The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1952 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1952
Page 14
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r •' *AGB BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK,) COURIER CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Hnt per »»*ecutlM 1 N*i*t p«t , ..... .... • ttanei p«r Hn* jwr dajr ... ....... 7« 12 tlMM per line per da* ......... Sc Month i»*r Kite ........... **c Count (irt avenue wordi to the line. Ad ordered for three or six llrort ana •topprd . '. feefore expiration will br 'rfc*T«ea for the number of limn the id arrowed ind »djustmenu nf bin »*de. AH tljssiflrd kdrtrtlslnx copy *ub- Mf.t«d by jwraons residing cuts.rle or «lty must bf arconipanled h/ cash. *tt*s maj bp eailly Ve tomputert tiom the above table. Ad refilling nidererl for Irrectilar In- Miltons Ukr the one time labl>, Xo rrsponilhllltj be taken (or more 111 lit one Incorrect Insertion of *nir cJJHlflrd ad. A|] ads ATf restrict*^ to their proper fUjsinciIlnn. style >nd tjp*. The Cautler N*ews «serre» the rt|ht to' edit •r rfject any id. GAS SERVICE UcfDS*d and bonded,'Br> - Bnt, Lawson and other major brands healing equipment. • B&lcs, Installation*, iwnr,- Ice. Ka>r terms. BERRY ALLEN FJumbtng Ac.Keating Co. Ph. 22M ' ffrl Re ration—Air Conditioning ating nervlce. Call 6956 or 6064. BROFF REFRIGERATION CO for Sole, Misc. Homemade fruit -cakes, I. 3, and 5 Ibi. Will otily be able o deliver cakes ordered this week, Call Mrs. Joe Alfx- ander. Ph. 4223. - . 122 t>k & 2|i x 3*4 piwernnlccrs gnvflex c Complete with flash exposure free, *200, Barneys DJ-HK Store. Apartment for Kent 2-rbom apt. Th-' 3102 12=1-pit « Modern (urn. apt. UtllltLrs. Ons heat. Adults only. *10, Ph. 21(0. 12!l p* H' 3 rooms nnrt bath, nnfurn. Th. 3187 or 2732, 1050 Holly. >'I2 ! 1 ck 8 3 room furn. apt., 209 W. Kj'., Mr-' Wsfc. , ,. U',29 pH 126 3 and 4 room apt*, with negate bath. Ph. 3660 days and 3586 nights, 1H29 ck ff Nice steam heated 4 rm. furn. ant,, all clcctrlo kitchen. Close In. rt>- 4432. ll|2G cfc tf Two 3 room unlurn.fapts and one 5 *6om house. Dctt, Ark. Ph; 2451, ' 3 rm. furn, apt. Private balh and 'entrance. Oa* heat- 621 Walnut, ph, 'S2t)5. Iliai nk 12,5 ' 3 unfurn. apt. 112 E. Cherry. Apply In bacX to Mrs. Eld«rv 11120 pit 1J20 53 Kew private 5 room rum. apt' with bath, ^gas' rloor' furnace,' 'Nicely de.eo- rated Adults only, inquire at 2333 Kenwood Dr, v HIM pk 12J15 Steam he*t*d unlurn. apt Ph . cV 12)5 Uodem 2 room Cur. apt. Plifl 2595 or 4M5. . * S|14 ck tf Modern apt 3 rooms and bath, new- lr decorated, good furniture, gas-equip- vent. Ph/'SSTS P. 6Lmon. , 9\ll cfc « Small Apartments, furnished, f 8 up per-week. Bedrooms |4 up single.-114 West Ash Ph. 2333 8|4 ck tf Services GAS INSTALLATION LlcenE«d & bonded. AH'types of gas v . Installation "find plurnblri^.