The South Bend Tribune from South Bend, Indiana on May 6, 1908 · 1
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The South Bend Tribune from South Bend, Indiana · 1

South Bend, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 6, 1908
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j : I - I Tuesday's Circulation, 9,392. THIRTY-FIFTH YEAR. SOUTH BEND, INDIANA, TEpNESDAY EVENING, MAY 6, 1903. PRICE TWO CENTS. 11 I -11 " , I I f- . - ' ( :i- tout i I 1 ! is. cuss iffBELEiff r TO BE ALIlE AND IN HIDING 111 ill- !! AUTHORITIES ARE OF OPINION? THAT ALLEGED f MUR DERESS DID NOT MEET OF HER HOME AND SHE APPLIED TORCH. V . ij . j J FOUR MORE BODIES Officers Work on Theory That Chicago to Woman's Farm man Beings, Which Were Barn BULLETIN. LAPORTE, Ind., May 6 -4:15 rj. m. This aftefnorv two additional bodies were found, making four to-day and nine since yesterday, a tota lof 13. Of the two bodiel found late to-day one was evidently that was Impossible to distinguish or a woman. Both of them were ifouiid in a hold where the last body was found, i LAPORTE, Ind., May 6. The gang the Gunness lot this morning under the direction of j Sheriff Smutzler came upon another spot within six feet If die spot where yesterday four bodies were unearthed arid upon digging three feet underground struck a wooden J liox which fell to pieces as their spades hit iti Upon taking away! the dirt the men found the skeleton of a man lying face down ward. . ; . The body discovered In the carelessly. On top of it was debris Including a tin stoye, evi dently a baby's plaything. I ! J. JIM Sheriff Smulzer to-day commenced Investigation Into the disappearance of Ole Budsberg, of lola, Wis.j who came here In March, 1907. He was in comjiahyj with Mrsf Gunness on a visit to the Laporte Savings-bank, where he fdipo$ited a note for SI, 000 to begpllected By the Farmers' State bank, of lola, Wis. The note was paid April 6, 1907,1 and Budsberg received $1,000 from the Laporte bank. He has never been seen since that time. M i I I 0 Closely Inquiry dispels the theory! that one of the bodies found yesterday was Budsberg. He was taller than the man found yesterday. A. K. Helgelgin, the brother j of Andrew, yesterday declared himself positive that the body was that of his brother, but this afternoori he I says he is not certain. Dr. Myer, the coroner said: M j t f I' "The body identified yesterday as that of Andrew Helgelgin bears no resemblance whatever of him. Helgelgin disappeared about the first of the jyear and if he was buried then his body by now would of course be badly decomposed. The fragments of the body which, was dug up yesterday: are in excellent condition. The skin; Is apparently- fresh; there Is not a particle of evidence of any iembalming jflutd. The lungs are clean and healthy and the whole body looks to me to be In as excellent condition as if the man had died yesterday. ' M 1 f Si : "Furthermore the dismemberment was not done by any carpenter. It was the work of an expert anatomist. The arms and legs are severed with clean straigh) xyts. The shoulder joints were, disarticulated ;by somebody t familiar with such work. There is not, In) my opinion, any probability that the body is that'of Helgelgin; as it is in such shape that a positive identification would j be the easiest ithing in the world." ' 111 ; f 1 I j j- CHICAGO, May 6. Coroner Peter M. Hoffman Has taken official cognizance of one phase I of the Laporte,! Ind., murders, and to-day said that if evidence of murder should be) advanced he would exnume me a former husband of Mrs. Bella ly. . - (By Staff Correspondent.) LAPORTE, Ind. May . From out of the mass of tangled and sensational evidence which Indicates that Mrs. Belle Gunnes, was one of the most monstrous murderesses of the century and that her beautiful and well kept farm a mile northeast of Laporte was a clearing house of assassination and crime, there developed to-day the startling theory that the alleged inhuman woman did not die In the fir which destroyed her home -on the night of April 2 and that she Is still alive and In hldin- probably In Chicago. This theory Is strengthened by the fact that the head t the body of the woman found In the ruins of the Gunness home after the Are. Is still missing although every effort has been made by the authorities to locate It even to solas; through the charred timbers piece by piece. Unless the DEATH JN DESTRUCTION Mi I ARE DISCOVERED Five Trunks Shipped : From Contained Remains of Hu Consign ed to Graves in Yard; of a woman andthe Other it whether it was that Joffa man to of men excavating on j- j- HI! box