The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on July 17, 1957 · Page 12
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 12

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 17, 1957
Page 12
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1 12 THE DAILY SUN TV-DIAL-O-LOGUE KXXT Ch. 2 KTI.A Ch. 5 KFMB Ch. 8 KTTV Ch. 11 KKCA Ch. 4 KABO Ch. 7 KHJ Ch. 9 KCOP Ch. 13 The Sun-Telegram logs are compiled from information provided by the television stations. stations are not tne responsibility of (C) Indicates that program is in WEDNESDAY JULY 17, 1957 5:40 4 Morning Farm Report 6:00 4 Today (Garroway) Dances of the Far East will be performed by Beatrice Kraft and her Oriental dancing troupe. 6:30 5 This is My Faith (Religion) 6:45 2 Give I s This Day (Religion) 8 Film Feature 6:50 3 Farm Report (Pierce) 7:00 2-8 Panorama Pacific Sylvia VVene, a four-foot 11-inch women's bowling champion, guests today. She will give an exhibition of style and form. 9:00 2 8 Valiant Lady (Serial) 4 Tic Tac Dough (Quiz) 9:15 2 8 Love of Life (Serial) 9:30 2-8 Search for Tomorrow 4 It Could Be You (Stunts) 9:40 7 News "(Cook) 9:45 3 8 Guiding Light (Serial) 7 It's Fun to Reduce (Firth) 10:00 2 8 News (Cronkite) 4 Tex and Jinx (Interviews) June Lockhart and Hugh Downs will interview Andy Devine, the sandy-voiced side-kick of "Wild Bill Hick-ok" who is currently portraying Capt. Andy in "Show Boat" on Long Island. 7 Chucko's Cartoons (Children) 10:10 2-8 Stand Up, Be Counted 10:30 2-8 As The World Turns 4 Club 60 (C) Variety 11:00 2-8 Our Miss Brooks (Comedy) Madison High School students are neglecting their home work in favor of dancing in the nearby malt shop. Conk-lin (Gale Gordon) hires a truant officer to keep the kids out of the place, only to find that this same truant officer is the chap who has been giving the kids dancing lessons at the shop. Eve Ar-dfn stars as Miss Brooks. 5 Cartoons (Children) 7 Film Drama (Dee Parker-Janet Dean, R.N., (Ella Raines) is assigned to care for a famous ballet dancer who is paralyzed. Doctors find him in top physical condition. "The Benton Case." 11 Star Shoppers (Welsh) 11:30 2-8 House Party (Linkletter) Zsa Zsa Gabor will guest. 4 Bride and Groom 7 Film Mysteries (Gwinn) A blackmailer is receiving payment from a woman who thinks she killed the girl she refused to let her son marry in today's Boston Blackie case. The Mr. and Mrs. North drama is called "Reunion." 11 Sheriff John (Cartoons) 12:00 2-8 Big Payoff (Quiz) 4 Matinee Theater (C) A poor but charming girl meets the world's wealthiest inhabitant in "The Richest Man in the World." 5 Chuck '.V Luck (Clefro) 12:30 2 8 Bob Crosby (Music) 12:40 7 News (Gwinn) 12:45 7 Recipes (Milani) 1 :00 2 8 Brighter Day (Serial) 4 Queen for a Day 5 News (Martyn) 11 Film Dramas (Wheeler) Stu Erwin reprimands the family for their untidiness, but his "Class Reunion" leaves the house in such a shambles that the girls return the "treatment." The drama for the day stars Virginia Field and Zachary Scott in "Award Performance." 1:05 5 Movie (Mystery) A hound that haunts a moor in Devonshire is blamed for several murders that occur in one family living on a nearby CASEYS UTL ll - SiTtWt KHIi SIWIUIE. UK. Wed., July 17, 1957 Last-minute program changes by the The Sun-Telegram. color. estate during "Hound of the Baskervilles" starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. 