-.We'have 10. r ' aale floor furnaces, 1 space htnters, bathroom heaters A; gas water, h«ater6, See cr call Oraburn Supply Co, IDIB'W. Main. Ph. 3308. t • U 2 pH 9 . Mothers, 'will care for your children In my home. Ph 41M - il|]l pk 12 11 lAundry in^ iny home' rh; 6117, 11|17. pk I Guaranteed piano tUnlnp and re- air. Call 2071 day. 2059 nights J]26 tf Will care for children hourly, dnlly •r Wf*k!y. For d«alls' call £2)8. - '-' » . " '-r w, 1126 pk 12,4 ,ror -expert /plumbing, ', oil fctoffe end furnace cleaning and repair, call 6 Harry Myers. , ^ HJji pk 1222 W. S. ALLEN Gas Installation M Jfin experience In, gas Installations ; -• FLOOR.FURNACES • SPACE.HEATERS . ' HOT WATER HEATERS ! • Call KvenlhgB— ' -• '- 3724 , ' ' 1121 pk 12 21 :»' vrrmjTK PHOTOSTATIO SFRV- ICI. O'6TIEN'S STUDIO, lli W MAIN ' - ' v, 12,4 ck tf , ZELLA'S SEWING SHOP For your draperies, slipcovers, alterations, buttonholes, etc., see me across from VlcXIe's Shop. so. HI. fi], Mrs. M. Cockrell I2il ph Custom IhraahlnK and hailing OharlM Bright A Bon, Phone 4 pk PADmNO-PAPERHANOINa rurnlture Reflrilehlng J B FHEEMAN Ph. 229J < I!|ll pk IJjH For Sale 14 ft. p!ywood.boat. 6 h.p. motor, also good'used furniture. Ph. 4124 in afternoon. Sam Godwin ' 2100 Echvnrdg il.,29 pk 12[13 Save Money When You Buy — Sell:— Trade Used Furniture GLIN HARRISON <fe SON FURNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash Ph. 2652 8|2cktf NOTICE TO PEDDLERS tt'e have plenty 'of.everything to stock your truck Bulk' apples, pears and oranses. BbYTHEVIU.E CURB MAHKET 130 E&st'Maln St. ' :HJ« ck 12,6 TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 112 W. Walnut Plenty,of Parking Space Lucjan,Games JJurniture Co. ' Trade your old furniture for new. I will also buy your old furniture. Farmers terms Yz down, balance in the fall Formerly Arnold & Gaincs. ,Ph. Q357 4|17 ck tf Ftre : nnd Burglar proof '.cafes. .Vault doors at "factory prices. Frt. p-ilcl. Ph. 4M7. , llflfl pk* 12'10 For Safe Nice 5-rooiti home on "Inrgf lot: In choice neltrhlxuhood. Conveniences Include, Iflr^e Karngiv brcezewfly, attic fan, ,lloor furnricc,' disappear.nR Gtalr- way. floored uttlc, living room drapes, Venetian blinds , : and hnnlwood Hoorn throxiphoiit house, 441,00 moriljily payment Include.* tnxcs fc Insurance, Reft- sonnble dovrn payment. Cnll-3151'nfler 3pm, ' 12J2 pk 9 I-ftte model 8.4' cnhlo toot WeMlng- housc refriRcrnlor; Ph, 2130. . 12)2 pk 9 ; registered German shcplieril p.ilps, out "of Krrr Silver Mlssco—Honey Hnr Sclion, Two' mules 330 each. Iwo fe- lv *35 each. Blylhevtlle, Ph. 6503. 122 pk 9 4 Pool Tnblp's. nnrgaln. Will t.r,\[ ,or lease property. 606 E. Main. 12.2 pk 9 4 Deer Dogs. S50 to |75 «nch. O S Ttolllson. Ph. 3MD. - 12|I pk s 8 Electric adding machine.- 7 column with repeat, .tab t met, non-ndd, «ub total niirt correction key fen lures. Retnll ralup $331, will sell tor S225. Will also consider trndc on smnll nmmtnl' hi'a- cWnc, Jimmy Dca\. Ph. 3427. 