The South Bend Tribune from South Bend, Indiana on May 8, 1908 · 2
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The South Bend Tribune from South Bend, Indiana · 2

South Bend, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 8, 1908
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THE SOUTH BEND TEIBUNE, FRIDAY, MAY 8, 1903. A 1 v In California to which she was sending Jennie Olson., -,. ' I Greening was' surprise whi he awoke the next morong to And that Jennie bad rone during; the night. The strangers also left the place and h never saw either them or the girl again. Lamphere Tell of Another Victim. Ray Lamphere made a statement to . Vsyor Derrow. who la the partner of Lampbrre's -attorney, a day or tw9 ipi, and which wae made public to day. that a man from Chicago, whoee name he did not know, came to the Gunneas farm several moo the axo and remained there for several days. H disappeared suddenly leaving a trunk and a few belonrlnga behind, upon Iamphr'i questioning; Mm Clunness e to what had become of her visitor. hs rvptled Itr h had gne eouth for Mm health and that probably he would not return. She ordered Lamphere to carry . th4 tfunk and other effect of the at ran er to an upper story of the farm house. Nothing waa ever heard of this ori on after he left the fljunnee place-and he la supposed; to hav met the same fate mm those whoee bodies 'a re t being dug up at the OunneM farm. Mere Witnesses Found. TVoputv Sheriff Roy Marr. who H aiding the atate'a attorney In thla tine of work clalma thrt he will to-day produce w It neeaea to strengthen the testimony of Louis Roule. Bessie Wallace and Nettle Shoemaker, who yea terday told the authorities that Tam-i inhere had asserted that- he knew enouarh concerning Mrs. Gunneea to convict her of eerlous crimes and had threatened to reveal thla evidence In revenr for her proaecutlone of him One of these new wKnesfes, It l - aald. took part In the conversation between Roule and Lim there and It la further reported, la of unqueatloned In tegrtty and etandlng In the community. Detective Aid . Sheriff. That . the idetertlvea of the private aeeney who (were brought Into the affair may be able to discover freah rvl-i dence I the hope of Sheriff Fmulzer and Prosecutor Rmtth. The outaidera are In charge of C. J. Smith and he la aald to have four assistants. Two of theae. It la UJ. have been detailed to search neighboring farms for Information regarding the Mrs. Ouni neae- establishment. The others are work-in under the direction, of tha Sheriff.. Bodies are Disturbed. What the' authorities have declared waa an attempt to disturb the nine bod lea dur up on the Gunneas farm ad that identification of the remains would be Impossible, was made at the place yesterday afternoon. Two men ' whose Identity la not known broke Into the carriage bouse of the farm where the bodies have been placed, but were driven away by a watchman before they could do any harm. Sheriff I Bmutxer had left for Chicago earlier 1 In the day and in hia absence M. Aus 1 tlaa, chief deputy, was summoned to i the farm. Before his arrival the in u l : - m 4 . . f VI lfYi lira O City. , Word was sent to the police of that place ,and an unsuccessful ati tempt' to 'apprenena me men muo. i The day watchman at the farm said that the men claimed to be doctors and had attempted to Justify their presence oa the place on professional 1 grounds, lie ordered them from the premises, but they refused to go until they learned that Joseph Maxson. Mrs. Gunness' man-of-all-work. had been sent to summon the sheriff. The men gained an entrance to the carriage house by placing a lad ler on the south aide of the building and forcing open a window. The building stands on the of the knoll on -which the house waa built and la two stories In the roar nnl nni nn the house Side. Matt and Oscar II. Budsberg. of Iola. Wis., sons or Ola B. Budsberg, ' u.