Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California on April 7, 1904 · Page 1
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Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California · Page 1

Santa Cruz, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1904
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THE LEADING ttiu um PAPER Published la Santa CnU County Cewwwwwwv VOLUME XL. SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA, THURSDAY MORNING, APRIL 7. 1904. NUMBER 146. Am 50 CENTS PER MONTH ; Delivered to Aajr Part of City or Vicinity. 3 It r SEASIDE Coats m Skirts ...FOR SPRING... We have just received from a leading New York manufacturer an assortment of new outer garments for Spring wear, including: Silk Military Coats . Silk Eton Coata Tan Covert Military Coats Black Broadcloth Coats We are also showing a large stock of handsomely trimmed ...VOILE SKIRTS... in very Stylish Effects. Black and Colored Silk Drop Sklrt8 In great variery SAMUEL 08 and 100 Pacific Av. ON TAP I CRYSTAL ORANGE CIDER. Garden Seed and Garden Tools WE HAVE A GREAT PLENTY OF AND WANT TO DISPOSE OF THEM TO YOU ! ; Mr-PTTTVRfiON, Cheap' and Desirable Real Estate See change In the "AD" below and investigate quickly before they are sold. Get. our list before buying: SCO" House 7 rooms, pnrtly hart unlHUed, tine location, flood 4 room house and 2 ItirKo Lota In beat central location. A Suup. 51,000 Oftn,,,la Acres, "toue'e throw itilfcUuo' station, on uunow gauge, one mile from Ulenwood, aiunll house, barn and outbuildings, good hay land, clone to sehool-hootie. Ttila place la one of the finest r hitea for a summer resort, In the Simla Cms mountain. Fur a ahort time only. SI AftO (IixhI 1mne 4 rooms; liani lltUv anil rlil.ken hontiea; large lot Nnli";- tluc hearing fruit trecK,. Ijcn-Oood Two-Story House, B MiZull and Itulh. H Aero In ml, Fcneed and Water piped to Hooae, Rents n Hummer for Mo per wontn M4J JCft ' house of 0 rooms; liard-O ltuU llnlslieil; on flue corner; Lot lluxl.Vi. clow to car line Fast Hunta Crus. 0"! Eflfl-ew hunse of six rooms. WIIWWW I-"1 1 x li H. Close to car lino, in line location. I) flnfi Mrf house, U rooms and AZiUUU limn: eloae to ear line; liest of local Ion, 11 acres land, - nil planted to berries; Kust Simla Cms. A A qnA-nu Acres, leas than 0 nillca Sl&l&UU from town; on good road; 'M Aires llav; balance Pasture n nil Timber; About 7110 Cords Flue Timber; Fine New house 8 rooms; Hood Horn and Out-bullilinm 114 Acres bearing Fruit Trees. Tills la good Income place from start. A emit Parguln for a short time only. tin AAA Flue Modern Two-story sbiZUU House of aeven cooina and Balh, (lood Horn and Out-building, l-ot lIVul.Vi. Close to Oi't'uu View Avenue. 1 COn :t" Acres; 3 miles from town; VaClvtVU on giwd road; Acres Hay; some tine berries; large chicken runs: balance PaB tore; house of 0 rooms; barn. Knsv terma. $3,500- -47V4 Acres, about Two Acres In Fruit mostly Apples, few reaches. 3 Acres Vineyard. Balance pasture and Hay land, about 700 Cords of flna timber on the place. Honae of ait rooms. Barn, Black-Kinlth shop, etc. Choice Building Lots, Houses furnished, and Unfurnished. PROPERTY EXCHANGED. We also have the Agency for the best FIRE, LIFE INSURANCE COS. HILTON & DAY, Cooper St., Phone Black 171 Opposlto Hall of Itecorda, SANTA CHl'JS, CALIFORNIA. JyM-tf THE BOARD OF TRADE H0LD3 A MEETING The Board of Trade met at the Court House Wednesday evening. President Clark presided, with C. W. Hammer An Invitation was received to attend the dinner of lhe Calitornin Promotion Committee In Kan Francisco on April 30th. President Clark and Duncan Mc-Phorson were appointed a eonnnlltee to attend the tlimier, which wilt he $5 a plate. C. W. Hammer was appointed a dele gate to the C'amlno Real Convention in Santa Barbara. Duncan Mcl'horson was appointed alternate. Mayor Clark and Chairman J. S. Collins are also delegates. An effort will be made to secure ,u niivi Pmivantinn for imtn Cruz. An tnvlintlon was extended to the Grand Uxlge, A, 0. V. W., which will meet, at Fresno next, week, to hold next year's session in SsntH t.ruz. A Idler was received from F. M. Swan, suggesting that the Board retain his serviies in Los Angeles for another ....... ii. n., mntinn it wan decided Hint II1IUII1I. 