11123 ck 12:6 PAF1RIO REMNANTS. lArgc selection of. remnants of decorfttlve" ' mntcrlnls. From the stock of Deal's House of Charm. Ninny braut.ful plpces In noth drapery nnd upliolsterj: lo choose from. Now on tllsplnr at ZKI.LA'S &K\VittG flIIOP. 319 South Division, Blythevllle's only complcto service for alleratlonE. drapery and slip cover work. x ll|2& ck 12i2fl Hunter Attic Ian. Model A-42, 41 Inch blades, ft HP motor. 110-220 volt. Regular $105. special S12J. Jimmy Deal. Ph. 3527. , 11J2B cfc 12,6 »'. .-Does your tractor start hard? ,..» "ping" on hard pulls? • •. wast* oil? stop power thieves! WITH OUR IH 5-STAR ENGINE OVERHAUL Keep power up and fuel consumption down! . , . Bring your frnctor in now for sn alicad-of-scason engine overhaul. You can depend on our IH-lrained servicemen, IH approved service equipment and genuine IH precision-engineered parls to maintain the fin* performance built into your Farmall, INTERNATIONAL ' HARVESTE 6963 Wowfc the time for our WINTER SERVICE SPECIAL 1. tobrlcot* 2. Chang* *ngin< oil, • Irantmlstlon and rear axl« lubricant 3. Check exhaust system 4. Cl«on air cleann 5. Check thock abiarber* 6. Inspect wheel and master cylinders 7. R«plac« all nit«r cartridge v S. Check steering geor 9. Check clutch play 10. Clean and repack front wh««l bearings 11. Check brakes 12. Check all lights and windshield wip«rt 13. S*l Ignition tirning 14. Check engine compressiopi 15. Adjust carburetor 16. Rood rest car MOW only 7.95 INCLUDES OIL, LUBRICANTS AND BRAKE FLUID 300 Phoni 4451 USED SPRINGS AND SEAbY MATHESS. In excellent condition. A bar- In. Ph. 3527. • 11120 Ck .2.6 Notice, Red Clay, Graret nnd Dirt, i. 6226. 11J28 pk 12,23 Bn by'Piny PEn. Regulnr J!0, only |5, BO Dftby buggy, 'like UPW. Ronular 0. now only (18. Ph. 3527, lli2D cVl2;6 .Vano Krorning Clrculnlor, InrRe 5-6 Liiii^ sl7p.' In perfect condition, only 0. Ph. 3527.' . Ilj29'ck 12 ( 6 1 nltnosl new \Vcb*ter wire recorder, is raftchlue Is Jusi as good &x new— 00.00. 2 D[spiny show CAS«, 1 Display ill cn.'ie. Priced (or quick, sale. Apply O. Cftsh, Su111?an-Nelson Chc7. Co,. 1 W. Walnut St. . .:'1IJ29 Clc tf RctJ Cc.qkcrjSpnnlftl pupa fi weehs. A- McCormkV; Osceola, Arlc. Telephone BW. ~--- l\[16 pk 12,4 Will have fresh 'coon during the lns scAfoa. Taylors Fish MKt Ph, 69. - - 12;4 brand on neftl«rs at cosl. * ' .U|12 ck Ii;i2 U.icd rcIrlKeratoia |69.50 and up HA!II &, White. Ph. 6096. 11J19 ck tf ,rge paper shell pecans, PTOM BOOKEH HIVVAT 61, PH. 4879 Fire Proof tztes Wt. 225 Ibs Impos- b]e to pick the combination, P.- 35. Ph, 4097. " J1|19 pk 12J19 Starks! p eon i e a, roses, hrubs, berries- & trees. Ph 857. FAIRVJEW ACHES 8. HWY. 61 llftfl'pk 12;iO IDLE3 All kind of religious books. Phone 463. 114 N. 21st St. . 11;26 pk 12;4 For Sale, Real Estate l-.'-rm- house 1 nt-YAtbro. by. owner rice |1250. If taken al once. Apply R 17 E. Che fry. lljaa pk 13;5 3 bcnioom house. "Floor furnace.