-ttn itlannsrsnM from the GUO- nesa farm la one of the mysteries of the case, arrived here at :15 ocioca yesterday afternoon. They brought with them photographs of their father and Information concerning nis movements before his departure from Iola. Matt, who Is 2 years old. and his ferother'a senior bv two years, told at the denot something of the trials through which they have passed. Budsberg Boys Talk. y father aald before he left Iola that he was , com Ins; to Laporte to work a farm here." he said in broaen Knelish. V i ! -He brought with him all the letters he bad received from Mrs. Gunness and 1809 In money. After his arrival here he raised $1,000 by selling ja mortgage note through the Farmers - State bank, of Iola. We have bad no word from him and have been work ing the family farm ever since he left In March. 07. We had a letter from Mr. Ounneaa which was addressed to my father and read aa if he had left Laporte foj- Jola.' I believe j thia letter waa Written ror tne purpose or mrow-inr Investigation off the track. I am sure that my!fathera body was one. of those: dug tup. on the rarm. mere is no trace df the $1,800 which he had In -his oosaession In April of last year That woman killed my father and took his money," The J3ud;sberg boys were accompanied front Iola I by Edwin Chap in, a business ran be that town. ' :' ! Potty ts Identified. After being taken to tha Gunness farm the bovs Tecornlaed the remains of their father. Viewing the row of dismembered bodies In the barn, the sons, weeping like children, bowea their heads and turned away, exclaim In: -Yes that's father. Poor father. There I no Question about It "Are you sure?, asked Coroner C. 8. Mack. "Ym," said Oscar, the elder brother. TVnt I know my own fatneri" ! "But then body Is in such a state f the coronet urged. "Oh. v? a. but the head la enough to convince me," i aald Budsberg. That Is my father's head. That la his hair and there la enough left of he face to assure me. i J The Identification was verified by Chapln. j Reporter's Work Important. j Proof that Mrs. Belle Gunness Is alive was established seemingly beyond a reasonable doubt ysterday. r The agent which may leai to th saltation of the mystery pf the wholesale tragedies waa an ordinary tape measure in the hands of a newspaper man. -""'" Careful measurements were taken of the headless trunk of the woman found in the ruina of tha burned home, which at first waa thought to be the body of Mrs. Gunness. j This resulted In the astounding revelation, that the dead woman waa not more than half the size or weight of tha siren who Is supposed to have lured a score of men to their death. , In ad It Ion to the convincing testimony of the tape half a dosen of the most intimate friends of Mrs. Gunness asserted with the: positiveneas of absolute conviction that the dead body waa not that of the mltreaa of the castle of death on the McClung road. The body of the dead woman, with the corpses of three children supposed to be the Gunness children, now lies In tha undertaking rooms of Austin Culler. Before it was Incased In the shroud In which it la to be interred it waa placed upon a table and taped. The head la mlaaing. the rlrht arm Is gone at the shoulder, and the right leg was burned off at the knee. The Ceah la burned off the lower limb to the knee, but the tibia la left intact to the ankle bone, where It Is broken off. . Mrs. Gunnesa, acording to her friends, was five feet, seven Inches tall. She wag excessively corpulent ani in i 'Jilisrff between 230 and $49 pounds. Lecauae of the missing head and fet be exact height of the dead wo- CTQRS, LIVING AND DEADj IN LAPORTE MYSTERY, V '1 i ' it' ! -r tit ' II JkfA sokexsen. 1 Klrat Husband ot Mra. Gunness. ni- ji-u-i j-i-r -urL-u-Lruf ji.ri-r-L-Lj-n -lu-ilrun.n. Hikn could : noi b determined. Tho' measurement from the nick to the end of) the fractured tibia at the nraje , hie wss fourS feet.slor a fraction K. Awarding to- nhysioiogtcat experta, 12 leches might bet figured as the distance frm the base Of the; neck to the crown off the head. Another two inches, or pMslbly a trifle more, might be accounted for between the ankle bone al1 the sole of the foot. By this calculation the dead woman in life was ojny five feet, two laches In height. j Body of Small Woman. i irhe dead body was not weighed, but It fwaa lifted ahd the weight estimated by the undertaker.) He declared the mitllated corpse weighed in the neighbor hod of 220 pounkla. ; figuring in fne wf ignt or the miss ing neaa. arm ana legs, u is esumaiea that he dead wpamn when alive weigh edi around 130 i pounds. 