'll '. - M: Swan be no longer engngod after his contract, which enos yus ntumu expires. C. W. Hainnur was appointed to ad i..n, ..,niia with the Hnnapt Press. Jtini IIIUU' in - - n invit.nilnn was received to attend lhe Jubilee at Modesto. Auditor Ware was appointed a delegate. Foley's Kidney Cure mattes lhe kidneys ,! bladder right. Don't delay taking. For sale by 3. II. Tanuer anil The Model Drug Store. Subscribe ,or the Sentinel". STORE. Visit of Inspection will be greatly appreciated LEASK, Santa Cruz. ANOTHER BARREL OF )F THAT DELICIOUS DRINK Thft Grocer. EEErrEEIEE MARRIED AS THE RESULT OF JOKE. , , . the purchaser paying $100 down out NEW lORK.-Eight young women of m , 'be iye (op jt of Jersey City started out on Sunday! evm, Mohrig's , took the pur-night to be funny, and the joke con-, t.haBer 01U , Bnow nlm how to run tne slated of proposals of marriage, made macnlne. Something went wrong with on bended knee by the eight to as ,ne wkB and , explos1oll many young men. The eight young foIlowe(I young Mohrif! and the pr0B. men, not to be outdone, accepted the, Uv(, pun.ha8er took Naders into girls on the spot, and an aewmmodat- lhe road Nelther wag ,eriously hurt, ing young man named Arthur Schmidt . ,h ,8 . tota. playfully agreed to perform eight "mock marriage services". Amid great hilarity the sixteen young men and women went to their respective homes. The Joke lost its point when the discovery was made that Schmidt is a Justice of the Peace, fully authorized to Join people In marriage. Now eight young women of Jersey City are wondering if eight. yo"R men are coming to claim them, and eight young men are consulting lawyers as to whether a good Joke is to be spoiled by their having to support eight young women until death or the divorce court does them part. BUST COtlOH MFDtCINB FOR CHILDREN. When von buy a cough medicine for small children you want one in which you can place Implicit confidence. You want one that not only relieves but cures. You want one that la unquestionably harmless. You want one that la pleasant to take, ctismherlflin'a- Couth Remedy meets all of these conditions. There la nothing ao good for the couglia and colds incident to clUinnoon. It IB also a reriain prevriiuii. and cure for croup, and there Is no danger whatever from whooping cough when It la iriven. It haa been uaed In munv enldemlcs of that dlaeat with perfect enceess.. For sale by J. . Tanner and iue mouci iirog Store. Subscribe for the "Sentinel". A. C. SNYDER'S New Goods Arriving Daily New Silk Dotted Pongees New Wash Fabrics New Shantungs New Laces New Trimmings. Ask to see our Patterns in Pongee at These are all Choice Selected Goods and prices the lowest. A. C. SNYDER, LEADER OF LOW PRICES g . KUROPATKIN READY. COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF BUSSIAH LAND FORCES REACHES HEW CHWAHG. Japanese May How Come on, as Their Russian Enemies Are Full; Prepared. NEW CHWANO, April 6. General Ktiropalkin arrived here today and received about 4,000 troops on the parade ground of the fort One battery of horse artillery, several batteries of Held artillery, pang of four regiments of Siberian Rifles, as well as Cossacks and regular cavalry took part In the review. On account of the fact that the river has been mined, and because It U expected that the forts will indulge In practice firing, merchant ships are not using the lower reaches of the river. General Kondratovitch, who Is in command here, was praised by General Kuropatkin for the order and cleapli-ness prevailing at New Cnwang. He says he Is now prepared for a Japanese attack, and It Ls evident that the authorities expect an onset. The command of General Kondratovitch embraces the scout patrols west of the Llao river, the district to the south, including Kaichou, and the district to the north, Including the railroad and Hai-cheng. The. troops now here are of a higher class than those which occupied New Chwang when the war began. General Kondratovitch is about to open "a hospital which has been recently established here. The relations of the Russian authorities with the foreign residents are improving, and the civil administrator purposes to consult and co-operate with the foreigners for the protection of neutral interests and the lives of neutral persons. A report was received through the Russian secret service that the Japanese had Intended to attack New Chwang yesterday, but the day passed without evidences of sucli Intention. l'lso's Cure Is an effectual remedy for old on the. lungs. 