* at c fan. On corner lot. I^w rtown pny- ncnt. Sec' Sam - Godwin." Crosstown Vhlskny Store. . 11;29 pk lljn Good rcjBldfnllal lot on fouth 1 pposlte nc«'Volorrd BChool. Two lot 0-150 Jiist off S. 16th, Terms, Ed B ook. • "il c FOR SALE, Three bedroom house beau ifully decorated, complelelj !(]iiippfcd for comfort. Centra jas heat. FHA financed. Lo ?ated at 700 Illinois. For in =pection call W. L, HORNER 8151 — 2247 11(22 ck t CORNER LOT—On South sixteenth -opposite new colored ."school. Orow- ig neighborhood. Excellent icatlon. Te>m.%"Ed B.' Cook.;. I2J1 ck 8 SOUTHEAST MISSOURI FARM FOR SALE 1386 acres, 19 houses, 5 iavns,-'auout 1200 acres in cultivation, 'divided about 5050 Gy Mississippi 'River; levee, extra fine land, 'i'helbwner of his land is very anxious to sell because of'othfe^i businesses and lias reduced th? price more .than, ?16,000.-For a quick sale, it can be sold for ?125 an acre with 257" down and the balance in 10 payments with 5% interest. If you want a good farm well worth the money, you should ste this at once, jt won't last g. A. T. EARLS ^ REAL ESTATE & LOAN CO. 61-84-Junct., Hayli, Missouri Phone 555, Hayti Night Phone 89m, Kermett 11129 ck 12|6 FOR SALE 5-room house and bath on Holly Street. This house is in extra good condition. Garape, large corner lot. Price $8,-100. $3,900. cash will handle, balance FHA. Large./F-nfom house and two large baths, in 1000 block on Holly.. Large living room nnd fireplace, beautiful Geneva kitchen with Westinghouse washer and dryer. All rooms are extra large. 8 closets plus storage. You will like it. For appointment to see, call JOHNNY MARR Ph. 4111 or 2596 11|29 ck tf G'lp acres of land 2 mi. N. of Dell. M. ,1. Kodiler. Ph 8034; Blytheville, Ark. ' ' 12!l pk 8 Specials! Specials! Specials! Trs. u-e hAve something speclM hi 1138 Holly St. Ix>velj- 3 bedroom home •tfuh cs.rvw.-V lust comptotcrt—2 ?fts floor furnacw hooked ut> to nAlviral Rft.s— btatitlful kUchrn.wlth cublnelif Mtnre. Worknmnahlp nnd matfrlni,, throviRh- o\n this home U Mrlctly llrst rlftw . . . you won't find ft hottfir [CK-aied, hrtur nrrftnsrd tlnor pl*n or n lictlt-r ju [rf lion^f. Only Jl3,. l iOO, Set: ll todny. 2 Hcflroonia & Carport; on Holly. SI. AUractlve wcil nrrftngfii Mtd well constniflwl for comfort In best nMith- borhocvd. 2 tnrKe borirooms—plenty of closet spAce--ptftslic Ule ij«ih—very nt- tractlvc XUohf-n. lols of 'roorj.—natural pfls floor furnace, hookprt up. This hous« 15 ne^ Rnrt h«s R PHA loan commitment for $9*00. Priced only $11,500 for quick Pn;>t« on corner ot flth * Henrn—2 bnths. utility room. Keeds *om« repair*. ?xc<-Hrnt huy nt $6500. • > * ' " ? heclroom5, breerewnj- nnd garagp. 709 Peciti, jlz.ftOO. Attrncllvt 5 room brlcV on tsrpe Tot. Oarnge nnd 3 room A- o*th apt Thl* propptly is in excellent condition well located on pnv«d St. A bftTgnYn price el S13.500. Nice 1 bedroom house. Corner lol. 1701 Ash at, M.UX).. 