The South Bend Tribune from South Bend, Indiana on April 29, 1908 · 1
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The South Bend Tribune from South Bend, Indiana · 1

South Bend, Indiana
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Wednesday, April 29, 1908
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THIRTY.FHTn YEAE. SOUTH BEND, INDIANA, WEDNESDAY EVENING, APRIL 29, 1903. PEIOE TWO JiNTS. - 1 1 -j-1 - ' KEYSTOItE STATE IS FOR PHIL KIIOX PENNSYLVANIA 8UPP0RT8 SENATOR FOR PRESIDENCY. ROOSEVELT IS ENDORSED Platform Upholds Policy of Administration, DoeIara for Tariff Re-. vision and Favors Chasta Currency. - B Aeeoetated Preoa HARRISBURO, Pa, April 29.The republican state convention met hero to-day to name one candidate for Judge of the superior court, tour delegates at large and four .alternates to the national convention at, Chicago and 14 presidential electors. Not In years has there been such a quiet state political gathering. In the face of this condition there was a .suprlslngly full attendance of, delegates. This was explained by a leader to be due to the fact that a state committee Is to be chosen and the desire to secure places on this bodyhas Induced the county leaders to come here with their followers. ' At 10:J0 a. m.. State Chairman Andrews called the gathering to order, and after the reading of the call for the convention and the calling of the roll, the delegates were ready for business. : Knox Men In Evidence The backers of Senator Knox for the presidential nomination, led by Congressman James F. Burke, of Pittsburg, were much In evidence. Before the convention there was a parade of the Knox men which attracted a great crowd. State Senator Joseph A. Lang-fit t. of Pittsburg, was chosen temporary chairman. The convention burst Into cheers when he. In a brief speech, mentioned the name of Philander C. Knox, aa the favorite son of Pennsylvania In the presidential race.' " " The platform - adopted, by the republican convention Indorsed President Roosevelt's administration, instructed for Knox for the presidential nomination, favored tariff revision and favored an elastic currency. s By unanimous consent It wss decided that whUe the committees on resolutions, permanent organisation and credential are deliberating the nominating speeches shall be heard by the convention. -. For 'Local Option. Before the nommatmg-speeches were begun. . Julius - Q. Bone, of ' Lackawanna, offered a resolution pledging the party to a local option policy. Under the rules It was referred to the resolutions committee without being read. - - - ' ' ; : ALABAMA REPUBLICANS MEET. Anti-Administration Forces Gather at Birmingham. ."-By Associated Proas. BIRMINGHAM. Ala, '-April 29. The republican state convention of the antt-svlmlnlitratlon faction, headed by Julius Davidson, chairman, met this afternoon. Chrales H. Scott. Alabama member of the national committee. Is In the city and will probably participate In ' the convention proper ita mmnUttan or advise with the leaders. . . Almost every district In the state will be represented and the credential committee is not expected to have mucn or - uik m iif i-port. The representation la based on the vote for Roosevelt and Fairbanks in 104. the nine districts being allowed 239 votes. The leaders are advocating an unlnstructed delegation to the Chicago national convention. A number of resolutions have been prepared for presentation, among them being an endorsement of the republican administration, but crltl-clam of the effort to name the candidate for the republican presidential nomination In June. A new state committee will be organised at the convention. Representatives from other states are here watching the Proceedings In the Interest of other presidential candidates. WANTS r.OOSEVELT AGAIN. Vermont Republican Asks for Endorsement of President. By Aesorlatod Presa i BURLIXOTON. VU April S9. With the four leaders of the Vermont delegation to Chtcago erreed upon anJ with no definite contest over resolutions, nearly all the delegates to tha republican state convention here today seemed to anticipate harmonious action, although F. J. Hapgood de