1:15 2-8 Secret Storm (Serial) 1:30 2-8 Edge of Night (Serial) 7 Film Drama (Milani) A lonely-nine-year old boy in an orphanage befriends a four-year old. When the little lad leaves the orphanage for a foster home, the other boy-is lost. Marilyn Erskine, Frances Bevier and Peter Votrian star in "Faith." 1:45 4 Modern Romances 2:00 2-8 Garry Moore (Variety) 4 Dear Phoebe (Comedy) Bill Hastings (Peter Law-ford) states in his lovelorn column that career girls make mediocre wives, and gets mixed up with pretty Mickey Riley in "My Unmarried Wife." 7 What's That Song? (Gwinn) 2:30 2 8 Arthur Godfrey 4 Truth or Consequences 7 Glamor Girl (McCoy) 11 My Little Margie (Comedy) Gale Storm as "Margie" stars in "The Health Farm." 2:55 9 Suspects Wanted (Police) 3:00 4 Home (Arlene Francis) Mrs. Francis La Farge will will be interviewed concerning the adjustment she has made to multiple sclerosis both domestically and psy chologically. 5 Police Calls (Bulletin) 7 Film Festival The story of three women released from prison and their first day of freedom will be detailed in "Turn the Key Softly" starring Yvonne Mitchell. Terence Morgan and Joan Collins. 9 Movie (Drama) A ruthless killer who flees from a dou ble murder, marries a girl for her money. "Born to Kill" stars Lawrence Tier ney, Claire Trevor, Walter Slezak, Phillip Terry, Audrey Long and Elisha Cook Jr. 11 Wonderland (Sheriff John) "Ali and His Baby Camel" Is today's story about a nine-year-old boy and his three-month-old camel. 3:15 11 Film Dramas (Martin) Mistaking the man hiding in his car for an escaped murderer, a man forces the intruder to accompany him to his club a club devoted to pranks of daring sensation during "The Sensation Club." The second drama, 'The Boy with the Beautiful Mother," presents the problems and adjustments of a young immigrant. Peter Votrian and Jean Byron head the cast. 3:30 2-8 Strike it Rich (Quiz) 5 Milady (Dorothy Gardiner) 3:45 13 Musical Parade (Varietv) 4:00 2 Afternoon Playhouse George Pemberton (James Dunn) is a bookkeeper in the El Paso Mortgage and Loan Co., and for 20 years has taken his annual vaca tion in the Santa Domingo mountains to look for treasure. He heads the cast in "The Treasure of Santo Domingo" today. Murvyn Vye is also featured. 4 Price is Right (Contest) 5 Cartoon Carousel (Children) 8 Movie (Drama) Cornel Wilde and Maureen O'Hara co-star in "The Homestretch." The story is about a girl who marries a happy- go-lucky fellow and thinks she can cure him of his pas sion for following all the big horse races. 4:30 2 Movie (Drama) "Stolen Identity" stars Francis Led erer, Donald Buck and Joan Camden. A woman seeks a divorce from her famous pi anist husband and with the help of an American friend. she finally escapes with her true love. 4 Commentary (C) 7 Al Jarvis (Talent Contest) 9 Movie (Western) Jane Frazee and Andy Devine star in "Under California Stars." 