The South Bend Tribune from South Bend, Indiana on June 28, 1899 · 3
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The South Bend Tribune from South Bend, Indiana · 3

South Bend, Indiana
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Wednesday, June 28, 1899
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LOSE TO COLUMBIAS THE GREENS PLAY POOR BALL tmm Has an Off Iay and" Drop a Game ? ": to Colored Cbamplona by Scorn of S to O Boston Wants Bailey Ueocral Sporting News. At last, after three years, the hoodoo that has prevented th Greens from de feating the colored teams which visit this eity has been discovered and v the truth of the matter la that' there Isn't any hoodoo at aU, but simply1 a case where the locals lose their nerve and fall down to meet inglorious defeat. This much was discovered yesterday afternoon when the Columbia Giants gave the locals a good sound taraan Ing, rolling up, a total of eight runs and keeping the Greens from even see Ins the home plate, ' The contest was a miserable exhibition of base ball on thefpart ot the locals, the worst they ' have put up this season. With a few exceptions they went Into the game with that"Well-I-don't-are-who-wtns expression on. their faces and In the very first inninz three errors, made after chances had been offered to retire the side, cave the Giants four runs. This showln disheartened Bailey and during the rest of the game the favorite of the fans assumed a sulking attitude and at no time did be attempt to pitch the game he is capable of. Outcalt ' and Bryan were the only men who showed the least bit of ginger and al though the former worked like a Tro-an, continually talking to cheer up ' the men, it was useless and even he was finally compelled to see. that It was a struggle against fate. The game was uninteresting after the fifth and the only feature proved to be Gaffney's double and triples by urant, of the Greens, and Grant, of the Giants. In the first Grant, for the visitors, r flew out to center. Patterson got his base on Dwver's 'soldiering and John sob was given a life on Madden's bad error "which spoiled a pretty double Dlav. i r Then the team "got on the wagon" and when the dust cleared away tae uiants naa roar runs gamea on three hits and three errors. In the , second Bailey lobbed the ball up and three singles scored ; another run. Johnson drew a base on balls in the fourth and scored on Madden's error in allowing the ball to go high in an attempt to catch the short at third. One more run came, in in the sixth, Arndt throwing the ball to the fence in at-- tempting to catch. Grant at first The eighth yielded one on a triple by Grant and a single by Johnson. The score: Giants. B R H BBSOPO A R Grant. 2b. G 3 1 0 0 4 0 0 Pateerson. cf. ..4 0 0 0 2 10 0 0 2 1 1 1 "0 0 0 0 1 0 0,3 1 4 Johnson, ss. ...4 Wilson, p....... 5 Burns, c. ...... .3 Barton, cf. .4 Blnga, Sb 4 Miller, rf.....i..4 : Johnson lb. .,..4 Buckner, If. ...,1 S 0 i 2 0 0 12 0 0 Totals........ 38 Greens. B Dwyer, ss. ......4 Tlapp. If. ...... .4 8 12 2 S 27 13 1 R H BBSOPO A E 0 0 0 1 3 1 1 0 1 0 0-1.0 0 1 1 0 0 0 2 0 1. 8 7 4 1 2 0 3 Bryan, cf ,.4 o Madden, lb ,...S 0 Outcalt, C.......3 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 Arndt, 3b ......3 Grant, 2b. ......3 Bailey, p..... ...2 Gaffney, rf......3 10 Totals........ 29 0 5 2 3 24 13 7 Giants Rnnt ..........41 0 10 1 0 1 8 'Hits ,.......,.3 3 1 0 0 1 2 2 12 Creena Greens ........ .0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 Hits .......... .1 0101110 03 . Two hase . hits, Gaffney, Wilson. Three hase hits C Grant, A. Grant. Hit by pitched ball Madden. Left on bases Giants (8) Greens (3). Time ot game, 1:30. Umpire Stelner. A RIVAL LEAGUE. XVonlsvlUe TfUllna; to Kate With Other Good Cltlee. ; With tfie withdrawal ot the Itobi con's misfits from Cleveland the lat ter city ceases to be a member of the National league. The Roblson broth . . . . .... ... crs still Ynainjtaln that they will keep the territory, hut those who are ac Qualnted with the situation and are on 'the Inside assert equally as positively that Cleveland for the future Is ostra cised from the big league. Arrange ments are now . being completed to transfer all ot the Columbus Western league team's games to Cleveland and It is even possible that the games be tween Detroit and Columbus next Sat' urday may be played in the Forest city. , A strong movement has been set on