clared this forenoon that he snouia again present his resolution, defeated yesterday In the first district convention. rquestli.a the delegates to Chicago, If feasible, to use every effort to obtain the renomlnatlon of Kresldent Roosevelt. JWSuak .. nreaented fmtUp,oVwt?oT.uS ; Mr. Ila to the comm ntght and was rejected. The commit- I ?MmlS frT. if 1 muorm,r of the committee who had not been able r:Z,,:: -H k w ari. to attend the meeting last nignt. LIBERALS ARE 8UC -SSFUU I J L av U.l tea D A I! awl 2am Indiana a.innx w mm m,ae . s as - - wa m Prlmarifv Dr Aaaolat4 rraaa. . EVANSVIIXE, InL. April , 2f Returns front yesterday's primaries show that tha democrats polled about one- fifth of their strength and the repuo- Ucans about one-half. The liberal candidates were successful at the rate. of about four to one. Rev. J. H. Ssmla Mcderator. 8y Awxli4 rraa. ' TERRE HAUTE, Ind AprU . Rev. John ' II. Bammla, rof Sullivan, was elected - moderator of the Vln-eennee Presbytery to-day. Rev. T. A. Wtrglnton,' of EvansvtMe, retiring moderator, delivered the annual sermon last night. One hundred minis-' lers from southwestern. Indiana ara present. . . WINS SUIT. Court Awsrds' Him! SS30 for Burying . , RIcK; Warsaw j Man. ! 1 1 The Tribune's Spil BefrtpaJ' J ' WARSAW, IaL. April 5.A Jury in the Kosciusko Jrcjajltiurt late f yes terdav returned a verdict for the jcomj plalnanf la the - cM jtft UaderUMr K. X Rhodes, of Warsaw, against Wilbur ! S. j Mowery,f is f administrator of the estate of Elijah flay a, who, during his! life time donated f 100,000 to the Methodist Mission: board. Mr. Rhodes! was awarded $6l9 for furnish ing a casket ana burying: we remains of Mr. i Hays. f It was shown Ruling the trial ; of the case that Mr. Hays shortly before his death requested that he -be interred In casket In every partlculrr simillar the remains of his to the one In whlcb-j wife were buried.!: carried out. !i Thef Ills wishes! were defense sought to show that James Si Cook, as guardian of . Elijah Hay, had i! no legal i right to purchase i a Scofflal fter hiaward was dead. . g ,f -S, "g jj !f j-5 - . j ; BANK MAKfS I ASSIGNMENT Kentucky Flnancral 4 Institution Haa Deposits of fSOWMJOO. BrAtiMUttdFrtM. l ;; owENSBORQ. S:yU April 29 Tie Javles County Bhfc iahd Trust com pany, which declined deposits and suspended cash payejnentf several; days ago. last night JRled a ! deed of general assignment iny the j! Dav less county court, naming- Ijenry Clin as assignee. MM Cline toole cbarjre I Of the i bank's affairs; to-day - .$t ijij I S '4 ?fi! I The I bank has a capital f stock f $50,000; ani deposits ' of over $61O,O0O. S. T. - Anderson I ipri&sldent of the institution. -M l jjij -r The assignment ? f the Paviess County bank followed: the; assignment of the Oweasboro Savings Bank and Trust company, Thjs f bank had ! a capital stock of 1600.000 and deposits Jof over $1,000,000.! James II. ParHh is presiaeni : or. ine saTingaDann. ELKHART1AUT0 ' "V'r 5 1 i ! ! IN'A SMASHrUP .J j .; . ', i I CHARLES E. FRANK, AN ATTOR-j NEY, SERIOUSLYi INJURED IS Machine Driven 8Y J. ;W. Fieldhouse, One of Conn? Party, In Aecl- I dsn.' Charles K.' Frank, a well known attorney if BkhartJ whot participated In given Hon. Charles the demonstration O. Conn, of .Klkhart, I to-day. wbs e-rlousjy Injured, thi afternoon 1 about I :. --.-i i, i i !!- two And one-half! miles west ; of the city, 'in an automobile i accident! tv The accident occurred while a big red Columbia car the; was-In was ire- :-T. ; ' I s i t ' turning from escorting ; former i Con '? It . ! : . t I gressm&n Conn and j party from this city 1 westward, t Several broken and It : Isl thought 1 his spine la Injured. lie, war fakn ."to this fcity In the Nelson Ii Jones private, am-bulahce and was removed to Epworth hospltaL ! 