11 The Serials (WhittinghiU) Episode Eight of "Lost City CAPEUS of the Jungle" will be pre sented. International crimi nals trap fearless Rod Stan ton in a blazing inferno as he pushes on in his quest for the lost city, and the precious element for atomic defense. The second serial is "Winners of the West." Fighting to advance the great transcontinental rail road, one of the winners (Jeff Ramsay) overtakes Indians who have captured a wagon load of gunpower. Serial No. 3 is "Scouts to the .Rescue." Eagle Scout Bruce Scott courageously heads a stampeding herd of wild horses away from the scout camp, but his horse stumbles and throws him directly into the path of the thundering herd. 13 Destiny 4:35 4 Myron J. Bennett (C) 4:40 4 Movie (Romance) "Coast Guard," starring Randolph Scott, Frances Dee and Ralph Bellamy, will be telecast today. Coast Guard aviators Speed Bradshaw (Scott) and Ray Dower (Bellamy) are both attracted to Nancy Bliss (Miss Dee), and although Ray loves Nancy, she marries Speed. However, after the honeymoon all is not happiness for Speed regularly leaves her alone, so Nancy walks out. 5:00 7 Mickey Mouse Club Cubby O'Brien is featured in "A day in the life of a Mouse-keteer." 13 Movie (Western) A lawyer's parents are murdered, and he is bent on revenge. Don Barry, Julie Duncan and Al St. John star in the Six-Gun Movie presentation, "Texas Terrors." 5:30 5 Movie (Western) "Riders of the West" stars Buck Jones, Tim McCoy and Raymond Hatton. 5 45 9 News, Sports 5:55 3 Weather (Geise) 4 Commentary (C) 9 Bill Brundidge, Sports 13 Movie News (Fidler) 6:00 !-13 News, Sports 4 News, Weather (C) 7 Kit Carson (Western) To recover a stolen quinine shipment, Carson and El Toro pose as bandits during "The Padre's Treasure," starring Bill Williams as Carson. 8 9 11 My Friend Flicka Cartoon Express (Stulla) Topper (Comedy) "Topper Runs for Mayor" only to discover his boss is backing his opponent during today's comedy starring Leo G. Carroll. 15 News (Edwards) Jungle (Nature) The 6: 13 mountain turkey, snow partridge, lynx and the snow leopard are featured during a showing of animals of the Himalayas. 6:20 4 Feature Desk 6:30 3 Focus on Sanity (Heard) A mammoth eight-part project dealing with mental health begins today with author-lecturer-historian Gerald Heard serving as guide and narrator. The project made visits to San Quentin Prison, and Heard spoke to a group of inmates out in the "B i g Yard." Over 45,000 feet of film have been shot to date for the series. To obtain the widest scope in coverage as well as a thoroughly re searched series, 13 hospitals including Patton State Hospital at San Bernardino, were visited. "Focus on Sanity" is one of the most ambitious and gigantic programming ventures undertaken by a Ijos Angeles TV station. The half-hour series will include such guests as Aldous Hux ley, world famous author and philosopher, and Dr. Abra ham Kaplan, professor of philosophy at lCLA. Host narrator Heard will point out man s struggle for money. prestige, position and the modem time pressure and pace which puts sanity in constant jeopardy. He will bring out the difference be tween mental and emotional illness during his discussions with doctors and noted men tal health experts. Film clips of electric shock treatments being given to the patients will be shown as well as scenes of them suffering post - treatment convulsions The reactions of the man-on- the-street to mental health have been recorded and will be incorporated into the first show. The public affairs series is being produced with full cooperation of the State of California's Department of Mental Hygiene, city and county agencies and all campuses of the University of California. 