2.'io. AUTOMOBILE TRIES A DANGEROUS GAME. SAN FRANCISCO, April 6. There is I one automobile leas in San Francisco and the machine announced this Itself by blowing up. The auto had been the property of B. Mohrig. It was of an old pattern. Yesterday Mohrig sold It, question naturally arises whose machine it was when it blew up. A WOMAN'S COMPLEXION. It Is rank roollabneaa to attetipt to remove sallowneas or greaslneas of the skin by the nae of cosmetics, or "locsl" treatment, ss advocated by the "beauty doc. tors". The only safe and sure way that woman can Improve her complexion la by purifying and enriching the blood, which can only be sccompllaheu by keeping the liver healthy and sctlve. The liver Is the seat of disease and blood pollution. Green s August Flower sets dl-reellT on the liver, cleanses and enriches the blood, porlfles'the complexion, II also cures constipation, biliousness, nervousness, nd Indnces refreshing sleep. A single bottle of August Flower has been known to cure the moat pronounced and dlstreaalng cases of dyanepsls and In-s.sesilon. New trill bottles, 2S cents: regular else. 75 cents. At sil druggists. REA SELLS SUBURBAN ROAD. SAN JOSE, April 6. The new suburban electric railway from this city to Saratoga and Los Gatos, eighleen miles in length, will probably be sold this week. President James W. Rea, says the deal is on, and O. A. Hale states that he has an option for East ern capitalists, and will start East to consummate the sale. Subscribe for tne "sentinel" Choice Figured . . . 50c yd NEWSPAPER STAFF IN PALO ALTO ON STRIKE PALO ALTO Another feature In the labor situation developed when the entire force of the Times printing office walked out. Up to the first of the month the office had been held under lease by E. f. Field Jr. On the first H. W. Simkins, the owner of the establishment, placed a non-union fore man in charge. This made it impossible for the union printers to continue at work, hence the walk-out. The executive committee of the union has entered a protest, stating Its position and developments are being awaited. Mr. Simpkins, is secretary of the cm Hens' alliance. SCIATIC RHEUMATISM CUFtBD. "I have been subject to aclatlc rlieunit-tlm for years," suya E. Jl. Waldron, of Wilton Junction, Iowa. "My Joints wire stiff and gave me much pub aod din-comfort. My Joints would crack when I nralghtencd up. I lined Cliamberlaln'a 1'uln Balm and have been thoroughly cured. IJave not had a pain or ache from the old trouble for many month. It la certainly a most wonderful liniment. For sale hy J. O. Tanner and The Model Drug Store. ACT DOES NOT PROVISION MAKE FOR DAMAGES The Supreme Court has affirmed '.lie lower court of Los Angeles county In a suit brought by A, C Duncan and Mag gie Duncan against Adolph Ramisb and others. This was an action to enjoin the City Treasurer of Los Angeles from exe cutlng a deed to the purchasers for cer tain lots sold by him for the non-pay ment of bonds issued under proceel-lngs for a street improvement. An answer was filed, the case was tried and judgment given for defendants. The appeal was from the order denying a new trial and from the judgment. The bonds for which the City Treasurer had sold the lots were a part of a series of bonds Issued on an assessment for the payment of the expenses of improving certain streets. The appellants claimed that the benefits accruing to their lots were not in excess of the damages caused thereby and not in excess of the assessment for street work. Tbo Sttnreme Court holds, with the lower court, that the benefit exceeded the damage and that the street work act makes no provision for damages. DREADFUL ATTACK OF 'WHOOPINt' COUtiH. Mm. Kllen Harrison, of 800 Park Ave., Knnusu citv. Mo., writes as follows: "Onr two children had a severe attack of whoop ing cough, one of them In the pnrosvsin of coughing would often faint and bleeu at the none. We tried everything we heard of without getting relief. We then called In our family doctor who prescribed Foley s Honey and 'Jar. wun tne very nrei uui-they began to Improve and we feel that 't baa saved their lives." Refuse substitutes. For Kale by J. G. Tanner and The