3 boflroorn* attftcheH gnrnge and utlllly room—about 3 year* oM—pU«t«r- ed v-MiI.i-(tA» hent— MtlC fan. This Is a steal »t 1^700. Located at W7 Roimon. Terms ,••'•••• Nice Urge lot fit the *nd bl K«arn St. on N. Slst, 2«0 it. Jronl hy 100 ft. tJt-ep. BircAln . ' ' . Commcrcti*Mot5 50 x 150 Jtist outside city llmlU on S. «1. Prlc» HOOO each. AntAgft close In on S. «l for home »U*t; ; KEMP WHISENHUNT "'. ' • Phont 340» . • . YOU CAN BUY. A GOOD USED TRACTOR AT / Jack Robinson Implement Co. Blythevitl*, ArkanMs — Phone 2371 AUCTION FRIDAY, * DECEMBER, 1952 , ' PROMPTLY: AT 30:00 A.M. - •*[« irlll be held at Delta Fair Grounds, Greenville, M|&s. Fair Ground! la one mile east of CJirenvlHe on Hwy. 1. Greenville !• 137 mile* south ft! Memphis, 50 miles vest of GrMnvood. i - I M-I2-H Cotton PIrker, excellent condition , TD-H Crawler In good »hdp«, . .: \ ^ COMPLETE, Ground Hog Sawmill, never us*d, itllj In tnit, with ~44-tn. S Pickup Trucks, Fords, Chevrolet* and Int., »re In tlrj'top ih&p«. 3—Jeeps. Idejvl for any larmer or hunter. 10— 6Vi', T, V Diet Harrowa; various m»icp* »nd modell 59'. - TRACTORS 59 *— Tarmall M. Tractors, with und without Ffiulpmr>nt. 9—Fftrma]! H Truolors, with and without equipment, 5—fiirmall C Tractors, «ome with 'equipment. 1—rurnmll MD, excellent con- Dillon. 1—Farnmll Ctlb with on It. and buster. 3—Int. F-12 and cultivator*. 10—A and B John Deer Tractor*, wme not verj 1 old, to be sold with and without equipment. j_r,- ew M-rarmall with new 45B planter. 5—Ford and Ferojiinon Tractor*, some with equipment, 3—WD and C !'AllU-Chalmer.. Tracxota with cuUVvivtorB, 4— DC and SO Tractor* wJth equipment. Oliver-70 and 4-row cultlra- tor, Mauser Harrli and equipment. 3—M1nn. Mollnt Tmctor* and equipment. Wrfl on almost new rubber, good condition, I-S in tip-top ship*. WD : B Must be seen to he ap- predated. TRACTOR EQUIPMENT AND MISCELLANEOUS Adams leaning Wheel, 4- wheel grader. ' 4— 4-row 448 Int. cultivator*. M-97 = 4-row Int. Plnnter, al- moat now. 1 »—J-rew Int. cultivator*. »-^-3-row Int. and JD bustera. 3—3-row Int. - Planting equipment. • '*- 2-row Altla-Chalmers . cultl- Taton. t i—I-row JD butt*™, )—4-row JD BiittlvEitor*. l_4-rotf JD.pla'nter*. ,4-row C»s« planter. 4-ro*' Casn cultlyfttor. •• 4-row" Minn. Mollus cultlra- tor. Martin-Hummer - ditcher. 3—CABS sell-tying hny . preese* with motors. 3—BuBh <t Bog disc. 20—814',7', JS' disc harrowa. »—New 4-row cotton ipray»n. 5— N&w fi-row Cotton dusten, 30-ft. Elevator, 4—Int. .250 2.-M"ow .plows. • 2—Int. grain drills, 5—JD and Int. llme.Rowen, 4 -Stalk cuttera. 2—Tractor mowers. 2—Hay rftXes. 3—Section harrows Everyman land-leveler, Se»- eral pieces Ford equipment Corn picker. 17 TRUCKS 17 I—l^-Ton Trucks—Chevrolet*, wheels,-real good,trucltB. 1—p.nel Truck, good condition. 3—3'Ton Trucks, tn excellent condltton. 