4 Sports (C) Hearn 5 News (Martyn) 7 Wild Bill Hickok (Western) Wild Bill (Guy Madison) learns mat a mill owner plans to steal his own ore shipments during "Silver Stage Holdup." 8 Hawkeye (Adventure) 11 Willy the Wolf (Children) YOUR RADIO DIAL KFl - 640 KFXM 590 KNX 1070 KRNO 1240 KKI - Kisrm WEDNESDAY, JCLV 17 KFXM Music KRNO New KNX -New lt:li Kf AM New. KRNO Trading Post' KITO Magic Key KCSB Plattel Party KFl Agriculture KNX N". Mcintosh 12: 3D KITO Bob Van Roy KCAL Mid-Day New KFXM Music Galore with Kilgore KFl Mews KNX Art Ltnkletter 13:34 KCAL Music Time 12:45 t:3 k''Y VronL- f ' KFXM Boots Fae-Idaho call KTTrt ftiaui. KCSii Morning Variety KIIO Cotte Cup Hmi 7-41 KCAL S porta Kit News KNX Harrv Rahhlf KFXM News Headlines KFI Bulletin Board 8:0(1 KCAL Music Timt KFl -Musio R.iJv iioo crane KFXM Clitl Engl 12: Si KFXM News KRNO sport i e m. KRNO News KKI News KITO News: Cotleo Time 1:04 KFXM Music Kiigore KCSi news KRNO uuimby KFl News ivNX -Arthur Godfrey l:o KITO Bob Van Ky KCSo- - Hlattpr Partv KCAL. Music and rtme kknu Music in Air KFI Hit tne Road t SB- Varieties .F.l Spencer Music K:X-NewS KFI Matinee 1:311 lKNO tjulmhv KFXM Spencer Music tvRN.o Aewi lv KI Npwi KFI HiUtoD KNX Bob Crane i:4t KIIO Stork 1:4 KFl Pepper KKNOCunstructiun Tiewa KITO Stock ReDort Kiio snarpe tvCSB News i:4i 1:55 KFXM News Ki Andy Virginia KITO News KNX Howard Miller A.M. KFXM Capitol 1 i.M. KFXM Music KllKore KllO News. Commentary KITO Bi eaKiast Club KFI News kCSB Newscast -iMX Wendy Warren KKNO BroUier John :0i KCSB Varieties KRNO Happy Brooka KFI Andy & Virginia KFXM Spencer Music i- in KFI News KRNO Quito by : KCSB Platter Party it F I Mary Hickux 3:36 KNX Ruth Ash ton KFI Woman In House J:4U KNX Weather J: 45 KIIO John J. Anthony KNX p. Norman KKNO--News KFI Dr. Gentry 3:55 KFXM Local News i P.M. KFXl Music Galore KFI News KCSB News KITO Fiesta Tuna KKN O buim by 3:115 KFXM Music Galore with Kiluore KFXM Spencer Music :ia Kt XM Spencer Musio vNX Backstage Wile 3: in ivpXM Spencer Music 9:3 cr 1 ladies Day .-wN'X Helen Irent K:4S Ki? XM Marlon McCooit Moodey KNX ijai Sunday S:ii tvit.MO Mew II A.M. KKNo Prelude to Music KFI .News :vCSB-jNevs KITO I rue Story KNX Nura Urake ivCal, sign-un KFXM Newspaper of Air to: U5 .vC.-mj Music Huur KFI Bandstand lu:l ivf XM I eilo-lest KRNO Cousin Charll KNX Ma Perkins IU:3 KFI Bandstand KCAL, a si a News KNX LV Maione KITO Ladles In News KFXM Dick Read Show 10: ja ivCALr Musio A rime .0:45 KNX Ruad at Life, Kilo- Whispering jsta, U A.M. KRNO News KCSB News KNX Riiint to Happiness KFl News KITO When Girl Marries KFXM News 11 : 05 KFXM Gabriel Heatter KFI Truth, i 'nnormcirir-oB KFl Dick Sinclair r.LSfcJ Musicale 3:15 KNX Matinee 3:30 KCAL News KFXM News KKNO Music for America 1:35 KFXM Music Galore KCAL Music 3:45 KKNO George McLaln 3:511 K F XM Score board 3:55 KFXM Local News t- M. KCSB News KITO News KFXM Eddie Fisher tkKNO El Sot Aiegre KFI News 4: OB iCsB Musicale KITO Music tor Motoring 4:111 1 Wheeler 4:11 KRNO El Sol Alesr KFXM F. Hemmingway 4:3 Kf XM TeUo Kilo Tweeter 1:45 KFXM Sam Hayes 4:50 KNX aty Editor 4:55 KNX Point of Law KFI News KFXM Bob Greene i P.M. tFl News KNX Murrow KCAL Music & Time KITO News. Music KCSB Five-Star Final KFXM Music Galore 5: IS I tvrtXO Happy ttiuufcs IU:l KXX and Mrs. Burton tvuy irranK Kusseil KFXM Liuepn fnr a ra u ! 