1 ilere Is the ideadly parallel of com- parison between the) measurements of the dead woman and those the meas urements of a; woman of 240 pounds, Mrs. Gunness ;welgHt, as estimated by a Chicago physician: DEAD WOMAN. MRS. GUNNESS Inches. Biceps 17 i j Inches. Biceps ...... JB Bust 38 Waist 24 Thigh .25 Flips 40 Calf ...I2H ! Bust ....46 Waist $7 Thigh ........30 Hips 64 Calf .10 wrist Wrist r The following persona, all of whom knew Mra. Guhnesal well and some of whom were her most Intimate friends. declared after fviewjng the dead body that it was nof thattof Mra. Uomess: ! Joseph Maxson. Mrs. Gunness' hired rhin at the time fef her supposed death That bdy i that of a smaller woman then I Mrs.;. Gunnesa I am sute Mrs. Gunness waa not burned to death In a firej s : Mrs. Nellie lOrlasder, 2818 South Park avenue, Chtcajro, sister of mur dted Jennie Olson f-1 examined the headless corpse carefully. I feel sure ttjla that of a. mifrh smaller woman thhn Mrs. Gunnesi. I visited Mrs. Cannes at her farm a number of tloies while nly sitter. . who was her adopted daughter, ved with her. The dead woman - Is no much more than half as broad across the shouders. i C. Chlrstofferson.1 702 ID street. La.- pOrte; Mrs.- Gunnefs closest friend- Nothing could make me believe that the body la that of Mrs. Gunesa. Mrs. Gunness could, not I have been pushed into tne corflns; In wnichi the dead wo man was placed. Mrs. Gunnesa waa twice as big aa the idead woman i ISIgward Olson.- Jennie Olson's brother The build of the dead woman was nothing IQce that of Mrs. Gunness. I jam sure .the body Is that of some one else. ! : iSwan Nicholson, nearest neighbor of Mrs. Gunnesa Mrs. Gunness is alive. She substituted a body In the hope that the mistake might! enable her to get away and hide. The dead body does hot resemble her physical proportions Inl any detail, f i i ' Mrs. Austin; Cutler, wife of the undertaker, who! knew Mrs. Gunness well FYonv the moment the body was brought to the undertaking rooms have been convinced that it waa not that of Mrs. Gunness. ! JNina out of levery 10 person lfln La- porte believe that Mrs. Gunneas Is alive. The four bodies of the woman and children were found In a heap In a corner of the cellar. Part of the nurht clothlnaf on all the hodles es raped the flre.j bnjthe garment of one DC the girls lai a stain that seems be yond question: to, be blood. There are reddish stains on the garments of the other children-! On Jthe fragment of the woman s garrceht jthere is no stain. This would indicate the: children were murdered before the house was set on fire. All the bodies were lying parallel, head and) feet; In the same direc tion. Those of the woman and one girl were on the cellar ; floor, - and the other two bodies wpre on top of them. Their . positions would have suggested they were piled there. Had Plenty I of Money. I It hu hmrt nrriuwl hv thnne who believe that the dead body found in the ruins is that ox Mrs. Gunnesa that this avaricious woihan would have sold her farm and removed f$750 from the La-porta bank) before fleeing. As an answer to this. Mr. Gustofferson estimated the ready fcasht which the woman rright have taken away with her. leav-Ingr the farm and Her small bank balance behind. J f -i Here ts a list of the money Mr. Gustofferson knows Mrs. Gunnels handled when her home was burned.: Received Tromt sale; of her Alma I avenue residence! In Austin. which she occupfied while her i : 'first husband. Made Sorenaon. i waa alive .'.... I $ S.O0Q Insurance oaf Sorison'8 life.. 8.009 Insurance on 'the life of Joseph j Gunnesa. her second husbani. $,000 L-oan which Mrs. Gunnesa told . ; Gusoff erson aha made to man 1 in Chicago. and ! which was I paid back U . . . . I 1.200 I I i r ! iTotal. .....j I $17,200 In addition to this sum. Mrs. Gunneas received Insurance! for two fires on htr Austin residence. It is thought she bleared several thousand dollars by her murders. -These items would swell the total of the money she might hav had on hand tor emergencies to $20,-000 or more. I I A witness was found late yesterday who caat some light upon the uniden titled woman! lying In the farmyard burial plot. Thlatwitneas la Jennie DUalln. Girl Disappears. "I waa walking along McClung road. said Miss DUlln.'wben I saw Mrs. Gunneas drite by toward her home, coming from : Lrfiporte. 