9—Pickup Truck*. and Tord, .take -bodies, dual Man? other Items.too numerous to mention.,Full? 85% of the Hem» In .thLs sale reconditioned, overhauled-and partfi mining hive been replaced. v Due lo the shortage of steel and the demand for stefl products, tractors, truck* and equipment are going to be h]?her Equipment In this, sale Is In excellent condition nnd this will he one of the largest sales of the Muson so DO NOT MISS THIS SALE AT OREENVILU., :M1SS, SALE STARTS PROMPTLY AT 10:00 A.M. FRIDAY, 5 DECEMBER 1952-;' TERMS: 8TRICTI,T CASH, and must be settled for day of sale. Luncn will he «r7ed. COL. M. R. MEALS, COL. PETE YOKLEY, Aur> tioneers Sale manager by Gordon DeMent and Col," M. R. Meals L. A. COLEMAN,'Clerk. BEN REASOR and BILb HOLLIDAT. Cnshlert For further Information, call or write Col. M. R. Meals, office Chlsc* Hotel. Memphis, Tenn. Phone 5-4M1 or Res: 7-2870; or Gordon DeMent. Indlanola Miss. Phone otilce 444, residence 191-W, BOTH FOR ONLY • •§ Bsi $ 2 45 Aljustment \ SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 361 W^t W»l»»t — Phone 4578 For Kent 4 room unfurn. houae.. Ph.-32O2 . ,, 1211 c* B 3 rm. duplex, pvt. bath,- hot water hpatcr. ;j35.0fl per. mo.. 417 E.' Cherir. Oscar Alexander. Ph. 3470. 11J29 pk I2'3 Modern -unfurnished duplex spnrt- nent--I5IH HeArri. Ph. 2909. , f • 1I[28 pic I2'5 3-room lurn^hed lionse with bath, M N. 7th. Ph. 2787. ; 11|2B ck II Modern cabins and upts. Lost Boy Courts, Couples only. Ph. 9951. FARMS FOR SALE We are still able to deliver some good farm property in North East Arkansas and South East Missouri. We can offer very satisfactory terms on all property and guarantee that;every piece of property will ije as advbi-tiaeil. . MISS. CO. AEK. We have 164 Acres, five miles West of Osceo|a on good paved road. 6 good houses (all wired). This farm is all sown in Wheat and up to a perfect stand. It's old Wheat and well past the danger line. The Wheat ilself will reduce the farm by al least $50 per acre in July of next year. Price J225 per acre. 289 Acres, eight miles West of Osceola on paved Highway •10. Five good houses, abou! half mix loam and half heavy land. Price $210 per acre. 247 Acres, 6y 2 Miles Wesl of Osceola on a main grave' road. Moderately good home with plenty of good tenani houses and barns; Biack Cypress land. Fric« $225 per acre. 80 Acres, 2 miles west o: Reiser. Gravel road and itn provements fair. I'rict ?17, 000. , 40 Acres, in Little Rive Community — y<> mile nortl of highway 40 and ^ roil east of Crews Latterell, nic home and '10 acres of fines land in Mississippi Countj Price $20,000. SOUTH EAST MISSOURI 120 Acres on Pavtd High way, improvements fair — lo cation excellent. Mixed Loam Soil. Price ?f250 per acre. «40 Acr«« ne*r Gidton, Mi»- Nlce 3 room unnirn. house, : bftth. Water rurn. $30. 