11:30 I KNX Strike It Klcn rr l ATI ttaker 11: 4i KNX Pat .i 'train KFl News 11 NOUN KCSB- World Nw KITO Paul Harvey New KliO Calif. IS Range Rider (Western) "Renegade Ranch" is tonight's episode starring Jack Mahoney as the Range Rider and Dick Jones as his partner, Dick West. 6:45 4 Xewd (C) Latham 5 Sports (Baiter) 11 News (Putnam) 7:00 2 I'.S. Steel Hour (Drama) Walter Mathau and Dean Stockwell will co-star in an exciting drama of teenage recklessness in "Victim," by James El ward. Stockwell plays the role of George Cur-liss, a sensitive youth in his late teens who is involved in a serious auto accident on his way home from a dance. The driver of the other car, a school friend of George, is fatally injured, and George is booked on charges of reckless driving. Helen Shields and Melville Ruick are also seen in the one-hour drama. 4 KRCA Playhouse (Drama) Walter Slezak, Frances Raf ferty and John Abbott star in "The White Cream Pitch er." After 20 years of mar riage Frederick and Hanna (Abbott and Miss Rafferty) bent on divorce, turn to their pastor (Slezak) to help them divide their possessions There is no particular diffi culty until they come to a broken down 33-cent cream pitcher. Then their negotiations break down completely. 5 Popeye Cartoons (Hatten) 7 Boxing (Louisville) Joey Giardello meets Chico Vejar in 10 rounds of middleweight boxing from Fair Grounds. Exposition Hall, Kentucky. 8 Superman (Adventure) "The Stolen Elephant" is tonight's episode starring George Reeves as the Man of Steel. 9 Little Rascals (Comedy) 11 Movie (Drama) The time ly dramatic story behind the development of the atomic bomb will be presented in "The Beginning of the End" starring Brian Donlevy, Rob ert Walker, Tom Drake, Au drey Trotter, Hume Cronyn, Hurd Hatfield and Henry O'Neill. The film, using real names and true incidents, presents some of Hollywood's best-known personalities and the persons who shaped the world's destiny. 13 Vagabond (Travel) The trout-fishing area around Lake Crowley will be visited in "High Sierra Fishing." 7:30 4 Helen O'Connell (Songs) 5 Wanted (Police) Fred Tenuto, wanted in connection with the murder of Arnold KCSB 1330 KVCR-FM 91.9 Rmrt KCSB Band at Week KCAL News Galore KNX C Alcott kkno El Sol Aiegre KFI News 5:30 ITO SDort KCAL Sports KFXM Sportscast 5:30 KNX Tom Harmiui KFXM Music Galore kkno El sol Aiegre KITO Music KFI Feature Wire 3:45 KITO News KCAL Moods In Musio KFI News KCSB KCSB Spurts KRNO Yodeling Bob KNX F. Goss Lite 5:55 KCSB U. P. News KNX News I P.M KKNO News KCsB -lwrence Welk KFI B, Haworth KFXM News KlfO-Ed Morgan v NX Chick Hearn 6:05 Galore with KFXM Ron Gardner Show ivKNO sports isKNO Bill Bellman House Club C:15 Xoung KN X Lowell r nomas KCAL Sign-Off KFXM Bill Brundlge KCSB Serenade snupplns KFI Sports KITO Bolero Time :30 KFXM Ron Gardner 6:35 KNX Amos n Andy 6:40 KITO Revolving Bndstnd, l:4 Galore with Fr. Russell KCSB Coaches Rnd. Table Kt i Art Baker 3 P.M. KRNO Modern Concert Hall KCSB News KITO Music KFXM Gabriel Heatter KNX News KFI News 1:05 KCSB Valley Swing Session KFXM Ron Gardner KIIO Boxing KNX Melody KFI Al Poska 7:30 KFXM Fulton Lewis Jr. KNX R. Q. Lewis KFI News 7:45 KFXM Rork 'n Roll KFl one Man s inuly 4 P.M. KNX News KFXM Record Request KKNO Music in tne Air KFl News KITO Duke rumer 8:05 