2 ll u I t I The machine, which; was driven! by J. W. Fieidho'us, ras- moving fat ! the rate! of about 25 titles an hour. ? A'de- f ;. : ' I f . presston - In , - the i Michigan Central tracjks was unobserved: and the big; car struck it with-: fcc4 and bounded fully lS-feet In th alf,f I ! t ' ! I - i i t ; It) came down right -side up but Mr. Frank; Dr. ilsenbelsi. who Is postmaster at Elkhart, land Dr. F $. Carl- I i ton,-Lho.werc: rldJns; on the bak ieat, wer all .thrown; ot, , Mr. Frank jwaa' thei only one seriously ,J injured, : but the I others were; badly bruised j and shaken uo. 1 V ' ' I ill I rxanx ewjT. D occupied lje front seat with Mr. 1f4d)itusf; flfij across the; steering geaf land prevented the drifer from ha vng control of the I ma-rhlae. which shot forward and cut the m heels off;pf farm wagon Irt the way, but dfd; net, dmsge thej box or hurt anyone ' Hrt XX A jaugliert, of this city . hastenodi m the scene: and gae attention Iwrttll j an examination Ik? 'ft !'! tt ? u - .: i - can be mad at hospital, - ' The automobile j waa not seriously damged antwaV able to continue the ruii after making k few repairs. I barbecOefpr; gary, ind. I Itiii n , I i : St f; ! ,. -a -I i : Democratic Conveniens te be Made - Oeeajtien ef Cslsbratlen, j The TrttsiM'r.PpHa'l Srfrc. : f 4lARY, ind.. I Xp Hi! S. The first grand barbecue o( , the - Gary D mo- fC club? Will I b 1 held hero Sktur- - - lj.; " thj M township. county and Joint state wnl Whventlona. ; Among hl-r? to appear are V?- ?nn. Jrnnon- or Minnesota: U.S. Jackson, iohatrman of' the Indi ana democratic I ; committee, j and Thomas R. MarhaII.i democratic candidate for ? governor! rof Indiana, f The committee iln rjhsrg of the clbra- tioti expects 15,00 people to be pres- H DONTIUKf; TILLMAN1 BILL. - Glass BioWere ef jotnviire, 1 1 lj Protest . If , .j I-! Asalfisf l! Meakara.' i! f fBratai4 rrea j ' 1 . wASHltfGTfW.- i Anril t i-Tb glass blowers 1 4 f I ipunvllle, CL. have notlfled Sjvakr; Cannon that they are opposed, tot th (Tillman bill. Which provides pracilqaJiy for the conrlsca-tloil of liquor shipped Into prohibition states. J If Hhis sraeasure goes: through It IwUI reaUtt In jthaf reduced prbduc-tloa of aVohottcj ifttuora DimlaUhed production wllj' ha re; Its effect on tha demand for bortle ' . ) i Book binding" ef hish class Is done by ,The Trlbun fttntwg compaay. , UNDERTAKER LAMPHERE UNDER 4 i; It I.I CHARGE OF MURDER . 3 SUSPECT D OF KILLING MRS. GUNNESS AND CHILDREN. i HEAD OF WOMAN MISSING Bit Prosecutor;: of Laportaj County Working n Theory that I Family was Killed and Hiuse Fired to " ' ' I I . Hide Crime. I" I! i i . U The.Trlbjbne'S Bpaetal Service. LAPORTE, Indij April 2S. Ray LamphereJ suspected bt murdering Mrs. Belle Gunness' and her three Children and then setting fife to the Gun-nee farm house nedr this city to tilde his crltnej! has been captured and is now under arrest J in the county I Jail here.- .H Prosecutor Smith this morning prepared an affidavit charging murder In the first degree and'Lamphere was held to await the action of the grand 'jury He lsf undergoing1- a; sweating Jpro-c.ess this afternoon; j j The Sbodles of 3&t$. Onness and her three children were found last night. A peculiar fact Is: that the head of the woman has not ytt been found. wnicn;ieaas to me i suspicion m( bq was murdered. Coroner! Mack Is making-a rigid examination!. f Hidina in Holjojw Tree, j Lamphere was captured about four miles from SprlngviUei at 7:30 last night! When captured! the man was hiding In a hollow tree j at the edge of woods. His first wbrdslaftertheyl told him what was wanted of him wer "did they get the children but T He then said he had seen the ' fijre but that be did not start It. j . 1 He tea Id: he had been sleeping at a house- near the Qunnessi home and had set the alarm for .3 o'clock. He got up and started to go to work at Wheatbury farm at Sprlngville. about 11 rotles from Laporte.i where he was doing- some carpentry work. He satd as he, was going past th Gunness home he saw fire and i smoke coming out of the roof but did hot send in an alarm but told several of the "people he met on the way that he had; seen the fire but had done nothing about it. He was seen to enter the woods and deputy sheriff when captured by the was hiding In a hollow! tree. Latnphere haa been prosecuted three times by : Mrs. Gunness. The I first occasion was on March 13. when he was charged with; haying gone back to her premises and annoyed her by brandishing a club at her.. He was fined$l and