The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on October 19, 1958 · Page 22
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 22

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 19, 1958
Page 22
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B-6 SAN BERNARDINO TV-DIAL-O-LOGUE KNXT Ch t KTLA Ch. 5 KKMB--Ch. 8 KTTV Ch. 11 KKCA-Ch." 4 KABC Ch. 7 KHJ - Ch. KCOP Ch. 13 The Sun-Telegram logs are compiled from Information provided by the television stations. Last-minute program changes ' by the stations are not the responsibility of Ihe Sun-Telegram. iC Indicate that program ia in color. 7:55 ! 9 News 8 00 9 Rocket to Stardom :8:30 5 In God We Trust (Religion) 8 Let There Be Light (Religion) 8:45 ' 7 Public Serv ice Film 8:50 2 Give Us This Day (Religion) 8:55 2 News (Reasoner) 9:00 2 Lamp Unto My Feet Conrad Nagel and Nancy Wick-wire will act in scenes from Ibsen's "An Enemy of the People." They will illustrate the moral conflict between man's private conscience and his duty to the state. 4 Big Picture (Army Film) 5 Movie (Drama) A mystery writer becomes obsessed with a story he's writing in "Paper Gallows," starring Dermot Walsh, Rona Anderson and John Bentley. 7 Movie (Western) Buster C r a b b e stars in "Prairie Rustlers," John Carroll is in "Hi Gaucho" and John Wayne stars in "Rainbow Vailey." 8 Industry on Parade Jl Town Hall Party 915 8 Birthdav Tarty (Children) 9:30' 2 Public Service Film 4 Catholic Hour Part 1 of a three-part series tracing the spiritual development of a young Catholic businessman is told in "The Double Life of Christopher Mann.' 9:45 . 2-8 Sports Page (McKay) Jim McKay will talk with Norm Van Brocklin of the Philadelphia Eagles who spent nine years with Los Angeles Rams. 13 Sacred Heart (Religion) 10:00 2-8 Pro Football (Rams-Bears) Counting on fleet half back Jon Arnett and Tom KFI 6 tO KRNO 1240 KFXM 590 KNX- 1070 YOUR RADIO DIAL This log is compiled from information provided by the radio stations concerned. It is corrected eid emended on basis of latest information "ide available bv tte stations. A.M. KFXM Musle KFI News KNX News 6:15 KFI Art of Living 6:30 KNX Church ol Air KFI Faith in Action 6:55 KFXM News 1 A.M. KHJ Melody Journey KITO Sunday Serenade KFI News KFXM Music KCAL Festival ol Music KRNO Music KNX News KFI .Radio Pulpit KNX Church of Air 7:30 KITO Church ol Christ KCAL Yueaipa Foursquare KFI Christian Science 1:45 KFI Hometown News KRNO Church ol Christ 7:55 KFXM News KCSB News H A.M. KITO Wings o Healing KCKC Sunday Music KHJ Wings of Healing KFXM Calvary Baptist Hour KCAL Radio Bible Class KRNO Goodwill Industries KFI Funnypaper KNX News: Farm Scene 8:05 KNX Farm Scene 8:15 KRNO Faith Bible 8:3U KH.l-Back to God KCKC Faith Program KFXM BacK to God KITO Laymans Hour KFI Maoic Land KRNO Music KCAL Wings of Healins KNX Salt Lake Tabernacle 8:45 KRNO Showers of Blessings KFI World of Mind 9 A.M. KITO Radio Bible KFI News; Home KCKC News KFXM Radio Bible KHJ Bible Class KRNO Great Hymns KCAL Light & Life Hour KNX News 9:05 KCKC Sunday Music 9:15 KITO Let There Be Lteht KNX Lruv. Explorer 8:30 KITO Voice of Prophecy KCAL Christian Science KRNO Sacred Hymns KFXM Music KNX Road Show KHJ Voice of Prophecy 9:45 KNX Older You Grow KCAL Radio Scrapbook KRNO Music 9:55 KFXM News KNX Road Show KCAL News 10 A.M. KRNO Hebrew Christian Witness KFI Herbert Mann- KITO Bill CunninBiiam KFXM Music KCKC News KNX News. Collingwood KHJ News KCAL Festival of Music Panorama