had been I dumped in tne poay or max oronson, Gunness, who jdjedf sudden had is found to-day,;Jthe' officers will probably exmtaae the feraalns of Mrs. Gunners and subject ihem to a more i t . a 11 H j careful examination t learn whether i i - s w i oi not the woman I was herself killed lrj the fire or had substituted the re. mains of one of tkef female victims for (herself and then II set; fire to the hbuse In order to Sbvjfr up the career oi crime which the .authorities bus- Vfct has been carrd oajfor s period of JO years. Xa cafe it 1 proved that i . i lit i Mrs. Gunness did substitute the body o another woman ffqjr iter own. it la verjr likely that se wa also guilty of the deliberate sjidj! flndlsh ; murder of her three little h0dntn, the oldest of Which was - Just! u'ndejr -12 Tears. I Never before haaithls -.part of the . f i ; s i', I ' state been so , excited by a criminal i i 1 . 1 a. ie I case and all day yesterday and to day a stream of nswspafr men from throughout th wettjxmared Into this III jj W Q P iW yreJs I s,asMmsjs. hut iti ii i II mmmmttmimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmtmmmmmmmm I K Istrfl at Th- Trtbnn OftlM. I which will go down In hletory as a rival I for the Bender 4ae in Kansas, i ! : J Eight Bodies Unearthed. With seven bodies already unearth- ' i i i ed. a force of men under the direction of Sheriff Bmultser and Coroner Mack, i ! Is sflll ! searching In the hope of fndlnjg other victims of the arehiflni. so cunningly lured to their death because of this woman's lust -for gold. That more bodies will be found, is h firm belief of every person In this pretty little city and especially of the officers. They have the mystery of five trunks shipped from Chicago to tiie Gunness farm to solve and they are determined to find its solution. I Mystery of Trunks. These trunks all arrived In Laporte during the last four months and in i view of the developments of yesterday and to-day It Is very probable that they contained human bodies, which now He hidden in some secluded spot on the Gunness farm. It is the opin ion pt the authorities Mrs. Gunness has accomplices in Chicago and that af ter prospective victims had been lured f to tjiat lty to be robbed and murder ed their i bodies were shipped to this ;i I cityj in Order to keep, the Chicago police froii gaining khowlepe of the crimes. ! After finding the sixth body to-day the iwork ef excavation was stopped until after noon, In order to allow the fcoroher to arrive at the farm. It Is believM, however, that more bodies will be found to-day as several ribs were picked up during the work of the ;momlng. which did not belong to any; of the bodies previously found. First One In Bsd Shspe. The - first corpse disinterred to-day was: so badly decomposed that it is impossible to state whether It Is that of a man or woman until a more care-ful examination has been made of the bones. An examination ! made to-day of the two bodies which were yester day! supposed to be those of the children has revealed that they are adults and probably men. There Is at i I present no possible clew to their Identity.! They have evidently been burled for several years, AH of them were dismembered In the same manner as that of th man supposed to be Helgelgin, whioh was dug up Tester-day.-. a4- X. Helgelgin tnsMs to-day that he body la that ef bis brother. while Dr. Myr 6clret tht tfc dlf-ference jbetween Helgelgin' s description and the characteristics j of the corpse 3 1 i found yesterday are so great as to males It impossible for the body to be that of Andrew Helgelgin. The digging In the yard was con tinued this afternoon with the result that he! seventh body was discovered. Jin autopsy held to-day on the bo- dies of two men, one girl and two i I children unearthed yesterday showed that all had been murdered. The bo- i i i dies not dismembered were found to have holes in the skull. j j Sheriff Looks for More. Following the autopsy Sheriff Smut- sef discovered three disturbed spots similar: to those from which the five bodies were dug up yesterday. The work of digging at these disturbed spots was begun. The sheriff notified the Chicago po lice to j be on the lookout for a gang In khatjclty believed to be In the wholesale murder business for purposes of colectiing Insurance. ; The ; gang is believed to have dls- i i posed Of part of the bodies in Laporte. I i i On April 25. two days before her home 4 I was burned. Mrs. Gunness received by exlpress from Chicago four large trunks. What the contents were has not been learned. Sheriff Smutser Is confident, however, thai they contained bodies! of