costs and ordered tokeep away. The .next arrest was on (April If when he was fined $5 and sosta for. trepass. On April J 5 Mrs. Gunness asked that peace bonds be Is-! sued: against Lamphere stating that he had been but to her place the previous Sunday lahd had annoyed her. but he proved an alibi and .the costs i were reversed. ) . f TRUMP CARD. IN RESERVE.: I si - L i President; Has "Bio. Stick" for Rebel-; I 'n0 Congressmen. f By Afsoelsfd Prcaa, j t ; j WASHINGTON. ApHl 9. Presl-J dent Rwwevelt ifoposes to fight as vigorously to obtain the adoption by congres of certain features of hl4 legislative progrr mme ' as set forth in his message aa he did to obtain the authorisation of 1 additional battleships for; the uavy, according to the Post to-day. . 4 i j j He is holding tip his sleeve' as a trump card his power to approve or veto the public buildings bill. There Is not a .member Of congress who has not a keen Interest In j this measure. It will aid tremendously! at home, f Th president does no regard the - :publlc buildings bill aa nearly as Important ns the rvartous recommendations he has presented fori legislative action, j Besides threatening to veto the pub lie buildings bill.) the president: la 10 a position to use' his i Influence for or against the re-election of members of congress.. r FIRE AT JAMESTOWN DESTROYSlSHOW HOUSES 1 f i l. j j Flmes en Exposition Grounds! Burn j Seaaral. Colonial BuildinBs. By iiaorlatad Pr 3 ! i NORFOLK. Va. April 21. Fire of unnowi origin I on ! the Jamestown exposition grounds late last night del stroyed the several colonial build In g$, making up the arts and crafts vlli-lag; "Te Old Tyme Tavern," and the: Philippine reservation and was checked j; within 10 feet of the 'large states' exhibit palace. The Michigan building; was cenalderabl- scorched, but? not ( ferlously damaged. The flni-anelsl loss Is not great as the; build ings wefe of inexpensive construction. j MILLION FREE RIDES. Clevelsnd, O People Take Advantage - I f' H Offisr. CLEVELAND.!, 01 April St. Frie ridi tola Quarter-million people four rides tofeacb, or a-mllllon free 'rides- were given by the Municipal Traction company In celebration of Mayor Tom L. Johnson's success In bringing; about the transfer to that company i of the operation of ail the street railway lines In the city at a t-ceat fare. J j Indiana Republican Platform Planks I CURRENCY AND ENKINO. ! - We favor nch modification ' of our financial sgvtem as wffl suddIy the rrowinz needj of ind-utry and commerce,! with, a iu3cient currency to minimi periodic money stringency ; but tnchj currency must alwayi b3 so safeguarded that there thaU be no doubt of its prompt redemption in gold, and we congratulate the country on the fact that the congress of the United States is now engaged in the solution of this great problem; We also favor rich regulations respecting banking! as will secure and maintain confidence ; in the integrity of our banking institutions, i SHE IS EXPECTING GAVE MONEY TO CAMPAIGN FUND UNCLE SAM ! OIL COMPANY IS GUILTY. Testimony Given at. Topeka, Kan., Which is Regarded as Injurious ' M to; Promoter Tucker.: i Br Aaaeiclaiad resa i - ". TOPEKA. Kan., April 29. The Uncle San QU company . In l$o contributed to a campaign fund, accord Ins; to testimony brought out yesterday In the trial of H..H. Tucker, Jr charged with using the malls to! defraud, j A, F. Robertson, an associate of Tucker, "told of a ' meeting between Tucker and sj number of republicans In Topeka In ltOC. After the meeting Tucker insturcted him to have 20,000 petitions printed to be sent to stockholders of the company in Kansas, asking them to urge the governor to call a special ; session. The desire iof the management, Robertson testified, was to have anti-trust legislation en-acted. ; )' I "It was hoped that the special session," he said,! "would pass legislation adverse to the Standard and to the railroads." ; t Robert told! of going to Washington with Tucker and D. W. Mulvane, republican' national committeeman Iof Kansas, to appear before Judge Goodwin, f the postofflce department to prevent a fraud order being Issued against the Uncle Sam Oil