'In the buggy with her waa a very pretty girl ot about 20 Or 22. tl should say. who hd light hair, likb tha hair of the unidentified woman. I noticed the girl aa ahe passed In spite of the fact taat Mrs. Uunnesa bad the hood ot her buggy up and the curtain closed. I -suppoeed that the girl waa a visitor, but when I ied them on the road again next Wornirf; I thought she tnight be a sawing; girl from Iaporta. j saw her one arter that. ilnqulry among tha neighbors show d the manntir in which Mrs, Gunness set about to i Isolate, herself after sho had disposed i of bar second husband and buried Umbo, ;hr farm hand, la toe barn yard. Evidently aha consU ered that It Xtmm tor her to i mm - m MOST ATROCIOUS MURDER CASE f , : ,-. v : M . y I I ' s. A ? RAY LAMPHERE come a stranger io her friends and to keep them all at; arm's length. Quarrel ia Started. Whereas, during the life of Gunness and even after the death of Limbo she had been very cordial with all the people In the country round about, she changed immediately upon starting that secre: cemetery. Her plan for arousing the antagonism was to have Jennie Olson, the adopted daughter, drive her hogs and cattle Into the yards and fields j of one farmer after another. These Intrusions were first met by mild complaints which were bitterly resented iby Mrs. Gunness. At last William Disslln asked her to pay a dollar and a half for damage done to his corn field. Her answer was abuse against Disslln and his whole family delivered n person by her. - A few days later Dlsslln's little boy on his way hoihe from school saw Mrs. Gunr.- drive his father's cattle In her own yard and close the gate. The boy ran to itell Disslln about it. and when he called for his cows Mrs. Gunness refused i to- let them go un less he Da id her five dollars. "I won't." aald Disslln. "you drove them In here yourself. "You lie." shouted Mrs. Gunness. I never saw such a. ferocious face and manner aa hers was at that moment.1 said Disslln Is describing the Incident. "I don't think i I am a coward, but I confess she alarmed me. Her rage waa ao great that a alight froth form ed on her Hps as; though she was hav rag an epileptic ! fit. Suddenly she rushed at me and throwing her wliole weight on me tried to throw me to the ground, but she did not succeed. Wanted to Kill Disalin. Run for my (revolver, Jennie,' she cried to the adopted daughter. Jennie, who never dared to disobey her. did as she was ordered, and. with a revolver in her hand. Mrs. Gunness con-fornted me. 'Lay your band on that gate and I'll shoot you down like a dog.' she said. If It had been any other woman I would have laughed, but I did not need a second look at that face to know that she meant every word she said and more. I con feas that I aualled. ! ''Well. I said, I weakly. I don't pay you $3 because I know they did not do $5 worth of damages.' Flnally we compromised on $1.50 and I was permitted to take my cattle home. This was the way Mrs. Gunness sev ered her relations with her neighbors. I SAYS BROTHER WAS MURDERED. Max Sorenson Victim of Poison Cup. PROVIDENCEJ R. I.. May 8. That his brother, Max Sofensen. formerly of this city, was one of the men slain at Laporte, Ind.. was asserted by Ivan Sorensen, of thisj city, yesterday. He says that Max Sorenson was murdered through th medium of a poison ed cup. and that; with his last breath he accused his wife. Ivan Sorenson left here to-day, for Chicago, where he will aid the police. Max Sorenson j became acquainted with the woman, now better known as Mrs. Gunness, through her advertise ment In a matrimonial - paper. She was registered i In a ; matrimonial agency and the correspondence waa undertaken by them both at the time. which was several years ago. resulted In: their marriage. Sorenson going west to meet her.i Not : long after their marriage, while they