foot for the formation of a new league which In a measure wll be a competit- orof the National league. The friends of President Johnson assert that he is sot back of the movement but it can be Stated on good authority that he has been asked to head the enterprise. The new league will be formed on the lines of the old American assocla tlon. It will try to resurrect base ball interest inCleveland by locatlngta club there, and the rest of the teams will be located In some of the songest western league cities. Louisville is In terested in the new enterprise to the extent of wanting to get a berth. YESTERDAY'S BALL GAMES. The Baanlt f Contests In tne 'atioaal . . v.. . Laag-na. The following- tables show the standing oi ciuoa oi tne leaaics; baseball organlza- tiona. national league: - Cluba. - , Won. Lout. Per et. Brooklyn 45 Boston .................38 15 i .750 21 I Mi ihiiftaeipnia 614 Chicago 34 . 24: St. Lou la i...... S3 ts Baltimore ........ ....... ....jj 15 New York 30. . !' Ji Cincinnati ........... ...... .29 29 PlttaburKh .........25 1 82 . Louisville 21 ts Washington is ' 43 Cleveland ..10 47 Western leacua; Minneapolis ,,....,.81 2J Indianapolis .30 24 Columbus ...28 ; 25 Detroit ...... ........... ....; 26 tt. Paul ....27 . S Milwaukee ..26 29 Kansas City ..M...23 si iiuffalo ...2J si .6u0 .574 .661 .491 .491 .4:9 .rfs .173 .627 r Muonu league games on Tuesday: At gt, lxulSt. LouU, S, s, 4: Philadelphia, 4, 11. 1 At PUtaburghPUtsbureh. 4. I. 4: Boston. S. 11. a. At Cleveland New York, a. a. . wcvcuao. A, II, z. W estern leayus: At IcJlanaDOllsDe- trolt. J3, 12. 1; Indianapolis. S, $. 4. At Co- lumoiis-Bunwo, a. t, s; Columbus, 4. 8, 5. At Milwaukee Kansas CUr. V. 10. I; Mil-, o, a. . Ir.ieraiate iesgue:.... - At ' Dayton Fort -vvayne. a. a, ; Uayton, 7. 9, 6. At Toledo loieau, s, iz. 1; urand Kaptds. 1. 6. 6. a Jnwcast:e IsTewcasUa, i, J5, S; Mannfleld. HARVARD DEFEATS; YALE. Tha Game .Von la tha First laming on 1 -N Bunt Hltsv I : ,. New, Haven. June 2S. The Harvard base ball nine yesterday afternoon de feated Yale, on the eve of uie Tale com mencement A remarkable hlng about the game was that it wasrwoa in the .1.1 i . ' first inning, when i mrvara scored three runs. Capt, Desaulles worked like a Trojan, straining fof every pos sible point and advantage, put the lUt-lessness of several member! of the nine could sot be overcome, f Cook, "toe pitcher, was put In at center field in the seventh inning, Wearej being com pelled to retire on account of a weak knee. Robertson, Yale's old pitcher, was in the box,! He is to be criticised, jointly with Sullivan, for not being on the watch for bunts in the jflrst inning, Yesterday s result makes necessary the third game in New York next Sat urday to decide the championship. Score: J .. ' : . 1 s Harvard ..........3 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0- Yale .............0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 13 GOOD GAME TO-MORROW. Greens to flay Second of a Seriea With tha I in i Columbia. The Greens will meet the Columbia Giant8.jat fcpripgbrook to-morrow af ternoon at 2:30 o'clock in the second ot a series; of games. The local! team will be strengthened by the addition of a new first baseman who is anown to me. enure weat as me best man playing the Initial bag out side the big league. H ia also heavy hitter and will prove? a tower of strength tci the team. Madden will again go into the field and will thus make the nlnei evenly balanced, Man ager Grant hlso has his eye on a prom ising young twirlef who has a reputa tlon of being a cracker-jack. Next Sunday the first of a series of games wlthl the crack Findley, Q team will be plated. The contest will he the first for the Ohio-Indlana-llllnois and Michigan championship. A series of three games has also, neen arranged for with Defiance, O. BOSTON AFTER BAILEY. Rational league Tram Wants the Sooth-- I j: - hpaw to Report. ' Harry Patley, pitcher , f or the Greens, received a telegram yesterday from the management ofltbe Boston national league team asking him to report at Cleveland to-day to loin the team and he left to-day for that place. That Bailey is pitching: ,fine ball and gaining a reputaVon Is a fact that can't he questioned, still it: is doubtful ILL"", If he could hold a position in the big and in order to do this the Boston ciuh .,,th , 0 Hartford. Conn.. Patterson. K. J-i of the eastern! league, and Grand Raplda, ot the inter-state league, also want the twirler, , I if ' iXew Clnba are Tb ' Danville. HI. June 28 Th Indiana- Illinois! Base Ball 'league, at a meeting yesterday, (took In Bloomlngton, 111., and Crawfordsvllle, Ind., making it an eight-club league. A new. season will open July 1, all clubs to have 1,000 per cent. 