Model Drug Store. DESPERATE CONVICTS. JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. Four con victs at the penitentiary attempted to escape by holding up the guard with revolvers. They were forced to surrender, and when searched several sticks of dynamite were found in their j possession. They had succeeded In cutting their way out of tne ceils, ana wnen Guard John Williams, In making his rounds, came upon them In the cor ridor, they called upon him to halt. Williams fled and gave the alarm, and a corpse of guards responded. The guards soon over-powered the convicls and placed them in other cells. HEALTH IS YOUTH. Disease and Slcknesa Bring Old Age tlerhine taken verv morning before breakfast will keep you In robust health, lit vou to ward off disease. It enres constipation, biliousness, dyspepsia, fever, skin, liver and kidney complaints. It 'tirlnea the blood and clears the compiex-in. Mrs. D. W. Smith. Whitney, Texas, writes April a, ItKC!: "I have used Her-blne. and find It the best medicine for constipation and liver troubles. It does all you claim Tor It. I can nigniy recommend It." OOcts a bottle. Sold by J. O. Tanner. A SNEER OF SATISFIED BRITISH SNOBBERY. No British collector being willing to give the reserve price of $25,000 for the manuscript of Milton's "Paradise Lost," an American has stepped forward with that amount, or more, and carried off what Is regarded as a treas ure by those who prize that sort of thing- And the Iindon Telesranh is moved to remark: i j "Let us be thankful that Westmin-jj ster Abbey and St Paul's Cathedral are i not portable, for otherwise they woum be purchased by an American millionaire". It would be an Improvement In ownership. Were St. Paul's over here we should not have waited for a British J. Piernont Morgan to dispel the dark ness of the Interior by making a girt on a a.n electric lighting olant. And should I 4 on American with the necessary cash buy the Abbey and allow it to stand j where it is, the assumption is fair that he would have mind and soul enough, to make some radical changes In that pantheon. For example, ne .woum not penu:i, defunct royalty to occupy most of the space, nor allow the departed nobility and gentry to take up so much room: that genius has to be shoved Into odd. corners. It is a truly British pantheon, West- minster Abbey, a temple reared to rank, where the loyal Briton may worship his Head and gone "betters." and get for his ' caste-saturated soul, as near v as may be, The thrill tne Ameri can feels In Independence Hall, where the names of the Illustrious dead sym bolize, the cause of Liberty. Los An geles Examiner. FUJI OTSH ilXTT TEARS. Wra. Wlnaiowa soothing Svrua all been used for over sixty ye&ra oy millions of mothers for their children hlie teething, with perfect success, n soothes the child, softens the gums allays all pain; cures wlrrt colic, bh snd Is the best remedy for Diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sutterer Immediately. Sold by Druggists in every part of the world. Twenty-five cents a bottle. He sure sno ass "Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothin Syrup," in take no other kimi- m There are sections of sidewalk on the east side ot Pacific Av. that are In a shameful condition. Try to walk over them from Cathcart St. to Beach Hill, stepping on projecting rocks and dirt till your feet get their fill. State of Ohio, City of Toledo, l.ueaM County, sa. Frank J. Clieuey niakea oath that be la senior partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney X- Co.. doing huslneM. In the City of Toledo, County and Slate nforeaald. and tnat said Ann will pay the sum of ONN 11CN-DltKll DOI.I.AItS for each and every case of Catarrh ) lint can not lo cured by the use of llall'a Cntarrli Cure. WtANK J, CHENEY. Sworn to and subscribed In my presence, this (ilh day of December, A. D. ISMil. (Seal.) A. W. ObKAKON, Notarv Hepiihllc, Hall's Catarrh Cure la taken Internally, and acta directly on the blood and mucous surface' of the system. Send for testimonials free. F. J. cnRN'KT & CO., Toledo, 0. Sold liv all Drneslats, 7r.c. Take Uall's Family Pills for constipation. JAIL AND FINE FOR SENATOR. BURTON SENTENCED TO SIX MONTHS' IMPRISONMENT AND TO PA! Defendant Gives $10,000 Bond, is Released From Custody and Wi!i Appeal His Case. ST. LOUIS. Mo., April 