company. -"On the waybaeK," testified Robertson, Tucker asked me what I thought would; be a fair price for Mulvane' services, as the fraud order bad not been: Issued. I replied any? thing from $500 to $5,000. He told me he had paid him $2,600 and said he had made a good Investment." Giolitti and Buelow Meet. By Aiuclaltd Pra VEjNICE, April 29. Premier Glo-lefll and Princa von ; Buelow, the imperial chancellor of i Germany, had a cordial Interview here to-day and parted expressing their complete Record on all questions of International policy. i f ! I THE WEATHER. i ' ' - ' Ceveranteat Ofeservatleas. Or Associated rf CltlCAflQ, AprU f. ror.ct on til f p. m. Thrair follows j Par Indiana Qn.rallr fair to-nlcht and Tbandar, "Pt probablr showers in Beath pertlen. For Lower Jlhlan Tartly cloudy j te- ntM and Thursday. , ... ; Leeeli Okeeevatleae. The Trthane's lf-r.siatrlng thernioni. tr: indicated l desreva abeva sro at o'clock thl momlnr. : mtitnim ttnpm-tara yMt.rday 4t above sro at II Li m., minimum it at if p. aa. nxntnm nr ion avo i p omct, ! Xf not a pormaaaat readot of The TMhaaa hat i only aa eeeaetaaal par-saaear why aot aare It dallrarod with rsgaiarlty aacb eraatag ta rear homa eflteaf It WUI seat yo no mora ta do this ead.yea.jWUl he saved the troeblo of baytas oa:- the street. A reqaoat i ta peraoa. by letter, postal : card or telephone to the city etrrulatloa department wfQ rec4re Sararal aad prompt attea- ANOTHER VISITOR WHY DOESNT THIS ONE GO? TARIFF BIG ISSUE SAYS GOV, J01S0II 8UPPORT NOT EXPECTED FROM WALL STREET. WON'T DESTROY COMBINES i . Democratic Candidate for Presidential Nomination, in Interview. De clares He is Not Opponent ef Corporation System. The Tribune' Special Service. DETROIT, Mich, April J9.- -Declar- Ing; that he does not believe in the, destruction of the corporation system and ; that legitimate combinations of capital are a good thing for the nation. Gov. Johnson, of Minnesota, In an Interview on his candidacy and the issues of the coming campaign; to-day said: "New York has no connection with my candidacy. My support will have to come from another direction than Wall street. I may say that I have had no relations, politically or otherj wise, with the other side of the Hud-i sonL I have had absolutely nothing to do with Tammany or Murphy. Mr; BrJ-an and-1 are good friends. I ani not in a fight for the purpose of de-j f eating Mr. Bryan. j Fight Oyer Tariff. tThe tarWt is the big Issue In th coming campaign Tbo others are subordinate to that. I believe In the legitimate combination of capital and I do not believe in the destruction of the corporation system. I do not be lleve In government ownership of railroads. I believe In' government regulation but not ownership." - i Gov. John A. Johnson arrived hers this morning from the upper peninsula to begin a strenuous programme of i entertainment whlchl does not end until after a banquet which; will be tendered him to-night when he has concluded his lecture be for el the Alum nl ! association, of the Western High school, the particular I object of hip visit. Mayor Thompson and a com-mtttee of $0 prominent men met Gov. Johnson at the depot and escorted him to! the Hotel Pontchartraln for breakr fast. An hour's Informal chat with various persons followed. Then Gov. Warner, the republican governor of Michigan. Joined the party and the two a-overnors spent the morning In an automobile -drive about the city, escorted by Mayor Thompson and the local reception committee. j i At noon Gov. Johnson was entertained at luncheon by the Wholesalers' association and made a short address. The raw, .cold wind early In the day made Johnson dubious about accepting the Invitation to this afternoon's baseball game at Bennett park. . . j jpersons desiring visiting cards In the latest styles and newest type faces will find them by Inquiring of the Tflhune Prtntln. company. VREELAND DRAFTS I CURRENCY BILL li WILL HAVE SUPPORT OF HOUSE REPUBLICANS. i . I 1 " t ! Authorizes Formation of Clearing i Housa Assoeiatiens and Fixss ' j Emergency Circulation. 1 . j V' , j . ....' " ( ' . By AasoclatadPreha.