KCSii Serenade KNX Rusty Draper KFl People Are Funny :I5 KKNO Dukes Mixture KCSU Platter Party 8:30 KFXM News KFI Night Line KRNO Music in the Air KNX worlo lonignt K:33 KFXM Record Request :M iNX Sevareld KNX So This Is Radio P.M. KFI News KFXM Gangbusters KRNO Music in the Air KNX Tune Taoie xCSB News KITO--Duke rumer 4:05 Ki-1 Night Lint xCSB Nightcap KRNO Happy Brooks 11:30 Ki-XM Dance Time KITO Louis Souoi KFI Calling KNX Gil Henry 11:45 rvCSU News 9:55 tvltNO News It P.M KRNO Music In the Air Kf 1 Reporter KCSB Musical Nightcap KITO Imagination KNX 10 o ciock Wire KFXM Dance Time Test News Shuster, young Brooklyn salesman who followed and turned in Willie (The Actor) Sutton, will be tonight's sub ject. 8 San Diego N'ewsreel 9 Soldiers of Fortune "The Honor of Dr. Mazaro" in volves Tim Kelly and Toubo Smith in a chess game challenge. The stakes are a vital contract in South American minerals. 13 Kingdom of the Sea The subject of tonight's episode is the lure of distant lands for young and old alike in "Ports of Call." 7:40 4 Movie 8 People in the News 7:45 4 Xews (Huntley, Brinkley) 7 Sports (Weaver) 8 ews. Weather, Sports 8:00 2 Vic Damone (Songs) Da- mone, star and host of the show, presents another star studded program which to night features the talent of Rusty Draper, Kay Armen the Billy Williams Quartet, Joy Layne, 15-year-old sing ing sensation; Shecky Greene and the Spellbinders. 4 Masquerade Party (C) 5 Krrol Flynn Theater While waiting to purchase some valuable jewelry for a Christ mas gift, a bewildered man gazes into a nearby mirror and watches his evil life pass before him during "The Evil Thought" making its TV de but. Phillip Saville, Christo pher -Lee and Arthur Lowe are starred in the half-hour telefilm. 7 Disneyland "Your Host Donald Duck" is tonight's presentation. 8 Spike Jones (Music) , 9 Star Performance (Drama) Peggy Ann Gainer stars in "The Time of Day," the story of a socialite who becomes involved with a young man with a dubious past. 13 Hunter (Adventure) Bart Adams (Keith Larson) boldly invades the Kremlin in or der to rescue an American serviceman from Red torture during "The Maverick Returns." 8:30 4 Father Knows Besf The Anderson children are out raged when their parents plan to attend a costume ball as relics of the flapper age , after complaining about the children's sloppy attire in "The Old Days." 5 Wrestling (Olympic) 8 Vic Damone (Music) 9 Federal Men (Police) A crook blackmails ( his former partner in crime into KJTO 1290 KCAL 1410 ft l 'L 1111 oc x , U I oi i 2lr4:T?..-4ifj 9ff High Tmprqtw Epcld j wEi&j r!S .mi Oolafrom US. WMrHf IIUAU for Ooytim Wedraday F9v? Show High TmpoHir WEATHER FORECAST Sunny skies are in store today for Northeast, middle Mis-sissippi Valley and Far West while most of the remainder of the country will have widely scattered afternoon thunderstorms. It will be warmer from Great Lakes to northern New England, cooler in northern Rockies and upperMissouri Valley, with little change elsewhere. (AP wirephoto map) helping smuggle perfume into the United States in "The Case of the Tarnished Lady" starring Walter Greaza, Kenneth Tobey and Mary Anderson. 13 American Legend (Drama) The story of Andrew Johnson, an illiterate tailor who became the 17th President of the United States, will be told in "The Arrow and the Bow" starring Sea McClory and Elena Verdugo. 