KITO Riverside Baptist KCAL Foursquare Gospel KRNO Music KNX News. 11:05 KNX Trojan Dizest KFI American Way 1:30 KCAL Message of Israel KFI Catholic Hour KNX Sunday Scere KRNO Music KHJ News 11:55 KCAL News KFXM News KNX News 12 NOON KCKC Noon KHJ News: Time KFXM Music KRNO t'uimDPy KCAL Nesro KFI New? KITO News KNX News l'J:05 KITO Sunday Serenade KNX N Y. Philharmonic I!: 15 KCKC Sunday KHJ Moments 12:25 KCAL Festival 12:30 KHJ News: Music KFI Miss KFI: Monitor KCAL Festival of Musio KITO Oral Roberts 12:45 KCAL Akron I P.M. KFXM Music KCKC News K FI News. P KRNO This KCAL Old-Fashioned Revival KITO Sunday 1 : 05 KFI D Manion KCKC Sunday Music 1:20 KFI Monitor 1:25 KFI Meet Celebrity KNX Road Show 1:30 KFI -Meet Celebrity KFXM Sports KCAL Bible Class KNX Serenade. KITO Old Fashioned Revival KRNO This Is Dixie 2 P.M. KRNO Ray Currier KCAL Dr Bob Pierce KITO Railroad Gospel Hr. KFI News: KCKC News KNX News; 2:05 KCKC Sunday 2:10 KNX Lonsines Hour 2:30 KRNO Assembly ol God KFI Miss KFI; Monitor KCAL Portraits in Music KITO Allen's Revival KITO Sunday KHJ Tribute 3 P.M. KNX News KFI News: KRNO- Allen KITO Community Church KCKC News KCAL Hour 3:05 KNX Rst in KCKC Sunday 3:15 KFI B. Considme 3:30 KFI Meet the Press 1U:5 K N X Collingwood KCKC Sunday Music 10:15 KFI Investment KHJ Christian Science KNX Others See L's KCAL Festival of Music 10:3(1 KNX Road Show KFI Eternal Light KCAL Altar Side ChaU KHJ Frank & Ernest KITO Frank & Ernest KRNO Down Home Time KCKC Big Bear Panorama 1(1:35 KNX Inv. to Learning 10:45 KCAL Music Fill KITO Sunday Serenade KHJ Guest Star 10:55 KCAL News KFXM News 11 A.M. KHJ Frank Bull KFI News KNX News KCKC Big Bear KITO News KCAL Symphony Hall ' KRNO El Sol 3:35 4 P.M. KITO Jesse Husband KCKC News KNX News KRNO - El Sol Alegre KFI News KCAINews 4:05 KCKC Sunday Music KNX Sunday Scene KFI Young America KCAL Symphony Hall 4:10 KCAL Sammy Kaye 4:30 KITO News KCAL liack to God KNX Road Show KHJ News 4:35 KITO Reporter's Roundun KNX Sez Who KHJ Rep. Roundup KFI Scout Jamboree 4:45 KRNO El Sol Alegre KITO Sunday Serenade Oct. 19, 1953 Wilson, the Rams today will encounter the Chicago Bears at Wrigley Field. 4 Mr. Wizard (Education) 5 Home Buyers Guide 11-13 Movie (Western) 10:30 4 Movie (To Be Announced) 11:00 5 Movie (Western) Tex Rit-ter stars in "The Old Chis-holm Trail." 11 Great Churches (Religion) Services commemorating the 44th anniversary of ihe Bethany Lutheran Church of Hollywood will be telecast. 13 Church in the Home 1 1 :30 9 Movie (Musical Comedy) Joan Davis and Jack Haley head the cast of "George White's Scandals." I2:C0 7 Union Report (Shane) 11 Movie (Western) 13 Movie (Drama) Barbara Peyton and Lon Chaney Jr. star in "Bride of the Gorilla." The owner of a plantation marries a beautiful dancer and they live on his plantation. 12:15 5 How to Draw 12:30 5 Commercial Feature 7 Faith for Day 1:00 2 Douglas Fairbanks (Drama) 4 KRCA Playhouse (Drama) 5 Auto Races (Gardena) 7 Christian Science (Religion) "Why Prayer Can Heal" is today's subject. 8 Movie (Western) John ny Mack Brown stars in "Law and Order." 9 Movie (Drama) 11 Football highlights High lights of UCLA-Washington game. 1:15 7 Gordon's Garden (Lloyd) 1 :30 2 Face the Nation 4 Survival (Education) 7 Message of the Master 11 College Football Comprehensive and complete TV coverage of the annual KCKC 13.