- i' I'-i ---- - I ' ( WASHINGTON, AprU 2. Another emergency currency measure,, which Will have r the' support of the republican membership In the house, has been drafted after a conference f house leaders and may be Introduced to-day. It was framed by Representative Vreeland, of New York, f , : The new bill eliminates practically the bond-secured circulation authorised In the Aldrlch bill and In Mr. Vretland'a tint bill. It does not mention bonds, government, state, f municipal or county In express terms, i In a; way It authorises an; asset emergency currency. It provides for the formation of clearing house associations, with capitalizations of $5.-000,000 each as originally proposed. It fixes the amount of emergency circulation to be Issued at $750,000,000. to be taxed at the rate of one per cent the first month of Issuance, Increasing to two per cent the second month and upward until the tax shall be at tha rate of 10 per cent. The bin provides that this emergency currency shall be based upon securities held by the banks, commercial paper, bonds, etc A commission to devise a permnaent plan of banking and currency Is one of the features of the measure.; FOLLOWING SUICIDE 1 BROKERS SUSPEND Death of Charles Coster Mskss Action Necesssry. Br Aaooclal.d Vrr-mm. NEW YORK. April 29. Following the suicide last night of Charles Colter, a prominent brokerage and Ssoclety man, the stock exchange firm of Coster, Knapp A Co., of which Mr. Coster was a member, announced Its suspension to-day on . the floor of the New York stock exchange. The firm was a prominent one and has done an extensive business. In an announcement given out at the time of the suspension It was said that the action was directly due to the death of Mr. Coster. No Intimation of the firm's assets or liabilities was given and it was not thought - that anything like definite figures could be given pending the completion of the assignee's Investigation." j Vf r Pnal... hA mrmm r.fA mm m mttltnalre. had prepared for bis vol untary detain with a coolness and thoroughness which proved beyond any doubt that the act was premeditated. He selected a time when Mrs. Coster: was at a reception, and after preparing himself for bed. telephoned his family physician that Mrs. Coster had a severe cold and asked him to come to the house at onr, Soon ti'z:1: .rrJiT- :xir.:: to his room and sent a bullet through his head. JEAN REIO WILL MARRY. Engagement to Hubert Ward is An- nowneed in London. By Asoovtatod Ptom. ,- LONION. April 29. The engagement of Miss Jean TUIX, daughter of Whitelaw Reld. the American ambas- broth' of the earl of Iudley. .as .announced to-day by Mr. aad Mrs. Reld. Mr. Ward la a favorite with King Edward, to whom he is an equery In waiting. H is popular at court aad in the exclusive social set and Is t well known aa a racing man ani eathuslastie sportsman. ) Prince and Anna Delayed. Br Aasoeta tod Prmm, NAPLES, .April 29 Prince Ilelte de Sagan and Mme. Anna Gould have postponed their , departure for Rem until to-morrow. RIS HAS PROOF OF A PAPER TRUST 1 BUSINESS MANAGER OF NE.Y YORK TIMES SCORES. LETTERS AS I EVIDENCE Tolls Select CommKUa ef House Tha Combina Was Net Tardy te Dis elpline Publisher Who Showed Fight. By Asoe elated : WASHINGTON. April St. Upon re Burning jbts testimony to-day befor . the 'select committee iof the house on wood pulp and print paper, John Nor rls. business manager of the New York Times, furnished the committee with data showing that IlJ' controlled the output' G. -Craig & Co. of seven lnde- pendent mills. Until jthese mills were combined into one selling agency,' Mr. , Norrls eald there was no concentra-J tlonj of J control of newspaper In tha papfr mJlla. j , Respondlnc to a series Of questions) from Chairman Manni Mr. Korrlg said that th4 mills controlled by Craig e . Co. did j not undertake to make sales ' Independently. j ! . . ! I !"Jt 1st your claim. Mr. Mann asked, -that all these mills agree upon a price which H. G. Craig & Co, carry out, or after conference, that they decide upon Abe price which they carry out, so that there is no variation in price no com petit Ion V i The ) claim of the publUhers,, tha witness! replied, ""Is that in some way