murderer! people shipped here from Chicago. This leads the authorities to suspect that Mrs. Gunness conducted a is i "murder fence" to dispose of bodies of persons murdered In . Chicago for their life insurance. ijTo-day It Is the Intention of the authorities to remove the cement floor oi the basement of the ruined Gun. ness house. They have already torn down a portion of a false wall which witts discovered yesterday afternoon j while newspapermen were searching the burned mass of timbers In the hopes ' of finding , further evidence against the woman. The officers at- Indiana Republican Platform Planks WATZKWAYSj ARID LANDS AND FORESTS. We favor; a systematic, progressive and liberal improvement of our Canals, rivers and har bors, and an adequate annual appropriation therefor is hereby recommended. We favor the continuance and extension of the , reclamation service by which the arid lands of the United States are made productive. We also favor the preservation and conservation of our forests in the interest of adequate supply, for navigation and for the protection of the timber sup ply of the country. PRINCIPALS AND VICTIMS IN GUNNESS 5 f ."v. j i .... ? r - A i f ' ANDREW tentlon f was first attracted to the cement floor In the basement by reports to the effect that when Mrs. Gunness - i had it laid j she acted In a mysterious manner and refused to allow any visitor toj her home to enter the cellar way. These reports, however, am not reach the sheriff and coroner until last night and It was for this reason that the examination of the floor and wall was postponed until to-day. Aecomplioe of Mrs. Gunness. i In Uie light of the late develop ments pt the case, public opinion re garding the guilt of Ray Lam ph ere. who Is! being held on a charge of mur- - i derlng f Mrs. Gunness and her chil dren, is slowly changing and some doubt Is new expressed as to the guilt of the! man. The offlcera however, are firm In their belief that Lamphere Is as deep In the mire as Mrs, Gunness snd Chat hs was her willing accomplice. Bute's Attorney Smith Is of to fcavs obtained some kind of merit from Lamphere which he states ft sufficient to convict the prisoner, but be absolutely refuses to give any Information to. the press. Usmphere Hears sf News. Ray Lamphere was not told of the finding of, the five bodies nntll last night iand then Information was carried ti him by State's Attorney Smith. That Official, with a past master's art. led up to the details of the discovery and s4 worked on the feelings of the stoic that he practically collapsed before the terrible Interview was at an end. My? God," he cried, "is Is at bad as that. ! I always thought there was something wrong, but I didn't think It could j be as - bad as that." Laniphere Is being closely watched and He will probably be moved from the Laporte county jail to the Michigan c'lty prison before nightfall There are n threats of mob violence In this peaceful little city and the business district does not even Indicate that the t4wn is to-day the center of at-ractloh of the entire country- At the Gunness if arm, however, there is a very different scene. All t"- yesterday abd to-day the grounds In the vicinity! of j the ruined home, have been the gathering place of hundreds of i I men, (women and children, all attracted tWere j by their morbid curiosity to THE WEATHER. j Geveraasest ObMrretleas. Br Aafoclated Presa Tb TrUiiu'i alf-rslterlns' thermometer Indicated 41 decrees above sero at ( o'clock this mornlss. mazlmam tempera-tare feeterday It above sero at 11 a. m.. mtoliqum 41 at a m. . Uwl Obecrratl s. CHICAOO. May a Forecast sattl T p. m. Timredajr follow. Fori Indiana Showers and cooler to-nlfht; Thuraflar itreneraJly (air and eooler. Lower Mlchlaa Showers to-nt(ht aad poaalbly Thursday. BATS THE TRIBCXS FOLLOW TOC. Xn arranrlas Tor jroar ausuaer vaoa-tloa.. a 1 aot fall, before learlns home, to erdet The Tribune to follow foil, tt will be mailed to aay address la the United Steles sad outside of South Bend, poetace prepaid, for II cents a week. The address wUI be chaased as flea as desired. Bead ordsrs to the Jtrcslatloa department ; telephoas STL 1 '' . ,j.'',"'i4'4't'VvV j . '""-s- 4- ' - '- r.t' - . MURDER MYSTERY NEAR LAPORTE, IND. V I . 