-0 KITO 1290 KVRC-fm 91.9 KCAL 1410 ' 5 P.M. KCKC New KCAL Music F1H KFI News KHJ Review Stand 5:05 KNX Indictment KFI Songs Never Di KITO Sunday Serenade 5: 15 KCAL Sign Off KITO Local News 5:30 KRNO Living Harmony KITO Lutheran Hour KNX Sunday Desk KFXM News 6 P.M. KFI D. Manion KITO Sunday Serenade New Changins KFXM Music KHJ Heartbeat KNX Frontier Man KCKC News - Col!ra Choir KRNO Masterworks of Music Mom lor A: 05 KCiiC Sunday Music 6:30 KITO News KHJ Sports KFI Miss KFI; Monitor Music KNX Johnny Dollar 6:35 in Music of Music KHJ Virgil Pinkley KNX Suspense 6:45 KITO Dan Smoot KHJ Smoot 6:55 KFXM News KNX Changing: Tide Baptist 7 P.M. KFXM Music Manion KFI n Toharro KNX News KCKC News KRNO Modern Concert Is Dixie Hall KHJ Marion Theater Serenade KITO Marion Theater 7:05 KCKC Sunday Music KNX FBI. Peace 4i War 7:30 KHJ J. Flynn KITO John T. Flynn KNX Gunsmoke :35 KITO Dinner With Mel 7:45 KHJ G. Heatter 7:55 KNX Pata Page KFXM News 8 P.M KHJ News; Beyond Stars SUN-TELEGRAM Marathon KFXM Music KCKC News KNX News; M. Miller 8:05 KCKC Sunday Music 8:30 - KNX Road Show KHJ News; Stars 8:35 KITO Sunday Serenade 8:55 KFXM News KN?4 Patti Page 9 P.M. KHJ News. Music KCKC News KFXM Dance Time KRNO Marathon KNX Doug Edwards 9:115 KCKC Sunday Music KNX World Tonight 9:15 KHJ Pharm. and You 9:30 KHJ Viewpoint KFI C. P. MacGregor KITO News KFXM Dance Time KNX Fact-Fantasy 9:35 KITO Sunday Serenade KNX Sports 9:45 KNX Dance Band KHJ Dateline Bible 10 P.M. KFI News. Books KITO Billy Graham KRNO Marathon KCKC News KHJ Hour of Decision 10:05 KCKC Sunday Music KHJ Beyond Stars 10:15 KNX Science Ed. KCKC Wax Museum KFI Mayor RepL 1(1:30 K NX Face Nation KITO Wings ol Healing 11 P.M. KITO Final News KNX Cap. Cloakroom KHJ Newsreel KFXM Final News KCKC News KRNO Marathon 11:15 KFI Your Doctor Monitor Sunday Scene Music Serenade to Pius XTI Monitor Revival of Decision Music Music Alezre Southern California-University of California grid battle in the Coliseum Saturday will be presented by video tape recording. 13 Movie (Western) Willardi Parker stars in "The Great James Raid." 2:00 2 Movie (Drama) "Odd Man Out" stars James Mason and Kathleen Eyan. An idealist leader of an illegal underground army hides out at his sweetheart's house while planning a robbery to obtain funds for the organization. 4 This Is the Life "Flames of Envy" is the story of what happens to a brilliant high school boy when his jealousy of a sports hero drives him to violence. 5 Pro Football (Rhinos) .. . . 7 Jr. Science (Tim McCoy ) 8 All Star Theater (Drama) 2:30 4 Faith of Our Children 7 Johns Hopkins (Poole) 8 Zoorama (San Diego Zoo) 2:45 9 Movie (Romance) Barbara Stanwyck and Preston Foster star in "Annie Oakley." 3:00 7 Open Hearing: (Panel) Walter Reuther will be interviewed by John Secondari. Reuther recently cornpleted contract negotiations with the automotive big three. 4 Time to Think 8 Movie (Melodrama) 13 American Legend (Drama) 3:30 4 California Report 7 College News Conference (Interview) 13 Movie (Adventure) Francis Lederer stars in "Stolen Identity." 4:00 2 F ilm Mystery 4 Report from America 7 Sunday Stage (Drama) 11 All Star Revue Ray Bol- ger, Barbara Britton, Jerry Lewis, Bob Hope, Dinah Shore, Tennessee Ernie Ford and Art Linkletter will be on hand for this Community Chest benefit. 4:15 5 Auto Races (Gardena) 9 Movie (Drama) Claudette Colbert and Orson Wells head the cast of "Tomorrow Is Forever." 