6. United States Senator Joseph R. Burton of Kansas, recently convicted, of receiving fees Illegally from the Rialto Grain and Securities Company, as- their atlorney, was today given a sentence of six months In jail and was fined $2,500 by Judge Adams in the United States District Court here. Senator Burton, accompanied by his leading attorney, Judge Chester H. Krura, went Into the United States District Court at 12:30 o'clock. Judge Adams summoned Senator Burton to 1 alans nn anil then eruiba rtf lh mnliiina , . - ',: tnai nau Deen nieu tor a new trial aim tor arrest or juogment.. At the conclusion of the sentence, Senator Burton, who had not taken his eyes from the court and who had scarcely moved as he supported himself by the chair-back, turned and sat down, with his head bowed and his eyes on the floor. Attorney Krum Immediately filed a bill of exceptions in the case and offered a bond of $10,000, which was accepted. Senator Burton and Judge Krum then hurriedly departed from the court room. In the corridor Senator Burton stopped long enough to light a cigar and then walked to his hotel. He declined to discuss the sentence, but said he would depart tonight for his home in Kansas. The case will now be appealed to the United States District Court of Appeals, the highest tribunal in the matter. Senator Burton, who Is senior Senator from Kansas, was convicted after an exhaustive trial. In which various letters from him to the Rialto Grain and Securities Company, the checkB which he received 'in payment for his services in behalf ,of the concern before the Postofflce Department, and the testimony of numerous agents of the Government, were introduced. Senator Burton's defense was that he was acting merely in the capacity of an attorney, and did not employ his Senatorial influence in the work. MAKF.R A CLEAN SWEEP. There's nothing like doing a thing thoroughly. Of all the Salves you ever heard of, Bucklen'H Arnica Salve la the best. It sweeps awav and cures Burns, Mores, Bruises. Cuts, Bolls, Ulcers, Skin Eruptions and Piles. It's only Scr and guaranteed to give satisfaction by J. O. Tau-ner, Druggist. TOP COATS The Coat that Holds Shape. Mind you the tailoring in our coats Is hand work. They are ibuilt up stitch by stitch, and are. not to be compared with ordinary coats. We show you these in Tan and Gray Fabrics. They will prove a great drawing card at this very moderate price SBXQ.SO SPRING SUITS By Big Odds the Best Values In Town. We've been telling you about these splendid suits. Many came and bought them. They send their friends and these send more, and so the news spreads and these great, big, honest values are beginning to be town talk. A vaBt assortment in single and double breasted from... $12.50 to $20 1 ! ii ft 1 ihd - ! "11 2 3 1,- ADYANCE SPRING STYLES in Men's Soft aud Derby Hats are now being shown by us in the new block for 1904 at $2.50 The SMART HOSE FOR MEN, in the opeti work, high grade lisle, the smart hose you know for the low -cut shoe, the ones we mention, are 25C WILLIAMS BROS., ..Cash Store.. 64 PACIFIC AVENUE. 1 i DEATH aDS A WATER SUIT j SAN BERNARDINO. Death has stepped In and terminated Important water litigation. A suit was brought recently by Alonzo E. Jones against C'oltop, which had it been successful would have resulted in leaving the municipality without a drop of domestic water for 3.200 residents. The aged plaintiff died at the County Hospital, where he had recently been removed from his home, having fallen and sustained a double fracture of the hip. Jones came to this locality with the first Mormon settlers fifty years ago. Until recently his ranch has been very productive, but with the advent of the deep wells of Riverside and Col-ton the land was drained of artesian water. He finally brought suit to permanently enjoin t'olton from operating pumps and prayed for $10,000 damages. Colton, realizing the vital importance of the suit, had retained several law firms. Omer Jones, a son says that the suit will be dismissed, A DANDY FOR BURNS. Dr. 'Bergln, Pans, Ilia., writes: "I have lined Ballard's Know Liniment; always recommended It to my friends, as I am confident there is no lietter made. "It Is a (Inndy for burns." Those who live on farms lire especially liable to many acei-ili.titnl cuts, hnrns. Iit-nlhea. which heat rniikllv when Ballard's Snow Liniment la i Hblillei. It should always ls kept in tliC huiise for cases of emergency." 