9:00 2 8 Millionaire (Drama) The "Kathy Munson Story" stars Barbara Hale in a dual role as Kathy and Marion Munson. The drama concerns a girl who has always played "second fiddle" to her more attractive twin sister. Michael Anthony's orse million dollar windfall gives her the opportunity to rebel. 4 Kraft Theater (C) "The Big Break" starring James Barton, Kathleen Magure and Cliff Robertson is the story of an elderly actor who had been successful in his day and who gets an unexpected opportunity in his day and who gets an unexpected opportunity to make a comeback. Through the help of a script girl, who knew him when he was a successful actor, Amos Seabury (Barton) gets a chance to star on a TV show. 7 Navy Log (Drama) Four Navy nurses are aboard a troopship bound for England when it is torpedoed during "The Decoy," set in 1943. Veda Ann Borg stars with Dorothy Morris, Gloria Henry, Sally Fraser and Warren Douglas. 9 Movie (Drama) Ronald Coleman stars in "Lucky Partners." 11 Frontier Doctor (Western) Bill Baxter (Rex Alien) is puzzled over a sudden outbreak of cholera, until he finds a gang of Chinese guilty of "Illegal Entry." - 13 Racket Squad (Police) The squad uncovers a "Sweet Charity" racket. The story stars Reed Hadley. 9:30 2 8 I've Got a Secret 7 Oziie and Harriet David invites Miss Carol Morris (Miss Universe) to be his guest at a fraternity dartce during "David Has a Date With Miss Universe." During the program, Miss Morris sings a duet with David Nelson aided by the Four Preps. 11 Capt. Grief (Adventure) Former heavyweight boxing champion Rocky Marciano makes his TV debut as an actor and goes down for the count during the Jack London story called "Idols of Rapa-Nui." 13 Heart of the aty (Drama) An ex-convict's girlfriend helps him to go straight during "Pot 'O' Gold." Patrick McVey and Jane Nigh star as Steve and Lorelei of the Illustrated Press. 10:00 2 Ida Lupino (Drama) Miss Lnpino stars as the wife of a wealthy insurance executive who plays Robin Hood among her rich friends in "Indian Taker." Miss Lupino loses control of herself at a party when she takes her first drink in seven years. She decides to play Robin Hood and steal the jewels of the wealthy guests, all of whom are insured by her husband's insurance company. '1 0OMMT iufy 16, 1957 Data from Exprx) 4 This is Your Life The life story of 19-year-old singer, Tommy Sands, will be repeated on tonight's show. 7 Moment of Decision Lew Ayres stars as a Catholic . . priest who is brutal y beat- en in a Communist orison camp during "Measure the priest returns to the U.S., where he comes face- tn-fafo uith tha m,-nl v ' ' """Helena .. beat him. Beverly Garland Kansas City and Lfe Van Cleef are also Xnfefes siairea. 8 Private Secretary (Comedy) 11 News (Putnam! 13 Commentary (Duggan) 10:15 11 Miss I'niverse Pageant -Se- lection of Miss United States; at the s.xth annual Miss Universe Pageant w ill be presented w hen viewers arej Sisco ; ; ; ; ; ; ? laKt-n lo Long Beach during l,Jtl V i A r --. - watcners will see the judging of the 15 "Miss U.S.A." finalists and the selection and crowning of "the prettiest girl in America" during the hour-long presentation. The program will be seen "live." 10:30 2 News, Sports, Weather 4 Man Behind the Badge "The Case of the Educated Prisoners" is tonight's story starring Charles Bick-ford as host. He will introduce viewers to the warden of a woman's penitentiary. The female warden has to fight not only the inmates but also the legal authorities to keep her prison from becoming a training school for the education and graduation of criminals. 