'A new schedule will be ar ranged. Danville was awarded the pennant for the season which will close June 80. The eight cities represented at the meeting and which will be in the league! are Terre Haute, Muncle, Wabash, KokOmo and Crawfordsvllle, Ind.; Danville, Mattoon and Blooming- ton,' lit : J Games Elsewhere. At Mattoon. 111. Danville, 8; Mat- toon. 7. . ! i! .. !) . At OshkOsh, Wis. Cubaih Giants, 0: Chicago Unions, 6. 1 i! S SAyED BY HER WIT. , For Her Clever Answer the Empress i Otr Htr a Uokct An amusing anecdote is told of the pride the empress of Austria took In i ner magniflcent ' chestnut tresses. which, ifeilj clown to ner Inkles. She used to have her hair brushed for hours every jlay. Her ihajesty was particularly anxious that! the !' dresser who brushed her long braids : should l . ti,ij , , ,i: , javoid pulljng ;put a alnglejhaii This. of course, jirag an lmposslbilty, and the unfortunate' maid concealed carefully In tae pocket of her apron " any hair which became entangled in the brush. One day ' jthej empress, hippeing to glance Into tbe looking-glass before which 1 she ; sat, caught - sight ' of the maid concealing a small Iroll ; of hair In the above-described fashion. Jump ing up from- her rocking-chair, her majesty j grssped her J attendant's hands, exclaiming: "I have caught you at last!!' You are rulnthg my hair!" i With a presence of mind which would .have done honor to an expert diplomat Ithe , maid renlied. unhekitat- hnrlvi i 4rirhniore wou mtU tc - - . w-i j " forgive me; it never happened before. I only wished to nave some of my sovereign's : hair to put In the locket which my little girl wears around her necky las talisman." Whether the j empress belieyed'this deter. Invention I or not I do hot Juuyw : but. shruseing1 her shapefy - iVna-hl hlartuv n tha 13 sI'LiTT- next day. she presented her maid with a locket enriched .with diamonds, say ing, with' a mischievous twinkle in her eyes: "i; think this is the kind of a talisman your little daughter deserves for having such a clever mother," San yFrancisco Post. f . t i -1 Th Froblem Solred. ti - Bank ;Presldent-r-Our 1 cashier will sever his connection with us the first of the yearand I. would like to .give yonng Pennington.4 the position, hut I kncA( abeolutely nothing of his character 'and family connections. Director Well, why I not persuade him to become a candidate for soma political of fice this falls i, . , - ii IToma- Inoprcreiwetit CHaD ,,; Another new clah-hai just ; been In- -6-S I SS corporated lh New York.- Designated 4TJ v 'txtX,.. iinmA TmnroWimt Club. W " "rr: ZZ Z:;:-.,' a .i,u"l'"s "I.; ,Z instrucuun oi umi wcu twui . art of tasking their homes attractive to"1 theirlhusbands and conducive to the health pnd Tuture prospects ot their children. . . . .j. . : .-i,, The (Tribune store. 1 Oliver - opera house block,; is the leading stationery establishment of . northern ; Indiana. Books, papers, magazines, stationery, fancy art goods, photographic sup plies, etc., are oscred la profusion. CITY HAPPENINGS. SOUTH BEND NEWS AT A GLANCE Interesting Sveata Over the Iowa Laid Before Boeder In Brief Paragraph- j I4e If orchanta Call Attention I i to Bargains Offered. i Bicycles to rent at Collmer Bros, tf Leslie, for spectacles, 122 S. Main, et. : The echool board met this afternoon at 3 o'clock. Hear tf. J. Corey's Wagnerian lecture to-night. It is a rare treat. Elbel's band concert at Turner ball to-night. U7t3 Bee Newman for livery. Prices re duced lor week day livery. ; Mrs. C. A. Rennoe, who has been very ill for some time, is in a very crit ical Condition. - Gallery admission 15 cents; balcony rear of first four rows, 25 cents for all musical events this week at the Audi torium. 26t3 Columbia Giants vs. Green at 3:30 to-morrow. Great came. Remember to-morrow afternoon's ensemble recital alt 2 p. m. Admission 25 and IS cents. Grand band concert at Turner hall to-night. Admission free. 2 Gallery admission 15 cents; balcony rear of first four rows. 25 cents for all musical events this week at the Auditorium. 