2. ric. .,, ,Mtllli i,, h, j . Tanner. CCWARDLY ASSAULT. CHICAGO. April 5.-Bertha Van Gel-der, one of a number of girls employed as press feeders by a local printing establishment in place of striking union men, is the victim of alleged slugging tactics employed by the strikers. While on her way home Miss Van Gelder was attacked and brutally beaten by men whom she declared are striking p4 feeders or their sympathizers. She is said to be in a critical condition. rXELMnXIA ttnPHlin OF ITS TUltltUltS bv Foley's Honey and Tar. It stops the racking couch and heals and strengthens the ImigK. If taken In time It will prevent an attack of pneumoniu. Refuse substitutes. For sale by J. G. Tanner and The Mode! Drug Store. WILL CURTAIL PRODUCTION. FALL RIVER, Mass., April 5 Twenty of the companies in Ibis city engaged in the manufacture of prim cloths controlling sixty-five mills have entered into an agreement to curtail production by shutting down two tiay3 a week. The action Is due to unsettled conditions in the cotton and cloth ma." kets. BALLARD'S HOREHOUND SYRUP. Immediately relieves hoarse, croupy cough, oppressed, rattling, rasping and difficult tu-eathirtg. Henry C. Stearns, Druggist, Shullsburg, Wis., writes. May 'JO, 1(101: "I have been H'lllng Ballard's Horehound Syrup fo two vears, and have never had a'pieparation that baa given better aatis faction. I notice that when I sell a Iwttle they come hack for more. I can honestly recommend It." Kjc, 60, $1.00. Sold by J. G. Tanner. THE MAN i WHO READS... 1 WHEN you read our an- hah ail 1 1 s.Mi f.an1 tj plain facts, statements that are modest, reliable ana iree from the slightest exaggeration, so.when you respond to them you are often Surprised but Never Disappointed. Our Clothing is the best that can be made the only kind that it pays you to buy. Our prices are money-saving prices. Always a little more, often a good deal lower than any other Santa Cruz sto e. So when you come you will see goods with merit prices that save. If you buy you'll get satisfaction. You will come again, as others do. SHOE , PATENT ; BLUCHER Deserv' edly the most popular shoe on the market. Made of the best materials in the best way.t Stvle No. 16. i THE ARCADE STORE Special Sale of White Wash Goods For Communion and Confirmation Dresses. This week the demand for White Wash Goods will be larger than usual, and as we are prepared to show a large variety in all the different lines, we offer special inducements at money-saving prices. 36-inch fine quality India Linen, special during this week at 9c, 10c, 12 l-2c. 15c, 20c, 25C and 30c. White Organdies, Mulls, Dimities, nstists, Madras, Oxford plain and dotted Swisses. Prices ranging from 10c to tl.00 a yard. LACES The savings' on Goods will enable Trimmings on Low Prices on the Laces. : Children's Ready Made White : ' Dresses at Half Price. S. J. Strauss . 4-4--S--r-5--i-4. hoe THAT ARE MOIEY-SAVERS Ladles' Plump Vici Kid Lace Shoes. Exten- FA sion Soles. Price V'V Ladles' Pat. Colt Lace Shoes. Cuban heel, light sole, dull Mat top CHILDREN'S SHOES BEN CONISTER, THE FOOT FITTER. 42 Pacific Avenue. REPAIRING BY SUPERIOR COURT PROCEEDINGS. WEDNESDAY. Estate of S. Meyer Appraised at $2,800. Estate of R. R. Welch J. J. Morey, A. Faustlne and G. P. Martin appointed appraisers. Katherlne Scott vs. Jerry Bloom Dismissed. I. T. Bloom vs. M. T. Langley Appeal from Justice Court. Swanton vs. Electric Light Co. Argument set for April 16th. AT THS RECORDER'S OFFICE. Reported dally for the "Sentinel" by nukinney & Dake, Searchers ot Records and Conveyancers, No. 22 Cooper Et. HEAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. M. Ucovich and wife to Charles M Thurman Lots 2, 22 and 23, Block D Riverside tract, Santa Cruz, $5. I Hiram F. Hoskin and wife to Frank . Van Dusen Ind in -Sees. 4 and 5, T. U a, R. 1 W.. $5. A. D. Pena and wife to William Rtis- sell and George Ley N. E. of N. E. 4 of Sec. 14, T. 10 S., R. 3 W., 10 acres, reserving right of way, $5. Charles Kaye and wife to William and Caroline Leibbrandt Lot 91.39.x 154.50 feet on northwest corner of Wat- son and Bronson Sis.. Eist Santa Cruz, $3. UOHTOAOES. Mortgages for $200 and $2,300 (chat telV Hied. MnrlPAees for 11 