1 V ; ---- i r. . : -J- ; , " -i HELGELGIN. get a glimpse of the bodies which have been locked In the big red barn. Their wishes, however, were not gratified as the coroner and sheriff refused to allow anyone to view the remains. To Joseph Maxson, the hired man of Mrs. Gunness belongs the credit for unearthing the bodies. It was this man who led the officers to the spot where Helgelgin lay burled in a gunny sack and who then directed them to another spot where the bodies of Jennie Olson and the three unknown persons were found. Maxson Gives Information. Maxson, however, did not volunteer any information concerning the burial places of the murdered victims of Mrs. Ounness until after being put through a cross fire of questioning by John Heldgren, who having learned that his brother did not go to Sweden as stated by Mrs. Gunness, became suspicious and came to Laporte to learn If the missing- man had not been a victim of foul play. With Sheriff Bmulser, be went to the Gunness farm and after finding Maxson, gradually drew from him facts which further' tended to confirm his suspiclona During the interview Maxson dropped a remark about having dug holes in in the hog pen at the direction of Mrs. Gunness, but that they had been filled in by the woman when he was absent from the farm. Both 'Teldgren and Sheriff Smulxer Jumped at the clew and at 9: SO o'clock yesterday morning began digging about 150 feet from the site of the house within a short time their efforts were rewarded by the discovery of a gunny sack filled with some heavy object. It was opened and there to their horror was revealed the body of the missing man In a fairly good state of preservation. Recognizes His Brother. "That's my brother, I recognize his face and hair" said Heldgren with an effort. An examination of the body revealed that It had been decapitated and dismembered, the work evidently being that of an expert, the legs, arms and head having been severed as clean as a surgeon could have done. The body was removed from the grwe, placed in a large wicker basket and carried to the barn, where Heldgren further Identified the remains as those of his brother by the filling of the teeth. Maxson was then ordered to point out other holes which he had dug and he led the searchers to a spot about 35 feet southeast of the Heldgren grave. With! a a few minutes the skeletons of three adult persons were revealed, being less than four feet beneath the surface of the earth. Theyj were resting In a mattress which evidently had been dragged from the house. With this removed from the hole, the officers were further startled by the finding of a skeleton of a child, apparently about 15 years old and supposed to be the remains of Jennie Olson, adopted daughter of Continued on Page Eighteen. 4 ' . it' ' " . Me -Vj?v.- Zfr 1 j " . " ... RAY LAMPHERE. MRS. BELLE GUNNESS. JENNIE OLSON, MAY BE DEADLOCK AT LOUISVILLE FAIRBANK'8 DELEGATES FOR CONTE8T. LOOK TAFT LEADERS STRONG Supporters of Secretary Still Hope to Send Solid Delegation to Chicago From "Bluegrass" State-Many Conflicts. LOUISVILLE, Ky., May . The republican state convention to elect delegates to Chicago will meet here late this afternoon. The Fairbanks' dele- ; gates say there will be a contest from ! the start. j The Taft leaders claim to be sure i of organizing the convention and of sending a solid Taft delegation to Chicago. There are enough contests. It Is said, to make necessary the holding of a two days convention unless the steering committee succeeds In having all contests referred to committees and not fought out on the floor. ELKHART MAN SUICIDE. J. C. Brown Kills Himsslf at insing. Mich. By Associated Prasa. LANSING, Mich.. May C. J. C. Brown, of Elkhart, Ind.. committed suicide in his room at the Detroit hotel here by stopping all the cracks and turning on the gas. FORT WAYNE SHOWS LOSS School Enumerstion in Allen County Has Falling Off. By Associated Press FORT WAYNE, Ind.. May 6. The city school enumeration Ju.t completed shows 1,08". a loss of 547 from last vt-ar. Dividend is Declared. By Associated Prwss. NEW YORK. May . The Ameri- ! can Tobacco company to-day declared a quarterly dividend of 2 1-2 per cent and an extra dividend of S per cent. This is unchanged from the corresponding quarter last year. Hotel Man Takes Precaution. Toe Tribace's Special Serrjce. WARSAW. Ind.. May . Ropes have been placed at the windows of all upstairs rooms in the Hotel Hays, this city, the proprietor, William W. Reed, having taken warning from the destruction of the New Avellne hotel in Port Wayne. Ind. , Tb Tribun Is delivered to any part of the city for 12 cents a week. Order far ' brr may be left at Tb Tribun oOcc. j U D SON HARMQII IS NAMED III OHIO OHIO DEMOCRAT SELECT TO HEAD TICKET. HI1VT TOM JOHNSON j DEFEATED Two Ballets All That are Neeeeeery in Settling Contest In Columbus Convtntlorv-i-Plstform Is Adopted. BULLETIN. COLUMBUS, 0 May Harmon was neminstd for oevsmor on the second bsllot. The bellots were