn on April a magnetic per- 1 tf "if i To obtain this pattern send 10 bathroom or tiroom f.cer! Its, coia South Eend done in easy crochet Household Arts fcur strands cf string cr car.dle-i259 West 14th New York, Patterr. crrtalrs ia-K. Ee to tite plainly struct.ons and chart for raaiiins yeur name address and pattern rug; illjstrat.oas of it ar.d number.

i MUSIC BY cud sipsonj tr fr SATURDAY land His1 Orchestra FLOOR SHOW FUN, NITE tliat will help him to Lit' I COLO CAitMt THEITt popularity. A gLt fpic Lp r.ew3 generally a.

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