26t3 The ladies of the Baptist church served dinner and supper in the church dinning room to-day. To-morrow the ladiea of Epworth hopital will serve at the same place. ! Hear Miss Nellie Cook's piano recital to-morrow at 4 p. m.; assisted by Louis Dochez, baritone. Admission 25 and 15c. The 157th regiment will meet in the armory to-morrow night to make arrangements to go to Plymouth on July 3 and 4. Great game to-morrow. Greens vs. Columbias at Sprhlgbrook at iiuSU. ; i Dr. Clem Shidler, dentist, Colony bldg., corner of Jeff, and Laff. sts. d-w ; James Kee and Long Kee, well known Chinese business men, are preparing for a great fireworks demonstration in front of their places of business on the evening of July 4. City mission picnic at Howard park Just across the Jefferson street bridge. ihe steamer win make a trip every hour during the afternoon Come and enjoy a boat ride. A fine programme by Elbel's band at Turner hall to-nieht. Admission free. 27 12 i The June number of the Bay' View, Mich., Mirror contains a portrait and biographical sketch of Mr. Charles H. ZiZ 7la7irm Vi,V th- V, viwi before the assembly at the Bay view rort o? the American Indian. Aug. Hear Miss Nellie Cook's piano recital to-morrow at 4 p. m., assisted by Louis Doches, baritone. Admission 25 and 15c. See Ben Newman for bargains in livery for the next 30 days. Gret game to-morrow. Greens vs. Columbias at Sprint brook at 3:30. (Get one of our hammocks and keep cool. Tribune store. A cable of the Citizens' Telephone company company at Huston and Scott streets burned out last night by com ing contact with an electric light wire. About 50 telephones are more or less affected. ; . A window at the residence of Wil liam Cummins on West Colfax avenue was found open' about 9:30 o'clock last night while the family was absent from home and the police were called. They went through the house but found no one inside. - The stereopticon illustrated lecture Uught by Mt N. J. Corey, of Detroit, n wafr4r inA th MPdiAvai Mvth. on "Wagner and tne Mediaeval Myths, Life a fid Early Works," is one: of the very best things of the week. He will be assisted by Mrs. Lottie Adam- Raschig, soprano, and Mr. Louis Dochez, baritone, who will sing popu lar Wagnerian selections including the third act of "Tannhauser." Great granie to-morrow. Greens ts. Columbias at Springbrook at 3:30. The Tribune directs special attention to the large number of hign class I aavemsemenis n ims issue isng it the valuea offered by advertisers. Mer advertisements In this issue and to chants in all lines have placed before the people bargains they can ; not af ford to miss. CROWING MUSHROOMS. Lcnoag the Grass on tha Froat and How to Ss It. ; Lawn A Philadelphia correspond in t : de sires to havd mushrooms grow among the grass on his lawn, and asks how to go about "sowing the seed." The mushroom "seed" is the fine black dust that is expelled from a ripening miinhrnom It'takes nrofound eardpn 1 ing skill to get these to-grow, and it 1 1. thn w,h m,v. J ' . , '. I TtiKiu tyawu s uuoiuobb. wvnnu aa the real mushroom plant of which the mushroom itself is the Inflorescence, This Is the; cob-like material that gives the mushroom odor to the earth in which the mushrooms grow. It is not destroyed by desslcation; but will live for years " In a condition of ab-i dryness. In this state the plant i. .eld hw .(n i h. T vn,, km v.." , . v"." mushroom bricks the plant!' having been made to grow thoroughly through the brick material, belore en tirely dried. , These bricks are broken in pieces about the else of walnuts and planted "by those who cultivate mushrooms. . r Broken . In pieces ; and planted in the lawn, the correspon- ent could have mushrooms. But a lit tie gardening knowledge Is necessary. if planted at the wrong time the spawn wouia, rot away. It will only start to grow under a temperature of CO degrees and should be planted only when the soil is in a condition for the spawn's growth. This proper course to take is to test the earth by a thermometer t about midsummer, and, when the earth Is found to be about this temperature set out the brick pieces between ' one or; two fm 5? inches deep, "treading , the loosened wu w"y:uj alter tne s pianung, ; Old grassy lawns are better i than roung ones, tot it is U believed i that the fungus on dead grass roots favors the development of .the mushroom fungus. ,. c A Woman's Kaveng-e. . . .'Why do you stuff your shopping bag with waste paper?" "I want to get even