as followst First bsllot Harmon 463 j Pemer ene, 381; Sherwood 4 and Sandles 97. Second bsllot Harmon 612j Pomer ene, 363) Sandles 79.; By Associated Press. COLUMBUS. O May . The demo cratic state conveiWjon to nominate a full state ticket and the "Big Four to represent the Ohio democracy av the national convention met at the Goodale street auditorium to-day: at , 10 o'clock. The convention was call- 1 ed to order by Temporary Chairman Edward H. Moore, of Youngstown, . who announced the following pro gramme would be carried through; Adoption of a platform. Report of committee on permanent organisation. Nominations for governor, lieutenant , governor, two Judges of the supreme court, secretary of state, auditor of state, treasurer, attorney-general, two members of the board of public works, dairy and food commissioners, commissioner of common schools, clerk of suy re me court, candidate for United States senate, four delegates at large to the democratic rational convention and two presidential electors. Johnson is Undismsyed. The defeat of Mayor Tom L Johnson, of Cleveland, lsst night did not dlscoursge him and he announced today that he will carry the fight against Judson Harmon, of Cincinnati, to the floor of the convention. Johnson's attack upon Harmon provoked the latter and be telephoned Michael Devanney from Cincinnati that he was determined to win the nomination for governor. If possible, and that he la In the race to stay until the last ballot. Johnson's bitter attack has Incensed the friends of Harmon and the prediction was freely made early to-day that there will be a lively time on th floor of the convention before the adjournment. I The democratic state platform as Informally agreed upon early to-day by the committee on resolutions strongly Indorses William Jennings Bryan and Instructs the delegates at large to vote for htm. Th unit rule la provided for. The j other provisions follow: Direct rote for United States senator on the Oregon plan. The Initiative and referendum Is recommended In Its strongest form for state, county and municipality, with the majority of the votes cast on a question to rule. An employers' liability, child labor and eight hour laws are urged. Direct labor instead of the contract system Is recommended for. all publlo work. Temperance Is Ignored. No temeprance or anti-temperance plank Is provided for .An effort to get In as much of a temperance plank as Indorsement of legislation recommended by the late Gov. John M. Pattlson falle-1. the plank being buried in subcommittee. National Issues are not alluded to. except as they affect the tate. In other respects they are referred to the national convention. Congress li" asked for a nine foot stage of water In the Ohio river. The investigations made of state institutions by the reeral assembly are alluded to, especially the work of the Howe senate committee, which Investigated the state treasury, auditor's office and other state departments. The record of those members of the general assembly who were guided by those principles alvocatd by the democratic partv are Indorsed. Home rule and; the principles of self-government are referred to as desirable in a special plank. It Is recommended tnat resolution of sympathy be sent to ez-Presldent Grover Cleveland because of his serious illness. Ben L Heidlngsfeld. of Hamilton county, was chairman and Charles O. Duffy, of Pickaway county, secretary. Both are Harmon men. NEW ASPHALT FOR WASHINGTON STREET City Engineer Hammond to Furnish Specifications. City Engineer Hammond was this morning asked for specifications for the repaying of - West Washington street. He expects to have them ready for the Friday meeting of the Board of public works. This terminates tio muf h mooted question relative to the relaying of asphalt oh the foregoing street. The board will advert e for bids in a short time. M. L Townley and W. B. Brady, representing the Barber company were in thi city this mornioo; and had a long discussion with ih board members r-d City Attorney Dunnahfw. It is not known conC'"nil( ? the present pavinu or reimbursement thereof, or if any agreement was reached. That firm laid the psvmnt originally and 111 in all probability be the strongest contender for ho new contract. Charles Frank No Bettsc The condition of Charles Frank, wh was injured in an automobile accident -some days aro. remains unchanged. He is unconscious most of the time and suffering is only allayed by the administration of opiates. Latin Peeverfa. Better slip with LU foot lbaa with th toagu. 8 I r it ( -4 . i

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