were living In Austin, he took ;out a life Insurance; policy amounting; to $3,500, naming his wife the beneficiary. Later she Induced him to Increase the insurance to $8,500. ! It Is asserted here that while the negotiations for the larger policy were pending, the arrangements not hav ing been quite completed, Sorenson cancelled the smaller policy without his wife's knowledge. He died suddenly before the papers; concerning the heavier Insurance were made out. and his wife failed to profit by the Insurance. The certificate gave heart disease, as the cause of Sorenson's sudden death. j Learning of the suspicious circum stances relating to the man's death, his relatives here instituted an Investigation, but not until a few weeks after the funeral. After more delay an In quest was ordered, but through some technicality the body waa not disinterred and the Inquest came to naught. The relatives, ; still not satisfied. raised a fund and set out on their quest for information. Ivan, a nephew, and another brother, who has since died, went to Chicago and spent considerable time In tha bunt for-dews. They declare 'that ther found a woman who had lived in ths house with Max and his wife, and that she told them a story which made them mora than aver certain that their relative waa murdered. sasfasaasasBsr,S,wi?sjB ' -.. . . ..... - V. , , . . -. .- e - . 4-'.: .,- v .( .... . .. . - t r ' -1 , READING JUS BIBLI3. -Courtimr Chicago Trlbuns. On th4 day of his death, Sorenson, according to this woman, was apparently as well aa ever. As he; and his wife were together In one pf the rooms of their tenement, the woman asserted, she saw Mra Sofenson had her husband a cup containing some liquid. The arlass had hardly touched his Hps. when It fell to the floor, and Sorenson. stag-gfrlnjr backward said, "Belle, you ha ve i . Further speech was cut off from the woman fwho told the tale of a sudden closing of the door. What followed within the chamber of death will never be known, but In a short time Mrs. Sorenson came out and told the neighbors that her husband died suddenly of heart disease. He was buried the next day. It Is asserted, with undue haste. CHICAGO POLICE SUSPICIOUS. Assistan-t Chief of Police Schuettler Thinks Sorenson Was Murdered. CHICAGO. May 8. Coroner Hoffman and Assistant Chief of Police Schuetlei have satisfied themselves that Max Sorenson, first husband of Mrs. Belle Gunneas. who died In Austin, eight years ago, -was murdered by poison, j The body will be exhumed aa soon as a coujrt order can be obtained. Evl-0 which to base such an order was! found yesterday: It also was learned that Sorenson, like maay of the other and later victims. " met her through a matrimonial advertisement-Charles Kampp, an undertaker, who erab lmad Sorenson's body, waa called Into conference with Schuettler. the coroner jand Dr. Harold N. Moyer. the expert pathologist. He said he did not use arsenic in his work. Records of the post-mortem on Sorenson's bodv which was held upon the heart and liver on Sept. 3. 1900. are n-t avllable. It waa performed by Drs. J. T. Niel and Louis Springer, of the coroner" staff. Dr Noel died soon af-t -ward I and his widow was unable yesterday to find his private papers, which might reveal what his findings were in detail. It Is known that he recommended that inquest be held. This recommendation was founded on an Investigation which did not Include ail analysis of the stomach or intestine. Relatives who instigated the disinterment were unwilling to pay $250 for Jan expert's work. It Is to examine these portions of the body that a second exhumatlo . probably will be made. The record of Sorenson's death was found in the offices of the county clerki They show that Sorenaon was dead after two hours' Illness. D. J. B. Miller was inot called until half an hour before death, and Sorenson. In the throes of terrible agonies, was unattended for an hour and a half, following his Sudden illness. There is no record, except In the police books of the old town of Austin, of the deaths of the two Sorenson children. The children died of colitis, which Is Inflammation of the large Intestine, a disease that may be superinduced by poison. Caroline, eight years old. died on Aug. 24. 