518 Lake. Ph. 2406. • , 11125 pk 12]3 Steam heated orftces Fh. 3255. ' 11|5 ck 12;5 Steam heat store building located In tha InETam Bldg Ph. 44«7 or 0144. • 10131 ck tr 4IB KMt Ualn. 3200 »q. feel In main building ReaAcinabI* rtnt. Call 4«ia T:2» ck U For Rent or Sale 3-room house * was. bath. 227 E. Mo. Ph. 12-2 pk « Wmnte*.-Mala Wanted; Dragline operator for 30'4 Koeahring. Call or see Ed Adler, Wesson Farms. Victoria, Ark. Ph. Oseeola, 9821<'2. - ''' 'l2|l pk .4 Wanted sharecropper. ,100 acrts. New Equipment.lurri. AppXy''5i6 Lafce St. IliJ9 pk 12:5 Private Rooms For rent—steam Rented front bedroom, adjoining bath, close In. Ph. 4432. 11|11 ek tf Bedroom, conrenlent to bathl 8te«ra heat 611 W. Main. Ph. 3325. 11UO ck lallO Continued on next ouri. The of Sandy jOam lan d, .excellent loca- ion, 1 mile oh paved highway, mprovements fair .'Price $235 per acre. > 306 Acres near Gideon, Vlissouri. Excellent location, fine Sandy Loam Land, iiri-! provemfents fair. Price $2351 ; ier acre. , 334 Acres near Gideon, Missouri,- mile on paved liighway, excellent location, improvements fair. Price $235 per acre. •-.••" 977 Acres near .G id to n, Missouri, 1 mile on paved highway, finest type of Sandy Loam' Land, improvements fair. Price $235 per acre. " 300 Acres, 7 miles North of Hayti, Missouri,' on U. S. Highway 61, excellent location, fine well-drained Sandy Loam Land. Price $300 per acre. Also we have other buys in Mississippi County and Southeast Missouri in both sections and larger tracts : — Let us show you now. CECIL L. EARLS Phone 2416 NOBLE GILT, AGENCY Phone G8fi8 or (58(5!) 12|1 ck 8 Grocery market. UrlnR quarters, an- ortier 2 room house on two lots, one of the best location In town. Small down, payment and 4 years on balance. Ph. J. ' 11128 pk 12.5 Farm Land •80 acres all in cultivation. Near Blytheville. 2-good- houses. 1 good barn on gravel road. School bxis route. Will carry good loan. Price $250 per acre. See or call Jack Marsh, Realtof Ph. 9605 or 2720 . , 11[28 pk 1215 PRICES SLASHED 1695 at Horner-Wilson! 1950 OLPSMOBILE "98" 2-Door, Rocket Engine, Hy- dra-Mafic T>rive, Radio and Heater, New $1 Royal Master \VSW Tires. Very Clean! .. 1950 OI.DSMOB1LE, Rocket Engine, 4-Door Sedan, Hydra-Malic Drive, Radio and Heater, Nice & Clean with good tires •. 1951 OLDSMOBILE 4-Door Sedan, Rocket Engine, Hydra-Malic Drive, Radio and Heater, Two- $91 AC Tone Finish, exceptionally clean city car. .. L I vw 1950 PONTIAC 4-Door Chieftain, Two-Tone, Hyrda- Malic Drive, Radio and Healer. Very Clean. %\ A Horner-Wilson SPECIAL! 1919 MERCURY 2-Door equipped with Radio and Heater. A clean nice car bargain priced 1919 CHEVROLET 4-Do«r Deluxe Sedan Radio and Heafer. The price is right! ..•.••?. . 1918 CHEVROLET 4-Door Sedan with Radio and Heater SPECIAL BUY! ...... 1911 CHEVROLET 2-Door. See it, Drive it $ ...» Horner-Wilson BARGAIN 7 ! ' $ 1095 1095 795 245 HORNER-WlLSON EAST—• MAIN Rocket Oldstnobii* _ CMC Tracks PhoiM 2056 U««4 C«r Lot — Phon« «1S1

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