4:30 2 Cavalcade of Books (C) Humorist' Leonard Wibberley will discuss his new book, "Beware of the Mouse," when he is interviewed by Georgiana Hardy and David Humphreys. - 4 Feitelson on Art (C) Paint ings and sculptures from the Santa Barbara Museum will be shown by Lorser Feitel son. 7 Bowling Stars (Chicago) 8 Conrad Nag-el (Drama) 11 Movie (Comedy) A series of six feature films made by the greatest child star of all time at the peak of her youthful career will debut. "Little Miss .Broadway" will be the initial Shirley Temple presentation. The story concerns a father and daughter who run a vaudeville actor's hotel. 5:00 2 Sports Club (Hirsch) "How to Watch a Football game" will be repeated by Elroy (Crazylegs) Hirsch. 4 Last Quarter (Discussion) The first program in a new-experimental series, now under the working title "NBC Kaleidoscope," will be today's presentation. It will give a penetrating look by six key foreign and domestic correspondents at the problems facing America here . and abroad. 5 Popeye Cartoons (flatten) 7 Paul Winchell (Variety) Ventriloquist Paul Winchell returns for a half-hour show. 8 Lone Ranger (Western) 13 Big Picture (Army Film) 5:30 2 Political Program 5 Bernie's Menagerie 7 Lone Ranger (Western) Clayton Moore stars. 13 Jack Holcomb (Religion) 5:45 9 News Review 6:00 2 Small World (Murrow) One ' of the world's most eminent philososphers and two leadin atomic scientists will engage in unrehearsed intercontinental conversation about philo sophy and morals in an Atomic Age. Britain's Nobel Prize - winning mathematici an and philosopher, Lord Bertrand Russell, Dr. Willard F. Libby and Dr. Homi Bhab- ha will chat with Edward R Murrow, the unusual show's host." 4 Meet the Press a 7 8 9 11 13 6: 5 11 : 2-8 News Annie Oakley (Western) This Day, 1958 (Comment) Championship Bowling Dan Smoot (Commentary) This Is the Answer :1 Birth of a Song (Hamblen) News 30 Air Power "The Defeat of Japan," a repeat broadcast and the last show of the series, tells how U. S. air power proved the decisive factor in crushing the Jap anese war machine 4 Chef ITnntley (News) 5 Polka Parade (Sinclair) 7 Orient Express (Adventure) 11 Farm AI Falfa (Cartoons) 13 Press and the Clergy The current political campaign will be discussed- 7:00 2-8 Lassie (Drama) Lassie saves Paul and Timmy Martin from serious injury by restraining them from entering a dangerous barn. 4 Saber of London (Mystery) Donald Gray stars in "his famed role of Inspector Mark Saber as the detective series returns for the 1958-59 season with an episode called "The Killer and the Kid." 7 You Asked for It 9 Open Road (Travel) 11 Movie (Comedy) Mickey Rooney stars in "Andy Hardy's Double Life." The film also stars Esther Williams and Ann Rutherford. 13 Social Security in Action 7:15 13 Alvin Wilder (Commentary) 7:30 2-8 Jack Benny (Comedy) Mar,, vin Miller, the well-heeled courier of "The Millionaire" TV series, will collide with the prince of the cheapskates when he guests on Benny's show tonight. In addition to Miller, the show will feature the teenage singing sensations, Jan and Ar-nie, who will perform their million - selling record of "Jenny Lee." The show orig inates "live" from Holly' wood. Dennis Day will make his first appearance of the new season on the show. 4 Northwest Passage (C) When French forces capture Major Rogers (Keith Lar- sen), Hunk Marriner and Landon T o w n e, the y're thrown into a stockade with other Rangers. 5 Movie (Drama) Ward heal er James Cagney becomes attracted to Reform School matron Madge Evans and tries to stop the cruel and abusive treatment given the inmates during "The Mayor of Hell." 7 Maverick (Western) Bart Maverick (Jack Kelly) and his friend meet an old prospector who has a large sum of money saved during "High Card Hangs." Efrem Zimbalist Jr. will be featured. 