The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 18, 1950
Page 9
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SATURDAY, MARCH 18, 1950 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople BIATHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ESAO, 3AKe / rr£ go me S TO KNOW i CAki oepewD OM VOO fOO. GOOD yJlSHES —" l-JAL^-i/Aere/ ^-1 r?,*T- etfT-tt WS MM ID see HIS ABOUT SOM£ 6HVSTER LECTROCL5T6 YOO PER C- MOTE? -~ \NISUT I. HM5 IT to LO&O NOD, SOT MftfTTWA HftS SOT M6 SCRAPED TO TH' FROZE EWOLK5H TO GTTOVER TO BUKKVILLE-- CANT TURN ACARAKCUND ON THAT PAVEMENT: YOUR 6YMPATH^' IS TOO LATB r\IE REPAID v™^ to \fv\epsj i ' r**' u SHALL Vie PLAY A HftMD FOR. T' CIGARS ? IriMITE tHf BUXe Iri FOR A UTae PREFABRICATED LIKB ROOTE 66= By Rupert Hughes DREIFUS PAGE N1NB FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEB Greetings, Bronc 1, SHOULD LIKE ID PRESENT M«, BftOC ONEIL, !M WHOSE—UK---STRONG HANDS I AM ENTRUSTING THE? CCWCMW& OF OURj XSOFTBALL OOSANI2ATIGM ' ~ ^^-> PUT YOUR WATCH . IN A-1 CONDITION How'i your watch runntns th«« day.1- It', not! Will, fiBY* «ur *xp*rt repairmen put H Jn A-1 condition. Prompt, tffictent r*atonabl» HMCKfD/T DHEIFUS Meet Hreifm . . , Wear Iliamnnrii :uii\\ s \ \i\ sr I !• HIHrHO. ILTlNfVlUC Ufa B IT PAYS YOU To Keep lour Shoo. in GOOD REPAIR Hfl LT€RS QUflLITY SHOC SHOf \l W. M P I N S T 1 . , « bauercd wltk Ike ko.c ol a Irlr- l)kon<. .1 b|. ko_c. Tfc* bodj «>. dlti-uvrrtd by Aulta l'a!««r. Ikr .murJrrrd rnan'a daBKhtcr, who bud he«« drlvrn home by Nidlae Fulinell. > friend. AmoDK Ike p»- ^PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores « ,. u>. who re-Train kl« • BMplcIoK there nsnr be fl n |ge rp r I n f • OB 1Be »bo«e by ivnrnlnji defective I'ete Vela* - IV •pHE dark library was fitfully dazzled by the lightnings of the photographer's flash bulbs as he made records of the body, the furniture, the room. One of the police detectives took and recorded measurements and distances and made a detailed floor map with a notation ot every article of furniture. Before long, newspaper photographers and reporters would be moving about, making notes and taking pictures of their own. By the shattered form that had gathered all this throng, the Medical Examiner knelt and busied :himself about his grisly chores, [unrestrained by any of the warn- jings not to touch or move any- [thfng. With delicate caution the Scientific Investigation Division man, :James Stivers, groped and peered 'and photographed with his self- fighting camera the surfaces where fingerprints could be seen. Some of these would undoubtedly be 'those of the dead man. Others wouldiprobably be those of Azalea • Palmer or Nadine Fannell or some of the servants now off duty. By eliminating these, Stivers ihoped to find tattletale records left by the murderer. It occurred to him that it would be well, while he was there, to take the prints of the dead man's daughter Azalea and her friend Nadine for reference, while he was studying the other prints in the Crime Laboratory. One of the two detectives from Headquarters, Dick Fleming, was merciful enough to remove the two girls from the ghastly scene of commotion. Stivers decided to take their prints at once. He followed the girls into the adjoining living room, and set up shop. They listlessly •obeyed his instructions as he •spread a smear of special ink over the glass slide on the outside of his kit case. He ran an inkroller over this, then lightly brushed the fingertips at the girls with the roller, and , pressed them successively on little i compartments of fingerprint cards. At the bottom of the cards he pressed all their fingers at once. And on each card, of course, he wrote name, and date. * • a WHEN he left them to return to ** the scene of the crime they saw him stop short at the door, and 'heard him exclaim angrily; Blytheville FLOWER MART Offering Complete Floristtc Service Wedding,. Parly & Funeral Flowers Memphis Highway Phone 6002 RENT A CAMERA Low Rates on Box or Flash Cameras Call 36-17 — West Main BARNEY'S DRUG STORE Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • ,, "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 6888 THE FOXES WIN/SAD OUMCMOP MOUNDS / DotiMe t>iit. by NEA SEMCE, INC COPB. HM ay «A SEBVICt. IKC. T. M. R we ran „««,!?% dep6tld W *'**"« to reduce we can afford a larger apartment?" rillSCILI.A'S POP Some Kids Get All the Breaks BY AL VERMEEB YOU MUSTN'T FEEL BAD Y) APiOt IT WCYT f=;PT-TIM^: A I 1 I?