350 anil SI fiflu re- i leased. MlSCELLAHEOnS. H. J. Leibbrandt vs. David Post Abstract of judgment for $73 20. S. B. Slight, administrator, ete.. T8. U. U. sngnt et at. notice ot pennency of action to set aside deeds. GOOD SPI HITS. Gnwl spirit tiou't all come from K'.m fiii-ky. Ttieir main source Is the liver mill all tlie flue spirits ever matle In ihm Blue Ornss State conld not remedy a bad liver or the buudred-and-one HI effects it produces. You can't have good spirits ami a bud liver ut tue same time. Your liver, must he Id tine condition It vou would feel buoyant, happy and hopeful, bright . of eye, Unlit of step, vigorous and miocess J fnl lu your pursuits. Vou can put yom liver In fine condition by nslnj Green's: Aujrurt Flower the greatest of all med-t k-lncs for the liver and stomach and a certain core for dvspopla or Indigestion. I It has been a favorite household remedy ; Tor over thirty-five yearn. Augutit Flower will make your liver healthy snd actlv snd thus Insure yon a liberal supply sup- ply of "good spirits". Trial sire, '2"c , regular bottles. 7rk 8oId by S. A. Tfllmer. INDIANS OF THE YOSEMITE. We have at hand a book with the! above title by Galen Clark, a pioneerj of the Yosemite, and discoverer of the! Mariposa Hig Tree Grove, who tells iu.js clear and simple language the history, ' -, customs ana irauiimns 01 tne interest- Ing tribes who held th? great Valley for so many years as au impregnable stronghold, and whose picturesque des-jiS centlantR are still objects of curiosity. 83 to all Yosemite travelers. The book'jj is handsomely printed and bound, and I gj is Illustrated by Chris. Jorgensen, the; Yosemite artist, and from numerous B photographs reproduced in hall-tone, j 8 Tables of distances, altitudes, Indian SS names, and other Information of value. 1 jj are also included. CAUTION. . a This Is not a gentle word out when $S you think how liable you are not to I purchase the only remedy universally j known and a remedy that has had the 1 .5 largest stile nf any medicine In the j world since 1S68 for the cure and treat- i nient of Consumption and Throat and Lung troubles without losing Its great popularity all these years, you will : be thankful we called your attention! to Hoschee's German Syrup. There I are so many ordinary couh remedies made by druggists and other, that are j cheap and good for Hsht colds per-iT laps, but for severe Coughs, Bron- ihltls, Croup and especially for Con- f, sumption, where there Is difficult fi-L pectoratlon and coughing during the nights and mornings, there I. nothing SS like German Syrup. The 25 cent l jj has Just been Introduced this year. I, Regular .it. Ii cents. At 8. A, Fal- i rjier a. Subscribe for the "Sentinel". t t t 30 inches wide, Lace Striped Lawns, fine quality. Special at 10c. I2c. 15c. 20c and 25c a yard. X X X X X the purchase price of alt White you to buy the required I.aces or each dress, as we offer Special Facts IS? Its Men's Veloure Calf Hand sewed, dressy v f i CA and serviceable. Price. . vO.tV Men's Pat. Colt Blucher, Princeton toe, stylish. AT CORRECT PRICES. FRED KOBER. ft,3-tf AKRON BANK CLOSES. AKRON, O., April 5. The Akron Savings Bank closed its doors to-day. The common pleas court appointed G. W. Sleber aad William Butchtel receivers ot the institution.' The action was precipitated as a result of the Akron Clearing House Association compelling the bank to make all its clearings in cash. William Butchtel is president of the bank. Ic has a capital stock of $200,000 and has deposits amounting to about $850,000. cntKS cocoas and colds. Mm. C. l'etereon, t'J5 Lake St., Topekn, Kau.saii. s.-iya: .'-Of all cough remedies Hallurd'A Horehoun Syrup ia my favorite: It liua done and wiil ito all that is claimed fur It to speedily eure all congbA and colds and It Is xg sweet aad pleasant to the taMe." ISic, Sue, J1.00 bottle. Sold by J. G. Tanner. Subscribe for the "Sentinel". ssssssissrif.s'ssrsjso j j j 85 j 8S , SS jJS (IXC.) Surprised ia j " i SS : S B jj -9 w rif 5 3 gj !? ! M EVERY ONE OF THEM WHO HAVE SEEN OUR 25c and 50c CHILD'S a HATS... CUTE STYLES and you Save Money by buying them at KELLY'S ss ss s s$ s i n ss . THE RACKET THE T. J. KELLY CO. IB7 Pacific Av. Red 302 nn ii STRAW SS ss SS SS SS i ss ss ss ss i s i n

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