189: an Infant daughter died on April 10. 1808. : ! Detectives were Instructed to lesrn whether I Caroline -was Insured. Assistant Chief Schuettler believes it will be found that she was. ! i . BOUGHT POISON IN CHICAGO. Druggist Identifier Mrs. Gunnesa aa Woman Who Wanted Morphine. CHICAGO. May Mrs. Belle Gun ness. of! Laporte. bought her poisons In Chicago. She ; was posttivelv Identified Uat night from several of her photographs i and the 'officinal description as a wo- ' man whp was frequently seen In the neighborhood of Wabash avenue and : Hsrrtson street as recently as four months jago and who attempted to purchase; morphine in a drug store at 359 Wabash avenue. j Alfred 1M. Levi, the proprietor of the , drug store, stated that there can be no mistake about it It Is the aame ! woman who vainly sought to purchase morphine from cim. He refused to sell her the drug and . mYim mrmtd inrrr mrinm that never had trouble buying It before. Levi aaked her what ahe wanted it for and he said that she was an habit ual user! ot tne narcotic. Thla statement Lnvl says Is untrue. His long experience as a druggist In that district has familiarlxed him with dm nends aad be aays that tha woman's eyes, w&icn be noticed particularly, y. ", . - f OF THE CENTURIES PHILIP S. GUNNESa. Second Husband of Arch-Murderess. gave absolute proof that she waa not addicted to the morphine habit. NO MARRIAGE AT MINNEAPOLIS. Records Do Not Show Lloenss Issued for Belle Gunness. By Associated Prm MINNEAPOLIS. Minn., May 8. A careful search of the marriage license records here for many years falls to reveal any license Issued for the marriage of Belle Gunness, of Laporte. Ind. Minneapolis police have, however, received from Laporte, charred photographs bearing the mark of a Minneapolis photographer. The likenesses have been destroyed, but are believed to be those of the woman and her husband, who met her and were married in Chicago. FIND SWAN HILDA GUNNESS. . Girl Kidnaped to 8ave Her From Own Mother. By Associated Presa. JANESVTLLE, Wis.. May 8. Swan-hi Ida Gunness, daughter of the second husband of M.s. 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Tha; local pojloe decided to-day that they will not dig up tha premises occupied by Mrs. Gunness In the suburb of Austin until they have received some further proof that ortrne were committed walla aha ' lived there. There Is at present no evidence In that direction. FARMERS FEAR AGED MAN Elkhart 8heriff Takes Charge of William Robinson. The Trtbuae's Special BTiic. GOSHEN. Ind.. May 8. An aged man. claiming to be William W I Hard Robinson and who aays he waa once taken to the lnaane asylum from South Bend Is now In the charge of the sheriff at the county Jail. Robinson la 75 years old. Be was taken Into ciiatody last evening when farmer residents telephoned the sheriff that an insane nhan was In their locality. On Roblna4n's person were found newspaper clippings containing a review of his career. He fa exceptionally Intelligent and claims to have been once connected with the Louisville' Courier-Journal. Robinson's mind wanders to auch an extent that not much can be told of hia past life but he aald he waa taken from St. Joseph county to Logansport by an officer named Cassldy. South Bend officers were Informed and are making an effort to locate the man's relatives. AGREES TO PLEAD GUILTY Marsh Confers With Brother in Elk hart Jail. The Tribune's Special Brvlc. GOSHEN. Ind., May 8. After B. p. Marsh, of CaSsopolls, Mich- had conferred with hia brother William ! V. Marsh last night who is In the Elkhart county Jail charged with bigamy, the prisoner agreed to plead guilty In the superior court at Elkhart to-morrow and will make no defense. I Marsh waa arrested In Detroit, flch-several days ago on complaint of i his legal wife at Allegan. Mich. It Is believed that Marsh will be given 'the minimum sentence since he has agreed to plead guilty and waive his right to a trial. Both of his wives will be present when he Is arraigned in the superior court at Elkhart to-morrow morning. 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