_ B 1QIN WITH. YOU'RE . ABOUT NOT GETTING A HORSE FOR VDUR BIRTHDAY, PR\SCILLA! TOO SMALL! I ONCE. KNEW A LITTLE BOY WHO OWNED A BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH to her fian« Moody, and her father's interference with their plans. HIS 15 THE BOTTOM OF THE SKI RUN THAT CHRISTOPHER IS TRYING. HE SHOUIO BE COMING DOWN ANY MIWUTE NOW, RAIMOWDI. Damn it, Kclso, I told you to old man's skull" , , keep away from that telephone!" . Stivers laid the handset on the The girls did not hear the collo- fable and studied the base, turned , it over and stared, gasped with room, and they forgot the incident , professional rapture. for the time being as they began . "Beauties! The guy who did the killing left prints on the bottom of them by Police Detective Fleming Nadine tried to defend Azalea from the inquisition as best she could, until Azalea's benumbed soul came back to itself, and she the base here! All four angers of bolh hands! See? His thumbs were on the curved sides. But look at those eight fingers! Perfect! A ticket to the gas chamber for the guy , grew fiery with a demand for re- ••'"Let me gee," said Kelso, reach- venge upon the murderer. , ing eagerly; but Stivers knocked In her excitement Azalea flung his hand aside, snarling: out many references to her fiance How many times have I got to Paul Moody, and her father's in- tell you to keep your dirty paws CAPTAIN EASY , - terference with their plans. Un- Ichubod's Dilemma in your pockets?" He gloated over BY LESLIE TURNER . wittingly she put ideas into Flem ing's head that made him think of them a beauty that only a techni- VEP, *UT,,,BUT WOT'RE ^ WOT! WHV WE COIN' BEEE,l£>L*?A»ID|WU HUE HERE-. WHO ARE THESE FOIKSJVVOU'RE * BIG RANCHER 1 NOWi HABODl Paul as the nearest and most likely OVERPOIT,K:K'- ™si»«n.M-.Y**EMs, YOtrYEALI?EM)v" ISUH '. 1 CWT I HfH 6E MORE SWED IDES /RECOUECTMIY- SeRlOUS TOR S MIDEX TH1MG SINCE \ ME THAU IH'RCCICENT! cian can see in something perfect for his needs. He mumbled: I think I'll just b'ft these prints IWRS CHASIU' IT EOUD WHEW A CUE MIT M6 THEU EUEE'THIMG WENT SlANtl the meanwhile. Stivers had . They might get scrambled— espe- gone straight to Pete Kclso and, cially around meddlers like you shoved him back from the telephone, as he growled: "I was saving this for special two phials, he selected the powder whose color made the attention. If you've touched it, I'll best contrast with the under surface he would photograph. Taking up a delicate brush, he dipped it He did not note that Kclso was , in the powder, and tapped it light- pushing back into his pocket the ly so that the powder would snow He did not note how Then he look a still softer brush, anxiously Kelso watched as Sti- , a turkey feather, to clear off the vers, with exquisite caution, pushed He worked this the fingerprints curved sides of the telephone and its base, then pressed the little ' BUGS BONNY . swerved the brush so as to follow lever that made the bulbs' inside the general lines of Ihc svhorls and labyrinthine curves of each point CICERO'S CHOPPING J STOPPIN UP EVERYTHING r~* HIM'S WITH HIS NEW J SIMPLE.' USE HATCHET/ HOPP1N' THINGS WITH HAT HATCHET IS HARP WORK, KID.' PON'T VA SOWETKIN EASIER? the surface where Stivers' keen ITHINKVOU SOT SOMETHING Over his shoulders Kelso's eyes eyes could see the patterns of fin almost bugged out of their sockets gerprints. He eight seconds' exposure. glowering Kelso he said: as he saw the eight little maps of the murderer's finger tips. "This is the way it was, I guess. complacency, boasting: , . The old man tried to telephone tor There's nothing on all the earth He had the handset off the just like us. And never was. And cradle when the killer lifted the But we'll never big heavy base in both hands and smashed the edges down on the i (To Be Continued! For Expert Laundry and Dry Cleaning—Call 4474 A BETTER LAUNDRY -r * -T NU-WA Wixer Js In, Too BY V. T. HAM).IN WELL, I JUST CAN'T LAUGH OFF HIS FCOT , PRINTS. CAM I GHZ. \ RISHT.' AN IF YOU'RE KIN6... SSANP W1ZE3J H\D YOU RUN / FEfLT THAT \vW HE THIN&S ( WOULDN'T BE' IN JML OL'FOTL SAID TO ME; r JUST HADPA DO ITJ KEROSENE and FUEL OIL BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN G.O.PoetzOilCo Phone 2089 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES ' (All Types Except Cancer) Clink 514 M»ln, Bljrtherin*, Ark. Hwn* WZ1

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