either -by direction ef Craig A Co. or by arrangement with them, a common price is agreed on among the mllla.1 -j Proof ef Trust. :Ji j Several original letters from publishers were put In evidence giving Indications of tha existence of a paper trust,! One of these waa written in November, 107, by V. 8. McClatchy, publisher of the Erentng Bee, Sacra mento, iCaL. who spoke ..of a contract he ihad with Willamette mill for paper at 12.80 per hundred, but which prlca was ralaed to 12.80 at the expiration of thei contract. At the same time" Mr. . McClatchy said he had a- bid from V. Leadbetter, on behalf of the Columbia-River Paper company for. Iz.zS f . o. b. Portland, which would mean (2.(0 at Satrarcjento, but that - prior to the operation of the mill It waa provided that thie paper would be furnished by the - Cro wen-Columbia mills, "From these Crown-Columbia mills," Mr. Mc CUtchy wrote, "we. had at times been supplied with paper under -the- Will amette sort of two." f I contract. aa there was some working agreement between the Discipline Is Enforced. The result was. Mr. McClatchy said. that the Wlllmete-people objected' and Mr. Leadbetter asked permission to fill his contract from eastern mills, which waa granted and for some time he was) supplied by the Rhlnelander (Wis.); mills, Mr. , Lead better paying ten cents per 100 more than his contract price. was thus apparently disciplined. aid Mr. McClatchy, Tor having tn-terferred to take from the Wllimette a j customer whom they regarded taa their own." By way of fixing the date when tha paper companies refused to make quotations. Mr. Norrls placed In evidence a number of letters from paper manufacturers In response to requests foe prices.! - : i . rWas that because they did not have any paper on hand to meet the demand bf the newspapers. Mr. Stafford Inquired. - j , I Quotations are Refused. I j "It ihows. replied Mr. Norrls, "that j lnj sortie way which we have not yet uncovered, it was part of a programme; by "which they would not make quota-1 tiOns.1 Most of the letters were dated June; orj July. 1W. !As a part of the formulation of thai testimony with respect to combination ; of the various groups of paper mak-i ers, Mr. Norrls at this point put. In! evidence a list of by-laws t the new"! fiophlte Pulp a-ssoclatlbn which were! pabllahed Nov. 23. 107. These by-laws? provided for a tabulation of a monthly; confidential report on tonnage, agreed; price, names of buyers, terms of con-j tracts, etc. The association, he said,' has been In the habit of holding meetings at the Hotel Astor. New York.? at wtilch prices were fixed. These' new by-laws." said Mr. Norrls. "were devised so we charge, and expect to: proved Immediately following the com-: plaints of the publishers, and In 'order that this association might come wjtn-ln the federal statutes." MULAI HARD RETREATS. Sultan ef the South Suffers Oissste Near Tadia. By Aaaodated Preea. RABAT. Morocco. April 2. Mulal Hafld. the so-called sultan of the:, south, is reported here to have suffered a. disaster and to have fled to Tadlsi. a town 121 miles southwest of Kes. where he has taken refuge with! the Sidi Bendaoud tribe. 1 ! Ths news of his reverse was Ifol : 1 A sat a I rvt ma1 1 sk t a1v Vtsr A aa ad ' r. ot uit.n Abd-Ei-A,i.-rkrmy.i t.OvO strong, with Ave cannons, under: the command of Gen. liagdani. chief of the sultana army. Two French and : mme Algerian odcers accompaaledi BagdanL Gen. JAPANESE ARE FEARED. Viceroy ef Csnten Issues Warning to j Brown Fleet. Br Aax-tat4 PreMi j HCNG KONG, AprO 2f. The viceroy irt Canton, fearing local distorb- ' ances should the Japanese fleet Visit ' the city, has advised the Japanese ,h,t think. th romm of the warships would be Inexpedient- In reply, the consul explained, that this waa merely a routines movement; that it had been arranged for t the larger vessels to remain at Hons; Kong while the smaller ships came up the river at Canton. A few Japanese marines will land at Canton In the day time! and will be given aa escort of OR Chinese troops. ill H: : i J- I i I ! 1 1 S .1 r S- ft - i v - -: i ! ill - i f

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