9 Holiday, U.S.A. (Travel) Viewers will visit the- Canadian Province of Manitoba to hear the music of the pipes of Scotch Highlander Regiment Parades. 13 Friendship Exchange 8:00 2-8 Ed Sullivan (Variety) Singer Tony Martin leac! off an impressive array of top headliners. Prominently featured on the program will b Xavier Cugat and Abbe Lane; pianist, Roger Williams; comedian Jack E. Leonard; the comedy team of Bennett and Patterson; veteran entertainers Benny Fields and Blossom Seeley and the European dance team of Dolores Vargas and Jose Castellon Batista. Candidates for the Football Hall of Fame also will be presented. 4 Steve Allen (C) Gertrude Berg, Tony Bennett, the Harlem Globetrotters basketball team and singer Cathy Linden will visit the show tonight. The Globetrotters will "play" the Allen All-Stars. 9 Star Performance Charles Boyer and Susan Kohner star in "Desert Encounter." 13 Command Performance 8:30 7 Lawman (Western) A young deputy marshal . de-decides to turn in his badge when be is convinced he is the son of a notorious outlaw in "The Joker." John Russell stars. 9 Crusader (Drama) Matt Anders (Brian Keith) finds his subject is missing when he goes to Malaya, for a special story on a Chinese freedom fighter in tonight's "A Little Friend." 13 Dan Lundberg (Panel) "Does Cross-filing Threaten Party Loyalty?" will be dis cussed. 9:00 2 GE Theater Ernie Kovacs stars in "The World's Great est Quarterback." Kovacs plays the part of one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of football in this ro mantic comedy in which Aud rey Totter plays his bank president wife. Ronnie Burns stars as a football hero, Vince Markowski. 4 Dinah Shore (C) Dinah Shore almost gets pre-empted on tonight's show when young Rusty Hamer (Danny Thomas' TV son) steps in to take things over on the national colorcast. Ethel Merman, Marge and Gower Champion and Danny Thorn as will be special guests. 5 Movie (Comedy) Henry Fonda, Jack Carson and Joan Leslie will star in "The Male Animal." 7 Colt .45 (Western) Wayde Preston stars in "The $3,-000 Bullet." 9 Movie (Drama) An un scrupulous young woman marries her friend's fiance in "Born to Be Bad" star ring Joan Fontaine, Robert Ryan and Zachary Scott. 11 Movie (Drama) "Cynthia' TELEVISION WORLD By MARGARET McMANUS WESTPORT, Conn. There are some words in our language, perhaps from overuse and overemphasis, which have gone completely out of style. Rather unfortunately, one of these is the word, lady. Could there be among us,- a woman over 21, who can't recall being told over and over again, "to act like a little lady"? It was the ultimate accolade the most constant precept drummed in the ears, as you went forth to find your way in the social waters of the birthday parties and the dancing classes. It's an old-fashioned word, but it's the only one I can think of to most aptly describe Jane Wyatt. Jane Wyatt, co-star with Robert Young of the television series, "Father Knows Best," Mondays, CBS-TV, is a lady, and a de light. BORN IN NEW JERSEY Jane Wyatt was born in New Jersey, on a remote farm m a place called Campgaw, which she explained, is near Wycoff, N.J., wherever that is. Her mother is Euphemia Van Rensselar Wyatt, a remarkable lady known as Ef-fie, who is a drama critic and loves the theater almost