with that highway robber It he ' ever tries 1 his : snatchihg 1 trick again," Cleveland Plain Dealer.' , ' Stationery at the Trihuuo store. n OF- TRIMMED fVWVWV P If you bare not bought a Summer Hat IMS is you cnance. KT!, . SALE TO COMMENCE R. 0. MYERS & CO. PROFIT IN LOSS OF ITS NOTES. Source of Steady and Enorntona Income to tbo Bank of England. It is a fact that, to many minds no doubt, must be very curious, that the Bank of England has always had a pretty steady source of profit in the loss and destruction of its bank notes, says London News. What it has gained of late years in this way we are unable to say, but during a period of fifty years preceding 1S32, the bank bad made a clear profit ot 1,330,000 from outstanding paper never likely to be presented for payment,. When the destruction or the irrecoverable loss of a note can be proved, as ia, the event ot a fire or wreck it can, the bank, of course, will always pay th money it represents, and veven when there is doubt about it, the cash is paid on security being given for Indemnifying the bank should the note ever he presented. The 60.000 worth of paper or 20,-000, as it appears to have been reduced totaken from the Parr s bank, will therefore not represent a loss unless the crisp little billets have,' some day w D0 nonorea " Ine n,t w 1n"u,tt ,- 4, ii exchange for thfcm will have to come out of the coffers of the plundered bank. Many years ago a bank director lost a note for 30.000. But being a man of credit and as there was no doubt about the loss ot the bill, be gave the lisual Indemnity and got the money : WawjMri i at,er.whea the man -had been" dead, the japex.waa presented. It was .payable era de-mapd and had come from abroad In the ordinary waj of buainess and the sum it represented. had to be handed over, and as the. Indemnity "that had been given was -repudlated-iby the heirs of the man who had:lven it and for some reason, could not be enforced the bank on that occasion had to put 30.000 on the debit side of the account. For once in a way they paid the double honor to a bit of their own paper. There is another story of a sum of 20.000. which tbe bank In Its early days for a short time refused to "",u ' ' 414 ?7-tZ'-i notes. They were presented by a Jew, whose assertion that be had bought them was not disputed, and whose per sonal integrity was above suspicion. They had, however, undoubtedly been stolen and on that ground the bank refused to pay the money The Jew went out Into the city and began to spread It about . that . the bank was shaky and couldn t cash his notes and, as he backed the assertion by dis playing his Indisputable paper,, the as sertion would in all probability soon have caused a run on the bank and In a tew minutes a messenger came to say that the notes would be cashed if be would present them . again. Susan B. Anthony's Arrest. Susan B. Anthony announces that she will attend the international council of women in London next June, says tbe Philadelphia .Post. Miss Anthony is nearly 80 .years old, and this will be her second vis ".abroad. , Her first was In 1883, and it, was attended by an incident which, she. Is very fond of relating. At that time, as now, the motto of the woman suffragists was. "No taxation without representation.' Miss Anthony had . this printed on her envelopes and while In, Berlin - she mailed a letter In, one ot these In scribed covers to a ..friend at home. The declaration was regarded by. the Berlin police as being contrary-to law, and she was promptly. arrested, IU re quired the entire power of the American minister and the consul general V ecare. Der. "lease, urere w no danger of eucn an eveni marring ner forthcoming visit, however, as Eng land looks upon all kinds ot f ada with generous eyes. . Miss Anthony Uvea with her two maiden sisters, Mary and Lucy, In the old Anthony .home stead In Rochester, Jfi pldemle fs Accident. , ' In the ?st four ; weeks , 'after the opening o the1 electric railroad Cairo, Egypt, It is said that no less than eighty persons were ' killed, and since that time the weekly average of victims has been seven or. eight , This high rate of casualties, is supposed to he due In part to. the imperfect sight of many natives In consequence of the prevalent eye diseaaea. but fully . as much to the fact that they are unfam iliar with such swiftly moving vehicle. . . Why Motha Fly to Flamea. .. - Moths fly .' against tbe candle flam ; because ' their eyes can bear only a email amount of light.. When, there fore, they come within the light of a candle their sight is overpowered -and j their vision . confused, and as they cannot distinguish objects' they' pursue the light lUelt and 'fly against the Came . ; " ; ';'"-, ; . - Druiraiau eell tbe best remedy for ore throat and kindred ailments. It Is Tarbeli'8 diphtheria cursb Ask tor It Sale HATS at Half C E WrVrV ONE-HALF PRICE MONDAY MORNING. Keeping; tip an Old Coatom. A curious custom In connection with the birth of an heir to the earldom of Carnarvon was recently observed at Highclere castle. England. The trad I tions or tne family require that on such occasions 500 gallons ot beer should be brewed, and that the cask remain unopened until the heir attains his majority, from oak grown on the Highclere estate a Newbury cooper has made a huge cask, hooped with brass and bearing a coronet and inscription plate of the same metal. The inscription runs: "May Highclere flourish. This cask of ale, containing 500 gallons, was brewed in comment oration of the birth of Lord Portch ester, born Nov. 7, 1898. Albert Street-field, butler, Highclere Castle, 1899."' Citing- m Exespttoa. Meeks But what's the use of arguing the matter? One can't get more out of a bottle tnan he puts In it. Weeks Oh, I don't know; I put a quart of liquor la a bottle once and got a big head and a $10 fine out of it the next morning. Small Church. The smallest church in England is In Islington, Sussex. It is built of flint, with stone quoins, and' has a red-tiled roof. The church Is but sixteen feet square, and five narrow windows light Thirty people the size of the vil lage can find room within. ' Always Doing; for God. When men do anything for God, the very ieAt thing, they never know where It will end, nor what amount of work it will do for Him. Love's se cret, therefore, is to be always doing things for God, and not to mind be cause they are very little ones. P. W. Faber. An Kxplmn tlon. He I wonder why it is that men's pockets are so easy to get at, while women s are ao aimcim. sne kju. that's easily explained. A man baa no business with a woman's pocket, but a woman has with a man's. Sampson Overlooked So Far. Among tne latest names of post- offices in this country are Hobson, Va.; Bigsbee, Ark.; Dewey, N. C, and Ma nila. Ky. TEST THE KIDNEYS And If They are Diseased TJs the World's ureateat tkidney cure DR. A. W. CHASE'S KIDNEY - LIVER PILLSJ It's a simple matter to test the kid neys, tou need not consult a doctor. By asking yourself three questions you can determine whether or not your kidneys are deranged. First: "Have you. backache, or weak, lame oacKT Second: "Do you have difficulty in urinating or a too frequent desire to urinate?" Third: "Are there deposits like brick dust in the urine after it has stood for 24 hours?" In its early stages kidney disease ts readily cured by a few boxes of Dr. Chase s Kidney-Liver Pills, a prepara tion which has made Dr. Chase famous throughout the world for his wonderful cures of diseases ot the kid neys.' . Mr. Isaiah Manigold, painter, Wa- tertown, N. Y., writes: "I have had a very bad case of kidney affection for some time and doctored in vain until Dr. A. W. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills were brought to my notice, and they have completely cured me. I can not say enough in praise of their wonder ful merits." It yon have kidney disease, you ran take Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills with perfect confidence that what has proved an absolute cure in so many thousands of cases will not fail you So long as the cells of the kidneys are not completely wasted away, as in the last stages of Bright's disease, Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills will give them new vigor and strength and make them strong, healthy and active. One pill a dose; 25c a box; at all dealers, or Dr. A. W. Chase Medicine Co., Buffalo, N. Y. CLASSIFIED .'.- t ADYEKTISEHENTS; '' r-V; ---':--,'n,.: i'" : V.