7 I Spy (Adventure) An Abbe works with a beautiful but frivolous girl to supply the British Navy with information which will smash the French feet and save England end the world from Napoleon's domination in "The Abbe and the Nymph" starring Florence Henderson, Louis Van Rooten and Peter Fernandez. 8 Movie (Comedy) "Make Your Own Bed" stars Jack Carson, Jane Wyman and Alan Hale in a comedy about the wartime servant problem. 10:55 9 News, Sports 1 1 :00 3 Movie (Comedy) "Christmas in Connecticut" stars Barbara Stanwyck, Dennis Morgan and Sydney Green-street in a story of a strange Christmas dinner which resolves the romantic and marital problems of a woman columnist and a serviceman. 4-7-13 .News 5 Morey Amsterdam (Variety) LUCKY LAGER DANCE TIME A minimum of Ulk i maximum of music Every night 9:30 to 11 P. M. DIAL 590 KFXM Lucky Lagtr Brewing Co., Lot Angele U.S. Wf Hf SURfAU For Vm :j WEATHER (By Associated Press Yesterday's weather summary: High Low Prec. s,,at 94 Bakersfield 102 Boston . . 8i 70 71 61 67 61 72 53 80 77 64 49 RO 74 68 -nlcae o .02 of : Des Moines wcnvci Hi! 98 ?ftrlL.. ... ldl . .. 98 . .. 98 ... 82 ... S8 . .. 106 ... 88 . . . 92 i Fort Worth Fresno Tr. .01 Memphis Miami 86 Minneapolis 79 New Orleans 94 New York 81 67 77 62 55 69 84 53 67 45 62 59 62 64 54 51 51 68 .04 Oakland 77 Oklahoma Phoenix City 96 102 70 101 Portland. Ore Tr. uiuu .......... iui Reno 94 Red Bluff : It ake City' San Bernardino 99 99 103 Seattle 65 IS.Dokane 71 .12 ""-".Washington. DC 87 9 Weatherwise (Wier) 11:15 4Sports (Hermann) 9 Movie (Drama) "Experiment Perilous" starring Hedy Lamarr and George Brent concerns the life of a beautiful woman with her strange husband in their mansion-home at the turn of the century. 7 News 11 Movie (Comedy) Franchot Tone, Rita Johnson and Fran-cisca "Gaal are starred in MGM's comedy of "The Girl Downstairs." as '"t makes its television debut. 13 Commentary (Duggan) 1 1 :20 7 Movie (Drama) A girl in- herits a fortune and her fiance refuses to marry her because he has no money of his own. Rex Harrison and Merle Oberon co-star in "Over the Moon." 11:30 ( 4 Tonight: (Variety) 12:00 5-8 News 12:30 2 Cross Current (Drama) A successful Viennese businesswoman seeks the help of the Frontier Hotel's Christopher Storm (Gerald Mohr) in clearing up the bnital murder of her partner in the tur-p'enseful story, "First Blush. 4 Swingshift Theater Until her elderly husband hires a young assistant, a woman is bored with her iife as wife of a Costa Rican oil executive in "The Journey" starring Merle Oberon. Grand-on Rhodes, Pat O'Neal and Paul Guilfoyle. 1:00 2 Give Us This Day (Religion) DO IT YOURSELF $150 to $195 Ml FURNISH noo CFM or 4300 CFM Cooler Pumt 4 F.oit Kit Roof lack Stand -All Galvanized Duct Ceilino OiffuMt Copoer Waterlino Fittingt aV Valve All Installation Instruction V Oia rams. Se Our Cut-Away Installation Dliplay. No Down Payment 24 Me. to Pay COOLER WAREHOUSE I0SS t. Bens Lin Pit. ru 114122 y" ; VI 5

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