more than her daughter, the actress. Miss Wyatt's husband is Edgar Bethune Ward, an investment broker, who was born in Newark, N.J., and whose grandfather was the first president of the Pruden tial Life Insurance Co. They met at a Christmas house party at the Hyde Park house of the Franklin Delano Roosevelts. Miss Wyatt, then newly graduated from Miss Chapin's School in Manhattan, was a freshman at Barnard College, and young Mr. Ward was a freshman at Harvard and a classmate of Jimmy Roosevelt's. "Years later when I was in a play which appeared in Washington, D.C.," Miss Wyatt said, "we were invited to the White House, and we all sat around in a little study and had tea, and the President and I talked about those days, and what great, carefree fun we all had." SILVER ANNIVERSARY The Wards, who will soon celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, live now in a big, old-fashioned house with an old-fashioned garden on an old-fashioned street between Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Their two sons are both away at school. Christopher, 21, is a student at MIT and Michael, 15, a musician who plays both the violin and the piano, is attending a Benedictine Prep School in Newport, R.I. MGM's heartwarming hit starring Elizabeth Taylor, with Miss Taylor portraying a beautiful delicate teenager who has been treated like an invalid all her life. 13 Oral Roberts (Kelijjion) 9:30 2-8 Alfred Hitchcock A cynical, loose livinjf newspaperman with a penchant for cruel practical jokes finally gets his come-uppance when his twisted sense of humor backfires in "The Jokester." Albert Salmi stars as Bradley with Koscoe Ates featured as Top Henderson. 7 Encounter (Drama) Douglas Rain and William Needles star in Joseph Scholl's "A Flower in the Rock." 13 Brother Bill (ReliRion) 10:00 2-X $64,000 Question 4 Loretta Young Amy (IOret-ta Young) and Jeb Stewart (Robert Rockwell),, happily married and the parents of three active children, decide to spend their vacation "sec-Olid honeymooning" in a story called "In the Good Old Summertime." 1.3 Voice of Calvary (Religion) 10:30 2-ft What's My Line (Panel) 4 Movie (Drama) Greedy actions of gold rushers cause the Sioux Indians to pose a war threat during "Oh! Susanna." Rod Cameron, Adrian Booth and Forrest Tucker are starred. . 5 Carroll Righter 7 Music is my Beat 13 O. L. Jaggers (Religion) 10:45 9 Movie (Drama) Frank Buck stars in "Jungle Cavalcade." 11 News (Welsh) 1 1 :00 2-8 News (Stout) 5 Greet the People (Bradley) 7 Film Dramas "Small Town Story" and "Lady in the Wind" are today's films. 11 Football Highlights 11:15 2 Movie (Drama) "Sentimental Journey" stars John Payne, Maureen O'Hara and William Bendix. A Broadway star adopts a little girl who; becomes a welcome creature and an unwanted stranger, j 8 Meet Your Mayor i 11:20 8 Sacred Heart (Religion) i 11:30 j 13 News ! 12:00 5 News 12:15 5 Televespers 12:45 2 Give Us This Day (Religion) "It was very difficult to let them go," said Miss Wyatt, "especially the younger one, but he's going to the most wonderful school and we felt it would be the best for him. "The house seems terribly empty and terribly quietr but of course, I'm busy when we're filming the series, and actually it helps that I have another fam ily around all day while I'm work ing. I treat these youngsters as I treat my own children and they have a certain respect for Bob Young and me as their make-believe parents. INFORMAL WORK "Show business