- K Advertisements to secure Insertion ia this col umn the same day must be in by I JO p, m. All advertisements must be paid for in advance. Parties advertising can bar answers to adver tisements left at this onice. WANTED. WANTED A smart yonng' gjrl to assist in kitchen. Call at 826 Weak Water street at It WtMTED-A good girl for general housework : . no children v apply immediately at 416 North j -. aucnigaa street, iouw WANTED A girlie or W years old.' A rood home and good wage, tii North Main PAIN ANDl MONEY! SAVE We Extract Testh POSITIVELY. . . WITHOUT PilN . Mr. J. M. Cbillas. proprietor of the Boston store South Bend, says: "It affords me pleasure to recommend tie prof used by Drs. Carson & Smith for the extraction of teeth. They removed a very troublesome tooth for me without the Slightest pain." ;i Bet of Teeth S5.00 Best Teeth 8.00 k Gold Crowns 6.00 Ur taitb Seutftij Rcfjiroftnj Drs. Carson & Smith, I DENTISTS, 103 NORTH MICHIGAN STREET. OPEN EVENINGS. UP-TO-DATE BUILT BY Elkhart, Indiana. ILL be pleased to T and forward to of expense, designs, samples and prices. WANTED A man. Steady and Inrrntivo r ition in city tha year around (mod iir-t unity for advancement . Previous exix-ri-enre not necessary bnt tbe bwt of rfri-rnce muKt be fnmisliati. Married man dreferred. ('ill at once rooms 6 and 7, 2nd floor, 1T9 West Colfax avenue, Cummins building. It iWNTED-A firet-clav. barber. Inquire at 27t6 Ktt Boutb Lafayette street. WANTED Situation, by an accurate and trustworthy yonng man as an assistant book-keeper or office man: speaks two lan- guar lice. iace. Address U. A., box 8 Inbune of- !4t6 WANTED An experienced young man wants a position at general onice work; can write shorthand and operate a typewriter; can furnish the best of references where formerly employed. Address J. C, box 10 care Tribune office. 2t4 FOR RENT. FOR RENY Two nicely furnished rooms frr licbt house-keepinc at 760 booth Lafavete street, opposote Btudebaker's factory. 2M1 FOR RENTOn Wenirer street, a new niae- room bonse. Inquire of David r isbrr, 12J9 utuia avenne. uau' FOR RENY About the fifteenth of eielit room bonse wttn modern lnopnive- menu at 309 Navarre street. Inquire at 319 west A avarre street . FOR RENY A suite of rooms newly papered becond Door of lit) n est v aRtiington street. Sri ner month. Apply at Paris Millinery store. 3XA FOR RENY An eight room honse. Inquire at 518 Bouts St. Josepn street. X7t2 FOR RENT Two east front rooms: fnmisl. ed singly or ensuite. Lonvenient to busi ness. New, modern bouse, all conveniences. Address is., box 12, Tribune office. ZTtS FOR RENT A modern eight- room bonse with furnace and bath room, x so a month. Enquire of A.W.Lee, 22! South Michigan street. zuatt FOR RENT New honse within :4 blocks of court house: furnace and bath and an mod era conveniences; lar (re yard. Inquire at SOt North Lafayette. corner Water street. 26tf FOR REIT Furnished room with all modern conveniences oua aortn juatavette tt. cau FOR RENT Nicely furnished front roo wiio ail ine conveniences; suiiaoie iw iw geDtlemen. Address kC M., box 6, Tribune office. lttdtl FOR RENY No- 326 Colfax avenue. Inquire or Airs, ilooper, on the premises. Udtt FOR SALE. FOR SALs Lady's second hand Bmalley bi-:ie ; price only $10. Call and see it at the CVC: oflioe ot the Folding Paper Box Co. 27 U FOR SALE Two-chair barber-shop with good trade estaolisnea oi three years, ne- vrolvinff and reclining chairs, outfit as c as new, will be sold very cheap if sold between now and July 10. A good canse given for selling. Iuquire at 7U2 Michigan ave nue, zuto FO RSA LE Sixteen inch slab wood. (Hover and transuin. nuies west on uivieion street. 24t6 FOR SALE Gent's bicycle; price low; wheel Bnssell, SCO West Washington street. IStf REAL ESYAYE EXCHANGE. FOR SALE Email house: number 307 Laurel street, near tne oweaisn euurcu. j nam re 327 Boat Taylor street . Sdt4 FOR SALE Aa eight-room honse. Corner ot yuDtu ana n uwer avenue, inquire on tha premises. Ziu: FOR 8ALE Cheap: 9 room house and 54 loot lot ouBoutn aucnigan street, laii or address 111 East Brodway. 2t6 BTOR SaLtT A snao. two lots on Lincoln and Uiaden streets, Boutn aeua : wm oe soia at a sacrifice on easy terms. Inquire of or address C. W. Scott, 312 East Grove street. Misaawaaa. zioim FOR SALE-Twenty loUin Oak Lawn addi lion, z oiocks rrom tue new cioger factory in the west Dart of tbe city. These lota are 40x120 feet in size, only 8 blocks from the Washington street ear line aad within a abort distance of the principal factories. 1 wish to dispose of tbis property in tbe next 90 days and will make special prices for that time. Will sell lorcaib or on monthly payments Inquire of A W. Lee, 2 South Michigan street. liU! FOR SALE Fourteen lot in Chapin park. fronting on far It avenue ana Dark to et. jo- seph river, I1JS0 to C2,000 each, cash or part earn aad long tuna tor balance, tosit early and get your choice of the beautiful Shaded lota on a brick paved avenue. J. E. Henry, 138 North Main street. Rooms 4, 1 and 8. dtf FOR SALE Small honse on Booth Lafayette street on payment pian; aiso vacant iota in different parts of city the same; choice lots in Biver nark ; a bargain in small tracts of land near tbe city limits, from 1 to 5 acres, tjeorge B. Davis. 203 ixrath Main street, opposite postofhee. 0dtf FORf'i VE By Kixer a Woolverton, choice lot ' 'jntinir North Michigan street in K ;aoa eras.' aaaition; eonvenient to bk 5 center; water and sewer privileges I."! ; at a bargain as real estate will ad-varaf'v Vnpidly in tha near future in this lo-caUtr: . 29dtf FOR 8ALE OR EXCHANGE Have, good new nouse ana lot lor sale in one ot tue oest residenoa districts in the city: has all mod era improvement in the honse. Have an nn-to-data furniture stock for sale at a bar gain. Lots and houses and lots for sale on easy terms. W. B. CaiTert, lla North Main street. . oawtr FOR SALE Lots in Bush's Addition some of tha neat vacant and improved Dronertv in the ci ty , see my list. For rent, small bouse and barn: So a month. For rent. S-roota Bat : $10 a month. Money to loan. George it, ttusn.zu &jst jsuerson street, zsu IOR SALE Four bouses on navment slant aaso seta uta same, a ut'a are cnoice oar eins. Also pmunees property for sale at a rgain. Call at ZU West Washington sueet. y.i.u- . dtf Gold Filling..... fl.00 tip Silver Filling.... 50 EXAMINATION FREE. onuments TlBB.TTS, answer all inquiries and prospective purchasers, free FOR SALE-ln consequence of aire I wish to retire from my farm ana will exctiaoye tor a small honse and lot. The farm has W acres witb cood improvements, gixxi Loue, 2 bams, otlper outbuilding and large orchard. It is 5 ni:iles northeat from city limits on gravel road. Call or address A. Hall, rural mail delivery route So. 2. north. 2dtf FOR SALE'-Cnoice lots. The fine improve ments aowroing on ana convenience to iu business and pleasure points maie the lota in Ru-h's addition the moat desirable. Take a look at this place. You wiii be sarprinad at the wonderful changes taking place. Inquire of John and Edward H. Biuh, Nickel block. North Main street. Zait KIZER A WOOLVEkTCm eeTTreel eeUW, loss money as earreas raiaa. write are, piate glass sad lifs inearaaee in tha best eempaao tea. nat residence and business Dtojpertr and make collections. Keoma t and &, Oiivee epera noose black. , l&dat FORSALE-New S-room houe: has bath room. weU, city water, cistern ana u com plete, for onlv S1JS0O. See Hartman A Wood worth. 125 East Jefferson vtreet. Money to loan at S per ceat. dif FINANCIAL. INDIANA LOAN COMPANY, establish- ea in ikj, loans money on innuiara, puwn, horses, wagons and other personal property without removal., Wa also make loans on watcbea, Ofajsnonos ana Yon can tut the monev bicycles. hack in weekly r monthly installments and any part paid redncea tne cose or carrying the loan. Business strictly confidential. Open every evening from 1 to s. Indiana Loan Co., room 1. over U0 North Michigan street, opposite Wyman's. dtf MON EY YO LOAN-J- P. Creed. Sdtf S4,000 YO LOAN I have a csstooaer wfa will accept o per emi un itii, ousv i, x kmq security. Also represent other funds a which can make liberal loans. L. C Whit-comb, agent. UWeet Washington St. Idt Uncle Sam's New flonitoW Our own design. It can't be beat. nor can we, when It comes to fine work. and reasonable prices. Give us a trial and be convinced. 3 DAYIES LAUNDRY CO. Foot of Washington St : CIYIZEN?' 733. 3 BELL 69. For Sale Cheap! A new pint of iota sms Miebigaa avenae, nor Celfax eonenU . ; We Have a nice rotte-e at Diamond latka, nil furnished, for s&le. ) iSilll 1SS 8. Hlehlgna Street. Jj OEH PRICES -FR FOR Fancy Icob, Ice Cream . and Fruits Picnics, Parties, weddings, OF A. Solaris Son, LJ.Solstri, 213 W. WASH. ST. 220 S. MICH. Both Talephones No. Ua. DR. A, L. SHIDLER Eye, Ear, , ; Nose, Throat SIS w. aTe&SS. AND. FITS CLASSES SCIENTIFICALLY. The advertisements appearing in The Tribune to-day deserve the careful per nsal of C&ose seeking first-class goods at reasonable prices. The Tribune's advertisers-! are the principal merchants ot the city and they seek trade through fair i advertisements, consistent prices and good products. & fit - .,1 : s a I 3

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