is inclined to be very informal, you know,' but my television children call me Miss Jane and somehow it seems to work out better, if there is some formality and restraint. We temper this with affection and patience, but it is more of a parent-child relationship than coworkers." She said her dream has slways been and will always be, "to be a hit in a Broadway play. NOT UNIQUE "I'm hardly unique in this," she said. A good play, like a good man, seems to be increasingly hard to find but we can make a start with the character of the leading lady. The margin notes on her would go like this: She is of medium height, slim, with blue eyes and short black hair. She should look well born and well bred and have a beautiful speaking vioce. She should have serenity and composure and a substantial joy. in the practiced art of living. She must be all these things without a hint of being dull, or overly decorous, a bona fide lady. The casting director would have to say: looks Tike Jane Wyatt; sounds like Jane Wyatt; is Jane Wyatt. (C) The Bell Syndicate Grips Dentures Firmly, Quickly! at your favorite drug counter 60( L'L.J.i MftfBir cuce LINE. 6SO SB PHILCO 21" 'Diagonal Measure REG. $239.95 1 nil, MODEL 4215 M Wood Cabinet - Front Speaker 4r Power Transformer With trade RADIO TV HI-FI 798 W. 3rd TUr 9-2621 549 W. Bos Lin TUx 42-5271 TO lf$17fl88l! Amazing! A must. Phone MA. 6-7121 for free doctor book 355 So. Broadway, Los Angeles 13, Calif. TINY HEARING AID! WORN ENTIRELY IN This is not a "gadget." It's a REAL hearing aid, complete with volume control. It is especially good for those who do not want to wear a hearing aid all the time. When in groups, in church, or in theaters, just slip it into your ear and you HEAR! When not needed, carry it in watch pocket or coin purse. You have to see it to believe it. Free test and trial. Come to the office or phone for home appointment. No obligation. PHONE TU 6-8091 7 'cvmticetf 383 E Street Next to See's Candy Store 31ort. thru Fri. 9 a.m. - .::10 p.m. Saturday 9 A.M. 'til 1 P. M. In Riverside 4117 Main St. OV 3-8130 d JANE WYATT . . . in family series pip.TiinF vv7 Tiioira J i S100 "R VI INCH Metal. 24" & 27" excepted 1 Year Mfg. Guarantee Factory TV Sales BASE LINE AT F V TUr 9.551 1 Parents of LASSIE TV FANS! Your Child Can Win a Pedigreed COLLIE PUP Like Lassie! Every child would lilts to have a pedigreed Collie pup . . . just like Lassie! And it's easy! Just bring your child in and register him for the free drawing. He can win the pup and his registration papers. Register between now and October 25 in Harris Boys' Dept., Street Floor, or Boys' Dept., 2nd Floor. Drawing will be held at 2 P.M. Saturday, October 25th at the rear of the Men's Store. Harris Employes and Their Families Not Eligible Fix Your Own Discount- on TOOLS PARTS NEEDLES ANTENNAS PH. TUr 4-7977 20 DISCOUNT t RECEIVING TUBES KEEP THIS COUPON Offer Expires Dec. 31. 195S MHM COUPON MMV iiCDECH CONSULTANT SERVICE intC TELL US THE MODEL NUMBER KIND OF SET AND WE TELL YOU WHAT TUB EST TO BRING IN FOR CHECKING KEEP THIS COUPON PICTURE $fGQ TUBES Guaranteed One Year by Mfg. Metal or 24" Tube Not Included SAV-ON TV 1294 E Street Call TUr 4-7977 Open 9 to 9 Sun. 10 to S EAR THE HEARING AIDS OF sAri Bernardino In Ontario 519 N. Euclid YU 4-2435 r 5 i M In m Entertainment by bill hasbrook A Happy Sunday Morning to you. I predict that the heat wave will be over by Christmas and I want to tell you right now that my predictions are 86 right . . . 4 of the time. Let's start right out with the Ho Hum Department: Debbie and Eddie will be playing Vegas at the same time next June . . . Differ ent, hostelries. Isn't that exciting? Too, if you occasionally have given a thought to "where is Pat O'Brien since them Bardahl commercials," I can tell you right where he's going to be. He opens at Chicago's Drury Lane Theatre November 19th in "The Loud Red Patrick." Covers MY sentiments, exactly. The Hollywood Colony agog over Lord Louis Mountbatten. Who wouldn't be. I think he's the prototype of what everyone's conception of British Royalty should look like ! I don't know what he's inspecting over here but the pictures of Stars I've seen him with have won my American Boy-Type approval. Movie Moguls are forever talking about money and their motto in Filmdom these days is "Money Talks." To me it says goodbye. Have you ever wondered what happens to contestants in Beauty pageants? Do they get big film contracts ? 5-year pact on TV? Marry !a millionaire? I dunno but the gal who WAS Miss St. Louis in the Miss Universe contest this spring is now selling cigarettes and cigars in a niterie. Your response to bath of our contests has been highly exhilarating and we appreciate them very much. I'd like to point out to the men that the Limerick contest on KITO is for women, primarily, AND ... if they do have to fill in that last line on it . . . will they please keep four letter words out of. their entries? They won't read them on the air anyway because all of our announcers are Eagle Scouts. Speaking of KITO (who isn't these days?) -give a listen to Allan Bowles who has the night duty. Allan starts at 4;30 and finishes at midnight. Talk about smooth production. Talk about fine music ! It's there. If vou're looking for top "40" or Rock and Roll . . . it's conspicuous by its absence on KITO. Give Allan a listen weekdays on KITO, 1290 on your entertainment dial. We call it sound entertainment. Isn't that clever? If that Tia Juana station that your kids are listening to is bugging you . . . tell them to turn to KITO and I can positively guarantee you that they won't like it . . . but you will! With the Election coming closer and closer we'd also like to suggest that you keep tuned to KITO. We cover all Press conferences . . . all Major speeches . . . in fact, if you have a meeting of over ten people . . . KITO will cover that. All you publicity chairmen remember that. Wherever you go . . ..there's Radio. AND KITO. PICTURE TO WAIT FOR: Spencer Tracy in "The Last Hurrah." Going to be fairly difficult for the i Academy Award Committee this year. Tracy will be in ; the above and Hemingway's "Old Man of the Sea" in the same year. Anybody ever get two Oscars? You've heard of "death-scene" speeches? Just before Tracv 'dies in "The Last Hurrah,". he motions to his buddy Sam and says, "Le'chayim, Sam." This is gaelic? Don't forget, gentle hearts, to enter the twocon- tests now running on KITO. One will put you smack in ; Honolulu and the other will make you one of the landed Gentry in Arizona. Any questions, call Jack La iMarca at GLenview 8-8183 . . . ANYTIME! ! Remember, too, you get the news from WHERE it happens, WHEN it happens on KITO with such disting- i uished commentators as i Westbrook Van Voorhis, ! John Holbrook, Cliff Engle, and Frank Hemingway. ; Listen, won't you? 1290 on ;your Radio Dial. Write if you get work !

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